Dodger Dickenson is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Juan Riedinger.

Dodger is a local thug that uses kids around town to do his bidding.

Early Life

Throughout Riverdale

Season 4


Dodger confronts Archie

Dodger and his crew are approached by Archie, disguised in a bandanna and hood, armed only with a baseball bat at Wipeout arcade. Archie tells him his days of exploiting kids to do his bidding are over and that it’s time for him to leave Riverdale. Outnumbered 5-to-1, Archie refuses to back down and a fight ensues. During the fight, Archie manages to make off with a bag of Dodger's money.[1]


Dodger crashes the Halloween party

Dodger and his crew are still pissed that they got beat up and they plan on terrorizing the town on Halloween night. As planned, Dodger arrives with his crew at the community center. Archie and Munroe tell him to leave as it’s a private event. Dodger almost immediately recognizes Archie as the vigilante that attacked him, though he doesn’t make mention of it. Dodger spots Eddie, one of the kids who work for him and confronts him for partying rather than handling his business in the streets. He tries to take Eddie with him, but Archie and Munro block his access to Eddie and demand that he leave.

Dodger and his crew post up outside the community center. Archie and Munroe meet Dodger and his crew out front and tell them to leave. However, they refuse. When Archie attempts to forcibly remove them, Dodger brandishes a gun, forcing him and Munroe to retreat inside and call.[2]


Dodger refuses to leave town

Dodger is confronted by a black masked vigilante with a tire iron and demands that he leave Riverdale. However, Dodger has man power and the support of the people. With that, he has no intentions on leaving. Archie wants Dodger to consider this a declaration of war. He either leave town or the next time they meet, he won’t give him a chance to drive away. Dodger runs to his car and grabs his gun, but by the time he turns around, Archie is gone.[3]

Dodger watches from outside of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe as Eddie has been taken in by Archie and hired at the diner in order to keep him off the streets.


Dodger confronts Archie as being the vigilante

After learning that all his minions were at the community center, Dodger and his crew confront Archie outside. Archie is costing Dodger his work force. They were happy to work for him before Archie showed up. He then accuses Archie of being the masked vigilante. Dodger didn’t come there for a fight. He only wanted to confirm his suspicion and prove that Archie is the vigilante. Dodger and his boys retreat as Veronica, Reggie, and the Bulldogs back Archie.

After making Archie as the masked vigilante, Dodger shoots up Archie's house with him and his mother inside.

After Archie went to Hiram Lodge for help in dealing with Dodger, Archie and Reggie discover Dodger beaten and wrapped up in a carpet outside of the community center. Archie doesn’t hesitate and calls an ambulance.[4]

Dodger is in a coma at Riverdale General Hospital. His family watches over him and swears to exact revenge on his attacker. Later, after they were chased out the community center, they grab Dodger from the hospital.[5]


Dodger fights Archie

Dodger opens fire on FP at Pop's, wounding him in the upper body after Archie and FP attacked his brothers. Archie confronts Dodger and Darla as they attempt to leave Riverdale following the shooting. Dodger proposes a good old fashion brawl, and so he throws down his gun and Archie his bat. The two trade blows as Darla watches. As Archie gains the upper hand, Dodger grabs a hubcap and smacks Archie with it before pulling out a knife. Still, Archie proves to be the superior fighter. Disarming Dodger and nearly beating him unconscious. Archie told Dodger the next time he saw him, he wouldn’t be able to walk. So, Archie tells Darla to drag Dodger away, and if any of them dare step foot in Riverdale again, Archie threatens to kill them. Unbeknownst to Archie, Toby and a few of the other kids from the community center witnessed the brawl.[6]

Physical Appearance


Dodger is a hardened criminal who will intimidate and use violence on anyone who gets in his way.



Season 4



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