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The Greendale Thirteen, also known as the Thirteen, were witches during the early witch-hunting days of Greendale, and of the earliest incarnations of the Church of Night who were hanged in the town of Greendale.


They were guided passage onto the land by Dorothea Putnam. She took them by boat from Scotland to Greendale, crossing the Atlantic so they could escape prosecution. However, they were still hunted in Greendale and eventually were hanged on the hanging tree. The rest of their coven left them to die to hopes of appeasing the bloodlust of the mortals. This enraged the witches, they felt betrayed by their kind. This led to the Thirteen coming back to seek vengeance on the Church of Night and onto the town of Greendale. After being summoned by Lilith, the Thirteen attacked warlocks Ambrose Spellman and Luke Chalfant, but let them go if they pass their message to the Church. The next day at midnight, the Thirteen tried to open each door in the town and summoned the Red Angel of Death to kill every firstborn of every family. However, they were stopped by Hellfire summoned by Sabrina Spellman.


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