I didn't call the police because I don't trust them, I don't trust half the people in this damn town. Just you.
— Hermione to Fred[src]

The relationship between Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge goes way back while the two were still in high school, the briefest of flings, as Hermione described. When she returned to Riverdale over a decade later, following the arrest of her husband, she and Fred rekindled their romance. However the relationship was ended by Fred the second time after learning that Hermione and Hiram were the anonymous buyers of the SoDale project. Though Hermione appears to care for Fred, and his well-being, she is more interested in securing herself, as well as her relationship with Hiram.


Fred and Hermione both grew up in Riverdale and attended high school together. They dated briefly before Hermione left him for the rich kid, Hiram Lodge.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Upon her husband being arrested for embezzlement, Hermione and her daughter Veronica relocated from New York to Hermione's hometown of Riverdale. Seeking employment, Hermione sought out Fred Andrews at his company Andrews Construction, she had noticed on his website that he was in need of a seasonal hire. They briefly discussed their complicated past, before Fred explained that, if it was up to him, he would hire her, however, could not have the wife of Hiram Lodge, currently incarcerated and on trial for fraud and embezzlement, balancing his books.[1]

Fred briefly ran into Hermione at the Taste of Riverdale event, where she was working a food table for Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.[2]

Fred and Hermione at the Twilight Drive-In.

In an effort to meet with the Southside Serpents to pay them for a job they had done for her husband, decreasing the value of the Twilight Drive-In so that Hiram could purchase it at a cheaper price, Hermione asked Fred to accompany her to closing night at the drive-in, as if would be less conspicuous than her going alone. Hermione and Fred attended in his truck and recalled their senior year there watching Candyman together, where they shared a kiss and the briefest of flings. Shortly afterwards, Hermione excused herself and secretly met with FP Jones, the Serpents leader.[3]

The next morning, as he picked up his order from Pop's, Fred asked Hermione out on a date. Regrettably, she turned him down as they were both married. Fred was under the impression that their outing at the drive-in the night before was date, when in fact it wasn't.

After a rattlesnake in a box was left at the diner late one night, Hermione called Fred for assistance in disposing of it. Once he had done so, Fred remarked that he would always be there for her, but he wondered why she hadn't called the police or animal control, to which Hermione explained that the snake was a message to her from the Southside Serpents and she couldn't call anyone else because she didn't trust the police, or half the people in Riverdale for that matter, only Fred. Hiram owed the Serpents money and while grateful for Fred's help, she couldn't tell him anything else as she did not want to get him any more involved than he already was. The next morning, Fred and Hermione both attended Jason Blossom's Memorial and ran into one another after paying their respects. After the incident that took place at the diner the night before, Fred decided to give Hermione the job as his bookkeeper. Ecstatic, Hermione hugged him.[4]

Fred and Hermione before they kissed.

During Hermione's first day on the job as bookkeeper for Andrews Construction, she made an unsettling discovery, Fred only had enough money in the bank to pay his guys for two more weeks. Fred would be putting his business at risk if he didn't fire some people, but he explained that he was waiting to hear about the bid for the new development of the drive-in, in which the construction for could put him back in the black. However, he didn't know who the buyer was, but since Mayor McCoy was handling all the arrangements for the buyer, Fred figured he'd present her with his bid. Fred asked for Hermione to be his co-host, to which she agreed and also offered to have the diner at her place, since it was nicer. She then playfully touched Fred's chest, which quickly escalated to kissing. Unbeknownst to either of them, Veronica had seen.

As planned, he and Hermione hosted the diner for Mayor McCoy, who agreed with his proposal, however, while she would have liked to award him the contract, the buyer was already in the process of accepting another bid and it would take the signatures of two share holders to stop the process. Feeling for Fred, Hermione approached Veronica the next day with the notion to award Fred the construction contract, as she was named an officer of the company when her father had been imprisoned. However, Veronica, still angry over her mother's kiss with Fred, refused to sign leading Hermione to forge her signature.

