Harvey Kinkle is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Ross Lynch.

He resides in the town of Greendale, located on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River from Riverdale, where he was in a relationship with Sabrina Spellman.

Character Description

Sabrina's boyfriend, the Prince Charming of this dark fairy tale. Harvey is a young man in a small town starting to figure out his place in the larger world. He is politically minded, idiosyncratic, attractive, charismatic, and fun. Handsome and romantic, Harvey's also smart, woke, and compassionate. In the present-day, he is part of Greendale's counter-culture youth. He has no idea that he is descendant from a long line of witchhunters.[1]

Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina’s boyfriend. The prince charming of this dark fairy tale, Harvey is the son of a coal miner, a dreamboat and a dreamer, completely unaware of the dark forces conspiring to keep him and Sabrina apart.[2]

Early Life

When he was 5 years old, his mother passed away. He met Sabrina Spellman on his first day of School and fell in love with her. He encountered the Dark Lord while exploring Greendale Mines as a child and was traumatized by the event.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


Sabrina and Harvey at the movies

After watching Night of the Living Dead at the movies, Harvey, his girlfriend Sabrina Spellman, as well as their friends Rosalind "Roz" Walker and Susie Putnam, are discussing the film's broader themes in response to Harvey's question about the slow-moving zombies. Sabrina notices that Susie grows uncomfortable as they pass a few of the football players from school, and so Sabrina comforts her. It's while doing so that Sabrina accidentally bumps into her teacher Ms. Wardwell, who she invites with them to discuss the movie at Cerberus Books. Ms. Wardwell politely declines the offer on account of all the papers she has to grade. After she leaves, Roz asks Sabrina why she would invite Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina responds by saying that she feels bad about the fact that Ms. Wardwell lives alone.

At Cerberus Books, Harvey, Sabrina, Rosalind, and Susie are still discussing Night of the Living Dead. Rosalind and Susie argue that the film was about both zombies and the Cold War. The collapse of the nuclear family. Later that night, Harvey walks Sabrina home, where he presents her with a necklace and declares his love for her. Sabrina tells Harvey that she loves him too before saying goodnight. Once she enters her house, Sabrina magically turns the radio on and dances to "Be My Baby".


Sabrina asks Harvey to ask around

After leaving the Principal’s office, Sabrina informs Harvey of the attack on Susie by some of the football players. Sabrina asks that Harvey ask around for names of those responsible, and she intends to do the same. While Harvey agrees to ask around, he does point out that the Ravens won’t speak to outsiders and that there might not be much that can do. Madam Satan, who has taken on Ms. Wardwell’s persona, having overheard their conversation, interjects as she refuses to accept that and offers her assistance.


Rosalind and Sabrina set out to start a club

Harvey, Sabrina, and Rosalind meet for lunch, where they continue to dig deeper into problems surrounding them. The football team is only the symptom. The disease goes much deeper, into the bedrock of the school. Sabrina wants to fight it by creating a club for young women to boaster each other, where they can discuss issues they’re facing and come up with proactive solutions. Rosalind adds a club to topple the white patriarchy, which confuses Harvey. Sabrina believes this club could offer true change for them so that none of them will ever feel alone again. However, Rosalind worries that Hawthorne will intervene. He wouldn’t even allow Roz to start a Daughters of the Black Panthers club last year. Sabrina explains that she has a plan to get past Hawthorne. She insists that they do this before Friday, right in time for Sabrina’s birthday, which both Harvey and Rosalind want to throw her a party for. However, Sabrina has plans with her aunts that are years in the making.


Harvey wants to spend Sabrina's birthday together

On the walk home, Harvey seems to continue their discussion regarding Sabrina’s birthday. While he’s aware of Sabrina mysterious commitment she has with her aunts, he’s hoping he can convince her otherwise to spend her birthday with him. Sabrina would love to, but she has more demanding obligations, which she can’t share with Harvey. She tells him that it’s not so much her birthday, but what comes after. Sabrina then reveals that she’s moving away. She claims that she’s leaving Baxter High and going to a boarding school in Connecticut. Harvey has questions considering neither he, Susie nor Roz have ever heard Sabrina speak of this prior. As he inquires further about Sabrina’s new school and she fumbles to come up with answers, he begins to suspect that she’s hiding something from him. Harvey asks for the truth, and so Sabrina decides to show him.


Sabrina makes Harvey forget that she's a witch

Sabrina takes Harvey into the woods where she was born almost 16 years ago. It’s also where she’ll be reborn this Friday night on her 16th birthday, at the stroke of Midnight, under an eclipsing blood moon. Her dark baptism. Sabrina reminds Harvey of what they learned at the beginning of the school year about how there were witch trials in Greendale, much like Salem. Sabrina explains that no one talks of this because the witches didn’t want anyone to know, so the coven could remain in Greendale in secret. Sabrina then reveals to Harvey that she’s half-witch on her father side. And after her baptism, where she’ll sign the Dark Lord’s book, she’ll have to leave Baxter High and go to the Academy of Unseen Arts, and lastly renounce any meaningful connections to all mortals. Harvey doesn’t believe Sabrina. He thinks that she’s only telling him this to scare him off. Considering that he doesn’t take the news well, Sabrina does a spell to make him forget her ever telling him. She seals the spell with a kiss and instantly, it’s as if she never said a thing about her being a witch.

As planned, Sabrina heads for the nearest orchard to find the Malum Malus. She and Harvey go together. They do however end up separating. Harvey goes pumpkin picking while Sabrina heads into the hay maze in route for the tree. Harvey, who has retrieved the pumpkins, meets back up with Sabrina. He notices Salem, who Sabrina claims is a stray that she’s taking home.[3]


Harvey suggests that they could celebrate Sabrina’s birthday on Saturday

Thursday, October 30th, Sabrina comes downstairs to find Harvey sitting in the kitchen with Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose. Ambrose admires Harvey’s drawings, to which Harvey replies he’s fond of graphic comics and novels. Since Sabrina couldn’t celebrate with him on her actual birthday, he came by to ask her aunts if they could celebrate the following day, him, Sabrina, Rosalind, and Susie. Harvey than walks Sabrina to school.

Harvey and Sabrina arrive at school to find Rosalind and Susie just outside the school. Susie had been suspended and Roz was supposed to be taking her home. Sabrina wanted to report the four boys to the police and press charges, however, it was Susie who started the fight. With that, Sabrina is forced to take matters into her own hands, but she needs Susie to give her the names of the football players.


Sabrina and Harvey outside his house

Sabrina heads over to Harvey's house, where they discuss Roz' Halloween party. Her parents are out of town on a retreat with the church. Sabrina then proposes a scenario where Harvey's a kid who meets a wizard in a cave that offers to grant him super powers, but in exchange for these powers, he has to give up everything up in his life. Harvey tells Sabrina that he wouldn't take the deal because that would mean giving up her. Pleased with his answer, she kisses him.


Harvey pics Sabrina up for Roz’ Party

Friday, October 31 Harvey arrives to pick Sabrina up as she has decided to attend Roz’ Halloween party. Harvey, dressed as a miner, and Sabrina dressed in her mother’s white wedding dress. Harvey appears almost mesmerized. Ambrose urges them to leave before Hilda and Zelda return. He assures Sabrina that he’ll tell them that she’ll meet them at the appointed hour and place.


Sabrina says goodbye to Harvey

Harvey and Sabrina arrive at Roz’s party, where she is immediately greeted by Rosalind. They move into the kitchen, where Sabrina checks in on Susie, who is doing much better. Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Susie then hit the dance floor. Afterward, the party sings Happy Birthday to Sabrina. She makes a wish and blows out the candles on her cake. As she and Harvey slow dances, she tells him that she wished for more amazing times together. She then asks him to never hate her, no matter what, but he can't understand why he ever would. The party moves outside, where the moon is at its fullest and begins to turn red. With midnight approaching, Sabrina rushes off into the woods, but not before kissing Harvey goodbye.


Sabrina seeks Harvey’s comfort

The next day at school, Sabrina is called into the principal's office. While on her way, she runs into Harvey, who she informs of her super-intense weekend.[4]


Harvey and Sabrina learn about the latest dilemma at Baxter High

Rosalind informs Sabrina, Harvey, and Susie of the latest problem at Baxter High. She went to get her book, The Bluest Eye approved for class only for Mr. Garland to reject it as her book had been deemed problematic. Susie wants to take the fight to Hawthorne with WICCA’s help. And so, Sabrina, Rosalind, and Susie confront Hawthorne, who claims that they don’t ban books at Baxter High. However, the book Rosalind proposed has graphic passages. Certain topics and titles have no place at the school.


Harvey has received a job offer

Harvey’s brother Tommy looks through his numerous graphic drawings, which Harvey sells to Dr. Cerberus who runs the book store. He even offered Harvey a weekend job, which is unwelcome news to his father, who tells Harvey that it he wants a job then he can start taking shifts at the mines. Tommy argues they can manage without Harvey, but Mr. Kinkle will hear nothing of it.


Harvey tells Sabrina about a traumatic experience in the mines

On their way to school, Sabrina and Harvey share how they both got into it with their respective guardians, Harvey with his dad and Sabrina with her aunt. Harvey’s dad was making him work at the mines, which Harvey is terrified of. Eight years ago, he was playing hide-and-seek with Tommy and a couple of his friend. Harvey decided to hide in the mines. He was in there for over an hour and no one found him. While looking for a way out, he saw unbeknownst to him, the Dark Lord. He was terrified, frozen with fear and crying. He was still crying when Tommy found him five hours later. He worries that it’s still down there waiting for him.


