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I did it for you. I did it for your sister. Hell, I even did it for your dad. It's about time the Joneses got a taste of it, the American dream. [...] Since when is taking care of my family a selfish act? Do you even know where your dad and I come from? No one ever handed us anything. We had to hustle and scam just to make sure there was food on the table and that you and Jellybean had a place to sleep at night. Am I proud of all the crap that we had to do? No. No, and you don't even know the half of it. But we did our best, and we survived, and now we're moving to Elm Street, which is all your father ever wanted.
— Gladys to Jughead[src]

Gladys Jones is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Gina Gershon.

She is the mother of Jughead and Jellybean Jones, as well as the estranged wife of FP Jones. She is also a highly respected member of the Toledo Serpents. After reuniting with Jughead in Toledo, Gladys decided to move back to Riverdale with Jellybean, where she has gained control over the Gargoyle Gang and taken over the drug trade.

Character Description

A "businesswoman" who runs the salvage yard that doubles as a Serpent compound, and the Serpents all snap to attention when she gives them an order. A Serpent with a GED, she acts as Fagin to a crew of teenaged car parts thieves.[1]

Early Life

Gladys grew up in Riverdale alongside FP Jones, though unlike him, she never graduated from high school.[2] The two later got married and had two children, whom they nicknamed Jughead and Jellybean. Before their family fell apart, she and FP would take the kids to the Twilight Drive-In. However, they couldn't always afford tickets for everyone, so Jughead and Jellybean would hide in the trunk until they parked.

After FP was fired from Andrews Construction, their marriage fell apart as he became a raging alcoholic. Fed up with his ways, she moved to Toledo with Jellybean and Jughead's grandparents shortly thereafter.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

According to Jughead, Mrs. Jones moved out to Toledo with Jellybean, where she got a job at a call center to pay for her online GED classes.[3]

When his father was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom, Jughead attempted to leave Riverdale on a bus bound for Toledo. When he called his Mom to tell her, she told him it was not a good time, leaving Jughead in tears.[4]

Season 3

Gladys reunites with Jughead

Gladys is pleasantly surprised by the unexpected arrival of her son Jughead. With him, his best friend Archie. She gives Jughead a hug, remarking that he feels like a bag of tire irons, then sarcastically asking if he’s been eating and if he’s now a vegetarian. She then looks over to Archie, almost immediately recognizing him, giving him a hug as well. Under the impression that Archie and Jughead are romantically involved, she comments that she always knew there was something going on between the two of them. Jughead and Archie quickly corrects her, adding that they’re simply on the road together. Gladys then asks what brought them by. She’s asks Jughead why he didn’t call to tell her he was coming, but the last time he called, she told him not to come. Gladys states that was a different time. Now, she has her GED and has has since started a salvage yard of her own, claiming that she is now a legit business woman. However, this alleged legitimate business woman appears to be nothing more than a fictitious claim as Lugnut approaches with stolen tailpipes, asking Gladys where she would like them. She quickly dismisses him, but not before telling him to get the crew together as they celebrate Jughead and Archie’s arrival.

Gladys discovers that Jughead and Archie are being pursued by Hiram

Gladys and Jellybean discover the reason why Jughead and Archie left Riverdale; they’re running from Hiram Lodge. Gladys always knew he was trouble, but she questions what his vendetta is with Archie. They reveal that Archie was the only one who stood up to him. Not to mention that Archie also dated his daughter. Jellybean is pleased to hear that Archie is no longer dating and single. When Jughead tells Jellybean to relax with her excitement, she reminds him that she now goes by JB. Gladys asks if Archie’s spoken with his dad during any of this, which he hasn’t. Archie wishes he could, but it’s too risky. Archie and Jellybean then take off to eat.

