Two boys on a country road, a crate full of God-knows-what. You're sinners, both of you. Careful, or you'll taste the Reaper's blade next.
— Farmer McGinty to Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones[src]

Farmer McGinty is a guest starring character on the second season of Riverdale. He is portrayed by Tony Todd.

McGinty gave Jughead a lift as he was preparing to pass through Greendale, though after he begins to suspect that Archie and Jughead are sinners, he leaves them both outside a cafe.

Early Life

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2


Jughead and Farmer McGinty on the road to Greendale

While on the road to Greendale, Farmer McGinty sees that Archie and Jughead are having car trouble. So, he steps out of his truck to offer assistance. While the farmer doesn't have a spare tire to offer, he is willing to give them a ride, but not without pay, and he only has room for one. What's in the crate, he asks. "Pancake mix", Jughead states, before agreeing to pay the farmer his last $18 for the ride. As Archie and Jughead load the crate into Farmer Mcginty's truck, they notice a tarp that is surrounded with flies, in which the man tells them to not look under the tarp. As Jughead drives off with Farmer McGinty, he comments that when he first pulled up, he mistook Archie for Jason Blossom, just for a moment, reasoning that "you never know on the road to Greendale". While in truck with Farmer McGinty, a station on the radio plays a man preaching about the Black Hood, and his attempt to cleanse Riverdale of sinners; "this is truly judgment day, and he is the reaper, for Riverdale is soulless and corrupt. But in the Black of the Hood is the light of God, and when you see it, you will die. Unless you are of heavenly things and pure of heart". There are a lot of people who believe that the Black Hood is doing God's work. The recent attacks reminds Farmer McGinty of the Riverdale Reaper, which is news to Jughead.


Farmer McGinty tells Jughead the story of Riverdale Reaper

Farmer McGinty and Jughead soon pull into a gas station. He tells Jughead to fill up on gas, as he uses his only $18. Jughead becomes curious as to what's under the tarp, especially after he sees a trail of blood and flies buzzing around the tarp. He lifts it, to see a dead deer, which unsettles him. McGinty exits the gas station, and calls him Jughead to tell him that there is a cafe nearby. In the cafe, he reveals that he did actually happen to see Jughead look under the tarp. He tells Jughead to not worry, as he has his permits, which allow him to hunt. He's not a thrill-seeking sicko, like the Black Hood or the Riverdale Reaper. Jughead is curious, and asks who the Riverdale Reaper is, to which the man reveals the story of a family living out near Fox Forest. One night, they were all asleep when someone broke in. The killer went room to room with a shotgun, and killed all of them. Some people say the lynch mob got him. Hung him from the tree near Pickens Park. Others think he hopped a train and went out to California. Started praying to the Devil, while others say he never left Riverdale.


Jughead and Archie vs Farmer McGinty

As to whether or not McGinty thinks the Riverdale Reaper is the Black Hood, he's not entirely sure. But there's a cycle to things. "It's killing season in Riverdale. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same man," he says. The waitress slams down the check, and tells them to pay when ready. McGinty turns the tables on Jughead, saying that Jughead will pay for it. but he doesn't have any money, as he gave the rest of the $18 to McGinty, who doesn't care as he attempts to leave with the crate, to which the waitress denies exit, and claims that she's calling the sheriff. Both men yell no, when Archie walks in and asks what's going on. The waitress says that they're trying to attempt a dine and ditch. McGinty tries to turn it on them, saying that they have a crate full of "God-knows-what", also calling Archie and Jughead sinners, before telling them to be careful, or they'll taste the Reaper's blade next. Archie then offers to pay for the bill. Once he does so, Farmer McGinty pulls off in his truck, leaving the boys behind.[1]

Physical Appearance

Farmer McGginty is an older man with dark brown eyes and a shaved head. During his only appearance, his attire consisted of a plaid shirt, suspenders, and a farmer's hat.


Farmer McGginty has an eerie and intimidating presence, causing both Archie and Jughead to appear unsettled while in his company. He's also proven to be untrustworthy, as he was willing to leave Jughead behind despite previously agreeing to drive him to Greendale after being compensated.



Season 2




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