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Jingle Jangle is an addictive drug on Riverdale. Most of the teenage Southside Serpents use it, and so do some of the kids at Riverdale High School. Robert Phillips, also known as the "Sugarman", was the supplier of these drugs, who sold them to Ghoulies, who then distributed them throughout the streets of Riverdale. The Ghoulies also made some supplies inside of The House of the Dead.


Jingle Jangle is a drug used as a stimulant, and, according to Reggie Mantle, is able to boost energy and keep the user wide-awake, also implying reinvigorating sexual performance as one of its effects. Toni Topaz also pointed out that this drug is highly addictive, a "total gutter drug", in reference to some Southside High's students. Jingle Jangle is consumed with a paper straw, and stays in your system for three days, according to Sheriff Keller.


Throughout the years they were many Sugarmen, each taking over the last previous Sugarman, they were described to be monsters, by Penelope Blossom.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

Midge and Moose doing Jingle Jangle at Lovers' Lane

Midge Klump approached Reggie Mantle by his locker looking to score some "Jingle Jangle", a new drug that has found its way onto the north side of Riverdale. After instructing Midge to keep her voice down on school property because the simple mentioning of the drug can land them both in a lot of trouble, Reggie asked who the Jingle Jangle was for, to which she replied that it was for her and Moose Mason. Reggie told her that he'll see what he can do. The following night, Reggie delivered the Jingle Jangle in the diner's parking lot to Midge and Moose, attempting to do it in secret, but ended up being photographed by Alice Cooper, unbeknownst to Reggie and his clients. The couple then consumed the drug at a secluded location at Lovers' Lane, which ends them up in the Black Hood's line of fire.[1]

While Toni Topaz was giving Jughead Jones a tour of Southside High, she pointed out a group of kids consuming Jingle Jangle in their natural habitat. Later that day, Mr. Philips agreed to reopen the Red and Black as long as Jughead didn't include Jingle Jangle or gangs within the paper.[2]

Nick St. Clair hosts a party in his room in the Five Seasons hotel. To make the party more interesting, he pulls out a few straws of the drug out of his jacket, and offers the members of the party a straw; everyone accepts, though Betty declines.[3]

The parents gather to discuss Nick St. Clair's party

At the Cooper house, it was revealed to the parents of the attendees of Nick St. Clair's small gathering that their children abused the drug. Reggie Mantle revealed that he supplied Nick with the Jingle Jangle, and that he acquired it from a Southside teen, who he suspected of being a Southside Serpent that attended Southside High. The mayor, Sierra McCoy, was especially furious towards the revelation of her daughter, Josie McCoy, using the drug. After learning that the use of Jingle Jangle was effecting her home life with her daughter, Mayor McCoy announced that her number one priority would be taking back the Southside and the eradication of Jingle Jangle.

SheriffKeller and Mayor McCoy raid Southside High

Moving forward with her plan, Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller raided Southside High, arresting every Southside Serpent in sight, including Sweet Pea and Toni Topaz.

In order to reveal the Sugarman's identity, Veronica Lodge attempted to buy some of the drug from a dealer whom Reggie was a customer. When she arrived at the location, she said the word "Sugarman" and how he created this drug. The dealer seemed shocked hearing that word, and raced off.[4]

Chic reveals that his former roommate, Charles Smith, had overdosed on Jingle Jangle; however, their next-door-neighbor knew nothing of a drug problem. Instead, she claims that they fought all the time and then one day there was only one. She also explained how she noticed bloody sheets and pillows in the dumpster when she took out her trash, suggesting a far more sinister conclusion between Chic and Charles.[5]

Season 3

Veronica's been set up with a stash of Jingle Jangle

At the speakeasy, Veronica and Reggie discover a large stash of Jingle Jangle inside some boxes they were unpacking. Shortly after, they receive a visit from Sheriff Minetta who's clearly looking around for the drug. As Minetta exits, Veronica shares with Reggie her suspicion that the drugs were sent by Penny Peabody. She and Reggie know these encounters are a result of her father trying to bait her into a confrontation.

Veronica visits Toni and Cheryl at Sunnyside Trailer Park to gather information from the Serpents. Toni admits they discovered that over the summer, the Ghoulies had set up shop in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm, which Hiram owns. Sweet Pea and Fangs think they’ve turned it into a Jingle Jangle lab.

The three girls sneak into the basement of the Whyte Wyrm in an attempt to gain leverage over Hiram. While inside, they discover that Sweet Pea and Fangs were right in their assumptions. As the lab workers exit, Veronica, Cheryl and Toni move in. Toni takes several photos of the lab as proof of Hiram's corrupt business. [6]

Season 5

Archie and Betty stake out the Ghoulies drug den

After learning from Toni that the Ghoulies were using his childhood home as a drug den, Archie and Betty began surveillance from her house. Archie insists that he’s taking the town back, building by building if he must. Betty even offers to help. Later, Archie calls Reggie and informs him that the Ghoulies have turned his childhood home into a drug den. Reggie agrees to enter with Archie to see if there are any merits to his claims. They check every room but come up with nothing. Archie suspects that Reggie tipped off the Ghoulies, but with no evidence of wrongdoing, he leaves.

Archie and Betty convene with Kevin, Fangs, and Sweet Pea at the community center, where they discuss the plan. Sweet Pea is overjoyed, stating that it’s been too long since the Serpents have rumbled with the Ghoulies. Protected with kevlar vests and armed with baseball bats and batons, the five of them, accompanied by Sheriff Keller, raid the Ghoulies drug den. By the end of their assault, all the Ghoulies have been rounded up and their Jingle Jangle taken in as evidence.[7]


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5




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