Dorcas was a recurring character on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She was portrayed by Abigail Cowen.

She was a witch and a student at the Academy of Unseen Arts, as well as a member of the Weird Sisters. She is one of the witches and warlocks who got saved by the Spellman Family after Faustus Blackwood tried to poison the entire coven.

Early Life

Dorcas was an orphan who grew up in the Academy of Unseen Arts, along with Prudence and Agatha, who she had befriended at a young age and the three of them became the dynamic trio known as the Weird Sisters. After her Dark Baptism and initiation into the Church of Night, she became a student at the Academy of Unseen Arts and was put through the Harrowing. They later met Sabrina Spellman, who they bully because of her dual nature.

Throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 1


The Weird Sisters curse Sabrina

Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas, a trio of teenage witches better known as the Weird Sisters appear in the woods after hearing Sabrina Spellman summon a familiar. Having eavesdropped on Sabrina, they now know with certainty that she’s going through with her dark baptism and transferring to the Academy of Unseen Arts. However, as far as they’re concerned, Sabrina being the half-breed that she is, is not welcome. Prudence warns Sabrina to stay away from the Academy as she wouldn’t want what happened to her mother and father to happen to her. Dorcas and Agatha add that it would be tragic should the accident that took their lives also befalls Sabrina. The Weird Sisters then place a curse on Sabrina. Almost instantly, Sabrina’s nose starts to bleed.[1]


The Weird Sisters agree to help Sabrina

After learning the names of the boys who harassed her friend, Susie, Sabrina went into the woods to summon the Weird Sisters and ask if they'll help her get revenge for Susie by helping her mess with four mortal boys. They surmise that Sabrina summoned them to remove the curse they had previously placed on her, but they would only do so if she pledged not to attend the Academy. Sabrina explains that the curse has already been reverse, but she was still willing to strike a deal. If they help her teach the boys a lesson, then she won't attend the Academy. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha agree. However, Sabrina strikes this deal with her fingers crossed behind her back.


Sabrina and the Weird Sisters invite the boys to the mines

That night, Sabrina (dressed in a similar fashion to the Weird Sisters), Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha approach Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth outside a convenience store. They were hoping the boys would join them for a party in the mines. While they recognized Sabrina from Baxter High, they asked where her friends attend, presumably Riverdale High School, but Prudence simply states that it's a special school. Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha take the boys to the Greendale Mines, what some call "The Devil's Doorway." The mines run so deep that one shaft takes you down to hell. The girls lead the boys into the mines, though the boys start to regret their decision almost instantly.


Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas scare off the boys

Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha undress, quickly followed by Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth. The girls have cast an illusion spell on the boys to trick them into hooking up with themselves. The illusion fades once the flash from Sabrina's camera goes off. Sabrina tells them that the pictures will be posted all over school if they hit Susie or any girl ever again. When Billy becomes aggressive, Prudence takes charge. She cuts off the lights, and she and her sisters transform, taking on a ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray-green skin, glowing eyes, and black-rimmed teeth, causing the boys to run in fear. Salem watches from outside as the boys come rushing out.


Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas put a spell on the boys to make them impotent

Back inside the mines, Sabrina finds a steel cage with four birds inside sitting on the ground. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha took the boys' boyhood. Until Sabrina releases the birds, Seth, Ed, Billy, and Carl won't be rising to any occasion. Dorcas believes that a few weeks of impotence might teach them better manners. Prudence then states that Sabrina might be more suited for the Academy than they initially thought. They know Sabrina lied, but they helped her anyways because they enjoy tormenting mortal boys. Sabrina didn't want to leave with her friends still having to deal with the boys. Prudence questions why leave at all if she cares about her friends. Sabrina explains that with the visit from Father Blackwood, she wasn't sure she had a choice in the matter, which came as a surprise to the Weird Sisters. Prudence tells Sabrina that signing her name into the Book of the Beast is an even exchange. She gives up her freedom in exchange for power. However, Sabrina wants both.


Sabrina's Dark Baptism

Sabrina sprints through the woods in her mother’s white wedding dress. As she passes under the threshold, her once white dress magically turns black. Sabrina passes through the blue flames and arrives at her baptism, where Hilda, Zelda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha, and many others are in attendance. Hilda and Zelda present Sabrina for her unholy baptism. They disrobe her as part of the ceremony. Madam Satan watches from the shadows as Sabrina kneels. Father Blackwood smears blood over Sabrina forehead and read Sabrina her rights and demands her loyalty. However, when it comes time to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast with her blood, Sabrina backs out after realizing that she would have to give up her free will. She takes off running after seeing her parents, Edward and Diana, in the shadows, telling her to run. Father Blackwood orders the coven to get her.

Sabrina attempts to escape but she becomes entangled in magical possessed vines, though she manages to narrowly escape. Ambrose and Salem are sitting on the porch as Sabrina comes screaming for help, with the coven not far behind her. Father Blackwood demands Sabrina’s signature, but she refuses. She believes that there’s another path for her, similar to that of her mother and father’s. When Father Blackwood orders Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha to take Sabrina, Ambrose informs them that a circle of protection rings the house, and no witch save for a Spellman may cross it. Any unwelcome witch that tries shall burn. With that, the coven retreats. Little did they know, Ambrose was bluffing. Zelda and Hilda brush right pass Sabrina and head inside.[1]


