I talk to my dead brother. That's how I cope. [...] I go into the chapel in my house where my brother's body is, and I talk to him. And I think he answers me back. I think maybe I've lost my mind, and I don't know when it happened.

Was it when Jay-Jay died? Was it when I fell through the ice? Have I always been this way? Fractured?

— Cheryl to Mrs. Burble[src]

Cheryl Marjorie Blossom is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Madelaine Petsch.

Cheryl is the daughter of the late Clifford and Penelope Blossom, and the twin sister of the late Jason Blossom, who suffered a tragic demise mysteriously on July 11th. Cheryl's relationship with her family seemed to be quite strained ever since Jason's death. Her mother blamed her for assisting Jason in his attempt to run away from Riverdale, which essentially is what led to his demise. Cheryl's father thought of her as a train wreck in comparison to Jason, who was considered the "Golden Boy". 

She is a student, head cheerleader of the River Vixens and the self-proclaimed Queen Bee at Riverdale High School, as well as the aunt to Jason and Polly's twin babies. Cheryl is in a relationship with Toni Topaz and has recently joined the Southside Serpents. However, Cheryl and Toni are later exiled from the Serpents by Jughead after they failed to abide by Serpent code and burglarized the Pembrooke. Since then, she and Toni have created a gang of their own, the Pretty Poisons.

Character Description

Rich, entitled and never accountable. Cheryl Blossom is a manipulative mean girl who kills with kindness, she recently lost her twin brother in a mysterious accident.[1] 

Early Life

Cheryl Blossom was born and raised in Riverdale alongside her twin brother Jason to Clifford and Penelope Blossom. During her childhood, the Blossom family had an ongoing feud with the Cooper family, and Jason's involvement with the Cooper's oldest daughter Polly only adds fuel to this fire, though the feud later subsided a little after Cheryl's father's death. Cheryl is one of the most popular students at Riverdale High School as well as captain of the River Vixens, a cheerleading squad. She is close friends with Josie McCoy, but she was closer to her brother Jason than anyone else. According to herself, he always protected her. When they were younger, Cheryl always insisted on having a separate birthday despite the fact that she and Jason were twins, until one year he randomly recommended that they combine their birthdays. It wasn't until years later that Cheryl discovered the reason for this, which was that no one would come to her birthday if she held it separately. He protected her, and not just from that one incident, but throughout their entire lives.

As a child, Cheryl remembered her mother telling her and Jason bedtime stories about the Sugarman, not knowing that he was a real person, who was heavily involved in her father's drug dealing operation. Her mother concocted the story of the Sugarman to turn an all-too-real monster into a child's bogeyman. Hoping to protect them from the danger that followed the Sugarman, she and Jason were told to stay in their rooms whenever he would visit Thornhill.

When Cheryl was in junior high, she befriended a girl named Heather. The girls grew immensely close, and often had sleepovers. What started as friendship, soon grew into love. Unfortunately, one night, Cheryl's mother caught them in bed together. Penelope grew furious and presumably banished Heather from Cheryl's life.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

The River's Edge

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Cheryl running make up

Cheryl after the tragic boating accident

Just after dawn, on the 4th of July, Cheryl, and her twin brother Jason, drove out to Sweetwater River for an early morning boat ride. She took Jason's hand, asking him if he was scared before getting onto the boat. However, the trip did not go as planned. Cheryl somehow ended up on the river's edge, soaking wet. Fortunately, she was found by Dilton Doiley, the leader of the Riverdale Boy Scouts. Cheryl was brought to shore by law enforcement, along with her parents, Clifford and Penelope Blossom. The police dragged the river for Jason's body, yet they failed to find his body. A week later, the Blossom Family buried an empty casket as Jason's death was ruled an accident. As the story goes, at least according to Cheryl, she dropped a glove in the water, and when Jason reached down to retrieve it, he tipped the boat. He panicked and drowned.

In the following weeks, as school began, Cheryl spoke during the school's assembly. Many of them were lucky enough to know Jason personally, and each and every one of them meant the world to him. Cheryl loved her brother. He was and always will be her soulmate. Cheryl spoke with the confidence only a twin could have in saying that Jason wouldn't want them to spend the year mourning his death. He'd prefer if they moved on with their lives, which is why she had asked the school-board not to cancel the back-to-school semi-formal, but rather allow them to use it to collectively heal, and celebrate Jason's short life.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Cheryl with Veronica, Kevin, and Betty

Cheryl introducing herself to Veronica

Cheryl formally introduced herself to Veronica Lodge, who she had heard whisperings about. She looked to Veronica, Betty, and Kevin, curious as to what they were gossiping about, perhaps Archie's Efron-esque emergence from the chrysalis of puberty. However, Veronica claims that they were considering what extracurricular to take on. Cheryl insisted that she try out for the River Vixens, Riverdale High's cheerleading team, which Cheryl was senior captain of. Kevin questions the relevance of cheerleading in today's society, leaving Cheryl to wonder the relevance of the stereotypical gay best friend, a role that Kevin was so clearly filling. Some people say cheerleading is retro, but she believes its eternal and iconic. At Spence High, Veronica sat at the top of the Elites' pyramid, so she was more than qualified and willing to give it a go, telling Betty that she would try-out as well. Anyone was welcome to try-out, but Cheryl remarks that Betty already has so much on her plate, both literally and figuratively. Being a Vixen was a full-time duty, but she reiterates that it's open to all. She tells Veronica to follow her on Twitter @CherylBombshell.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Cheryl, Tina and Ginger

Cheryl, Tina and Ginger at try-outs

Cheryl, Tina, and Ginger sat in the middle of the gymnasium, unimpressed with Betty and Veronica's try-out routine. There was no heat or sizzle to their performance. Veronica replies that Cheryl hasn't seen their big finish yet. Veronica kisses Betty on the lips, though Cheryl was still ultimately unimpressed. Faux lesbian kissing hasn't been taboo since 1994. Hopefully, they'd do better with the interview portion of their audition. Cheryl asked about Betty's sister, Polly, who was in a romantic relationship with Jason. Although, it didn't end well. Jason was probably the reason that Polly had a nervous breakdown and was sent to a group home. Cheryl was curious as to what Betty had to say about this. Cheryl antagonized Betty, telling her to rip her to shreds and annihilate her, though all Betty had to give were her condolences. With that out the way, Cheryl welcomed Veronica to the squad while also dismissing Betty. Cheryl explained that she needed girls with fire on her squad. However, Veronica knew what she actually needed because she knew who Cheryl was. She called Cheryl out on trafficking in fear and terror while never being held accountable due to her wealth. However, that uncertainty and entitlement wouldn't last forever. There will be a reckoning. Perhaps that reckoning was Veronica. She and Betty were a matching set. If Cheryl wanted Veronica, she had to take Betty as well, so Cheryl obliged.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Cheryl Semiformal 2

Cheryl at the Semi-formal

Cheryl attended the semi-formal that night, where she got on stage as honorary chairperson and de facto queen to introduce the night's entertainment, Josie and the Pussycats. To know them is to be obsessed with them, and though they usually only perform their own material, they're making an exception and debuting a cover of the song that Cheryl's parents claim they were listening to the night she and Jason were conceived. This one's for you JJ, Cheryl said. After getting off stage, Cheryl informed Tina and Ginger to ensure that Archie, Betty, and Veronica attend her after party, as she was in the mood for chaos.

It was game time at "Chez" Blossom, "Seven Minutes in Heaven" to be exact. She asked who wanted to tryst in the closet of love first, her vote was "A" for Archie, with Reggie seconding this vote, the decision had been made, though Archie was hesitant. Everyone gathered around as Cheryl spun the bottle to see who would be riding the "ginger stallion". As the bottle stopped, it pointed at both Betty and Veronica, but Cheryl insisted that it was facing Veronica. It was up to the new girl whether she would participate or not; however, should she decline, house rules decree that Cheryl take her place. As Archie and Veronica exited the closet, Cheryl told them that Betty spiraled and fled. She was a lot more high-strung than she looked.

Later that night, Jason's body was discovered on the shore of Sweetwater River by Kevin and Moose, revealing he had been shot in the head. That following morning, Cheryl stood at the shore, along with many other Riverdale residents as Jason's body was taken away.[2]

Season 1 Episode 2 A Touch of Evil Cheryl Archie

Cheryl and Archie partnered in class

After sending out a school-wide message that she would not rest until Jason's death was avenged, Cheryl was confronted in the class by Tina Patel and Ginger Lopez on the details she gave of the mysterious drowning. She told them what she told the police; that they both fell into the water, she made it to the shore, he didn't, and that was all she knew. She was then partnered up with Archie during class, where she stabbed a dead frog.

At the Cooper house, Cheryl apologized to Betty for treating her so poorly; she was angry after the break-up of Jason and Polly, so she took out her frustration on Betty. The conversation quickly took a turn for the worse as Cheryl steered towards Polly-specific questions, such as if she knew Jason was dead. Betty wondered why Cheryl was suddenly so concerned, to which Cheryl replied, someone shot her brother, and she believed Polly could be the culprit. Betty exploded, telling Cheryl to leave or else she'd kill her.

Season 1 Episode 2 A Touch of Evil Cheryl on stage pre-football game

Cheryl during the Pep rally

The night of the Pep Rally, Cheryl raced off the stage crying after seeing Archie in Jason's jersey, which triggered a fond memory of him. As Veronica attempted to comfort her, Cheryl revealed to Veronica that Jason was supposed to come back.

The next day at school, the results of Jason's autopsy came back and directed the police to Cheryl. It was revealed that Jason did not die on July 4th, as previously thought, but a week later. Cheryl was then arrested by Sheriff Keller, admitting she was "guilty" of something.[3]

Helping Jason Run Away

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Cheryl Cliff

Cheryl being escorted out by her father

When questioned by the police, Cheryl clarified that she wasn't guilty of Jason's murder, but she was guilty of lying about what happened on July 4th. She revealed that Jason wanted to leave Riverdale for good, and so they faked his death to ensure nobody would come after him. He was supposed to contact her when he made it to a safe place, but he never did. The last time Cheryl saw him alive was when she said goodbye to him on the shore of Greendale. She had no idea what had happened to him after that, or how he ended up dead. She did, however, hear a mysterious gunshot on July 4th, which was later backed up by Archie. She was then pulled away from the police by her furious parents.

Cheryl discovered that Betty and Veronica were plotting to take revenge on certain members of the football team for slut-shaming them. When told that the player had a book that listed their "conquests", Cheryl was in disbelief that Jason would ever allow such a disgusting act to ever take place on the team. She was certain that Jason would have told her about it if it was true.

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Cheryl thigh high boots

Cheryl breaking into the school

Later that night, she unexpectedly joined Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Kevin as they broke into the school, after hours to steal the book. Upon finding the playbook, she discovered that Jason had not only known about it but had participated, as Polly Cooper's name was listed in the book. This forced her to reevaluate her opinion of her brother, and she apologized to Betty for his actions as they burned the book together.[4]

In a booth at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Cheryl disapproved of Hermione Lodge's job at the diner, she claimed it was off-brand, and sent a false message about acceptance. Had she known about this beforehand, Veronica never would have landed a spot on the River Vixens. However, Ginger and Tina did not share that same sentiment, after her TMZ style takedown of Chuck Clayton, the rest of the girls on the squad had warmed up to Veronica.

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Cheryl in her car

Cheryl, Ginger, and Tina outside Pop's shoppe

As Hermione reached for the bill, Cheryl slammed her hand down, and told Hermione that all the money was to go to the register, Cheryl was quick to remind Hermione that she was a Lodge and that they were known for having sticky fingers. Hermione took the money, but not before reminding Cheryl that she went to school with her mother, and she didn't know the difference between having money and having class either. Just minutes after her dispute with Hermione Lodge, Cheryl caught her in the middle of a heated argument with a Southside Serpents behind the dumpster at Pop's. Cheryl took a picture of the encounter as evidence.

The next day at school, with the intent to remind Veronica of her place within the town's social hierarchy, Cheryl told Veronica about her mother's secret meeting with the serpent.

Later that night, Cheryl joined Veronica and Kevin at the Twilight Drive-In for its closing night. Although she was not wanted, she squeezed in the back of the truck with them.[5]

Jason's Memorial

Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Cheryl Gothic heroine

Cheryl's dream as a Gothic Heroine

In the days leading up to her brother's memorial, Cheryl took it upon herself to write Jason's eulogy, however, she fell asleep on his bed while doing so. In her dream, like a Gothic heroine, Cheryl slowly made her way down the steps of her family mansion into the room where Jason's memorial would be held. Upon opening the coffin, Cheryl discovered that Jason was no longer inside, but the roofing of his coffin was riddled with bloody scratch marks, she turned around to see a ghostly-looking Jason inching towards her, but she soon woke up. Immediately after waking up, her mother, who stood in the doorway, banned Cheryl from sleeping in Jason's room, and writing the eulogy, Penelope surmised that Cheryl would only embarrass the family.

At school, Cheryl formally invited Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Kevin to Thornhill for Jason's memorial that upcoming weekend, to her surprise, the Lodges were invited. Shortly after giving out the invitations, she was approached by Veronica, who wanted to end their petty rivalry, so in a gesture of good faith, Cheryl invited Veronica to her sleepover.

As previously agreed upon, Veronica slept over at Cheryl's. They, unfortunately, had to endure a fairly awkward and uncomfortable dinner with her family. Afterward, Veronica asked Cheryl why she didn't invite her best friends, Tina and Ginger, Cheryl explained that they weren't the ones who helped her after the panic attack she had at the pep-rally. She then went on to talk about Jason, she said everything about his death had been extremely public, some saying he got what he deserved, others saying he didn't, Cheryl just wanted to let everyone know that she's sorry and that Jason deserved a better family than what he got. Veronica encouraged Cheryl to do the eulogy against her parent's wishes, even though they'd kill her if she did.

Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Cheryl speaking at memorial

Cheryl during Jason's memorial

The day of the memorial had finally arrived, initially wearing a black outfit, which was suitable for such an event, Cheryl changed into the all-white outfit she wore the day she and Jason went over Sweetwater River. She began the memorial with a few words for Jason, she claimed that when she put the dress on, it made her feel connected to him, she then told the guests about her and Jason's life together. Cheryl wished that she had protected him that day at the river, she held onto his coffin, as she apologized for failing to do so, Veronica then came up to the podium, and hugged Cheryl.

She was then escorted to her room by her mother, Penelope was furious with Cheryl's disobedience, in return she would take Cheryl off the River Vixens, the former River Vixen captain was left on her bed, in tears. She later watched from afar as Jason was laid to rest in the cemetery on Thornhill's grounds.[6]

Blossom Babies

Season 1 Episode 7 In A Lonely Place Cheryl, Sheriff Keller, and Penelope

Cheryl with Sheriff Keller and her mother

Cheryl learned from Ginger that Polly Cooper had escaped the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home. She offered this information to her mother in exchange for her position back on the River Vixens. With Polly escaping the group home on the same night that Jason's car was set on fire, Cheryl surmised that Polly lit the flame in order to cover her tracks, as she was Jason's killer. However, before arriving at the Sheriff Station, Cheryl first tweeted this information out to her followers; #PollyCooperKilledMyBrother, #NoWhereToHide, and #SharpenYourPitchforks.

In an effort to find Polly, the Blossom family organized a witch hunt throughout Eversgreen Forest, where they ran into the Coopers, whom Cheryl confronted with her theory of Polly being the murderer.

That evening, the Coopers held a press conference, much to Cheryl's surprise, they revealed to the entire town that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child.

The next day, Cheryl came to Betty, ready to help with the baby in whatever way she could, unfortunately, Betty didn't want her help, as Cheryl had painted Polly as crazy, which Cheryl did not deny, saying that Polly was crazier than a serial killer on bath salts. Betty eventually gave in, informing Cheryl that Polly needed money for a home and medical supplies, Cheryl explained that Jason's child was a game changer and that her parents would be more than willing to help as well.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Cheryl in her room

Cheryl with Penelope

That night, Cheryl arranged a meeting between her parents and Betty at Pop's shoppe where they backed up Cheryl's earlier comments of the Blossoms wanting to help Polly.

Back at Thornhill, Cheryl was asked by her mother if she had ever seen Polly actually take drugs, which was a question in reference to Cheryl's previous statement of Polly being a party girl. Cheryl wondered why her mother was asking, and Penelope informed her that she didn't want an unfit mother to raise her grandchildren. Following the unsettling conversation with her mother, Cheryl met up with Polly and Betty at Pop's to warn them of her parent's ill intentions, telling them to leave as neither Polly nor the baby would be safe with her parents.[7]

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Tina and Cheryl

Chery, Tina, and Ginger at Pop's shoppe

Through a flashback sequence of Jason and Polly's break up, it was shown that Cheryl, Ginger, and Tina were at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe that day to witness it unfold.

In the present time, Cheryl joined Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Kevin, and Valerie, in the student lounge, where they discussed Polly's uneasy predicament between the Coopers and the Blossoms. Kevin referred to Cheryl's family as the "child snatching Blossom monsters", which Cheryl took no offense to. She then commented that she wholeheartedly supported Veronica's notion of throwing Polly a baby shower.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Polly and Cheryl

Cheryl arriving at the baby shower

The night of baby shower had arrived, Cheryl came bursting through the front door of Hermione's apartment with a brand new, expensive stroller for Polly and Jason's child. All Cheryl asked for in return was that she be named the baby's godmother, unaware that Polly had earlier named Betty the godmother. Cheryl then strolled Nana Rose off to find a good spot, where Rose went on to perform some kind of ritual on Polly to identify the baby's gender by using a purple stone pendulum, which led Cheryl to state that Rose had dementia, as well as "gypsy blood". According to Nana Rose, Polly was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. A little later in the night, as Polly opened the gifts, Cheryl expressed her desire for Polly to stay with them at Thornhill, which Cheryl's mother assured Polly was a genuine offer.[8]

Blossom Tree Tapping

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Cheryl

Cheryl awaiting the arrival of the board members

Thicker than blood, more precious than oil, Riverdale's largest business had been maple syrup since the town's founding, and her family had been in control of the lucrative trade since the start. Via flashback, Cheryl, Jason, Cliff, and Penelope sipped delicious maple syrup from glasses, almost as if it was fine wine. With Jason, the heir to the Blossoms family empire, now dead, many wondered who would inherit the Blossom family business, though one thing they were sure of, it would not be Cheryl. The Blossoms awaited, Polly standing alongside them in the snow, for the arrival of the board of trustees, who were all looking to attack at the first sign of weakness.

Cheryl approached Archie in the music room with an invitation to her family's maple tree tapping, as that week was the official start of maple season. The tree tapping ceremony was a yearly event, a ritual that honored the Blossom bloodline, it was extremely exclusive. The maple tapping was something special that she and Jason had done together ever since they could walk, but she was not sure she could face it alone this year, if Archie came along as her escort, maybe she could get through it. Unfortunately, while Archie would have loved to help her, he had a girlfriend. However, he suggested a few others in his place. Cheryl did not want anyone else to escort her, as Archie was like no other, he defended her even when her parents would not.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Cheryl Archie

Cheryl and Archie at tree tapping ceremony

After some persuading by her mother, Archie decided to escort Cheryl to the tapping, where she told him that all he had to do was hold the bucket steady. She informed Archie that everyone else in attendance were her father's board of trustees, they were concerned that Cliff was losing his grip on the company, and if he was, they would stand together to steal it. Jason's death was a PR debacle, Polly being pregnant and unwed certainly did not help the situation. In Jason's place, Cheryl was called up by her father to stake the tree, noticeably nervous, Archie assured her that she could do it in her sleep, his words must have given her great confidence as Cheryl staked the tree flawlessly, earning claps and her parents' approval. Following the tree tapping ceremony, they all posed for a group photo.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Cheryl (2)

Cheryl overhearing her aunt and uncle

Cheryl overheard as her own aunt and uncle Bufford talked down upon her, refusing to allow her to run the company, fortunately, Archie came to Cheryl's aid. He informed aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford that Cheryl loved Jason, she did as much to help the Bulldogs win games as Jason did, and that she had a 4.0 GPA. If there was anything that he had learned from being in class with Cheryl, it was that she should not be underestimated or bet against. On Cheryl's behalf, Cliff asked Archie to escort her to an upcoming banquet later that week, and while Archie initially denied their invitation, Cheryl convinced him as she needed a dance partner.

The next day at school, a brief confrontation took place between Betty, Jughead and Cheryl, in which Betty demanded that she be allowed to talk to Polly, though, Cheryl was not in much of a fighting mood. Cheryl told them that they should be celebrating over the news that Polly was having twins, which Betty was unaware of. Betty was shocked to learn that her own sister did not tell her, but she pleaded with Cheryl to at least deliver a message, telling Polly to call their mother as she missed her, despite her best efforts to hide it. Cheryl merely shrugged it off telling her that she would deliver the message, however, she couldn't reassure her that Polly would even care or respond.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Cheryl at Andrews house with Fred, Archie, and Jughead

Cheryl gifting Archie with a guitar

The next night, Cheryl paid the Andrews a late night visit, she wanted to gift Archie with a brand new guitar to show her appreciation for him agreeing to escort her to the banquet. Before leaving, she commented that her claustrophobia acted up in small houses and she kissed Archie on the cheek. Later that week, just as planned, Cheryl and Archie attended the banquet, following her father's speech, she informed Archie to not be fooled into believing that her parents were being genuine, they wanted her to fail the tree tapping, but Archie was there to help with that.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Archie Cheryl (6)

Archie and Cheryl kissing

Following an argument with her father, Cheryl exited the banquet for some fresh air, she was of course followed by Archie. Jason was the golden boy, Cheryl said, people hated her, and while that was fine at school, it was too much to bear from her own family. However, Archie thought she was awesome, which led Cheryl to express how she felt that Archie was the only decent person left in Riverdale, she then kissed him and told Archie that her lipstick was maple-red, in case he was wondering why it was so sweet. Cheryl managed to catch up to him on the other side of the lodge after he ran off, she thought it was Cinderella that ran away from the ball, not Prince Charming. Archie wanted to break off their arrangement, but Cheryl first reminded him of everything he would be losing if he did. She then accused him of being just as bad as everyone else in town, despite her initial beliefs, as he wanted something from them as well.[9]

Secrets & Sins

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Cheryl

Cheryl firing Tina and Ginger

Having already reviewed the new choreography for Homecoming, Cheryl scolded Veronica for showing up late to River Vixens practice. She then announced that Veronica would be in the back during their performance in an effort to prevent her from doing any major damage. Cheryl would be front and center, considering that she had the "maddest skills on the squad", or so she claimed until Veronica challenged her to a dance-off, where the winner would lead them during Homecoming. Following both Cheryl and Veronica's dance routine, it was up the Vixens to decide who won, and while most of them voted for Veronica, Ginger and Tina decided not to vote at all. After losing the challenge, Cheryl confronted her so-called besties, insulting them both before firing them as Vixens and her "social handmaidens".

Bitter over her recent loss to Veronica, Cheryl teamed up with Chuck Clayton in order to cause a little chaos for Veronica and Betty, their arch nemesis. The two of them, along with a few dozen classmates crashed Jughead's 16th Birthday Party at Archie's house. On the dance floor, Cheryl danced and made out with Moose, and afterward, the two of them as well as Chuck were seen standing by and laughing as Archie embarrassed himself in front of the entire party. She and Chuck blocked off the front door as Jughead attempted to leave, informing him that they had not played their game yet, which they called "Secrets & Sins", a variation on "Truth or Dare", in which they would reveal their own secrets.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Chuck and Cheryl causing chaos

Chuck and Cheryl playing "Secrets and Sins"

Cheryl started the game off with Veronica, she questioned the basis of which Veronica and her mother moved into town, what was so fresh about defiling Archie in a closet, Cheryl asked, which Veronica insisted was Cheryl's doing. Moving on, Cheryl asked about Veronica's father, and whether or not it was true that he purchased the Twilight Drive-In. Veronica could not speak for her father, but she could think of a dirty little secret of her own, one that involved Cheryl killing Jason. Veronica claimed that Cheryl loved him in a way that a sister should not love a brother, and as Jason got older, he saw it as weird, in the end, choosing Polly over Cheryl. In response, Cheryl shot him in the head with one of her father's hunting rifles, this accusation led Cheryl to cry, that is until Dilton Doiley interrupted and volunteered to go next.

He revealed that Ms. Grundy was at Sweetwater River on the day Jason went missing, as was Archie, which led Cheryl to piece together that Archie was having sex with Grundy, explaining why he became a mediocre musician overnight. According to Cheryl, this also explained why Archie could not keep a girlfriend, he had mommy issue, which led her to ask if he was a victim or perpetrator. As the night progressed, the devious game quickly turned violent once Jughead and Chuck began trading blows, resulting in Jughead father ending the party.[10]

Jason's Killer Revealed

In the days leading up to the annual Homecoming dance, Cheryl announced that she and Polly would be campaigning as co-queens of Homecoming Court because if Jason were alive, he and Polly would have been on that stage being crowned. Before leaving, she reminded everyone to vote, and that she'd see them at her coronation.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Cheryl doing make up

Cheryl doing Polly's make up

The morning of the Homecoming dance, Cheryl assisted Polly with her makeup in preparation for the dance that night, she acknowledged that it was much more fun to be friends than enemies. Polly then thought it would be a great idea if they raided Cheryl's parents' room for her mother's jewelry, as it would be fitting considering the theme of the dance was a blast from the past.

