Father Faustus Blackwood is a main character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Richard Coyle.

He is the widower of Constance Blackwood, current husband of Zelda Spellman, and father of Judith, Judas, and Prudence Blackwood. He is the former High Priest of the Church of Night, fleeing after refusing the Dark Lord's order of bowing down to Sabrina Spellman and poisoning the entire coven.

Character Description

A High Priest of the Church of Night who becomes an “oppressive authority figure in Sabrina’s dark education.”[1]

Father Blackwood, is High Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts. Ruthless and ambitious, Blackwood hides a terrifying dark agenda that will put him in direct conflict with Sabrina and other members of the coven.[2]

Early Life

Faustus Blackwood is an old-fashioned warlock who was an evil mentor of Edward Spellman before the latter surpassed him and became High Priest of the Church of Night. Following Edward's death, Faustus took over the throne as the embodiment of Satan's will on earth, restoring some practices fallen into disuse or considered barbaric by Edward Spellman during his reign; for example, the Feast of Feasts. For several years, Faustus tried to have children with his wife Constance, who sadly miscarried two of them. However, Blackwood fathered at least one illegitimate child like many other high priests before him. He offered to raise Sabrina with the orphans in the Academy of Unseen Arts, but Zelda declined this offer.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1

Shake hands with the Devil


Father Blackwood clarifies Sabrina's doubts about the Dark Baptism

Father Blackwood paid to visit the Spellman Mortuary at the request of Zelda and Hilda, worried about their niece. Sitting by the fireplace, they are soon joined by Sabrina, who shows her reluctance towards the High Priest. Faustus is immediately impressed by the girl, telling Sabrina that she has no idea how she is special to have been chosen. Blackwood asks Sabrina if it is true that she is having doubts about her Dark Baptism and signing the Book of the Beast. This is inadmissible he says, and rhetorically asks what he can do to convince her.[3]


Father Blackwood explains satanic beliefs

Father Blackwood asks Sabrina about her doubts on the Dark Baptism. The girl says she is not really sure, then the priest goes on to explain the ceremony. The Dark Baptism is the most sacred unholy sacrament the witches practiced for centuries. Sabrina is worried that once she signs the Book of the Beast, she will give the Dark Lord dominion over her soul. Blackwood reassures her, saying that this is only one of several possible interpretations. Blackwood explains that all religions have symbolic gestures and demand sacrifices. Signing the Book of the Beast is more like a pledge to abide by the devil's commandments. Sabrina then claims that she is not an evil person, making both the priest and her aunts laugh because none of them is evil. Sabrina is still firm in her disbelief, stating that the Dark Lord is the embodiment of evil. Blackwood corrects her immediately, saying that He is the embodiment of free will and that he goes beyond the mere concepts of good and evil and the infernal punishment of the "False God".

Blackwood suggests to the aunts that Sabrina needs an immediate shift in thinking since she has been tainted by mortal ideology. Sabrina adds that she is worried about her boyfriend, who Blackwood deduces is a mortal. He explains that they are intrinsically incompatible as mortals grow old and die faster than witches. Sabrina replies that her father married a mortal woman and Blackwood specifies that he was High Priest and had obtained a special dispensation from the Dark Lord himself. Despite this, it was still considered a controversial union and Blackwood also denies Sabrina's concerning assumptions about the death of her parents. According to Blackwood, it was an unfortunate incident.


Father Blackwood examines Connor's corpse

Sabrina has another question about a terrible vision she had after biting the "Malus Malum," but Blackwood replies that its use is wildly inaccurate. Father Blackwood extends the invitation to be baptized and joins the Academy of Unseen Arts where Sabrina can find answers to her many questions. And if she decides to leave, she will be free to choose. Before leaving, the priest makes sure that Sabrina will be in the forest the night of Samhain for her baptism. On his way out, Ambrose asks him to stay a little longer and shows him the corpse of Connor Kemper in the embalming room. The dead man has a witch's mark on his right arm. Blackwood immediately inquires about his parents and discovers that the boy had been adopted by mortal parents. Blackwood takes the opportunity to point out how a witch without coven ended up on a table at the mortuary. Ambrose is worried that there may be witch-hunters, but for Blackwood is highly unlikely and leaves.


Father Blackwood welcomes Sabrina

On Samhain night, Father Blackwood has assembled the witches of his unholy church in a clearing in the Greendale Wood and invites Sabrina to join them. After ordering Zelda and Hilda to disrobe her, the High Priest proceeds with the ceremony, invoking the spirits of the living and dead witches of their coven, the most unholy Church of Night. Father Blackwood orders Sabrina to kneel and traces an inverted cross on her forehead with blood, stating that the Dark Lord teaches that there is no law other than "Do what thou wilt". He asks Sabrina if she wishes to be free, to be what her nature intended her to be. After asking if Sabrina intends to renounce the Path of Light or embark in the Path of Night and put the needs of their Dark Lord, the archangel Lucifer who has given them free will, Father Blackwood invites Sabrina to sign the Book of the Beast. The High Priest cuts the palm of Sabrina's left hand with a dagger so that Sabrina signs with her blood. Father Blackwood guides Sabrina's hand, asking if she is determined to give soul, body, and spirit to Satan and to obey his orders revealing a more satanic truth than the reassurance he gave her during his last visit at her house. Sabrina pulls back and runs away. The High Priest orders the coven to get her.

Father Blackwood and the witches follow Sabrina to the borders of the Spellman Mortuary. Father Blackwood states that Sabrina must sign the Book until the Blood Moon is still shining in the sky. The eclipse is almost over and Sabrina refuses by saying that she is Sabrina Spellman, and she would not sign her name away. The High Priest is not at all satisfied and orders the Weird Sisters to get her. However, Ambrose steps in and says that there is a protective circle around the house. A ring that only Spellman witches can cross while other would be engulfed in fire. Mentioning such a spell caused their ambition to reclaim Sabrina after she fled her Dark Baptism to falter and Father Blackwood leaves with his witches.[4]

The Devil's Advocate


Father Blackwood and Zelda discuss Sabrina's upcoming trial

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Blackwood and Zelda talk about Sabrina's upcoming trial in Blackwood's office. Blackwood says he is not pleased to be the Dark Lord's prosecutor, but is one of his duties as a High Priest. Zelda tries to convince him with flattery and seduction that seem to work because Blackwood suggests she might come back later with Sabrina admitting her wrongdoings and begging for forgiveness because the Dark Lord is merciful, but he also demands total submission. Blackwood claims to already see the signs of old age on Zelda's face and after kissing her forehead, a lock of her hair remains awkwardly entangled in the Priest's fingers. As soon as Zelda comes out, Blackwood says he does not enjoy being watched. Madam Satan appears from the shadows, challenging Blackwood's authority. The demoness accuses Blackwood of having failed to baptize Sabrina after she lured her to the altar. Blackwood mocks her "womanly methods", claiming he'll be the hammer driving the nail in the hole. Madam Satan advises the Priest not to underestimate Sabrina and to remember that he is still a man and that she feasts on men's flesh.