Harvey looks for Sabrina’s witch mark

While walking through the woods, Sabrina stops, undresses, and asks Harvey if he can find her witch’s mark. Harvey looks, but he can’t seem to find a mark.

Harvey reports for his first shift in the mines with Tommy, though he instantly starts to panic at the thought of entering. Tommy recalls Harvey’s last encounter in the mines and sends him home.


Harvey‘s home life is pretty intense

Mr. Kinkle returns home in a fit of rage after learning that Harvey skipped his shift in the mines. Tommy pulls his dad off of his brother and tells him that Harvey is done with the mines, even if that means Tommy has to cover his shifts or hire more guys.[5]


Sabrina and her friends, make weekend plans

Sabrina and her friends are at the comic book shop discussing movies. Susie tells them that her dad is going out of town for the weekend to the farm expo. Roz suggests that they have a girls' night. Susie is hesitant. Roz tries to get Sabrina to back her up. Sabrina lies to her friends and tells them that she too is going to the expo.


Harvey receives a call from Sabrina

Sabrina calls Harvey and tells him that she hates being at the expo but that talking to him is helping.


Harvey learns about Susie’s uncle

The next day, Roz tells Harvey about Susie's uncle and how he saw something in the mines. Harvey goes over to Susie's with Roz. Harvey asks Susie why he didn't talk about his uncle and Susie replies that his father forbade him from mentioning it and because Harvey's father owns the mines that made him sick.


Harvey talks with Susie’s uncle

Harvey goes up to talk to Jesse who attacks Harvey and Susie has to knock him out to get him to stop. Harvey, Susie, and Roz decide to go back upstairs to check if Uncle Jesse is okay.[6]


Harvey in Sabrina’s nightmare

Inside Sabrina's dream, her witch life and mortal life are fused together. The Weird Sisters are cheerleaders who mock her, and Nick is a football player who flirts with her. Harvey proposes to Sabrina. On the day of the wedding, Sabrina tells Harvey that she's a witch. He seems to accept it but later, at the ceremony, Harvey starts to choke her. He asks her why she had to tell him that she was a witch. He shoves her into an Iron Maiden torture device and seals her inside.[7]


Harvey experiences hallucinations of a possessed Uncle Jesse

Harvey is drawing when he sees a vision of Uncle Jesse. It freaks him out but disappears as Tommy walks in. Tommy tells him to go to bed before their dad gets mad that he's up still.


Harvey feels that Sabrina is not taking him seriously

At school, Harvey, Susie, and Roz tell Sabrina about Uncle Jesse. They think he might be possessed by a demon. Sabrina tries to play it off but Roz tells them how she saw Uncle Jesse at her house. Both Harvey and Susie say the same thing. Later, Harvey asks Sabrina if she doesn't believe him anymore. Sabrina says she does but he was eight when he saw that thing in the mines. Harvey gets upset and leaves because he feels that she isn't telling him the truth.


Sabrina wants to explore the mines with Harvey

Sabrina apologizes to Harvey about not believing him. She asks him to draw her a map to the mines so that she can find some clue as to what is affecting Jesse. Harvey is against it but then sees another vision of Jesse. He decides to go with her. They look through the mines but get separated.


Sabrina comforts Harvey

Suddenly, she hears Harvey scream and goes running towards him. She finds him huddled in a corner next to a statue of the Dark Lord. He admits that it could've been that he saw as a child. The two of them decide to leave the mines and head home.[8]


Harvey brings Sabrina home

Harvey walks Sabrina home from school. He asks what she's doing for Thanksgiving but Sabrina tells him that it's not really a big holiday for her family. Harvey says that his grandfather is coming and that there is going to be a lot of beer drinking and deer hunting. Sabrina invites him inside but sees entrails hanging from the door and decides to call it a night instead.


Harvey gets a school assignment

At Baxter High, Ms. Wardwell talks to the class about Thanksgiving. She tells them that their assignment for this week is to dig into their family histories.


Harvey learns about his family history

Harvey asks his grandpa if they've always been miners. His grandpa tells him that they haven't and that they used to hunt and trap. He tells him how they hunted a group of people that lived on the outskirts of town who were tunneling in the mines. Grandpa says that they took care of them and that that's how they got the mines. Harvey asks how they got rid of them and his grandpa says that he'll show him when they go hunting.


Harvey tells Prudence about his family history

The next day at Baxter High, Sabrina introduces Harvey, Roz, and Susie. To her cousin Prudence who is visiting for thanksgiving. Susie tells them more about her ancestor Dorothea and that she helped a group of women escaping religious persecution in Scotland, and Prudence says that they learned about her at the Academy and that Dorothea was a true ally to those women a hero to the marrow. They ask Harvey what he found out and he tells them about the land grab. Prudence begins to attack him verbally because he's a descendant of the Von Kunkles who stole that land from the witches who founded the Church of Night. Sabrina quickly grabs Prudence and drags her out of the library.


Harvey and his family go hunting

Harvey and his family are nearby hunting. They spot a deer and Grandpa Kinkle tells them to let Harvey shoot it since it's his first time. They go to the sight where the deer, stood unbeknownst to Harvey, and his family Sabrina, Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas and Miss. Wardwell are magically hiding the Deer’s corpse from them.


Harvey tells Sabrina that he didn’t shot the deer

Sabrina arrives back at the mortuary and finds Harvey waiting for her. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her about how he had the chance to shoot the deer. Harvey says that he didn't do it his grandpa did and that he should've stopped him. Sabrina hugs him. Harvey tells her that he doesn't fit in with his family. Sabrina agrees with him and hugs him tighter. As she does, she whispers a spell.


Harvey and Tommy celebrate thanksgiving

Harvey and Tommy end up being the only ones awake to celebrate Thanksgiving because everyone else is drunk. The next day Harvey and Tommy have to work the mines the day after Thanksgiving.[9]


Harvey survived the mine crash

Sabrina arrives at the mines and frantically looks for Harvey. She finds him and hugs him because he got out in time. He tells her that Tommy is still in there and that he has to go back in to get him. Sabrina tries to stop him. He tells her that he's going to go find his Dad and walks away. Harvey emerges from the mines and tells Sabrina that the hole to get to Tommy is too small and that he can't fit through it. Sabrina tells him to not go back in there because he's bleeding. Susie overhears their conversation. Sabrina takes Harvey to his truck and looks at his hand. She says he needs stitches and goes to get a doctor. While there she learns that someone slipped into the mines. Roz comes running up because she can't find Susie.


Harvey wants to continue the search

They push through the crowd and find Susie all dirty from having been in the mines. In her hand, she holds Tommy's helmet. Mr. Kinkle takes it from her and Harvey says that they have to keep searching. Mr. Kinkle tells him that they will but not today. He sends everyone home except the workers and rescue workers. Harvey says that what if they're too late and Mr. Kinkle tells him that they're doing the best that they can. Sabrina walks over and gives Harvey a hug as they stand before the entrance of the mines. Harvey tells Sabrina how Tommy saved him. During the mine collapse, Tommy had told Harvey to run so he ran away. He wonders why he was the only one to make it out of there. Sabrina thinks back to the day when she put a protection spell around him. He realizes that she's cold so he pulls her closer and the two of them lay down. He asks if she'll stay with him and she snuggles close as she says that she'll stay all night long.


Harvey learns that his father wants to push Tommy’s funeral forward

Harvey walks into the family room to find his dad talking to a banker. Mr. Kinkle tells him that they're calling off the search for the other men's safety. Harvey goes to Sabrina's house and rants that Mr. Kinkle is coming to the mortuary tomorrow to plan Tommy's funeral just to get a check from the insurance.


Harvey holds a eulogy for Tommy

At Tommy’s funeral Hilda tells Harvey that it's his turn to speak. Harvey goes up to the podium but has trouble speaking so Sabrina casts a spell to make him more confident. He says a few words about Tommy before he sits down again with Sabrina. Next up is Mr. Kinkle. He talks about how Tommy loved the mines but Harvey interrupts him and tells him that Tommy hated the mines. They start to argue and things begin to get physical. They knock over the empty casket and Tommy's helmet lands on the ground. Harvey runs off with Sabrina not far behind him.


Harvey is distraught

Outside, Harvey tells Sabrina that he can't live with his Dad and voices his belief that he killed his brother. He shows her an acceptance letter to Notre Dame that Tommy got three years ago. He could've left but he stayed for Harvey. Harvey thinks that he killed his brother and Mr. Kinkle arrives just in time to agree with him. Mr. Kinkle tells Harvey that he wishes he'd died in the mines instead. Harvey wishes that too. Angry that he was embarrassed in front of the guys, Mr. Kinkle goes to hit Harvey but Zelda stops him. She tells them to leave since the rest of their guests are. Sabrina tries to follow Harvey but he tells her that he wants to be alone.


Harvey feels like everyone is treating him differently

The next morning, Sabrina calls Harvey but Harvey ignores her phone call. At school, Harvey tells Sabrina that everyone is treating him differently. Sabrina tells him not to give up hope because a miracle could happen.


Harvey approaches the house door

Harvey and his dad are eating dinner when someone starts knocking at the door. Harvey gets up and goes to answer it.[10]


Harvey tells Sabrina that Tommy is Back

Sabrina arrives at Harvey's house with the excuse of just wanting to check on him. Harvey is ecstatic because Tommy has returned. Sabrina is happy for him although she worries after she hears that Tommy hasn't eaten anything. Sabrina wants to see Tommy but Harvey won't let her see him tonight. He gives her another hug as he happily exclaims that his brother is back.