Even though it was forbidden, they made their way into Clifford and Penelope's room anyways. She then began browsing throughout her mother's jewelry boxes and conversing with Polly about her father's hair color loss and red toupée collection. Within on of the boxes, Cheryl discovered the heirloom ring given to Jason by Nana Rose, which was supposedly lost after Jason's death. Polly attempted to take it but Cheryl was less than willing to give it up without a fight, even threatening her, "You are carrying precious cargo, but if you think for one second that those babies guarantee your safety, you're in for a rude awakening", Cheryl said.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Cheryl holding ring 2

Cheryl with the ring

Despite their previous fight, Cheryl still intended on Polly going with her to the dance, however, Penelope drugged her with a relaxer, that would leave the babies unharmed, but knock Polly out until the morning. Cheryl questioned if the story about Jason disowning the family and throwing the ring in their father's face was true, to which Cliff replied it was. He realized that he made a mistake in grooming Jason to take over the empire, he told Cheryl that he should've been nurturing her, as she was a Blossom, through and through. Her mother then asked for the whereabouts of the ring, to which Cheryl explained that she flushed it, that way if Polly ever told anyone if would simply be her word against there's.

While in a noticeably foul mood, Cheryl was approached by Betty, who was looking for Polly, and while she didn't have to, Cheryl covered for her parents, claiming that Polly had a sugar crash and canceled. As the night progressed, Cheryl's mood only got worse, the end coming as Archie and Veronica performed "Kids in America" on stage. Cheryl stormed out the dance and returned home early, and after checking on Polly, she stood in the hall as her mother cried hysterically after FP Jones, Jughead's father, was arrested for the murder of Jason, all the while grasping the very same ring she claimed that she had flushed.[11]

Cheryl quietly sat at the table that morning with her mother, father, and Polly as they professed how satisfied they were with Jason's killer finally be apprehended.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Jughead vs Cheryl

Cheryl vs Jughead

A little later at school that day, she was approached by Jughead, who only wished to apologize. but Cheryl calmly stood up, and attacked Jughead, pounding on his chest and slapping him in his face until Archie pulled her off. She headed to the restroom, where Betty joined her soon thereafter to tell Cheryl that it wasn't Jughead's fault, even if his father did kill Jason. Everyone kept coming up to her, hugging her, and telling her that she must be so relieved that Jason's killer had been caught, and that the nightmare was over, however, it didn't feel that way.

A loud and thunderous knocking could be heard throughout Thornhill that night, on the other side of the door was the Coopers, who came barging in, looking to take Polly home with them. Mrs. Cooper mentioned incest and knowing all about Cheryl's family. From there, Alice revealed that Mr. Cooper's grandfather wasn't just the murder victim of Clifford's grandfather, they were brothers, thus making Cheryl and Jason third cousins to Betty and Polly. Cheryl stood at the top of the steps disgusted and silent as her parents and Betty's parents bickered back and forth. The altercation eventually came to an end as Mrs. Cooper grabbed Polly by the wrist and swiftly exited the house.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Cheryl kneeling

Cheryl looking to her mother for answers

The next day, she approached her mother with the question of why Jason and her father were fighting on July 4th, before they headed to Sweetwater River. Penelope reminded her that they had already been over that, her father dedicated himself to grooming Jason, but in the end, he didn't have the stomach for the family business. Cheryl stepped closer to her mother, got down on her knees, took her mother by the hand, and asked her what Jason couldn't stomach. She believed something bad happened, if her father wasn't upset with Jason about Polly, it must've been about the business, maybe he heard or saw something, what was he running from Cheryl asked. She even accused her mother and father of being possible reasons for Jason's departure. Penelope took great offense to this, tightening her grip on Cheryl's hands, and taking her to the family barn. Cheryl was angrily pushed inside as her mother told her to drown in the sticky dark truth of the maple syrup.

That night, she received a call from Betty, who warned her to get out of the house as Jason's killer was Cheryl's very own father. Cheryl thanked Betty for the heads-up as tears rolled down her face, but instead of heeding the warning, Cheryl confronted her father at the dinner table, saying " you did a bad thing, daddy. And now, everyone knows.". As the police arrived to arrest her father, Cheryl and Penelope directed them towards the barn, where Clifford had hung himself.[12]

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Cheryl in the barn

Cheryl crying after Clifford's funeral

In the wake of her father's death, Cheryl would discover that he was using their family's maple syrup farm as a cover for his actual business of trafficking heroine into Riverdale. Jason learned of this, which resulted in his death. With these unfortunate revelations circulating throughout town, Cheryl and Penelope were forced to stand idly by as law enforcement turned their home into a crime scene. Following Clifford's funeral, she and Penelope returned to the maple farm, where Penelope explained that they've been cursed since brother killed brother. As tears filled her eyes, Cheryl looked up towards the rafters, gazing upon the rope that her father hung himself with just moments after her mother suggested that Clifford may have had the right idea by ending it.

Upon her abdication as head cheerleader of the River Vixens, Cheryl handed Veronica her HBIC ("Head Bitch In Charge") shirt and announced that she would be leading the Vixens from that point forward. The last few days had put things in perspective for Cheryl. She was uncharacteristically nice and pleasant to Veronica, telling her that she was fine after shedding her tears for the Blossom men. The next day at school, Cheryl apologized to Jughead for previously attacking him by gifting him with her iconic spider broach, which would catch a pretty penny at the local pawn shop, enough to keep him in burgers and S t-shirts for years, if not decades. Her unusually kind ways only led Veronica to further question the drastic change in her personality.

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Cheryl under water

Cheryl drowning at Sweetwater River

As she headed out to Sweetwater River the following day, Cheryl sent one last text to Veronica, thanking her for trying, but she wanted to be with Jason. Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead arrived at the river as Cheryl, in the all-white outfit that she wore on the day she took Jason out to Sweetwater, repeatedly pounded on the thick layer of ice, hoping it would break. They pleaded with Cheryl to desist, however, the ice broke beneath her feet, plunging Cheryl into the freezing cold water. As she was dragged by the current underwater, Cheryl briefly hallucinated, seeing Jason's rotting corpse reach out to her. Fortunately, Archie managed to break through the ice and pull her to safety. He performed CPR on her, and carried her back to shore.

After Archie saved her life, Veronica invited Cheryl to her residence, where she got warm in front of a fireplace, and was given a towel and hot chocolate. Cheryl then immediately returned to Thornhill, where she awaited her mother's return after dousing the house in gasoline. Stating that "the only way to truly start over was through purification", Cheryl dropped the candelabra of lit candles that she was holding, thus setting the house ablaze. With a smile on her face, Cheryl watched from outside as Thornhill got engulfed in flames.[13]

Season 2

Rising from the Ashes


Cheryl taunts a bandaged Penelope

Cheryl walked the halls of Riverdale General Hospital with a doctor wheeling a bandaged person on the stretcher. Curious about Cheryl's appearance at the hospital, Betty and Kevin approached her. Cheryl explained that there was a terrible fire at Thornhill last night, revealing that Penelope was on the gurney. However, rather than telling them the truth, that she started the fire in an attempt to start over, Cheryl created a cover story; She was asleep after the incident at Sweetwater River, the breeze probably knocked a lit candle over, setting fire to the curtains. After Penelope returned from the Jubilee, she ran headlong into the blaze to save Cheryl. Unfortunately for her, she suffered third-degree burns and acute smoke inhalation in the process.

The real story was that Penelope had gone back inside the house only to salvage the Blossom family portrait, leaving her severely burned. With Penelope left in a critical condition on the hospital bed, bandages coating her entire face and body, Cheryl taunted her. Blackmailing her mother, Cheryl warned her that if she told anyone what really happened at Thornhill, she'd tell everyone about what really happened to Cliff in the barn, implying that there was a dark secret surrounding Cliff's death. When Cheryl made it very clear that the abuse of the elder Blossoms had come to an end and that she now had control over the family, Penelope's dominance was reduced to a mere shadow of the ominous woman she once was.

Cheryl then visits an unconscious Fred in his hospital room, giving him a gentle kiss. Fred's conscious is soon restored afterwards.[14]


Cheryl and Josie at Cheerleading practice

Cheryl greeted Betty and Veronica as Humpty and Dumpty as the two of them entered the gymnasium for River Vixens practice. She then introduced them to Josie, the latest recruit of the River Vixens. This left Veronica questioning if Cheryl was taking the squad back from her, to which Cheryl replied that they were never really Veronica's squad to begin with. Betty was hoping that maybe Cheryl would be kind enough to allow the Vixens to help with an event to save Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe from permanently closing. Unfortunately for Betty, Cheryl did not emerge from the frozen depths of Sweetwater River, nor the flames of Thornhill only to allow her Vixens to sling milkshakes at a death-cursed diner. Her answer was a "double-cherry-on-top no."


Cheryl hearing our Betty and Jughead's plea

That night, Cheryl welcomed Betty and Jughead to Thistlehouse, where she and her mother had been staying since the burning down of Thornhill. She escorted them to the conservatory, where they confessed that their reason for being there was to ask for mercy on FP's behalf, as instructed by his lawyer. It was an appeal for leniency from to reduce his sentence. Though, Cheryl couldn't help but wonder where his mercy was when she spent countless nights walking the halls of Thornhill in agony, obsessing over what was happening to Jason. Imagining the worst. Where was FP's mercy when she slept under the same roof as a cold-blooded killer, night after night. But as Betty reminded her, FP didn't kill Jason, their own father did. Cheryl wanted this sordid chapter closed forever, and FP was the last loose end to tie up. She will not have a living, breathing reminder of the darkest chapter of her life walking the streets of Riverdale.


Cheryl and Betty having 'fun girl talk'

The next day, while getting dressed and applying her make up, Cheryl was startled in the ladies restroom by Betty, who came in demanding that she show FP mercy in front of a judge or else Betty would wide release the footage of Jason's death. Cheryl was under the impression that Betty gave the video to Sheriff Keller, which she did, but not before saving a copy onto Jughead's laptop. It was then that Cheryl realized she was being threatened and blackmailed. However, with a big smile on her face, Betty insisted that they were merely having fun girl talk. Cheryl could save a man's life. Betty insisted that she think about that. A nice ending to an otherwise sad story. If she agreed to testify, Cheryl wanted the video of Jason's death in return. As well as a guarantee that any and all other copies in Betty's possession would be erased. Finally, before leaving, as one last term of their deal, Betty wanted the Vixens For Retro Night at the diner. "You're a stone-cold bitch", Cheryl remarked, though she appeared to be more amused and impressed than upset.


Cheryl giving her statement

The next day, as previously agreed upon, Cheryl took the stand in court to speak for herself and her mother when saying that they forgive FP Jones for the part he played in covering up Jason's murder, and they humbly ask the court for leniency. FP's guilt had been blown out of proportion to satiate what her father's suicide denied them; closure. However, as much as the judge sympathized, he couldn't ignore the quality of FP's crimes. There were no extenuating circumstances by his account. "My father threatened him", Cheryl blurted out shortly after making brief eye contact with Betty. Cheryl claimed to have overheard them talking, and her father said he would hurt Jughead if FP didn't comply. Is that extenuating enough, Cheryl asked. In light of these revelations, the judge suggested that they take a step back and reevaluate certain aspects of the case. At which time, they will revisit the sentencing. Thanks to Cheryl, a delay in FP's case was ordered.


The Pussycats performing at Retro Night

That night, Cheryl arrived alongside Josie and Melody at Pop's shoppe for Retro Night. Josie was highly upset that Betty broadcast all over social media that the Pussycats would be performing a free concert without their knowledge. Betty explained that had she asked, she already knew that Josie would say no, so she forced her hand instead. However, Betty did not account for the fact that they were without one Pussycat due to the fact that Valerie had a norovirus. With that being said, Cheryl volunteered to take Val's place for the night. If Josie could be a Vixen, then she can be a Pussycat. As long as it was a cover of another song, Cheryl was sure she'd know the lyrics. With everyone in agreement, Cheryl performed Milkshake on top of the diner's roof with the Pussycats.


Penelope and Cheryl watching the footage of Jason's death

Following her performance, Cheryl interrupted Betty and Jughead's tender moment behind the counter, commenting that they're like "chimps in captivity, grooming and picking lice off each other". Cheryl then prompted the couple to complete the deal they made, so Jughead thanked Cheryl as he handed her the USB. As Retro Night came to a close, Cheryl returned home, telling her mother that she had a present for her; the footage of her father killing Jason. As she played the clip for her mother, Cheryl hoped that it would bring them both peace.[15]

Cheryl eavesdropped on Betty and Kevin's conversation in the hallway as they discussed his cruising of Fox Forest the previous night, which explained why he was responsible for finding Moose and Midge at Lover's Lane after they were attacked by a man wearing a black hood. While Betty understood Kevin's need for a romantic interest ever since Joaquin's departure, she advised him against cruising, all the while clueless that Cheryl was secretly listening in on them.


Cheryl eavesdropping on Betty and Kevin

The next day, Cheryl sat in the student lounge, hidden from Betty and Kevin as the two of them conversed over his failure to show up at Veronica's place to meet her father. Kevin claimed that something else came up. Something in the woods, Betty asked. Insinuating that he had broken his promise to refrain from cruising. Kevin hoped that Betty wouldn't take what he was about to say the wrong way, but he listened to Betty obsess over Archie for years. And she continued the pattern with Jughead. She didn't need Kevin's permission to date them, and there was no legitimate reason for why he would need her's. He told Betty that what he did in the woods was none of her business, before abruptly leaving. It was then that Cheryl made her presence known. Button down Kevin Keller has a sex drive, so what? Cheryl asked. Kevin used to be a lonely, awkward, fat boy with acne. Now, he's a smoke show, though, in his mind, he was still unattractive, so now, he is seeking validation, Cheryl explained.

During River Vixen practice, Cheryl joined Veronica and Midge on the field, giving a quick look to the flyers going around town, involving Archie and his community group watch named The Red Circle. However, she didn't appear to give it much thought, before walking off aggravatedly.


Cheryl at Pop's

The following night, as Cheryl sat in a booth alone at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, she noticed Kevin heading out for a run, presumably to resume his cruising of Fox Forest. Oh Kevin, you precious, beautiful, compulsive, piece of trash, she remarked, before devising a plan that would surely satisfy her craving for trouble and drama. Cheryl called Betty to inform her of Kevin's run, presumably knowing that it would end badly between the two of them. Betty told Kevin that she expected him to have more respect for himself, but as he explained, they didn't have the same set of options. His choices were limited due to his sexual orientation. The forest was all he had, and if Betty couldn't accept that this is what he was forced to resort to, then they weren't really friends.[16]

Promoting the Red Circle

With a killer walking amongst them, free to target his next victim, terror was seeping into the bedrock of Riverdale, so much so that many were afraid to walk the streets alone, thus Cheryl and the River Vixens walked in small groups.


Cheryl promoting the Red Circle

Cheryl agreed to help Veronica promote and give away t-shirts in support of Archie and his community group watch, the Red Circle, after Mr. Weatherbee attempted to disband them. With Cheryl's help, the Circle was no longer a fringe band of radicals, rather a movement with style and panache.

The following day, Cheryl sat alongside Kevin as Mr. Weatherbee and Sheriff Keller entered the classroom to pull Archie out into the hallway.[17]

Assaulted by a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Cheryl meeting Nick

Cheryl stood in the doorway of the music room at school after hearing Veronica's old friend from New York, Nick St. Clair, invite the Pussycats to his hotel room, at the Five Seasons, for a party that he was hosting 10:00 pm. She introduced herself to Nick as "Riverdale's resident it girl". After shaking his hand, she told him that she'd be there by 11:00 pm (fashionably late).


Kevin and Cheryl at Nick's party

As previously scheduled, Cheryl attended the party in Nick's hotel room that night, along with Veronica, Archie, Betty, Reggie, Josie, Valerie, and Melody. Cheryl told Archie to keep up as Nick told a story about his run-in with Gal Gadot. After a few drinks, Nick proposed they take the part one level further with some Jingle Jangle that he scored from Reggie. Without hesitation, Cheryl agreed to partake. She then looked to Kevin, asking if he would be joining, which he did. High off Jingle Jangle, Cheryl and Kevin danced on the couch together, though their drug-fueled dance off was short lived after an argument between Betty and Veronica erupted within the hotel room, which blew their high. After Betty accused Veronica of being a bad person and a friend of circumstances, she left the party.


Cheryl stumbling

The next day, Cheryl attended the open house event that was being hosted by Veronica's family, where she was greeted by Nick, upon arrival. They didn't get much of a chance to talk at the party. Cheryl was choosing to blame Betty's Britneyesque meltdown for that, though she was willing to let Nick make it up to her. His first step in making it up was grabbing her a drink. Unbeknownst to Cheryl, Nick had slipped a date rape drug into her drink before giving it to her. After Veronica's father made an announcement in regards to the SoDale site and his plan to reinvent the Southside, Cheryl danced with Nick as the Pussycats performed on stage. Though, the effects of the drugs given to her by Nick were fast acting. Cheryl began to lose her balance. Hardly capable of standing on her own two feet, Nick escorted her into the house, and laid her on the bed. Barely conscious, Cheryl was incapable of fending off her attacker. Fortunately, the Pussycats intervened. As Josie checked on her to ensure that she was unharmed, Veronica, Valerie, and Melody viciously attacked Nick.


Josie and Veronica comforting Cheryl

After the open house, Cheryl was taken to the Pembrooke by Josie, Veronica, Archie, and Betty. Archie asked where Nick was in that moment, though Cheryl instructed him to put his cape away because the Pussycats had already saved her. Veronica felt sick about the entire incident. Nick was a monster, who she suspected of having attacked woman before. Cheryl announced that she would be pressing charges because she wanted him to be held accountable for his actions, for him to suffer and burn in hell for what he tried to do to her. As Cheryl began to sob, Josie and Veronica held her close, attempting to provide comfort in her time of need.[18]


Cheryl and Veronica eavesdropping

As they waited in the bedroom, Cheryl and Veronica eavesdropped on their parents' discussion of how best to handle the incident between Cheryl and Nick, where he roofied and attempted to rape her. Her mother would have preferred that she not file a report with Sheriff Keller given that Cheryl likely provoked Nick. Cheryl's mother went on to tell Veronica's parents that she wanted the incident handled discreetly. Furthermore, she planned to tell Sheriff Keller that they no longer wished to press charges against Nick because nothing really happened to Cheryl, so her mother claimed. Hearing this unfold from Veronica's room, Cheryl began to gather her belongings, during which time she told Veronica that she was fine, and that making a statement with Sheriff Keller was simply put, a momentary lapse in sanity. Cheryl didn't want to risk being the laughing-stock of the town; her vs Nick in a courtroom battle royal. As she prepared to leave, Veronica informed Cheryl that she wasn't Nick's only victim. He'd done it to other girls, he even made sexual advances towards her, the night before the open house. Veronica hadn't told her parents, leaving Cheryl to conclude that Veronica merely wanted to use her as a puppet for her thirst for vengeance.


Cheryl outside of Thistlehouse

While tanning outside Thistlehouse, Cheryl received a surprise visit from Betty, who initially claimed that she was stopping by to check on her after the incident with Nick, but after Cheryl called Betty out on having ulterior motives, even referring to Betty as "Invisible woman" due to the fact that Cheryl could see right through her, Betty confessed that she was writing an article for the Blue and Gold on Jingle Jangle inundating Riverdale. Betty asked if she had every heard of "The Sugarman", which she had. When Cheryl and Jason were younger, their mother used to tell them tales of how their father was friends with the so-called Sugarman. And if they were bad, he'd sneak into their rooms at night, steal them from their beds, and whisk them away, nevermore to be seen. Betty asked if it was possible that the Sugarman was real, and if so, could he have been involved with her father's drug business. Cheryl was vexed by Betty's memory defiling insinuation. She reiterated the previous story, assuring Betty that the Sugarman was nothing more than a poison confection spun by her mother to scare children. Like the Sandman or Krampus.

Later that night, Cheryl looked through an old family chest with photos of her and Jason. While browsing, she discovered a picture she had drawn many years ago of her holding Jason's hand, and the Sugarman standing right behind them.


Cheryl asking her mother the Sugarman

The following morning, Cheryl approached her mother at the breakfast table with the picture she had drawn of her, Jason, and the Sugarman. She reminded her mother of the tales she would tell them when they were younger, about the Sugarman being a friend of their father, and how they were stay up in their bedrooms whenever he visited Thornhill. Cheryl asked if he was one of her father's business associates, but her mother did not respond, which angered Cheryl, especially after all that had been previously kept from her about her father and Jason's death. She couldn't help but wonder if this was just another piece of her family's cryptic puzzle. Her mother slammed her fist down on the table in frustration, claiming that she had no idea what Cheryl was talking about because she never told her any such stories. As for her father's business dealings, all his records were either seized by the police or burned in the fire that Cheryl started.


Cheryl confronting Nick at Pop's

While enjoying her meal at Pop's, Cheryl was startled by the sound of Nick's voice, who had just placed in an order to go. Almost immediately after noticing him, he noticed her, calling her "Sharon". She asked what he was still doing in town. He replied that he was picking up some fuel for the trip back to New York. He then asked Cheryl how she was doing. Cheryl explained that she was furious that he roofied and subsequently tried to rape her, though Nick claimed to remember the night going differently, referring to Cheryl as a desperate tart from a truck stop town. He accused her of distorting reality in an attempt to cover her morning after shame. He claimed that she was high, half naked, and begging for him to have her. Given that he was such an unrepentant spore, Cheryl advised him to call his lawyer because she was reconsidering her decision to not press charges. However, Nick was unfazed by her announcement. He informed Cheryl of the "hush money" his parents gave her "cobra-like mother" in exchange for their silence.


Cheryl with her mother's check

After her chat with Nick, Cheryl returned home, and found a check in her mother's room from the St. Clairs. So, she confronted her mother, who informed her that the Lodges were still accepting money from the St. Clairs for their SoDale construction. However, the Lodges involvement was no concern of hers. Cheryl failed to comprehend how her mother could defend her father, who murdered Jason, yet she wouldn't stand up for her, not even against her would-be rapist. Cheryl was instructed to hand over the check, but she refused, pulling away as her mother reached out for it. Cheryl agreed to return the check only after her mother told her the truth about the Sugarman. They both knew he existed, and that he worked with Cheryl's father. Cheryl could hold back her feelings about her father no longer. He was an awful human being, and she was thankful that he was dead. However, Cheryl on the other hand, was alive, and she was begging her mother to be honest, and ro care about her more. As tears ran down her face, Cheryl understood that her mother's silence had been bought by the St. Clairs. But before leaving with the check in hand, Cheryl told her mother that she wasn't getting paid until she heard the truth.


Cheryl as flag girl

After calling Veronica to alert her of her parents' involvement with the St. Clairs, Cheryl attended the drag race being held near Herk Harvey bridge between Archie and Jughead and two members of a Southside gang called the Ghoulies. Cheryl sat alongside Kevin, Reggie, Veronica, and Betty as the race was about to commence. Usually, the honors of flag girl go to Toni Topaz, a member of the Southside Serpents, but with Cheryl feeling as if she was born for the moment, she informed Toni, who she referred to as "Cha Cha" (the "First Lady of Drag Racing", Shirley Muldowney) that she would be replacing her this time around. Cheryl took to the center of the road, asking both drivers if they were ready before waving her flag, signaling the start of the race, which was later intercepted by Sheriff Keller and the police department, thus ending the event as everyone scattered at the news of police involvement.


Cheryl handing her mother the St. Clairs' check

Cheryl returned home to find her mother near the fireplace. "Careful you don't get burned again", she remarked. It was then that her mother finally revealed the truth behind the Sugarman. He was a story that she had concocted to turn an all too real monster into a child's boogeyman. It worked for a while, but now Cheryl needed the truth behind the tale. Over the years, there were many Sugarmen, each taking over for the last. When her father decided to groom Jason to take over the family business, he wanted Jason to meet the current Sugarman. Her mother protested, but her father insisted. So began the terrible series of events that led to Jason's death. Having heard all she needed from her mother, Cheryl return the check as promised, though her mother no longer sought after it, discarding of the check in the lit fireplace. Cheryl thanked her mother for burning the hush money, before asking one last thing of her; who was the current Sugarman. After learning from her mother that his name was Robert Phillips, a teacher at Southside High, Cheryl called Veronica to inform her of this recent development.[19]

Secret Admirer

In the music room at school, Cheryl and Josie read the letter from the Black Hood that was affixed to the front door of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. The letter described a test being issued by the Black Hood, one that would last all of 48 hours. He asked of them to show him that they were pure of heart. However, should they continue to sin, the attacks would resume.


A gift from Josie's secret admirer

As they walked the school halls, Cheryl learned that the Black Hood had Josie's mother on edge, which in turn had Josie on edge, eventually resulting in the swelling of her vocal cords and loss of her voice due to the overwhelming stress. On top of that, she was feeling guilty for going behind the Pussycats' back and working on songs without them. Josie felt as if she was sinning, and with the Black Hood going after sinners, she was concerned for her well being. Cheryl informed Josie that she was allowed to feel guilty up to a point considering that she had given the video of Josie singing "Milkshake" to a producer at Shabbey Road Studios, and he was adamant about giving Josie studio time. Josie then opened her locker to find a stuffed teddy bear on the top shelf, with a note attached to it, to which Cheryl commented "OMG, another gift from your secret admirer". It was the third gift that week, leaving her to wonder who could the "mystery bae" be. Cheryl joked that it could be the Black Hood given that he loved writing notes.