The Weird Sisters attend Sabrina’s Trial

The Weird Sisters attend Sabrina’s Trial. As she has been sued for breaking her promise, of signing the Book of the Best, Sabrina hired the mortal Daniel Webster as her lawyer. During the trial it’s revealed by Zelda, that Sabrina’s father Edward Spellman signed Sabrina’s Name in the Book of the Beast, when she was three days old. However Hilda reveals on the last day of the trial that Sabrina’s mother Diana Spellman baptized her in the Holy Mother Church of Greendale, much to the shock of the entire coven. After a short break Father Blackwood announces that due to conflicting contracts, baptism, and breeding, the Hellbound Court of Greendale decrees that Sabrina shall retain her mortal life on the condition that she also attend the Academy of Unseen Arts, as well as weekly Black Mass. Sabrina accepts the court’s decision. With a ruling in effect, the court restores full power to the Spellman family.[1]


The Weird Sisters have lunch with Sabrina

On Sabrina’s first day at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Faustus Blackwood takes her to choir class where his wife, Constance Blackwood, is teaching. Lady Blackwood asks Sabrina to sing a few verses for her, after she does Lady Blackwood comments that Prudence finally has some competition. Later the weird sisters join Sabrina and Nicholas Scratch at lunch, Prudence gives Sabrina a hard time for having a mortal boyfriend and running from her Dark Baptism. Nick offers to walk Sabrina to her next class and Sabrina accepts.


The Weird Sisters harrow Sabrina

Sabrina wakes up in the middle of the night in the Witch's cell. The Weird Sisters have put her in there for the Harrowing, a witch tradition. Sabrina has to survive the night. The next morning the Weird Sisters open the door and find Sabrina shaking. She turns around and smiles at them. She introduces them to Salem who'd snuck into the cell in the middle of the night to protect and comfort her. After a shower and a phone call with Harvey, Sabrina goes to the dorms and finds that Salem is missing. She asks the Weird Sisters where they've hidden him and gets into a fight with Prudence. Father Blackwood interrupts the fight and tells Sabrina to come to his office. He is holding a pet kennel revealing that the reason Salem is gone is that he was informed about Salem.

Sabrina is taken again from her bed and left in a field by the Weird Sisters. They told her that if she turned around she'll die.


The Weird Sisters get beaten by Sabrina

The Weird Sisters take Sabrina to the tree where they are going to hang Sabrina. Instead, the children end up hanging the Weird Sisters. Sabrina tells them that there will no longer be any harrowing before having the children release the sisters.[2]


The Weird Sisters in Sabrina’s Nightmare

inside Sabrina's dream, her witch life and mortal life are fused together. The Weird Sisters are cheerleaders who mock her, and Nick is a football player who flirts with her. Harvey proposes to Sabrina. On the day of the wedding, Sabrina tells Harvey that she's a witch. He seems to accept it but later, at the ceremony, Harvey starts to choke her. He asks her why she had to tell him that she was a witch. He shoves her into an Iron Maiden torture device and seals her inside. The Batibat appears and offers to let her out if only she'll tell it the spell to release the seal. Sabrina says that she won't and is left to scream in pain at being trapped and bleeding from the sharp spikes inside of the device.

Ambrose dreams of having to do his own autopsy. He gets called upstairs by Hilda because Faustus Blackwood has come to see him. As he makes his way upstairs, he runs into Ms. Wardwell who tells him that she's in the wrong nightmare. Father Blackwood tells Ambrose that the hex that keeps him in the house has been broken and that he's finally free. He's given a bag of money and told that a car outside waits for him.


The Weird Sisters in Zelda’s Nightmare

Zelda is reading to the children about the false god and Adam and Eve when the Weird Sisters appear. They tell her that The Dark Lord will be coming to dinner at her house tonight. She tells Hilda and decides to roast a child in his honour.[3]


The Weird Sisters in Demonology Class

Having discovered that name of the demon. Who is possessing Jesse Putnam is Aphophis, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood at the Academy of Unseen Arts about the demon. He tells her that the only way to get rid of it is to perform an exorcism but witches aren't allowed to do that as that is a Catholic Rite which is taboo in all of the Churches of Darkness. Sabrina reveals that her friend’s uncle is being possessed by a demon, Apophis. What if this brings unwanted attention to the witches of Greendale? Blackwood replies that it’s not a concern, as possessions involving Apophis rarely last long. Apophis is a parasitic demon, also known as the Devouring Worm. He’s feasting on Jesse from the inside out. If he’s alive, he won’t be for long. After he’s done feasting, he’ll just jump into another host, usually a body that’s already come into contact with Aphophis. Sabrina becomes more concerned about her friends and asks if there is another way to get rid of the demon, to which Blackwood replies that there isn’t for tenacious demons such as Apophis.[4]


Prudence is participating in the Feast of Feasts

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Prudence tells Dorcas and Agatha that she has been chosen to participate in the Feast of Feasts. Sabrina asks her how she can be so happy that she may or may not be sacrificed. Prudence tells her that there is no greater honor. Dorcas and Agatha say that it would be the first time that an orphan would be Queen.


Dorcas is happy for Prudence, and at the same time jealous of her

At the selection ceremony, Sabrina interrupts before Zelda can grab a piece of paper from the box. She tells the coven that she will be representing her family instead unless Zelda wants to admit that this whole thing is barbaric like her brother declared. Zelda relents and lets Sabrina choose. Sabrina chooses the paper and burns it but Prudence ends up being chosen as Queen.