Harvey and Tommy look at family album

Harvey finds Tommy staring at himself in the mirror. He guides him to the sofa and sits him down. Harvey begins to show him pictures of their past because the doctor said that that might help. Tommy sees a picture of himself and points at it. Nearby, Salem sits in the shadows as he watches the two brothers interact.


Harvey tells Sabrina and Roz that Tommy has become different

The next day Roz and Sabrina arrive at Harvey's house. Harvey tells them that Tommy doesn’t talks anymore, all he can do is react. Harvey throws a football at Tommy who instinctively catches it, Mr. Kinkle arrives home and Sabrina and Roz leave.


Harvey gets into an argument with his father

At the Knikle residence, Harvey and his dad argue over Tommy. It gets physical but Tommy intervenes and grabs Mr. Kinkle by the neck. Harvey tries to separate them. Sabrina arrives and watches as Mr. Kinkle runs out of the house. He warns her not to go in there. Sabrina goes inside and gives Harvey something for Tommy to drink.


Harvey admits that something is wrong with his brother

Sabrina and Harvey sit outside. Harvey finally admits that something's wrong with Tommy. He keeps wondering how Tommy survived. Sabrina tells him that they'll get through this. However, she does make him promise that if Tommy tries to attack him that he'll run.


Harvey learns the truth about Sabrina

Sabrina sits with Harvey as she tells him that she's a witch. She even reveals to him that he comes from a family of witch hunters. She tells him about Tommy and how that isn't his brother. Harvey asks why she did this and she says because she wanted to fix this for him. She tells him that she needs to put Tommy back where he belongs. Harvey asks if it'll hurt him and Sabrina says she doesn't think so. Harvey says that he'll do it but that he needs her to leave. She asks why and he says because she's done enough. Sabrina leaves and Harvey goes to grab one of his guns.[11]


Harvery and Sabrina talk

Sabrina talks to Harvey in the library. She finds out that Harvey lied and said that Tommy shot himself to put himself out of his misery. Sabrina tells him that she's been thinking about him nonstop. She tells him that he must hate her. Harvey says that he could never hate her but that every time he looks at her he thinks of Tommy. Suddenly, Hilda appears and tells Sabrina that they have to go to the Church of Night straight away. Harvey tells her to go and Sabrina does but she tells him that she hopes they can talk some more before she leaves.


Harvey doesn’t want to be protected by witches

At the night of the Tornado Sabrina goes to Harvey's but Harvey tells her that he isn't leaving his Dad or the house. That he doesn't want to rely on the protection of witches.


Harvey meets Nicholas Scratch

Later Nick arrives at Harvey's and tells him that he's Sabrina's friend and that he's going to help protect him tonight. Harvey asks the warlock what kind of friend he is exactly.


Harvey and Nicholas keep the door shut

While the crimson rider rides through Greendale, Nick asks Harvey if he's the firstborn and Harvey says no. Nick asks about his Dad and Harvey says yes.


Nick tells Harvey that Sabrina loves him

Harvey and Nick open the door to the house. Nick says that Sabrina just saved the whole town. Harvey asks Nick why he came tonight. He asks if they're seeing each other but Nick tells him that Sabrina loves him. That she'd die for him and maybe that's enough to forgive her.


Harvey wants to start over

Sabrina goes to visit Harvey in his bedroom. She apologizes again. He tells her that what if they start over with no secrets between them but Sabrina says that she doesn't know if its safe for him or Roz or Susie. Harvey asks for one last kiss. Sabrina stands up and kisses him before she disappears. Back at school, Harvey, Susie, and Roz sit in the library. They wonder if they're still Sabrina's friends.[12]


Harvey receives a Christmas present from Sabrina

At Baxter High, Sabrina tells Harvey that she wanted to give him some space since their breakup. Sabrina asks Harvey if he is still troubled by the death of his brother Tommy. Harvey says things are improving but that his dad has taken to drinking alcohol. Sabrina gifts Harvey some enchanted coloring pencils that her Aunt Hilda got from England. Harvey thanks her and says he will see her after the break.


Harvey receives some egg nog from Sabrina

The next day, Sabrina visits Harvey and his father with Hilda’s special eggnog. Sabrina lies that there is rum in the eggnog. When Harvey asks about the gift, Sabrina claims that she and her aunts made a lot and that these are extras.


Harvey returns the enchanted pencils

Harvey comes to the mortuary and tells Sabrina that his dad has given up drinking ever since he has eaten Sabrina’s eggnogs. Harvey is grateful to Sabrina but warns her not to use magic on him or his family again. Harvey understands that Sabrina had good intentions but is still bitter over the loss of his brother Tommy Kinkle. Harvey returns her coloring pencils and says that he hopes that Sabrina will understand. Sabrina is sad, but she understands. Harvey wishes Sabrina Merry Christmas and she wishes him a Happy Solstice.[13]

Part 2


Harvey plans to try-out for the basketball team

At Baxter High, Harvey, Rosalind, and Susie discuss Sabrina's absence. Roz says that she needs time to sort things out. This year, Harvey's trying out for basketball. He and his father played together over the break. He'd been doing better since the magic eggnog Sabrina conjured up. Susie wishes to join Harvey on the boy's basketball team.


Harvey, Ms. Wardwell, Roz, and Susie confront Coach Craven

During the try-outs, Susie encounters hostility from some of the boys, particularly Billy and Carl, who reject her because of her non-binary gender and insist that it is a boys' team. Harvey comes to her defense, however, Coach Craven doesn’t want to allow a girl on his team. And so Rosalind reminds Susie that when others go low, they go high. Roz, Susie, and Harvey request a meeting with Principal Wardwell to inform her of Coach Craven's refusal to allow Susie to try-out. Wardwell confronts Coach Craven about his refusal to let Susie try out for the basketball team. Craven agrees to allow Susie to try out despite her lack of skills.


Susie reveals to Roz and Harvey that his name is now Theo

Susie performs terribly, and Billy and Carl even knock her over. Suddenly, Susie starts to perform amazingly. Unbeknownst to Roz, Sabrina is in the stands, performing a spell that allows Susie to play better. Susie shoot the ball through the hoop. She is overjoyed and Harvey and Rosalind hug her. Susie then reveals to them that she, or rather now he, identifies by his male identity "Theo."

At Cerberus Books, Rosalind and Harvey discuss Theo's decision to identify as a boy. Roz says that he was born as a boy and is ready to embrace his identity. Harvey asks if Sabrina knew about Theo. Harvey admits to missing Sabrina. Roz has a vision of her kissing Harvey in the school corridor.[14]


Harvey asks Roz to be his Juliet

At Baxter High, students are told that they will be working on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Mrs. Curtis tells the students to find a partner and pick a scene to present to the rest of the class. Harvey stares at Rosalind who looks up at him and giggles. He asks her to be his partner, her playing Juliet and him Romeo. Roz accepts, but seems recalcitrant to the idea, because there is a kissing scene. She then has a vision of her and Harvey sharing a passionate kiss. Returning to reality, Roz asks Harvey if he has talked to Sabrina. He answers that they have not talked in a while and that they are still figuring things out.


Roz and Harvey reunite with Sabrina

Sabrina returns to Baxter High where she finds Harvey and Rosalind by their lockers. Roz tells her that she and Harvey are playing Romeo and Juliet together. Roz suggests that they find a scene with three characters to include Sabrina, which she refuses.

Roz and Harvey hang out at Dr. Cerberus' while Sabrina rehearse with Billy. Her Romeo and Juliet partner.


Harvey and Sabrina hook up

In English class, Mrs. Curtis tells Harvey and Sabrina that as a result of Billy's accident and Rosalind having the chickenpox, they will be partners for the rest of the Romeo and Juliet assignment. In the library, Harvey tells Sabrina he would understand if she does not want to be in the scene with him, but she says that she has no problem doing it. They start reading their lines which leads them to kiss. Sabrina and Harvey make their way to his house, where they kiss passionately on the bed. Sabrina unbuttons Harvey's shirt and discovers claw marks on his chest. In shock, she asks him what they are, but Harvey cannot see the marks. Sabrina climbs off of him saying it was a mistake for her to forget what she was. Upset, Harvey tells her he does not care what she is and does want her to pull away from him again. She answers that she has to do it in order to protect him. Angry, Harvey says he does not need her protection and that she cannot keep messing with his head. Sabrina leaves, saying it will never happen again.

At Dr. Cerberus', Sabrina runs into Harvey who seems unhappy to see her. He tells her he is going to visit Roz before leaving. Sabrina watches him leave.[15]


Harvey gives Roz a card

Rosalind thanks Harvey for making her a card. He asks her to be his date to the Sweetheart's Dance, but Roz had already made plans to go with Theo, and she invites Harvey to join them. Later, Sabrina visits Harvey at Baxter High and tells him that she does not object to him dating Roz and asks if it's alright if she brings Nick to the dance. Harvey says she is welcome to attend with Nick.


Harvey helps Theo tie a tie

As Harvey shows Theo how to tie a tie, Rosalind arrives and compliments Theo on his new haircut. Harvey is speechless at the sight of Rosalind in her dress. At the Sweetheart's Dance, Rosalind dances with Harvey, who asks about the surprising turn of events. It's both weird and nice. Rosalind pulls away as Harvey tries to kiss her, explaining that she had a vision of them kissing. She tells him that she has premonitions of both the past and future.


Roz and Harvey kiss

Rosalind tells Harvey that she is not a witch but that she was cursed by witches. She explains that her grandma called them "Cunning Women." Roz didn't want to move forward with Harvey before telling him the truth. Harvey says that honesty is what he values most these days and says that things will be good. The two kiss. Harvey asks if their kiss was like in her vision. Roz says her visions usually lead to bad things happening but not this time.