Cheryl and Josie in Biology class

Cheryl discovered in Biology class that Josie had been asked out on a date by Chuck Clayton. She assumed that Josie turned him down, which she had, assuring Cheryl that she wasn't insane. Onto a less vile note, Cheryl reminded Josie that they had a date with the recording studio after school, which Josie didn't seem too enthusiastic about. She was heading straight to the girls locker room after school for eucalyptus steam as her throat had been sore. However, they needed to practice, Cheryl stated. Josie exclaimed that she didn't know who more more controlling between Cheryl and her mother. Cheryl was sorry for over stepping her boundaries, as she could see Josie's frustration, but Cheryl explained that she was grateful towards Josie for saving her from "Nick St. Creature", adding that it was a debt that she would never be able to repay. What she could do was offer her humble skills to make Josie's career blossom. But she was happy to take a step back if Josie was feeling overwhelmed.


Cheryl and Josie in the music room

The next day at school, Cheryl was disturbed to find out that Josie's mother had been receiving vicious death threats ever since the emergence of the Black Hood. Hoping to relieve Josie of some of her stress, Cheryl suggested that they bail on practice, but Josie would rather sing given that it would keep her mind off the prior night. Speaking of which, Cheryl couldn't believe that Josie went on a date with Chuck. Josie insisted that he was trying to be a better person, but Cheryl denied the notion, stating that taking a few art classes does not make him a saint. Furthermore, she questioned why Josie hadn't told Sheriff Keller that Chuck was stalking her. Josie explained that she was giving him the benefit of the doubt. They then entered the music room to find a drawing of Josie that read "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU NO ONE CAN". Along with the picture was a present. Josie opened the box to find a pig's heart inside. Cheryl abruptly exited the music room, pushing Archie and Jughead out her way as she entered the student lounge, where she confronted Chuck. While some people may have been buying into his good guy act, Cheryl believed that he was the same Chuck that viewed woman as playthings to possess and torture. If the Black Hood wasn't by Cheryl's account an old white man, Chuck would be a prime suspect as far as she was concerned. Mr. Svenson, the school's janitor, interrupted their argument to ask if everything was alright, during which time Cheryl accused Chuck of threatening Josie. As Mr. Svenson asked Josie if this was true, Cheryl whispered in her ear that Chuck could also be responsible for sending her mother the letters. Hearing this, Josie confirmed Cheryl's claims, resulting in Mr. Svenson escorting Chuck to Mr. Weatherbee's office.


Cheryl's drawing with Josie and her

At Thistlehouse, it was revealed that Cheryl was in fact the one who was leaving Josie the gifts. That night, while listening to Josie's music, Cheryl drew a picture of herself and Josie, which showed striking resemblance the drawing Josie had previously received along with the pig heart, which Cheryl was quick to blame Chuck for. Unbeknownst to Josie, it was Cheryl who gifted her with the drawing and pig heart in order to push Chuck away.

Later that night at Pop's shoppe, Cheryl sat next to Josie in a booth, while Josie tried to recover from the loss of her voice. After getting off the phone with the Black Hood, Pop Tate announced that they were all sinners who failed his test, and that the reckoning was upon them.[20]

While passing through the halls at school, Cheryl and Josie stumbled upon Archie and Veronica in the middle of a heavy make out session in the student lounge. Cheryl uttered "get a room, Xenomorphs", just before she and Josie continued on their way.


Cheryl noticing the tension knots on Josie's back

In the ladies locker room, while covered by nothing but towels, Cheryl noticed the tension knots on Josie's back, which she stated was like a "sailor's rope". Fortunately, Cheryl had just the solution, her lavender essential oil. She instructed Josie to turn around as she rubbed the oil onto Josie's back. Unaware that the girls were still inside, Mr. Svenson entered the locker room moments later, though he averted his eyes and apologized for the intrusion. And while Josie insisted that it was fine and not a big deal, Cheryl would beg to differ, as she raised her voice and demanded that he takes his male gaze and his male privilege, and get out of the woman's locker room. Cheryl stated that he should be fired and investigated before referring to him as a peeping tom. Cheryl then motioned towards Josie in an attempt to further apply the oil onto Josie's back, but Josie pulled away.


Cheryl at Pop's

A couple days later, in a booth at Pop's, Cheryl learned that Josie would be performing at a car dealership opening, which she remarked was barley a step above amateur porn. Reggie had texted Josie that his father was willing to pay $5,000 for her to perform five songs, so long as he got to escort her. This visibly angered Cheryl. She then intentionally knocked over her milkshake after looking over to Jughead's father, FP, who had just been released from prison and was working at Pop's as a busboy. Cheryl demanded that he clean it up, the same way he cleaned up her brother's blood out the basement of the Whyte Wyrm. Not only did FP agree to clean up the mess, he offered to get her a milkshake, on the house.[21]

In the days leading up to Christmas, Cheryl joining her mother and Nana Rose in the dining room, where she discovered that her mother hadn't put Jason's stocking on the table. Her mother explained that she couldn't find it, not that it mattered considering that they had nothing to put in it. Cheryl then noticed the candy canes that had been aligned along the table. She was told by her mother that it would be a "hard candy Christmas this year" and that they had to face the fact that they had no more money.


Cheryl, Kevin, Veronica, and Jughead at the secret Santa exchange

Cheryl later attended Kevin's Secret Santa gift exchange along with Archie, Betty, Reggie, Veronica, and Jughead. They all gathered in the student lounge at school, where the exchange took place. It was Veronica's turn. She opened her gift from Josie, which awkwardly enough was a gift certificate for a couples massage. Hoping to lessen the awkward tension, Josie suggested that Veronica use the certificate to take someone other than Archie, given that they were no longer together, such as Betty or her mother. With the sudden awkwardness being too much to withstand, Cheryl was thankful to learn that Betty was the last exchange of the evening. Based on the wrapping of her present, Betty immediately knew that it was Archie that picked her name. Betty unwrapped the gift to find and old read-a-long record that she and Archie used to listen to when they were younger, entitled "The Swiss Family Robinson". Archie informed her that he and his father found it while they were cleaning out the garage. They were then surprised by the unexpected arrival of Moose and Midge.


Cheryl purchasing a Christmas tree

Despite learning earlier that day that her family had no money, Cheryl headed down to Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where Archie and his father had set up shop for the selling of Christmas trees. She approached Archie and asked for their finest tree. Unfortunately, he was about to leave. So he pointed Cheryl into Vic's direction, who was assisting with the tree sales.

That night, Cheryl took a large Christmas tree home and decorated it with ornaments, which pleased Nana Rose. However, the same could not be said for her outraged mother, who referred to Cheryl as a spoiled and wretched brat. How were they supposed to pay for it all, her mother wondered. Cheryl suggested that she ask Mr. Lodge for a job, though that would force Penelope to admit that the only skills she possessed was being a terrible mother. So, Cheryl advised her to get creative in the new year. As Cheryl exited the room, Nana Rose told Penelope that she should've drowned Cheryl and Jason when they were younger, like a basket of kittens, she remarked.


Cheryl listening as Rose tells Archie and Betty about the execution

The following night, Cheryl received an unexpected visit at Thistlehouse from Archie and Betty. They came hoping to speak with Nana Rose. They had questions for her about something that happened along time ago in Riverdale. A man known as the Riverdale Reaper massacred a family one night and in return, a group of people decided to take justice into their own hands. Betty asked if she was apart of said group. Though, before Nana Rose could responded, Cheryl interjected, asking if their line of questioning was a Christmas inquest. Archie informed her that they wouldn't be questioning her grandmother if it wasn't important. A man's life was on the line. Betty then repeated to question, asking if Nana Rose was present when the man was executed for revenge. Nana Rose informed Archie and Betty that she did not attend the execution, as no girls were allowed. She was instructed to stay at home while a group of men took care of the rest. Betty then asked where the man was hung. However, As Nana Rose explained, he wasn't hung, rather buried alive. A proper burial, so to speak. Where did they bury him, Archie asked. Rose advised Betty, who she mistook for Polly, to ask her grandfather given that he participated in the execution. Rose had a picture of them, smiling at the burial grounds, just under the devil's hand. Nana Rose then called out for Cheryl. Claiming that she fell ill, she requested that Cheryl take her to her room. With that being said, Cheryl told them that their "reindeer games are over" and to get the hell out. She later watched from her bedroom window as Archie and Betty shared a kiss just outside Thistlehouse.

On Christmas morning, Cheryl came down the steps, calling out to her mother and Nana, thrilled to open her presents. Imagine her surprise and disgust when she caught her mother on the couch, making out with Vic, the very same man who had sold her the Christmas tree.[22]

Living in a Dickensian Nightmare


Cheryl disgusted with her mother's new profession

With Christmas behind them and winter break officially over, Cheryl sat at the dinning room table before heading off to school. Before long, her mother joined her downstairs to announce that she had acquired nearly enough money to pay off the Christmas tree and presents that Cheryl had purchased for herself. "Bravo!", Cheryl replied. Never mind that for the last two weeks she'd been living in a bordello with a woman of the night, she said. Penelope explained to Cheryl that her recent sexual escapades don't strange far from her youth, when she had her pick of gentlemen callers, lining up every evening. Disturbed and appalled at the subject at hand, Cheryl couldn't believe that her mother sounded, dare she say, proud of her promiscuous past. Cheryl was reminded by her mother that it was her who suggested that Penelope get a job. She had since found one in providing comfort and companionship to the lonely men of Riverdale.

In the ladies locker room, as the River Vixens prepared for practice, Principal Weatherbee announced over the intercom that effective immediately, Southside High was shutting down and that the students who attended would be transferring to other school's in the district, including Riverdale. When approached by Midge, Cheryl exclaimed that her home life was a Dickensian nightmare, and that she wouldn't allow school to turn into a nightmare too.


Cheryl and Reggie antagonizing the newcomers

The following day, with the River Vixens and the Bulldogs in tow, Cheryl and Reggie interrupted Veronica's welcoming committee for the Southside transfers (Jughead, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fogarty). Cheryl approached the registration desk, hurling insults at the Serpents, calling them "Southside scum" and "raggamuffins". Cheryl refused to allow Riverdale High's above average GPA to suffer because of overcrowded classrooms with underachievers such as themselves. Cheryl told them to find another school to deface with their "hardscrabble ways". In doing so, she offended Toni, who dared Cheryl to say it to her face. Just as the two were about to face off, Archie stepped in the middle of them, hoping to put their Northside and Southside differences aside to start over. Reggie declined Archie's offer, which nearly led to another altercation between him and Sweet Pea. The rivaling sides went back and forth until Mr. Weatherbee arrived to send them off to class. Before parting ways, Cheryl told Archie to reconsider his allegiance as she had witnessed the clandestine Christmas kiss between him and Betty outside of Thistlehouse.


Cheryl blackmailing Archie

Soon thereafter, Cheryl received an unsurprising, but pleasing text from Archie, telling her to meet him in the music room. She kept it brief, if he didn't convince Veronica to stand with them against the Southsiders, Cheryl would tell her about the kiss with Betty. Archie explained that he and Veronica were broken up, as were Betty and Jughead. Nonetheless, that's not the reason why Archie messaged her, which Cheryl believed was an attempt by Archie to out maneuver her, though the tone of their discussion drastically changed once Archie stated that he wanted to talk about Nick St. Clair. He asked if Cheryl knew that he got into a bad car crash after he left Riverdale. Cheryl asked that Archie forgive her if she didn't shed any tears for him. She only wished that she and her mother hadn't burned the check that his family gave them as hush money. Cheryl concluded that Archie must've been thrilled after finding out about the accident given what Nick did to Veronica on the night of his party, when he got physical with her, which Archie had no knowledge of. Archie quickly became angry, threatening to kill Nick. Cheryl genuinely thought he knew. It was Veronica's right to tell Archie or not, but Cheryl was sure there was a specific reason she kept it from him.


Cheryl telling Archie that she wanted another check from Nick

That night, Cheryl received a surprise visit at Thistlehouse from Archie, who couldn't stop thinking about what Nick did to her and Veronica. Archie asked if she wanted another check, to replace the last one that she and her mother had burned. She did. But Cheryl was afraid the ship had sailed on that. Archie would beg to differ. He planned on going to see Nick and he could ask him to write another check. Archie only needed from Cheryl to borrow one of Jason's blazers, to which she agreed.

The next day, after Archie had recovered the check from Nick and assaulted him in the process, Cheryl entered the music room to reveal to Veronica that she had unintentionally told Archie about Nick's sexual advances after the Five Seasons party and why Archie had gone to New York, behind her back. Cheryl claimed that it was a classic shakedown. She wanted money from Nick and she thought that Archie could convince him that reparations were in order. Her only regret was that she betrayed Veronica's confidence. Cheryl then issued an apology before walking out.


Cheryl giving her mother a check from the St. Clairs

The following evening, Cheryl told her mother that she had solved all their problems with the check that Archie had gotten from Nick. She gave her mother her blessings to deposit it into a bank, not in the fireplace, as before. Cheryl hoped this would bring an end to her mother's days as a courtesan, though this didn't seem to be the case as Penelope took the check and put it away for safe keeping. Unfortunately, her mother had no desire to stop as she was having too much fun.[23]


Cheryl giving an oral report

In Mrs. Haggly's class, Cheryl gave an oral history report on General Pickens and her great-great-great-grandpappy Colonel Barnabas B. Blossom. Every year they honored the memory of General Pickens yet few knew the truth, that it was Barnabas who bankrolled General Pickens' settlement of, "an Eden along the river of Sweetwater, where maple trees grow taller than the steeples of Europe's grandest cathedrals." Which is why every year Cheryl petitioned the mayor's office to rename Pickens Day to "Colonel Barnabas B. Blossom Day" . Unfortunately, Cheryl's presentation was cut short by the bell, signaling a transition of classes.


Cheryl crying after learning about her family's past

A few days later, Cheryl found her mother visiting General Pickens' statue in Pickens Park, where she was supposedly paying respect and laying red roses at the statue's feet. Cheryl questioned the sincerity of her mother's gesture, referring to her as Jackie-O before saying that there weren't any cameras present. Cheryl asked if there was any validity to Jughead's published Blue and Gold article that accused her great-great-great grandfather of hiring General Pickens to steal land from the Uktena. Her mother confirmed the articles' report by asking Cheryl how did she think their family got started in the maple syrup business, meaning that they were partly responsible for killing hundreds of people. "For what, a bunch of maple trees?" Cheryl asked as a single tear ran down her face. More than just maple syrup, in the killing of hundreds, they gained access to dark, fertile earth and Sweetwater River. Back in those early days, they had a hand in everything. Building the railroads, operating the saloons and, yes, even a brothel. Old ways die hard, it seemed, given her mother's recent escapades.


Cheryl and Penelope at Pickens Day

Cheryl later attended the Pickens Day celebration with her mother, where the two of them watched from the crowd as Veronica and the Pussycats performed on stage. However, half way through their performance, the Southside Serpents unexpectedly arrived protesting the celebration with duct-tape over their mouths as they held signs that read 'honor this land' and 'sacred land'. Cheryl handed over her candy apple to her mother before joining in on the protest. The Serpents represented the dead and the silenced. Pickens Day was a lie. General Pickens slaughtered the Uktena tribe. And the land in which they were standing on, would soon give way to a new Southside, which was stolen from them. While the Serpents couldn't bring them back, they could at the very least honor them. Veronica's father then got on stage in an attempt to defuse the protest. He applauded the Serpents for standing up for justice, as well as the honor and legacy of the Uktena, who contribute to the rich tapestry that is Riverdale, that is the Southside and that will be SoDale.[24]

Cheryl entered the ladies restroom at school to find Betty vomiting into the toilet. She asked if Betty was okay and even offered to get her a towel, but Betty insisted that she was fine. So Cheryl left her on the stall floor to recover alone.


Cheryl honing her archery skills

The next day, just outside Thistlehouse, whiling honing her archery skills, Cheryl spied Betty's father, Hal Cooper, leaving her house. Annoyed and disgusted with Penelope's habits, Cheryl confronted her mother about her home wrecking ways. Cheryl recalled Betty literally being sick to her stomach just one day before, leaving her to believe that Betty's vomiting stemmed from her father's infidelity. Cheryl pleaded with her mother to stop destroying families with her courtesan ways. However, her mother told her that unlike the rest, Hal wasn't a client. What she had with him was real despite the fact that he had a wife. Alice Cooper was far from a victim, as far as her mother was concerned. So she asked Cheryl to stay out of it.


Cheryl threatening to expose Mr. Cooper

Later that night, Cheryl sat in the darkness as she waited for Mr. Cooper to make his exit after paying her mother another visit. Back so soon? Cheryl asked as he headed for the door. She told him that her mother was a harlot, more specifically a modern-day Moll Flanders. Hal's actions could destroy his family, and for Betty's sake, Cheryl didn't want to see that happen. Which is why she had decided against telling her. But Cheryl suggested that he hurry home to his family before she changed her mind.

The following day at school, Cheryl approached Betty by her locker to tell her the truth about her father. Despite telling Mr. Cooper that she was going to keep his secret to herself, Cheryl had changed her mind after she kept tossing and turning in her canopy sleigh bed all night long, thinking that she'd want to know. While she took no pleasure in what she was sharing with Betty, she thought it best if Betty knew that her father was having an affair with Cheryl's mother.[25]

Choni: A Brewing Romance


Cheryl and Penelope, face-to-face

Cheryl was in disbelief that her mother hadn't yet grown tired of taking filthy wads of cash from strangers after what was presumably another session with one of her clients. She was then scolded by her mother for her crude remarks and judgmental tone as it was Cheryl's doing that drove away the one decent chance she had at love and happiness, that being with Hal Cooper. Cheryl scoffed at her mother's idea at love. As she tried to leave the room, her mother grabbed her by her arm and asked what she could possibly know about love as she herself had never experienced it, except to rip it apart because she was a jealous, spite-filled, starving, emotional anorexic.

Cheryl entered the student lounge at school after overhearing Veronica and Archie invite Betty and Jughead to the Lodge family lake house at Shadow Lake. When she attempted to invite herself, Veronica explained that the weekend getaway was for couples only.


Cheryl refusing Toni's comfort

Upset after being turned away by Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead, Cheryl devised a plan to ruin their weekend. After they arrived at the lake house, Cheryl called Jughead from school to tell him about Archie and Betty's clandestine Christmas kiss outside of Thistlehouse. She was then confronted by Toni who had overheard the phone call while in the restroom stall. She asked what was Cheryl's reason for suddenly deciding to expose this secret now. Cheryl responded by introducing herself as "Cheryl Bombshell" and stated that she needed no reason to do what she does. However, Toni saw through Cheryl's defenses, suggesting that she tell her what was actually bothering her as Toni could tell that she was in a lot of pain. To no surprise, Cheryl was reluctant to do so, instead she resorted to name calling and demanded that Toni get her hands off of her.


Cheryl and Toni at the movies

The following night, Cheryl watched from her bedroom window as her mother welcomed another client to Thistlehouse. Afterward, she headed down to the Bijou for the premiere of Love, Simon. There, she bumped into Toni, who was persistent in her approach to get Cheryl to open up. Cheryl initially thought she was being stalked. But Toni claimed that she merely came to see the movie with Fangs but he bailed on her at the last moment, forcing her to see the film by herself. Noticing that Cheryl was troubled, Toni asked if she was alright, hoping to get past her mean girl facade. Cheryl told her that she was at the movies alone while also trying to stay away from her mother, who had turned their house into her sexual playpen. So to answer Toni's question, she wasn't alright. Toni suggested that they see the movie together considering that neither had a date, hoping that it would dull Cheryl's troubles.


Toni comforting Cheryl at Pop's

After the movie, Toni and Cheryl stopped by Pop's for milkshakes. Toni joked that while Cheryl may have believed that she mastered the art of silent tears, she saw Cheryl crying during the movie. Cheryl admitted that she usually never cried during movies because real life was tragic enough. But when Simon's mother (characters from the film they saw at the Bijou) said that he used to be such a carefree kid, growing up, and then at a certain point he stopped being that happy kid because he was hiding a secret, it brought up a sore subject for Cheryl. She proceeded to cry as she explained to Toni how people in town viewed her, as a loveless monster. But Cheryl insisted that this wasn't true. She loved someone who loved her, but her mother destroyed it. Toni assumed that Cheryl was referring to Jason after hearing how close they were. In actuality, Cheryl was referring to someone from her a past. A girl named Heather who she was best friends with in junior high. She used to sleepover at Cheryl's house every weekend until one night when her mother caught them in bed together and called her deviant. Toni was saddened by Cheryl's story. She insisted that she was neither loveless nor deviant, and that she was sensational and deserving of love.[26]


Cheryl discovering her father's secret will

Cheryl entered the living room of Thistlehouse to find her mother with a strange man whom she had never met. His name was Mr. Lazenby and he was their state attorney. As it turned out, her father had a secret will. Which came as no surprise to Cheryl. Her father's instructions were to reveal the existence of the will only after the authorities had concluded their investigation of his drug dealings. Per her father's instructions, he requested that Mr. Lazenby withhold all information, including the names of his numerous beneficiaries, until a public will-reading.

The next day, Cheryl invited Toni over to help her prepare for the will-reading. As they were deciding on wardrobe for the occasion, her mother burst into her room without so much as knocking and demanded to know what was going on. After Toni and her mother became acquainted, Cheryl was told to be downstairs before the guest started to arrive as her mother wanted to present a united front.


Nana Rose, Penelope, Cheryl and Toni at the will-reading

Once all the guests (Betty, Polly, Hal, aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford, amongst others) arrived, the will-reading began. Her father's first declaration was that ownership of Thistlehouse remain with Nana Rose. To her mother, her father left ownership of Thornhill, which Cheryl had burned to the ground. "The charred husk of an empty house. That sounds about right, Mother." Cheryl remarked. With regards to the other guests who had been contacted per Clifford's request, they were to receive half of his remaining assets of his fortune. The first half would be distributed equally to anyone in Riverdale who could prove, with medical authentication, that they were of Blossom blood. Alice Cooper then came barging into the will-reading uninvited. She confronted her husband over him previously asking for a divorce for the sole purpose of cutting her out of the will. Cheryl sat quietly and uncomfortably as Mrs. Cooper and her mother proceeded to argue. Mrs. Cooper was then escorted out of the premises, therefore resuming the will-reading.


Cheryl saying a few words at the will-reading

The second half of her father's fortune would go to Cheryl alone as Jason was dead. She stood out of her seat and approached the podium. As the one, true Blossom heir, she felt it was her duty to say a few words. "The Blossoms have been bathing in blood since Great-Grandpappy Blossom killed his brother. The original sin of Riverdale. Well, I stand before you to say, no more. No more blood. No more madness. No more horror." Cheryl's speech was then interrupted by her father's return from the dead during the will-reading, or who she believed to be her father. As if she had seen a ghost, Cheryl fainted.


Claudius explaining his existence to Cheryl

By the time Cheryl woke up, it was dark outside and the will-reading had come to an end. Who she had believed to be her father returning from the grave was actually her father's twin brother and her uncle, Claudius Blossom. He explained that when he and Clifford were boys, they were inseparable. But it became apparent that Claudius was being primed to inherit the Blossom empire. Until their 14th birthday when he and Clifford were down by Sweetwater River and he pointed a rifle at Claudius and told him about the Blossom curse. How one of the twins always met a violent end and often at the hands of the other. Fortunately, he spared Claudius. But that very night, Claudius ran away from home without a trace and later joined the Merchant Marines where sailed the seas desperate to outrun the Blossom curse.


Blossom family dinner

The following evening, Cheryl invited Toni to join her family for dinner. Claudius told them that during his journey as a sailor, he came upon an Island named "Lesbos", in reference to Cheryl and Toni's relationship. He claimed it was the most beautiful and natural place on earth. Claudius then announced that he would be staying in Riverdale for as long as he needed to. And so Penelope reluctantly invited him to stay in the room over the garage.

The next day, while the Lodges announced that Hermione Lodge would be running for Mayor, Cheryl stood in the hallway crying as she overheard her uncle plotting with her mother to take care of her and Nana Rose.[27]


Cheryl waking up in the late hours of the night

Cheryl was awaken from her sleep in the late hours of the night to the sound of someone trying to force their way into her room. Growing fearful, she slid a chair under the doorknob to prevent the door from opening. The next morning, she told her mother, uncle and Nana of the incident. However, her mother insisted that she was merely imagining things. Cheryl then began to grow suspicious of her mother and uncle after they began discussing pushing Nana Rose out of her stewardship of the family business.

Cheryl congratulated Toni for making the squad following her try-out routine at River Vixens practice. In honor of Toni joining the squad, Cheryl invited her, Betty, Veronica and Josie to Thistlehouse for a mandatory slumber party.


Cheryl finding Nana Rose at the bottom of the steps

That night, Cheryl hosted the slumber party as planned. During which time she revealed her true intentions behind inviting them over. It wasn't to celebrate. In actuality, Cheryl was terrified of being alone at the house with her uncle Claudius, who was crazy and a complete stranger to her. Cheryl had overheard her mother and uncle plotting against her and her Nana. Josie asked if she was simply imagining things. But Cheryl was sure that she wasn't. Later, while in bed with Toni, Cheryl shared that she didn't want to invite the other girls to the slumber party. Only Toni. But her mother would've never allowed it. As the two of them were about to kiss, a loud thud could be heard outside Cheryl's room. The girls ran into the hallway to find Nana Rose unconscious at the bottom of the steps. It would seem she had fell or even been pushed.

