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Darryl Doiley was a character on the third season of The CW's Riverdale. He was portrayed by Major Curda.

He is the father of Dilton Doiley and alumnus of Riverdale High School. During his adolescence, he was a member of The Midnight Club.

Early Life

Not much is known about Darryl. However, he attended high school in Riverdale, and was friends with Tom Keller, Hiram Lodge and Marty Mantle. During their junior year, they began playing Gryphons and Gargoyles along with Alice Smith, Fred Andrews, FP Jones, Hermione Gomez, Sierra Samuels and Penelope Blossom. However, their group, dubbed as The Midnight Club, later disbanded and they all proceeded to go their separate ways.

Years later, he fathered a son, Dilton. Eight years after that, he lost his brother Dan in a whitewater rafting excursion accident. As a consequence of those events, Darryl would become intent on his son being prepared for the worst-case scenario to the point that he actually faked himself being tied down to an Improvised Explosive Device that he forced Dilton to disarm. In an even more severe case, he actually forced Dilton to blindfold himself before leaving him stranded in Fox Forest for at least nine days until Dilton worked up the courage to find his way home.[1]

Throughout Riverdale

Season 3

Editor's Note: The events that transpire in Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club take place during a flashback set in the 90's of Alice, FP, Fred, Sierra, Hermione, Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram, and Tom in their junior year of high school.

Darryl, Marty, Tom, and Hiram play G&G

Darryl began playing Gryphons and Gargoyles with Marty Mantle, Tom Keller, and Hiram Lodge after he found it in the restricted section of the library. After a week of playing, they encounter Alice, FP, Fred, Sierra, Hermione, and Penelope at school after hours also playing. They decide to join forces and play a bigger game.

Ascension party

One day, all ten of them, found strange invitations in their lockers to the detention room that night to rise to the challenge and ascend to the next level. That night, the Midnight Club attends the ascension party. They must find the chalices, flip the gryphon coin for their fate and drink from the chalice to meet their destiny. Before starting, to make things more enjoyable, Hiram shares a new drug known as fizzle rocks with everyone.

The festivities begin with an impromptu performance by the Fred Heads, normally just Fred and FP, but Alice, Sierra, and Hermione perform with them as Marty, Hiram, Penelope, Daryl, and Tom party, high off the drugs.

The Midnight Club would later come to learn that Principal Featherhead is missing and that he was at the school the night of the ascension party. The rumors regarding principal Featherhead’s disappearance spread like wildfire. A week has passed since Featherhead went missing. As it turns out, he was in the school the entire time. Dead and locked in a supply closet. His lips blue.

The Midnight Club make a pact

The Midnight Club gather to discuss Featherhead’s death. Alice informs them that there was blue liquid in the chalices when she found them. Featherhead had blue lips and the police said he had poison in his system. Alice questions what they did to him though they deny any wrongdoing. And this begins the endless blame game between all members of the Midnight Club. Alice dismisses any notions of wrongdoing. When Penelope exclaims that they’re not going to the cops, Alice accuses her of poisoning the chalices when she set up the game, however, it wasn’t Penelope or Daryl. Alice recalls the chalices just sitting there, meaning whoever invited them to the party was trying to kill one or more of them. Sierra wants to destroy the game so that it can’t be traced back to them. FP suggests destroying the manuals and scattering everything else. The Midnight Club then spits on their hands and make a pact to never speak of Gryphons and Gargoyles ever again.

After getting rid of G&G, they return to their normal lives and go their separate ways. Burdened by their guilt, they all become different people.[2]

Darryl is revealed to have been killed by ingesting oleanders and his death was staged as a suicide. His gravestone indicates that he died in the month of March. His grave was dug up by the Gargoyle King and used to scare Betty and Alice.[3]

Physical Appearance

During his adolescence, Darryl was a lean young man of medium stature, who has pale skin, black hair and brown eyes.


Darryl was the similar older harder version of his son wanting him to be prepared for everything especially after the accidental death of his brother which changed him according to his son. In high school Darryl was shown to be studious and liked Penelope Blossom from afar. 



Season 3


  • Although unnamed at the time, Darryl Doiley made an appearance in Issue 7 of the Riverdale tie-in comic, where he was simply referred to as Dilton's father. This was his first appearance in the show's universe. 
  • To date, Darryl's appearances have been only shown through flashback, first through the flashbacks seen through Dilton's perspective in the Riverdale tie-in comic, then through the perspective of Alice Smith's flashbacks in "Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club". 
  • Much like his son's comic book counterpart, Darryl was known to have an crush on a Blossom girl during high school. 


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