Gladys suspects that Hiram's the Gargoyle King

Once Gladys and Jughead are alone, Gladys inquires further about Gryphons and Gargoyles and just how far invested Jughead and Archie are. Jughead explains that it’s more than just a game. It’s got large implications for all of Riverdale. He’s just trying to figure out who is behind it all. From the sounds of it, Hiram is behind it all, Gladys believes. She then asks about the scar on Jughead’s arm, though it’s not from Hiram. Jughead reveals it’s from Penny Peabody, who Gladys is very familiar with. She recalls Penny always having a beef with her and FP. Gladys never wanted any of this for Jughead. She never wanted him to become a Serpent, let alone a Serpent King. Jughead tells her not to act all high and mighty. She claims to have left Riverdale to get away from criminal life, yet she’s chopping cars and lifting their parts. Gladys admits this is true. But she’s doing so in order to feed all the kids around the junkyard who have no place to go. She couldn’t just leave them high and dry. However, as Jughead recalls, that’s precisely what she did to him.

Gladys interrogates Penny

After Jellybean thwarts Penny's plan to claim the bounty on Archie, they tie her to a chair and begin interrogating her. Gladys isn’t at all surprised that Penny is working with Hiram since she always had unfixed allegiances. She is however surprised that Penny isn't ratting Hiram out yet, leading Gladys to suspect that Hiram must have something on her. While Penny isn’t a snitch, she will say this; Hiram won’t stop until he gets Archie. And there’s nothing anyone can do. Gladys then addresses the fact that Penny carved off Jughead’s Southside Serpents tattoo. Penny states that was business between her and Jughead. Gladys retorts that she’s Jughead’s mother, also making it her business. Gladys grabs a large hunting knife and tells everyone to go inside. Before doing so, Jughead tells Gladys to ask Penny about Gryphons and Gargoyles and how Hiram fits into it all.

Gladys informs Archie and Jughead of what she gathered from Penny

Shortly after dealing with Penny, Gladys is approached by Jughead and Archie as she cleans her hands of Penny’s blood. Jughead asks what she gathered from Penny, but Gladys needs a moment to think. Jughead continues to push nonetheless, asking if Penny talked about the game. They know she was tracking Archie for Hiram, but what they don’t know is if it was a quest from her master. It is speculated if Hiram is more than just the Man in Black, leading to the possibility that he is the Gargoyle King. Jughead is so caught up in the game that he can’t see three feet ahead of himself, Gladys says. The big prize isn’t Archie’s head. It’s Riverdale. Hiram chased Jughead out of town just to get him out the way, so that Jughead would be far away when he made his play. It’s not about ascending to the Kingdom, it’s about claiming it. And if Hiram is the Gargoyle King, then he’s responsible for introducing G&G to Riverdale. Archie looks to Gladys for their next move, but not even she has the answer to that. However, at least for the time being, Archie is safe there.

Gladys advises Jughead to let Archie go

Gladys awakens Jughead from his sleep to speak with him alone. As it turns out, Penny had a lot to say. The bounty on Archie is also on anyone who is with him or helping him, meaning there’s now a target on Jughead. It’s the same for Archie if returns to Riverdale. He’d be putting his dad and all friends in danger, which is why Gladys wants Jughead to cut Archie loose, for his own safety. Jughead refuses, though little do they know, Archie is listening from the doorway. Surprisingly, he is in agreement with Gladys. Archie doesn’t want Jughead or anyone else getting hurt because of him. Jughead has already done more for him than anyone else. Still, he refuses to abandon Archie. However, given that they were almost captured at the farm and how close Penny came to claiming the bounty, Archie can’t put anyone else at risk, so wherever he goes next, he goes alone. Jughead reluctantly accepts this. Gladys offers to get Archie to the border as she knows a guy who can help. Jughead she says can stay as long as he wants. However, he plans on returning to Riverdale as he has to stop Hiram.

Gladys says goodbye to FP and Jughead

Gladys packs lunch for Archie and Jughead as they both prepare to leave, but to different destinations; Archie to the border and Jughead to Riverdale. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Fred Andrews. He gives Archie a hug. Just outside stands FP, waiting to take Jughead home. He is greeted by Gladys and Jellybean. FP is shocked at how big Jellybean has gotten since he’s last seen her. He asks for a hug. In response, she sarcastically asks for a dad and walks off, a response that FP admits was warranted. Gladys insists that Jellybean misses him, but that she would rather fight it than admit it. Like mother, like daughter, FP replies. When Jughead comes out, FP hands him his Serpent jacket and the two share a hug. FP heard Penny was around causing trouble, but Gladys assures him that Penny was dealt with. She then hugs Jughead goodbye. FP sends Jughead to warm up the bikes, allowing him and Gladys to speak alone. He thanks Gladys for the call. She then hugs FP and kisses him on the cheek.[5]