Outside Thistlehouse, Cheryl stood alongside Toni as the paramedics put Nana Rose into the ambulance. Fortunately, she had survived the fall. As her mother and uncle spoke with the paramedics, Cheryl noticed that her uncle was wearing her father's pajamas. Cheryl feared that they pushed her nana down the stairs and that she was next.


Cheryl and Penelope at Riverdale General

Later that week, Cheryl visited her Nana at Riverdale General Hospital. Cheryl approached Dr. Masters in the hallway to see if there were any updates on her Nana. He told her that there were trace amounts of a paralytic toxin in her bloodstream. Tannis root, which Cheryl suspected was the same herb blend that her mother and uncle had been giving Nana Rose with her tea. However, her mother had already lied to Dr. Masters and told him that they had caught Nana Rose on more than one occasion chewing bits of tannis root that she grew in the greenhouse. Leaving him to conclude that this incident was nothing more than a case of Nana Rose's Sundowner's Syndrome. They'd be keeping her for observation for another day, then she would be well enough to return home. Before she could warn the doctor of her mother and uncle's dastardly deeds, she was pulled away by her mother.


Cheryl and Sister Woodhouse at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy

In the car with her mother, Cheryl accused her of poising Nana Rose with Tannis root and pushing her down the stairs. However, her mother wrote her accusations off as moments of insanity. Which left her with no choice. And so Cheryl was admitted into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy by her own mother. Sister Woodhouse entered her room not long after her admission and told Cheryl that she would be rid of all her demons as she pulled out a large needle. Today, Cheryl would rest. Tomorrow, conversion would commence.[28]

At the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Cheryl sat in her room, where she found herself more troubled than usual with nary a thing to look forward to except for movie nights, which she was escorted to by Sister Woodhouse. Cheryl tearfully watched the film, during which time she would imagine what her friends might be doing. The longer Cheryl spent at the group-home, the more she began to wither away.


Sister Livingston and Cheryl

The next day, Sister Livingston announced that she had deduced what had caused the imbalance within Cheryl. She had spoken to her mother about her brother Jason, and how close they were. So close, in fact, that Nana Rose would sometimes mix them up. She would dress Cheryl in Jason's clothes and Jason in Cheryl's. Cheryl explained that this was simply due to Nana Rose's blindness i.e Cataracts. But if there was anything that had affected her psyche, it was the fire hose of abuse directed at her by her mother and father. While Cheryl had suffered many traumas, Sister Livingston believed that this did not excuse her willful behavior. So Cheryl was to report to the undercroft to undergo physical therapy until she was ready to listen.


Toni and Cheryl kiss

The next day, Cheryl is forced to endure manual labor as she drags heavy sacks from one end of the room to the other. However, Sister Woodhouse entered the room to find that Cheryl has stacked the bags in the north-east corner instead of the north-west corner as specifically instructed. Cheryl was told to start over and listen or else she would never get better. Cheryl's manual labor continued into the following night. Fortunately, she finished just in time for movie night. Little did Cheryl know, Toni, Veronica and Kevin were orchestrating a rescue mission at that very moment to save her. Cheryl cleaned herself up and tearfully watched another film about deviant behavior. Toni barged into the room soon thereafter, shouting her name. The two of them shared a passionate kiss before convening with Veronica and making their getaway through the old tunnels.


Cheryl and Toni in the student lounge

Cheryl returned to school the following day where Toni asked what her next move was going to be. Cheryl explained that if revenge is a dish best served cold, then her mother and uncle better brace themselves for a polar vortex. But more importantly, Cheryl was back just in time for "Carrie: The Musical". Which Kevin was directing. She approached him in the student lounge and told to cancel auditions for the lead role because she was so clearly Riverdale High's Carrie White "And this school's gonna burn", she added.[29]

In the school gymnasium, the River Vixens rehearsed one of their routines while singing "In". Cheryl, Toni and Midge led the squad.


Musical rehearsal

Cheryl ran into the auditorium with Betty, Veronica, Archie, Toni, Josie, Ethel, Kevin Midge and Moose. They got on stage, where they continued to sing and dance before being joined by Fangs, the assistant director. The cast then began introductions, starting with Archie who portrayed "Tommy Ross", the boy next door. Betty played "Sue Snell", the good girl. Veronica portrayed "Chris Hargensen", the mean girl. And Cheryl would be playing the iconic role of "Carrie White". As for who would be portraying, "Margaret White", Carrie's mom, that role went to Alice Cooper, which came as a surprise to almost everyone. Kevin explained that while her casting was untraditional, to him, there's nothing more amateur than age-inappropriate casting. Alice was both looking forward to playing Margaret and spending more time with Betty. Chuck Clayton joined them late after mistaking that rehearsal was in the music room.


Cheryl singing "Carrie"

Cheryl interrupted the rehearsal after hearing whisperings that some of them, mainly Ethel and Josie, didn't think she was fit to play the role of Carrie White. So to settle the matter, she began to sing "Carrie" to prove them wrong. Kevin initially didn't believe that this was necessary, but after hearing Cheryl's performance, all doubts surrounding her casting were no more. Ethel Josie, Veronica, Betty, Alice, Toni, Midge, Moose, Archie, Jughead, Kevin, Fangs, Chuck gave Cheryl a round of applause. As Cheryl headed back to her seat, a heavy sand bag falls from above and nearly crushes her.


Cheryl and Josie singing

In the auditorium, Kevin explained to Cheryl and Josie that this scene Mrs. Gardner is being a friend when Carrie has none, out of kindness. Josie remarked that she'll fake it as best as she can as she was still upset at Cheryl for threatening her and sending her a pig's heart. Josie began to sing though Cheryl yelled out for her stop during the middle of the scene as she couldn't go on with Josie hating her, especially when they were singing a song about friendship. Cheryl knew what she did to Josie was wrong, but she was wrestling with some dark, Carrie White-like demons. So she apologized to Josie and asked for her forgiveness. Josie accepted Cheryl's apology, and together, the two of them sang "Unsuspecting Hearts".


Cheryl can't play Carrie in the play

With it now being a matter of her safety, Kevin told Cheryl that he has to recast her role as he had been getting letters from someone claiming to be the Black Hood. However, Cheryl refused to succumb to thespian terrorism and allow herself to be ousted from the production. After the fires she's walked through, the world needed to see her up on stage. A Dark Phoenix reborn in the spotlight, so to speak. Unfortunately for Cheryl, that wouldn't happen, not if her mother had anything to say about it. Penelope informed Cheryl that students require parental approval to participate in extracurricular activities, as she reminded Mr. Weatherbee when she told him that Cheryl didn't have her permission to do the musical. Cheryl asked why her mother was doing this to her. Penelope replied that Cheryl's desire to play Carrie, a murderous telekinetic teen who kills her mother, was nothing more than a matricidal revenge fantasy.

In the bleachers, Cheryl told Toni that she just wanted to prove to everyone that she was still herself, but maybe she's not. Toni advised Cheryl to show her mother who's in charge, but Cheryl doesn't know if she can anymore. She's not the same girl who burned down Thornhill and cut off her mother's oxygen though Toni disagreed.


Cheryl threatening Penelope

In her Carrie White dress while carrying a bucket of blood, Cheryl sang "A Night We'll Never Forget" as she approached Thistlehouse. She entered Thistlehouse holding lit candles while drenched in blood. She approached her mother and told her that she's covered in Jason and Clifford's blood. The next blood to be spilled is Penelope's. Cheryl confronted her mother for being in cahoots with Claudius, for trying to kill Nana Rose and shipping her off to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Penelope's depraved gambits end here. If she ever tried to harm Nana Rose again, Cheryl threatened to end her. She burned one house down, she'll gladly do it again. Cheryl wanted Thistlehouse to herself and Nana Rose. So she told Penelope to start packing as she and Claudius are no longer welcome.


Cheryl watching the play

The crowd was packed when the play began, and Alice started to sing "Evening Prayers". Cheryl arrived just in time. She sat alongside Kevin and Jughead. When Alice cued Midge, the curtains raised only to reveal that Midge had been murdered by the Black Hood. She had been stabbed with knives and scissors and pinned to the wall. On the wall, written in blood was a message. "I Am Back From The Dead. All Those Who Escaped Me Before Will Die... B.H" When Alice screamed in fear, the crowd realized that this was not part of the play and the auditorium erupted in panic and chaos.[30]


Cheryl leads the funeral

The town gathers for Midge's funeral to pay respect. Cheryl sings a song in Midge's honor. She and the rest of the River Vixens are dressed in all-black cheerleader uniform. Midge's death has seemingly taken a great toll on Riverdale, Mrs. Klump and Moose especially. Cheryl feels that it is her duty to say that "like the furies of Ancient Greece, who ceaselessly pursue blood atonement when a crime's been committed, the Vixens and I vow that we will not rest until those responsible for the murder of our sister.... is rightly punished."

As the service ends, Cheryl consoles Mrs. Klump and sees her off to her car. When Sheriff Keller approaches to offer his condolences, Mrs. Klump slaps him as he was supposed to be protecting them all from danger. Before walking off, Cheryl tells the Sheriff that his days of failing the town are numbered.


Cheryl agrees to help Hermione Lodge in her take down of Sheriff Keller

The next day, Cheryl gets unexpected visit at Thistlehouse from Hermione Lodge. Cheryl invites her. Hermione claims that she was moved by Cheryl's speech at Midge's funeral. Cheryl replies that it came from the core of her bosom as it is an absolute travesty what happened to Midge. If only Riverdale had more competent law enforcement. Which brings Hermione to her point. She is right in the middle of writing an editorial calling for Sheriff Keller's head, and seeing Cheryl's passion in the subject, Hermione thought that maybe Cheryl would be willing to write an op-ed. "Say no more". Cheryl replies.

Cherylis confronted by Kevin at River Vixens practice and he demands a retraction following her published piece at the Register with Hermione Lodge that is smearing his father. Cheryl explains that Kevin's father has been incompetent for a long time and now that more bodies are dropping, he needs to step down. Lady justice will be served. She and the Vixens will see to it.[31]


Cheryl offers Betty advise on catching her father

Cheryl is pulled aside into the Blue and Gold offices by Betty. She asks her about Jason's killing and her father being the culprit. Before she saw the video of her dad shooting Jason, Betty asks Cheryl if she knew her father was a murderer, which Cheryl did, subconsciously that is. Betty then reveals to her that there's a chance that her father may somehow be the Black Hood. Cheryl is doubtful considering that Hal doesn't seem like much of a killer. While Betty hopes this isn't the case, everything in her body is telling her otherwise. Cheryl suggests going to the authorities given that the new Sheriff may be more competent than Sheriff Keller. However, Betty wants to be 100% positive that her father's the killer before confronting him. In that case, Cheryl advises Betty to get proof or a confession. She'll first need to buy herself sometime while she investigates.


Betty and Cheryl at the Register

Cheryl later joins Betty a the Register. Betty explains that she cross referenced every day of the Black Hood attack with her father's schedule, and they all line up. He worked late the night Midge and Moose were attacked at Lover's Lane. He had an early meeting the morning Fred was shot. He even had a business trip the night Geraldine Grundy was killed in Greendale. This isn't proof though it is corroboration. The phone rings. Betty answers. It is Dr. Curdle from the corner's office. A corpse recently turned up of an unidentified male in his mid-twenties. His mutilated body turned up on the highway, just out of town. Impersonating her mother, Betty tells Dr. Curdle that she'll be there soon to see the body. He replies by telling her to bring small bills, as always. Betty reveals to Cheryl that she sent the Black Hood after Chic. Maybe he didn't make it and it is his body laying in the morgue, Betty wonders.


Cheryl and Betty at the coroners officer

Cheryl and Betty arrive at the coroner's office. While Betty isn't the Cooper he was expecting, her money is good just the same. After paying him off, Dr. Curdle unzips the bodybag. The man was found in the men's room of a rest stop outside of Greendale. Luckily for Betty, the man inside the bodybag isn't Chic. Betty and Cheryl return to school, where Betty sobs on the steps. Cheryl assures her that everything is alright as it wasn't Chic. But Betty argues that it could've been. Chic could be dead somewhere because of her. Or he got away, Cheryl counters. Betty delivered him to the Black Hood. That makes her a killer herself. Betty is disgusted with her actions. The Black Hood got what he wanted. They're the same. Cheryl tells Betty that none of this is her fault. However, part of Betty wanted Chic dead for everything he dead. If Chic is dead, that's the Black Hood's doing, Cheryl explains. She then advises Betty to confront her father with as much of the truth as she dares to see how he reacts.


Betty and Cheryl break into Hal's ShareBnB room

Betty takes Cheryl's advise and then calls Cheryl to reveal what she had learned. While her father hasn't confessed to any crimes, he did admit to not being his best self when he's was kicked out the house. It was just a hunch but Betty gained access to his credit card statements and learned that he's still making weekly payments to the ShareBnB he'd been renting even though he's back at home. Cheryl wonders if maybe he has a serial killer lair. With that, they decide to break into it to get to the bottom of it. Cheryl stands lookout as Betty picks the door open. They're looking for anything unusual or incriminating. Cheryl finds a Nancy Drew book. The same book in fact that the Black Hood used to write the cipher that only Betty could solve. Betty's dad knew she was obsessed with the book growing up. Betty then gets a call from her dad, who asks where she is. Betty lies and says that she's at Pop's with Cheryl. Hal tells Betty that he and Alice are about to head to the debate. When he offers to pick her up or wait for her, Betty says that she'll meet him there.

Cheryl receives a visit from the Black Hood at Thistlehouse late that night.[32]


Cheryl shoots the Black Hood

Picking up from where the previous episode left off, the Black Hood attacks Cheryl at Thistlehouse. He swings at her with an ax, but he misses. Cheryl screams and runs upstairs to hide in her bedroom. As he chops down her door, Cheryl climbs out the window. The Black Hood follows her outside. There, Cheryl, dressed in an all red hunting cape, shoots an arrow at her attacker to gain his attention. She suggests that she run whilst he still can as she only misses when she means to. As the Black Hood steps towards her, Cheryl fires an arrow into his right shoulder. Wounded and bleeding, the Black Hood retreats into the woods. Cheryl then calls Betty to reveal that she was attacked. Betty wonders if her dad was the attacker. Based on the killer's waistline alone, Cheryl admits that it could've been though she isn't sure. Cheryl informs Betty that her attacker fled into the woods after she shot him with an arrow and that she plans to track him. Just in case he escapes her, Cheryl warns Betty. Now that the Black Hood is wounded, he's acting on instinct, ready to lash out and kill anyone in his path, including his loved ones.

Cheryl calls with a lead as she continues to track the Black Hood. He's exited the forest and headed for the houses beyond the pines. Maybe even Betty's house. With that being said, Cheryl warns Betty against going in the house alone. However, Betty has to find her father before anyone else does given Hermione's bounty.


Cheryl helps Jughead save Toni

While tracking the Black Hood, Cheryl learns from Jughead that Toni has been kidnapped by Penny Peabody, a former member of the Serpents, so she agrees to help him get Toni back. Armed with her bow and arrows, Cheryl tells Malachai, a member of the Ghoulies, to stand down and requests that Toni be untied. Penny and Malachai comply, but Penny tells Jughead to remember that when his friends are dead, she tried to give him a chance to stop it. Toni then runs into Cheryl's arms.

Cheryl returns with Toni and Jughead to the Whyte Wyrm. Like many of the Serpents in the bar, Cheryl raises her hand when it is put to a vote on whether or not they should go to war with the Ghoulies.

Cheryl, Archie, Betty, Sweet Pea, Toni and the Serpents arrive at Jughead's old hangout where he sacrificed himself to Penny and the Ghoulies in order to save everyone else. FP comes out of the woods holding a lifeless Jughead in his arms. He has been beaten bloody and senseless, and his Serpent tattoo removed. Cheryl, Archie, Betty, Sweet Pea, Toni and FP are speechless.[33]


Cheryl is emancipated from her mother

Cheryl has called attorney McCoy over to Thistlehouse to finalize her emancipation from her mother. Nana Rose is now Cheryl's legal guardian, meaning Cheryl's mother and uncle Claduius no longer have any control over her. When Sierra announces her plans to file the papers and send the letter of separation to Penelope, Cheryl volunteers to deliver the letter in person as her mother and uncle are staying on the old Thornhill estate, in one of the barns. Cheryl arrives at the barn to find her mother and uncle in the middle of a clandestine meeting with Hiram Lodge. Cheryl gasps, which Hiram, Penelope and Claudius all hear. Penelope checks outside to investigate, but she sees no one, though that's because Cheryl is hiding in one of the barrels.

The next day, Cheryl informs Veronica that she saw Veronica's father holding a summit with her mother and uncle Claudius in one of Thornhill's barns. To Cheryl, it looked like collusion.


Cheryl tells Archie and Jughead about the raid

The following evening, as Cheryl packs goods to take to Toni and the Serpents at the Whyte Wyrm, her mother confronts her over the letter of separation. She insults Nana Rose, referring to her as a senile crone, who couldn't possibly be a better guardian by Penelope's account. As Cheryl prepares to leave, Penelope informs her that she can't go to the Wyrm tonight. Cheryl asks why not. Cheryl barges then into Jughead's trailer to inform him and Archie what she had learned from her mother, that Sheriff Minetta is raiding the Wyte Wyrm tonight. And if things turn violent and some Serpents end up shot, so much the better. She had already called Toni, but they need to act now if they are to save the Serpents.


The Serpents prepare to leave the Wyrm

Cheryl, Archie, and Jughead arrive at the Wyrm not long after. They coordinate with Sweet Pea, Toni and the other Serpents. Jughead tells them to only take the necessities and what they can carry with them. They need to move quickly and quietly. Sheriff Minetta's forces are all over the Southside and they're looking for Serpent blood. If they want their skulls to remain uncracked, they have to go undetected, Jughead states. When Sweet Pea questions where they are headed as there is no place safe for them, Jughead informs them that they've been offered asylum on the Northside. Archie, Jughead, Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea and the Serpents exit the Wyrm. They creep throughout the quiet streets of Riverdale, avoiding police detection.


The Northside and the Southside untie against Weatherbee

The next day, after she, Archie and Jugehad saved the Serpents from the raid at the Whyte Wrym, they come together with the rest of their classmates. The school comes together in a show support of the Southside students who are being wrongly transferred. Archie, Jughead, Josie, Veronica, Reggie, Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea, Moose, Kevin and many other students put on Serpent jackets and confront principal Weatherbee. Archie explains that everyone is ready to walk out. Mr. Weatherbee threatens to expel any student that does, though Archie calls his bluff. He knows that Weatherbee is a good man who doesn't discriminate, and if he isn't, Archie tells Weatherbee to expel him as he doesn't wish to be apart of that. With that being said, Weatherbee tells everyone to get to class. As they are head to class, Toni tells Cheryl that the Serpent jacket looks good on her. Cheryl remarks that everything looks good on her. In that case, Toni suggests making it official.

Cheryl, Toni, Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Sweet Pea, Reggie, Kevin and Moose are in the student lounge when Mr. Weatherbee announces that the student council election votes are in. The new student body president of Riverdale High is Archie Andrews. The entire student body applauds his election. In unrelated news, Weatherbee also announces that for the foreseeable future, all former Southside High students will remain at Riverdale High. The entire student body applauds once more in celebration.


Cheryl becomes a Serpent

Later that evening, FP calls for a meeting of the Serpents by the lake side. Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea, and Fangs are all in attendance. Along with all the remaining Serpents. More than 60 years ago, the very first Serpent meeting took place on the very same riverbanks in which they stand, FP explains. So it seems fitting that this is where they gather for FP's goodbye. He calls Jughead up onstage to announce that he's retiring from the Serpents, but that Jughead will take his place considering that he's never stopped fighting for the Serpents and almost died for them. Jughead tells FP that he loves him and that the Serpents won't die out while under his leadership. As his first official duty as Serpent King, Jughead is to grant Cheryl membership into the Serpents. He even gifts her with a custom red Serpent jacket. Cheryl puts on the jacket and is welcomed with open arms into the Serpents.

The following day, Cheryl and Toni watch from the stands as Archie prepares to be inaugurated in the school gymnasium. However, the event goes awry when Sheriff Minetta and two deputies enter the gym to arrest Archie for the murder of Shadow Lake resident, Cassidy Bullock.[34]

Season 3


Cheryl returns to Riverdale

Cheryl enters Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in her short denim shorts and red Serpent jacket. She's back from riding cross-country on motorcycles with Toni for the summer. They're celebrating with an epic End-of-Summer pool party at Thornhill. She invites Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead to the party. However, Cheryl warns them that while they're welcome to invite whomever they please, she's in the mood for some hellraising.


Cheryl can't save Archie as he saved her

Just as planned, Cheryl hosts an End-of-Summer pool party at Thornhill. Cheryl sighs heavily as she and Toni overlook the pool party, leaving Toni to wonder what's on her mind. Cheryl replies that it's Archie. He saved her life at Sweetwater River, where she tried to kill herself. Cheryl had never talked about it with Toni before. Cheryl explains that she lost hope and she did something really stupid, and Archie was there to save her, but now there's nothing that she can do to save him, which bothers her greatly.


The young Serpents plot to rescue Hot Dog

Cheryl, Toni, Betty, Jughead, Sweet Pea and Fangs rally together and plot to invade Ghoulies territory after learning that they have Hot Dog. Fangs suspects that the Ghoulies snatched him on riot night. He looked very skinny. Fangs doubts they're feeding him enough. So they look to Jughead for their next move. They'd be going behind enemy lines, outnumbered, open to attack from all directions and risking another gang war. However, no Serpent left behind. That includes their spirit animal. They're going to deploy after dark. It's going to be a quick stealth mission. Betty reminds Jughead that the last time he went into Ghoulie territory, he was beaten to within an inch of his life. However, he'll have backup this time. With that being said, Betty wants to come along. The Serpent Queen is a warrior queen. So if Jughead's on the frontlines, then so is she.


Cheryl shoots an arrow at Malachai

Cheryl, Toni, Betty, Jughead, Sweet Pea and Fangs steak out the Ghoulies' lair, where they are holding Hot Dog. Jughead instructs everyone to be lookouts as he goes to retrieve Hot Dog. Armed with a set of bolt cutters, Jughead cuts Hot Dog's chain. Immediately after doing so, he is surrounded by Penny, Malachai and the Ghoulies. As it turns out, taking Hot Dog was merely a ploy to get Jughead to come to her. Penny wants to talk about him trying to get into their business. Penny warns him to back off unless he wants to replay riot night, where they almost killed him. Penny also wants his jacket as it says "South Side Serpents" despite the fact that the south side no longer belongs to the Serpents. Penny had heard about Betty joining the Serpents and contemplates going after her next. With that in mind, Jughead agrees to give up the jacket so long as the Ghoulies stay out of the north side. As Malachai approaches Jughead, he is shot in the shoulder with an arrow by Cheryl, much to Jughead's dismay. When Penny orders the others to just kill the young Serpents, Jughead orders Cheryl to aim her next arrow at Penny, forcing Penny to call off her men. She lets Jughead go, but not before telling him that he just made the north side fair game.


Toni and Cheryl at Archie's trial

Labor Day weekend is over and Archie's trial is now in session. Cheryl and Toni, as well as the rest of Archie's friends and family are in attendance. However, the jury could not reach a verdict. They're deadlocked. Six-to-six. With that, the jury is dismissed. Archie wonders what will happen next. Mary explains that the judge will declare a mistrial and they'll have to do it all again. In lieu of another trial, the State is prepared to offer a deal for a lesser sentence, Ms. Wright says. Instead of prison, time served plus two years in juvenile detention, if Archie will plead guilty to the crime of manslaughter. Despite his mother's counsel, Archie takes the deal, much to the court's surprise. Archie explains that he can't put all the people he cares about through this again. The court accepts Archie's guilty plea and he is taken directly from the courthouse to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center, where he will serve out his sentence beginning immediately.[35]


Cheryl is confronted by Veronica about Archie's presidency

Cheryl has petitioned to be president. Veronica hearing of this, confronts Cheryl in the girl's locker room for trying to steal Archie's presidency. Cheryl retorts who would Veronica have leading them through the super dark times of junior year, someone like Ethel Muggs, who Cheryl had bypassed earlier as she was going on about a winged creature that was after her. Veronica answers that she intended to keep Archie's seat warm until his return. Cheryl questions why, comparing their dilemma to that of John F. Kennedy's assassination and Lyndon B. Johnson's rise to presidency. However, as Josie points out, Johnson led them to Vietnam. Josie then suggests that Cheryl give Veronica a break all things considering, but Cheryl is only willing to a point as she reveals that she needs the presidency for her college applications.


Cheryl and her Vixens get kicked out of Pop's

Cheryl enters Pop's with a few of her friends and takes a seat in a booth. Veronica, working from behind the counter, spots Cheryl as she enters and confronts her. Cheryl mistakes Veronica's arrival as her wanting to take orders, but as Veronica explains, she owns Pop's and as of this moment, Cheryl is no longer welcome. Cheryl then excuses her friends to talk with Veronica privately in order to figure what Veronica is actually upset about. Veronica is still mad over Cheryl's play for student body president. Veronica made a promise to Archie that when he gets out, she'll have everything in place waiting for him. And that includes his presidency. Instead of attacking her, Cheryl suggests that Veronica channel that rage into something more productive. Like getting Archie sprung. There's an organization called the Innocence Project. Cheryl looked into it when she was accused of Jason's murder.