Father Blackwood leads Sabrina's trial

At midnight at the unholy church, Father Blackwood welcomes his congregation in the sacrilegious Court to settle the Dark Lord's justice. Sabrina Spellman stands accused before the Infernal Three, horribly disfigured beings with black robes acting as judge, jury and executioner. Father Blackwood accuses Sabrina of being guilty of breaking her pledge to sign the Book of the Beast during her Dark Baptism. If Sabrina is found guilty, says Blackwood to the congregation, she will be forced to abandon her mortal life immediately and spend 333 years burning in the Pit of Hell upon her death. Before Sabrina can reply, Daniel Webster enters the Court, claiming that Sabrina pleads "not guilty". Father Blackwood says to Webster that is not welcome and wasn't invited, but Sabrina replies that he is her lawyer.


Father Blackwood interrogates Sabrina

During the trial, Father Blackwood accuses Sabrina of failing in the promises made to the Dark Lord, comparing the Dark Baptism to a wedding where Sabrina arrived wearing precisely a wedding dress. Sabrina denies having been courted by the Dark Lord, or having promised him anything. Webster requires official proof attesting to the actual broken promise of the so-called marriage with the devil. The High Priest submits to the Infernal Three their most unholy grimoire, the Book of the Beast and invites Sabrina to read on the indicated page. Her name is written on the page, dated three days after her birth. Webster immediately accuses it to be forgery. Blackwood calls Zelda to the stand, where she reveals that she accompanied her brother, Edward Spellman into the Greendale Wood, where he laid baby Sabrina on an altar and signed the Book, thus promising Sabrina to the Dark Lord.


Father Blackwood argues with lawyer Webster

The following night, Webster leverages on Sabrina's dual nature as witch and mortal, claiming that Sabrina has a jury of mortals, rejecting the authority of the Court of Witches, angering Father Blackwood. The High Priest accepts the provocation. Sabrina will be judged as a witch or as a human according to the test's result used to detect a witch. The first option is Trial by Water. She would be bound and dropped into the river. If she floats, she's a witch. If she drowns, she's human and free to go. Webster deems the conditions to be unacceptable. Blackwood proposes a second option: Sabrina will be stripped in front of the court and examined for a Witch's Mark. If a mark is found on her body, the process will continue without interruption. If it is not found, the Court will be forced to accept her so-called humanity.

Later, Father Blackwood visits Spellman house. He apologizes for his unannounced visit, but he brings good news. He pleaded on Sabrina's behalf to the Dark Lord, and he offered a compromise. The Dark Lord will give up on punishing Sabrina if she will sign the Book of the Beast and attend the Academy. Zelda says it's the perfect solution, but Sabrina and Webster aren't convinced. Blackwood exits, leaving them to their decisions.


Father Blackwood dismisses proofs

The night after, Sabrina agrees to be examined for a Witch's Mark, but Hilda interrupts the Court with proof that Sabrina can not be baptized in the Church of Night. Upon her birth, Hilda accompanied her sister-in-law, Diana Spellman, to the Holy Mother Church of Greendale where Sabrina was baptized a day before Edward signed the Book of the Beast promising Sabrina to Satan. Father Blackwood is enraged, but is forced to admit the invalidity of the inscription in the Book of the Beast. Father Blackwood declares that it's an outrageous attempt to sabotage the process, but Sabrina retorts that it's the Dark Lord's behavior to be outrageous. As soon as she says these words, a flaming hatch opens at the center of the court and Blackwood and Webster are summoned into the Court's Private Chambers.

Once the lawyers return from the private meeting, Father Blackwood ends the trial. Due to conflicting contracts, baptisms and breeding, the Hellbound Court declares that Sabrina shall retain her mortal life provided she attends the Academy as well as weekly Black Mass.


Father Blackwood plots Sabrina's fate with Madam Satan

Back to his office, Blackwood and Madame Satan comment on the outcome of the trial. The High Priest is pleased to have been able to bring Sabrina to the Academy and once under his watch and authority, he will bend her to his will. Or will break her. Madam Satan disagrees with his brute force, and suggests using subtle ways to break her contacts with the mortal world. After all, breaking souls one piece at a time is her specialty.[5]

Welcoming Sabrina to the Academy


Father Blackwood welcomes Sabrina

When Zelda drops Sabrina off at the Academy of Unseen Arts and Quentin leads her to his office, Father Blackwood welcomes her to the Academy. Blackwood gives her her schedule but Sabrina isn't happy with what she's been given. Sabrina asks about Conjuring or Demonology classes but Blackwood says that she must fulfil the Academy's general requirements first. He takes her to choir class where his wife, Constance Blackwood, is teaching.

The following day, Prudence tells him that Sabrina brought her familiar, a cat named Salem, to the Academy. Blackwood confiscates the familiar and summons Zelda to the Academy.


Blackwood gives Sabrina an Ancheton Configuration

After she arrives, Blackwood goes to get Sabrina who's having a fight with Prudence. Blackwood breaks it up and calls Sabrina to his office. Once there, the High Priest tells Sabina that familiars are not allowed at the Academy and that as such Zelda must take Salem home with her. Blackwood also asks Sabrina if she's happy at the Academy. Zelda belives she is but Blackwood doubts it as Sabrina has been complaining about her schedule. Zelda asks Sarina what that is about. Sabrina tells Zelda that she wanted to study conjuring but Blackwood says that it's too dangerous for her. Zelda tells him to test her so he pulls out an Acheron Configuration. It belonged to Edward Spellman. Blackwood tells her that if she can solve that puzzle then she can take the classes that she wishes. After she leaves, Blackwood asks Zelda to be his wife's midwife because she's miscarried twice before. Zelda agrees although she hasn't helped with a child's birth in years.

Later, Prudence enters the office with Stolas claiming that the familiar spied on them in the girls shower. Father Blackwood tells her that he will take care of the bird. After Prudence is out of earshot he asks Madam Satan if he should kill the raven or that Madam Satan removes it and herself, she tells him that Stolas doesn’t like being in a cage and that Sabrina is under her protection. Father Blackwood tells Madam Satan that because Sabrina is away at the Academy maybe she should use this time to have some fun with her friends and Aunts.