Prudence, Ambrose, Luke, Dorcas, Agatha, and Nick have an orgy

That night at the Spellman mortuary Sabrina gets woken up by a noise. She heads up to Ambrose's room and finds Prudence, Ambrose, Luke, Dorcas, Agatha, and Nick having sex. Nick invites Sabrina to join them but Sabrina rejects the offer and leaves. In the morning, Prudence is sitting on the porch when Sabrina walks out. Sabrina tries one more time to convince her but Prudence is sticking to her answer. Sabrina goes to leave but Prudence asks where she's going and Sabrina says to Baxter High. She invites Prudence to come along with her and Prudence accepts after Sabrina tells her there will be boys she can torment.


Sabrina, Madame Satan and the Weird Sisters visit a Feast of Feast ex-Queen

In the woods, Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell, and the Weird Sisters arrive at the witch's home. Her name is Desmelda. Sabrina asks why she ran from the Dark Lord. Desmelda tells her that she ran from her High Priest and that she was younger than she was when she participated in the Feast of Feasts. She fled into the woods because her High Priest tried to rape her the night before the Feast. Prudence asks what this has to do with her. Sabrina tells her that it isn't the Dark Lord asking her to do this but Father Blackwood. That he is only human and that he can have faults and be wrong about this.


The Weird Sisters want to kill Harvey

Prudence tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood doesn't have an agenda and that he is like a father to her. Sabrina says that's what makes it so insidious. Prudence tells her that she wants to be Queen and asks why Sabrina can't accept that. Suddenly, they hear a gunshot and Desmelda tells them to leave. They find a dead deer which was also a familiar. They make a circle around the deer and use string to make a pentagram over it. They become invisible just as Harvey and his family arrive at the site. Seeing that there isn't a dead deer they continue to keep looking. Prudence, upset by the kill, declares "Once a hunter, always a hunter." Sabrina tells her Harvey's not a hunter but Ms. Wardwell notes he certainly looks the part. Prudence agrees by stating his whole family is witch hunters. Agatha and Dorcas want to kill him for murdering the familiar. Prudence agrees by telling Sabrina that instead of letting Sabrina drag her all over the world she'll spend her last moments flaying Harvey alive. Sabrina tells her not to and that Harvey isn't a killer. Prudence asks why her faith in Harvey is so different than Prudence's faith in the Dark Lord.

Sabrina goes to the Academy to warn Prudence that it wasn't Father Blackwood who was out to get her but Lady Blackwood. Sabrina asks if it's possible that she really is Father Blackwood's child. Because if she were then Lady Blackwood would see her as a threat. Prudence tells her to stop but Sabrina keeps going on about how Lady Blackwood had to hurt her first. Prudence asks if she has any proof and Sabrina says no but that Lady Blackwood was the one who had been holding the box at the selection ceremony. Prudence asks what they would do if she entertained the idea. Sabrina tells her that every Queen deserves one last feast.


Prudence’s last feast

Sabrina welcomes Father Blackwood and Lady Blackwood into the house. They sit down with the Weird sisters, Zelda, and Sabrina to have dinner. Hilda is in the kitchen making dessert. Ms. Wardwell is having a glass of wine when the doorbell rings. It's the pizza guy with her pizza. She tells him to bring it inside and closes the door behind him. Sabrina brings out dessert in which Hilda has added a truth potion. After everyone has a slice, Sabrina asks Father Blackwood why he reinstated the Feast of Feasts. He says that the Dark Lord showed him a revelation and that he was commanded to return to the old ways. Sabrina tells Prudence that she hopes she enjoyed her last supper. Everyone around the table tells Prudence that they're going to miss her--except Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood reveals that she enchanted the box to choose Prudence as queen. She says she did it because the Weird Sisters are Father Blackwood's bastards and that makes them a threat to her children.


Dorcas is not Blackwood’s Daughter

Prudence asks Father Blackwood if he is her father and what happened to her mother. He reveals that he is her father and that her mother threw herself into the river after he refused to marry her. Agatha and Dorcas ask if they are also his children and he says no: They are just orphans. Prudence admits that Sabrina was right. Father Blackwood says that they must summon the coven and draw for another queen. Sabrina suggests that they could just not have the Feast of Feasts. Prudence asks if she can wear her beautiful dress and sit on the throne of skulls.


Dorcas at the Ceremony

They attend the Feast of Feasts ceremony where Prudence sits upon the throne of skulls. Father Blackwood walks in and begins to tell the coven that there will not be a Feast of Feasts but another witch named Mildred steps up, slits her throat and falls before the altar. The coven look to Father Blackwood for permission and after a moment of suspense, he gives it to them, much to Sabrina's horror. The witches begin to attack the body and tear it apart as they eat.


Agatha and Dorcas plot to kill Harvey and Tommy

Prudence finds her sisters huddled together. She asks what they're doing and they say they are praying for her. Prudence leaves and Dorcas asks if they should've invited her. Agatha says no as she holds up a doll that looks like Tommy. Dorcas holds one that looks like Harvey. The two of them pick up large rocks and smash them down on top of them.[5]


Agatha and Dorcas laugh about the Accident

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Nick asks Dorcas and Agatha if they've seen Sabrina. They tell him about the tragedy at the mine and how there's going to a funeral but that they are burying an empty casket. Prudence overhears them talking to Nick and becomes suspicious of their actions.


Dorcas tattles on Agatha

Sabrina and Prudence go to the Academy of Unseen Arts. Sabrina confronts Agatha and Dorcas. Prudence reprimands them for acting without her permission. Sabrina says that one of them is going to die so that Tommy can live. The sisters tell Sabrina that she doesn't have the guts to kill them. Prudence says that she does. She asks who the mastermind was and Dorcas quickly sells out Agatha. Sabrina tells Prudence to bring them both to the woods. Nick asks if he can come along and watch. He asks what time and Sabrina tells him midnight in the clearing in the woods near the creek bed. Nick points out that she needs a book of the dead. Sabrina says that she'll get one.