Gladys is the Fizzle Rocks buyer

Gladys turns out to be the mysterious buyer of Hermione Lodge's Fizzle Rocks. She meets with Veronica and Reggie for the exchange. They throw the bag of money at her feet. Inside is only some of her money, all of which is covered in blue dye. Gladys correctly identifies Veronica as Hermione’s daughter. Gladys then introduces herself to them as Jughead's mother. Both Veronica and Reggie are shocked, though they take this opportunity to ask for more time to recover the rest of the money. Gladys admires the fact that the two of them came out there knowing they were short. It shows responsibility. Not to mention that they sort of remind Gladys of herself and FP back in the day. Gladys makes them a deal. Since she’ll be sticking around Riverdale for a while, she’ll take their dyed money, but she’s going to have to charge a fee because she’s going to have to get it laundered. And then they’ll figure out a payment plan for the rest of the money they owe. But in exchange, Gladys wants Reggie’s car. Lastly, she asks that they don’t tell Jughead about their business dealings. If they do, then she’s going to have to tell Hiram about Hermione going behind his back for a cut.

Jones family reunited

Gladys and Jellybean surprises Jughead an FP at the trailer. Gladys gives Jughead, who wonders what they’re doing in town, a hug. Gladys informs the boys that she and Jellybean aren’t just there to visit. They intend to stay awhile.

Gladys and Jellybean hangout at the trailer, and as it seems, they are there for much more nefarious reasons than they’ve lead on. Jellybean remarks that she has FP wrapped around her finger. Gladys adds that Jellybean is FP’s weakness. Which means, they have the whole town. FP is the Sheriff. The mayor owes them a ton of money, and she even has Veronica working for her.[6]

Gladys prepares breakfast for Jughead in the early hours of the morning. FP enters the living room after a long night on the couch. Gladys offers him the bed, but he declines. Jellybean then heads into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, which FP initially questions, but decides to let go. As he heads out, he tells Jughead to call him should trouble arise.

Gladys wants Veronica to be her spy

Gladys gets her arranged weekly payment as part of their previously agreed upon payment plan for the drugs Veronica burned. Veronica tells Gladys that Hiram suspects she and FP are behind his recent troubles, and that Gladys came back to Riverdale to steal his drug trade. Gladys couldn’t care less about Hiram being fired up. She even suspects that Veronica’s only telling her this because she’s worried that Hiram will find out that Hermione tried to sell his business out from under him. Gladys orders Veronica to be her spy, and in return, she’ll slightly ease Veronica’s debt. Veronica refuses to do so, which Gladys doesn’t take kindly to. She’s now in a race with Hiram to rebuild the candy trade. Gladys explains to Veronica that they both want the same thing, for her to rebuild the candy trade and to keep Hiram out, meaning it would be in Veronica's best interest to help her.

Gladys is informed by Veronica that Hiram is going after the Ghoulies because they’re the cooks and the runner, so if Gladys wants to win this war, she needs soldiers to fight it. Gladys is pleased with this information, granting Veronica another day.

Gladys tells Jughead get his house in order

Sweet Pea and Fangs are attacked by the Pretty Poisons. They retreat to the trailer park, where Gladys and Jughead tend to their wounds. She advises Jughead to get his people in order or else more will defect and more gangs will start to emerge. Eventually, the Serpents' cut will become minuscule. They need numbers and Gladys knows for a fact that the Ghoulies are up for grab. They’ve been leaderless ever since she took care of Penny. Gladys tells Jughead to recruit them, though he is reluctant given their past. But if Jughead wishes to see the Serpents continue on, then he’ll have to do as told and tame the Ghoulies.

