It's okay, Dwayne was a heel. I wouldn't be surprised if he stole my car to pick up some floozy only to get himself killed. Like I told Chic, I don't particularly care what happened to Dwayne. I don't see any reason to ask any questions about him, especially not if I get the ten grand he owes me. I get that, I'm a happy camper who'll be out of your lives forever ever. Amen.
— Darla to Alice and Betty[src]

Darla is a minor character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Azura Skye.

She is a Centerville resident who came to Riverdale following the discovery of her car in Swedlow Swamp. Which her boyfriend, Dwayne, had stolen.

Early Life

Not much is known about Darla's past other than the fact that she lives in Centerville where she was in a loveless relationship with Dwayne prior to his death.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

Following her boyfriend's disappearance, Darla called his phone hoping to get in touch with him. However, Betty answered. When she did, Darla accused her of being the woman that he was cheating on her with. So she told Betty to tell him not to come home and that he was dead to her.[1]


Darla blackmailing the Coopers

After Dwayne was murdered by Chic, his car was noticed to be on the other side of the street from the Cooper house, so Chic's sister Betty Cooper and her boyfriend Jughead Jones dumped the car in a swamp. However, it was later recovered and they discovered it was not Dwayne's car, but one he had stolen, later found to be Darla's. Chic claimed he "tried to help" in finding out how much Darla knew, but she saw straight through him. Darla wasn't surprised that Dwayne took her car, although it ending up in a swamp did strike her as odd. Dwayne was a terrible person by Darla's account. So she didn't care what happened to him and didn't see any reason to ask questions so long as she got the $10,000 that he owed her. If not, Darla threatened to go to Sheriff Keller. With no other choice, Alice agreed to pay off Darla. However, the bank was closed and they would have to wait until the morning.


Marcel and Darla deciding to stay at the Cooper house

The next day, Betty went out to go get the money, and while doing so, Marcel, the manager from the hostile Chic used to reside at ended up coming to the Cooper house, seemingly in cahoots with Darla. Alice called Betty and warned her not to come home. Instead, Betty ignored her warning and came home, handing Darla and Marcel the money. Alice said they should go now that they have the money, but Darla and Marcel refused, saying they'd much rather stay in Riverdale which was "much nicer than Centerville". Marcel pulled out a box-cutter knife and threatened Betty. At that moment, Jughead and the Serpents kicked the door in and came to help them. They all had knives as well. Darla and Marcel heeded their warning and left.[2]

Physical Appearance

Darla is a woman in her late 20s to 30s with long blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin.



Season 2



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