Dorcas reluctantly takes part in the Resurection

Sabrina and her entourage arrive at the clearing. They draw a pentagram and stand around it as they recite the spell. They get to the stage where they must sacrifice Agatha. Prudence asks if she's sure and Sabrina says she has to be. She pulls the knife back and slits Agatha's throat. Now they must wait thirteen minutes for Agatha's soul to leave her body. After that, they take her to the Spellman graveyard and bury her. Suddenly, Agatha's hand shoots up through the dirt just as Sabrina planned. Sabrina says as much but Ambrose tells her that those are infamous last words as he walks away. Agatha pulls herself out of the ground. Prudence tells her that actions have consequences and that what she did could've revealed their existence. Prudence says that she is never supposed to take such action without her permission.[6]


Dorcas is worried about Agatha

Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas are praying when Prudence notices that something is wrong with Agatha. Agatha begins to throw up dirt.


Dorcas, Prudence and Nick ask for help regarding Agatha

At the Academy, Father Blackwood gives Ambrose a familiar named Leviathan. He welcomes him to the academy and leaves both him and Luke in his office. Luke and Ambrose begin to make out and undress when Dorcas, Prudence, and Nick walk into the room. They are looking for Blackwood but ask Ambrose for help. He tells them that he's no expert on the Cain pit but knows someone who is.

Hilda goes to the Academy and looks Agatha over. She tells them that Agatha came back too soon and that this illness will pass. She gives them instructions on how to take care of Agatha and leaves with Ambrose in tow.

Zelda is directing the choir at the Academy while Father Blackwood watches. Suddenly, Agatha walks in and collapses. Blackwood demands to know what's going on. Prudence, Nick, and Dorcas tell them everything and how it's all Sabrina's fault. Blackwood goes to kill Tommy to restore the balance but Zelda tells him that she'll do it because Sabrina is her responsibility.

Blackwood tells Prudence and Dorcas that they must end Tommy because he doesn't trust that Zelda will do it. Nick overhears this. Prudence and Dorcas go to Harvey's house but Nick stops them by driving stakes through their footprints. Prudence and Dorcas cry out and Nick says that they are going to stay here until the Spellman finishes fixing this.

Sabrina leaves and Harvey goes to grab one of his guns. As Sabrina walks away from the house she, Prudence, Dorcas, and Nick hear the gunshot.[7]

At the Academy, Sabrina talks to Nick. He asks her how things are going with Harvey and she tells him that he's devastated. They have broken up. Nick can't believe she really loves Harvey. That's the one thing he envies about mortals, they can give themselves to each other. He says witches are bad at love because Satan wants them to love him alone. Suddenly, the statue of the Dark Lord that they're standing in front of starts to bleed.

At the Church of Night, Father Blackwood says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.

At the Academy, Sabrina struts into the school dressed like the Weird Sisters. Nick sees her and she winks at him.[8]


Sabrina seeks the Weird sisters' help with the séance

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Sabrina meets up with the Weird Sisters Prudence, Dorcas and Agatha and seeks their help with a séance. She learns that they are free that night and that Nicholas Scratch has gone on a holiday to the Unholy Lands. The Weird Sisters agree to help and Sabrina promises to leave her window unlocked.

Back at the Spellman's house, Sabrina brings her mother's white dress for the séance with the Weird Sisters. Agatha summons Diana Spellman's spirit. Sabrina asks the spirit about the circumstances of her death. The spirit says 2321 and Sabrina recalls that was the flight number of the crashed plane that her parents died in. Sabrina wishes she could see her mother again. Diana's spirit channels herself into the dress.

Sabrina is delighted to see her mother, who says thank you. Sabrina asks her mother why she is Limbo. Diana warns that Sabrina is not safe. Agatha senses an interference as several spirits enter the Spellman house through the fireplace. The spirits topple the Christmas tree. Zelda relights the Yule Log while Zelda discovers Sabrina and the Weird Sisters conducting a séance. Diana disappears. Zelda is furious with Sabrina and orders the Weird Sisters to leave.[9]

Part 2


The Weird Sisters support Sabrina's run for Top Boy

Dorcas, Agatha, and Prudence gather with the rest of the student body for the election for Top Boy. One warlock chosen to serve as a liaison between students and faculty. Nick is nominated. Sabrina offers to contest the election on the grounds that she had signed the Book of the Beast. She calls for all students regardless of their gender to have a voice. Nick nominates Sabrina and is seconded by Prudence. As part of the Top Boy selection, Father Blackwood announces that the candidates have to take part in three challenges at the Desecrated Church: the Inquisition, the Boil and Bubble, and the Conjuring. This will be followed by a vote.


The Weird Sisters at the Conjuring test

As the the Inquisition commences at the Desecrated Church, the Weird Sisters telepathically wire the answer to Sabrina from the Academy's library, resulting in a victory for Sabrina. The Weird Sisters also attend the Conjuring test, during which time Sabrina and Nick accuse Father Blackwood or a member of the coven of sending high demons to attack her. And as proof, they summon the Plague Kings to get answers.[10]


Zelda, Dorcas, and Nick rehearse

At the Desecrated Church, Dorcas rehearses with Nick and Zelda, while Sabrina watches. Watching the rehearsal, Sabrina whispers that Dorcas is a terrible actress, as the Dark Lord appears, telling her that the role should be hers. He suggests that she pulls a pin holding a rope with a sandbag hanging above Dorcas. Sabrina pulls the pin and the sandbag falls on Dorcas. It turns out that it was just an illusion; the pin is still in place. Sabrina starts repeating "I won't do it" out loud, with the others looking at her, asking who she is talking to. She answers that she was talking to no one and they all leave for lunch.


