My dad use to be a king, a leader of men. And now he was being demeaned by the likes of Cheryl Blossom? He deserves to be honored, not humiliated.
Jughead to Betty[src]

FP's Retirement Party was a late night party hosted by Betty Cooper at the Whyte Wyrm, in celebration of FP's retirement.

The idea of having a celebration of FP's retirement was first formed not long after FP's release from prison, when he later announced to his son Jughead, along with Alice and Betty Cooper, that he was turning over a new leaf in his life, by severing all ties with the Southside Serpents.


Prison Release


FP's first meal at Pop's after his release from prison

The day for FP's release from prison had finally come. He exited the prison to the sight of Jughead, Betty, and Alice awaiting his arrival just outside the fence. He was greeted with a hug by Jughead. Alice then asked if what they said about men who had just been released from prison was true, that they were incredibly sexually frustrated. The four of them then got into Alice's station wagon and headed down to Pop's, where FP had his first meal as a free man. With the Black Hood targeting sinners, especially those who associate themselves with hoodlums like the Southside Serpents, Alice advised FP to watch his back. Much to everyone's surprise, FP revealed that he wouldn't be going back to the Serpents. It was a decision that he had plenty of time to think over while locked up. That lifestyle was too much of a slippery slope, so it would be one last ride for him and Jughead. As for the extra time, he would have due to no longer running the Serpents, FP planned to get a job at the diner, as he had seen a help wanted sign in the window. Alice remarked that they should hope that his plans didn't come crashing down when he inevitably began drinking again. However, as FP informed her, he was in AA, which he started in jail, and didn't plan on stopping.

The Chock'lit Shoppe


FP's first shift at Pop's

During one of his first shifts at Pop's, as their newly hired busboy, FP was belittled by Cheryl Blossom, who intentionally knocked over her milkshake, and demanded that he clean it up as he did with her brother's blood. This caught Jughead's, Betty's, and Josie's attention, though FP urged Jughead not to get involved. He then bent down to not only clean up Cheryl's mess but give her a replacement milkshake, on the house. It was this incident that motivated Betty and Jughead into throwing FP a retirement party, fit for a king.



Toni talking with Betty about FP retirement party

Back at the Whyte Wyrm, Betty was making preparations for FP's retirement party, where she was discussing party plans with Toni. While taking a look around the bar, she later noticed they had a stage, as she asked Toni for permission on bringing in a karaoke machine. Since FP was praised by the Serpents, Toni was opened to Betty's idea, as she agreed with her party planning.


Jughead convincing FP to attend the retirement party hosted for him.

Meanwhile, back at Sunnyside Trailer Park, Jughead and FP return home after grabbing Chinese food for dinner to eat, while Jughead informed him that he and Betty were planning him a retirement party. At first, FP wasn't open to the idea, as he stated to Jughead, he was trying to keep the Serpents away from his rearview mirror. However, Jughead managed to convince him to attend the event, as he informed FP it was only for one night, which the event would only last for three hours. Later stating that he should attend the event since he done right by the Serpent, adding that he should allow them to do the same for him. Convinced by Jughead, FP agreed to the party, as their conversation would later be interrupted, as Jughead had received a phone call from Penny Peabody. To cover himself up, Jughead lied to FP, as he informed him that Archie was calling him.

The Retirement Party


Toni spotting Alice and Betty entering the Whyte Wyrm

Back at the Whyte Wyrm, Jughead was doing a quick sweep around the perimeter, as he was making sure all would go well. As he makes his way towards the bar, he would later find Archie feeling down, after his chat with Veronica earlier. Jughead later takes notice to Archie's mood, as he asked him if he was okay, which Archie assured him that he was, as he tells Jughead, Veronica's almost here to clear the air, adding that it's going to be a great night. After his chat with Archie, Jughead later made his way to the front of the bar, where he would later find Toni bartending. While directing a comment towards him as to looking nervous. She later asked Jughead if he wanted a drink, something that would help him take the edge off. However, he turns down her offer, as he tells Toni that he's good, to later find Alice and Betty entering the bar together, as he gazes at how beautiful Betty looked. The two ladies were later greeted by him, as Alice later made her way to the bar to grab a drink, as she ordered Tequila, giving Betty and Jughead some private time to talk.


