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Ghosts are the spirits of deceased human individuals who have not moved on into the afterlife, and are thus trapped on Earth, in wandering and differing states of existence. 

Ghosts are usually physically confined to the place of their deaths, as shown with the ghosts of deceased children, who haunt the Academy of Unseen Arts, as well as La Llorona, who haunted Rivervale.

Both deceased mortals and witches have shown the ability to be able to manifest as ghosts. 


The origin of ghosts is still unknown, but however, it is known that ghosts have existed for many centuries.

Powers and Abilities

  • Intangibility: Ghosts cannot physically feel nor can they be physically felt, being noncorporeal beings, also giving them to ability to pass through solid matter. 
  • Invisibility: Ghosts can choose to be visible or not to certain individuals, usually depending on who they trust or wish to seen by. 
  • Teleportation: Ghosts can reappear and disappear themselves at will, across locations. 
  • Witchcraft: Ghosts of deceased witches and warlocks can still work their magic in death, as shown with the ghosts of the children of the Academy of Unseen Arts, who were able to work a strangulation spell upon the Weird Sisters
  • Possession: Ghosts can possess bodies of the living and may take control whenever they want to, as when Abigail possessed Cheryl and Britta.


  • Witchcraft: Ghost are susceptible to the powers of witchcraft. The deceased witches of the Academy of Unseen Arts were offered to become unbound from the grounds and be released by Zelda; however, in death, that was their home and did not wished to be unbound. Alternatively, ghosts are not susceptible to earthly fire and as such Hellfire can be used to consume the disembodied souls, turning their "bodies" into ash.

Known Ghosts


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