Nick and Dorcas rehearse

Dorcas, Agatha, and Prudence rush over to help to Sabrina after she chocked on a apple while rehearsing with Nick for the play. The following day at the Desecrated Church, Dorcas and Nick continue their rehearsal as Prudence and Agatha watch on. Zelda interrupts and tries to speak, but a frog pops out of her mouth, much to Prudence and Agatha's amusement. She holds the frog and asks the students which one of them did this to her. Prudence tells her that the frog is Sister Shirley Jackson's familiar. It's later revealed that Dorcas comes down with chickenpox and Sabrina replaces her in the play.[11]

In celebration of the upcoming Lupercalia, witches' version of Valentine's Day, Dorcas, Agatha, Prudence, Sabrina, Nicholas, and Ambrose attend a party at Dorian's Gray Room.


Dorcas plans to take Nick from Sabrina

At the Academy, Father Blackwood opens the Matching ceremony. Dorcas warns Sabrina that she intends to be paired up with Nick. Two years ago, it was Prudence and the year after that it was Agatha. Dorcas believes it to be her turn. As Top Boy, Ambrose organizes the participants. Ambrose tells the witches to pair up with the closest warlock when the music stops. The witches dance with long fabric around a pole. Sabrina tries to pair up with Nick, but Dorcas pushes her out of the way. However, Nick had bribed his friend Melvin into wearing a glamour, trapping Dorcas with Melvin. Sabrina and Nick are jubilant.


The Courting ceremony

Later that night, Ambrose briefs the couples, that being himself and Prudence, Nick and Sabrina, Dorcas and Melvin, and Agatha and her date, about the Courting ceremony. He explains that they will go into the woods and disrobe and anoint themselves under the moonlight, absorbing the potency of Goddess Selene. Ambrose says abstinence is encouraged in anticipation for the powerful release that concludes Lupercalia, but he is not opposed to couples having sex. As Prudence passes out anointment baskets with items inside such oysters and figs, Father Blackwood warns the couples to stay on the path due to the dangerous creatures in the woods. The couples head into the wood.


Dorcas finds Nick

As the girls prepare for the hunt, Agatha tells Prudence about her plans to have sex with Melvin, whom she believes to be a virgin. Dorcas reveals that she already had sec with Melvin during the night of the Courting. Prudence tells the Weird Sisters to prepare for the hunt. Sabrina says she is coming, but has to gather her berries of phylaxis. Later, Ambrose briefs the witches and warlocks about the Hunt. Nick, Melvin, and the other warlocks stand in a group to Ambrose's left, dressed as wolves, while Prudence, Agatha, Dorcas, Sabrina and the remaining witches, dressed in red hoods, stand to his right. As part of the Hunt, the witches chase the warlocks through the woods. The Hunt begins, and Dorcas intercepts Nick to have sex with him.[12]


The Weird Sisters flirt with Nick

The Weird Sisters appear in Sabrina's vision. They flirt with Nick at the Academy, much to Sabrina's discomfort. Prudence asks Sabrina if they are taking part in the Academy's talent show. Nick explains that they hold a talent show each year to blow of some steam. He tells her that he is thinking of being a magician this year and asks if Sabrina would like to be the magician’s assistant. Prudence offers to lend her some fishnet stockings. Nick tells her to shut up, but Prudence responds that she was not the one who killed his familiar Amalia and didn't fulfill Lupercalia tradition by having sex.


Nick asks for Dorcas and Agatha's help

The Weird Sisters attend the talent show hosted at the Desecrated Church. For Nick's first act, he picks Dorcas and Agatha as volunteers. Nick gets Agatha to lie in a box which is then sawed in half. When he opens the box, Agatha, to the horror of everyone, is sawed in half, with her guts spilling out. However, Nick and Dorcas soon reveal this was a trick and Agatha steps out of a large box.

For his third and final act, Nick calls for the bravest lady in the room. Sabrina volunteers for this trick. Nick asks her if she has experienced true weightlessness and tells her to trust him. Nick uses a magic trick to levitate Sabrina into the air. However, he struggles to control his powers due to the Weird Sisters' interference.

Dorcas and Agatha also appears briefly in Zelda's vision with Ambrose. She asks them about the whereabouts of Father Blackwood, but they don't know. [13]


The Weird Sisters warn Father Blackwood

The Weird Sisters enter Father Blackwood's bedroom as he's shaving. His body covered with ritualistic tattoos. They shared a dream. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas informs him that with the Anti-Pope's visit and Father Blackwood's marriage to Zelda, she feared delaying it. The Weird Sisters hold hands and tell him that they saw an altar, a coffin and much bloodshed. They warn him to beware of the Spellmans, claiming they will be the undoing of the Blackwoods. Blackwood dismisses their warning and claims that the Spellmans are at his mercy. He orders them to go to bed and dream no more of blood. Agatha and Dorcas take leave, but Prudence stays behind and asks if Zelda will take his name. Blackwood confirms this is the case. When Prudence asks if Sabrina will be a Blackwood, Father Blackwood accidentally cuts himself with his razor blade. Father Blackwood vows that Sabrina will never be a Blackwood before sending Prudence to bed.