Harvey finds out that Roz is blind

At the Kinkle house, Rosalind and Harvey spend the night kissing until Roz reminds him that the reason she came over was to see his artwork. Harvey sent some of his work to an Art school in Rhode Island. Tommy made him do it. They want him to meet some of the faculty members there for some kind of program or apprenticeship. Roz suddenly goes blind and tells Harvey that she can't see anything.[16]


Sabrina, Theo, and Harvey embrace Roz

Harvey appears in Roz' vision. He, Sabrina, and Theo embrace Roz after her eyesight is restored. Rosalind returns home. She makes out with Harvey in the kitchen. Harvey asks her if everything is okay. He is happy for her and praises the doctor as miracle worker. Reverend Walker responds that God is the only miracle worker. He tells her to be grateful to the congregation for their prayers and donations.


Harvey advises Roz to pay it forward

Later, at the school library, Rosalind apologizes for her dad's behavior. Harvey understands given his relationship with his father. Harvey sense that Roz is sad, and she confides that she has struggled with her faith for a long time. She tells him that she doesn’t have issues with God but that she doesn't believe in her dad. Roz explains that her dad got the church to pay for the operation. Harvey says they raised money for the operation but Roz expresses concern about the influence that her father has over the church, saying that the church gave him money to buy a new car or to pay off for their house. Roz says that she thinks her dad takes money. Harvey reassures her she can see again and suggests that she try to pay it forward.

Harvey visits Mrs. McGarvey at Cerberus' and asks if she tells fortunes. She shows him the card of a fool. Harvey remarks that the figure in the card looks like him. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he hangs between two futures; one in Greendale and one in Rhode Island. She then displays the Hanged Man card.


Harvey is confronted about Art school

At the Baxter High library, Harvey is drawing a hanged man when he is confronted by Rosalind and Theo. The former has experienced a vision and learned that Harvey has received an invitation to a summer internship in Rhode Island. He doesn't want to leave Roz behind, but she pushes him to attend. In his quarters at the Arkham Colony for the Arts, he is greeted by his roommate Howard. Harvey is impressed by his horror art. Howard tells Harvey that he keeps strange hours as he starts to unpack.


Harvey awakens to Howard painting demons

Later that night, Harvey wakes up to find Howard communing with demons. Howard tells him to go back to sleep. Harvey sees Howard’s demonically-inspired paintings including one of the Dark Lord. Howard is angry that Harvey is looking at his work. Harvey tells him that he saw the Dark Lord and asks what are the creatures in his drawings. Howard claims that he is visited by Harbingers of the Void (demons and gods) and that his closet is a portal to the demonic underworld. He warns Harvey that the demons are planning to emerge. By painting them, Howard thought he could bind them.

That night, a frightened Harvey watches as Howard paints while a blue light emerges from his closet. The following morning, Harvey awakens to find Howard hanging. Harvey opens the closet and only sees clothes. As he prepares to leave that night, he finds that the closet is a portal to the underworld.


Mrs. McGarvey warns Harvey he will suffer for his art

Harvey asks what the vision means. Mrs. McGarvey tells him that he will suffer for his art, but that he does not need to leave home to do so. She tells him that he will dig deep to unearth his true calling and shows him a card of the Ace of Pentacles. Harvey realizes that his true calling is in Greendale and thanks Mrs. McGarvey.[17]

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-24-Theo-Harvey-Sabrina

Sabrina asks Theo and Harvey about Roz

At Baxter High, Theo delivers a presentation about the Children's Crusade in 13th century Europe. He explains that as the children paraded through Europe, they offered each soul the choice of pledging their faith and joining the mission or burn in the fires of Hell. After class, Sabrina chats with Theo and Harvey in the corridor and asks about Roz. Harvey says that he has to go to the gym. Theo tells Sabrina that Roz is going through a brutal time since she lost her sight.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-29-Harvey-Rosalind

Harvey and Roz accuse Sabrina of blinding her

Sabrina gives Rosalind a comfort charm, but Roz accuses Sabrina of only trying to comfort herself. A bitter Harvey, who clearly isn't happy Sabrina moved so far and fast on from their break up, says that not everyone can leave whenever they want and come back whenever they want. Sabrina offers to heal Roz with a spell, but Harvey objects to it due to what happened with his brother Tommy. Sabrina angrily tells Harvey that it is Roz's decision not his, silencing him. Roz distrusts witches since witches cursed her ancestors with blindness. She asks if it was a coincidence that she went blind after she kissed Harvey, who is Sabrina's former boyfriend. Sabrina denies that she hexed Roz. Although, with both Roz and Harvey accusing her, Sabrina storms out. As she runs through the hallway, Jerathmiel notices her.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-34-Rosalind-Harvey

Roz and Harvey accuse Sabrina of cursing her

Theo asks Rosalind and Harvey where Sabrina is. Roz hatefully replies that she left again. When Theo asks why, Harvey venomously replies it's because they couldn't trust her. Roz says that witches cursed her family and that Sabrina may have made her blind. Theo speaks out for Sabrina and says that she is their friend and a good person. Harvey tells Theo to name one good thing Sabrina's done. Theo reminds Harvey she saved the town to which he retorts "from witches." Theo also reveals that Sabrina got him on the basketball team and points out that Sabrina stopped Harvey’s father from drinking himself to death.

Harvey and Rosalind are working on an assignment on the Children's Crusade when Roz experiences a premonition of Jerathmiel killing Sabrina. Roz tells Harvey to give her the phone. Rosalind warns Sabrina that the missionary wants to kill her and tells her to flee.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-96-Hilda-Harvey

Harvey wants too help Sabrina and Nick

Sabrina, Hilda, and Nick are about to leave for the Academy with the Hand of Glory when Harvey arrives with a loaded rifle. Harvey tells her that Roz had a vision that someone was trying to kill Sabrina and he had come to check if she was safe. Harvey apologizes for his and Roz' behavior. Sabrina tells Harvey that the Academy is under attack and he offers to help. Nick does not want Harvey to come along since he distrusts him for coming from a family of witch-hunters. Harvey tells them that they need all the help they can get. Hilda backs Harvey up and they allow him to come.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-105-Nicholas-Harvey-Sabrina

Sabrina tells Nick and Harvey to stay behind

Sabrina, Hilda, Nick, and Harvey discover that the witch-hunters have breached the Academy. They find a bloodied Ambrose, who has been stabbed and is losing a lot of blood. Hilda removes the knife and casts a spell to seal the wound. The Angels took the others. Harvey asks aren't angels supposed to be nice, but Nick points out that they have fiery swords. Quentin appears and tells Sabrina that the Angels tried to take him and the other children to Heaven but that they ran and hid. Hilda asks where the Angels took the other witches and warlocks. Quentin says that they took them to the desecrated church to convert and kill them in order to cleanse them. The desecrated church is sealed with holy water and re-consecrated it. No witch can go in or out. Hilda tends to Ambrose's wounds. Harvey offers to go inside the church but Nick points out that they are dealing with avenging angels. Sabrina says that she can enter the church because she was baptized with holy water. Sabrina convinces them to accept her plan even though Nick and Harvey regard it as a suicide mission. She tells them to help Hilda look after Ambrose.

Despite Sabrina advising him against it, Harvey enters the desecrated church. Sabrina turns to face him, with her eyes a pale white.[18]

Following the destruction of the angelic witch-hunters, Harvey carries an unconscious Sabrina back to the Academy of Unseen Arts. Hilda has not yet finished patching up Ambrose. She panics and tells them to leave the arrows inside Sabrina until she has finished tending to Ambrose.


Harvey tells Nick about the miracles Sabrina performed

Nick asks Harvey what happened. Harvey tells Nick that Sabrina was floating in the air and that her eyes were white. He adds that she did several crazy things and then collapsed as if the light had gone out of her. Nick doesn't understand what Harvey saw until Melvin explains that Sabrina slaughtered two angels while Elspeth mentions that Sabrina also brought them back from the dead. Elspeth likens Sabrina to a God. Despite her efforts, Hilda is unable to stop Ambrose's wounds from bleeding due to the angels' blades. Sabrina tells them she can help and rises from the bed, fully healed. She walks to Ambrose and lays her hands on him. She tells him that he is strong and that his wounds are stitching themselves shut. Sabrina heals Ambrose and tells him that he will be just fine. Hilda and the others are shocked by Sabrina's miracles.


Sabrina thanks Harvey for helping

Nick advises Harvey to leave and Sabrina backs up Nick by telling Harvey that it is too dangerous for him to remain in the Academy. Harvey wants to stay, but Sabrina offers to walk him out. Harvey likens Sabrina's new powers to the character Phoenix from the X-Men comics. Harvey explains that Jean Grey was a powerful mutant who was saved by the cosmic Phoenix Force when she was on the verge of death. He explains that when she was floating she did not look like herself and asks what was that. Sabrina assures Harvey she is fine now and promises to see him at school tomorrow. She thanks Harvey for catching her and kisses him. Sabrina is being watched by Nick, who is jealous of Harvey.


Sabrina recounts her encounter with the witch-hunters

In Baxter High's library, Sabrina speaks with Roz and Theo, who have been informed about what has happened with the angelic hunters by Harvey. Sabrina thanks Roz for saving her life, as it was Roz who warned her of Jerathmiel. Considering that she saved her cousin life by touching his wounds, Roz asks if Sabrina can heal her, explaining that her dad had talked about sending her to a school for the blind. Roz is scared that if she goes there, she will never come back. Sabrina reassures Roz she doesn't need spells.