Once again, Cheryl is approached by Veronica in the locker room after reconsidering her bid for student body president. Veronica admits that Cheryl was right; that protecting Archie's presidency doesn't help him in any meaningful way. However, Veronica does have an idea that would boost Archie's spirits, but she'll need the help of Cheryl and the River Vixens.


Cheryl, Veronica, and the Vixens perform for the boys

Cheryl, Josie, Veronica and the rest of the River Vixens arrive at Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center to cheer on Archie and the boys for their football game. As they perform, the boys storm the fence in excitement. The boys then return to the game as the girls continue to perform. However, things go awry when Hiram arrives to signal Warden Norton let the guards attack the players under the claim that they were rioting. Joaquin is one of the first to be knocked to the ground and beaten. Archie, on the other hand, fares better against the guards, taking out several of them before being overwhelmed with the prison guards clubbing him. Veronica, Cheryl, Josie and the Vixens watch from the fences in horror.


Cheryl advises Veronica

Veronica and Cheryl return to Pop's, where they discuss the lengths at which Hiram is willing to go to break her and Archie up. She can't even visit Archie anymore after her name was put on a do-not-admit list. Cheryl advises Veronica to get a new name. Before leaving on her iconic road trip to California with Toni, Reggie got them fake IDs, so they could get into the Viper Room. Cheryl's certain that he could hook Veronica up, too.[36]


Cheryl and Toni are approached to promote Veronica's speakeasy

Cheryl and Toni are approached in the student lounge by Veronica, who needs their help spreading the word about her speakeasy. In exchange for promoting La Bonne Nuit, she's offering them no cover and free drinks all night. With a heavy card stock and valet parking, Cheryl and Toni can't help but say yes. One last thing, Veronica tells them to ensure that Sweet Pea and Fangs are in attendance.


Cheryl and Toni agree to help Veronica

At Sunnyside Trailer Park, Cheryl is photographed by Toni. They are soon joined by Veronica. She asks if either of them have seen Jughead, which they haven't but Cheryl surmises that he's off with Betty. However, she's sure that she and Toni can be of assistance. Veronica reveals that Penny Peabody paid her a visit, followed shortly thereafter by Sheriff Minetta. Veronica's certain that her father is puppeteering them and she wants to call them off but she first needs leverage, and Veronica knows that Jughead has been keeping tabs on the Southtside. Toni admits this is true; for instance, they discovered that over the summer, the Ghoulies had set up shop in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm, which Hiram owns. Sweet Pea and Fangs think they've turned it into a Jingle Jangle lab, and lucky for Veronica, Toni used to bartend at the Wyrm, so she knows all the secret entrances and exits.


Veronica, Cheryl and Toni sneak into the Whyte Wyrm

Cheryl, Toni and Veronica sneak into the basement of the Whyte Wyrm in an attempt to gain leverage over Hiram. While inside, they discover that Sweet Pea and Fangs were correct in their belief that the Wyrm has been made into a Jingle Jangle lab. As the lab workers exit, Veronica, Cheryl and Toni move in. Toni takes several photos of the lab as proof of Hiram's corrupt business.

Cheryl and Toni are greeted by Reggie as they arrive at the opening night for Veronica's speakeasy. He shows them downstairs, where they are met by Kevin and Veronica. Cheryl then takes to social media to post Veronica to her Instagram story. Later, they cheer Josie on as she takes to the stage to perform.

The following day, Cheryl is confronted in the hall by Jughead, who is wondering where she found a player's manual to Gryphons and Gargoyles. Cheryl explains that she found it in her locker, like everyone else in school.[37]


Cheryl learns that G&G is banned

Given the growing dangers that the teens of Riverdale are facing, the town Mayor, Hermione Lodge, decides to personally visit Riverdale High to provide clarity on the dangers they face. Cheryl, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Josie and Kevin are all in attendance. Hermione explains that Dilton Doiley and Ben Button have already taken their lives, and Ethel Muggs attempted to. All three victims are linked through playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. From what little they do know about it, the game seems to be targeted at impressionable developing minds. Cheryl informs Hermione that some of them, such as herself, aren't as impressionable as others. Hermione elaborates that the game's quests and role-playing scenarios are specifically designed to foster delusions, paranoia, and violence. As mayor, Hermione officially bans Gryphons and Gargoyles. On top of that, Mrs. Burble is going to be holding extended office hours and Hermione has set up a 24-hour crisis hotline overseen by Kevin.

Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Jughead begin playing Gryphons and Gargoyles in Dilton's bunker. They are eventually joined by Betty, who questions what Jughead is doing but he is clearly too far gone, rambling on about having it all figured out and beating the Gargoyle King.[38]

In Dilton's bunker sits Cheryl, Jughead, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs around a table, playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. Their mission is unsuccessful and everyone dies.


Cheryl shoots a can off Jughead's head to prove a point

Toni and Cheryl barge into the trailer as Jughead struggles to come up with their latest quest. They inform him that Sweet Pea and Fangs are off the deep-end and managed to get into the arsenal, from where they took Cheryl's bow and arrows. Fangs launches a projectile into the air and Sweet Pea shoots it down. They are then confronted by Cheryl, Toni and Jughead. Cheryl and Toni were having a rendezvous in the tent when an arrow shot by Sweet Pea and Fangs went right through it. Sweet Pea and Fangs explain that they were practicing their aim for the next quest as they now want to go off board and take G&G into the real world. While other groups may be doing it, Jughead has no desire to and what he says goes as he is the Game Master. Jughead is already the Serpent King, Sweet Pea asks if that isn't already enough. He and Fangs are foot soldiers in life and now they have to be the same in the game. Jughead has no desire to go back and forth with Sweet Pea, so he instructs Cheryl to grab her bow and notch an arrow. Jughead then proceeds to place an empty can on his head and tells her to fire, which she does, hitting the can dead center. Jughead then tells Sweet Pea that if he has something to prove, he can get against the tree and let Cheryl shoot a can off his head. However, Sweet Pea opts not to. Jughead explains one last time that he's Game Master, meaning it's his game and his rules.

Jughead exits his trailer to find Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs sitting around a fire. He tells them that they will return to Eldervair tomorrow.


The Serpents begin their quest

Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea and Fangs begin their quest. Strange, dark times are upon them. The realm of Eldervair is in disorder, inflicted by evil, as its heart and soul, the Red Paladin has been captured by the Mad Emperor and has been twisted into a beast of war. Their quest starts with a Judas kiss. A dastardly act of betrayal. A traitor has wounded the Paladin, severely weakening his defenses. With his life in peril, it's now up to the Dream Warriors to save the Paladin and to restore peace and order to the realm. With every second that passes, the Paladin's fate dims, Jughead says to Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs.


Deadeye (Cheryl) uses an intimidation spell

The young Serpent come upon a similar obstacle. Jughead reads the quest aloud to Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs. Deadeye (Cheryl), is at the entrance of the Mad Emperor's dungeon. But she's been blocked by a bridge troll, so she must roll the dice for an intimidation spell. And her efforts prove successful. Pantera (Fangs) is now up. Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea and Fangs have found the entrance to the Mad Emperor's tunnel. But, the Mad Emperor has placed a bano protection spell over the barrier. Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea and Fangs are faced with a curve ball. They're about to come face-to-face with the Dark Dragon. It's the most evil-tempered, vile creature in the land with a forked tongue and snarling black slime, it reeks of rotting flesh. However, Deadeye, impales the dragon with her concealed dagger.


Toni and Cheryl celebrate with a kiss

Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea and Fangs have freed the Paladin from the dungeon but they're not free of the Mad Emperor just yet. In fact, he sends a ruthless calvary in pursuit. Their noble steed is no match for the calvary's mighty stallions. However, they continue on their quest nonetheless. A quick peek back reveals the Emperor's nightmares galloping at supernatural speed. It's like hell itself is chasing them and it's gaining ground. One loose rock, one loose root can send them toppling at this lethal speed, but they force those thoughts out their minds and feel the battle-fury of their forefathers rise within them. Just as it seems they have beaten them, they find themselves at barreling towards the edge of a cliff, forcing them to stop. However, their deception gambit has paid off and they've outsmarted the Emperor's calvary. Cheryl and Toni share a kiss while Sweet Pea and Fangs cheer.


The Serpents look to Jughead for the end of their quest

Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea and Fangs look to Game Master Jughead for an answer, as to whether or not they saved the Red Paladin. Jughead doesn't know as he made a last-minute change to the quest. He was hoping to have the answer by the time they got to the end. Just as Cheryl asks what happened to the Red Paladin, Archie drops down into the bunker, much to Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea, and Fangs' surprise.


Everyone makes a pact to keep Archie's whereabouts a secret

After Betty, Veronica, Josie, Kevin and Reggie arrive at Dilton's bunker to regroup with the others, Toni patches Archie up and tells him not to make any sudden movements. Archie reveals that it was Joaquin who stabbed him though Archie thinks the Warden made him do it. He then asks where are they, to which Betty explains Dilton's bunker. The only people who know about it are in the room and it is the safest place in Riverdale. Veronica then notices the branding on Archie's side, courtesy of Warden Norton. Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Betty, Sweet Pea and Fangs seem particularly intrigued by the brand. Veronica then calls for everyone's attention to announce someone needs to stay with Archie at all times. Betty and Jughead volunteer to take the first shift. Equally important, Veronica announces that everyone in the room, herself, Betty, Jughead, Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Josie, Reggie and Kevin, are all part of a pact. From this moment on, no one is to know where the bunker is. No one was involved with the breakout and no one knows where Archie is. They are all expected to take this to the grave.[39]


Cheryl in class

Cheryl, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Josie, Kevin, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Evelyn sit as Sheriff Minetta confronts them with his suspicion that Archie had help in escaping Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center. Sheriff Minetta informs them that hiding a convict and information from the law is a felony offense. So, whoever aided and abetted Archie is just as much a criminal as he is. A few students in particular catches the sheriff's attention. When he asks where Josie was during the time of the breakout, she struggles to come up with an alibi, eventually settling with her being alone in the music room. Sheriff Minetta will be looking into all their alibis. As he continues to antagonize Josie, she suddenly has a seizure. Cheryl rushes to her aid, catching Josie and telling the sheriff to back off.[40]


Cheryl screams for help

It was a day like any other as Cheryl, Toni, Veronica, and the River Vixens prepared for the annual pep rally. However, while walking down the hall, all the Vixens, with the exception of Cheryl, collapse and begin seizing on the floor. Kevin tends to Veronica and Cheryl tends to Toni, calling out for help.

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl nurses Toni to health. She's made Toni tea and the Blossom family physician is on call should Toni feel another spell coming on. While Toni insists that she's fine, she worries that what happened to her may be contagious. However, there is nothing that will keep Cheryl away. She even invites Toni to move in with her. Toni agrees, so long as she's the big spoon. The two then proceed to kiss.


Cheryl tells Veronica about the board meeting

At Riverdale High, Principal Weatherbee announces over the intercom that they are closing the student lounge, much to Cheryl and Veronica's disappointment. Given that they've already stopped extracurriculars and sports, Veronica suspects that something is going on, hoping that Cheryl can fill her in as student body president. Cheryl doesn't know much, but emails went out pertaining to a meeting that night regarding possibly closing down the school, with Veronica's parents leading the charge. This is exactly what Veronica's dad did with Southside High and she refuses to allow that to happen again. Principal Weatherbee then turns the corner, accompanied by at least half a dozen men in blue hazmat suits. They begin rounding up the "infected". When Weatherbee points out Veronica, she makes a run for it.


Veronica and Cheryl interrupt the board meeting

Cheryl and Veronica break up the school board meeting as they have a few matters they would like to address. They reveal that the CDC hasn't stepped foot in Riverdale High. Veronica points out just how similar her father's plans sounds to Southside High, which is now being used as a drug factory. Alice was user the impression that the land was being turned into a prisoner, however, as Veronica reveals, that's exactly what he wanted them all to think. Veronica suspects that this is just another one of her father's attempts to trump up a huge parcel of land on the cheap and then expand his ever-growing drug empire, which now consists almost exclusively of Fizzle Rocks. Her mother questions what Veronica's talking about.


Cheryl wants to know the whereabouts of the Vixens

Hiram seeks to address Veronica's concerns as the point of the meeting is to air out concerns. He admits that when he called the CDC, they wouldn't send anyone to such a low risk, low priority crisis. They think it's all psychological, forcing Hiram and Hermione to take initiative. The men they saw in hazmat suits were hired from a private firm to run tests. Lastly, he insists that Southside High is becoming a prison, not a drug factory. He even offers to provide a list of the guards they recently hired. Still, Veronica accuses him of producing Fizzle Rocks and giving it to every teenager for free in order to get them hooked. Penelope adds that the seizures supposedly also cause hallucinations, and this is worth noting given that Veronica is one of the infected. On that note, Cheryl questions the whereabouts of the seizure stricken Vixens. Supposedly, those girls were taken to Riverdale General. Cheryl is not satisfied, demanding real answers. Penelope stands from her seat, almost as if to confront Cheryl, but begins to seize.


Cheryl agrees to help Veronica

Cheryl gets a call from Veronica, who informs her that Betty is at the Sisters and that they have a mission. According to Betty, Hiram's testing Fizzle Rocks on the patients at the Sisters. Moreover, Betty saw Cheryl's uncle Claudius with them, using Blossom maple trucks to make the delivery. Veronica's father is planning something big, which he likened to the apocalypse. He could possibly even be the cause of the seizures. So, Veronica is thinking they could ask Cheryl's mom since she's in cahoots with Veronica's father, which Cheryl is more than willing to help with given that Toni and the Vixens have already fallen to the seizures.


Veronica and Cheryl torture Penelope

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl and Veronica tie Penelope to a chair and drown her with maple syrup as an interrogation tactic. Penelope tells them that Hiram's plans will turn Riverdale into something worthwhile. A place where they can all pursue their various enterprises, such as drug dealing and prostitution. Veronica demands specifics on how he plans to accomplish this. Penelope points out that he's in bed with the mayor and there's now no law enforcement in Riverdale. Making Hiram virtually unstoppable.

Cheryl and Veronica approach Kevin, Moose and the other RROTC cadets at Pop's. Veronica informs them that their meals are on the house and that she needs them as back up. When Kevin asks what this is about, Cheryl dramatically stomps on the table and tells the cadets that they're going to war.


Cheryl and Toni lay in bed

Cheryl, Veronica, Kevin, Moose and the other RROTC cadets barge into the mayor's office. They know the endgame and so Veronica attempts to relieve her mother of her mayoral duties. Veronica tells her to step away from the phone before she makes the biggest mistake of her life. Hermione informs Veronica that she can't depose her as she's an elected official. Furthermore, Veronica's too late. The order went out ten minutes ago. She was just about to call and tell Veronica. All their phones receive a message simultaneously as a siren begins to sound throughout town. Cheryl heads home and lays in bed with Toni as the quarantine of Riverdale commences.[41]


Cheryl professes her love for Toni

Since the quarantine over five weeks ago, the crime rate has risen. There had been a series of daring cat burglaries; the culprits, none other than Cheryl and Toni. The two return to Thistlehouse with their stolen goods. "Stealing from the rich to give to us", Cheryl remarks. Cheryl and Toni then exchange I love you's before kissing. While the quarantine has since been lifted from over Riverdale, the town has yet to regain its pep. As Cheryl and Toni walk through the halls of Riverdale High holding hands, they are instructed to separate by Moose, acting under RROTC command. Kevin informs Cheryl that one of the school's new rules is to keep physical contact to a minimum. Toni questions this new rule as there hasn't been any seizures for weeks and everything tested has come back negative. With that being said, Cheryl and Toni completely ignore Moose and Kevin's order, referring to them as crypto-fascist before proceeding on their way.

Cheryl and Toni arrive at La Bonne Nuit as Josie is performing on stage. Veronica welcomes them before pointing them in the direction of their table. She then convenes with Reggie, who informs her that business is well. Even her mocktails are selling out.


Cheryl and Toni at the Serpent meeting

Jughead calls a meeting of the Serpents at Sunnyside Trailer Park after it came to his attention that at least one of them has been selling Fizzle Rocks, which is not what Serpents do. Cheryl, Toni, Sweet Pea, and Fangs are in attendance, among others. Starting that moment, there will be no selling or doing of drugs. And no crime of any kind will be tolerated. Anyone that breaks the Serpent code will be exiled permanently. Cheryl, for one, is outraged. She calls into question Jughead's latest decision. He vanished for a month, only to return to lecture them about responsibilities. Also unreleased by Jughead's decree is Fangs. With no money coming in, he wonders what they're supposed to do to survive. FP replies that they'll figure it out, but in the mean time, he recites Serpent law #6 — "In unity there is strength."

Cheryl and Toni break into the Pembrooke to burglarize it. They find a Glamourge egg over the fire place and take it. Before leaving, Cheryl enters Hiram's study and leaves her calling card, a red kiss mark on his portrait above his desk.


Cheryl and Toni are told to give up their Serpent jackets

Jughead calls for another meeting at Sunnyside with the Serpents. He announces the deal he made with Veronica. They'll be working security detail for her, her speakeasy and her employees. The Serpents cheer in excitement. However, Jughead's also gathered them for less celebratory reasons. Jughead calls Cheryl and Toni up as they burglarized the Pembrooke. More than that, Cheryl left her calling card, attaching herself and by extension all the Serpents to her crime. However, Cheryl isn't afraid of Hiram. Nevertheless, she broke the code, and so Jughead demands that both Cheryl and Toni turn in their jackets. Toni can't believe this is happening, reminding Jughead that she is a Serpent by blood and that this isn't something he can take from her.


Cheryl and Toni confront Jughead

Cheryl then calls Jughead out on being a hypocrite, having learned that Fangs was selling Fizzle Rocks and that Jughead gave him a pass. They know because Fangs told Sweet Pea, who told Toni, who told Cheryl. She adds that since Jughead is asking for her and Toni jackets, he should be asking for Fangs' as well. In fairness, Jughead does just that. Fangs angrily hands over his jacket. Jughead then turns his attention towards Cheryl and Toni, who agree to leave but refuse to give up their jackets, which is fine by Jughead, but he also asks that Cheryl give him the egg back or else Veronica won't agree to the protection contract. Jughead explains that he believes that Cheryl still has honor, and it's getting cold out. And unlike Cheryl, the rest of them don't get to go back to Thistlehouse.


Nana Rose and Cheryl agree to house some of the escapees

Cheryl and her Nana Rose are called over to the Five Seasons by Betty, along with Fred and Sierra to discuss with them the patients from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, who have been orphaned. While Betty has been housing them, that has become untenable. So, she's called them over to ask for shelter just until the Sisters testify against Hiram. Fred agrees to take in some of the boys since he has the room now that Archie is gone. Rose also agrees. She's saved many children from there before and will gladly do so again. With that, Nana Rose and Cheryl will board some of the girls at Thistlehouse. While all Sierra has to offer is a pullout couch, she agrees to take in a couple too.[42]


Betty asks Cheryl about her father's death

After discovering that Claudius had died while in his cell, the Blossoms hold Claudius' funeral at Thistlehouse. Cheryl, her mother, Toni, and Nana Rose are in attendance. They are joined by Betty surprisingly. At the podium, Penelope states that Claudius was never welcomed to Riverdale and that this is likely why he killed himself. Afterward, Cheryl confronts Betty as she is well aware that Betty has ulterior motives for attending. Betty admits that she came to talk to Cheryl because people connected to her mother keep dying by poison or strange suicide, including her father. However, Cheryl has no interest in entertaining Betty, stating that her father's death was nothing more than a suicide. Toni then approaches Betty, telling her to back off as Cheryl's been through enough.[43]


Toni and Cheryl get their SAT scores

Cheryl an Toni lay in bed, simply enjoying each other's company and the fact that they're laying in an actual bed. While Toni doesn't miss the mud or cold of Sunnyside Trailer Park, she does miss the Serpents. They both receive simultaneous alerts on their phones, sounding the arrival of their SAT scores. Fortunately for Cheryl, her grades are good enough to land her in Highsmith College. The women of her family have gone their for generations, and Cheryl doesn't intend to break Blossom tradition. As for Toni, Cheryl remarks that her score is flawless.


Cheryl's interview at Julliard

Cheryl has an interview at Highsmith college in order to determine her acceptance. She's successfully balanced her duties as Captain of the River Vixens and president of the student body while maintaining a 4.2 GPA, perfect attendance and achieving an almost perfect SAT score. For these reasons, Cheryl believes that she's an exemplary candidate for Highsmith college. Not to mention that she's legacy. While this may be true, most recently, Highsmith's Board of Directors have decided it's time to diversify their student body with women outside the alumni pool.


Cheryl confronts her mother for blocking her way into Highsmith

Cheryl arrives at the Five Seasons and enters the Maple Club to confront her mother for her efforts to sabotage Cheryl's admission to Highsmith. Cheryl spoke to the Headmistress, who enlightened her about a new policy that seems designed specifically to keep Cheryl from attending. Penelope admits that this was her doing. The harrowed halls of Highsmith shall not be polluted by someone of Cheryl's alignment. Penelope calls her an aberration. With that, Cheryl's attempts to blackmail her mother, stating that the alumni newsletter would be thrilled to profile a twice-widowed dominatrix with a proclivity for poison. However, with the hefty financial gifts that Penelope has bestowed open them over the years, she doubts they would care, and then tells Cheryl to accept that she will not be accepted into Highsmith.


Cheryl gives Kevin advise

Cheryl finds Kevin in the student lounge eating his sorrows away. She tells him to put down the candy and share with her his tale of woe. Kevin explains that he and Moose have been having problems. The "Koose" ship has been trouble from the start , Cheryl believes. She suggests that Kevin move on, to which he replies that he can't go back to Fox Forest. Cheryl wasn't referring to cruising. She's talking about Bumble. A dating app. There, Cheryl's sure Kevin can find someone more his speed. Kevin admits that would be nice, but he likes Moose. Kevin just wishes Moose would be honest with his dad so they could openly date, but Major Mason's not a big fan on their persuasion. This upsets Cheryl, as she can't believe there are still people who believe that being gay is anything less than rapturous. Kevin starts to think that Moose doesn't like him enough to come out, but Cheryl assures him that this is due to no fault of his own. Moreover, she thinks Moose may be in need of a subtle nudge.


Cheryl unintentionally outs Moose

Persistent in helping Kevin further his relationship with Moose, Cheryl takes it upon herself to make an announcement. As Riverdale High's first openly lesbian Student Body President, she announces that the launch of a new club, an LGBTQIA alliance, with the mission to find and support their fellow queer and questioning students. Kevin and Moose listen from class and Toni from the hallway as Cheryl continues. This weeks blind item will be on theme. Cheryl exposes that an all-American RROTC cadet is afraid to come out of the the closet. This concerns both Kevin and Moose, as well as Toni.


Cheryl's scolded by Toni

Outraged by Cheryl's announcement, Toni confronts her for outing Moose. Though, Cheryl appears to be completely oblivious to her wrongdoing. Toni explains that Moose's father could've heard that announcement, which could be bad for him. Cheryl only seems to be concerned with herself, realizing that she and Toni are having their first fight. Toni tells Cheryl to get some perspective. Toni shares how her uncle hated the fact that she dated girls. That's why the Serpents, acting as a surrogate family, were so important to her. Cheryl apologizes, though Toni is still very much outraged. She understands that Cheryl's mad at her mom and even more upset that she's not going to Highsmith college, which for the record Toni could never get into or afford. Highsmith college was Cheryl's legacy and the Serpents were Toni's. Now they're not. Cheryl claims that she'll fix everything as Toni is the most important person in her life.


Cheryl and Toni take photos of the Maple Club

With a mega plan in the works, Cheryl takes her first step, better known as "Fifty Shades of Blackmail", as she intends to blackmail her mother with the photos that Toni takes of the Maple Club, its clients and workers. However, they are almost immediately caught by Penelope, though not before Toni gets a few snaps. Penelope refuses to allow the girls to jeopardize her business. Cheryl demands that her mother step down from the Highsmith college board and revoke her ban on Cheryl's admittance, otherwise, Cheryl and Toni will go public with the photos they've taken. Penelope isn't concerned as she isn't ashamed of her work. Penelope informs Cheryl that blackmail is far more illegal than anything that goes on in the Maple Club. Toni questions how Penelope's clients will feel once she and Cheryl has published their names and photos.


Cheryl gives Toni her interview time

Cheryl returns to Highsmith college, where the Headmistress reveals that the school's policy not to admit legacy candidates has been reconsidered, so they can now proceed with their interview. Cheryl's aware that Headmistress Patricia only performs a limited number of one-on-one interviews, and with Cheryl's qualifications, she's obviously a shoo-in. Therefore, Cheryl wants to cede her time to Toni, who is also a worthy candidate for Highsmith. Cheryl introduces Toni to the Headmistress as future photojournalist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Cheryl then offers Toni a few words of encouragement and reminds her that this is only step two in her mega plan.