The Weird Sisters meet the Anti-Pope

The entire Academy gathers to welcome the Anti-Pope. As he is guided into the dormitory by Father Blackwood and Zelda. Father Blackwood then introduces Nick to the Anti-Pope. When Prudence asks her father if he is going to introduce her and the Weird Sisters, Father Blackwood introduces her as Prudence Night, describing her as one of the "gutter orphans" the Academy fosters, along with Dorcas and Agatha.


Hilda, Zelda, Dorcas, and Prudence find the Anti-Pope's body

That night, Dorcas discovers the Anti-Pope has been murdered and screams, alarming the Academy. Father Blackwood, Zelda, and Prudence enter Enoch of Antioch's chambers to find that he has been hacked to death. Blackwood strikes down two of the Judas Society stalwarts guarding him. Despite Zelda and Hilda's pleas, he tries to strike down Ambrose who manages to teleport to safety. He orders the others to find the traitor.[14]

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-12-Dorcas

Dorcas flirts with Ambrose

Ambrose is working out in his cell when Dorcas enters with his gruel rations. Ambrose requests something more succulent and rubs his body against Dorcas. Prudence tells Ambrose to get away from her sister, shoving Dorcas to the ground and her to drop the tray of gruel. She chides Dorcas for her infatuation with Ambrose. Ambrose tries to flirt with Prudence, but she denounces him as a traitor and tells him that he will rot in this cell until he provides a confession. Ambrose says he has spent 75 years under house arrest and that it will take more to break him. Prudence allows the Infernal Bailiff to rough Ambrose up.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-42-Dorcas

Dorcas advises Ambrose to plead guilty

Prudence denies Hilda access to the Academy as she wishes to bring a plump chicken for Ambrose. However, Hilda offers the chicken to Prudence and the Weird Sisters in exchange for allowing her to visit Ambrose. Prudence allows Hilda to spend time with "Ambrose",who in actuality to Agatha in glamour. Prudence then leads "Hilda", who is actually Dorcas, into Ambrose's cell in hopes of getting Ambrose to confess to killing the Anti-Pope. However, both Ambrose and Hilda see past their tricks.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-79-Agatha-Prudence-Dorcas-Weird-Sisters

The Weird Sisters enlist in the students' help

The Weird Sisters have gathered the students in the lobby. With their help, Dorcas, Agatha, and Prudence tell the students that tonight they are collecting their energies to enact a spell of compulsion. She enlists their help on forcing Ambrose to confess to the murder of the Anti-Pope. The witches and warlocks begin chanting in unison. Ambrose escapes his cell and warns the Academy that the witch-hunters have come. Prudence orders the other witches and warlocks to hide while she and the Weird Sisters face the intruders. Jerathmiel and Mehitable enter the lobby and demand that the witches and warlocks come out of hiding.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-91-Dorcas-Prudence-Agatha-Weird-Sisters

The Weird Sisters are attacked

Dorcas, Agatha, and Prudence emerge from hiding and use magic to force the two witch-hunters to their knees. She tells Jerathmiel that the pain in his head is his brain atomizing into sand and Mehitable that the pain in her chest are her lungs hardening. The Weird Sisters tell the witch-hunters that they are no ordinary witches but they are the daughters of the Church of Night, the "Three-In-One." However, Mehitable and Jerathmiel call upon the heavenly choir of the Nine Principalities to give them victory over the witches, causing the Weird Sisters to bleed from their eyes and ears. Mehitable and Jerathmiel tell them that they are no ordinary witch-hunters, but they are angels.

CAOS-Caps-2x06-The Missionaries-119-Dorcas

Dorcas is tied to a pole

The Weird Sisters, along with the rest of the witches and warlocks are taken captive by the witch-hunters and locked up in the desecrated church. Dorcas, Agatha, and Prudence are tied up and are to be burned at the stake. He tells them that God will forgive their sins if they vow to accept Him as their Savior. He adds that their bodies will be consumed and purified by the fire of righteousness. When Elspeth refuses to denounce the Dark Lord, Jerathmiel slits her throat. Sabrina arrives and he shoots her down with arrows. Presumably killing her. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas are distraught. He then turns his attention to Melvin and kills him. Jerathmiel is about to burn the Weird Sisters when Sabrina suddenly awakens and starts to levitate. She demands that the witch-hunters convert to Lucifer's faith. Sabrina summons fire with her hands and forces Jerathmiel and Mehitable to their knees. After Jerathmiel and Mehitable have uttered the prayer, Sabrina burns them alive.[15]


Agatha and Dorcas return to the Academy

Following the destruction of the angelic witch-hunters, the witches and warlocks return to the Academy. Harvey carries an unconscious Sabrina back to the Academy of Unseen Arts. He is followed by the Weird Sisters, Elspeth, Melvin, and the remaining liberated students. Sabrina awakens, pulls the arrow out her chest, and miraculously heals Ambrose.


The Weird Sisters mock Sabrina

The Weird Sisters enter the cafeteria and mocks Sabrina as she preaches her father's teachings and philosophies. Prudence says that mortals hate and fear witches and is astounded that Sabrina expects witches to be with them. Sabrina counters that her father married a mortal. Prudence disagrees. Knowing that she is unable to convince Prudence and the Weird Sisters with her words, Sabrina uses her powers to cause rose petals to fall. Prudence is frightened and asks Sabrina how she is doing this.


Dorcas and Agatha at the execution

The following day at the desecrated church, the Church of Night have gathered for the execution of Ambrose. The Weird Sisters are in attendance. Due to the lack of new evidence, Methuselah orders that Ambrose's execution to proceed as planned. The Infernal Bailiff drags Ambrose before the guillotine and places his head in the block. The executioner lowers the blade but is instead beheaded by a killing spell. Before long, the Dark Lord appears. Lucifer chastises him for degrading the coven with his pettiness and orders Ambrose spared before disappearing. Methuselah declares that Ambrose is reprieved and orders his release.

