I thought your friend back there was Jason Blossom. Just a hot minute. You never know on the road to Greendale.
Farmer McGinty to Jughead Jones[src]

Greendale is a neighboring town to Riverdale, located on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River. It is where Jason and Cheryl Blossom crossed over to from Riverdale, when Jason faked his death in order for him to run away. Penny Peabody is also known to traffic drugs throughout Greendale, though she knows better than to be caught there after midnight. Sabrina Spellman resides in this town along with her friends and family members.


The location where Greendale is situated is the same place where Lucifer landed after his fall from Heaven. This event made the location a nexus, a place that links the mortal world and Hell; A cursed place.

Over time, many witches settled in the land that later became the town of Greendale to escape their persecution in Salem and Europe. They lived on the outskirts in the hills and in the Greendale Woods.

After the event of the witch trials of Salem in 1692, the witches in Greendale were terrified of an imminent witch hunt. Shortly after, mortals began arresting suspected witches. The Greendale Thirteen were among the witches who were arrested, tortured and later hanged. The rest of their coven left them to die in the hopes of appeasing the blood-lust of the mortals. Since then, the remaining witches of the Church of Night and their ancestors have been living in the town, hiding in plain sight.







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  • Greendale has a long history of witches to rival that of Salem.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina



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