Father Blackwood reprimends Prudence

The next day, Zelda confronts him about the fact her niece is being harrowed and how other students have perished during their Harrowings and he says that he'll look into it. The next day, Blackwood calls Prudence to his office. He yells at her for being bested by a "hedge witch" without any formal education. He tells her that the Dark Lord wants her at the academy but he never said she shouldn't suffer while being here.[6]


Father Blackwood teaches Demonology

During a Demonology Class at the Academy, Sabrina tells him that her friend's uncle has been possessed by the Demon Apophis and asks how to get rid of it. Father Blackwood tells her that the only way to get rid of it is to perform an exorcism but witches aren't allowed to do that as that is a Catholic Rite which is taboo in all of the Churches of Darkness.


Zelda tells Blackwood he will have twins

Later at the Spellman's home, Father Blackwood is waiting for them when they return. He has learned that Sabrina and her aunts had performed an exorsism. He threatens to excommunicate them all for having performed an exorcism. Zelda saves the day by telling him the test results of the urine sample she took from Constance: He's having twins.[7]

The Feast of Feasts


Father Blackwood presents Prudence as Queen

When the time to hold the Feast of Feasts arrives, Father Blackwood hosts the lottery. At the selection ceremony, Sabrina interrupts before her aunt Zelda can grab a piece of paper from the box. She tells the coven that she will be representing her family instead unless Zelda wants to admit that this whole thing is barbaric. Zelda relents and lets Sabrina choose. Sabrina chooses the paper and burns it but Prudence ends up being chosen as Queen.


An awkward dinner time

Later, Sabrina welcomes Father Blackwood and Constance Blackwood at the Spellman house. They sit down with the Weird Sisters Prudence, Dorcas and Agatha, Zelda, and Sabrina to have dinner. Hilda is in the kitchen making dessert. Sabrina brings out dessert in which Hilda has added a truth potion. After everyone has a slice, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood why he reinstated the Feast of Feasts. He says that the Dark Lord showed him a revelation and that he was commanded to return to the old ways. Sabrina tells Prudence that she hopes she enjoyed her last supper. Everyone around the table tells Prudence that they're going to miss her — except Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood reveals that she enchanted the box to choose Prudence as queen. She says she did it because the Weird Sisters are Father Blackwood's bastards and that makes them a threat to her children. Prudence asks Father Blackwood if he is her father and what happened to her mother. He reveals that he is her father and that her mother threw herself into the river after he refused to marry her. Agatha and Dorcas ask if they are also his children and he says no: They are just orphans. Prudence admits that Sabrina was right. Father Blackwood says that they must summon the coven and draw for another queen. Sabrina suggests that they could just not have the Feast of Feasts. Prudence asks if she can wear her beautiful dress and sit on the throne of skulls.


Father Blackwood makes an announcement

They attend the Feast of Feasts ceremony where Prudence sits upon the throne of skulls. Father Blackwood walks in and begins to tell the coven that there will not be a Feast of Feasts but another witch named Mildred steps up, slits her throat and falls before the altar. The coven look to Father Blackwood for permission and, after a moment of suspense, he gives it to them. The witches begin to attack the body and tear it apart as they eat.[8]

Recuiting Ambrose


Blackwood wants to release Ambrose

One night, Father Blackwood arrives at the Spellman Mortuary to see Ambrose. Blackwood has read Ambrose's dossier and discovered how he even taught stage magic to Harry Houdini. Blackwood asks Ambrose how he fell into a group that wanted to blow up the Vatican. Ambrose says that it's because he was searching for a father figure and he finally found one with their leader: A young Aleister Crowley. When he was arrested, he was told that he'd get immunity if he gave up the names of the others involved. He couldn't make himself do it. Blackwood tells him that if Ambrose tells him the names that he'll set him free. Blackwood tells him he'll return for his answer and leaves.


Blackwood and Zelda kiss after her Satanic Confession

As he's leaving, Zelda pulls him aside for Satanic Confession. She admits to Blackwood that she fears that her family is moving away from the Path of Night. She kneels before him and continues to tell him that she feels like she's failing everyone. Blackwood tells her that he feels fear to and confesses to her that he hasn't had sex in a long while. They look at each other before they begin to kiss.


Zelda and Blackwood engage in another "Confession"

The following day, Blackwood visits Ambrose and asks what he's decided. Ambrose says that he can't give up his fellow co-conspirators. Blackwood says that he's glad to hear it and offers him the chance to work at the Academy as a sort of community service.

Zelda pulls Blackwood aside and tells him that he's going to have twin sons. Zelda tries to kiss him but he tells her that she forgets herself. Blackwood tells her that they're going to spank each other and suffer in exquisite ecstasy.[9]

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Father Blackwood receives Ambrose and Luke Chalfant in his office for a private meeting and gives Ambrose a familiar named Leviathan as a welcome gift for his return as a full-time member of the Church of Night and working at the Academy. Father Blackwood then leaves both him and Luke in his office so they can cebelebrate the event.


Blackwood and Zelda find out about the Resurrection Spell

Later, Zelda is directing the choir at the Academy while Father Blackwood watches. Suddenly, Agatha walks in during rehearsal and collapses. Blackwood demands to know what's going on. Prudence, Nick, and Dorcas tell them everything about the resurrection ritual they performed to bring back Tommy Kinkle from the dead by temporarily sacrificing Agatha before bruring her in the Cain's Pit in the backyard of the Spellman Mortuary. Blackwood is prone to kill Tommy to restore the balance but Zelda tells him that she'll do it because Sabrina is her responsibility. Blackwood tells Prudence and Dorcas that they must end Tommy because he doesn't trust that Zelda will do it.[10]

A Menace from the Past


Father Blackwood hosts Black Mass

During a stormy night at the Desecrated Church, Father Blackwood says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the Witching Hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy of Unseen Arts since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their "False God". He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.


Blackwood tells Zelda that Lady Constance is in labour

That night, Blackwood summons Zelda to the Academy. Zelda is angry for having been taken away from her family but Blackwood tells her that Constance Blackwood is in labor. Lady Blackwood continues to go through labor. One of the babes is pushed out but something is wrong because Zelda doesn't show the baby to Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood tells Prudence and Zelda that her children must be preserved no matter what. Blackwood enters the room to find that Lady Blackwood is dead. Zelda tells him that he only has one son because the baby had consumed his brother in the womb. Blackwood holds the child and names him his heir.


