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Happy day, friends. We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the baptizing of Alice Smith. Now this is a day of rebirth, of course. And as such, it is important to remember that birth is no easy feat. It is a trauma to leave the comfort of our wombs. We push, tear, and spring forth, crying and gasping for air, for life. Today, Alice Smith, you will rip off the weight you have carried, you will break through the barriers restraining you, and you will emerge into the light of your destiny.
— Evelyn to Alice[src]

Evelyn Evernever is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Zoé de Grand'Maison.

She is the wife of Edgar Evernever, the leader of The Farm, who pretends to be his daughter to recruit teenagers for the Farm.

Character Description

Otherworldly, seemingly omnipresent, and a bit odd. She's eager to befriend Betty, and is surprisingly insightful for her age, but may be hiding dark secrets about herself.[1]

Early Life

Unlike many, Evelyn did not grow up in Riverdale. Prior to moving to town, Evelyn lived elsewhere with her husband Edgar. She has been transferring from high school to high school, posing as 17 years old for more than a decade.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 3

Meet Evelyn Evernever

Evelyn introduces herself to Betty Cooper while in the Blue and Gold offices. She explains that they almost met through Alice and Polly. Evelyn is the daughter of Edgar Evernever. The leader of the Farm. Evelyn explains that she now attends Riverdale High School and that she stopped by to greet her and inform Betty that she won't tell anyone about her seizure from the other night. As it turns out, Evelyn was present during Betty's incident. She and her father were invited over by Alice for a cookout and to burn a few of her things. Evelyn then inquires about Betty, who excuses herself to visit Ben Button in the hospital. Later, Evelyn watches from the doorway eerily as Betty and Jughead tend to a seizing Ethel Muggs.[2]

Evelyn agrees to help Betty

With Principal Weatherbee's permission, Evelyn has started a student chapter of the Farm at Riverdale High. It's a peer support meeting. However, Betty is the only one to attend. Betty claims that she’s come to learn more about the Farm and that she came to ask about Ethel, who told her that Evelyn had been helping her with her seizures. Evelyn says that she’s been trying to with her dad’s teachings as she has to get Ethel off the medication. Evelyn then asks if Betty is on any medication, which Betty claims she isn’t, but she is considering it as she’s still having convulsions one or twice a day. Betty is hoping that Evelyn’s dad could help, which Evelyn is thrilled to hear.

Evelyn at Betty's house

Later that day, Betty returns home to find Evelyn, along with half a dozen members of the Farm, including Alice and Polly, sitting in the living room, awaiting her arrival. Evelyn told them that Betty was finally ready to meet the Farm. Betty was under the impression that Edgar would be joining them, to which to the group laughs. There are certain levels one must first attain before meeting Evelyn's father. First, Betty must start by meeting a few "Farmies". This will be Betty’s first testimony, which is essentially an open, non-judgmental conversation about all the bad things she’s done in her life. Evelyn reveals that between Alice and Polly, the Farm has gathered much information on Betty, such as her dark kinship with her father and the role she played in disposing of a dead body in her kitchen. But Betty should have no worries as everything spoken at the Farm is kept in confidence.

The Farmies show concern for Betty

They all know each other’s secrets. They also know about the wake and Betty's webcamming. Feeling cornered, Betty changes the subject to Evelyn being present at both her seizure and Ethel’s, and how the Farm showed up in Riverdale at the same time as Gryphons & Gargoyles, which made Ben Button and Dilton Doiley kill themselves all to appease a creature only known as the Gargoyle King, which Betty suspects may be Evelyn’s father. Evelyn claims that the first time they had ever heard of Gryphons & Gargoyles was from Alice, leaving Betty to wonder how her mother knows about the game. Alice attempts to drive the discussion away from her past, stating that it’s too soon and that Betty isn’t ready. Betty then becomes dizzy, as if she’s about to faint, but she keeps her balance.[3]

Evelyn in class

Evelyn, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, Josie, Kevin, Reggie, Sweet Pea, and Fangs Fogarty sit as Sheriff Minetta confronts them with his suspicion that Archie Andrews had help in escaping Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center. Sheriff Minetta informs them that hiding a convict and information from the law is a felony offense. So, whoever aided and abetted Archie is just as much a criminal as he is. When the sheriff turns his attention to Evelyn, she explains that she never even met Archie, plus on Mondays, she attends meetings for the Farm. He then asks where Josie was during the time of the breakout. She struggles to come up with an alibi, eventually settling with her being alone in the music room. Sheriff Minetta will be looking into all their alibis. As he continues to antagonize Josie, she suddenly has a seizure. Cheryl rushes to her aid, catching Josie and telling the sheriff to back off.[4]