Dorcas and Agatha later attend a party for witches and mortals at Sabrina's house, where she intended to show the mortals what she is capable of.[16]


The Weird Sisters listen as Father Blackwood lists the new tenants

Father Blackwood addresses the Academy of Unseen Arts regarding the the Witches' Council turning its back on them. Father Blackwood is willing to shield them and to guide them back to the old ways. The Judas Society unveils a statue of himself and renames the Church of Night to the "Church of Judas". He commands them to look to the Five Facets of Judas for salvation and exaltation.[17]


The Weird sisters try to kill Father Blackwood

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Prudence approaches Dorcas and Agatha for their help. They reject being called sisters, seeing as they don't share the Blackwood name. When Prudence reveals to them of her plan to kill Faustus Blackwood, she gains their attention. How they will do it since he won’t let them get close, they ask. Prudence replies that they won't need to and shows a red ribbon. The Weird Sisters sing and dance around a statue of Father Blackwood while holding the red cloth in a triangle. Blackwood leaves his office and finds the Weird Sisters in the lobby. He tells Prudence that the Dark Lord has summoned him and that she must attend.


Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth prepare to drink

The coven gathers at the desecrated church. Father Blackwood gives an embellished account of his meeting with the Dark Lord and claims that the Dark Lord proclaimed his Church of Judas as the one true Church of Darkness. The coven hails Satan and tells the coven to take part in an Unholy Communion. The witches and warlocks step forward to drink the wine. Agatha and Dorcas reluctantly obey orders to step forward as Blackwood shouts Hail Satan.


Prudence finds her Sisters poisoned

Prudence later arrives at the Desecrated Church to find Dorcas and Agatha choking on poison. As it turns out, after being reprimanded by the Dark Lord, Father Blackwood had plans to kill the coven and leave town. Prudence teleports herself and the other Weird Sisters to the Spellman household. Prudence begs Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose to help her Sisters and reveals that Blackwood poisoned the entire Coven. She tells Zelda that they are still alive and are at the Desecrated Church. While Hilda and Prudence attend to the Weird Sisters, Zelda and Ambrose teleport themselves to the Desecrated Church. Afterward, Prudence thanks the Spellmans for saving her Sisters' lives.[18]

Part 3


The Witches learn that the Academy is reopening

The coven gathers downstairs at the Spellmans for breakfast. It’s been a month since the Church of Night collapsed at the hands of Faustus Blackwood. Sabrina takes a seat next to Elspeth, Melvin, Agatha, and Dorcas, as her aunt Hilda prepares the meal. Zelda announces that it is high time to reopen the Academy of Unseen Arts and resume worship in the Desecrated Church, where she will serve as Directrix.

Dorcas, Agatha, Melvin, and Elspeth take knee at their bedside as Zelda leads the coven in prayer. Afterward, Zelda confides in Hilda. She’s having difficulty praying to the Dark Lord, who wished for their enslavement. Hilda proposes they tell the coven the truth and pray to Lilith moving forward. However, Zelda can’t bring herself to do it. Besides, they have a more immediate problem with the Council’s arrival. Hilda claims that she has the perfect recipe for them.


The witches pray to Lilith

Dorcas, Agatha, Melvin, Elspeth, and the remaining members of the coven take a knee at their bedside as Zelda and Hilda announce that they will be praying to Lilith rather than the Dark Lord, alarming the coven.[19]


Dorcas, Agatha, and Elspeth stand over Hilda as she cleans up Gerald's blood

At the Academy, Zelda discusses a leadership opportunity with Prudence. She wants to designate her Prefect of Students. Her duties would be administrative as well as teaching. Melvin interrupts to inform Zelda that Gerald is dead. She suspects it was through the Dark Lord’s influence, but Agatha and Dorcas inform her that Gerald tried to fly, but he fell instead. Prudence then looks over to Elspeth, who appears to have caught a cold. Zelda orders that she be taken to a warm bed. She also says that henceforth, there is to be no unsupervised flying.


Dorcas and Agatha read Buxom and the Beast

Zelda returns to the classroom to find Dorcas, Prudence, Agatha, Melvin, and Elspeth reading "Buxom and the Beast." Elspeth explains that it’s a witchy romance novel written by Hilda, which loosely reflects Hilda’s relationships with Dr. Cerberus, and Zelda’s means to end it.


Dorcas and Agatha tease Nicholas

Nick asks Sabrina how her reformation went over with the Kings. She explains that it didn’t go well. Agatha and Dorcas join them at the lunch table and ask about his clubbed foot. They ask what’s it was like to be with both Sabrina and the Dark Lord. They joke that it was Sabrina’s father that Nick was truly after. He warns them to stop, but they persist. Nick grows so angry that he slams his fists on the table and tells them to go to Heaven. Sabrina remarks they’re lucky the coven is few in numbers, otherwise she would smite them, much to Agatha and Dorcas’ amusement. As Sabrina chases after Nick, Ambrose informs her that he found King Herod’s crown.[20]


The Witches celebrate the hare moon

The entire coven gathers in the Greendale woods and sings as tradition would require for the Hare Moon. They form an aisle, which Sabrina walks down the middle of while holding the hare. She then walks the hare into the woods to pardon it. The Church of Night is then confronted by Pagan witches who are looking for somewhere to celebrate their holiday as well; Ostra. Zelda and Hilda invite Pan, Circe, Nagaina and the rest of their coven to join them. Elspeth asks if they should say a prayer of thanks to Lilith, much to Pan’s surprise, who questions why they wouldn’t pray to their Dark Lord. Zelda tells Elspeth that no prayer is necessary. Pan explains that his coven prays to others.