Gladys threatens to expose Hermione

Gladys is confronted by Veronica, who comes bargaining into the trailer to remind her of their agreement. Veronica makes payments and deliver information, and in exchange, Gladys stays away from them. While this is true, Gladys informs Veronica that it was Hiram who called her, not the other way around. Still, Veronica threatens to tell Jughead about Gladys’ plans to take over the drug trade if she moves forward with this. Gladys is amused. She doesn’t care if Veronica tells Jughead as there’s nothing he can do about it. Hiram, on the other hand, will bring pain to Hermione should he find out that she went behind his back. Gladys proceeds to tell Veronica that if her meeting with Hiram doesn’t go her way, she reveal everything to him regarding Hermione’s betrayal.

Gladys and Hiram have a meeting

Veronica purposefully interrupts her father’s meeting with Gladys. Veronica and Gladys exchange pleasantries to keep up the rouse that they’re strangers. Veronica requests to sit in on their discussion. While initially hesitant, Hiram agrees. Gladys takes a seat and asks what the purpose of the meeting. Intimidation, she suspects. Rumor has it that Hiram’s starting from scratch. Hiram and Gladys proceed to go back and forth until Gladys proposes that she focus on the drug trade while Hiram focus on his prison. Hiram finds it interesting that Veronica made the same pitch. Unbeknownst to Hiram, just as Gladys is about the reveal the truth about Hermione’s betrayal, Veronica interrupts. She agrees with Gladys’ proposal and will help just like he’s always wanted. After thinking it over, Hiram agrees to the proposal, but he’ll need a steady stream of prisoners. He assumes that FP, Gladys’ husband and town Sheriff can see to that. As for Hermione, Hiram says that she’s a non-factor.

Gladys advises Jughead to keep looking for help

Jughead returns home to find Gladys, FP, and Jellybean eating dinner. He reveals that the Ghoulies no longer exist. They’ve joined the Gargoyle Gang. They’re the same guys just in a different mask Gladys states. She still thinks Jughead should’ve recruited them, but Jughead doesn't. He wants to find another way to save the Serpents as Gargoyles aren’t the answer. Jughead explains to them just how deeply lost the Gargoyles are into Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Gladys takes over the Gargoyles

As Jughead and Jellybean watch a horror film, several Gargoyles barge into the trailer. Jughead pulls out his knife and Jellybean her slingshot. Surprisingly, the Gargoyles did not come alone. It seems they are now under Gladys’ command. She did what Jughead couldn’t. She tamed the Gargoyles. She then tells them to take off their masks. Kurtz is one of the Gargoyles at Gladys’ disposal. Jughead explains that this can only end badly, which may be true, but they’re desperate by Gladys’ standards.[7]

Gladys and her friends drinking at La Bonne Nuit

At La Bonne Nuit, Gladys and her companions cause commotion. Reggie asks if Veronica would like for him to bounce someone out, but with their current standing with Gladys, that would be impossible. Gladys and her Serpent pals then proceed to make a mess of things after knocking over a table.

Gladys reveals to Veronica and Reggie that when she was their age, she used to perform at the Whyte Wyrm. Veronica concludes that Gladys is looking to make a comeback, and should she agree to allow Gladys to perform on stage, she has to shave 5% off of the debt Veronica owes, to which Gladys agrees.

Gladys performs on stage

Veronica welcomes Gladys to the stage, making her debut at La Bonne Nuit. As Gladys performs, she is taunted by Hiram’s business associate. Reggie wants to kick him out, but Veronica won’t permit it given her agreement with her father. Hiram suggests that his associate give Gladys some tips, to which she responds by pulling out a knife and telling them that she has a sharp tip of her own to give to them. As things are getting a bit too heated, Veronica finally allows Reggie to bounce Larry, who is in disbelief that he’s being kicked out. As Reggie escorts him out, Hiram warns Veronica that there will be trouble if she just cost him a million dollar deal.

Veronica comes down the stairs of La Bonne Nuit to find Gladys serving herself at the bar. She claims that Reggie waters down her drinks.

Gladys is rejected

Gladys arrives at Pop’s with intentions on heading downstairs to La Bonne Nuit though her entry is blocked by Toni, Peaches ‘N Cream, and the Pretty Poisons. Under new house rules, Gladys is no longer permitted into La Bonne Nuit without an engraved invitation. Gladys doubts they can stop her, but Veronica joins the girls and tells Gladys to step off. She hired the girls to block her admittance until Gladys learns to play by Veronica’s rules.[8]

At Sunnyside Trailer Park, in the Jones’ trailer, Jughead types on his laptop asGladys, FP, and Jellybean enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. Gladys tells Jellybean and FP to eat up because afterward they’re taking a ride to a surprise location. Gladys then proceeds to groom FP as Jughead watches contentedly.