Evelyn finds a bag of Fizzle Rocks

Evelyn and Polly attempt to recruit the kids from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to the Farm. Polly explains that the Farm helped her. There, everyone’s equal, Evelyn says. Polly informs Betty that she was called in by their mom, who perceived Betty to be in over her head. Betty then takes back the Farm t-shirts that Evelyn is passing out, explaining that this is their attempt to bribe them. Polly denies doing anything of the sort. When she fled from her the Sisters, the Farm became her salvation and family. As their Gryphon Queen, Betty promises to protect them. The Farm is not safe. Polly calls into question just how safe they are by asking if Betty revealed to them how the Gargoyle King broke into the house and terrorized them, which she hadn't. Evelyn then asks about the Fizzle Rocks she and Polly found at the house. Betty replies that she doesn’t know where they are getting the drugs from. Polly explains that’s because she’s a Serpent, so the kids didn't want to tell her, but they revealed to Polly and Evelyn that Fangs Fogarty is the unnamed Serpent dealing Fizzle Rocks. Betty then relays this info to Jughead.[5]

Evelyn, Alice, and several members of the Farm celebrate at the Cooper house after Alice got the job at the local broadcasting station and the Farm found and bought its new headquarters. The Sisters of Quiet Mercy, making their stay in Riverdale permanent. Evelyn thanks Betty as it was her "donation" that paid for it.[6]

Polly, Alice, and Evelyn prepare for the baptism

Evelyn and Polly help Alice prepare for her baptism. Betty watches from the couch, extending her support or at least pretending to, unbeknownst to the others. Betty then discovers the release forms that Alice signed that exculpates the Farm in case of bodily harm or death during the baptism. Alice snatches the form away from Betty, claiming that it’s standard. Evelyn explains to Betty that Alice is on the verge of discovering something that some people spend their whole life looking for and never find, so Betty shouldn’t stand in the way of that. Polly then adds that Betty is behaving just as Edgar said she would as she is a detractor.

The Farm holds Alice's baptism

The women of the Farm gather for Alice’s baptism. Evelyn seems to lead the event. This is a day of rebirth. It is important to remember that birth is no easy fear, Evelyn says. It is a trauma to leave the comfort of their wombs. They push, tear, and spread forth. Crying and gasping for air. Today, Alice will rip off the weight she has carried, break through the barriers restraining her and she will emerge into the light of her destiny. Evelyn asks Alice if she’s ready. Alice replies that she is. Polly helps Alice into a steel tub of water and hold her underwater. Even as Alice gasps and fights for air, Polly forces her down until she is unresponsive. Betty, having run across town, finally makes it to the facility, barging into the chamber and demanding that the baptism be stopped. Betty pulls her mother from the tub and performs CPR. Fortunately, she manages to revive Alice.[7]

Kevin, Evelyn, and the Farmies find the Serpents in their room

Evelyn, Kevin, and the rest of the young Farmies enter their reserved classroom for the Farm meeting only to find Kurtz and the other Gargoyles turned Serpents occupying the classroom while playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. Just as Evelyn informs them that they have rights to the class every Wednesday, Cheryl, Peaches 'N Cream and the rest of the Pretty Poisons interject to lay their claim to the room. Cheryl explains that the third Wednesday of every month is reserved for monthly student council/LGBTQIA meetings. Evelyn questions the validity of Cheryl’s claims, to which Cheryl replies that she would have Evelyn beheaded in another century. It’s only when Kurtz refers to the ladies as "bitches" that the altercation turns violent, forcing Jughead and Toni to intervene.

Evelyn later leads the Farm meeting, during which time she watches as the other Farmies, including Kevin, burn themselves by holding their hand over Bunsen burners.

Evelyn leads Kevin and the Farmies

Unbeknownst to the Farmies, Betty follows Kevin from his house to the woods, where he has met up with Evelyn and the rest of the Farmies. Betty watches from afar, cloaked in the bushes as a ritual is about to commence. It would seem that Kevin has to cross a bed of hot coal without shoes. Evelyn tells Kevin that once he crosses the threshold, he can’t stop. He must believe that he’ll be protected and forged. Only through the fire can they be cleansed and leave their past behind. Conquer their fears, expiate their sins, and exorcize their demons. Betty jumps out the bushes telling Kevin not to go through with the ritual, but he does so regardless, seemingly without any pain or injury.

