Friends, students and alumni. I hope you brought your dancing shoes. Please join me in welcoming to the stage Riverdale High's very own Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge.
Mayor McCoy[src]

Homecoming is a formal dance held annually at Riverdale High School.


Blast From The Past

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Betty and Jughead under umbrella

Jughead and Betty arrive at the dance

Just outside the school, FP dropped Betty and Jughead off at the dance. Jughead asked Betty for a moment to speak with his father in private. He had been thinking, during which time he was considering moving back home with FP, if it was alright with him. FP proposed an even better scenario, in which the entire family gets back together. FP, Jughead, Jellybean and their mother could be a family again. They had a nice living arrangement set up in Toledo. They couldn't remain in Riverdale for reasons like the dinner they just had with the Coopers and the novel about Jason Blossom's Death, that Jughead was writing. Riverdale was dangerous and people like them got chewed up in that town.

Fred arrived to the dance with Hermione and Mary on each arm. Hermione was grateful that Fred was allowing her to tag along, however, it was Mary that had requested her attendance. With a major case of Déjà vu setting in, the three of them rejoice over what was once their lives.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Betty and Cheryl

Betty and Cheryl at the dance

Jughead had something to tell Betty, presumably related to his family's move to Toledo, but he wanted it to wait until after the dance, telling Betty that everything was great, better than it had been in a long time, and that he just wanted to figure something out with her. With Cheryl caught in her sight, Betty kissed Jughead on the cheek before heading over to ask Cheryl of Polly's whereabouts. Cheryl claimed that Polly was fine but that she cancelled at the last minute after a sugar crash, leaving her high and dry, which is why she was never doing anything nice for anyone, ever again.

Mary is joined in the ladies restroom by Alice as she applied her make up. They exchanged pleasantries. Alice noticed Mary swanning in with Fred and Hermione, remarking that she didn't know that Mary was a polyamorous, which wasn't an actual word, as Mary pointed out. Alice insisted that it was a compliment. She couldn't possibly be seen in the same room as Fred and Hermione after their apparently not-so secret love affair. Mary addressed Alice's tired and juvenile behavior, which she had been dealing with since junior high. Mary acknowledged that Fred is a grown man that is capable of making his own decisions. They were separated and he can do as he pleases. She came to the dance in order to have fun with both of her dates, and that's exactly what she intended to do, regardless of Alice's petty pursuits.

The dance was a success; students and alumni partying alike. Betty approached Kevin, hoping that he may have seen Archie or Veronica, then saying never mind having noticed them enter the gym. However, a brief discussion between them and her mother left Betty questioning their intent. She was then approached by Mayor McCoy and Mr. Weatherbee, whom sought to review the evening's itinerary. First and foremost, Mayor McCoy wondered if Betty was interested in an intern position, but with her curiosity growing over Archie and Veronica's conversation with her mother, Betty heard not a word of what Mayor McCoy had been saying to her. She excused herself from conversation, asking Mr. Weatherbee if he could do the honors of walking Mayor McCoy up to the stage as Betty had more concerning matters to attend to. She approached Archie and Veronica, wondering where it was they had been and why they were talking to her mother. After telling Betty that he and Veronica were at Pop's, Archie thought it best that they save the discussion for later since he and Veronica had to perform.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Homecoming (2)

Archie and Veronica perform

Mayor McCoy welcomed Archie and Veronica to the stage, where the pair performed "Kids in America" with great intensity. Betty instantly noticed the flirtatious behavior between Archie and Veronica as they played for the crowd. Amongst the crowd was Cheryl, who exited the dance in tears. Following Archie and Veronica's performance, Fred and Mary took to the floor as a much slower and soothing song played. Like Betty, Mary also noticed the romantic manner in which the pair performed, leaving her to wonder if Archie and Veronica were together. They hadn't exactly had the conversation yet, but Fred believed they were well on the route to becoming a couple. Mary playfully rubs his face, commenting that the Andrews men are such players. All the while, Hermione watches from her seat.

As he and Joaquin danced, Kevin admitted that it was the first time he had ever taken a boyfriend to such an event. It was actually the first time he had a boyfriend; most of his relationships consisted of hookups with closeted guys. Jughead interrupts their dance to ask if either of them had seen Betty. Kevin jokes that they needed tracking monitors before directing Jughead to the hallway, where he believed he saw Betty go with Archie and Veronica. As Jughead left, Kevin and Joaquin watched as Sheriff Keller entered the gym, and approached Mayor McCoy. Joaquin was visibly nervous by his arrival.

Out in the hallway, Veronica wanted to explain her predicament to Betty before the situation grew any worse. Betty was upset that they were working with her mom behind her back. Veronica was very apologetic for having to go behind Betty in such an underhanded manner, but they were all aware of FP's arrangement with Veronica's father, Hiram Lodge. So, Veronica had to make sure that none of their business pertained to Jason Blossom or his death. As for Archie, he was looking out for Jughead, on the off chance that FP was up to something sketchy. He only sought to protect Jughead from his father. Veronica confesses that she drug Archie into it to help her, and that all the blame should be directed at her. Betty demanded to know what it was exactly that Veronica needed help with.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Homecoming - Betty, Jughead, Fred, Mary, Hermione, Alice, and Kevin

Gathering in the hallway after FP's arrest

It was then that they were joined by Jughead, who could sense the tension between the three. Betty looked to Archie and Veronica to tell Jughead the truth. They admitted to breaking in and searching FP's trailer as they were convinced that he was hiding something about Jason. They were wrong, but they only did it to prove that FP and Hiram weren't involved. Jughead was upset that his best friend would betray him with such an approach, asking how and when did they know to go to FP's trailer. Veronica told him that they knew he'd be at dinner with the Coopers, leaving Jughead to conclude that Betty and her mother were involved as well. Betty denied all allegations. She didn't know what they had planned, but she was aware that her mother was up to something. To think that he was going to pass on moving with his family to Toledo for her. Jughead recalled Betty asking if he believed his father when they went to his trailer together; Jughead said that he did believe FP. Why wasn't this enough for Betty, he asked. Betty insisted that she tried to stop her mother, but she didn't try hard enough considering she never warned Jughead of what Alice had planned. She explained that he was so excited about the dinner, she didn't want to disappoint him. However, lying to him was no better, looking to each of his friends in disappointment.

They are joined in the hallway by Alice, Fred, Mary, Hermione and Kevin, all of whom came with troubling news. FP had been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. Rocked to his core by the revelation, Jughead abruptly exits the school, with Archie, Betty, and Veronica following him out.[1]






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