Harvey and Roz kiss

Sabrina, Harvey, and Theo take Rosalind into the bathroom. Sabrina turns the sink on and touches the water. She tells Roz to wash her eyes out with the tap water. Harvey and Theo lead Roz to the sink. Roz washes her eyes and suddenly she can see again. Roz is amazed and relieved that she has regained her sight. She thanks Sabrina and hugs her friends. They are joined by Aunt Hilda, and Roz tells Hilda that Sabrina lifted the curse on her. Hilda then tells Sabrina that she has to return because they have been summoned back by the Council at the Academy as Zelda and Blackwood are back from their honeymoon. Roz then kisses Harvey after Sabrina has left.


Harvey goes into the mines

At the Kinkle house, Harvey is asked by his dad if he's okay. Harvey says he is okay but his head needed a break. Mr Kinkle tells him he is welcome to come work with him down in the mines if he's looking too clear his head. Harvey says that he will take up his dad's offer. Harvey has been working on a drawing of Sabrina from the night the angels attacked. in the Greendale mines, Harvey hears a female voice calling to him. The voice tells him to enter a chamber marked 13 that has been sealed off. Harvey tries to peer inside, but his father, Mr. Kinkle pulls him back and warns him to stay with the others. Harvey follows his dad, leaving the cavern behind.


Harvey and Theo investigate the mines

Harvey shows Theo several boxes that his father gave him as well as a map of the mines from 1910. He explains that it charts all the tunnels except Tunnel 13. He is curious as to why it is sealed. Harvey also shows Theo a log from his great grandfather, who served as the mine's foreman at the time. Harvey reads from the log and recounts his ancestor’s encounter with a mysterious woman dressed in white. Harvey tells Theo that he heard a woman’s voice calling from Tunnel 13. Theo says that it sounds like an adventure and reassures him that he is not hungry. It seems as if she's a guardian of something.


Theo and Harvey in the mines

Harvey and Theo break through the barrier in Tunnel 13 and explore the cave. As they enter, Theo finds bones and likens it to the movie Descent. Theo has doubts about the secrecy of their trip. Just then, Harvey is attacked by the woman in white. A struggle ensues but Theo kills the woman by stabbing her in the back with a pickax. Harvey recalls that the journal says that the woman was guarding something. Harvey recalls that the journal said she was guarding something.


Sabrina, Roz, Harvey, Nick, and Theo in the mines

Harvey and Theo rush over to Sabrina's to find her standing on the roof, prepared to expose the existence of witches to mortals. Harvey tells her that if she ever loved him to stop what she is doing and to come down right now. He implores her to come down. Theo reveals that he and Harvey found something in the mines that Sabrina really needs to see. Inside the mines, Harvey and Theo show Sabrina, Nick, and Rosalind a mural of Sabrina around several candles. Harvey asks Sabrina what the mural means. Nick explains it's a prophecy. Sabrina realizes that she is the Herald of Hell and thinks that it means that she is evil.[19]


Harvey, Roz, and Theo discuss Sabrina being the Dark Lord's herald

At Cerberus Books, Harvey, Roz, Nick, Sabrina and Theo come to terms with the fact that Sabrina is the Dark Lord's herald. Roz thinks they should not worry, but Sabrina thinks that it is no coincidence that the mural depicting her is centuries if not thousands of years old. Nick says that it is definitely apocalyptic in nature while Harvey says that he should go and seal back Tunnel 13. Theo adds hide the white witch that he killed. Nick vows that he and Sabrina will get answers. Sabrina gets Harvey’s permission to show the drawing to someone that might help them.

Roz questions why Harvey said those specific words to Sabrina when she was on the roof. Harvey explains that Sabrina was going to jump off the roof and that he had to stop her. Harvey reaffirms his love for Roz and they kiss.


Harvey meets Mandrake Sabrina

Mandrake Sabrina visits Harvey and asks about him expressing his love for her when he came to her house. Harvey responds that is not what he said. The mandrake responds that Harvey gave her a brooch when he told her that he loved her and asks if that is a lie. Harvey says no and the mandrake says she knows it wasn’t. She hugs him and expresses her love for him. Harvey explains that their relationship is over, but the mandrake reiterates that she loves him. Harvey is confused and says they are still friends and that he is now in love with Roz. The mandrake replies that she knows how to make him love her and only her. She summons her powers and her eyes turn white.


Mandrake Harvey

Harvey awakens in clearing with Theo and Roz, as well as Mandrake versions of themselves, which Theo killed. Roz tells them that it is not Sabrina but something like a twin. Just then, the Mandrake approaches and lets out a high-pitched scream. The three flee as Mandrake Sabrina stumbles upon her dead "friends" and wails.

Theo finds that Sabrina is not receiving their calls. Harvey quips that he is not going to eat another vegetable. Roz tells Harvey that she loves him and the two kiss.[20]


Roz, Harvey and Theo offer to help out

Roz, Harvey, and Theo arrive. Sabrina reassures her friends that she is the real Sabrina and not the doppelgänger. Harvey demands to know what is going on. Sabrina explains that the Dark Lord is in Greendale and that he wants to jumpstart the Apocalypse by opening the Gates of Hell. Harvey deduces that the Gates of Hell are in the mines and offers to help. Nick advises him to sit this out but Harvey convinces Sabrina to let him and her other friends help. Despite Nick advising against, Sabrina tells her friends to locate the gate and find a way to keep the Dark Lord's forces from opening the doorway. Harvey suggests dynamite and Sabrina approves of the plan.


Rosalind and Theo prepare to go to Tunnel 13

Roz frantically paces as she asks Harvey how they will stop the Gates of Hell from opening. Harvey tells her that his dad has a lot of dynamite for controlled explosions. Assuming they can find them, Theo adds. Roz reassures her friends that she has the Cunning and that she has been practicing. Harvey tells his friends to grab everything they need. The three set out with guns.

Roz, Harvey, and Theo enter Tunnel 13. Roz touches Sabrina's mural and seizes a vision of the Gates. She says she can lead them to the Gates.


Theo, Roz, and Harvey at the Gates of Hell

Roz leads her friends to the Gates of Hell. Theo doesn't think that dynamite will work. Harvey asks Roz to do her cunning vision. Roz approaches the Gate and touches it with her hand. Roz is overwhelmed until Harvey shakes her out. Roz says she saw runes and symbols on the gate and thinks that these will keep them locked, likening it to a protection spell. Harvey realizes that they can draw paintings to keep the Hordes of Hell of bay. He asks Roz if she can help. Roz tells him she can help and transfers her powers to him. Harvey rapidly draws several symbols while Theo pastes them against the gate.


Harvey watches as the Gates to Hell open

Roz, Harvey, and Theo realize that the Gates of Hell are opening. Harvey proposes running, but Theo thinks they don't have enough sigils. Theo tries to block the gap of the gates but is almost grabbed by the demonic horde. Harvey and Roz free him. Theo asks if the sigils will work and if Roz's cunning is right. Lilith finds Harvey, Roz, and Theo have succeeded in using the sigils to hold back the demonic hordes. Lilith is pleased with the mortals for keeping the Gates of Hell from opening.


Nick, Harvey, Roz, and Theo is disguise

Upon Lilith, Harvey, Roz, and Theo's arrival, Sabrina's hope for the future is restored. She will require everybody's help. She and her friends will proceed with a "glamour to end all glamours." At the Throne room, the Dark Lord and Lilith sit. The Dark Lord crowns Sabrina, naming her Sabrina Morningstar. The guests praise them. Then the pair dance the Mephisto's Waltz. During the dance, Sabrina flatters the Dark Lord to distract him from the guests' chants. Upon the Dark Lord's realization, they remove their masks, revealing themselves as the Spellmans and Sabrina's mortal friends. The Dark Lord is angered by her defiance yet again, but Sabrina replies she is a Spellman first. Ambrose throws the Acheron Configuration, trapping the Dark Lord inside. As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration.

Lilith restrains the Dark Lord before he can harm Sabrina. They will need a stronger prison, and the answer to that is the human body. Nick volunteers in Sabrina's stead, reasoning he is the best binder and conjurer since Edward Spellman, so he will be able to contain him. He confesses his love for Sabrina a final time, before trapping the Dark Lord in his body.


Roz, Harvey, and Theo in Tunnel 13

As she leads them to the Gates of Hell, Lilith explains that Nick will have to remain in Hell with her, as it is the safest place. She alleviates any fears Sabrina holds for Nick's wellbeing, by vowing to take good care of Nick. As promised, Sabrina hands over her crown to Lilith, making her the new Queen of Hell. As the newly self-crown Queen of Hell, she bestows upon Sabrina two gifts. The first is restoring her witch powers and tells her not to give them up. When Theo asks about the second gift, she responds they will soon find out. Finally, Harvey hands the demon-possessed Nick to Lilith, who then carries him through the Gates of Hell. Sabrina rubs her head against the Gates of Hell and weeps for Nick.


