As always, small bills are preferable.
— Dr. Curdle to Betty[src]

Dr. Curdle was a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Mackenzie Gray.

He was the local coroner in Riverdale.

Early Life

Much of Dr. Curdle's life remains a mystery, though, at some point, he became a coroner in Riverdale.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Every corpse has a tale to tell. Dr. Curdle instructs Alice Cooper to step closer as there are several morbid details that she should find relevant to her article for the Blue and Gold regarding Jason Blossom's death. The marbling of the veins. Signs of scavenger activity. Ligature marks on both wrists. And a hint of cryo-necrotic preservation. She then pays him off in small bills for the information provided.[1]

Season 2

Dr. Curdle arranges a discreet meeting in the autopsy lab yet again with Alice. He removes the blanket covering Geraldine Grundy's face, revealing lacerations on her neck. She had been murdered in her Greendale home. Her trachea's been crushed, and the broken veins in her eyes and the tears in her skin suggest brutality. Dr. Curdle determines the murder to be a crime of passion. The killer wanted to feel her struggle as she died. After Alice hands him an envelope filled with money, as payment for his services, Dr. Curdle asks if she knew the victim. Alice replies that she didn't, despite previously meeting Ms. Grundy after learning of her affair with Archie earlier in the school year.[2]

Dr. Curdle calls the Register from the coroner's office, hoping to speak with Alice. A corpse recently turned up of an unidentified male in his mid-twenties. His mutilated body turned up on the highway, just out of town. Impersonating her mother, Betty tells Dr. Curdle that she'll be there soon to see the body. He replies by telling her to bring small bills, as always.

Betty and Cheryl arrive at the coroner's office. While Betty isn't the Cooper he was expecting, her money is good just the same. After paying him off, Dr. Curdle unzips the body-bag. The man was found in the men's room of a rest stop outside of Greendale.[3]

Season 3

Due to an unknown cause, Dr. Curdle passed away. His son, Dr. Curdle Jr., has taken over his position as Riverdale's medical examiner.[4]

Physical Appearance




Season 1

Season 2




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