Drop the butter knife, bitch!
— Jellybean to Penny[src]

Jellybean Jones is a guest starring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Trinity Likins.

Jellybean is the younger sister of Jughead Jones and the daughter of Gladys and FP Jones. She is also a member of the Toledo Serpents. As well as a Junior mechanic, as she was shown working under a car in her mothers compound of old car parts.

Character Description

Is wise beyond her years, and her favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Jellybean lives with her biker mom in Toledo where they run scams to make ends meet. And like mother like daughter: Jellybean — who goes by JB now — is quite the little con artist herself.[1]

Early Life

Jellybean was born and raised in Riverdale alongside her older brother Jughead. She is the daughter of Gladys and FP Jones, the leader of the Southside Serpents.

When Jellybean was younger, she and her family would spend a lot of time at the Twilight Drive-In, however, they often could not afford tickets for everyone, so the kids would hide in the trunk until they parked.

After Fred Andrews fired her father and he began drinking heavily, young Jellybean and her mother went to live with Jellybean's grandparents in Toledo.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

The Drive-In & Moving to Toledo

Jellybean was briefly seen in an old photograph of Jughead's when he was leaving the Twilight Drive-In, for the last time. According to Jughead, they would hide in the trunk of their parents' car until parking, as their family was often low on funds, and so sneaking into the drive-in was their only option. [2]

Jughead mentioned that he spoke with Jellybean over the phone. She wanted to be addressed as 'JB', instead of Jellybean because she thought it sounded cooler. He remarked that "she's ten years old, and listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl. I don't think she could get any cooler." Jughead also mentioned that she was helping their mother study for her GED. [3]

Season 3

Jellybean reunites with her older brother Jughead after he and his best friend Archie Andrews unexpectedly shows up at the junkyard in Toledo. She remarks that she thought she smelled something rotten and they give each other a hug.


Jellybean shows an attraction to Archie

Jellybean and her mother Gladys discover the reason why Jughead and Archie left Riverdale; they’re running from Hiram Lodge. Gladys always knew he was trouble, but she questions what his vendetta is with Archie. They reveal that Archie was the only one who stood up to him. Not to mention that Archie also dated his daughter. Jellybean is pleased to hear that Archie is no longer dating and single. When Jughead tells Jellybean to relax with her excitement, she reminds him that she now goes by JB. Gladys asks if Archie’s spoken with his dad during any of this, which he hasn’t. Archie wishes he could, but it’s too risky. Archie and Jellybean then take off to eat.


Jellybean shoots Penny with a slingshot

Jellybean thwarts Penny Peabody's attempt to claim the bounty on Archie. Jellybean, who is armed with nothing more than a slingshot, confronts Penny as she holds Archie at knife point. When Penny refuses to drop the knife, Jellybean shoots her in the head, knocking Penny unconscious. They then they tie Penny to a chair and begin interrogating her. Gladys isn’t at all surprised that Penny is working with Hiram since she always had unfixed allegiances. She is however surprised that Penny isn't ratting Hiram out yet, leading Gladys to suspect that Hiram must have something on her. While Penny isn’t a snitch, she will say this; Hiram won’t stop until he gets Archie. And there’s nothing anyone can do. Gladys then addresses the fact that Penny carved off Jughead’s Serpent tattoo. Penny states that was business between her and Jughead. Gladys retorts that she’s Jughead’s mother, also making it her business. Gladys grabs a large hunting knife and tells everyone to go inside. Before doing so, Jughead tells Gladys to ask Penny about Gryphons and Gargoyles and how Hiram fits into it all.


Jellybean and Gladys reunite with FP

The following morning, both Archie and Jughead prepare to leave, but to different destinations; Archie to the border and Jughead to Riverdale. Just outside stands FP, Jellybean's father, waiting to take Jughead home. FP is shocked at how big Jellybean has gotten since he’s last seen her. He asks for a hug. In response, she sarcastically asks for a dad and walks off, a response that FP admits was warranted. Gladys insists that Jellybean misses him, but that she would rather fight it than admit it. Like mother, like daughter, FP replies.[4]


Jones family reunited

Jellybean and Gladys unexpectedly returns to Riverdale. They surprise Jughead and FP at the trailer. Jellybean greets both her father and brother with a hug. Gladys then gives Jughead, who wonders what they’re doing in town, a hug. Gladys informs the boys that she and Jellybean aren’t just there to visit. They intend to stay awhile.

Jellybean and Gladys hangout at the trailer, and as it seems, they are there for much more nefarious reasons than they’ve lead on. Jellybean remarks that she has FP wrapped around her finger. Gladys adds that Jellybean is FP’s weakness. Which means, they have the whole town. FP is the Sheriff. The mayor owes them a ton of money, and she even has Veronica working for her.[5]

Physical Appearance

As a child, she was slim and short with medium-length black hair and brown eyes. Now, as a preteen, her hair is light brown, but her build is still slim and short as she hasn't reached her adult height. 


She is an assertive individual and has a no-nonsense attitude due to her tough upbringing. Unlike her brother, Jughead, she is not as close to her father and resents him for being distant after the separation of her parents. It is known that she likes Pink Floyd and movie theaters, much like her older brother. She also appears to be a very obedient child as shown when she informed her mother she did exactly as she told her to do with her father, stating that she had succeeded in having FP wrapped around her fingers.


Jughead Jones

By the way, Jellybean wants to go with JB now. She thinks it sounds cooler.She's 10 years old and listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl, I don't think she could get any cooler.
— Jughead about Jellybean[src]

Jughead and Jellybean finally reunited

Jellybean's relationship with her brother, Jughead remains vague given that she and Jughead were separated by their mother's move to Toledo to stay with their grandparents. She went with their mother while Jughead stayed behind with their father. Jellybean seems to be very close to her brother, evening mocking his arrival to her mother's garage albeit demanding another Serpent to let him through the gates with Archie. Jughead also thinks very highly of his sister and mentions her several times, such as when he told Sierra McCoy about their family's trips to the Twilight Drive-In.

Archie Andrews


Jellybean shows an attraction to Archie

When Jughead reunites with Jellybean, she also meets Archie. They appear to be friendly towards each other. Later that night, when Archie mentions that he used to date Hiram's daughter, Jellybean takes this to mean that Archie is now single, exposing the obvious fact that she has a crush on Archie. Later, when Archie is attacked by Penny Peabody, Jellybean saves him by shooting Penny in the head with her slingshot.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • She listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl.
  • She prefers to be called "JB", a possible reference to JB Moranville, a Riverdale producer who unfortunately passed away in October 2016[6].


  • In the Archie Comics, her real name is Forsythia Jones, a mirror to Jughead's real name Forsythe.



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