Evelyn and Kevin threaten to expose Betty

Evelyn and Kevin find Betty while she's writing her Blue and Gold article detailing her encounter last night in the woods. Evelyn tells Betty that she shouldn’t have run off afterward. Betty asks if they’re there to go on record about what she saw. Kevin tells Betty that last night was scary, fun, and euphoric. It felt like nothing he’s ever felt. Evelyn and Kevin then tell Betty that she won’t be publishing that article because they will tell everyone about the shady man that her mother killed in the kitchen, how Betty and Jughead dumped his car in Swedlow Swamp, and how FP dissolved the body with lye in the woods. Thanks to Betty’s mom, everyone at the Farm knows her secrets.[8]

Kevin and Evelyn try to convince Mayor Lodge not to cancel Heathers

As mayor, Hermione goes straight to Principal Weatherbee after discovering that this year’s musical is Heathers, which focuses on teen violence and suicide. Hermione explains that this is a terrible idea given the tragedy of last year’s musical. Evelyn and Kevin are there to maintain their stance and see to it that the play goes on. While Heathers deals with teen alienation and desperation, it’s characters however long for simpler and more innocent times. Its ultimate message is a rejection of nihilism. Evelyn and Kevin then proceed to sing the lyrics of the first song in hopes of convincing Hermione that the musical is in everyone’s best interest.

In the classroom sits Evelyn, Archie, Josie, Reggie, Sweet Pea, and Fangs, who all proceeds to break out in song and dance, leading Hermione to questions if they’re all truly this miserable. They then come down the hall in song and dance and make their way to the auditorium. Evelyn, Archie, Kevin, Cheryl, Veronica, Betty, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Josie, and Peaches get on stage, where they conclude their performance.

Kevin and Evelyn are co-directors

Afterward, Kevin announces that there’s been a slight change to their creative team. While Evelyn has been helping him produce the musical, he’s recently asked her to step up and be his co-director, much to Betty’s disdain, as she points out that Kevin has always directed the musical alone, which Kevin reveals has always been incredibly stressful, especially after last year’s incident, with Midge being killed by the Black Hood, which Fangs would prefer they not speak of. Kevin then asks for a rundown of everybody’s role. Given how much dancing there is in Heathers, Evelyn and Kevin figured they should bring in a choreographer, that being Toni, which comes as an unwelcome surprise to Cheryl.

Archie, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Toni, Josie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Reggie, and Peaches lay on their backs in the student lounge as Evelyn tells them that everything in their lives matter. There are universal truths within each of their experiences. In rehearsal, they’re going to explore their own personal traumas and experiences and exercise them through their art. Kevin interrupts to inform Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty that "Candy Store" set and costumes are ready.

Evelyn's motives are to have big fun

Evelyn is confronted by Betty on her suspicions of Evelyn’s less than pure motives with joining Kevin in directing the musical. Betty suspects that Evelyn’s using the musical as a recruitment drive for the Farm, who are sponsoring the play. Betty came to this conclusion after Evelyn strong-armed her way into directing the musical. Also, her warm-up sermons and exercising trauma through art screams cult recruitment to Betty. Evelyn wants to dissect Betty’s trust issues. Evelyn claims that the Farm is producing and she’s co-directing the musical for one simple reason. To have big fun. In fact, Evelyn makes an announcement, inviting everyone to a cast party at the former Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Also, while it may seem weird, Evelyn tells everyone to come in costume.

Evelyn gives Kevin brownies

The cast meets up at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy compound as planned. Betty continues her investigation of Evelyn. She wonders what Evelyn’s father would say about all this. Evelyn replies that there is no need to wonder as her father’s approving of their get together. She, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Kevin, Cheryl, Veronica, Josie, and Archie then start to sing and dance. Just then, Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, and the Pretty Poisons join in, which upsets Cheryl, as she was hoping that Toni wouldn’t come. Evelyn notices Cheryl’s troubles and tells her to let everything go and to follow her lead. With the exception of Betty, who watches from afar, everyone comes back together to finish the musical number. Evelyn then offers Kevin an organic brownie with farm-grown maple mushrooms baked in. She claims they’re transformative.