Archie and Veronica speaking to each other

Later, Archie and Veronica meet up together while still at the Whyte Wyrm, things were still quite complicated between the two couples as Archie wanted to talk about them as a couple, after he told Veronica that he loved her. However, Veronica didn't want to talk about their feelings as she didn't say it back to him, after he told her he loved her. Determined to talk about their feelings, Archie wanted to try and talk about what happened between them earlier, as things became quite awkward and distant between them. However, Veronica didn't feel the same way how Archie felt, as she was uncomfortable about bringing the subject up. After being given some man to man advice from his father, Archie tried to not make Veronica feel pressured into saying what he wanted her to say back to him, as he knew Veronica was trying to avoid the subject all day. Archie later tried to explain himself to Veronica, as he stated to her that he didn't want to make her feel pressured into saying that she loved him back. When Veronica heard this, she was pleased to hear what Archie had to say to her, however, it was the total opposite of what Archie expected, as it caused a gap in their relationship, as Archie appeared to be upset at Veronica. He later took notice to Betty calling him up on stage, as he informed Veronica he signed them up for a duet together, while telling her this, Veronica took notice to Archie's sudden change in his mood, as she noticed he was upset with her.

An Interesting Turn of Events


Betty's performance to the Serpents

After their conversation with each other, Archie and Veronica performed Mad World. Veronica left in the middle of the performance due to feeling emotional over the song and Archie followed. With the crowd displeased by their performance, Betty took the stage to continue the song where Archie and Veronica left off. Although Jughead was uncomfortable with Betty's performance, and the way members of the Serpents looked at him, he endured Betty's performance until she was done. The crowd stood in the bar in silence and, following that, Betty performing the Serpent Dance. A dance which women had to strip down in front of members of the Serpents in order to become one of them. The crowd stood in silence once more, and a single clap was heard; which was later revealed to be FP.


FP making his speech to the Serpents.

Following Betty's performance, FP would later make his speech towards the Southside Serpents. "I've been in and out of the Serpents since I was younger than my son, and it's been a wild ride. Good times. Bad times. But through it all, the Serpents stuck by my side while most other people turned their backs on me, my own family included. Now, the letter of the law says that I can't be here in the Serpent den, that I can't associate with my friends, my real family, my blood. But I've been thinking about that, and it'll be a cold day in hell before a snake lets a pig tell him what to do [...] The Northside wants me out of this gang, well they better bring a coffin 'cause FP Jones isn't retiring. I am not going gently into the night. I am here to stay. So, bring the fire." The Crowd Cheered in celebration of FP's return to the Serpents by his sudden change of heart, but Jughead wasn't pleased to hear this from his father as he didn't expect the turn of events.


FP telling Jughead he knows about his deal with the Snake Charmer

After FP made his speech, some of the members went up on stage to greet him, as he later spotted Jughead in the crowd looking at him disappointingly. He later made his way down the stage towards Jughead through the crowd, Jughead later asked him what happened to his choice in retirement. FP looked him straight in the face briefly, later reaching in to give him a hug. Whilst doing this, he informed Jughead that he knew about The Snake Charmer and the delivery he did for her, including the debt that he owed her. He informed Jughead of his knowledge on his recent activities, and Jughead appeared to be surprised by how his father found out about his recent activities with Penny. FP continued to tell Jughead that he did the one thing he told him not to do with audible disappointment in his voice as he spoke. After hearing what his father had to say to him, Jughead tried to tell his father he can fix his mistake; where FP interrupted him, informing Jughead that he no longer needed to worry about Penny. He stated that he took his place as Penny's delivery boy, allowing her to no longer be a problem towards Jughead, making her his problem now to deal with. Later looking back at Jughead, looking him straight in the eyes with tears, he told Jughead he broke his heart and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Sweet Pea and Tall Boy approached them to celebrate, as Tall Boy handed FP a shot glass to cheers in celebration of FP's return.[1]





Season 2



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