Dorcas flirts with Nick

Dorcas approaches Nick after hearing about his stint with the sex demons. She tells Nick that he doesn’t have to go to them for that. He could come to her, and she could show him some serious splendor in the grass. Dorcas is then bitten by a snake and falls to the ground. Nagaina takes her leg and sucks the venom out. Nick returns with the snake after cutting it in half. Nagaina is enraged, referring to Nick as a murderer and explaining that it was the snake’s home they invaded. With that, Pan, Circe, and Nagaina decide to take their people and leave. Zelda agrees, stating that they were there first. Pan retorts that the pagans were there first, before the false god. Before the Dark Lord, the old gods reigned, and the pagans worshiped them. Now, something has happened and their time has come around again.


Dorcas is tasked with delivering moon pie to the Pagans

They gather to discuss their recent run-in with pagans. Zelda asks Nick what does he have to say for himself after killing a snake in front of Nagaina. Ambrose points out that they probably worship snakes. Nick is unapologetic. Zelda informs the coven that pagans are not to be trifled with, especially not while they’re without powers. Hilda suggests sending an offering to make amends. She asks Nick to give them her Moon pie, but he refuses, exclaiming that he’s done enough to protect the coven and storms off. In his place, Zelda asks Dorcas to take the pie. She agrees and Prudence offers to send Melvin and Agatha with her, but Dorcas turns down the security. Prudence sends Agatha nonetheless.


Dorcas is attacked by Nagaina

As Dorcas searches for the pagans, she is attacked by Nagaina. Afterward, the pagans surround the Church of Night outside of the Academy. Pan warns them that their time is over and that the old gods are returning, as well as the old ways. He tells them to either bow and pray to their gods or be killed. They have three days to decide. The pagans disappear, leaving behind a crazed Agatha and a petrified Dorcas.[21]


Dorcas is turned back into flesh

The Church of Night abduct Circe, bring her to the Academy and force her to turn Dorcas back to flesh. If she refuses, they’ll just cut off her hands. Circe submits and turns Roz and Dorcas back to flesh. Prudence embraces Dorcas. Afterward, at the Academy, Prudence informs Dorcas and the others that Circe is in the dungeon and the boys are back home, none the wiser.[22]


Dorcas has been killed by Agatha

Dorcas' body is discovered by the pagans and Father Blackwood. Agatha arrives covered in Dorcas’ blood and admits to having taken her own Sister’s life. [23]

Physical Appearance

Dorcas has red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Like her sisters, she wears old fashioned clothes with lace collars and black tights. She also wears her hair in a milkmaid braid. Underneath her human appearance, Dorcas has a more ghoulish appearance, consisting of grayish green skin, glowing red eyes and black rimmed teeth.


Dorcas is an ambitious and impulsive witch. She is a devout member of the Church of Night, who along with her sisters Prudence and Agatha, torments Sabrina Spellman for her dual nature. Dorcas can be quite cruel, much like her sisters, but she is also more reluctant to do such horrendous acts as murder. Although initially appearing as a willing participant, Dorcas later revealed that she was pressured by Agatha into killing Tommy Kinkle by bringing down the Greendale mines. Agatha's only regret being that Harvey survived while Dorcas, in reality, didn’t want to do it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of incantations, commands and gestures.
    • Cursing: The power to put a curse on someone or something, causing them to phase incredible bad events, luck and/or harm.
    • Illusion Manipulation: The power to project highly realistic illusions into the physical world.
    • Necromancy: The power to control, manipulate and resurrect the dead.
  • Teleportation: The power to teleport from one location to another without occupying the space in between.
  • Mind Control: The power to make a person unable to deduce what is real and what is suggestion. Dorcas shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Telekinesis: The power to move things with the power of the mind.
  • Poppet Puppetry: The power to control non-sentient beings and physical events through the use of poppets. Dorcas used a poppet to bury Harvey Kinkle and Tommy Kinkle in the mines.
  • Telepathy: The power to read the minds of others and project one's thoughts into others' minds. Dorcas shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Precognition:  The power to receive visions of the future through dreams. Dorcas shares this gift with her sisters.
  • Longevity: While not apparent due to young age, Dorcas ages at a slower rate than mortals.


Weird Sisters

Dorcas, Prudence and Agatha share a close bond, with Prudence acting as the leader of the trio. They grew up together as orphans in the Church of Night. The sisters look down on and bully Sabrina Spellman for her dual nature of being half-mortal. And should Dorcas and/or Agatha step out of line or act without first gaining Prudence's permission, she will have no qualms about punishing them, as seen when Dorcas and Agatha murdered Tommy Kinkle in the Greendale Mines with a remote killing spell.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  • According to Abigail Cowen, Dorcas is the nicest of the Weird Sisters.[24]
  • Dorcas adores séances, as she expressed her joy in being invited by Sabrina in performing one.
  • Dorcas is an abysmal actress.
  • Dorcas is an ancient and respectable witch name.[25]
  • When Dorcas was younger, she wasn’t very confident, and stammered when she got nervous.[25]
  • In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic series, the Weird Sisters are a trio of witches who can foretell the future. They predicted that if humans and witches didn't inter-mix that it would lead to the extinction of witchery.
    • A far cry from their counterparts who despise Sabrina for her mixed heritage alone.


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