Father Blackwood introduces his heir Judas

Blackwood introduces his son as Judas to a group of warlocks. Unbeknownst to him, Zelda lied to him: Zelda spirited away the other twin out of fear of what Blackwood would do to it because it's a girl that she names Leticia, who she later gives to a wood witch named Desmelda.[11]

Part 2

The Passions of Faustus Blackwood


Father Blackwood opens the selection of Top Boy

After the Winter Break, Father Faustus Blackwood introduces Zelda Spellman to the other faculty members. He assigns her to teach ancient tongues and sacred scripture.

Father Blackwood has assigned his daughter Prudence to serve as Judas Blackwood's wet nurse and scolds her for letting the baby cry. Zelda chats with Prudence, asking if she has been giving him goat's milk. 

Father Blackwood informs the student body of an election for Top Boy. Nick Scratch is nominated for top boy. Sabrina offers to contest the election on the grounds that she had signed the Book of the Beast. She calls for all students regardless of their gender to have a voice. Nick nominates Sabrina and is seconded by Prudence. As part of the Top Boy selection, Father Blackwood announces that the candidates have to take part in three challenges at the Desecrated Church: the Inquisition, the Boil and Bubble, and the Conjuring. This will be followed by a vote.


Father Blackwood at Dorian's gentlemen club

Later, Father Blackwood meets with the warlocks at Dorian's Gray Room and brings King Herod's daughter Salome to dance for their entertainment. Ambrose get upset when Salome serves them an effigy of Sabrina’s head. Father Blackwood reminds him to vote for Nick Scratch.

The following morning, Prudence asks Father Blackwood if she can take up the Blackwood name and stand for Top Boy. Sabrina and Zelda visit Father Blackwood to request a postponement due to the demonic attack. Father Blackwood refuses but gives her time to compose herself.


Father Blackwood conducts the Trials

At the Desecrated Church, Father Blackwood begins the Inquisition and asks what is the Satanic symbol. Nick names the pentagram, gaining a point. He then asks Sabrina about the five books of the Lesser Key of Solomon. Father Blackwood asks her the date of birth of the Magus John Dee The Weird Sisters tell Sabrina that the answer is 13 July 1527. He then asks about the year of death, which Sabrina names as 1608. He then quizzes her on the publication date of the Malleus Maleficarum, the date of the Salem Witch Trial, the Pendle Trials, the birth and death of Anne Boleyn, and the death of Rasputin, which she answers correctly.

Father Blackwood accuses Sabrina of cheating and warns that cheating is punishable by cheating. Sabrina says she wants to change the traditions at the Church of Night but Father Blackwood insists that the position of High Priest has always been held by a warlock. He vows there will never be a High Priestess. Sabrina refuses to back down. Father Blackwood warns he will seal the Desecrated Church to ensure that no external forces can interfere with the Boil and Bubble challenge. Sabrina vows to study for the test.


Father Blackwood punishes Sabrina's failure

During the Boil and Bubble, Father Blackman briefs Nick and Sabrina that they have to make potions. Sabrina goes first and places the molted skin of a cobra snake into a cauldron. She passes the first test. Nicholas cools the potion with a newborn's blood, passing his test. Sabrina places the blind white eye of a cave-born shark into a brew, causing it to bubble. The brew putrefies and Sabrina is obliged to drink it. Nick tries to stop her from drinking it but she drinks it and vomits it out. Several people cheer for here.


Father Blackwood making arrangements with Zelda

Later, Zelda tells Father Blackwood that some members of the coven oppose their relationship. She asks Blackwood to clarify their relationship. He tells her she is one of his disciples and his son’s godmother. Zelda asks if he wants to make her his Top Lady. Blackwood says there is a mourning period they must respect. Zelda says she will tone down their relationship until he is ready to legitimise their relationship.


Father Blackwood banishes the demons

During the Conjuring Test, she and Nick strike a deal to draw circles on the ground. Sabrina accuses Father Blackwood or a member of the coven of sending high demons to attack her. Nick backs Sabrina up and tells Blackwood that they want to know the truth and summon the Plague Kings. The Plague Kings identify themselves as Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson. Sabrina demands to know who sent them to kill her. The Plague Kings claim they operate independently of Satan and the coven but that they wish death on the "half-breed" Sabrina because of the chaos she will bring. Nick questions the demons but Father Blackwood banishes the three demons.

Father Blackwood summons Nick and Sabrina into his office. In private, Blackwood says that the demons acted on their own volition. Father Blackwood decides that neither of them are worthy of the title of Top Boy and instead designates Ambrose Spellman as Top Boy. He makes Ambrose a full-time student. Father Blackwood talks with Ambrose in private.[12]


Father Blackwood wrote a play!

Zelda Spellman arrives at Father Blackwood 's office just as Sister Shirley Jackson exits. The two witches are unhappy to see each other and Shirley leaves. Zelda enters and Father Blackwood tells her that the Academy is presenting a play for the coven's edification and diversion: The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar. He tells her that he wrote a new adaptation that Sister Shirley did not approve and asks Zelda to be the new co-director and elocution coach to the production, which she accepts.


Enjoying his play

In Father Blackwood's office, Zelda gives her opinion about Father Blackwood's adapatation of the play. She specifies that in the sacred Satanic texts, Lilith provided for herself and did not wander helplessly in the wilderness as written in Father Blackwood's adaptation. The warlock seems upset and Zelda leaves his office.

At the Church of Night, the students play The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar. Blackwood later proposes to Zelda.[13]


Faustus flirting with Zelda

At the Academy, it's time for witches and warlocks to celebrate Lupercalia. Faustus chats with Zelda, and comments about her youthful appearance despite her advanced age. Father Blackwood opens the Matching ceremony. Warlocks are seated around a maypole as witches dances around them with long fabrics, choosing their mates as the music stop playing.


Faustus and Zelda during the Courting Ceremony

Later that night, Top Boy Ambrose briefs the couples, that being himself and Prudence, Nick and Sabrina, Dorcas and Melvin, and Agatha and her date, about the Courting ceremony. He explains that they will go into the woods and disrobe and anoint themselves under the moonlight, absorbing the potency of Goddess Selene. Ambrose says abstinence is encouraged in anticipation for the powerful release that concludes Lupercalia, but he is not opposed to couples having sex. As Prudence passes out anointment baskets with items inside such oysters and figs, Father Blackwood warns the couples to stay on the path due to the dangerous creatures in the woods. The couples head into the wood. Zelda notices an extra anointment basket and Blackwood replies that it is a shame to let it go to waste; hinting at their romantic relationship.

