Dorcas is a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She is portrayed by Abigail Cowen.

She is a student at the Academy of Unseen Arts and a member of the Weird Sisters. She is one of the witches and warlocks who got saved by the Spellman Family after Father Blackwood tried to poison the entire coven.

Early Life

Dorcas is an orphan who grew up in the Church of Night. At some point, she met and befriended Prudence and Agatha, and the three of them became the dynamic trio known as the Weird Sisters. After her Dark Baptism, she joined the Academy of Unseen Arts, where she was put through the Harrowing. They later met Sabrina Spellman, who they bully because of her dual nature.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


The Weird Sisters curse Sabrina

Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas, a trio of teenage witches better known as the Weird Sisters appear in the woods after hearing Sabrina Spellman summon a familiar. Having eavesdropped on Sabrina, they now know with certainty that she’s going through with her dark baptism and transferring to the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, as far as they’re concerned, Sabrina being the half-breed that she is, is not welcome. Prudence warns Sabrina to stay away from the Academy as she wouldn’t want what happened to her mother and father to happen to her. Dorcas and Agatha add that it would be tragic should the accident that took their lives also befalls Sabrina. The Weird Sisters then place a curse on Sabrina. Almost instantly, Sabrina’s nose starts to bleed.[1]

A few days later Sabrina enlists their help to teach some mortal football players a lesson for hurting Sabrina’s friend Susie they agree to help her on the condition that Sabrina stays away from the Academy, even though she lies to them they still help her because they love torturing mortal boys, the Weird Sisters and Sabrina lure the boys into the Greendale mines where they put an Illusion Spell on the boys making them believe they were making-out with the girls while in reality they were making-out with each other. Sabrina takes pictures of this to blackmail them into stop harassing Susie and the other girls at Baxter High. The boys demand to get the pictures but the Weird Sisters decide to play with them a bit longer by putting down the lamps in the tunnel and revealing their ghoulish faces ,making them run out of the mines. They also put a Spell on them to make them impotent. They also reveal to Sabrina that they knew that Sabrina lied To them about not coming to the Academy of Unseen Arts. They later attend Sabrina's Dark Baptism and witness how Sabrina refuses to sign the Book of the Beast and running away. The Weird Sisters, Father Blackwood and the other witches chase after her to the grounds of the Spellman Mortuary. They only depart because Ambrose claims he put a Protection Circle around the house and only Spellman witches can enter the grounds. Witches not blood related to the Spellmans will be engulfed in Hellfire.[2]

Dorcas and her sisters attend Sabrina's trial as witnesses where Sabrina manages to strike a deal with the Dark Lord; Sabrina will remain with the mortals while also attending The Academy of Unseen Arts.[3]

On Sabrina's first day at the academy, the Weird Sisters hear Sabrina singing a few lines for Lady Blackwood, who says that Sabrina's singing could rival that of Prudence. Later, they join Sabrina and Nicholas at lunch and ask her how her first day was.

Later that night, they summon Sabrina to the witches cell to put her through the Harrowing, an Academy tradition. They lock her in the cell expecting that she will be driven to insanity. Unfortunately for them, Sabrina’s familiar, Salem, appears and protects Sabrina.

After Sabrina takes a shower, she goes to the sleeping dorm and notices that Salem and her pajamas are missing. She immediately accuses the Weird Sisters of taking them and starts a fight with Prudence, which is interrupted by Father Blackwood, who has Salem with him. He tells Sabrina to get dressed and come to his office.

The Weird Sisters surprise Sabrina while she tries to solve the Acheron Configuration that she got from Father Blackwood. TheY bring Sabrina to the woods where she has to stay in her underwear, staring at the hanging tree until sunrise without turning around. The next night, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha again bring her to the hanging tree with the intentions of hanging Sabrina. But Sabrina turns the tables on them as she has discovered that students died during the Harrowing. She has teamed up with the ghosts of the dead academy, and they choke the Weird Sisters until they agree that there will be no Harrowing anymore.[4]

Physical Appearance

Dorcas has red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Like her sisters, she wears old fashioned clothes with lace collars and black tights. She also wears her hair in a milkmaid braid. Underneath her human appearance, Dorcas has a more ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray skin, glowing red eyes and black rimmed teeth.


Dorcas is a devout member of the Church of Night, who along with her sisters Prudence and Agatha, torment Sabrina Spellman for her dual nature. Dorcas can be quite cruel, much like her sisters, but she is also more reluctant to do such horrendous acts as murder. Although initially appearing as a willing participant, Dorcas later revealed that she was pressured by Agatha into killing Tommy Kinkle by bringing down the Greendale mines. Agatha's only regret being that Harvey survived while Dorcas, in reality, didn’t want to do it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands and gestures.
    • Cursing: The power to put a curse on someone or something, causing them to phase incredible bad events, luck and/or harm.
    • Illusion Manipulation: The power to project highly realistic illusions into the physical world.
    • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate and resurrect the dead.
  • Teleportation: The power to teleport from one location to another without occupying the space in between.
  • Mind Control: The power to make a person unable to deduce what is real and what is suggestion. Dorcas shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move things with the power of the mind.
  • Poppet Puppetry: The power to control non-sentient beings and physical events through the use of poppets. Dorcas used a poppet to bury Harvey Kinkle and Tommy Kinkle in the mines.
  • Telepathy: The power to read the minds of others and project one's thoughts into others' minds. Dorcas shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Precognition:  The power to receive visions of the future through dreams. Dorcas shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Longevity: While not apparent due to young age, Dorcas ages at a slower rate than mortals.


Weird Sisters

Dorcas, Prudence and Agatha share a close bond, with Prudence acting as the leader of the trio. They grew up together as orphans in the Church of Night. The sisters look down on and bully Sabrina Spellman for her dual nature of being half-mortal. And should Dorcas and/or Agatha step out of line or act without first gaining Prudence's permission, she will have no qualms about punishing them, as seen when Dorcas and Agatha murdered Tommy Kinkle in the Greendale Mines with a remote killing spell.


Part 1

Part 2


  • According to Abigail Cowen, Dorcas is the nicest of the Weird Sisters.[5]
  • Dorcas adores seances, as she expressed her joy in being invited by Sabrina in performing one.
  • Dorcas is an abysmal actress.


  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, the Weird Sisters are a trio of witches who can foretell the future. They predicted that if humans and witches didn't inter-mix that it would lead to the extinction of witchery.
    • A far cry from their counterparts who despise Sabrina for her mixed heritage alone.


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