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The Cooper house, formerly the Cooper-Jones house, is the family residence of Alice Smith and Betty Cooper, located at 111 Elm Street, Riverdale. It is the former residence of FP, Jughead, and Jellybean Jones.

Following Hal's arrest and subsequent revelation that he was the Black Hood, Alice joined the Farm and was "reborn." As the final means to purge her life of the last thing holding her back, Alice put the house up for sale, where it was purchased by Gladys Jones through an all-cash online offer. After Gladys left Riverdale, Jellybean stayed with her father and brother. After FP rekindled his romance with Alice, she and Betty moved back into the house alongside the Jones' until Jughead left for college and FP moved to Toledo with Jellybean. Now, Alice remains at the house along with Betty and Juniper and Dagwood.





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