Father Blackwood and Zelda spend the night together as a couple despite the terms she set that the keep their relationship professional.


Faustus proposes to Zelda

At the Academy, Father Blackwood summons Zelda for a meeting in his office, telling her that he wants to formalize their relationship. Unlike Constance, Zelda assures Faustus that she would see him realize his ambitions as High Priest, as she did for her brother Edward Spellman when he was High Priest. Father Blackwood reveals that it was her brother who rebuked him when he asked Zelda for her hand in marriage. Father Blackwood claims that the Dark Lord has ordained their relationship and presents her with two turtle-dove hearts; a proposal of marriage. Zelda says she will consider his proposal and respond.[14]

Father Blackwood went to the Spellman Mortuary to taste the seven wedding cakes Hilda had offered to bake, but she wasn't home and Zelda went searching for her at Cerberus Books.


Faustus with Dezmelda in Zelda's vision

In a vision induced by Mrs. McGarvey, a fortune-teller reading tarot cards at Cerberus Books, Zelda finds Father Blackwood caressing Dezmelda in his office. He claims that Satanic law allows him to snog as many women as he wants on his wedding day. Zelda demands that she stops but, Blackwood demands one good reason to stop. Several wedding guests laugh from the outside.


Faustus corrupting Ambrose in his vision

In another vision induced by Mrs. McGarvey, but this time in Ambrose's mind, Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that he wants to induct him into a secret brotherhood known as the Judas Society in return for absolute loyalty. First, Blackwood requires some assistance in the desecrated church. On that night, he claims that he will forge Ambrose's future with sacred and arcane metallurgy and alchemy. He tasks him with crafting a tool that will unlock his full powers. Ambrose forges a tool while Father Blackwood tells him his secret agenda to reverse Edward Spellman’s damage to the Church of Night. Father Blackwood offers to mold Ambrose in the Dark Lord’s image in return for correcting his aunties and his cousin Sabrina. Father Blackwood gives him the forged weapon and tasks him with putting his house in order.


Recruiting Ambrose in the Judas Society

At the Academy, Ambrose enters Father Blackwood's office and demands to know whether he would harm the Spellmans. Father Blackwood reminds Ambrose that not only is he marrying Zelda, he also liberated Ambrose from house arrest. Blackwood tells Ambrose that Luke died in service to the Dark Lord. Ambrose looks at the card of Death, taken from Mrs. McGarvey. Blackwood tells Ambrose that Luke was a true warlock and asks Ambrose if he will take his place in the Judas Society.[15]

Hell's Bells for the Wedding


Faustus receives a prophecy

Prior to his marriage to Zelda, the Weird Sisters enter Backwood's bedroom and inform him that they have received a strange vision. Prudence informs him that with the Anti-Pope's visit and his marriage to Zelda, she feared delaying it. The Weird Sisters hold hands and tell him that they saw a altar coffin and much bloodshed. They warn him to beware of the Spellmans, claiming they will be the undoing of the Blackwoods. Blackwood dismisses their warning and claims that the Spellmans are at his mercy. He orders them to go to bed and dream no more of blood. Agatha and Dorcas take leave but Prudence stays behind and asks if Zelda will take his name. Blackwood confirms this is the case. When Prudence asks if Sabrina will be a Blackwood, Father Blackwood accidentally cuts himself with his razor blade. Father Blackwood vows that Sabrina will never be a Blackwood before sending Prudence to bed.


Making unholy wedding arrangements

Later, Father Blackwood is discussing the seating plans for their wedding reception with Zelda. Zelda petitions Father Blackwood to lift his excommunication on Hilda. Blackwood replies that Hilda witnessed a Catholic baptism. Zelda says that her sister has been atoning for the past several months. Blackwood agrees to lift Hilda's excommunication and asks if Hilda will be present. Zelda then makes a second appeal on behalf of Prudence.


Speaking with Ambrose at Luke's memorial

Later, Father Blackwood holds a memorial service for the late Lucas Chalfant during a meeting of the Judas Society. Blackwood outlines his Five Facets of Judas. His followers chant hail Satan before dismissing his followers.

Father Blackwood then speaks with Ambrose privately and tasks him with guarding the Anti-Pope during his stay at the Academy before he arrives at Greendale. Blackwood explains that would have been Lucas' responsibility.


Receiving the Anti-Pope at the Academy

Later that night, the Judas Society stands guard as the Anti-Pope meets with Father Blackwood and Zelda. The Anti-Pope compliments Zelda's beauty and accompanies them into the Academy. Prudence speaks with Zelda but she apologizes that her father won't budge despite her efforts. Father Blackwood introduces Nicholas Scratch to the Anti-Pope. Sabrina also introduces her to the Anti-Pope, who praises her father for his work as a High Priest and skills as a warlock. Father Blackwood frowns. The Anti-Pope says that he sadly perished before they could meet and discuss his philosophies. Father Blackwood offers to give the Anti-Pope a tour of the Academy of Unseen Arts. When Prudence asks her father if he is going to introduce her and the Weird Sisters, Father Blackwood introduces her as Prudence Night, describing her as one of the "gutter orphans" the Academy fosters. Blackwood then leaves on a tour of the school.


Faustus proposes his Tenets

Blackwood proposes a summit of all the Churches of Darkness to review all their universal laws. The Anti-Pope says that his predecessor had made a similar request prior to his death. The Anti-Pope is supportive but asks who will lead the summit. Father Blackwood volunteers to host the summit and to present his Judas Society's five tenets, which he vows will return the Church of Night to its former glory. Sabrina then enters the room with Ambrose and tells the Anti-Pope that she found a copy of her fathers manifesto. Despite Blackwood's objections, the Anti-Pope says he will retire to his chambers to consider both doctrines and to decide which is worthy enough to put before the Witches Council.

Later, Blackwood reassures his son Judas that the Spellmans will not prove to be their undoing. He says that they cannot risk the Anti-Pope choosing the Spellman manifesto over his own. Blackwood says he has contingencies in place and tells his son to sleep peacefully. He vows there will be blood tonight and glory in the morning. Blackwood puppeters Ambrose into murdering the Anti-Pope.


Ambrose killed the Anti-Pope?

That night, Prudence attempts to stab her father in bed. However, the two are startled by a woman's screams. Father Blackwood enters the Anti-Pope's chambers to find that he has been hacked to death. Blackwood strikes down two of the Judas Society stalwarts guarding him. Despite Zelda and Hilda's pleas, he tries to strike down Ambrose who manages to teleport to safety. He orders the others to find the traitor. Father Blackwood demands to know why Prudence would try to commit patricide. Realizing that her ambitions knows no bounds and that he needs the support of his family, he makes her a Blackwood.


