The Coopers. The Stepfords of Riverdale. High school sweethearts who got married and had two beautiful daughters, Polly and Betty. Until Jason Blossom happened.
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The Cooper Family is one of the founding families of Riverdale.

The Coopers are also related to the Blossom Family, as generations ago, the family split in two after one Blossom brother murdered the other, due to a disagreement in splitting the profits. After they severed all ties to the Blossom Family and changed their surname names to Cooper, for generations, the two families have kept its history hidden and absolutely despise each other.


The original family known as the Blossom family arrived in Riverdale nearly a hundred years ago, where they founded their lucrative maple syrup business. However, there was in-fighting in the company that resulted in one Blossom murdering his own brother. Afterward, the family split in two, and one-half severed all ties to the other and took a new name - Cooper.

Generations later, Hal Cooper and his wife Alice Cooper own the local newspaper, known as The Register.

Hal and Alice's oldest daughter, Polly Cooper, fell in love with Jason Blossom, as the two were unaware they were third cousins. Their relationship was frowned upon by their respective families, and each did everything they could to break the two up. However, Polly revealed to Jason and her family that she was pregnant. Hal originally wanted Polly to have an abortion, as he knew the babies were the result of an incestuous relationship. Polly refused, which resulted in Hal and Alice sending Polly to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where Polly would put the babies up for adoption after the birth. Polly's pregnancy was originally kept a secret from the Blossoms and the world until recently when it was revealed by the Cooper family in an effort to convince the town that Polly didn't kill Jason. With the family unaware that they were related to the Blossom Family, Hal eventually had to reveal to his family with their past history between both families shared.

Following the revelation that Cliff Blossom was Jason's murderer, Hal, Alice and Polly went back to their lives as if nothing had ever happened. This didn't sit well with Betty, who made a speech at the town jubilee, telling the townsfolk that they need to face the dark truths surrounding Riverdale or least an incident like Jason's murder would happen again.

When the Black Hood began terrorizing the town and the Coopers published his manifesto, Polly, fearing she'd be targeted, decided to leave for the farm where she and Jason had originally planned to settle, to protect herself and her unborn twins, against the wishes of her parents.

Family Members

Nuclear Family

  • Louis' Father — Otherwise known as great grandfather Cooper, not much is known about Louis' father other than he and great grandfather Blossom were two brothers in business together, selling and trading maple syrup. Then, one day, great-grandfather Blossom murdered him in cold blood.[1] After the murder, their family severed ties with the Blossoms and their name, and took a new one, "Cooper".[2] This, however, was a lie. The truth of the matter was that he actually killed his brother, great-grandfather Blossom, and took on the "Cooper" name as a new identity.[3]
  • Louis Cooper — Louis was the father of Hal and related to the Blossom Family via his father whom had murder his brother, Louis' uncle, causing them to take on the new identity of the "Coopers".[3] However, he seemed to be close to Rose Blossom, by her recall, despite her own father murdering his own. He took part in a murdering an innocent man upon being presumed guilty by a survivor of a mass murderer. Prior to the series, he died and his son's immediate family cleaned out his house and donated his stuff to charity, only keeping photos as a keepsake.[4] Hal revealed that his father was in fact the Riverdale Reaper and murdered the Conway family to prevent them from being blackmailed.[3]
  • Hal Cooper — Hal was the ex-husband of Alice Cooper, and a distant relative to the Blossom family, via his great-grandfather. He was born and raised in Riverdale, where he attended Riverdale High with Alice Cooper. The two dated throughout High School. Years later, he married Alice and had two daughters, Polly and Betty. He owned the local newspaper, The Register, alongside his ex-wife.
  • Alice Smith — Alice is the ex-wife of Hal Cooper. She was born and raised in Riverdale, where she attended Riverdale High alongside Hal Cooper. The two dated in High School. Years later, the two married and had two daughters, Polly and Betty. Alice owned the local newspaper, The Register, alongside her ex-husband. She is also an editor for The Blue and Gold.
  • Charles Smith — Charles is Alice's firstborn child and only son; his father is FP Jones. His conception was unexpected, as they were only teenagers at the time and Hal wanted the baby aborted. However, Alice, with the help of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, put the baby up for adoption instead. More than twenty years later, he was initally believed to be murdered in a Centerville hostel by Chic. Hal would have been Charles' step-father. However, this was later proven to be untrue, as Charles is not only alive, but an agent for the FBI, tasked with taking down The Farm.
  • Polly Cooper — Polly is the eldest daughter and first-born child of Hal and Alice Cooper and the mother of Juniper and Dagwood with the late Jason Blossom. Polly was in love with Jason and planned to run away with him. However, her parents found out and intervened, sending her to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where they planned to have the babies adopted. Polly later escaped the Sisters, and after temporarily living at the Thornhill, she moved back to her family home. She later ran away to the Farm in fear of the Black Hood coming after her and her babies. She plans on raising her kids by herself as she cannot stand the toxic environment that is sure to follow her family.
  • Betty Cooper — Betty is the last-born child of Alice and Hal Cooper. She currently attends Riverdale High, where she is a River Vixen and runs the school newspaper.
  • Juniper and Dagwood — The newborn twins of third cousins Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper. They were conceived sometime before July 4th, though their birthday is currently unknown.

