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This article is about Ginger Lopez, former River Vixen. You may be looking for Jorge Lopez, the drag queen friend of Katy Keene.

Hey, Veronica. How was the Sticky Maple you had last night?
— Ginger to Veronica[src]

Ginger Lopez is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Caitlin Mitchell-Markovitch

Ginger was a student at Riverdale High School and a former River Vixen.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Social Handmaiden

Ginger sits alongside Cheryl and Tina as cheerleading try-outs commences. She is relatively unimpressed with Veronica and Betty's routine. She is even less impressed with their faux-lesbian kiss. [1]

Ginger and Tina scared during class

Ginger and Tina interrogate Cheryl briefly before class. The two are curious as to why Cheryl's story doesn't match up to that released by the local authorities. Cheryl claimed her brother drowned, yet his cause of death is determined to have been a gun shot. They insist that they aren't insinuating Cheryl had anything to do with Jason's death, however, it is suspicious nonetheless. She and Tina watch from across the room in horror as Cheryl aggressively dissects the frog in front of her. That following night, Tina, along with the rest of the River Vixens, perform their cheerleading routine as Josie and the Pussycats sing their song, Sugar, Sugar, on stage just before the football game. [2]

Ginger and Tina stand outside Mr. Weatherbee's office as Cheryl is taken in for questioning, pertaining to her involvement in the death of Jason. As the next school day begins, the two of them taunt Veronica for the supposed "Stick Maple" she received from Chuck Clayton on their date. [3]

Tina and Ginger at Pop's shoppe

Ginger and Tina accompany Cheryl for a night out at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. At the time Cheryl gave Veronica a spot on the team, she was unaware that her mother worked at the diner, otherwise, she wouldn't have allowed Veronica on the squad. It sends a false message of acceptance. However, Ginger informs Cheryl that the River Vixens have started to like Veronica since her incredible take down of Chuck and his posse. Moments later, as they prepare to leave the diner, the three ladies watch as Veronica's mother engages in a heated exchange with FP Jones, the leader of the Southside Serpents, behind a dumpster. [4]

In the student lounge, Ginger overhears Betty, Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Kevin talking about Polly's escape from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home. She wastes little time alerting Cheryl of this discovery. [5]

Prior to Jason's death, Ginger, Tina and Cheryl witness Jason and Polly's break up at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.[6]

Kicked Off the Squad

Ginger and Tina not voting for Cheryl

After a review of the new choreography for the approaching Homecoming dance, a fall-out between Cheryl and Veronica occurs, in which Veronica challenges Cheryl to a dance-off, where the winner would lead the River Vixens during the Homecoming event. Following their routines, it is left in the hands of the Vixens to decide who won. Unfortunately for Cheryl, Veronica ultimately wins, gaining the support of every single Vixens, including Cheryl's best friends. Afterward, Cheryl confronts Tina and Ginger about not voting for her, which as a result causes her to end their friendship. The following night, Ginger crashes Jughead's 16th Birthday Party.[7]

Physical Appearance

Ginger is a young lady with tan skin, long-straight hair, and brown eyes. Her choice in clothing is often fashionable and stylish, which is no surprise considering she was one of Cheryl Blossom's best friends, and she'd never tolerate anything less that fabulous as it would send a false message about acceptance. This somewhat reflects her comic book counterpart, who is Cheryl's best friend and extremely passionate about fashion.


Ginger would best be described as the typical high school mean girl. She's pretty, very superficial, and loves to gossip. She surrounds herself with others like her, such as Cheryl and Tina. However, she is not nearly as mean and aggressive as Cheryl.


Tina Patel and Cheryl Blossom

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Cheryl, Tina, and Ginger.png

The friendship between Cheryl, Tina, and Ginger was quite good in the beginning. The trio were "besties" and cheerleading teammates on the River Vixens. Together, they held all the power, especially with Cheryl as their team captain. However, they had a falling out when Veronica challenged the current leadership, which resulted in Tina and Ginger voting for a new River Vixens captain. Dethroned and betrayed, Cheryl immediately "unfriended" the two and hasn't looked back at her former friends since.


Season 1


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