The Blackwoods Unholy Wedding

Father Blackwood officiates over the funeral of the Anti-Pope and announces he will conduct his own marriage to Zelda. Hilda accompanies Zelda down the aisle. Blackwood offers a blood sacrifice to the demons of marriage and lust: Astaroth, Furfur, Hathor, Ishtar, Saleous, Uvall, and Vassage. He and Zelda drink the blood of a sacrificed being. Hilda sheathes Zelda and Blackwood's hands with a cloth. Blackwood reads their marriage vows. However, the wedding is interrupted by the ghosts of Edward and Diana Spellman, who denounce Faustus Blackwood for murdering them and the Anti-Pope. Blackwood sees through Sabrina and Nick’s trick and removes their glamour. Before the Judas Society can take them away, Sabrina denounces Father Blackwood as a fraud and accuses him of murdering her father and the Anti-Pope. Ambrose tries to interrupt the wedding but Prudence magically restrains him. He is then subdued and captured by the other Judas Society boys. Father Blackwood announces that he and Zelda will be escorting the Anti-Pope's remains to the Vatican Necropolis. He and Zelda also plan to have a honeymoon abroad.

Blackwood tasks Prudence with overseeing the Academy and protecting their family name. Prudence replies that he can rely on her. Before they leave, Blackwood reminds Zelda that a wife walks behind her husband.[16]

The Raise and Fall of Faustus' Reign


Ad Interim Anti-Pope

During the honeymoon, Blackwood gets named Interim Anti-Pope. They get called back when they receive word of an attack on the Academy by witch-hunter who are members of the Order of the Innocents.

Upon getting back, Sabrina, Ambrose, and Nick get summoned into his office. Father Blackwood tells Sabrina that he and Zelda were recalled from their honeymoon to deal with the emergency caused by the witch-hunters.


The Anti-Pope questions Sabrina's miracles

After interviewing her classmates, Blackwood tells Sabrina that she has displayed some miraculous activities. Sabrina responds that she was only saving her fellow witches. Father Blackwood tells her to address him as his Unholy Eminence due to his status as Anti-Pope. Methuselah reminds Blackwood that he is only Interim Anti-Pope. Blackwood asks how can a first-year half-mortal student levitate, resurrect the dead, and kill angels. Sabrina responds by recounting the story of Pandora's jar, arguing that the gods armed her for destruction and vengeance. To dissuade Blackwood from asking her about those miracles, she asks if he really wants to open that lid. Father Blackwood takes offence but Sabrina responds that he should be thanking her. Methuselah thanks Sabrina for her work but tells her to stay within the Academy walls while the Council investigates the matter of her miracles.

Hilda gets permission to spend time with Zelda. Methuselah allows Hilda and Nick Scratch to roam the school grounds but orders that Ambrose be returned to his cell. Ambrose bows his head in resignation.


Faustus scheming against the Spellmans

Later, Methuselah announces that the Council has come to a decision. Due to their heroic efforts in combating the angels, he allows Sabrina and Nick to continue their studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts with full privileges. Hilda asks about Ambrose. Methuselah announces that Ambrose will be executed per witch law and custom. Sabrina and Hilda protest that Ambrose was being controlled by his familiar which Father Blackwood gave. Father Blackwood asks where is this alleged familiar now and why he has not been presented as evidence. When the Council asks about the familiar, Sabrina explains that his name was Leviathan and that he was inside Ambrose when the Anti-Pope was murdered. Sabrina explains that this is how she thinks that Ambrose was puppetered into committing murder. Hilda vouches for Ambrose's role in repelling the witch-hunters and says that he stayed to warn the children. Methuselah gives Sabrina and Hilda 24 hours to present the familiar or Ambrose will be executed by guillotine. Sabrina tries to mouth a protest but Father Blackwood sets the hour glass. Methuselah reiterates his conditions.


Faustus plotting with the Council to execute Ambrose

After Sabrina has left, Father Blackwood tells the Council that Ambrose is not the only Spellman who should be sent to the guillotine. He asks Zelda for tea. Methuselah says they are not barbarians who are afraid of a schoolgirl. Blackwood says that if Sabrina is truly manifesting those powers, she truly is a threat to the established hierarchy of all Churches of Darkness. He warns that it would be dangerous if their younger members start to believe that Sabrina is more powerful than the Anti-Pope or the Council itself. Prudence gains permission to speak and observes that Sabrina loves her cousin and will do anything to save him from execution including performing a miracle. Blackwood thanks Prudence for her astute observation. Methuselah warns that if Sabrina uses her powers to interfere with tomorrow’s execution, the Council will take lethal action against the girl. Blackwood accepts the Council’s decision and says that they cannot have any “Messiahs” running around. He dreams from a cup of tea.

Later, Blackwood gets a call from Dorian Gray who tells him that Sabrina found Leviathan and resurected him. Blackwood is delighted by the news and asks Dorian what he owes him for his allegiance. Dorian replies that he is merely a spectator. Blackwood tells Zelda, who appears to be in a trance, that a mouse is in the Spellman household and orders her to find the creature and eviscerate it. He orders Zelda to do the same to anyone who tries to stop her. Zelda returns to him with the familar's remains. Unbeknownst to him, Sabrina has discovered the Caligari spell he put on Zelda and has broken it.


Execution Day is postponed

The following day at the Desecrated Church, the witches and warlocks are gathered for the execution of Ambrose. Due to the lack of new evidence, Methuselah orders that Ambrose's execution to proceed as plan. Father Blackwood is jubilant while Zelda plays the role of the biddable wife. The Infernal Bailiff drags Ambrose before the guillotine and places his head in the block. Father Blackwood orders the executioner to carry out the sentence despite Ambrose's defiance. The executioner lowers the blade but is instead beheaded by a killing spell. Zelda winks at Prudence while Ambrose laughs. Blackwood asks Prudence how Sabrina did it but Prudence says that Sabrina did not move or blink. It is shown that Hilda is holding a pair of pruning shears and a decapitated poppet. While Ambrose laughs, Blackwood orders Marcus Pierce to carry out the sentence. Sabrina dares Blackwood to execute Ambrose himself. Ambrose howls in protest but Blackwood instead orders Sabrina to carry out the execution. Before Sabrina can do it, there is a high-pitched screech followed by a shout of "Enough!" Blackwood looks up and discovers that the Dark Lord has appeared. As the congregation bows, he asks Father Blackwood if he is so blind to His will. Fearing he knows about his treachery, Blackwood stutters for a respectful response only for Satan to tell him "Silence Pretender!" Lucifer chastises him for degrading the coven with his pettiness and orders Ambrose spared before disappearing. Methuselah declares that Ambrose is reprieved and orders his release. Later, a chastised Father Blackwood meets with Methuselah and the Council. He tries to make a suggestion only for Methuselah to tell him he may not do so. Blackwood tries to bring Sabrina up again only for Methuselah to reveal that they disagree with his assessment that Sabrina is a threat. Methuselah adds that what did become clear is that Father Blackwood has displeased the Dark Lord and declares that as such he is stripped of his title of Interim Anti-Pope. Zelda maintains her ruse and serves Father Blackwood tea.[17]