Extended Family

  • Great Grandfather Blossom (Unnamed Blossom) — Great Grandfather Blossom was the brother of great-grandfather Cooper and Uncle of Louis Cooper. Due to greed and hate, he murdered his brother and business partner (Louis' father)[1] that severed the Blossom family.[2] It was later revealed that he was the one that was actually murdered and that great-grandfather Cooper took the Cooper name as a new identity.[3]
  • Rose Blossom — Rose is the mother of Cliff Blossom, and is distantly related to the Coopers. She is presumably the oldest living Blossom-Cooper and currently lives with her daughter-in-law Penelope Blossom. Cheryl claims that Rose has gypsy blood, and also, dementia.
  • Claudius Blossom — Claudius is Rose's estranged son and twin brother to Clifford. He is distantly related to the Coopers via his grandfather. Claudius was brought up in Riverdale, alongside Cliff, until the age of 14, when he ran away from his family, later joining the Merchant Marines, hoping to outrun the "Blossom curse". After Clifford's secret will was released and the family gathered to Riverdale, he too returned, surprising those in attendance that were unaware of Clifford's twin brother.
  • Cliff Blossom — Cliff was distantly related to the Coopers, via his grandfather, and was a member of the Blossom Family. He is the husband of Penelope Blossom and the father of Cheryl and Jason Blossom, as well as the previous owner of the Blossom Maple Farms. After it was revealed that Cliff was using his business as a front to smuggle drugs, and killed Jason to help cover it up, Cliff hung himself in the Blossom barn.
  • Penelope Blossom — Penelope is an in-law to the Cooper family, as her former husband Cliff was distantly related to the Cooper's prior to his death. Penelope is the current owner of the Blossom Maple Farms, and the mother of the twins, Cheryl and Jason Blossom.
  • Cheryl Blossom — Cheryl is the teen-aged daughter of Cliff and Penelope Blossom, and paternal twin of Jason Blossom. She is distantly related to the Coopers via her Great-Grandfather. She currently attends Riverdale High School, where she is the most popular girl at school. She also is the captain of the River Vixens.
  • Jason Blossom — Jason was the teen-aged son of Cliff and Penelope Blossom, as well as the father of his daughter and son with Polly. Jason was born and raised in Riverdale, where he attended Riverdale High School alongside his sister and fiancée Polly Cooper. He was a member of the Riverdale Bulldogs until his death on July 11th. Jason and Polly Cooper were very in love, and when Polly told Jason about her pregnancy he was happy. They made big plans together. However, these plans drastically changed when Polly was sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and Jason was murdered by his father, Cliff Blossom. He is currently buried in the Blossom Cemetery behind the Thornhill.

Family Tree

Unnamed Great-
Grandmother †
Barnabas B.
Blossom †
Louis' Mother †
Father †
Blossom †
Blossom Family
Charles Smith
Season 1 Episode 2 Touch of Evil Betty Portrait
Note: Dashed horizontal lines indicate confirmed parentage out of wedlock.


  • Every known Cooper has blonde hair.


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