[...] You know what happens to people like us in Riverdale, Jug. We get chewed up.
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The Jones Family represents one of the main families in Riverdale. They lived on the Southside of Riverdale, at Sunnyside Trailer Park, up until recently, as Gladys returned to town with Jellybean and purchased the Cooper house from Alice Smith.

Before the Jones Family moved to the Northside, they were typically looked down upon by most. However, Jughead and FP have come along way since the beginning of the series. As the series progressed, FP grew into the man, and the father, that Jughead had always hoped for him to be. Great efforts were made for change from them both, with FP's retirement from the Southside Serpents and becoming the town Sheriff, and Jughead becoming the new Serpent King.

For a while, it was just the two of them, however, after Jughead visited his mother and sister in Toledo, they decided to return to Riverdale, looking to reunite the family. Jughead would later discover what had really brought his mother back to town, and that is her goal of taking over the drug trade. Because Jughead fears what the news might do to his father, having to go through their family falling apart all over again, Jughead has silently been combating his mother's efforts, hoping to drive her out of town.


The Jones family once lived in Riverdale, at Sunnyside Trailer Park, located on the south side of town for at least the last couple decades as FP attended high school with Fred Andrews, his best friend. Whether or not Jughead and Jellybean's mother was brought up in a similar manner is currently unknown. After high school, they started a family, first giving birth to their eldest son, Jughead, then later came their second and last child, Jellybean. Before the separation, in which she left FP and took Jellybean with her to Toledo to live with their grandparents, the Jones family lived in a small trailer at the Sunnyside Trailer Park. Their living environment was typically a mess, mostly because of FP's drinking. However, they would often go on family outings to the Twilight Drive-In. Unfortunately, they couldn't always afford tickets for everyone, so the kids would hide in the trunk until they parked.

Family Members

  • Forsythe Pendleton Jones I — Forsythe is the father of FP and the grandfather of Jughead and Jellybean Jones. Little is known of him. However, when FP was 16, Forsythe kicked him out the house and told him to go to hell. Little did he know that this would result in FP joining the Southside Serpents. Forsythe's current whereabouts remain unknown.
  • FP Jones — FP is the father of Jughead and Jellybean Jones, as well as the leader of the Southside Serpents. After high school, he started to build his family along with his career, as he and Fred were partners in the rising of Andrews Construction. According to FP, they struggled at first to get the company off the ground, and with him having a family at home that he needed to provide for, FP became involved in a string of criminal activities which resulted in a run-in with law enforcement. While Fred was kind enough to bail him out, he suggested that they part ways because FP was a liability to the company. With no source of employment, FP began heavily drinking, which led to the separation of his family. It was some time after this that he became involved with Hiram Lodge, and the devaluing efforts of the Drive-In. During this time, he also found himself in the middle of a murder investigation involving the death of Jason Blossom. FP revealed that while he did not kill Jason, he did dispose of the body in an effort to protect Jughead from the actual killer, Clifford Blossom, who threatened to kill Jughead should FP fail to take the blame for everything, including the murder.
  • Gladys Jones — She is the mother of Jughead and Jellybean Jones, as well as the estranged wife of FP Jones. After FP lost his job with Andrews Construction, he began to heavily drink, which she wanted no parts of, taking Jellybean with her as she left for Toledo to stay with the kids' grandparents. Once there, she took a job as a call center operator, and began studying for her GED.
  • Charles Smith — Charles is FP's firstborn child; his mother is Alice Smith. His conception was unexpected, as they were only teenagers at the time and Hal Cooper wanted the baby aborted. However, Alice, with the help of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, put the baby up for adoption instead. More than twenty years later, he was initally believed to be murdered in a Centerville hostel by Chic. However, this was proven to be untrue, as Charles is not only alive, but an agent for the FBI, tasked with taking down The Farm
  • Jughead Jones — Jughead is the eldest son of FP Jones and best friend of Archie Andrews. He and Archie's relationship dates back at least eight years. However, they had a falling out during the summer of 2017, which led to distancing between the two. Fortunately, they managed to work out those differences and mended their friendship. When he isn't with Archie, Jughead can often be found with Betty, as the two of them worked the murder investigation surrounding Jason Blossom's mysterious death. From this, a genuine relationship formed between Jughead and Betty. While investigating the case, he discovered several disturbing truths; mainly that his father was involved in the disposing of Jason's body, however, Jughead is persistent in his journey to free FP. His father's arrest left him without a legal guardian, and Social Services stepped in and placed him into the custody of a foster family on the south side, meaning that he was forced to transfer to Southside High, where he later agreed to join the Southside Serpents.
  • Jellybean Jones — Jellybean is the younger sister of Jughead, as well as the daughter of FP Jones. Very little is known about her. Although, before she left with her mom to stay with her and Jughead's grandparents in Toledo, Jellybean would often go to the Drive-In with her family. However, with so little money, she and Jughead would be forced to hide in the trunk until they parked. While in Toledo, she settled upon the nickname "JB", instead of Jellybean, because she thought it sounded cooler. She's also been helping her mother study for her GED, and enjoys old rock music such as Pink Floyd.

Family Tree

Jones I
Charles Smith
Note: Dashed horizontal lines indicate confirmed parentage out of wedlock.


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