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Jeffery Augustine is a guest starring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Ryan Grantham.

Jeffery is responsible for the death of Fred Andrews, having hit him with his father's truck while Fred was on the side of the road lending a hand to a stranded woman.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 4

The Death of Fred Andrews

Jeffrey sneaks out the house and takes his father's car, during which time he hits Fred Andrews on the side of the road while he was helping someone. Jeffrey returns home and informs his father of the incident. So, the following day, Jeffrey's father turned himself in and bonded out. Later that evening, they receive an unexpected visit from Archie Andrews, who confronts George over the hit-and-run death of his father. Archie repeatedly punches the wall out of frustration, asking what it was that George was doing when he hit Fred Andrews with his car. Jeffery interrupts and reveals to Archie that he was actually driving the car. Jeffrey took the car when he wasn’t supposed to. He doesn’t even have his license. His father was covering for him. Jeffrey apologizes, and Archie releases George.[1].

Physical Appearance

Jeffrey is a young, teenage boy with light skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes, much like his father.


Season 4

Season 5


  • Jeffery is not a character from the Archie Comics. He's an original character, created specifically for the series.


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