Drew Ray Tanner is a Canadian actor. He portrays Fangs Fogarty on The CW's Riverdale.


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  • Drew shares the same birthday as fellow cast member Lochlyn Munro.
  • Tanner sent in a tape and later auditioned for Jughead in 2015. In Vancouver, he read for Reggie (twice) and Sweet Pea (then called Applejack). Tanner was going to read for Nick St. Clair, but was offered the part of Fangs instead, which he says was the role he most wanted.[1]
  • Fangs was originally meant to appear in just two episodes.[2]
  • Drew spent the second and third seasons building as much foundation as possible for his character. He spent "so many episodes just filling in the little gaps that [he] needed to and staying hungry and trying to understand where this character comes from, the outlook on the world."[2]
  • The relationship with Kevin was gradual and partly due to chemistry with Casey Cott. Tanner preferred this to being introduced only as a love interest, which is instead just another layer to Fangs.[2]

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