Kevin and Evelyn hold a secret reveal session

Evelyn, Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Toni, Josie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Reggie, Peaches, and Kevin meet back up in the auditorium the following day. They’re each going to share something they’ve never told anyone before. Kevin reveals that he’s being haunted by Midge’s ghost. He’s been thinking about her all the time since rehearsal started as he feels guilty. Fangs have been seeing her as well but in his nightmares. Evelyn sees this as a beautiful experience. Through revealing their truth, they’ve found an unexpected connection. Sweet Pea reveals that it hurt him to see Archie and Josie getting cozy last night. Under the suspicion that he may have been nothing more than a rebound, Reggie asks Veronica if she knew of Archie and Josie’s relationship. Veronica had no idea, she claims. Evelyn then asks if Veronica has anything to share. She tells the group that her parents are separating. Admittedly, her family is unconventional, but she always thought no matter what that they’d stay together.

Evelyn tells Cheryl about Toni

Evelyn approaches Cheryl in the restroom to inform her of Toni’s arrival just outside. Cheryl exits the restroom to find Toni in an all-red outfit. Cheryl is enraged, immediately confronting Toni and informing her that she’s wearing Cheryl’s signature color. Cheryl gives Toni until first bell Monday to clear every trace of herself from the school.

Evelyn, Kevin, and Fangs attend a closed rehearsal for select cast members in the Gargoyle Chamber. Unbeknownst to them, Betty sneaks into the compound. She peaks through the doors of the chamber to the sight of Evelyn standing before Kevin and Fangs, who are down on their knees singing. Betty takes photos of the rehearsal as Kevin and Fangs rise to their feet and kiss, and Evelyn leads the rehearsal.

Evelyn sees her dad in the crowd

Backstage, just ten minutes out, Evelyn and Kevin get everything in order in preparation for the musical to begin. Betty and Jughead arrive with dirt all on their face, just short of opening. Kevin and Evelyn instruct them to get to make up and to make sure that Jughead knows his line and choreography for the finale. The musical ends with Evelyn, Kevin, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Sweet Pea, Toni, Reggie, Josie, Veronica, Cheryl, and Fangs on stage singing "Seventeen". As the musical concludes, Evelyn's father rises from the audience, clapping slowly and very dramatic-like. He is joined by over a dozen members of the Farm, who are all wearing white and join in on the slow clap. From the stage, Evelyn states that she knew her dad would like it.[9]

Evelyn enters Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe with fliers for the Farm's upcoming open house. They’re opening their doors to visitors. Everyone is welcome to tour their renovated premises, meet with Farm elders and learn about their values and practices.

Evelyn interviews Betty

The following day, the open house goes as planned. Betty surprisingly attends and even participates in the interviewing process. Evelyn informs her that these interviews are reserved for those actually interested in joining the Farm. Betty claims that she is before asking about Evelyn's father, Edgar, who Evelyn says is around. The interview begins. Evelyn asks for name and occupation. She then asks if Betty ever bites her fingernails or feels stressed. Betty replies yes to both. Lastly, she asks if Betty would consider herself a cold person. Betty says no. And on that note, Evelyn concludes the interview.

Evelyn checks on Cheryl

Unbeknownst to Evelyn, Cheryl tricks her into thinking she’s vulnerable by pretending to cry in the girl's restroom in order to gain access to the Farm on Betty's behalf. Evelyn overhears Cheryl crying. She opens the bathroom stall and asks what happened. Cheryl claims that she and Toni broke up for good this time, and Evelyn offers to be her friend. Cheryl then reports back to Betty to inform her that the plan worked.

Evelyn invites Cheryl to the compound and starts the interview off by asking Cheryl’s favorite color. Of course, which is red, specifically Pantone’s "Flame Scarlet." Evelyn then asks if she ever bites her fingernails or cuticles when stressed. Cheryl does not. Evelyn's father then enters to take over the interview.[10]

Evelyn, Fangs, Kevin, and Cheryl advocate for the Farm

Evelyn, Cheryl, Fangs, and Kevin advocate for the Farm, spreading the word around school. "Where the one become many and the many become one". Toni watches very concerned as Evelyn, Cheryl, Fangs, and Kevin pass through the school hallway.

Evelyn approaches Toni in the girl's restroom and accuses Toni of detracting Cheryl from her studies at the Farm, which Evelyn refuses to allow to happen. Toni states that she loves Cheryl and Cheryl loves her. Evelyn says that the Farm is fulfilling Cheryl in ways that Toni couldn’t imagine, which Toni finds hard to believe.