The Jones family arrive at their new house

The aforementioned surprise is that Gladys bought a house. Unbeknownst to her, she purchased the Cooper house, which she doesn’t realize until her, Jellybean, FP, and Jughead watch as Alice and Betty exit the house with boxes. They head inside, where FP inquires about the scorch marks, which Alice claims to be the result of a minor mishap with a candle. Betty questions how her mother could sell the house to the Jones, but it was solely Gladys who made the purchase. She made an all-cash offer online. Both Jughead and FP are hesitant with moving in given that it is the Cooper house. FP wants to walk away from this, but Alice doesn’t think it’s necessary. The house is her past and she wants to be done with it.

Gladys reveals to Jughead that she came back for a do-over

Gladys is questioned by Jughead in regards to her recent purchase of the Cooper house. He comments that it seems very convenient and permanent. Gladys had been looking at real estate in Riverdale for a while. As for where she got the money, she sold the shop in Toledo. While this is fine, since she’s been back, Jughead points out the shady moves she’s made, like foisting the Gargoyles on him. Gladys can tell that Jughead’s growing suspicions of her and wonders why. He tells her that it’s because they haven’t had a single conversation since her return. He doesn’t know what her plan even is. Gladys explains that it did her good to see Jughead and FP again in Toledo. It reminded her of what she’s been missing, that being the family. And now that she’s back, she’s going to get Jellybean back in school and find herself a job. Maybe at a garage. Gladys insists that her intentions are pure. She’s looking at their situation as a do-over to become a family again. With FP's 50th birthday approaching, Gladys is throwing him a party at the speakeasy and wants Jughead to give a speech. He agrees.

Gladys brings Reggie back to La Bonne Nuit after catching him trying to steal his car back before Gladys and Veronica settled their account. Veronica hopes to make it up. She offers to cover the expenses for FP’s birthday at the speakeasy. Gladys agrees and tells Veronica to keep Reggie under control.

Gladys tells Jughead that everything she's done was for the family

Gladys is confronted by Jughead at the trailer. He’d been hearing rumors that she didn’t return to town to get the family back together, but to take over Hiram’s drug trade. Gladys admits this is true. She claims to be doing it for all of them, so that they can live the America Dream for once. Jughead calls it criminal and selfish. While it may be illegal, Gladys insists that it’s far from selfish. Where she and FP comes from, no one ever handed them anything. They had to hustle and scam just to make sure there was food on the table and that Jughead and Jellybean had a roof over their heads. While Gladys isn’t proud of all she’s done, which Jughead doesn’t even know the half of, she and FP did their best to ensure that the family survived. And now, they’re moving to a nice house on Elm Street, which is all FP has ever wanted. However, he would not be okay knowing how Gladys paid for the house, which is why she tells Jughead not to say a word to him about it. It would break him again. Maybe for the last time, which is the last thing Jughead wants.

Gladys hosts FP's party

Gladys hosts FP's party at La Bonne Nuit as planned. She gets on stage to thank everyone for coming out as Betty, Jughead, FP and Jellybean sit at a table together, with Archie, Veronica, Fred, and Tom just behind them. Once, FP was a great king. But by Gladys’ account, the greatest role that he’s ever held is that of a father. She then invites Jughead to say a few words. After his speech, Gladys celebrates with FP and Jellybean at the table.[9]

Gladys tends to FP's wounds

Gladys, Jughead, Betty, and Jellybean are eating pizza by the fireplace when FP returns home from an incident at work. He’s bleeding from being scratched and asks Jellybean to get him a clean shirt. FP reveals that some tweaked-out Fizzle-head was playing Gryphons and Gargoyles in the middle of the road. The candy store is definitely back open and FP intends to find whoever is cooking the Fizzle Rocks. As Gladys cleans FP’s wounds, Jughead and Betty get ready to leave. He claims that they need to make a quick stop before heading to the play. A little pre-show tradition.