Fred sat alongside Hermione at the 75th annual Variety Show as Archie performed on stage. Afterwards, he learned that Andrews construction had been awarded the contract for the new development, and thanked Hermione for being his good luck charm. Hermione congratulated him, however, Veronica was not too happy to hear the news.[5]

To make things right with her daughter, Hermione negotiated an end to their argument after Veronica went on a shopping spree and a party bender to get back at her. Hermione explained that she had feelings for Fred Andrews, but she could not say what it meanst yet, as she did not know herself. As for Hiram, he made his own decisions, which distanced him from Hermione, and now she had to make own decisions about moving forward with her life. She asked Veronica to accept her affair until she got more information. In return, Veronica demanded that whatever was happening between her and Fred couldn't happen at The Pembrooke, and that she'd have to tell Hiram about forging her signature, to which Hermione agreed.[6]

On the day Andrews Construction was supposed to break ground on the SoDale project, Fred suffered a major setback, as his crew quit on him after an offer from Clifford Blossom that they couldn't refuse. The next day, after confronting Cliff, Fred returned to the office and informed Hermione that the Cliff was in a grudge match with the anonymous buyer of the land and, unfortunately, Andrews Construction was caught in the cross-hairs. Worried, Hermione asked Fred if Cliff had told him who the buyer was, if he knew it was actually Hiram, but Cliff didn't, he was just as in the dark as Fred. Moments later, Hermione and Fred received an unexpected surprise in the form of Archie, JugheadKevin, and Moose, all of whom had volunteered to assist them in keeping the project on schedule until they could hire a new crew. While initially hesitant, Hermione reminded Fred that desperate times called for desperate measures and Fred welcomed the boys aboard. However, that night, two thugs came onto the site, broke some of the equipment and attacked Moose, who had seen them, and threatened to come back if construction wasn't halted.

Fred and Hermione walk the SoDale construction site.

The next day, as Hermione put in calls to Centerville and Greendale for a new construction crew, Fred remarked that in the meantime, she and him would just have to be a two-person crew. However, much to their surprise, FP Jones was already on site, along with several other Serpents, all willing to work. FP assured Fred that with his guys working for Fred there wouldn't be anymore trouble. As Fred went to get the Serpents settled, Hermione was informed by FP that the two thugs that attacked Moose and destroyed the equipment weren't local, they were from Montréal and they both knew who had business up in Montréal, Hiram. He had caught wind of Hermione's affair with Fred, and sent the two men as a warning.[7]

Speaking with Veronica, Hermione revealed that between Hiram finding out about Hermione's secret affair with Fred and the Blossoms still fighting for the land development, Hermione was under a lot of stress and pressure, not to mention that fact that Fred was still unaware that Hiram was the anonymous buyer. Veronica suggested that she tell Fred the truth before someone else did, even if it meant risking the SoDale project.

Following her conversation with Veronica, Hermione decided to tell Fred the truth, that she and Hiram were the anonymous buyers, a revelation that Fred did not take well. Fred exploded as she attempted to explain her reasons for deceiving him; had she told him the truth, he never would have gotten involved, which Fred agreed with as he did not do business with criminals. Hermione was attempting to turn Lodge Industries legitimate, but she could only do that by partnering with businesses like Andrews Construction. Fred realized that Hermione's lies were the reason that Cliff Blossom stole his crew and sent thugs to beat up teenagers, which Hermione divulged wasn't entirely true. It was Hiram who sent the thugs after learning from Cliff about their affair, which enraged him even more that he was caught in a war between Cliff and Hiram. Hermione understood that Fred was angry, but she pleaded with him to stay on the project because she would not be able to start over if Fred abandoned it. Fred refused to do the grunt work while Hiram was taking shots at him and Hermione played both sides, so he exited the trailer. 