Evelyn tells Toni to stay away from Cheryl

The following day, Evelyn asks Betty if she’s seen Alice, though Betty claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts. Considering that Alice missed bed check and the fact that Betty was seen entering Alice’s room, Evelyn suspects that Betty has something to do with her disappearance. Still, Betty maintains her innocence. As she walks off, Evelyn reminds her that they have copies of Alice’s and Polly’s tapes. Betty slams Evelyn against the locker. While the Farm may have brainwashed her mother, Betty sees right through them. She warns Evelyn to stop messing with her family and friends. Should Evelyn persist, Betty threatens to kill her.

Alice rejoins Evelyn

Evelyn gets a call from Betty, asking her to meet at Pop's. Evelyn awaits Betty and Alice's arrival. Evelyn welcomes Alice with open arms and the two share a hug. Before leaving, Betty pleads with Evelyn to take care of her mother. Evelyn replies that that’s all she’s ever wanted to do.

After Toni joins the Farm, she, Evelyn, Kevin, Cheryl, and Fangs walk down the school halls dressed in all white.[11]

Evelyn is excused from meningitis vaccinations

While in line for her meningitis vaccination, Betty overhears Ms. Bell asking Evelyn if she’s had hers. However, Evelyn explains that the Farm doesn’t believe in putting foreign substances into their bodies. She tells Ms. Bell to check her file as her father has written Principal Weatherbee a letter, opting her out of all elective medical procedures. Little does Evelyn know, this gives Betty the idea to go looking into Evelyn school records. It's through Betty's snooping that she discovers that Evelyn has been repeating her Junior year, enrolling in high schools, pretending to be 17 for over a decade and that Evelyn is 26 to be exact. Also, Evelyn is Edgar’s wife, not his daughter.

Alice, Edgar, and Evelyn welcomes Betty

Evelyn joins Toni, Edgar, Alice, Polly, Cheryl, Kevin, Weatherbee and the other Farmies in setting a trap for Betty, who they seek to recruit into the Farm. Betty reveals that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but everyone is well aware. There are no secrets at the Farm. They’ve all come together to get Betty to join them. Edgar explains that everyone Betty cares about is in the room, her mother, sister, best friend, cousin and sister. In unison, the Farmies recite "Join us." If only for a second, it seems that Betty begins to consider the offer, but she declines it nonetheless and takes off running, with Evelyn, Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, and the other Farmies just behind her. Betty just barely makes it to her car and pulls off.[12]

Evelyn tells Cheryl that she can't run for Prom Queen

Evelyn approaches Cheryl and Toni's the ticket table to inform them that campaigning for Prom Queen is strictly forbidden. The Farm prohibits it because it goes against their strictures of equality. Cheryl retorts that it’s easier for Evelyn to brush it off as she’s likely been to many Prom given how much older she actually is. Evelyn tells Cheryl and Toni that this is a test. They can either be Queens for one night or they can live in the glory of the Farm for all eternity. Cheryl answers that she wants both.

The night of Prom has arrived. Evelyn, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Fangs, Cheryl, Toni, and Peaches stand in the crowd as Betty is announced as the Prom Queen, though no one seems to know where she is.[13]

Evelyn takes her dialysis

Evelyn is confronted by Betty, whose curiosity has gotten the best of her as she wonders about the medical machine Evelyn is hooked up to. Evelyn tells Betty that the machine she is hooked up to is for her dialysis. Evelyn’s kidneys failed when she was younger. Upon a closer look, Betty discovers that Evelyn is on anti-rejection meds, which is what they give you when you have an organ transplant. From there, Betty begins to piece things together, like the scar of Kevin’s back and Fangs’ treatment. She concludes that Edgar is butchering his disciples, though Betty’s aware that this all can’t be just for Evelyn, who exclaims that Betty doesn’t know anything beyond her own unconfirmed suspicions. Seeking validation for her suspicions, Betty breaks into the lab. Inside the freezer, she finds blood bags and organs.[14]

Evelyn interrupts Edgar just as he is about to begin his procedure on an unconscious Betty, to inform him of Penelope’s arrival. Penelope makes it known that she’s fully aware of Edgar’s harvest program, and while she has no interest in exposing his illegal activities, she does however want Betty.

Alice, Evelyn, and Edgar plan for ascension

With the Farm now compromised and the outside world encroaching upon them, Edgar informs Alice and Evelyn that it’s time to ascend. Alice appears worried, asking if either Edgar or Evelyn have seen Betty. Evelyn lies and tells Alice that Betty escaped with Toni. Edgar states that they’ll ascend without Betty as she was never a true believer. Cheryl eavesdrops on this conversation from the corner, unbeknownst to Alice, Edgar, and Evelyn.