Cheryl apologizes to Moose

Cheryl approaches Moose at Pop's to apologize for outing him. She admits that it was wrong and that it was a personal decision she never should've taken from him. Moose accepts her apology. And while what she did wasn't right, it ended up benefiting Moose as he's out with his dad now. On top of that, he and Kevin are finally going to spend the night together in the bunker. Cheryl suggests that Moose bring a fresh change of sheets as a lot of people have had sex on that cot.

Cheryl and Toni's make out session at Thistlehouse is interrupted as Cheryl gets a call from her mother, who tells her to keep her bow close as the Gargoyle King may be after them. Penelope then asks Cheryl if she knows where Kevin is as he may be the next target.

Cheryl, along with Toni, Tom, FP, find Kevin and Moose in the woods, surrounded by the Gargoyle Gang and the Gargoyle King, who Cheryl shoots with an arrow. They unmask the Gargoyles and much to Kevin and Moose's surprise, they're the RROTC cadets. They were being led by Marcus Mason, Moose's dad, who is disguised as the Gargoyle King.


Toni and Cheryl form a new gang

Toni is disgusted with what Major Mason did to Moose and Kevin. Cheryl informs her that it's a result of the Sisters' conversion therapy. It twisted his soul. Cheryl recalls the day that Toni (and Veronica) saved her from the Sisters and says that she'll never forget it. Since Toni has done so much for her, Cheryl wants to repay the favor. Call it step four of her mega plan. They enter a classroom to about half a dozen female students, one of which being Peaches 'N Cream. Cheryl informs Toni that it's her new gang if she wants it to be. Cheryl knows how much Toni misses being a Serpent as they were her family. So, she found some other girls who were looking for support or community or even fisticuffs. With this gesture, Cheryl would like to start a new family. Toni is extremely grateful, referring to Cheryl's gesture as the most bad ass and romantic thing she's ever done. Peaches 'N Cream inquiries about the name for their newly found family, to which Toni falls on the name "Pretty Poisons." Pretty by day, poison by night.[44]


Cheryl wants to make the Pretty Poisons' presence known

Just outside Thistlehouse, Cheryl teaches an archery class to the Pretty Poisons. Toni returns not long after to inform Cheryl how Jughead attempted to convince her to rejoin the Serpents. He had the audacity to call them a vanity project, which still angers Toni, and so she plots on a way to put him in his place. Cheryl draws her bow and arrow, and fires, telling the girls that it's time to show Jughead just how poisonous they can be.


Cheryl and the Pretty Poisons attack Sweet Pea and Fangs

Cheryl, Peaches 'N Cream , and the Pretty Poisons approach Sweet Pea and Fangs as they are leaving Pop's. Sweet Pea sarcastically remarks that that he and Fangs don't want any trouble from their sorority. Cheryl demands respect, to which Fangs questions the consequence of should they not. Cheryl explains who they are and why they're there. They've come to deliver a message to the Serpents, that they're not to be dismissed or trifled with. The ladies proceed to surround and attack Sweet Pea and Fangs, who choose not to defend themselves.


Cheryl is scolded by Toni for attacking the Serpents

Cheryl after is scolded by Toni after learning that she and the other girls jumped Sweet Pea and Fangs. Cheryl explains that she was sending them a message as the Serpents needed to know that the Pretty Poisons aren't to be trifled with. Toni is furious. The purpose of their gang isn't to air out Cheryl's petty grievances or personal vendetta. It's for protection and community. So now she questions who's truly leading the gang, her or Cheryl. Cheryl says that it's Toni's gang, and in that case, Toni tells Cheryl to never deploy the Pretty Poisons that way without first consulting with her.[45]


Cheryl and the Pretty Poisons get into a dispute

Evelyn, Kevin, and the rest of the young Farmies enter their reserved classroom for the Farm meeting only to find Kurtz and the other Gargoyles turned Serpents occupying the classroom while playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. Just as Evelyn informs them that they have rights to the class every Wednesday, Cheryl, Peaches 'N Cream and the rest of the Pretty Poisons interject to lay their claim to the room. Cheryl explains that the third Wednesday of every month is reserved for monthly student council/LGBTQIA meetings. Evelyn questions the validity of Cheryl's claims, to which Cheryl replies that she would have Evelyn beheaded in another century. It's only when Kurtz refers to the ladies as "bitches" that the altercation turns violent, forcing Jughead and Toni to intervene.


Cheryl leverages Thistlhouse against Toni

Cheryl and Toni get into a small fight over the much larger fight that took place at school between the Poisons, Serpents, and Farmies, which landed Toni in trouble with Weatherbee. Cheryl claims that she had the classroom reserved as Student Body President. While Cheryl may wear many hats, when she puts on that purple jacket, she's representing the gang. Toni warns Cheryl to proceed with caution as she doesn't want to suspend anyone for loose cannon behavior. Least of all her own girlfriend. Cheryl agrees as that would makes hosting Pretty Poison's meetings at Thistlehouse incredibly awkward, she remarks. Cheryl knows that they don't have another headquarters for use, moreover a pool, allowing her to use this as leverage.

Toni gets ready for her first night at La Bonne Nuit as security after being hired by Veronica, though Cheryl won't be coming. She claims to be feeling under the weather and that she'll be asleep by the time Toni returns.[46]


Cheryl wants to take a trip with Toni

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl surprises Toni with a trip to Quebec. She thought since Toni’s been working so hard with the Pretty Poisons, it might be good for the two of them to get away. So, Cheryl booked them a spring break ski trip. Unfortunately, Toni and the girls had already planned to road trip to Sugar Lake. Cheryl throws a fit, but before Toni can fully explain, she gets called into work.

Cheryl arrives at La Bonne Nuit. She is greeted at the door by Reggie. Cheryl claims to have baked goods for Toni. A gesture of goodwill after a disagreement they had earlier. Cheryl heads down, where she finds Toni and the Pretty Poisons singing on stage with Veronica.


Cheryl learns that Toni has been paying Nana Rose rent

Cheryl heads outside in search of Toni, though she finds Nana Rose trimming the flowers. Rose hadn’t seen Toni since she gave her an envelope of money for rent.

Toni confronts Cheryl who enters La Bonne Nuit, claiming she’s there to gamble. Toni questions if Cheryl has any ulterior motives, but Cheryl claims to have none outside of winning. She then appears to be casing the place, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Toni.


Toni and Cheryl have sex

After closing, Cheryl sneaks into La Bonne Nuit and attempts to break into the safe, but she is caught in the act by Toni. Toni saw Cheryl casing the speakeasy earlier, but she also knows that Cheryl wanted her to know it. Cheryl asks what Toni is going to do about it. Toni slowly approaches Cheryl, unzips her jacket and kisses her. The two then proceed to remove their clothes and have sex. Cheryl sits in a chair blindfolded as Toni gives her a lap dance.


Cheryl tells Toni to move out

After sex, the girls get dressed and decide to talk about the tension building in their relationship. Toni thinks that Cheryl has a problem with the Poisons because for once she’s in charge of something. Cheryl denies this. She’s upset because Toni seems to spend all her time with them instead of her. While Toni loves Cheryl, she can’t spend all her time cooped up in Thistlehouse, in Cheryl’s bedroom. Cheryl states that it’s their bedroom, but as Toni points out, it doesn’t feel like that at all. It’s entirely Cheryl’s space. Toni regrets moving in with Cheryl, reasoning that it was too soon. In that case, Cheryl tells Toni to move out and then she herself leaves La Bonne Nuit.


Cheryl demands that Kevin change the musical to Heathers

Cheryl messages Kevin and tells him to meet her at Thistlehouse. He’s sorry to hear of her breakup with Toni, though Cheryl isn’t too concerned, quoting the phrase "Que sera, sera", which means "whatever will be, will be." This phrase is also heavily featured in the iconic high school black comedy Heathers. Cheryl then informs Kevin that there’s a musical version of it. However, Kevin knows where she is going with this, explaining that The Farm is co-sponsoring the musical this year, and it’s going to be Godspell. Cheryl needs to focus her rage, therefore this year’s musical is Heathers as far as she’s concerned. Kevin’s directing and she’s playing HBIC Heather Chandler.[47]


The Heathers

Cheryl has been cast as Heather Chandler. Aside Cheryl stands Betty and Veronica, who join her in song. Cheryl was distraught after her break up with Toni, but then she gave herself the role of HBIC. Veronica and Betty are playing the other Heathers, Heather McNamara and Heather Duke. Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty resume their act, that is until Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, and the Pretty Poisons arrive at school. Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Archie, Josie, Peaches, and Evelyn then come down the hall to join in and make their way to the auditorium. Cheryl, Kevin, Veronica, Betty, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Archie, Josie, Peaches, and Evelyn get on stage, where they conclude their performance.


Cheryl finds out that Toni is the choreographer

Afterward, Kevin announces that there’s been a slight change to their creative team. While Evelyn has been helping him produce the musical, he’s recently asked her to step up and be his co-director. Also, given how much dancing there is in Heathers, Kevin and Evelyn figured they should bring in a choreographer, that being Toni, which comes as an unwelcome surprise to Cheryl.

Cheryl, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Toni, Josie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Reggie, and Peaches lay on their backs in the student lounge as Evelyn tells them that everything in their lives matter. There are universal truths within each of their experiences. In rehearsal, they’re going to explore their own personal traumas and experiences and exercise them through their art. Kevin interrupts to inform Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty that "Candy Store" set and costumes are ready.


Betty, Cheryl, and Veronica perform Candy Store

Once in the auditorium, Kevin explains to Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty that this number is about the Heathers undeniable power that each of them can get at any given time. Toni, Peaches, and the Poisons are also on stage. Toni, as choreographer, wants to start with some simple steps, but Cheryl, still upset over their breakup, doesn’t want to hear it, telling both Toni and Kevin that she, Betty, and Veronica have already worked out their own choreography. Toni’s attempt at being professional is undermined by Cheryl, who along with Betty and Veronica, begin their musical number. Toni, Peaches, and the Poisons join in on the number, which upsets Cheryl, leading to a showdown between the two, who go back and forth on stage. Cheryl stops in the middle of their performance to tell Toni to shut up, though Toni persists, and so Cheryl shoves her and concludes the song.


Cheryl is upset with Toni's arrival

The cast meets up at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy compound as planned. Cheryl, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Kevin, Evelyn, Veronica, Josie, and Archie then start to sing and dance. Just then, Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, and the Pretty Poisons join in, which upsets Cheryl, as she was hoping that Toni wouldn’t come. Evelyn notices Cheryl’s troubles and tells her to let everything go and to follow her lead. With the exception of Betty, who watches from afar, everyone comes back together to finish the musical number.


Cheryl kicks Toni out

Evelyn approaches Cheryl in the restroom to inform her of Toni’s arrival just outside. Cheryl exits the restroom to find Toni in an all-red outfit. Cheryl is enraged, immediately confronting Toni and informing her that she’s wearing Cheryl’s signature color. Toni states that Cheryl doesn’t own the color red and that it existed before her. Cheryl retorts that it didn’t at Riverdale High. Here, she invented red. Cheryl tells Toni that the school isn’t big enough for the two of them. Cheryl recommends Centerville High or Westerberg. Nevertheless, she gives Toni until first bell Monday to clear every trace of herself from the school. Toni breaks out in song. She sings through the halls of Riverdale High, eventually finding herself in the student lounge, where she finds Peaches 'N Cream and Sweet Pea, both of whom she wishes to get intimate with. Toni takes them both to the auditorium and tells them to get undressed. Unbeknownst to Toni, Cheryl sits off by the window. She decides to join in on the song. Toni caves at the last moment and tells both Sweet Pea and Peaches who are nearly naked that she’s sorry as she can’t go through with it.


Toni and Cheryl make up

Toni visits Cheryl at Thistlehouse to extend an olive branch. Cheryl surmises that Toni’s there to beg for clemency, but she’s not. Toni’s there for them. She doesn’t even know what they’re fighting about. Toni then asks what love was like in Cheryl’s family.It was all or nothing. Pure adoration or distilled hate. Thornhill was a den of shadows, and Jason was her only light. And then he died, and it was dark again until Cheryl met Toni. Then it felt like Toni was disappearing on her too. Toni insists that she isn’t going anywhere and that maybe there’s still a chance for them. They then start singing "Seventeen" before sharing a kiss.


Ending of Heathers: The Musical

The night of the musical has arrived. Backstage, just ten minutes out, Cheryl and Toni are putting on make up. The musical ends with Cheryl, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Sweet Pea, Toni, Reggie, Josie, Veronica, Kevin, Evelyn, and Fangs on stage singing "Seventeen". As the musical concludes, Edgar Evernever rises from the audience, clapping slowly and very dramatic-like. He is joined by over a dozen members of the Farm, who are all wearing white and join in on the slow clap. From the stage, Evelyn states that she knew her dad would like it. Weatherbee and Mrs. Klump appear to be one with the Farm as they too are wearing white and applaud the performance.[48]


Cheryl agrees to help Betty infiltrate the Farm

Cheryl and Betty convene at Pop’s, where they discuss Cheryl’s willingness or perhaps lack thereof to help Betty. Betty wants Cheryl’s help with infiltrating the Farm. Betty already tried to do it herself, but Evelyn doesn’t trust her. However, Betty did notice that she was trying to recruit Cheryl during the musical. Cheryl questions Betty’s obsession with the Farm. Betty explains that they’re a cult. Plus, it’s not just her friends and family they’ve targeted. Juniper and Dagwood, Cheryl’s niece and nephew, are being raised as toddler Farmies. Although, by Cheryl’s account, they looked perfectly happy and healthy the last time she saw them. Betty reminds Cheryl of Jason, and how he and Polly had plans to run away to the Farm together. Cheryl must want to know why, Betty presumes. And so, Cheryl reluctantly agrees.

Cheryl tricks Evelyn into thinking she’s vulnerable by pretending to cry in the girls restroom. Evelyn over hears Cheryl crying. She opens the bathroom stall and asks what happened. Cheryl claims that she and Toni broke up for good this time, and Evelyn offers to be her friend. Cheryl then reports back to Betty to inform her that the plan worked.


Cheryl meets Edgar

At the Blue and Gold, as Betty hides a tiny microphone within Cheryl’s broach, Cheryl questions just where Betty acquired all her detective equipment, to which Betty replies that she got it from when her mother worked at the Riverdale Register. Betty then sends Cheryl in as she listens from the Blue and Gold. Evelyn starts the interview off by asking Cheryl’s favorite color. Of course which is red, specifically Pantone’s "Flame Scarlet." Evelyn then asks if she ever bites her fingernails or cuticles when stressed. Cheryl does not. Edgar then enters to take over the interview. Edgar asks if she’s ever lost someone. Cheryl admits that she has. Her brother Jason. Although, she doesn’t remember much of what followed his passing. She was in a dark place. Jason was her twin and when she lost him, she lost a piece of herself. She wanted so desperately to reunite with him that she found herself on the frozen bed of Sweetwater River. When Cheryl fell through the ice, she saw him and was changed. It was like her spirit had finally returned to her body. So much so that she burned down her childhood home. Hearing Cheryl’s story, Edgar realizes that Cheryl’s already been baptized and been reborn in fire. But yet the memory of her brother still hurts. While memories are often painful, Edgar doesn’t believe they have to be. He believes they can be a path to revival and that the Farm can help Cheryl see that.


Cheryl reports back to Betty

Cheryl and Betty reconvene in the girls restroom, where they discuss Cheryl’s interview with Edgar. He’s younger than Cheryl thought he’d be. She also finds him to be very attractive and a good listener. Now that Cheryl’s in with Edgar, Betty needs her to ask him a few questions, like why he decided to move to Riverdale now, and how many members does he plan on recruiting. And most importantly, Betty needs to find out where Edgar stores the tapes from the recorded interviews. If Betty can get her hands on her mom’s and Polly’s, then the Farm won’t have any leverage over Betty’s family.


Cheryl sees Edgar for another interview

Betty listens from the Blue and Gold as Cheryl has another meeting with Edgar. Cheryl asks why he records their sessions. Edgar explains that many of their members like to refer back to them occasionally, to track their growth. Cheryl then asks where they’re stored. Edgar only will say that they’re in a secure location, though he questions Cheryl’s suspicious concern in them. Cheryl claims that she’s just curious. Edgar wants to get back to the interview, but first he wants to show Cheryl something that he thinks she’ll find illuminating. He takes Cheryl to see their files. He then goes on to explain that tomorrow night they’re having a get together for new members and asks Cheryl to join them, to which she agrees. Cheryl and Edgar then seem to enter a room, which appears to cut off Betty’s connection.


Cheryl doesn't want to leave the Farm

Cheryl is approached by Betty at her locker the following day. Betty wants to know what was in the room that Edgar took her to. Cheryl tells Betty that it’s none of her business. Furthermore, she’s done being Betty’s mole. It’s disrespectful and illegal. Betty was going to suggest the same as she doesn’t want Edgar to catch onto Cheryl. However, Cheryl still intends to going to the Farm, she’s just done working for Betty.

Cheryl attends the get together at the Farm as planned. Over the intercom, Edgar welcomes all in attendance, especially their newest initiate, Cheryl, who then gets on the intercom and says "May the one become many, and the many one." Edgar continues to say that they’ve all come together under great scrutiny and judgement from their friends and neighbors, and possibly ever their own family. But only through great sacrifice will their lives be full. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the bounty, Edgar says. He advises them to plant their seed in the earth and watch it grow.


Cheryl reveals that she's spoken to Jason

Cheryl meets with Betty at Thistlehouse to give her the tapes of her recorded sessions with Edgar. They now have nothing on Cheryl, so she doesn’t have to go back. However, Cheryl wants to go back. She reveals to Betty that Edgar let her see Jason. He took her to a room, closed the door, and inside she saw Jason. While it sounds crazy, Cheryl insists that she saw and talked to him.[49]

Cheryl, along with Evelyn, Fangs, and Kevin, advocate for the Farm, spreading the word around school. "Where the one become many and the many become one". Toni watches very concerned as Evelyn, Cheryl, Fangs, and Kevin pass through the school hallway.


Cheryl denies that Jason is dead

Cheryl is sat down by Toni and shown the surveillance footage of her father shooting her brother. Toni explains that she’s only showing this to Cheryl because she needed to be reminded of the truth, that Jason’s dead. However, Cheryl claims that the video is fake. Toni then asks if Cheryl ever hugged Jason while at the Farm, which Cheryl hesitantly claims she has.

Toni asks if Cheryl is headed for a meeting at the Farm, which she is. However, Toni asks that she stay home because she needs Cheryl in every way. Mind, soul, and body. But mostly body, Toni remarks as the two proceed to kiss.


Toni joins Cheryl, Evelyn, Fangs, and Kevin in the Farm

Cheryl approaches Toni in the girls locker room after being told by Evelyn that she has to make a choice between Jason and Toni. Toni attempts to explain to Cheryl that Jason’s only a ghost, though Cheryl isn’t convinced. And while she admittedly loves Toni, she’s loved Jason her entire life. Toni refuses to allow their relationship to end, asking if there’s anyway Cheryl can be with both her and Jason. Cheryl replies that there’s only one way, and that’s if Toni joins the Farm, which she does, joining Cheryl, Evelyn, Fangs, and Kevin in Riverdale High’s own chapter of the Farm as they walk down the school halls dressed in all white.[50]


Toni and Cheryl welcome Betty

Cheryl joins Toni, Edgar, Alice, Polly, Evelyn, Kevin, Weatherbee and the other Farmies in setting a trap for Betty, who they seek to recruit into the Farm. Betty reveals that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but everyone is well aware. There are no secrets at the Farm. They’ve all come together to get Betty to join them. Edgar explains that everyone Betty cares about is in the room, her mother, sister, best friend, cousin and sister. In unison, the Farmies recite "Join us." If only for a second, it seems that Betty begins to consider the offer, but she declines it nonetheless and takes off running, with Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, Evelyn, and the other Farmies just behind her. Betty just barely makes it to her car and pulls off.[51]

Cheryl interrupts Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead to inform them of the upcoming Fire and Ice Junior Prom. She and Toni are running for Prom Queens, and Cheryl would appreciate their vote. This, however, is the first that the gang is hearing about Prom.


Cheryl and Toni work the ticket sales table

Cheryl and Toni work the Prom ticket sales booth. Archie and Veronica come over to buy tickets together. Cheryl concludes that Archie and Veronica are back together considering that they’re going to Prom and apparently, she and Toni had some kind of wager going. Veronica corrects Cheryl, informing her that she and Archie are going as friends. Evelyn then approaches the ticket table to inform Cheryl and Toni that campaigning for Prom Queen is strictly forbidden. The Farm prohibits it because it goes against their strictures of equality. Cheryl retorts that it’s easier for Evelyn to brush it off as she’s likely been to many Prom given how much older she actually is. Evelyn tells Cheryl and Toni that this is a test. They can either be Queens for one night or they can live in the glory of the Farm for all eternity. Cheryl answers that she wants both.


Cheryl drops her campaign for Prom Queen

Edgar calls Cheryl into his office to confront her after learning from Evelyn that she is campaigning for Prom Queen. Cheryl explains what it would mean if she’s Prom Queen. She could use that platform to spread the Farm’s message. Edgar asks Cheryl if she likes being a member of their community, to which she replies she does. In that case, Edgar tells Cheryl that standing with them requires sacrifice, though if she can’t let something as trivial as Prom Queen go, then he can’t allow Cheryl to speak with Jason anymore. Cheryl understands and immediately drops her campaign.

As chair of the prom committee, Cheryl is approached by Betty and Jughead for approval of their G & G themed prom proposal. While the theme of Fire and Ice was decided months ago, Betty and Jughead attempt to persuade Cheryl to specify the theme with something more medieval. With zero resistance, Cheryl agrees. They can change the theme to whatever they like. She no longer cares since she can’t be Queen.


Toni and Cheryl at Prom

As they dance no more than a few feet away from the thrown, Toni expresses how sorry she is that Cheryl won’t get to be Prom Queen. Cheryl says it’s okay as Edgar gave her something more than a queen-ship, that being humility, which Toni knows isn’t true. Cheryl admits this and reveals that being a Farmie is starting to lose its appeal. Cheryl, Toni, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Fangs, Evelyn, and Peaches stand in the crowd as Betty is announced as the Prom Queen, though no one seems to know where she is. Jughead asks Archie and Veronica, but they are unaware.[52]


Cheryl explains that Edgar purges their pain

Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, and Fangs welcome Betty to their table. Fangs in noticeably in pain. He reveals that he had a minor procedure done, which left him soar. Betty inquires further about the procedure. Cheryl states that it’s a purging of the pain that’s crushing them. She further elaborate that this is part of Edgar’s methods. He transforms their emotional pain into physical pain so that it’s easier to treat and banish. Toni is next in line for the procedure, followed by Cheryl. Kevin has already gotten his. The tenderness in his back lasted for a few days, but he thinks it was worth it. Betty lifts up Kevin’s shirt to see a large scar going up the left side of his rib cage. Betty notes that the scar looks far more major than Kevin is leading on. He is upset with Betty, telling her not to ever do it again, before leaving, with Fangs not far behind. While Cheryl and Toni remain at the table, they simply turn their backs to Betty.


Cheryl and Toni don't care that Edgar is using hypnotherapy

Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, and Fangs are called together by Betty to share with them what she’s found, that Edgar is hypnotizing them. Cheryl doesn’t care, reasoning that hypnotherapy is a standard practice that most people have to pay good money for. Kevin and Fangs add that whatever Edgar is doing works as he’s taken their pain away. Toni can’t wait for her procedure so that Edgar can take her pain away. Betty suspects that Edgar is purposefully inflicting pain on them during hypnosis. She believes he’s doing it so that he has more power over them. However, Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, and Fangs are faithful followers of the Farm and refuse to believe that Edgar has done anything wrong without proof, which Betty does not have.


Cheryl learns Edgar's true intentions

Betty enters Cheryl’s room and tells her the Farm is a front. Edgar took Kevin and Fangs’ kidneys. There’s a fridge filled with harvested organs. The Farm is an organ Farm. With her, Betty has a small cooler with a harvested human organ inside as proof. Betty suspects that Edgar only takes kids in to use their organs for his human chop shop. Cheryl finally believes Betty and grows even more concerned given that the nurses just took Toni to the infirmary for her procedure. Cheryl decides to go after Toni while Betty finds Kevin and Fangs.


Cheryl sacrifices herself

Cheryl barges into the infirmary, demanding that they stay away from Toni. She shoves the nurses and grabs a scalpel, keeping the nurses at bay as she and Toni escape after learning that Betty was right all along about the Farm. They make a run for the back door, though a couple orderlies are right on their tail. Cheryl and Toni race down the hallway in search of an exit. They head down into a stairwell, where the door is locked but a tiny window, just barely large enough for them to squeeze through, is unlocked. With the two orderlies not far behind, Toni crawls out the window first, though Cheryl does not follow her, instead, she shuts the window behind her as the two of them would never make it far on foot together. Cheryl holds the orderlies off long enough for a bare foot Toni to make it into the nearby woods.[53]

With the Farm now compromised and the outside world encroaching upon them, Edgar informs Alice and Evelyn that it’s time to ascend. Alice appears worried, asking if either Edgar or Evelyn have seen Betty. Evelyn lies and tells Alice that Betty escaped with Toni. Edgar states that they’ll ascend without Betty as she was never a true believer. Cheryl eavesdrops on this conversation from the doorway, unbeknownst to Alice, Edgar, and Evelyn.


