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Hildegarde Antoinette Spellman, as soon as I looked you in the eye, I knew you were the one, the love of my life. And I still can't believe I get to grow old with you, my fierce, my beautiful wife. I love you, Hilda, now and forever.
— Dr. Cerberus to Hilda[src]

Dr. Cerberus (real name Kenny Kosgrove) is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is portrayed by Alessandro Juliani.

Dr. Cerberus owns the local book store, Cerberus Books. He recently hired Hilda Spellman as a barista in his store. After revealing that he is incubus and learning that she is a witch, the two began to develop a relationship together.

Early Life

Years ago, Dr. Cerberus stumbled upon an occult tome, which had a spell for conjuring a demon. He conjured the demon, never thinking it would work, but it did and the demon remains inside him. Before becoming the owner of Cerberus Books, he was the weatherman and a horror show host.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Physical Appearance

Dr. Cerberus is a middle aged man who is often seen wearing a black suit and horror-themed clothing and accessories.


A former weatherman and horror show host, Dr Cerberus gives a constant positive and professional air. Having to keep his incubus nature in check left him quite lonely and single for some part of his life; however, he nevwr let that stop him from being friendly with his customers. Meeting Hilda not only allowed him to open his heart, but learn he wasn't alone in the supernatural. Even his horrific near-death experience at a transfigured and unstable Hilda's hands didn't shake his resolve to be with her; in fact he merely laughed it off.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Cerberus is possessed by an incubus, a form of sex demon. When triggered, his eyes glow yellow, and he grows fangs and claws. More than capable of defending himself, Dr. Cerberus was also able to scare Mehitable, a witch-hunter, away


Hilda Spellman

Dr. Cerberus and Hilda

Dr. Cerberus met Hilda when she came by to apply for a job at Cerberus Books. He hired her as a barista. It didn't take long for feelings to manifest, though Dr. Cerberus was initially reluctant to pursue a relationship Hilda as he was hiding a secret of his own and turned down her advances. Hilda was determined to win over his affection and prepared a glamour. She approached Dr. Cerberus yet again with intentions to seduce him. Dr. Cerberus rejected her advances once more, though not out of disinterest. He revealed that he was possessed by an incubus — a sex demon. And this was why he couldn't be near Hilda. She excited him too much. However, Hilda eventually revealed that she was a witch and the two would perused a relationship. Not long after, he proposed to Hilda.


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