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It doesn’t matter how you win, so long as you’re the last man standing.
— Hiram to Veronica[src]

Hiram Lodge (born Jaime Luna) was a main character and one of the main antagonists of the The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Mark Consuelos.

Hiram is the ex-husband of Hermione Lodge, and Hermosa and Veronica's father. He is a well-known businessman and the CEO/President of Lodge Industries, as well powerful drug dealer with ties to the mafia. Prior to returning to Riverdale, he was incarcerated at Yonkers Penitentiary and was awaiting trial for multiple counts of embezzlement and fraud. Despite his imprisonment, Hiram still ran his business and criminal empire from behind bars. After being released from prison, he took up residence at the Pembrooke in with his wife and daughter.

Not long after Hiram's release, he began his master plan to monopolize Riverdale by closing in on certain properties such as Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe and Southside High, though he met resistance along the way, mostly from Jughead Jones. However, as he progressed in his plan, his relationships with Veronica and Hermione became strained as they did not agree with his moves, leading Hermione to try to kill him twice. Though, she failed both times, resulting in their separation and subsequent marriage annulment. Hiram was also business partners with Fred Andrews, working on the SoDale project together, an arrangement that was put in place by Hermione, in an effort to legitimize Lodge Industries.

Hiram became the Mayor of Riverdale after his then wife Hermione was forced to step down from her position. Seven years later, he dissolved Riverdale of its township in an attempt to absorb it under the SoDale brand and steal the palladium hidden beneath the Blossom maple groves. However, before he could achieve his life-long mission, Hiram was exiled from Riverdale by Veronica at gunpoint, though not before he planted a bomb at the Andrews house, which was the final straw for Veronica, who put a $2,000,000 bounty on her father's head, leading to Hiram's death, as he was shot in the back of the head four times and set on fire.

Character Description

A ruthless, handsome, charismatic businessman who is coming back to Riverdale after weathering a financial scandal that almost destroyed him. He is there to reconnect with his wife Hermione and, especially, his daughter Veronica, who is the apple of his eye.[2]

Early Life

Hiram Lodge was born Jamie Luna in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City, New York. He changed his name at a young age to avoid the stigma of being a Luna and growing up in a town like Riverdale, which he and his family moved to in hopes of discovering Palladium. Hiram was looked down upon because of his birth name and decided to choose a name worth respecting — Lodge.[3]

During his youth, Hiram attended Riverdale High School, where he began dating Hermione shortly after becoming involved with the mob and making deliveries on their behalf.[3] Along with building a relationship with Hermione, he forged a life-long rivalry with Clifford Blossom. Following his father's death at the hands of Vittorio Alto, Hiram chased Vito out of Riverdale after killing three of his men and claimed the drug trading business for himself.[3]

Additionally, Hiram was the wrestling state champion at Riverdale High, earning him a trophy for his great achievement.[4] After graduating from Harvard University and making a name for himself in Riverdale, he and Hermione got married and moved to New York with their newborn daughter, Veronica.[3] However, their fancy life and luxurious living didn't last forever, as Hiram was arrested for fraud and embezzlement by the FBI during the Lodge's annual July 4th party, making the arrest in plain view of Veronica and the rest of the party's guests. Hiram's main concern during the arrest was to have Veronica led away from the unfolding shameful spectacle, while also asking his wife to call their lawyers. Before his arrest, Hiram had an incredibly strong bond with his daughter, Veronica; she was "daddy's girl." Whenever Hiram did something wrong, he'd bring her gifts home as a way to make up for it, such as Givenchy bags.

A few years before Veronica was born, Hiram had a one-night stand with a singer from one of his clubs in Miami, which led to the birth of his firstborn daughter Hermosa, whose existence he kept a secret from Hermione and Veronica.[5]

Before getting arrested, Hiram had an ongoing arrangement with the Southside Serpents, a local gang in Riverdale. He hired the gang to decrease the value of the Twilight Drive-In so that Lodge Industries could purchase the land for a low price.

Throughout Riverdale

Throughout Katy Keene

Season 1

Jorge, Luis, and Luisa celebrate at the bodega after learning that they have enough signatures to save the block. Hiram Lodge enters the bodega. He is the out of town buyer. He was so close to buying the block, but they stopped him. He was born in the Heights and he feels it’s time for him to come home.[6]


Prior to this appearance on screen, the series has managed to paint a fairly detailed picture of his overall personality. Hiram is a dishonest and underhanded businessman. He is quite ruthless, willing to step on and double cross anyone and everyone in order to achieve his own selfish goals. He has even gone as far as to threaten his own wife and daughter.

During the Season 2 premiere, Hiram made his on-screen debut after being released from prison. He appeared to be a bit intimidating, as he sat at the dinner table asking Veronica for a kiss on the cheek. More than just intimidating, Hiram is very manipulative, especially towards his wife and daughter. However, he doesn't solely manipulate Hermione and Veronica, he also manipulated Archie throughout the second season, gaining Archie's trust and nearly tearing him apart from Fred. Hiram recognizes and looks for certain values in other people that he respects.

However, Hiram is not without reason or understanding, shown when he agreed to a truce with Archie after he saved Hiram from being killed. Hiram also despises disloyalty, especially when it comes down to being lied to, as shown with his wife Hermione. When it comes down to his daughter however, Hiram has an understanding with Veronica and tries his best to compromise with her.

During Season 3, Hiram's personality appears to be more cold than it was initially made out to be, as he went so far as to try and kill Archie Andrews numerous times, most recently inside of the ring during one of their boxing matches. A match that was a set up by his own daughter, Veronica, in an attempt to have him incarcerated once again.


Other Relationships

Hermosa Lodge

Hiram and Hermosa are together

Hermosa is his illegitimate firstborn. Hiram had cared for her all her life. Hermosa respects her father and always stands by his side. She know what he's like, but she has no problem with it, unlike his younger daughter Veronica.

Despite the fact that Hiram instills in Veronica that she's his favorite, at the moment he is more loyal to Hermosa. There is also the possibility that Hiram likes to fuel the rivalry that is brewing between his daughters.



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  • In the Archie Comics, Mr. Lodge was depicted as a more elderly-looking individual with white hair on his right side, and always seen wearing a pair of glasses.
  • Veronica's dad first appeared in Pep Comics #31, and he was named Burton K. Lodge.
  • In the Archie Comics, he is referred to as J. P. Lodge in the imprint of the '60s.
  • In the comic strips, Hiram hated Archie Andrews for dating his daughter Veronica and all the trouble his clumsiness caused him. He always did what he could to get rid of him; mostly getting Smithers to throw Archie out.
  • Prior to his first onscreen appearance on the show, Hiram appeared in the tie-in Riverdale One-Shot story "Fall From Grace", where Hiram resembles his classic look.
  • This version of Hiram Lodge is more villainous then previous media adaptations of the character since the Hiram Lodge in those adaptations had morals and principles while trying often to be rid of Archie for dating Veronica and for his clumsiness.
  • His astrological sign is Scorpio, as mentioned by Veronica in "Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Preppy Murders".
  • Before coming to the decision to exile Hiram, the Riverdale writers considered killing him off. Of the two versions, the first was filming a scene implying Archie buried him somewhere in Swedlow Swamp after only Archie came out the woods they entered together. The other version had Veronica and Archie entombing Hiram in wet cement in the building's foundation of one of his construction sites.[7]


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