A couple days later, Hermione went to Fred and announced that she had decided to sell the SoDale project to Cliff before it got any worse. However, after having some time to think on it, Fred decided to stay with the project, much to Hermione's happiness, but he had several terms that Hermione would first have to agree to. Fred informed her that everything they would do from that point forward would be legal, and that his stake would be 20%, a percentage he was not willing to negotiate on. If he was going to put himself on the line, then he was going to need some insurance, he was tired of seeing people like the Lodges and the Blossoms using his family as pawns. And finally, Fred ended their romantic relationship, stating that moving forward they would be nothing more than business partners, much to Hermione's distress.[8]

Season 2

Hermione and Hiram at the Town Hall meeting

Hermione and Hiram attended the Town Hall meeting, where Mayor McCoy welcomed all in attendance. She sought to address their concerns and if possible, ease their minds, as she too shared their desire to protect their town and their children. While the meeting started out peaceful and civilized, it quickly escalated, turning into a shouting match between two divided sides, with one side being led by Alice, who believed the south side was responsible for everything wrong with Riverdale, and the other side being led by Fred, who believed that this was a time where they needed to unite rather than fraction off because only then would they truly be defeated. Hermione had told Hiram that Fred was going to be a problem, though Hiram wasn't quite sure of this being true. The town loved and trusted Fred. It could work in their favor. Moments later, Betty and Jughead entered through the back doors to alert everyone that the Black Hood was on his way to the Town Hall, where the cipher claimed he would strike next. Hermione and Hiram presumably evacuated the building with everyone else.[9]

SoDale Open House

Hermione and Fred at the open house

Fred attended Hermione and Hiram's open house, which was a thinly veiled attempt on the Lodges behalf to gain investors. Upon his arrival, he was approached by Hermione, who told him that the point of open houses were to socialize, though Fred would rather leave that to the professionals (i.e. Hermione and Hiram). However, Fred wasn't without charms of his own, Hermione remarked. Hermione claimed that she and Hiram were thrilled to have him back at work, and that they would appreciate it if he joined them on stage. Fred wasn't too sure he should, but he reconsidered her offer after she commented that he built the stage itself. Unfortunately, their conversation reached an immediate stop due to Alice's sudden arrival in a red snake print dress and a matching gold snake necklace.

Fred, Hermione and Hiram later took to the stage to make an announcement during the event. A new story began in Riverdale that night. A story about reinvention and aspiration, Hiram said. The building would be the first chapter of that story. Luxury apartments, shopping, and even a golf course. The Southside as they knew it would be gone, and replaced with a new Eden. So, they raised their glasses to a brighter tomorrow. But for today, they would celebrate with music from Josie and the Pussycats.[10]

Fred, Hermione and Hiram at Alice's gathering

At the Cooper house Fred, Hermione, Hiram, Sheriff Keller, Mayor McCoy, and Melinda Mantle were called over by Alice after she learned that the kids attended a party in Nick St. Clair's Five Seasons hotel room, where the use of Jingle Jangle took place. Alice remarked that only "her Betty" was smart enough to leave the party when she saw it taking a nasty turn. Hearing this, Fred concluded that Alice was merely hosting the gathering to gloat. Hermione interrupted the bickering to ask who brought the Jingle Jangle to the party, during which time, Reggie admitted fault. He explained that he acquired the drugs from a Southside teen, who he suspected of being a member of the Southside Serpents. Archie questioned what relevance did the dealer being a Serpent hold, as all members didn't deal, but Fred dismissed his claim. While the teens admitted that they shouldn't have taken the drugs, Nick asked Reggie to bring them, and later pressured everyone to partake. Not to mention that he assaulted Cheryl. If anyone should be under interrogation, they believed it to be him. However, as Sheriff Keller explained, prosecuting Nick would be difficult given that they were all high, as Jingle Jangle stayed in one's system for up to three days, making them unreliable witnesses.[11]

Fred, Hiram, Hermione, Veronica, Sierra and Sheriff Keller discussing Pickens Day