The Fright Club

At Cerberus Books, Roz, Sabrina, Harvey and Theo reconvene. Sabrina tells them that all her life she believed that she was half-witch, half-mortal but that she has realized that she is something else. Sabrina doesn't know what's next but will figure it out including finding out about her mother's side of the family. Sabrina thanks her friends for saving the world and says they can work together against the forces of Satan. Theo thinks they are like a club now. Harvey proposes the name the Fright Club. The real Ms. Wardwell enters the shop and tells them that she woke up from the most vivid and incredible dream. All she recalls seeing the Night of the Living Dead. Sabrina realizes that this is her second present from Lilith. Sabrina tells her mortal friends of her mission. Salem meows, prompting Sabrina to call her group five. She tells them that her mission is to go to Hell and get her boyfriend back.[21]

Part 3


Harvey and Sabrina talk on the way to school

Harvey accompanies Sabrina to the gates to Hell. He worries that his dad might catch them. On their way to school, Harvey asks Sabrina what they will do with Nick after rescuing him from Hell. Sabrina explains they’ll find a new prison to put her father in. Harvey points out how good-hearted Sabrina is to rescue Nick despite him previously betraying her. She explains how witches are indebted to the Dark Lord and how difficult it is to tell him no. As they meet the road, Jolly Frost’s Ice Cream truck passes by, gaining their attention given the time of year.

At Baxter High, Harvey, Roz, and Theo express concern over Sabrina’s well-being and her obsession to free Nick. Harvey suggests that she join their band, and Roz recommends she sign up for cheerleading as "it can't be all Hell, all the time.", but Sabrina turns them both down. Ms. Wardwell enters the class. Billy and Carl question her return. Wardwell explains that she’s merely returning as a teacher, no longer the school's principal. She shares with the class how she’s found herself drawn to Dante’s Inferno, detailing the poet’s epic journey to Hell.


The Fright Club rehearsing in the garage

Harvey, Theo, and Roz practice in his garage. Sabrina arrives and tells them that it’s time for "Operation Handbasket." Meaning, they’re going to Hell to save Nick. While humans aren’t allowed in Hell, Sabrina explains that there are ways around that. The Fright Club, as they've named themselves, bathe in ghastly water to keep the demons from smelling them. They also have to wear dead people’s shoes for only the dead may walk the paths of Hell. Salem wishes to join them, but Sabrina fears that he would bring every hound of Hell down upon them, from Barghest to Old Shuck.

Dorian takes Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo to the hellscape. He reminds them just how dangerous the Inferno can be and advises them to make their way to the City of Pandemonium as quickly as possible. Also, the incantation he gave them to transport them back to Earth will only work if they’re holding his flower. With that, Sabrina tells her friends that she loves them before passing through the portal.


Harvey, Theo, Roz and Brina on the Shores of Sorrow

Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo arrive on the Shores of Sorrow. They take notice of the souls of the damned, who are trapped in cages on the shore and drown over and over for eternity as the tide comes in. They cross paths with a man named Caliban, who informs them that all blood flows to Pandemonium. Follow the blood-red road where it flows and there, they will find Lilith. Lastly, he warns them to never wander from the road.

Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo arrive at the Field of Witness. Where souls have been strung up on crosses and tortured; eyes picked out by the crows. Theo discovers that his uncle Jesse is one of the tortured souls. She strays off the road to free him. Jesse reveals that Lilith sent him to Hell. Theo pleads with Sabrina to help him. Sabrina places a protection spell on Jesse and vows to free him.


Harvey and Theo in the Forest of Torment

They arrive at the Forest of Torment. Before passing on to the City of Pandemonium, they have to find Dorian’s flower of evil. Sabrina and Roz go one way and Harvey and Theo head in the opposite direction in search of the flower. Harvey and Theo hear screams and repeated chopping of wood. They cross paths with the Woodsman, resembling a tin man with his heart-piercing out his chest. He attacks Harvey as Theo rushes off to find Sabrina and Roz, who have safely recovered the flower of evil. Meanwhile, Harvey fends off the Woodsman with a pickax. Harvey is no match. Luckily, Sabrina arrives and performs a spell to rust the Woodsman. He’s frozen in place, and Harvey realizes that the Woodsman is his brother, Tommy. He asks Harvey why he killed him and tells him that he’s been waiting for Harvey to join him. Sabrina then shoots the Woodsman, explaining that it wasn’t actually Tommy.

On the blood-red road, Harvey struggles with whom he believes was his brother that Sabrina killed, though Roz assures him that it wasn’t. Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo are suddenly faced with a brick red door labeled Baxter High. Inside, they come face-to-face with Principal Hawthorne, who is much more demonic in appearance as opposed to the last time they saw him. He demands that they take a seat, and when they do, they are locked down to their desks. Hawthorne introduces his special guest; Roz’ Nana Ruth. She claims Roz was the death of her. She blames Roz for using her cunning gift to help witches. Hawthrone decides to start with Roz for their "anatomy lesson."


Harvey in Hell School

Roz screams for help and begs for mercy as Principal Hawthorne prepares to use her for their anatomy lesson. Harvey, Sabrina, and Theo watch helplessly. However, before they can start, Lilith’s demon minion interrupts and informs them that Lilith no longer wants for the children to be tortured, but instead for Sabrina and her friends to be brought to her.

Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo arrive at Pandemonium. Sabrina finds Nick chained to the feet of Lilith’s throne. Lilith informs Sabrina that certain protocols must be followed. As for Nick, who seems to be incognizant, Lilith explains that he and the Dark Lord are struggling for power on the inside.

Lilith invites Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo to take a seat at the dinner table. Roz advises her friends from eating the food as she can see what it truly is through her cunning; rotten and maggot-infested. Sabrina questions why Lilith still looks like Wardwell, to which Lilith replies that she’s grown comfortable in Wardwell’s skin. She offers to show them her real face, her green one, but Sabrina declines. She only wants to free Nick and Jesse. Lilith agrees to allow Sabrina to take Nick under one condition. The Infernal Kings refuse to recognize Lilith’s authority because she’s not a Morningstar. But it would calm the dark waters if Sabrina publicly crowned her the Queen of Hell to legitimize her seat. Sabrina reluctantly agrees.


Harvey, Theo and Roz in the Throne Room

Sabrina returns to her body and claims the throne for herself. Harvey, Roz, and Theo watch on as this occurs. Sabrina then takes her seat at the throne. The Plague Kings denounce Sabrina as queen as she lives on Earth and is a child. Nevertheless, Sabrina insists that she will rule with Lilith as her regent. Caliban disputes Sabrina’s claim to the throne, reasoning that monarchs rule by divine rights, and Sabrina is half-mortal. As Caliban prepares to challenge Sabrina for the throne, Lilith reminds him that there are rules to be followed, such as him needing a certain number of signatures. Sabrina’s eyes turn white as she warns Caliban to back off. As queen, Sabrina dismisses the Infernal court. Harvey, Roz, and Theo support Sabrina's claim to the throne. She then informs Lilith that she’s ready to take Nick home, as well as Jesse Putnam, who Lilith releases and sends off to Heaven. Lilith warns Sabrina that while she may have bought herself some time, the Kings and Caliban will return to challenges her.

With the evil flower in hand, Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo return to Earth with Nick. After giving Dorian his flower, they take Nick to the Academy and lock him in the dungeons with chains forged from Damascus steel and a circle of salt.


Harvey and Roz cheers for Sabrina

Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo reconvene at Cerberus Books, where they discuss Sabrina’s claim to the throne. Sabrina insists that she’s not moving to Hell, but her friends aren’t so sure. Sabrina admits that she’ll have to play the part for a while, but her heart is with them. Moreover, she agrees to sign up for cheerleading with Roz. A strong gust of wind suddenly blows the front doors open, though Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo don’t pay it much attention.[22]


Harvey, Theo and Roz help Sabrina

Sabrina enters Harvey’s garage to find him, Roz, and Theo rehearsing. She interrupts to call a Fright Club meeting, during which time she informs them of her duties to drag souls to Hell. She reveals that Jimmy Platt, the ice cream truck guy is up next. They don’t tell her what he did, and so Sabrina is forced to figure it out on her own. However, she called the meeting because dragging Jimmy to Hell, assuming he deserves it, could be the key to saving Nick. When Sabrina finally drags Jimmy’s soul to Hell, it’ll leave behind his freshly dead body, which if they move fast enough, they can use as a new prison for the Dark Lord. Sabrina’s relying on her friends to follow her in the Spellman mortuary hearse to collect Jimmy Platt’s body after Sabrina takes his soul.

Harvey, Sabrina, Roz, and Theo tail Jimmy Platt’s ice cream truck in the Spellman mortuary hearse. Harvey is having second thoughts, but Sabrina assures him they must go through with it. When they see Sabrina walk away and Jimmy’s body slump dead, that’ll be their cue to steal the corpse.


Harvey and Roz find out Jimmy's deal

Sabrina approaches Jimmy but eventually returns to the hearse to inform Harvey, Roz, and Theo that Jimmy tried to offer her a child sacrifice in exchange for an extension on his contract. And Sabrina can’t just take him to Hell because he’s keeping a little girl trapped somewhere. Sabrina vows to personally burn Jimmy Platt’s soul herself, but first she must see her father.

Harvey and Theo meet back up with Sabrina and Roz after returning from the police station where they found a missing person’s report for a young girl named Lucy Anderson that went missing three days ago from a playground. If Roz had something of Lucy’s, she could use her cunning to possibly find her. Lizzie and the Ravenettes interrupt to invite Sabrina and Roz along to get their nails and hair done at the mall. It’s a cheer tradition. Sabrina and Roz turn them down, claiming that Sabrina is taking Roz to the doctors for an eye check up.


Harvey wants to beat Jimmy Platt

At the pep rally, Harvey contemplates taking matters into his own hands and dealing with Jimmy himself. Roz advises him against it as there’s a plan in the works. Harvey and Theo are backup while Roz is the distraction. Roz then joins Lizzie and the Ravenettes for their pep rally performance.


