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Felix Featherhead was a character on the third season of The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall.

In the 90s, Mr. Featherhead was the principal of Riverdale High School and oversaw detention for misbehaving students.

Early Life

Throughout Riverdale

Season 3

Principal Featherhead overseas Saturday detention for Fred Andrews, FP Jones, Alice Smith, Hermione Gomez, Sierra Samuels, and Penelope Blossom. He lays down the rules before informing them that they are expected to hand in a 1,000 word essay by the end of the day. He then leaves the detentionees in the class by themselves. Featherhead only returns after discovering that a fight had broken out between Hermione Gomez and Penelope Blossom. Because of this, he ups all of their punishments to from one Saturday detention to four.


Principal Featherhead's body

Much later, after supposedly learning of trespassing students in the school during the late hours of the night, Principal Featherhead decides to investigate. He just misses Alice Smith, who hides behind a wall as he enters the school. Unfortunately, that was the last time anyone would see him alive. Days later, after being ruled officially missing, Principal Featherhead's body is found in the storage closet by the janitor. Notably, he has blue lips.[1]

Physical Appearance

Felix Featherhead had gray hair and wore a gray suite with a tie.




Season 3




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