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Chubby's Record Shop is a music store in New York City owned by Chubby. Josie McCoy started working at the store after she moved from Riverdale.


Chubby's Record Shop is a music store opened decades ago in NYC. Chubby used to also have his own indie music label and several artists used the recording studio in the basement for their music before becoming famous, such as Patti Smith.[1]

Chubby lost a four year battle with his landlord. They have two weeks to clear out. Josie refuses to allow this to happen, hoping they can get it declared as a historical landmark. However, Chubby isn’t convinced it would do much good. Every day, another historical landmark disappears. He tells Josie that he’ll understand if she starts looking for a new job. With Alexander Cabot's help, Josie saves the store but this catches Alexandra Cabot' s attention, who came to survey their latest acquisition. She introduces herself to Chubby as Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment and the owner of Chubby’s.[2]

To celebrate Josie's upcoming EP funded by Cabot Entertainment, Chubby hosts a listening party at the store where several guests including Cabot Entertainment top executive will attend.[3]





Katy Keene

Season 1



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