I, Clifford Cochrane Blossom, being of sound mind and body do here inscribe the terms of my last will and testament. Firstly, ownership of Thistlehouse will stay with our beloved matriarch, Roseanne Blossom. To my wife and partner, Penelope, I leave ownership of our greatest treasure, Thornhill, the exquisite mansion she made a home. Any and all remaining assets of my fortune will be divided in half. The first half will be distributed equally to anyone in Riverdale who can prove, with medical authentication, that even one drop of Blossom blood flows through their veins. The other half of my fortune will go to my true heirs, Jason and Cheryl.
— Cliff Blossom's Will[src]

Cliff Blossom's Will-Reading was held at Thistlehouse. Mr. Lazenby, the Blossoms' estate attorney, read the Will publicly, as per Cliff's instructions.


Discovery of a Secret Will


Mr. Lazenby and Penelope discussing Clifford's will

Mr. Lazenby, the Blossom's estate attorney, visited the Blossoms at Thistlehouse and revealed that Clifford, as it turned out, actually had a secret will. Which came as no surprise to Cheryl however. Clifford's instructions were to reveal the existence of the will only after the authorities had concluded their investigation of his drug dealings. Per Cliff's instructions, he requested that Mr. Lazenby withhold all information, including the names of his numerous beneficiaries, until a public will-reading.



Toni meeting Cheryl's mother

The next day, with the will-reading commencing at noon, Cheryl invited Toni over to help her prepare for the will-reading. As they were deciding on wardrobe for the occasion, Penelope barged into Cheryl's room demanding to know what was going on. It was then that she met Toni Topaz, who Cheryl had invited to the will-reading as her emotional support. Penelope told Cheryl that she needed to be downstairs before the guest started to arrive as Penelope wanted to present a united front.

The Will-Reading


The commencing of the will-reading

The will-reading commenced once all the guests (Betty, Polly, Hal, aunt Cricket, and uncle Bedford, amongst other Blossom relatives) were all in attendance. Clifford's first declaration was that ownership of Thistlehouse remained with his mother, Nana Rose. With Penelope Blossom, Clifford left ownership of Thornhill, which Cheryl had burned to the ground. "The charred husk of an empty house. That sounds about right, Mother." Cheryl remarked. With regards to the other guests who had been contacted per Clifford's request, they were to receive half of the remaining assets of his fortune. The first half would be distributed equally to anyone in town who could prove, with medical authentication, that they were of Blossom blood. The will-reading was then interrupted by Alice Cooper, who barged into the congregation to confront Hal over him asking for a divorce for the sole purpose of cutting her out of the will. Once Alice turned her attention towards the family and began insulting them as a whole, referring to them all as inbreds, Penelope requested that she and Sierra McCoy, her attorney, leave. After they were escorted out of the premises, the will-reading resumed.

The second half of Clifford's fortune would go to Cheryl alone as Jason was no longer with them. And so Cheryl approached the podium. As the one, true Blossom heir, she felt it was her duty to say a few words. However, Cheryl's speech was interrupted by Clifford - or so they believed. Overwhelmed by his supposed return from the dead, Cheryl fainted.



Claudius explaining his existence to Cheryl

By the time Cheryl woke up, it was dark outside and the will-reading had long since ended. Who they believed to be Clifford returning from the grave was actually his twin brother, Claudius Blossom. Claudius explained why they had never heard of him before. when he and Clifford were boys, they were inseparable. But it became apparent that Claudius was being primed to inherit the Blossom empire. Until their 14th birthday when he and Clifford were down by Sweetwater River and he pointed a rifle at Claudius and told him about the Blossom curse. How one of the twins always met a violent end and often at the hands of the other. Fortunately, he spared Claudius. But that very night, Claudius ran away from home without a trace and later joined the Merchant Marines where sailed the seas desperate to outrun the Blossom curse.







Season 2



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