Fred hosted a meeting at his house with Mayor McCoy, Sheriff Keller and the Lodges. Fred learned that all the students who had been transferred to Riverdale High a week ago were fine, but their parents were in Mayor McCoy's office everyday to demand that she reopen Southside High, which is why Fred, Hermione and Hiram had discussed how their new neighborhood could use something positive to focus on. With Mayor McCoy's blessing, they'd like to make Pickens Day a celebratory event. Sponsored by Lodge Industries with Andrews Construction co-sponsoring. Mayor McCoy took this to mean that they wanted to make Pickens Day a commercial event, similar to their open house, though as Veronica pointed out, the open house was for investors while Pickens Day would be for North and Southsiders alike. Two halves of a whole coming together. Mayor McCoy worried that trying to distract people with a party would backfire, resulting in violence. While the Southside Serpents had been laying low, they were wild cards and reasons for concern. Having prepared for just that scenario, Fred, Hermione and Hiram had offered to hire the Serpents as security for the event. Having learned from FP that the Serpents were looking for work, Fred backed the idea. While he was sure that the Mayor had her reasons for closing down Southside High, the party would let the Southside know that they haven't been abandoned. The meeting, unfortunately, came to an abrupt end as Archie returned home.

On Pickens Day, Hermione and Hiram watched as Fred got on stage and welcomed Veronica and the Pussycats.[12]

Hiram, Hermione, Veronica, Archie and Fred having dinner

Hermione and Hiram invited Fred and Archie over for dinner at the Pembrooke where Hermione, Hiram and Fred told stories from their youth when they apparently broke into Thornhill for a late night swim and stole the school's van. However, according to Hermione, it wasn't her and Mary who stole the van for a joyride, rather it was Alice. She and Hiram then invited Fred into the study where they proposed that he run for Mayor.

The Lodges telling the Andrews the truth behind SoDale

The next day, Hermione, Hiram and Veronica learned from warden Jeffries at Shankshaw Prison that Jughead and FP paid a visit to an inmate, one of FP's well informed cronies. They suspected that the Jughead and FP had learned everything regarding Hiram's plans for the Southside, meaning that it was only a matter of time before it made the papers. With their hands being forced, the Lodges called Fred and Archie over to inform them of the master plan before Jughead could break the story. They revealed that their plans for Riverdale entailed turning Southside High into a private, for profit prison. As for SoDale, it was intended to be housing for the employees of the prison. Unfortunately, Fred refused to support their plan. He called Archie over as they were preparing to leave. However, much to their surprise, Archie decided to stay as he wanted to hear their proposal out.[13]

At Andrews Construction, Fred told Hermione that he wanted out of his contract with SoDale. He was hoping for a clean break, however, they would inevitably have to get their lawyers involved.

The following evening, Hermione and Hiram discussed their contract with Fred and his lawyer, Mary, who had just returned to Riverdale per his request. Mary claimed the contract was exploitative and that Fred should be immediately released and compensated.[14]

The Andrews vs the Lodges

Hermione, Hiram, Fred and Mary attended the school hall meeting at the kids' school, where Veronica and Archie squared off against Jughead, Betty, Reggie and Josie. Afterward, Hermione and Hiram exchanged words with Fred and Mary in the halls as Archie and Veronica played peacemakers. All of Riverdale was buzzing about Fred's decision to run against Hermione for Mayor. When Mary pointed out that they were still waiting for Hiram to sign the papers to release Fred from his contract to Lodge Industries, Hermione countered that they were still waiting for Mary and Fred to sign the NDA that they had sent over.[15]


Fred: "I'm having déjà vu. Yeah, senior year, we're here, watching Candyman. God, I hated that movie."
Hermione: "[laughs] You picked it."
Fred: "Mhmm."
Hermione: "Did you think I'd get scared, and jump into your arms like a damsel in distress?"
Fred: "You did kiss me that night."
Hermione: "The briefest of flings."
Fred: "Mhmm. You kissed me."
―Fred and Hermione at the drive-in[src]




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