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This is the place where the mountain was leveled, and the angel fell. No place on earth lies so close to Hell as Greendale.
— Lady of the Lake to The Fright Club[src]

Greendale is a neighboring town to Riverdale, located on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River. It is where Jason and Cheryl Blossom crossed over to from Riverdale, when Jason faked his death in order for him to run away. Penny Peabody is also known to traffic drugs throughout Greendale, though she knows better than to be caught there after midnight. Sabrina Spellman resides in this town along with her friends and family members. Greendale is a town with a darkness more terrifying than Riverdale’s. It’s very close to Hell and it’s the home of witches, demons and other creatures.


The location where Greendale is situated is the same place where Lucifer landed after his fall from Heaven. This event made the location a nexus, a place that links the mortal world and Hell; A cursed place.

Over time, many witches who came from the old country settled in the land that later became the town of Greendale to escape their persecution in Salem and Europe. They lived on the outskirts in the hills and in the Greendale Woods.[1]

After the event of the witch trials of Salem in 1692, the witches in Greendale were terrified of an imminent witch hunt. Shortly after, mortals began arresting suspected witches. The Greendale Thirteen were among the witches who were arrested, tortured and later hanged. The rest of their coven left them to die in the hopes of appeasing the blood-lust of the mortals. Since then, the remaining witches of the Church of Night and their ancestors have been living in the town, hiding in plain sight.

Centuries later, the ghosts of the thirteen witches were summoned by Lilith, so they could enact their revenge on the mortals who killed them and the witches who betrayed them. The thirteen summoned the crimson avenger to kill all first born children, but they were defeated by Sabrina, who summoned hellfire to destroy them.[2]

During Christmas time, a demon known as Bartel kidnapped several children and put them in wax. Theo was nearly one of his victims but fortunately the Spellman witches and Gryla came to his rescue.[3]

After Sabrina accidentally fulfilled an ancient prophecy, the Dark Lord arrived in his original form to make her his queen and trigger the apocalypse. He was defeated when Nicholas sacrificed himself as a flesh Acheron. With Lucifer trapped inside, Lilith took Nicholas to Hell. As for the remaining witches and warlocks of Greendale, some were poisoned by Faustus Blackwood, with only a handful managing to survive with help from Zelda Spellman, who became their new high priestess.[4]

A month later, a traveling carnival, led by the great god Pan, a gorgon named Nagaina and Circe, a witch, arrived in town. They were pagans who wanted to resurrect the old gods starting with the Green Man. It was during their stint in Greendale that they got into a war with the local satanic witches who lost their powers after cutting ties with the Dark Lord.[5] Originally, the pagans sacrificed Harvey and beat back the Hell prince Caliban, who wanted to expend hell and the make the earth the tenth circle. For decades, the old ones ruled the earth, but Sabrina traveled back in time and defeated them with the help of her family and friends.[6]







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  • Greendale has a long history of witches to rival that of Salem.
  • The supernatural events that unfolded in the town of Greendale are urban legends in neighboring towns like Riverdale.
  • According to an early draft of "Chapter One: October Country", Greendale is located somewhere in the Hudson River Valley.[7]