Harvey sees the carnival coming

Harvey and Roz sit in the back of his truck in the woods. He compliments her performance at the pep rally, and they start kissing. He breaks at the sound of music. Upon investigation, he discovers that a carnival has arrived in Greendale.[23]


Harvey and Roz chill on the couch

At the Kinkle house, Harvey and Roz watch a black and white horror film. As his father heads off for bed, he pulls Harvey to the side and asks if he had protection, realizing that Harvey genuinely likes Roz. Harvey says that he does and returns to Roz, with whom he discusses the arrival of the carnival. They then start to kiss.


Harvey confides with Theo

Harvey reveals to Theo that he, Roz, Sabrina, and Nick will be at opening night for the carnival. Theo is considering asking Robin to go with him, but he’s hesitant, as he’s never asked anyone out before. Harvey suggests that Theo asks Robin to come to the carnival with all of them, as if it were a group outing. After a while, they’d slip away, allowing Theo and Robin to be alone. Harvey then confides in Theo that he thinks Roz is ready to have sex, which he isn’t sure he’s ready for. Roz then arrives and asks what she missed.


Harvey feels left out by Roz and her friends

Harvey catches up with Roz in the hallway as she jokes with Billy, Carl, Lizzie, and the Ravens and Ravenettes. Billy reveals that he has a phobia of clowns, much to the group’s amusement. Lizzie offers Roz a ride in Billy’s car to the carnival, but she turns them down, explaining that she’s going with friends. Harvey questions why Roz said she was going with friends when they’re supposed to be more than that. Roz explains she said friends because it’s technically true.


Harvey and Roz at the carnival

Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin attend opening night of the carnival as planned. As they stand at the front gate, Roz’ cunning allows her to see Professor Carcosa's true form; he’s a satyr. Harvey asks if she’s okay, and Roz neglects to inform them of her discovery. Sabrina arrives with Nick, who she introduces to Robin. A brief exchange then takes place between Nick and Harvey, before being interrupted by Professor Carcosa, who welcomes them inside.

Professor Carcosa challenges Harvey to the strongman game. Harvey accepts, relating it to a pickax in the mines. Harvey brings the hammer down, but fails to ring the bell as Billy, Carl, and Lizzie watch on. Billy steps up and rings the bell with little ease. Harvey walks away embarrassed, which Professor Carcosa takes notice to.


Harvey spies on the Snake Charmer show

Harvey takes a peek inside the adults only snake charmer performance by Nagaina. Harvey appears almost mesmerized by her performance until he sees his dad, Mr. Kinkle, amongst the crowd. Nagaina winks at him. Roz then calls Harvey's name and asks why he left. Harvey claims that he’s fine and leads Roz away from the snake performance.[24]


Harvey makes out with Roz

Harvey and Roz make out at his house, forced to sneak around in fear of what Roz’ father might do should he find out. However, Roz informs Harvey that her dad is going to Las Vegas for a church convention for an entire week, which will give them a chance to spend the night together. Roz believes they’re ready to take the next step in their relationship. Unbeknownst to them, Nagaina appears to be watching from afar.


Harvey has breakfast with his dad

Nagaina joins Harvey and Mr. Kinkle at the breakfast table as they discuss his band and the loud levels of noise they make during practice. Harvey recognizes her as the exotic dancer from the carnival. She explains that’s where she met Harvey’s dad and later proceeded to spend the night, much to Harvey’s dismay. Mr. Kinkle kisses Nagaina and leaves for work. Harvey notices that she’s wearing his mother’s robe. She offers to take it off in front of Harvey, but he gets up and leaves. As he does, Nagaina questions if Harvey’s dad knows what he’s been up to and threatens to tell him.


Harvey discuss the Snake Charmer with the group

Harvey, Theo, Sabrina, Roz, and Robin sit in the library. Harvey informs his friends of his father’s hookup with Nagaina. Theo suggest they investigate the carnival. He, Roz, and Harvey agree to join him, but Sabrina has plans with her family, and Robin chooses not to join. Hilda arrives to take Sabrina to the Academy.


Harvey and Theo sneak into the carnival

Harvey, Roz, and Theo sneak into the carnival, which almost appears deserted. Roz plans to sneak into the snake charmer’s tent to touch something that belongs to her so that her cunning may reveal who Nagaina is and what she wants. Harvey and Theo play lookout. Inside her tent, Roz uncovers dead snakeskin all around. She is then confronted by Nagaina herself, who refers to Roz as the "sex-obsessed seer." Outside the tent, Harvey and Theo are confronted by Pan, who informs them that the carnival is closed for the day. Roz then screams and runs from out the tent.

Harvey and Theo take Roz, who is shivering uncontrollably, to his garage. Harvey then leaves to get Sabrina while Theo stays with Roz.


Harvey asks Hilda's help for Roz

Harvey arrives at the Spellman's in search of Sabrina, but finds aunt Hilda instead and tells her that Roz is sick. Something witchy happened to her and now she’s freezing and won’t stop shaking. With the coven losing their powers, there’s little Hilda can do to help. However, in the meantime, Hilda gives Harvey a spelled blanket to keep Roz warm.


Harvey discovers Roz turned into stone

As Roz’ conditions worsens, Harvey grows impatient. He grabs his gun and plots his return to the carnival to find out what happens to Roz, against Theo’s advice. Harvey returns to the carnival armed with a rifle. He goes into Nagaina’s tent, however, he doesn’t find her. Instead, he finds statues and flees. Harvey returns and Theo informs him that Roz has turned to stone.[25]


Harvey and Theo tell Sabrina about Roz

Sabrina arrives at the Kinkle house to find that Roz has been turned to stone. She informs Harvey and Theo how the same thing happened to Dorcas and that Ambrose is working on a way to reverse it. Harvey regrets leaving Roz’ side at the carnival. Sabrina informs them that the carnies are pagans. She describes them as being like witches, but from a different time. Some have powers, others don’t. But they’re all dangerous, so Sabrina pleads with Harvey and Theo to sit tight.


Harvey doesn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to Roz

Theo contemplates taking some kind of action as they wait for Sabrina, though Harvey is unresponsive. Robin arrives and sees Roz in statue form. Theo asks him to wait for him outside as he talks to Harvey, who tells Theo to get rid of Robin as they can’t afford anyone else finding out.


Harvey and the jocks trash the carnival

The Dark Lord manipulates Harvey into taking action against the pagans, referring to him as pathetic and encouraging him to take his frustrations out on the carnival. Harvey, Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric trash the carnival with baseball bats until being confronted by Circe. Harvey refuses to leave until Circe reveals what they did to Roz. She claims that she’ll go freely, but as the Ravens grab her, she transforms each of them into squealing pigs.

Theo and Robin arrive at the carnival to find that Circe has turned Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric into pigs. Harvey has them sitting in the back of his truck. Theo offers to take them to his father’s farm.


Harvey, Theo and Robin recover at the Garage

Robin, Theo, and Harvey return to his garage, where Roz remains petrified and Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric are still pigs. As Theo prepare to tell Robin the truth about the happenings in Greendale, Robin reveals some secrets of his own to Theo and Harvey.[26]


Harvey tells Sabrina that Robin is a Pagan

Sabrina arrives at Harvey’s to find him, Theo, and Robin covered in mud. They reveal that Circe turned Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric into pigs. Robin also reveals that he’s a pagan and that they’re planning a slaughter that he will not be party to. The pagans came to Greendale to resurrect the pagan gods, starting with the oldest ones, the Green Man. Robin reveals that the ultimate resurrection of the Green Man can’t happen without a virgin sacrifice. Which is why Robin got close to Theo and Nagaina got close to Harvey. Roz is the only one not a virgin, which is why they turned her to stone, as well as because she could use her cunning to stop them. Robin reveals that when the Green Man’s head scrapes the sky and the ripe fruit falls from his arms, he’ll be resurrected. Caliban interrupts to propose a deal. He knows of a Pygmalion spell that would turn Roz back to flesh. And if Sabrina comes with him to find the spell, he’ll outline his proposal to her. Sabrina agrees and leaves with Caliban. Mr. Kinkle then calls Harvey into the house for dinner.


Harvey learns that Sabrina and Nick broke up

Sabrina and Caliban return to Harvey’s to find him scrambling to put back together the pieces of Roz. She’s been shattered, broken into a million pieces. Caliban tells Harvey that Roz needs to be put back together and arranged into her correct shape, as he knows of a special epoxy that can hold her together. Sabrina asks about Harvey and Roz and why they haven’t had sex. Harvey tells Sabrina that they were planning to, but the carnival came and things got bad again. Sabrina then reveals to Harvey that she never had sex with Nick and that they broke up. She comments that maybe he wasn't the right one.

Harvey, Sabrina, and Caliban have gathered every piece of Roz. Before they can glue her back together, they must take her to the place that Harvey and Roz first kissed, where the spell will be most effective. Harvey reveals that was at school. The night of the dance. Theo and Robin arrive and offer to help carry Roz.


Harvey attempts the Pygmalion spell to save Roz

Harvey, Sabrina, Caliban, Theo, and Robin take Roz to Baxter High, where they glue her back together. Harvey must now say the spell, but first, he has to make his offering to Aphrodite or Eros. Caliban explains that Harvey has to offer up his love for Rosalind in order for her to be restored to flesh. Aphrodite is the goddess of love. She’ll grant Harvey’s wish but demands his heart's desire. He has to forsake his truest love and kiss her to complete the spell and restore her to flesh. However, if Harvey ever betrays his vows and kiss Roz again, she’ll turn to stone forever. Harvey recites the vow to Aphrodite and kisses Roz, but she doesn’t turn back. Caliban explains that Harvey’s offering was rejected because Harvey doesn’t truly love her. Aphrodite will only accept his heart’s truest desire and that must not be Roz. Harvey gets angry and punches Caliban. Robin informs the group that Circe has powerful magicks of transformation, and she could turn Roz back into flesh. He neglected to tell them this because it’s too dangerous. Circe could turn them into any creature she’d ever seen before. And without magick, they’re no match against her. However, Sabrina knows where they can borrow magick.


