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Being mayor is something I dreamed about ever since I was a little kid, son, in the back of my mind. And I know Riverdale's had a lot of downs lately but maybe, I can help get it back up on an upswing.
— Fred to Archie[src]

Frederick "Fred" Arthur Andrews was a main character on The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by the late Luke Perry.

Fred was the owner of Andrews Construction and Archie's father. He dated Hermione Lodge in high school and later married Mary Andrews. They separated after over a decade of marriage. Mary left town and moved to Chicago. After Mary left Riverdale, it was just him and their son, Archie, which resulted in the two of them developing an even stronger bond. As shown during the first season, Archie would rather leave his mother than abandon his father and leave him alone in Riverdale. This was proven when Archie rejected his mother's offer to move to Riverdale.

In the fourth season, Fred is killed in a tragic hit-and-run while helping a stranger on the side of the road. They were working on the tire and a car came out of nowhere, speeding towards them. The woman froze in its path, and so Fred pushed her out of the way. He saved her life, and if he hadn't done what he did, she would've died instead of him.

Character Description

A chill parent who owns a construction business in town. He hopes that his son will take over the family trade down the road.[3]

Early Life

Fred was born on May 21, 1970 to Arthur and Virginia Andrews at Riverdale General Hospital and raised in Riverdale. Like his son, he attended the local high school, where he took the baseball team to two consecutive state championships and was close friends with FP Jones, and briefly dated Hermione Lodge, until she chose the rich kid, Hiram Lodge, over him, after they had a falling out following Principal Featherhead's death.[4]. During those high school years, Fred and FP spent an entire summer fixing up an old DW bus, which they later dubbed "The Shaggin' Wagon." Following that, they formed a band their junior[4] year called "The Fred Heads." Apparently, this attracted the attention of a lot of ladies for Fred.

Fred's father had become ill and in 1992, during Fred's junior year, while he was playing Gryphons and Gargoyles at the high school, his father passed away. A young Fred, who had plans to play baseball and be a musician, gave it up to work at his father's construction business, to honor his father's memory.[4] After graduation, he took over the family business at 18. He later went on to marry Mary Andrews, and she would give birth to their first and only child, Archie. Their relationship did not last and they separated. The two even had trouble being in the same room together without a mediator present. So, Mary moved away to Chicago. Sometime after the separation, Fred was charged with driving under the influence although it's later revealed he took the blame for his brother.

Long before Fred began his career in construction, he dreamed of being Mayor of Riverdale. He even applied to be an urban planner in college hoping to further his dream. This was of course before his father grew ill, forcing him to defer his long-time dream. He had constructed a presentation for a program which he called "Riverdale 2020." A small town with a big future.

Throughout Riverdale

Physical Appearance

Fred was an average middle-aged man, around 5′ 10″ in height, with a muscular build. He had lightly tanned skin with brown eyes and brown hair. Fred was a working man who often dressed very casually. Most of the time, he wore a flannel shirt with denim jeans and boots.


Fred was often calm and collected, very rarely did he raise his voice or get angry. He'd much rather work hard for his earning than for it to be given to him. When things were tough with business and he was running low on cash which he only had enough left to cover three more weeks of payroll, he was more than willing to put his business on the line if it meant keeping his workers. As Fred put it, he trusted those guys, and they trusted him.

Fred was also a caring and concerning parent to his son, Archie. Fred often looked to guide Archie down the right path, generally providing advice when he saw fit, but with his son growing up, it's ultimately up to Archie to make the right decisions, and Fred knew this. Fred was also reasonable. Despite Archie no longer wanting to run the family business⁠, choosing to pursue music instead⁠. Fred was initially hesitant but grew to become very supportive and enthusiastic about his son's decision. Because of a discussion he had with Archie's music teacher, Ms. Grundy, Fred even converted their garage into a place where his son could practice playing his music by sound-proofing it.


Archie Andrews

Main article: Archie and Fred

Fred and Archie

The father-son relationship between Fred and Archie was admirably strong. The two cared for each other deeply, and Fred would always be there for his son to offer him advice or just provide moral support. Initially, Fred's plan was to pass the family business off to Archie as his father did before him, but when Archie revealed that he wanted to pursue a career in music, Fred was very supportive of his choice and even sound proofed the garage for Archie to practice in. He loved Archie unconditionally, despite of all his mistakes and would often attempt to guide Archie down the right path throughout out various trying times, such as when dealing with the aftermath of Archie's relationship with Ms. Grundy and at one point, his bond with Hiram Lodge, and how that caused a strain on their relationship. However, it wasn't only Fred doing the protecting. Archie showed on numerous occasions just how far he was willing to go in his father's defense, evening running in front of a gun pointed at his father by the Black Hood.

Mary Andrews

Fred and Mary

Fred and Mary knew each other for most of their lives, with both having grown up in Riverdale. They got married after high school and had a son. However, their relationship became somewhat strained after more than a decade of marriage, as Mary wanted to do more with her life than stay in Riverdale. At one point, they couldn't even be in the room together without a mediator. So, they got separated and were in the process of getting a divorce until Archie called Fred and told him to not to go through with it when he drunk dialed him. Their relationship changed for the better after that. While they may have never rekindled their romance, they did reconcile their differences, and Mary even visited Riverdale on occasion and stayed with them. After Fred's death, Mary moved back to Riverdale to raise their son.

Hermione Lodge

Main article: Fred and Hermione

Fred and Hermione

Fred and Hermione's relationship dates back to at least high school. Their relationship began to develop further after they formed the Midnight Club upon discovering Gryphons and Gargoyles. Hermione described their high school hookup as "the briefest of flings." Fred and Hermione rekindled their romance after she returned to Riverdale over a decade later following the arrest of her husband, who she originally picked over Fred. However Fred ended their affair the second time after learning that Hermione and Hiram were the anonymous buyers of the SoDale project. In spite of this, they still care for each other, and Hermione cried uncontrollably upon learning of his death.

FP Jones

Main article: Fred and FP

FP and Fred

Fred and FP have been friends for decades, with their relationship dating as far back as to their adolescence. Fred and FP spent an entire summer fixing up an old DW bus, which they called "The Shaggin' Wagon." Following that, he and FP formed a band their senior year, which they named "The Fred Heads," which attracted the attention of may ladies. Unfortunately, that friendship eventually turned sour after high school when Fred fired FP from his construction crew after discovering that FP was stealing from the company and selling things on the side. He gave FP numerous chances, bailing him out of jail countless times, but as he put it, when someone is drowning, you can't save them if they're going to drag you down with them. However, with Fred having looked after Jughead for a time and FP turning away from a life of crime, the two have since mended their friendship. FP was devestated to learn of Fred's death and was even brought to tears.


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  • Fred is similar to Archie when he was growing up, as he was also into music. Just like Archie, he was in a rock band. Fred was also Archie's age when his father died. Archie was the same age he lost Fred.
  • In the Archie Comics, Fred was a bald middle aged dad.


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