Later, Cheryl barges into Edgar's office to confront him on digging up her brother. Edgar reasons that Cheryl had a void and that it’s his job to diagnose how to fill it. Evelyn enters with two orderlies who restrain Cheryl and are ordered to confine Cheryl to her room. Edgar then asks that Alice and Evelyn help him gather the flock into the chamber so that they can ascend.[15]

Season 4

The Farm have moved into a derelict motel, where unbeknownst to them, they are under investigation by the FBI. They have been getting pizza deliveries everyday at the same time. So, the FBI sends an agent in disguise to make the delivery. Evelyn answers as the under cover agent knocks on the door. She immediately ambushes him. A scuffle can be heard before several rounds are fired off. Edgar finds the wire on the undercover agent’s body and taunts Charles.

Evelyn knocks Betty out

Having met all of Edgar’s demands in gathering the $250,000, food, water, fake passports, and a school bus, Betty meets him at the motel. She asks where her mother is, but Edgar doesn’t answer. He knew Betty wouldn’t fail him. It’s a shame she didn’t accept the simple truths he tried to instill in her because without those truths, all Betty is left with is pain. Evelyn then hits Betty in the back of the head with a gun and knocks her unconscious. Edgar’s plan is to have Evelyn drive the bus full of Farmies off of a cliff as a distraction while he takes off in the rocket he built. Betty and Alice will be tied to the front of the bus as shields.

Evelyn returns to the room to retrieve Betty and Alice only to find that they’ve escaped. Betty sneaks up on Evelyn from behind and knocks her unconscious with a blunt object. Betty takes Evelyn’s gun and for some reason for beret, and she and her mother make their escape.[16]

The Farm programmed its members prior to its demise. Instilling in their subconscious a trigger word that when activated, would cause them to try to kill Betty. From Shankshaw Prison, Evelyn first calls Polly, who an hour later, mutilates a nurse named Betty. Later, Evelyn calls Alice and actives her. Alice grabs a knife from the kitchen and nearly kills Betty.

Evelyn tells Betty about the sleeper cells

Betty pieces the clues together and visits Evelyn at Shankshaw and confronts her for turning her family against her by calling them and triggering post-hypnotic suggestion. Betty questions how she’s getting them to turn. Evelyn explains that when she delivers the activation, the receiver turns into Betty. They become Betty. When triggered, they try to kill Dark Betty. It was Edgar’s idea. The trigger word is "tangerine." It has to be repeated three times in a row. Betty hangs up the phone on Evelyn before she can say it a third time in fear that it will activate her to kill herself.[17]

Evelyn tells Betty that she'll be joining her in prison

Betty pays Evelyn a visit at Shankshaw prison and asks if Donna visited her, which Evelyn admits that she did. She asked about Betty’s time at the Farm. Donna said Evelyn told her about some post-hypnotic suggestion that Betty would be susceptible to. Evelyn questions what specifically is bothering Betty. Betty explains that she went to a party last night, and she thinks she blacked out, and she wants to know what happened. Evelyn tells Betty that she already knows the answer to this and then asks how Jughead is doing. Evelyn tells Betty that soon enough, she’ll be in there with her, in a cell where they keep all the boyfriend killers.[18]

Physical Appearance

Evelyn is 5'7 and has wavy red hair that passes down her shoulders. She also has pale skin and light blue eyes accomplishing her facial features.


Evelyn has a sweet and kindhearted facade, but she is actually deceitful and very manipulative. She tends to befriend people that are emotionally vulnerable and manipulates them into joining The Farm. She also tries to cause strife between people like she did with Kevin and Betty, Evelyn’s most notable trait is her undying loyalty to her husband Edgar and The Farm.



Season 3

Season 4


  • Cheryl referred to Evelyn as "Daughter of Manson", a reference to infamous cult leader Charles Manson, and "Child of the Corn", a reference to Stephen King's short story about a harvest-based cult.
  • In the Little Archie comics, which features many of the Archie Comics characters as grade school children, Evelyn was a shy girl who was acquainted with Archie and his friends. However, her only real friend was her doll, Minerva.
  • Evelyn reappears in an issue of Betty & Veronica Spectacular to kidnap Archie.
  • According to the Season 3 tie-in comics, Evelyn was responsible for informing Clifford Blossom about Jason’s and Polly’s plan to run away.


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