Unveilig the Church of Judas' Statue

With his plan to become Anti-Pope derailed, Blackwood decides to separate the Church of Night from the other Churches of Darkness and reorganize it under the Five Facets of Judas. To that end, he addresses the Academy of Unseen Arts, talking about the assassination of the Anti-Pope, the attack by the witch-hunters, and the Witches Council turning its back on them. Father Blackwood says he is willing to shield them and to guide them back to the old ways. The Judas Society unveils a statue of himself and renames the Church of Night the "Church of Judas". He commands them to look to the Five Facets of Judas for salvation and exaltation. He orders the Academy to adopt these beliefs immediately, vowing they will know "Satanic Greatness." Among those present is Zelda, who is still pretending to be the biddable wife.


Faustus discusses with Prudence

Prudence later asks her father about the new strict rules at the Academy such as an evening curfew, no unchaperoned incantations, and no enrollment in the higher, darker magics. Blackwood confirms this is correct. Prudence points out that these new rules only apply to the witches and not the warlocks. Blackwood replies that the witches should focus on the more feminine magics of herbalism and fertility. Prudence asks if the Dark Lord revealed these tenets to him. Blackwood confirms that the tenets are his, claiming that they are derived from his many years of Satanic scholarship. Prudence asks if these rules apply to her. Blackwood asks Prudence to be his strong Left Hand and to help the other girls understand and accept the Blackwood Doctrine and their "vital place" in the Church of Judas. He tells her to do that in return for being exempt from the strictures, adding that the Blackwoods are exempt from these restrictions. Blackwood kisses her and Prudence departs.


Faustus is deceived by Zelda

Later, Elspeth is dragged to Father Blackwood's office by several members of the Judas Society. They tell Father Blackwood that she tried to abandon the Church of Judas and seek out the "Apostate" Sabrina. Blackwood demands her execution but Zelda asks if it is wise to martyr this girl. Prudence supports Zelda and says that executing Elspeth would provoke an uprising. Blackwood agrees but orders the Judas boys to throw Elspeth into the Witches' Cell. Elspeth is dragged sobbing into the cells. Blackwood orders that she also be starved. He orders Zelda and Prudence to take their leave. In private, he orders Marcus and Dario to find the heretic Sabrina and kill her. He orders them to bring him her head.


Discovering a daughter and banishing a wife

Later, Prudence brings him a baby named Letica and tells him that Zelda lied about Judas consuming his twin. Prudence reveals that Leticia is the twin and that Zelda abducted it and left it in the care of a wood witch named Dezmelda. She also reveals that Zelda is a traitor too. When Zelda arrives in his office asking Blackwood how she may be of service, Blackwood denounces Zelda as a traitor and demands to know how long the Caligari spell has been broken. Blackwood is furious with Zelda for lying to him by claiming that baby Judas consumed his twin. Zelda begs for the babe but Blackwood responds "You stole my daughter and left her to be raised by a wood witch!" Zelda calls Prudence a "foolish child" for not realizing what she has done and tells her that Leticia is her sister. Prudence responds that Blackwood is her father. Zelda uses magic to summon a knife and threatens to slit Prudence's throat. She demands that Blackwood let her and Leticia go in return for not spilling Prudence's blood. Blackwood flatly tells her to kill Prudence because he has his legitimate daughter in his hands. He vows that Zelda will not be leaving the Academy at all. Zelda lets Prudence go and drops the blade. Blackwood orders the boys to take her away. Later while having dinner with him, Prudence asks him about his plans for Baby Leticia. Blackwood responds that he first plans to rename her Judith. Believing that her twin birth has destined her for greatness, he says that Judith will have the best of everything including her own private tutors. He says that she will have her Dark Baptism at the age of sixteen. Blackwood also plans to marry Judith to her brother Judas to ensure the purity of the Blackwood bloodline.[18]


Faustus misinterpreting bleeding signs

The following morning, Blackwood starts to bleed from his nose. Just then, Melvin enters Blackwood's office to inform him that the Dark Lord has returned in his angelic form and awaits his presence at Dorian Gray's Room. Blackwood thinks that the blood is a sign. He tells Prudence that the Dark Lord has summoned him and that she must also come with him.


Faustus is not pleased by Lucifer's plans

At Dorian Gray's Room, Father Blackwood bends the knee to the Dark Lord and pledges fealty. The Dark Lord orders him to rise and give a report about the Church of Night. Blackwood tells the Dark Lord that he has brought the church back to the "old ways" and renamed it the Church of Judas. The Dark Lord inquires about Sabrina but Blackwood struggles to answer. He tells the Dark Lord that Sabrina is dangerous but the Dark Lord disagrees that Sabrina is too dangerous for the High Priest of Judas. Father Blackwood says he tried his best but the Dark Lord orders him to be silent, causing the fire to roar. The Dark Lord tells Blackwood that he is no Judas. The Dark Lord reminds Blackwood that the Church of Judas like all the other Churches of Darkness exist to exalt Him and now Sabrina Spellman. He orders Blackwood and his flock to report to Sabrina and to bow to her. Blackwood scoffs but Lucifer warns him not to question him. He orders that Sabrina's coronation and all attending festivities will be held at the Academy of Unseen Arts. He orders Blackwood and his coven to accommodate them. He then dismisses Blackwood and Prudence.


Father Blackwood lies to his church

Later, Father Blackwood gives an embellished account of his meeting with the Dark Lord and claims that the Dark Lord proclaimed his Church of Judas as the one true Church of Darkness. The coven hails Satan and tells the coven to take part in an Unholy Communion. The witches and warlocks steps forward to drink the wine. Agatha and Dorcas obey orders to step forward as Blackwood shouts Hail Satan.