Harvey threatens Circe

Sabrina enters the carnival. She uses the powers of Pesta, Sycorax, and Gryla to take out the approaching pagans. Salem then distracts Circe long enough for Sabrina to grab her and teleport her back to the Academy of Unseen Arts, where she is bound in chains and held at gunpoint by Harvey, Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, and Robin. Sabrina demands that she return Roz and Dorcas back to flesh. If she refuses, they’ll just cut off her hands. Circe submits and turns Roz and Dorcas back to flesh. Prudence embraces Dorcas. The same goes for Harvey with Roz. Robin then tells Circe to turn Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric back into humans.


Harvey promises Rosalind that she will never loose him

At the Academy, Prudence informs them that the Circe is in the dungeon and the boys are back home, none the wiser. Harvey welcomes Robin into the Fright Club and tells Roz that she’ll never lose him.[27]

As Harvey and Roz make out on his bed, Roz has visions of Sabrina and Harvey together. She asks if he still has feelings for Sabrina, and he says that he doesn’t, though she keeps seeing glimpses of them together. Harvey assures Roz that he’s all in with her. He doesn't care that the spell Caliban gave him didn’t work. Roz then asks what spell Harvey is referring to.

Sabrina portals to Harvey at Baxter High. He asks if Roz talked to her, causing Sabrina to wonder if something happened between the two of them. Harvey’s no longer sure where they stand. As Sabrina goes to kiss him, Harvey professes his love for Roz, and Sabrina backs out. She tells Harvey that he and Roz are great together and they shouldn’t let anyone ruin that.

Ms. Wardwell enters the classroom and orders the students to settle down. Mrs. Meeks then announces over the intercom that Baxter High has been invited to the Final Night Festivities at the town carnival. Free admission and rides. Roz, Harvey, and Theo are then called into the Principal’s office. There, they are confronted by Pan and Nagaina. Harvey, Roz, and Theo hide in the library. Pan and Nagaina transform into their true forms and tell Harvey, Roz, and Theo about the return of the Green Man. However, one last thing is needed for him to rise; the innocent blood of a young virgin. Just as Nagaina is about to find Harvey, Robin arrives at super speed and whisks him, Roz, and Theo to safety.

Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin reconvene in an empty classroom, where Theo explains that Robin saved them, and he is a hobgoblin. They have to leave Greendale and convince as many people as they can to leave with them. The Green Man is coming back and all who are flesh will die. Harvey, Roz, and Theo refuse to leave. They need Sabrina if they stand a chance to defeat the pagans, but she’s in Hell. Roz believes that they can use the magick marker she uses to message Nick to make contact with Sabrina.

Nick teleports into Harvey’s garage to find Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin awaiting Sabrina. He explains that the magick marker is attached to him and that only he receives its messages. They tell Nick that the great flowering is upon them. The pagans have been trying to resurrect the Green Man for centuries, and the time has finally come. "All flesh fails when he flowers", Robin says. He explains that first the locals are "seeded." They're implanted with a spore, something they eat that can grow inside them. Theo believes that’ll be through the caramel apples they're going to give away. And then, when the Green Man is ready, when he's ripe with the blood of a local virgin, that is when he will bloom. And then comes the pollination. It'll be the end of everyone in Greendale. Pan, Nagaina, Circe, and the pagans barge into the garage and capture them. Nagaina reminds Harvey of what she told him when they first met, that once she has a virgin’s scent, they can’t hide from her.

Nick, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin are taken to the carnival by the pagans, who kill Nick and Robin, and entrap Harvey inside the Green Man as his virgin sacrifice. Pan, Nagaina, and Circe remove the hoods from Roz and Theo so they can watch. Theo and Roz scream helplessly with their hands bound and mouths gagged. Harvey pleads out for help, but his prayers go unanswered. Harvey is killed as the vines of the Green Man stab into his chest. And with that, the pollination begins. Roz and Theo scream for Sabrina to come and save them, unaware that she is encased in stone.[28]

Sabrina teleports to Harvey’s, where she reunites with Nick, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin. She warns them that the pagans are coming and that they must leave immediately. She admits that Nick was right and that she’ll never abandon her friends again. She then teleports them to Dorian’s, where Ambrose, Prudence, Mambo Marie, Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, Melvin, and the coven have gathered. Zelda awakens with the knowledge of her to repower the coven and defeat the pagans. Zelda then asks about Hilda, who hasn’t resurrected from the Cain Pit. Zelda saw the future, and Hilda lives to be an old crone. Zelda will use what she learned in the next life to drag her back into this life.

Zelda returns to the Cain Pit, where she buried Hilda, and with the help of Sabrina, Roz, Pesta, Dezmelda, Gryla, Mambo Marie, Sycorax, Mother Hubbard, and several other witches, call on the triple goddess Hecate. Harvey, Ambrose, Melvin, Salem, Robin, Theo, and Nick watch from the sideline. The wind suddenly stops blowing and Hilda’s hand rises from the dirt.

After digging Hilda up, Sabrina, Zelda, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, Robin, Nick, Melvin, Roz, and Harvey discuss the pagans and just how they intend to stop them from implanting everyone in town with the Green Man’s seed. Hilda suggests using an enchanted lullaby to put everyone to sleep. However, Robin explains that in that case, the pagans will get seeded and offer themselves up. Also, they still need their virgin. Along with Harvey, there’s still Ms. Wardwell, who Zelda recalls shot her. Sabrina will track down Ms. Wardwell while Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence perform an enchanted lullaby to put the entire town to sleep.

After stopping the Pagans from resurrecting the Green Man, Harvey and Roz both charge Nagaina’s tent. Roz wants to be the one to kill her. However, Harvey worries she’ll be turned into stone again. Roz insists that she can go in with her eyes closed and use her cunning to see, but Harvey takes matters into his own hands. Armed with a pickaxe, he enters Nagaina’s tent. However, without the use of his eyes, he can’t fight back. As Nagaina approaches Harvey, Roz sneaks up from behind and decapitates her with Prudence's sword. Harvey and Roz then bag up Nagaina’s head before sharing a kiss. Afterward, Harvey returns home, and he and Roz express their love for each other and start kissing.[29]

Physical Appearance

Harvey is a young, slim, and tall teenage boy. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. His clothing is usually quite casual and is usually seen using various checkered or striped shirts.


Harvey is sweet, friendly, and sensitive. He is also very shy and extremely insecure, due to his encounter with the Dark Lord when he was 8 years old. He is very distrustful when it comes to the supernatural, but his distrust didn’t extend to Rosalind‘s cunning and Sabrina‘s witchcraft. Although he had a hard time accepting her true nature because of his trauma, and the death of his brother Tommy who was the only person beside Sabrina who ever showed him any affection.


Rosalind Walker


First kiss of Harvey and Rosalind

When Harvey dating with Sabrina, he and Rosalind were just friends. After parting with Sabrina and her departure to Academy of Unseen Arts, he and Rosalind began to get closer and experience each other's mutual sympathy.

After the Lupercalia, they started dating. Rosalind supports his dream of becoming an artist and leaving Greendale. Harvey, in turn, was willing to give up his desires in order to be near his girlfriend when she went blind.

Sabrina Spellman


As friends

Sabrina is Harvey's ex-girlfriend. He was the first mortal to learn that Sabrina was a witch, but she made him forget it with a memory-erasing spell. They had a sweet romantic relationship, but it began to slowly collapse because of Sabrina's secrets, which became more and more after her 16th birthday.

Their relationship was severed when Sabrina performed an unsuccessful resurrection ritual for his brother and eventually he had to re-kill Tommy. After that, he re-learned that she was a witch.

They were still romantically attracted to each other after the breakup, but decided to give it up and move on with other partners. For some time after Sabrina's absence and Rosalind's blindness, Harvey blamed Sabrina, but they eventually reconciled and became friends again. Unbeknownst to Harvey, Sabrina performed a cord-cutting spell to sever all romantic ties between the two of them.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • Harvey met Nicholas before Sabrina met him, but forgot it because of a spell.[30]
  • His mother passed away when Harvey was 5 and Tommy was 11.[31]
  • In the Archie Comics, Harvey Kinkle is the average boy-next-door who falls in love with Sabrina in every adaptation. Recurring is also his unawareness of witchcraft, although in almost all adaptations he discovers and accepts Sabrina's secret and usually with the Witch Council or the aunts opposing their relationship.
    • In the 1971 comic series, he is introduced as being very similar to Archie Andrews.
    • In the 2014 comic series set in the 60s, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa reinvented Harvey as the most popular boy at school that Sabrina likened to Paul Newman, "but cuter". In Issue #7, some data are revealed through his driving license. His full name is Harvey Dwight Kinkle, born September 28, 1949, and residing in 1879 Elm Street, Greendale, New York. He is 5'10 tall and weighs 162.
  • In the 90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Harvey is a naïve and clumsy boy but still popular among girls at school, unlike the 1996 made-for-TV movie that launched the sitcom, where he's bullied at school.
  • Unlike his other incarnations, this version of Harvey is explicitly shown to have an artistic talent.


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