Jellybean, FP, and Gladys at the musical

Later, Gladys, FP, and Jellybean attend the school musical, Heathers. The musical ends with Betty, Jughead, Archie, Sweet Pea, Toni, Reggie, Josie, Veronica, Cheryl, Kevin, Evelyn, and Fangs on stage singing "Seventeen". As the musical concludes, Edgar Evernever rises from the audience, clapping slowly and very dramatic-like. He is joined by over a dozen members of the Farm, who are all wearing white and join in on the slow clap.[10]

Gladys warns Jughead

During breakfast at the Jones house, FP reveals how one of his deputies found their old trailer burned down with drug material inside. After Jellybean pulls FP away with the promise of Saturday morning cartoons, Jughead and Gladys confront one another. She asks if he really thought that blowing up the trailer would change anything. However, Jughead has no plans on stopping until his mother is gone from Riverdale. Although, she has no intentions on leaving. She then grabs Jughead by the back of his head and warns him not to cross her again and then kisses him on the cheek.

Gladys teases Jughead

Gladys comes down after hearing all the shouting as FP scolds Jughead for interfering in a police investigation. FP reveals to her how Jughead screwed up his lead as he thought he could cure Riverdale’s drug problem by roughing up a few dealers. Jughead claims he had it under control. Gladys agrees with FP, suggesting that maybe the deputy program isn’t a great idea for the Serpents. FP warns Jughead. If he finds out about any other Serpents trying to take the law into their own hands, he’s going to throw them in jail. As FP heads upstairs, Gladys remarks that Jughead will have to sit the next few rounds out.

Jughead vs Gladys

Gladys is approached by Jughead following a raid lead by him and the Serpents at the apartment building. He had no idea that she had armed the Gargoyles. He unintentionally led the Serpents into a buzzsaw. Fortunately, none of them were killed. Gladys tells him that he wouldn’t be dodging stray bullets if he kept his nose out of her business. Backed into a corner, Jughead proposes the nuclear option, that of telling his dad the truth about everything. Gladys tells Jughead to keep his mouth shut as FP and Jellybean are t a part of this. It’s just between the two of them. Jughead agrees, telling his mother that while she may have caught them by surprise tonight, it won’t happen again.[11]

Gladys, Jughead, and FP agree to play G&G

After Gladys learns that Jellybean was taken by Kurtz and the Gargoyle King, Gladys, FP, and Jughead tie Kurtz to a chair and beat him mercilessly in hopes of gaining the truth behind Jellybean’s whereabouts. Kurtz simply replies that she’s being very well taken care of by an associate of his and that they should accept the invite to play. FP, Gladys, and Jughead regroup in the kitchen. Jughead explains that he's played the game enough to know that players like Kurtz are completely devoted to the Gargoyle King and its rules. Their only chance is to play and win, to hopefully get Jellybean back. And so, the Joneses agree to play the game. They start with their avatars. FP is Deadeye, like in high school, Jughead remains the Hellcaster, and Gladys is the Alchemist. FP rolls first.

Gladys reveals that she's the new drug lord

The Joneses have reached their first challenge. It’s called "Cards on the Table". Inside two OF three pouches are white marbles. Inside one pouch is a black marble. If they choose the black one, they must reveal their secret. FP remarks that they’ve been playing "Secret and Sins" since high school. Gladys is up first. Her pouch contains the black marble, meaning she must reveal her secret. Kurtz insists that Gladys tells the truth. She initially claims to have no secrets, but after Jughead reminds her that Jellybean’s life is on the line and threatens to reveal the secret himself, Gladys comes forward. She reveals for the first time to FP that she’s the new Fizzle Rocks dealer in Riverdale and that Kurtz used to work for her. FP is frustrated, even more so that Jughead knew and didn’t share this with him. However, Gladys told Jughead not to say anything because she wanted to protect them and keep them out of it. FP explodes with rage as she brought this chaos into their lives. While finishing the game and bringing Jellybean home is top priority, FP assures Gladys that there will be a reckoning.

