Even though we were twins, I used to demand I have my own birthday party. Until one year, out of the blue, Jason convinced me we had to combine them into one. It wasn't until years later, I found out why. It was because no one wanted to come to mine. And Jason didn't want me to know. He protected me. Every single day. I wish, that day at the river, I had protected him. [Sobbing] I'm so sorry, Jay-Jay. We failed you. All of us.
— Cheryl's eulogy for her brother.[src]

Jason Blossom's Memorial was held at the Thornhill shortly after the discovery of his body at Sweetwater River.


Jason's memorial service was arranged by his parents Cliff and Penelope Blossom. Before his body was recovered, when Jason was thought to have drowned on July 4th, the Blossoms originally buried an empty casket. For the service they invited everyone from town they thought could be suspected as their son's murderer, including many of the founding families. Cliff told Sheriff Keller that he firmly believed that the killer would be in the room.

At the memorial, Archie Andrews presented his folded football uniform, Jason's number, to Mrs. Blossom, effectively retiring the number in her son's honor. She was touched and remarked that Archie was so much like Jason.

Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Cheryl in same white outfit

Cheryl's entrance into the memorial

As the service began, Cheryl stunned everyone who attended, especially her parents, by coming out dressed in an all-white ensemble, the same attire she wore on the 4th of July with Jason during their ill-fated boat trip. She took the podium, against her parents wishes and spoke her eulogy. She became emotional and broke down during her speech and burst into tears. She apologized to Jason for not protecting him as he had always protected her. Veronica Lodge retrieved her from the podium, comforted her and brought her back to her seat before Penelope stepped in to abruptly end the service and adjourned everyone to the Winter Salon for a light supper.

Meanwhile, Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones snuck out to search Jason's bedroom for clues in his murder, which they were investigating, and encountered Jason's grandmother, Rose Blossom, who mistook Betty for her sister Polly and revealed that she and Jason had become engaged sometime before his death.[1]






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