Faustus flees the coven

Later, When Prudence asks about the rest of the Coven, Blackwood reveals that he has poisoned them at Communion. Prudence is horrified and tries to leave but Blackwood warns that leaving him now means leaving the twins forever. Prudence takes one last look at her half-siblings and vows to kill her father wherever he goes. Blackwood flees with Judas and Judith.[19]

Part 3

Stages of Madness


Judas boy disguised as Faustus

For over a month, Faustus Blackwood escaped the wrath of his daughter Prudence and her lover, Ambrose Spellman by glamouring his Judas boys with his guise. One of them tricked Prudence and Ambrose in New Orleans, where they planned to kill him with his own magic tricks.

In the meantime, the Council is undergoing a loss of potency and announces a meeting with High Priest Blackwood, ignoring what has happened in the past weeks. With Blackwood on the run, Hilda and Zelda Spellman hatch a plan to trick the Council. Hilda disguises herself as Faustus, and tricks the counilmen.[20]


Faustus summons the Deep One at Loch Ness

Meanwhile, on the shores of Loch Ness, Scotland, Blackwood achieved a higher form of magick using the energy of the lake that lies atop a powerful rift along the Earth's ley lines. Unaware that unaware that Prudence and Ambrose have tracked him down, Blackwood calls upon the Watery Guardians of the West to rise from the Loch Ness. A creature known only as the Deep One rises from the water and gives Faustus some kind of large, transparent egg. As payment, Faustus offers the creature two sacrifices, two teenagers.


Faustus fights with Prudence

Prudence charges Faustus with a sword, but he's fast enough to kill the Deep One and knocks her to the ground. With Prudence’s life in jeopardy, Ambrose grabs the egg and threatens to destroy it. Faustus begs him not to. He’s spent 15 years inside a temporal church of his own making, purifying himself to wield magicks they couldn’t possibly fathom. Ambrose retorts that he's been away for a month, but Faustus replies that it’s been 15 years for him. With the Dark Lord dethroned and the Pits of the Abyss unmanned, the Old Ones are returning to reclaim the Earth, and then the Eldritch Terrors, Blackwood claims. He lowers his guard and pleads with Ambrose to return the egg. This provides Prudence with the opportunity to knock him out from behind.

Ambrose and Prudence teleport in the foyer of the Spellman household with Father Blackwood as their prisoner, presenting the Spellmans with a new prison for the Dark Lord.


Faustus is imprisoned

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Sabrina shut Lucifer up by telling him that she dragged her first soul to Hell. Lucifer asks how did it make her feel. She replies that it made her feel like she’s capable of anything. The infernal bailiff brings Faustus in. Closely followed behind by Zelda, who intends to assist Sabrina with the soul transference spell.


Faustus is the new flesh Acheron of the Dark Lord

As the new flesh Acheron Configuration trapping the Dark Lord, Faustus is, in turn, trapped inside his own mind. Lucifer proposes that they wrestle, but Blackwood sees no reason for it. He’s seen beyond the veil of their world. He knows there are powers more vast and cosmic than a single vainglorious fallen angel such as Lucifer. Lucifer wonders if Faustus is referring to the Old Gods. Faustus explains that he speaks of the Eldritch Terrors. Older than the oldest gods.[21]

Nicholas Scratch enters Lucifer’s cell and punches him with brass knuckles. Lucifer tortured him for what felt like an eternity, and now it’s Nick’s turn to get some retribution.


Faustus makes a pact with Lucifer to trick Nicholas

Nick repeatedly hits Lucifer, though it seems to have little effect. He states that he missed Nick’s virility and that there will always be a piece of him inside Nick. Lucifer explains that Nick isn’t actually punishing him, more so Blackwood’s flesh suit. He then looks to Nick and explains that it’s really himself who he wishes to punish. Lucifer's words resonates with Nick, and he leaves. Inside the flesh Acheron, Faustus and Lucifer discuss Nicholas and how he’s fraying at the edge. Lucifer is certain that Nick will return to see them, and when he does, Lucifer will have something for him that will make Nick do anything they want.

When Nicholas eventually came back, the Dark Lord speaks through Blackwood and offers him red mercury, which will give him the best rush of his life, as well as dragon’s tears. He’ll go up, but never come down. He offers Nick both in return for a favor…[22]

Physical Appearance

Father Blackwood is a warlock with the appearance of a man in his forties. Tall and with a toned body and a tattoo located on his upper back, he has green eyes, black hair, and long nails that resemble claws. Blackwood wears Puritanical black clothes and always has with him a walking stick with the head of a rabbit carved on the handle. During the important ceremonies of the Church of Night, Father Blackwood wears witch regalia which is, in all respects, satanic clergy attire.


Faustus Blackwood is the traditionalist High Priest of the Church of Night and mentor of the late Edward Spellman, a progressive warlock and the most powerful conjurer produced by the coven. Blackwood is a machiavellian warlock with a strong satanic faith and a narrow-minded policy based on following by the book rules and traditions even when considered barbaric, as the cannibalistic Feast of Feasts was restored as soon as he succeeded Edward Spellman in command of the coven. However, he's more than willing to bend those rules for personal gain.

Father Blackwood is a master manipulator. He knows exactly what nerves to touch to seduce and deceive young witches like Sabrina, promising false hopes and certainties disguised with a philosophy based on the principles of free will and self-empowerment. However, Madam Satan points out in one of their conversations that he is not as expert as he thinks, and that sometimes Blackwood is too reckless in resorting too blatantly to violence rather than subtle deception, like when he likened himself to a hammer nailing wayward witches like nails.

Father Blackwood believes in male supremacy and more than once argued with Madam Satan over the differences of the sexes and their associated alleged qualities and flaws. Despite this, Father Blackwood is extremely lustful and exploits the confessional of witches as an excuse to engage in BDSM sexual acts, in which he takes pleasure in inflicting and receiving pain as he did with Zelda, using her to reach Sabrina. One of his dreams has always been to have a male heir although he had at least one illegitimate child out of wedlock. For years, he and his wife, Lady Constance tried to have children, resulting in several miscarriages that cooled the passion between the two spouses, if ever there was love since Nick claims witches are unable to love.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands, or even gestures.
    • Summoning: The power to summon and teleport another witch from one location to another.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move things with the power of the mind.
  • Demon Banishing: The power to instantly banish a demon.
  • Immortality: After being given the Mark of Cain by Lilith (as an assurance that the Dark Lord wouldn't kill him upon being released from his imprisonment inside Blackwood's body), Faustus now possesses absolute immortality and can't be killed by any known means be it by the Dark Lord himself or Pagan Monsters and Witches.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




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