Gladys, Jughead, and FP have reached their next quest. Kurtz orders them to rob Pop’s. He tells them to consider it as Jellybean’s ransom. The money they obtain will get him out of town. However, FP isn’t so willing to oblige, stating that this ends with Kurtz buried six feet under. Although, should that happened, Kurtz has arranged Jellybean’s demise.

The Jones rob Pop's at gunpoint

Gladys, Jughead, and FP sit in a truck just outside Pop’s, as they plan the robbery. Gladys intends to be in and out within 30 seconds and she’ll do all the talking. She remarks that it reminds her of the old days, which FP has no desire to relive. Gladys, Jughead, and FP barge into Pop’s disguised with their identity shielded behind Serpent masks, with guns pointed. They empty the register and head for the door. As they do, Pop Tate comes from behind the counter with a shotgun and opens fire, hitting FP. As he prepares to shoot again, Jughead rips off his mask and tells Pop Tate to stop shooting as it’s not what he thinks. Jughead attempts to tend to his father, who lays on the floor bleeding, but is pulled away by his mother, as it is now up to the two of them to continue the game.

Jughead and Gladys plan to relocate

Gladys and Jughead return home, where Jughead knocks Kurtz unconscious with a single punch. Considering that the cops are probably on their way, Jughead and Gladys will have to relocate Kurtz and the game.

Gladys and Jughead have relocated with Kurtz to the bunker. He can’t believe they just robbed Pop’s at gunpoint. How can they stay in Riverdale after that, he wonders. We don’t, Gladys replies. She thinks they should drive up north and keep going until they find a town where nobody knows them. Jughead realizes that his mother simply doesn’t get that she’s the problem. Riverdale is their home. They're happy there, but Gladys destroyed that.

Jughead dumps a bucket of water on Kurtz to wake him up and asks for the next challenge, which is a Trial with the Cyclops. While this character class is unfamiliar to Jughead, Gladys suspects that she knows what Kurtz is referring to.

Penny vs Gladys

Gladys and Jughead are taken by Kurtz to meet up with the Cyclops for a battle. As it turns out, Penny Peabody is the aforementioned Cyclops. She has an eye-patch covering her left eye. Jughead thought she was dead, but instead of killing Penny, Gladys simply cut out her eye. Penny and Gladys must fight. Their weapons, as chosen by the Gargoyle King, sais. The two begin to battle as Jughead and Kurtz watch from the couch. During the battle, Penny breaks Gladys’ arm. Jughead rises to help, but Kurtz sits him back down and informs him that the fight is between Gladys and Penny. Should Jughead try to intervene, Jellybean will pay the price. Even with an injured arm, Gladys manages to best Penny, though Jughead stops his mother from killing her. While Gladys leaves Penny alive, she does however stab her in the leg.

Gladys plans to leave Riverdale

At Riverdale General the following morning, Jughead tells Gladys that FP will be out of jail in a couple days thanks to Attorney McCoy, who cleared everything with the judge. She said that FP was under duress when he committed the robbery. Jughead wonders how his mother plans to answer for all she’s done, to which Gladys explains her plan to leave town with Jellybean, though Jughead argues that Jellybean should stay in Riverdale as she deserves better than to live on the road. He also wants his mother to stay as well, and face the consequences behind her actions. Gladys wishes she could, but it would probably be best for everyone if she’s disappears for a while, at least until FP cools down. And then maybe they can try again.

Gladys says goodbye to her family

Gladys says goodbye as she prepares to leave Riverdale, doing just as Jughead said and leaving Jellybean with them. When Jellybean asks to join her, Gladys tells her that she’s better of in Riverdale, just before hugging Jellybean. She then says goodbye to FP, telling him to not only take care of the kids, but to take care of himself as well. Lastly, Gladys says a tearful goodbye to Jughead, giving him a hug and then walking out the door.[12]

Physical Appearance

Gladys is a middle-aged woman with long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. She often wears leather jackets and plaid, typically associated with Southsiders.


While Gladys may be manipulative and devious, she does in fact love her family. She returned to Riverdale under the rouse that she desired to reunite their family when in actuality she sought to take over the drug business, which resulted in a short-lived feud between her and Jughead.


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  • Gladys makes her first appearance in the show's universe in Riverdale issue #9 of the comic book series, which preceded her first onscreen appearance by more than a year.



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