Cheryl screams

Cheryl attempts to convince Kevin and Fangs to join her in her escape, though they remain loyal followers of the Farm. They point out that Cheryl is supposed to be confined to her room for helping Toni escape. However, Cheryl explains that Betty was right about everything and that they need to leave as Edgar is harvesting organs. Cheryl takes them to the storage locker to prove that she’s telling the truth, but when she does, she finds that it has been emptied. Cheryl then runs off to find proof elsewhere while Fangs and Kevin stay behind to prepare for ascension. Cheryl goes door-to-door in search of any kind of evidence. Inside one of the rooms, she finds Jason’s body slumped over in a wheelchair and screams out in horror.

Cheryl barges into Edgar's office to confront him on digging up her brother. Edgar reasons that Cheryl had a void and that it’s his job to diagnose how to fill it. Evelyn enters with two orderlies who restrain Cheryl and are ordered to confine Cheryl to her room. Edgar then asks that Alice and Evelyn help him gather the flock into the chamber so that they can ascend.


Cheryl escapes with Juniper

Alice enters Cheryl’s room with Juniper, claiming that she’s there to help. Alice leads Cheryl into the tunnels, which lead to Fox Forest. The tunnels had initially been closed, but Edgar opened them back up after purchasing the compound. Alice hands Juniper over to Cheryl and tells her to reunite her with Dagwood. Alice isn’t coming. She has to stay to protect Polly, but she makes Cheryl promise that she’ll find Betty to make sure she’s safe from the Farm and her father. Alice sees Cheryl out, telling her to keep running until she makes it into town.


Cheryl joins Toni

Just outside Thistlehouse, Toni has rallied the Pretty Poisons and Southside Serpents in preparation to storm the Farm and retrieve Cheryl. Much to their surprise, Cheryl has already escaped. She joins them, handing Juniper off Peaches 'N Cream, who hands her off to Nana Rose. Cheryl runs into Toni’s arms and they kiss. Cheryl asks where is Betty. Nana Rose replies that she’s being hunted at Thronhill with all the others. Penelope has been planning this for weeks. It’s the grand hunt. With little time to spare, the Poisons and Serpents ride out.


Cheryl leads the Poisons

The Pretty Poisons and Serpents, led by Cheryl and Toni, begin firing arrows at the Gargoyles as they chase down Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. As they begin to retreat, the Poisons and Serpents charge forward. As for Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, they’ve taken cover behind one of the trucks and Betty and Veronica have taken the antidote. Once they’re in the clear, the four of them have a group hug. Betty then asks Cheryl about her mom. Cheryl reveals that it was Alice who freed her and told her to find Betty as they’re planning to ascend tonight.


Veronica, Archie, Betty, Jughead, Toni, and Cheryl arrive at the Farm

Cheryl, Toni, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead arrive at the Farm, where they find Kevin in the fetal position, crying in the chamber. He says they left him because someone had to stay behind to explain what happened. The worthy ascended. Betty asks about her mom and Polly. Kevin claims that they’re gone, along with everyone else from the Farm, and they’ll never be seen again.

Cheryl has since returned the Sisters, but not because of the Farm, but because that’s where Jason’s body remains. To Jason’s lifeless corpse, Cheryl says welcome home.[54]

Season 4

A Tribute to Fred Andrews


Cheryl reads the paper

Cheryl takes a seat in front of Jason’s rotting corpse and reads the Riverdale Register, where she discovers that the town will, in fact, be having a 4th of July parade. Upon discovery, she storms to Pop’s in a fit of rage, where Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica are painting Pop’s float. Cheryl will forever associate the 4th of July with the tragedy of losing her brother and doesn’t believe it’s a day worth celebrating. Betty explains that Riverdale hasn’t had a parade out of respect for Jason for three years, and it’s time they move on. Jughead suggests that Cheryl just stay home. Instead, Cheryl decides to attend, but makes it clear she only intends to protest.


Archie's dream

Cheryl appears in Archie’s dream. In the dining room of Archie’s house, Jason, Cheryl, Pop, Penelope, Clifford, Reggie, Hermione, Hiram, Hal, Alice, Kevin, Tom, Sierra, FP, Jellybean, Toni, Jughead, Betty, and Mary sit. When Archie arrives, he asks where his father is, to which Arti replies that Archie was supposed to go get him.


Cheryl and Toni at the Andrews house

The next morning, Cheryl and Toni give their condolences to Mary after learning of Fred’s passing. Cheryl knows the loneliness associated with the death of a loved one. Her world was only darkness and despair when Jason died. She doesn’t want Mary or Archie to experience the same pain. So, with Mary’s blessing, Cheryl would like to do something for them when Archie returns from retrieving Fred’s corpse.

In honor of Fred, Cheryl organizes a parade. Escorted by FP, Archie and the gang ride through and are met by the entire town, waving flags and holding “Welcome Home, Fred” signs. Many people attend the parade; Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, Nana Rose, Jellybean, Pop, and Reggie are amongst them.


Toni, Cheryl, and Nana Rose at the funeral

Fred’s funeral is held. Cheryl, Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, Nana Rose, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Mary, FP, Pop, Josie, Kevin, Tom, Sierra, are in attendance, along with many others. Josie sings "Amazing Grace" as Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Kevin, FP, and Tom carry the casket. After the town pays their respect, Archie says a few words, and ends it with Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale.

Mary and Archie join Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Josie, Reggie, Cheryl, and Toni in the backyard to watch fireworks.[55]


Cheryl asks Jason for his opinion

Two months have passed since Archie's dad died. Summer is over, and Cheryl is headed into senior year. She asks Jason’s rotting corpse which of her two outfits would be best for the first day of school, and though he doesn't respond, she appears to agree with his answer. She and Toni hang banners in preparation for the upcoming dance.

Cheryl and Toni meet with Mr. Honey to welcome him to Riverdale High. He wanted to speak with them regarding the back-to-school dance that they organized. He’s cancelled it because two students were murdered during the last dance. Cheryl argues that’s precisely why they need the dance, to heal. Speaking from personal experience, the back-to-school dance following Jason’s death provided Cheryl with much needed catharsis. However, Mr. Honey disagrees and will not be swayed, stating once again there will be no dance.


Cheryl and Veronica confront a photographer

Veronica and Cheryl confront what they initially believe to be a peeping Tom taking photos of them in the girls locker room. However, he reveals that he’s actually there to get a photo solely of Veronica. A reporter from reached out to the junior photographer and offered him $500 for a photo of Veronica.

Toni ventures downstairs in search of Cheryl, who unbeknownst to Toni is in the cellar talking to Jason’s corpse. However, Cheryl claims that she was simply praying for divine guidance on how to handle their discord with Mr. Honey. She’s come up with a plan to host a back-to-school party at Thistlehouse.


Toni, Cheryl, and the Vixens pass out flyers

Cheryl and Toni lead the River Vixens in passing out flyers for their back-to-school party. Cheryl confronts Mr. Honey, informing him that she will always be Queen Bee.

Cheryl and Toni go through with their back-to-school party as planned, with Peaches as the DJ. Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Mad Dog, and Reggie are in attendance. Cheryl declares Mr. Honey as their latest enemy. She assures the student body that he’ll be taken care of by Homecoming.


Cheryl warns Reggie against entering the chapel

Reggie heads downstairs in search of a bathroom. Cheryl confronts him before he can pass the gate, where unbeknownst to him, Jason’s corpse sits just a few feet beyond. Cheryl then drags him back upstairs and outside, where he tries to pick another fight with Mad Dog. He asks Cheryl if she knows Mad Dog, which she doesn’t, though she doesn’t object to him being at the party, which is more than she can say for Reggie. Sheriff Jones pulls up and brings an end to the party after receiving a noise complaint from Mr. Honey.

The following night, at La Bonne Nuit, Veronica, Toni, and Cheryl perform.


Cheryl leaves a bee hive on Honey's desk

Cheryl retaliates to Honey ruining her party. She places an active beehive on his desk. Bees flying everywhere. Cheryl enters the main office to briefly taunt Honey before leaving.

Flash forward to Spring Break, Jughead is missing. Cheryl, Toni, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, and Jellybean join FP’s police-led search party for Jughead in the dark woods.[56]


Toni and Cheryl in bed

While making out in bed at Thistlehouse, Cheryl and Toni are startled by odd noises, which they presume to be Nana Rose’s doing. It worries Toni to leave the twins with her when they’re at school. She suggests hiring a caretaker, but Cheryl refuses to have a stranger in her home. She and Toni rush out of bed at the sound of Nana Rose’s scream. They find her standing by the fireplace. She mistakes Cheryl for her mother Penelope and tells her how she thought she saw the triplets burning in the fire. Cheryl explains that she’s not her mother and that Juniper and Dagwood, the twins, are sleeping soundly in their nursery.


Toni and Cheryl hire a caretaker for Nana Rose

Cheryl returns to Thistlehouse to find Darius, a night nurse that Toni found online sitting in her living room. Cheryl reluctantly agrees to have Darius around, but not without laying down the rules. She instructs him to only attend to Nana Rose and to stay out of the Blossom chapel in the basement.

Cheryl heads down into the chapel in the basement to talk with Jason. She gets down there and believes Jason may have moved a few feet from where she last saw him while reading to him the night before.


Cheryl fires Darius

Darius requires money and a skeleton key for the house from Cheryl and Toni as Thistlehouse is infested with rats, which accounts for the noises they’ve been hearing. After learning that Darius went into the basement against her orders, Cheryl instead decides to fire him.

In the chapel, Cheryl asks Jason if Darius saw him. She screams in fear as a rat comes crawling out Jason’s stomach, which she crushes with a large book before sewing Jason up. Toni enters the chapel to the sight of Cheryl hovering over Jason’s body.[57]

Over the next few weeks, more and more citizens of Riverdale received copies of similar tapes, footage of their houses being taped, including Cheryl and Toni.


Toni convinces Cheryl to bury Jason

While carving pumpkins at Thistlehouse, Toni tells Cheryl that it’s time to bury Jason after she’d been promising for weeks they would. Cheryl wants to postpone the burial until after Halloween, but Toni presses her into doing it today. Cheryl settles and agrees to bury Jason on the Blossom family plot on the grounds of Thornhill, though she warns Toni Jason won’t like this.

Cheryl and Toni return to Thistlehouse after burying Jason. They find a doll sitting on the couch. Cheryl claims it’s the doing of Jason’s ghost who's mad about them burying him. Toni isn’t buying Cheryl’s story and throws the doll away.


Cheryl and Toni make out

As Cheryl and Toni make out on the bed, they can hear the twins start to cry over the baby monitor. They head into the living room to find the twins sound asleep. Cheryl asks Nana Rose for the other baby monitor. She tells them that she heard Cheryl’s brother crying in the chapel. So, Toni and Cheryl head down to the chapel, where they find the other baby monitor and the doll that Toni previously threw away. Cheryl is insistent that this is the work of an angry Jason, who is now haunting them. Cheryl swears that she isn’t behind this, but she recommends performing a seance in order to talk to Jason.


Toni, Cheryl, and Nana Rose perform a seance

Cheryl, Toni, and Nana Rose break out the Ouija board and hold a seance. They ask if the entity inside the doll is present. The planchette moves to yes. Toni accuses Cheryl of moving it, but she swears she isn’t. Cheryl asks the spirit for its name, and the planchette moves to the letter "J". Again, Toni accuses Cheryl of moving the planchette, however, Cheryl insists this isn’t her doing. Nana Rose confirms that it’s not Jason or Cheryl moving the board. It’s Julian. Penelope held three babies in her womb. Julius was to be Cheryl and Jason’s triplet, but in the end, only Cheryl and Jason were born because Cheryl absorbed Julian. Penelope was so devastated that she procured the doll and reared it alongside Cheryl and Jason until they were no longer infants, at which point Julian was retired to the attic. Toni is beyond skeptical. She suspects that Cheryl and Nana Rose are working together to make her realize that things were better when Jason was there, so they’d dig him back up and bring him back to the chapel. Toni asks if they bring Jadon back, will the haunting stop and can they get rid of the doll and bury it in Jason’s grave. Cheryl happily agrees to her terms.


Cheryl combs Jason's hair

Cheryl and Toni dig Jason’s corpse back up and return him to the chapel as agreed upon. Cheryl combs his hair, expressing her joy in him being back home, much to Toni’s disapproval.

Toni approaches Cheryl with Julian’s doll after finding him on the bed. Although, it pains Cheryl to admit it, she was gas-lighting Toni before, but now she swears on Jason’s life that she truly has no idea how the doll got back on the house. Nana Rose tells them it’s Julian who returned the doll.[58]


Cheryl has a nightmare

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl awakens to find her mother, father, brother, and her Nana Rose standing at the end of her bed. Penelope has Julian in hand, explaining that they’ve come to give Julian Cheryl’s body. Cheryl wakes up from what was apparently a nightmare as Toni lays asleep by her side. Cheryl worryingly stares over at Julian from across the room.

Toni confronts Cheryl after she attempts to skip another day of school. Cheryl can't bring herself to leave Nana Rose and the twins alone with Julian. She only agrees to go to school after ensuring Nana Rose and the twins' safety by circling Julian with a barrier of salt as it’s believed to prevent evil spirits from crossing over.


Cheryl discovers Dagwood is in the hospital

Cheryl is called to the main office, where Ms. Bell informs her of an accident at Thistlehouse. Dagwood swallowed a ping pong ball and started to choke. He was taken to the hospital, where Dr. Sapirstein performed a tracheotomy. He is doing well now. Nana Rose is waiting at the hospital with Juniper for Cheryl’s.

Cheryl returns to Thistlehouse to find the barrier of salt broken and Julian missing. She finds him in the chapel, on Jason’s lap. Upon hearing a noise above her head, Cheryl heads upstairs, where she finds her aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford. She faints at the sight of them.


Toni encourages Cheryl to consider her family's offer

Cheryl awakens to the sight of Toni at her side. Aunt Cricket enters her room and asks for her presence downstairs. Cheryl, Toni, and Nana Rose meet with aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford to discuss the family maple business. They wish to sell it. The rest of the family is in agreement. With Clifford dead and Penelope in the wind, they need Cheryl’s signature to move forward. The business hasn’t been profitable in years and it’s bleeding them dry. While Toni reminds Cheryl that the choice is hers to make, she also reminds her of all the hardship Thistlehouse has brought her. If they were to sell it, they could have a fresh start elsewhere. Cheryl initially agrees to consider their offer. With business settled, aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford were hoping to go to the chapel to light a votive candle of thanksgiving in celebration. They always visit with the ancestors whenever they come to Thistlehouse. Worried that they will uncover Jason’s body, Cheryl takes back her potential acceptance of their deal and demands they leave.


Cheryl drowns Julian

Cheryl believes that somehow it was Julian that conspired to bring her extended family upon them, and so, it’s time to get rid of him once and for all. Toni and Nana Rose watch as Cheryl drowns Julian in the tub, placing him under water and laying a brick on top to keep him from floating up.

Aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford return to Thistlehouse and inquire about the chain keeping them out of the chapel. Cheryl reminds them of their previous encounter where she told them only she is allowed in the chapel. They suspect that Cheryl’s had a psychotic break. As soon as they have her declared unfit, they’re selling everything, including the factory and ground. "Get out you parasites.", Cheryl exclaims as her extended family encroaches closer on her secret.


Uncle Bedford threatens Cheryl

Cheryl and Toni awaken from their sleep to noises coming from the chapel. Cheryl suspects it’s Julian trying to escape. However, she and Toni find uncle Bedford inside the chapel. He is disgusted at the sight of Jason’s corpse. He always knew there was a sickness that ran in their family, but Jason’s corpse in the chapel is unthinkable. He grabs Cheryl and tells her that she’s going away for a long time. Toni tries to pull him off of Cheryl, but Bedford overpowers her and shoves Toni to the ground. He presses Cheryl against the wall and tells her that he’s going to report her to the authorities. Better yet, he might save them the trouble and take care of Cheryl himself, holding his forearm to her throat. Toni hits uncle Bedford over the head with a candle stand, and she embraces Cheryl as Bedford bleeds on the ground.

The following morning, aunt Cricket visits Thistlehouse in search of uncle Bedford. She was wondering if Cheryl and Toni saw him. They claim they haven’t, and if Cricket wishes to search the premises, Cheryl instructs her to come back with a warrant.[59]

Cheryl informs Toni of the quickly approaching ice storm and her plan to dispose of Bedford’s body in Sweetwater River before the ice freezes over. Toni’s guilt-ridden having killed Bedford. She feels as if she’s being watched. Cheryl tells her to free herself of any guilt she’s feeling as she acted in self defense.


Cheryl plans to scare aunt Cricket off

Toni informs Cheryl that her aunt Cricket is parked down the road, spying on them, making it impossible to get rid of Bedford’s body. Cheryl plots to scare Cricket off once and for all, and disabuse her of the idea that she will ever get a piece of the maple empire. Cheryl wants to invite her to celebrate Thanksgiving with them while honoring her Gothic, ghoulish roots. There’s a family legend that Nana Rose shared with Cheryl during one of her more lucid days, which will be the center piece of her plan. A tale so gruesome that it will send Cricket running off into the night and never to return.

Cheryl invites her aunt Cricket and cousin Fester over for dinner as planned. Cheryl, Toni, Nana Rose, Cricket, and Fester all take a seat at the table.


Toni and Cheryl claim that they baked Bedford into the food

During dinner, Cheryl looks to Nana Rose to regale them with the tale of the first Blossom Thanksgiving. Cheryl, Toni, Cricket, and Fester listen closely as Nana Rose tells the story of the Blossom settlers. The weather turned and the settlers were surprised by the sudden, brutal onset of ice. The wagons were snowed in and soon after, the hunger set in. They grew so hungry that they had to eat their own to survive. Cannibalism, Cheryl remarks. She can only imagine what a scandal like that would do to the family name, especially if it were to come out right as aunt Cricket was trying to negotiate the sell of their maple business. Cricket is certain no one would believe Cheryl. Cheryl retorts the Blossoms have always been highly carnivorous. She ate her brother Julian in the womb and Cricket is eating the meat pies Cheryl made specifically for her and Fester. Inside his meat pie, Fester finds Bedford’s ring. Cheryl tells her aunt Cricket that she’s welcome to search the house as uncle Bedford will never be found. Any evidence that he was ever there is in the process of being digested, meaning Cheryl fed uncle Bedford to her aunt Cricket and cousin Fester. Cheryl then offers them desert as Toni rolls Jason’s corpse into the dinning room. Cheryl informs them that they’ve just committed a vile act of cannibalism, which is illegal. She threatens to expose them to the world should they continue to pressure her. With no other option, Cricket and Fester leave Thistlehouse.


Toni and Cheryl snuggle up by the fire

As Cheryl and Toni snuggle up on the couch, Toni reveals that she’s feeling relieved. She can’t believe Cheryl’s plan worked. By morning, Sweetwater River will have frozen over and aunt Cricket and cousin Fester will be long gone, having digested the lamb meat pies, contrary to the Bedford meat pies Cheryl claimed to have fed them. With all said and done, both Cheryl and Toni feel peace, having defended their home. Lastly, Cheryl tells Toni that she loves her and is grateful to her. Toni reciprocates those feelings and they kiss.

Cheryl, Toni, Betty, Jughead, Veronica Kevin, Reggie, Munroe, Mary, FP, and Alice join Archie at the community center as he puts up a plaque in his father’s honor.[60]


Cheryl is in danger of losing the Vixens

While in the student lounge with Toni, Cheryl is called to Principal Honey’s office, where they discuss her attendance. She’s missed 26 days. Mr. Honey has failed to account for the numerous deaths in her family. Not to mention her mother disappeared. She’s also raising twin toddlers, and she’s the sole caregiver for her Nana Rose. It is for those reasons that Honey has decided to put a certified adult in charge of the cheerleading squad. He’ll allow Mrs. Burble to interview Cheryl and make a recommendation, but if she deems Cheryl unfit, then she’ll be removed as captain.


Cheryl reluctantly sits down with Mrs. Burble

Cheryl reluctantly attends a guidance sessions with Mrs. Burble. She asks if Cheryl has seen professional help regarding everything she’s endured; her mother’s abuse, her brother’s murder, her father’s suicide, her time in conversion therapy, the Farm, and her near death experience at Sweetwater River, which Cheryl insist was an accident. Mrs. Burble is amazed at how resilient Cheryl is given the lifetime of trauma she has endured. She wonders how Cheryl’s been coping. Cheryl reveals that she talks to Jason corpse, and he answers her back. She’s admittedly lost her mind and doesn’t know when it happened. Mrs. Burble assures Cheryl’s that she's not crazy. She simply misses her bother. While that may be so, it doesn’t explain the hauntings in Thistlehouse. She’s being haunted by her other brother Julian, whose resurfaced as a doll after Cheryl consumed him in the womb and is tormenting her at home. No matter what she does, he keeps coming back.


Cheryl thinks she's going crazy

Mrs. Burble doesn’t believe that Cheryl is crazy nor does she believes she’s being haunted. She suspects that someone is trying to make Cheryl think she’s going crazy. They can find out the truth about Julian’s existence with a swab or Cheryl’s saliva for a chimerism lab. A test that shows whether a person absorbed a fetus in the womb by analyzing if they have one set of DNA or two. Mrs. Burble guesses that Cheryl won’t test positive. She gives Cheryl the number of a doctor she knows that can perform the test. As for the Vixens, Mrs. Burble intends to recommend to Honey that he bring in a coach to supervise the Vixens while Cheryl focuses on herself. Cheryl grabs her HBIC shirt from her locker and screams into it.

Cheryl meets with Toni at Pop’s after getting back the results for her chimerism test. The reports reads negative, meaning that Cheryl isn’t haunted and that she didn’t consume Julian. However, there’s still the matter of the weird happenings in Thistlehouse. Mrs. Burble enlightened Cheryl that most likely someone is trying to drive her mad, though she’s yet to figure out who.[61]


Cheryl pretends to kill herself

Cheryl pretends to commit suicide in order to lure out whoever has been gaslighting her into thinking that she's going crazy. She sets off several roach bombs, with gas potent enough to kill anything that crawls within Thistlehouse's walls. As the house is consumed with smoke, Penelope emerges from behind the hidden compartment in the wall to find Cheryl wearing a red gas mask. Penelope then passes out from the gas.


Cheryl, Toni, and Nana Rose confront Penelope

Penelope wakes up tied to a chair. In front of her sits Cheryl, Toni, Nana Rose, Jason, and Julian. Cheryl remembers when her mother used to read her Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when she was a little girl. Penelope would ask if she was Alice. Cheryl would reply that she’s the Red Queen. As the Red Queen did to Alice, Cheryl is putting her mother on trial. She’s being charged with prolonged gaslighting to convince Cheryl that’s she’s crazy, attempting to murder Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, and actually murdering Clifford, Claudius, and Hal Cooper.


Cheryl questions her mother

Despite her mother’s wicked machinations, Cheryl’s looking for a reason to spare her life. She wonders why her mother has always been so cruel to her. She was brutalized her entire life. To make matters worse, Penelope tried to kill her friends and then hid in Thistlehouse to keep torturing her. Penelope confesses that she wanted to destroy Cheryl’s happiness with Jason. How can she live knowing that Cheryl is happy with her dead son. She refuses to let Cheryl get what she can’t have. In that case, Cheryl rules that Penelope is guilty of being hateful to her rotten core. Rather than executing Penelope or sending her to jail, Cheryl has plans of sending her somewhere so vile that she’ll wish to be bricked up in Thistlehouse’s walls.


Cheryl locks her mother in the bunker

Penelope awakens in an underground bunker. It’s better than what she would’ve gotten at Shankshaw. Cheryl is providing her mother with time and solitude to seek penance for her crimes and cruelty. She then exits the bunker and locks her mother inside.

Toni questions if Cheryl is having second thoughts about her mom, which she isn’t. Cheryl was in fact thinking about Jason and how it’s time to bury him. Jason, more than anyone deserves the peace that their mother spent years denying her.


Cheryl says goodbye to Jason

Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead assemble at Sweetwater River at Cheryl’s behest. They were all with her when she tried to take her life. It’s only fitting that they’re present as she sends Jason off. Toni is also present. Cheryl sets the funeral pyre ablaze, consuming Jason’s body with fire, and Archie and Jughead push it into Sweetwater River. Cheryl holds Toni close and says that she wishes she could’ve met Jason.[62]

It’s Spirit week at Riverdale High, and so Cheryl and Toni hang banners in celebration. For the first time in years, the Riverdale Bulldogs, thanks to Munroe, are going to the state finals, where they will face the undisputed Stonewall Stallions.


Cheryl meets Ms. Appleyard

Mr. Honey introduces Cheryl and Toni to Ms. Appleyard; the new coach for the Vixens. Cheryl insists that they don’t need a coach, but Appleyard is in no rush to leave. In fact, she informs the squad that moving forward, they’ll be focusing solely on cheer routines rather than pop songs and dance. She led her last team to nationals three years in a row.

Cheryl and Toni gather the Vixens and inform Principal Honey that they’re going on strike until Appleyard is removed from her position. Honey doesn’t tend to respond well to threats, but offers to consider Cheryl’s proposal.

Toni informs Cheryl that the Vixens are planning to perform during the big game without her, so she confronts them as well as Appleyard and learns that Mr. Honey threatened to ban them all from prom if they refused. Cheryl is forced to retreat as Toni is the only Vixen willing to stand with her in the strike.


Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni perform at the big game

Ms. Appleyard realizes that she has been locked inside the lounge just before the big game, preventing her from attending. Cheryl stands outside the door. Throwing the keys in which she used to lock Applyeard inside in the trash can. Cheryl then joins Veronica, Toni, and the Vixens on the field and announces that she’ll be leading. She reminds the girls that she’s been their fellow Vixen and HBIC for four years and not once did she ever turn her back on them. Cheryl then leads the Vixens’ performance. After a disappointing loss to the Stallions, Cheryl offers Veronica some of her maple flavored snow cone after the big game.

Veronica invites Cheryl to Pop’s after getting an idea from the snow cone Cheryl gave her after the big game. Veronica offers Cheryl a shot of rum mixed with the Blossom maple syrup. Cheryl describes it as "breakfast on the beach." And with that, the girls start a partnership.[63]


Veronica and Cheryl ask the chemistry teacher for help

Cheryl and Veronica approach the chemistry teacher, Dr. Beaker and asks him to analyze their maple-based concoction to ensure their recipe is different enough from Lodge Rum so that Veronica isn’t sued or ceased-and-desisted by her father.

Betty, Cheryl, Veronica, and Toni face off against Seaside High in the Regional RIVW Quiz Show semi-final. Riverdale is up by 30 points. Betty then proceeds to lead her team to victory.


Veronica and Cheryl inform Hiram of their business

Cheryl and Veronica offer Hiram a bottle of their maple-based rum, as opposed to his molasses-based rum. According to Dr. Beaker, who they had analyze it, by making the main ingredient maple syrup, their rum’s DNA has changed by 51%, meaning Veronica and Cheryl can distribute it legally without fear of Hiram taking legal action. And should he be inspired to create his own version of their rum, Veronica warns him that they control the patent on maple rum.

With a truly enviable product ready to be sold, Cheryl and Veronica discuss how they intent to draw in customers. Veronica suggests making La Bonne Nuit their base of operations. Cheryl recalls Hiram revoking La Bonne Nuit’s liquor license, to which Veronica replies that they won’t sell rum, they’ll hand out free samples. And instead of being a speakeasy, they’ll reopen La Bonne Nuit as a dance club.


Cheryl and Veronica party

La Bonne Nuit is packed. Veronica and Cheryl’s dance club idea is a hit. As is their maple concoction. And they already have a long list of interested buyers. The sheriff department raids La Bonne Nuit under Hiram’s behest. He serves Veronica a warrant as they suspect alcohol is being sold on the premises. Hiram explains that he’s the grandmaster and when they play against him, they’ll lose every time. He then takes a sledgehammer and destroys Veronica and Cheryl’s stock.


Cheryl devises a plan

At La Bonne Nuit, after the party has long since ended, and Hiram is gone, Cheryl reminds Veronica that they have a new batch brewing at Thistlehouse. Veronica fears that her father will continue to raid La Bonne Nuit so long as their rum business threatens his, which gives Cheryl an idea. She proposes that they keep La Bonne Nuit open as a night club, as a distraction while they move the rum operation elsewhere.


Cheryl and Veronica hire Penelope as their live-in manager

Cheryl takes Veronica her mother’s old Five Seasons suit that she ran as a brothel; The Maple Club. Veronica wonders if a former cathouse is on-brand for their female empowerment startup. Cheryl explains that its rent is prepaid for the rest of the year and it has everything they need, including a list of Riverdale's richest rubes, jotted down in a notebook. In their hands, they have a list of clients with the financial means to pay at the price point they require. Veronica and Cheryl informs all of Penelope’s past clients that the Maple Club is reopening as a social club offering high end maple-centric liquor. Between senior year and operating La Bonne Nuit as a cover, they’ll need a full time, live-in manager. Cheryl proposes that they hire her mother. Cheryl takes Veronica to the bunker, where she’s had her mother locked up against her will. Cheryl offers Penelope a change of venue so long as she’s obliged to play by their tightly coiled rules.


Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni win the Quiz

Cheryl, Veronica, Betty, and Toni will take on Bret, Donna, Joan, and Jonathan. Riverdale and Stonewall answer questions back and forth, with Betty answering nearly all of the questions, almost as if she already knows the questions before they’re asked. The score is tied at 520. It is time for their final question. Betty goes head up against Bret. Betty answers the question correctly and wins the Quiz Show for Riverdale. Jughead congratulates Betty and tells her how they’re going to solve every mystery in Connecticut together and eat a lot of pizza.


Veronica and Cheryl celebrate

Business is good at the Maple Club. Veronica and Cheryl discuss how word is spreading fast. Veronica then gets a text from Pop Tate, who informs Veronica that La Bonne Nuit is being raided, just as they assumed it would be. However, the police will find nothing. Penelope asks if the mask she’s forced to wear is absolutely necessary. Cheryl explains that it’s the only way they can keep her identity secret. And should Penelope try to run away, the ankle monitor and proximity sensor Toni put on Penelope will start screeching.[64]

While servicing customers at the Maple Club, Cheryl enters the room and is startled by the arrival of Nick St. Clair, who tried to rape her the last time she saw him, and so she retreats into the back.


Cheryl tells Toni about her past with Nick

Toni questions why Cheryl disappeared on her earlier. Cheryl informs Toni that Sophomore year, Nick came to Riverdale one weekend looking for a party. He spiked her champagne, and coaxed her back to his room at the Five Seasons, where he attempted to assault her. Thankfully, Veronica and Josie and the Pussycats came to her rescue. Cheryl thought she’d worked through it. But seeing him again triggered her. Toni understands as a similar experience happened to her before she moved to Riverdale. It took her a while but, with a lot of help, she worked through it.

At Thistlehouse, Toni, Cheryl, Kevin, and Fangs watch the recording of a tied up Nick laughing as he’s being tickled. Kevin explains that Nick is what they call in the tickle business a "first-class squealer." Cheryl then proposes a toast to Toni and says that she's a lucky lady.[65]

At the Five Seasons, Cheryl and Toni discover that there’s a high roller at La Bonne Nuit that’s caught wind of the Maple Club and wields a blank check with their name on it. Cheryl asks Toni to deal with it and to look for a frosty haired woman.


Toni and Cheryl in the student lounge

Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, Veronica, and Archie gather in the student lounge, where Veronica is confirmed by Mr. Honey, who found a flask in her locker during a routine search. He questions how Barnard will react when they hear about this incident. Veronica replies that the recruiter already saw her drinking at her speakeasy. "They’re not a bunch of prissy, power-tripping asshats," Veronica exclaims. Archie tells Veronica to stop and takes the blame for the flask, claiming he stashed it in there before the test. Reasoning that sometimes he just needs to take the edge off. Honey gives Archie a week’s detention and informs him that he’ll be calling his mother. Veronica hugs Archie after Honey leaves.


Cheryl, Hermosa, and Toni dancing at La Bonne Nuit

Toni meets with a disguised Hermosa at La Bonne Nuit. They dance as they await Cheryl’s arrival. Cheryl arrives soon thereafter, and the three of them start to dance. Cheryl whispers to Toni, and they decide to leave La Bonne Nuit for someplace special. Cheryl and Toni then lead Hermosa into a suite, where she is greeted by Veronica. Toni marked Hermosa from their first encounter at La Bonne Nuit. She hands her an old newspaper that features Hermosa and Hiram on the front page after he was exonerated. Veronica surmised that Hermosa simply returned to town to infiltrate her rum operation. She even suspects that their father put her up to it. Veronica then learns that Hiram told Hermosa about his illness and not her, which angers Veronica, as she storms out the room.[66]

Cheryl, Toni, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Jellybean and FP organize a search party for Jughead in the woods. Archie leads FP to Jughead’s body, lying down below in a shroud of bushes.[67]


Cheryl puts Betty on suicide watch

Cheryl finds Betty at Pop’s and gives her condolences following Jughead’s death. She remarks that the Blossom family curse finally caught up to her. She makes Betty promise that she won’t take her own life. She knows what it’s like to lose her other half. Betty insists that she’s fine. Nevertheless, Cheryl’s putting Betty under suicide watch. Betty pleads with Cheryl to fall back as her mother is already being clingy, but Cheryl ignores her request. Instead, she offers to drive Betty to Stonewall Prep to collect the rest of Jughead’s belongings.


Toni and Cheryl discuss Jughead's death

Alice takes her documentary to Riverdale High, where she asks Toni about her relationship with Jughead. Toni explains how they were similar in many ways and how they actually spent a night together. It was the moment that cemented their friendship. Alice then asks for Cheryl’s feelings on the subject. Cheryl replies that she’s "really sorry for calling Jughead a hobo that one time."

Cheryl and Toni attend Jughead’s wake at the Jones house. FP welcomes everyone and thanks them for attending. He recalls how resilient, loyal, and loving Jughead was. Betty approaches the podium and reads a passage from one of Jughead’s favorite Sherlock Holmes short stories.


Cheryl eavesdrops on Archie and Betty

Archie meets with Betty at Pop’s, as she's having trouble dealing with the fact that Jughead’s gone. Archie takes her hand and assures Betty that they’ll get through it together. Betty doesn’t know why everyone at school is saying that he’s still alive when he isn’t. The rumors are only making the grieving process more painful. Unbeknownst to Archie and Betty, Cheryl eavesdrops from the neighboring booth.


Cheryl takes photos of Archie and Betty kissing

Betty and Archie arrive at school the following day to find Cheryl and a crowd of students standing at Jughead’s locker, where a shrine has been made. Betty runs off with Archie following closely behind. He follows her into the music room and promises her that she’s not alone. Betty just wants to feel good if only for a few moments. Archie reminds Betty that he’s always there for her. Archie and Betty then kiss. From just outside the music room, Cheryl takes several photos of Archie and Betty’s kiss and sends it out in a group chat to Toni, Kevin, and Reggie, who shows it to the football team.


Cheryl tells Veronica that Archie kissed Betty

Cheryl finds Veronica in the girls room and shows her the photo she took of Archie and Betty kissing. Veronica then confronts Archie and Betty in the student lounge as they chat with Toni and Kevin. She comments that the music room must be his special place as it’s where he takes all his women; Veronica, Betty, Josie, and Ms. Grundy. Veronica accuses Archie of taking advantage of Betty when she was grieving and most vulnerable. Betty takes responsibility, admitting that she kissed Archie. Veronica calls her a "scheming, two-faced bitch." And tells them both to burn in hell.[68]

Cheryl stands by Veronica's side as Archie moves on with Betty following Jughead's death.


Toni and Cheryl watch Alice report the Stonewall scandal

Cheryl and Toni watch from Thistlehouse as Alice reports the discovery of the sex-tapes as well as the Stonewall conspiracy. For now, Stonewall’s doors remain open but its secret society, Quill and Skull, has been disbanded.

At Riverdale High, Cheryl seems completely unsurprised by the revelation that Jughead is alive, reasoning that "no one ever really dies in Riverdale, do they?" She asks Betty about her kiss with Archie. Betty claims they were only pretending, but Cheryl isn’t convinced, and she tells Betty that her secrets is safe with her. Jughead exits the Principal’s office and tells Betty that Mr. Honey has allowed him to return to Riverdale High.[69]


Nana Rose, Toni, and Cheryl watch the videotape

All across Riverdale, the townsfolk recover the videotapes placed at their doorsteps, including Cheryl, Toni, and Nana Rose at Thistlehouse.

Cheryl, Toni, Archie, Veronica, Betty, Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Reggie join Kevin in song and dance. Despite his performance, Mr. Honey is unmoved, instructing Kevin to pick a different song or recuse himself from the Variety Show.


Cheryl blows Toni a kiss

Dressed in a blonde wig and an extravagantly flamboyant one piece jean jumpsuit, Kevin gets on the intercom and orders everyone to the music room. Kevin sings as he makes his way down the hall. Once there, he joins Sweet Pea, Fangs, and Toni on stage. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie cheer him on. Kevin jumps into the crowd, kisses Archie and jumps back on stage, much to Mr. Honey’s dismay. He kicks Kevin off the Variety Show and pulls the plug on his performance.


Betty hosts a sleepover with Veronica, Kevin, Cheryl, and Toni

Betty hosts a sleepover with Veronica, Cheryl, Toni, and Kevin, who isn’t in the happiest of moods after being kicked off the Variety Show. Working on it made him feel like he was reconnecting with himself prior to getting caught up in the Farm. Mr. Honey not only took that away but made him feel like he didn’t matter. In an attempt to cheer Kevin up, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni sing to him. Throughout this number, they make their way from Betty’s house, to Cheryl’s, then to Veronica’s, and back to Betty’s. Betty suggests that as a sign of solidarity, they each perform a song from Hedwig at the Variety Show. Also, Cheryl promises to sit down with Mr. Honey and get Kevin back on board.


Toni and Cheryl try to convince Mr. Honey to rethink his stance

Cheryl and Toni, accompanied by several other students, corner Mr. Honey at Pop’s. They come on the behalf of Kevin and the entire student body to plead their case for Hedwig. Driving their point home, Cheryl and Toni sing and dance. However, Mr. Honey is unimpressed, explaining Hedwig is highly sexualized. Toni questions what would Honey do if every student at Riverdale changed their Variety Show act to a number from Hedwig. Mr. Honey explains that he would ban each and every student from Senior Prom.


Kevin, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Cheryl, and Toni confront Mr. Honey

Mr. Honey exits his office to find nearly the entire student body, Reggie, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Cheryl, and Toni included, in blonde wigs and flamboyant outfits, being led by Kevin. Clearly, they’re passionate about Hedwig. However, rather than conceding, Mr. Honey cancels the Variety Show entirely.

The Variety Show is relocated to La Bonne Nuit as planned. Cheryl and Toni watch from the crowd as "The Archies" perform for the very first time. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead take their performance outside and perform on top of Pop’s diner as the crowd below sway back and forth. Among the crowd is Principal Honey.[70]


Veronica and Cheryl are confronted by the Malloys

At the Five Seasons, Cheryl and Veronica begin distribution to the college crowd as planned. When asked if they supply anything other than alcohol, Cheryl kicks the college kids out. Jinx Malloy of the Malloy family arrives at the Maple Club with his sons Hunter, Ray, and Paul after learning that the Red Raven was cutting into his profits. The Malloys have been running a maple moonshine business for generations and the college scene is one of their most lucrative markets. He demands that they pull their product, but Veronica refuses, under the presumption that they’re employed by her father. Cheryl is visibly concerned, but Veronica assures her it was just a veiled threat from her father. Penelope Blossom stands in the doorway, uttering not even so much as a word.

Veronica is awakened from her sleep by Cheryl, who demands that she meet her at the Maple Club. Veronica arrives to find the Maple Club in complete chaos. They were raided by the Malloys. Penelope was sleeping in her secret room behind the office and heard the door being kicked in. Veronica assures them that she’ll deal with it, certain that this is her father’s doing.


Cheryl gives Betty advice

The next entry in Betty’s diary details how much she hates Cheryl after she kissed Archie at school. She said it was because they both had red hair. Cheryl arrives at the Blue and Gold and drops off her yearbook photos. She wishes to pay tribute to Jason as well. Cheryl then grabs Betty’s diary and realizes that she was right all along about Betty and Archie supposedly pretending to date while Jughead was dead. Betty insists that was only pretend and that she hasn’t pursued anything with Archie. Although, a part of her has been in love with Archie for 10 years. Cheryl believes that Betty is merely in love with the idea of Archie. The idea of the perfect romance, but that was only fantasy. What is real is that in their town of horror, she and Jughead found each other. While everyone strays, Cheryl warns Betty against taking it too far.


Cheryl asks to be bought out from the Maple Club

Cheryl got into the maple business to have fun and explore other paths, and while it was fun at first, she no longer wishes to pursue it. She asks Veronica to buy her out and gives her a hug. She reasons that some families have rum in their veins and others have maple syrup, and some blood types aren't compatible.

Cheryl calls Jughead after receiving another videotape. Jughead and Betty arrive at Thistlehouse, where Cheryl and Toni explain that they found the tape on their doorstep when they got home. Instead of video footage of their home, it’s another re-enactment, faux snuff film, but this time of Clifford killing Jason.[71]


Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl maple board Honey

Jughead gets a call from the admissions coordinator at the University of Iowa, which has one of the best writing programs in the country. Jughead applied for spring, but they can take him as early as fall. His acceptance is conditional upon additional material. They’ve asked that he submit another story. He shares the good news with Betty, Archie, Veronica, Cheryl, Kevin, and Reggie. Betty suggests that he write a monster story about Mr. Honey, who is refusing to publish the yearbook. She recalls how Honey accosted them on the first day of school and how now, with the exception of Archie and Jughead, they’re all banned from Senior Prom. The group shares Betty’s outrage and plots against Honey. Betty remarks that the one thing that would stop Mr. Honey is if they killed him or at least scared him enough to leave town. Mr. Honey works late on Tuesdays. He usually leaves around 9 o’clock pm. Betty proposes that the seven of them kidnap him while wearing bunny masks and Stonewall Prep jackets. They could then tie him up and stuff him in Reggie’s trunk. Veronica offers to take him to her family’s cabin in Fox Forest, where they could make him think he’s going to die. Cheryl proposes they maple board him like she did to her mother. They tell him to either leave town or die. Reggie instead suggests a classic senior prank.


Cheryl watches over Honey

Once Mr. Honey is secured at the cabin, they take turns on watch. Cheryl is first. Mr. Honey asks if anyone has found his glasses. He then tells Cheryl that it’s not too late to make things right and let him go. She believes they are making it right, stating that Betty and Jughead have a plan. Mr. Honey has given them something they’ve never had before, that being a common enemy. He banned her and the Vixens from the prom. Honey reminds Cheryl that she locked Ms. Appleyard in her office. She had a panic attack and quit. Cheryl agrees to let Mr. Honey go only if he promises to make a video allowing them to go to prom and that he won’t punish them for kidnapping him. He counters her offer. He tells her to release him and call the police, explaining that it was a school prank gone awry. Cheryl declines his offer.


The gang plots against Honey

Cheryl enters the student lounge and informs Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie and Kevin that she just saw Honey headed towards his office. Mr. Honey gets on the intercom to announce that Senior Prom is canceled until the person responsible comes forward for the prank. Cheryl demands that Reggie turn himself in, but he refuses, explaining that he did it on all of their behalf, and he did not do it alone. Archie and Kevin assisted. Cheryl was planning on crashing the prom, and now even that is ruined. Archie reminds Cheryl that Reggie isn’t the enemy and looks to Betty for a strategic battle plan. Betty suggests they research their enemy and determine if there’s any skeletons in his closet they can exploit. In the meantime, she asks that no one panic.


Cheryl, Veronica, and Archie plan to bury Honey

Jughead's story resumes. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie stand over Mr. Honey’s body, panicked and frightened. Cheryl was the first on watch but insists that he was alive and well when she left. Betty refuses to allow this accident to ruin their lives and future. They all have plans of moving forward. Cheryl’s going to Highsmith College. Veronica to Barnard. Betty to Yale. Archie to the Naval Academy. Jughead to Iowa University. And Reggie possibly to Riverdale Community College. Veronica asks who has experience with getting rid of a dead body. All of them raise their hand save for Reggie.

Cheryl returns home and informs Nana Rose that Mr. Honey has cancelled prom. Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Cheryl follow their parents into Riverdale High as they confront Honey. They demand that he reinstate prom and re-invite the students he barred from attending. Mr. Honey refuses. As President of the PTA, Alice demands a vote on the matter.


The gang celebrates at Pop's

Afterward, they all meet at the diner, where Cheryl reveals that prom is back on. She proposes a toast to generations united. Together, they’ve proven victorious. Alice expresses how proud they are of them all. Mary notes that the kids have been through a lot, much more than they had when they were in high school. Hermione and Hiram add that the kids mean the world to them and that they always want what’s best for them. Tom agrees that they’ve earned the right to celebrate. Lastly, FP exclaims that Jughead’s going to be the first Jones to go to college.


Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl tell Reggie to clam down

Jughead picks back up with his story. Honey is dead and buried. They have gotten away with it and are free to go back to talking about prom. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie gather in the student lounge, where they discuss possible prom themes. Reggie is struggling to come to terms with Honey's death. Kevin arrives and informs them that Ms. Bell is talking to the police. Apparently, some adventure scouts were camping in the woods and found a pair of glasses that might belong to Mr. Honey. They’re canceling class and starting a search party. Kevin wonders if they should sign up. Reggie storms out in a hurry.


The gang mourns Reggie's death

Cheryl, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin stand in front of the shrine at Reggie’s locker following his sudden death. Cheryl runs off distraught and full of tears. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead follow her into the music room and warn her to get ahold of herself. Reggie was drinking and spiraling. In fear that he was going to reveal what happened to Mr. Honey, they cut Reggie breaks. While Archie, Betty, and Jughead are just looking to move past it all, Veronica and Cheryl are having second thoughts. Veronica questions when Archie became such a monster. Admittedly, they’re all monsters, Jughead says. They always have been. The only question is if they are going to be monsters in college or jail.


The gang watches as Honey leaves

Mr. Honey exits what was once his office with a box of his belongings. He passes Ms. Bell, who takes his portrait down off the wall. He is approached in the hallway by Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl, Kevin, and Reggie. He stands by everything he’s done, including the videotape. He insists that it was all to assure the school’s safety because the murder, mayhem, and depravity of Riverdale is not normal. Betty retorts that it’s normal to them, which is why they had to stop him. Mr. Honey scoffs, revealing that he saw this coming days ago and so he lined up his next position. He is now Stonewall Prep’s new headmaster. They were in need of new leadership. Furthermore, his salary is triple of what he makes at Riverdale High.


The gang learns of all the good Honey was doing

Cheryl, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, and Reggie reconvene in the student lounge, soaking in their "victory", if you can call it that, over Mr. Honey. Ms. Bell comes to Mr. Honey’s defense. She has been working in the school’s office for over 50 years and in all that time, she has outlasted eight principals, and Mr. Honey was the best thus far. She reveals that this year alone, he personally arranged for six low income students to go to college on full scholarships. Also, the school’s GPA is higher than it’s been in decades. And more seniors will be going away to college than they have since 1956. Also, no students have died under his watch. She then hands Jughead a letter written to the University of Iowa that Honey initially asked her to mail for him. She suggests that he read it in order to fully comprehend his actions.


Jughead and Cheryl at Riverdale General

Jughead revises his story after reading the letter from Honey. He goes back to the beginning, where Archie and Veronica find him unconscious on the floor. Rather than burying him in the woods, Jughead’s revision tells a different story. Archie calls an ambulance while Veronica performs CPR. Betty, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie arrive at Riverdale General Hospital. Veronica and Archie reveal that they told the police the truth; a high school prank gone wrong. However, Betty, Jughead, Cheryl, and Reggie worry that they’ll be sent to jail. Archie and Veronica prefer that over simply allowing Mr. Honey to die.[72]

Physical Appearance

Cheryl is a young woman with a curvy figure, around 5'6" tall. One of her most notable features is her long, wavy ginger-red hair that often drapes her left shoulder. She also has amber eyes, full lips, and rather pale skin. Undeniably, red lipstick is a signature part of her makeup look. Cheryl also dresses in very fashionable clothing; she typically wears modern, colorful dresses and skirts which show off her slender figure. In particular, Cheryl tends to favor red clothes.


Raised in a rich household, it's not fully Cheryl's fault she embraces the typical mean girl/queen bee persona, as she was neglected by her parents during her childhood. She often walks around the school as if it belongs to her, and she won't hesitate to contest anyone who believes differently, thriving off the fear and intimidation she traffics in from her fellow classmates. Cheryl's more notable personality traits typically consist of her being shallow, vain, and conceited. Not to mention she is unquestionably self-absorbed. Cheryl tries to be kind at times, though most of the time, when she is kind, she uses her kindness to use people to her advantage.

First and foremost, Cheryl's biggest concern usually falls on her appearance, she's rarely ever thinking about anyone other than herself, though her brother Jason may have been an exception to this. She genuinely loved her brother more than anything. Because Cheryl was raised in a rich household, people may think of her as snobby and arrogant. As such, at times, Cheryl is not as horrid as she would like people to believe. She can be kind, and she does have a softer side, although she hardly ever shows it. Aside from her relationship with her brother, she also appears to have a very close friendship with Josie McCoy. The two girls are seemingly best friends, if not very close. When one calls in a favor, the other won't hesitate to assist their close friend.

Following the discovery that Jason was killed by their father, and then Clifford's subsequent suicide, Cheryl's mental state took a drastic turn for the worst. With two people gone from her immediate family, it left her distraught and incapable of continuing with life. Because of this, Cheryl attempted to take her own life at Sweetwater River, though her attempt was later unsuccessful due to Archie saving her. After Archie saved her, Cheryl realized she did not have a need to take her life. Though she later recovered mentally, the crumbling of her family was too much for Cheryl to handle, she could barely withstand being at Thornhill as it created too much instability for her because so many terrible memories were housed there. To start over, she burned the Blossom mansion to the ground.

After the fall of Thornhill, no one truly knew how the fire started besides her mother and herself. After Penelope was admitted to the Riverdale General Hospital, she blackmailed and threatened her mother, telling her that if she told the authorities about how the fire started, she would expose what really happened in the barn with her father. Cheryl was done with the abuse her parents gave her. As a result, the darker, more assertive side of Cheryl came to light and declared that she was no longer going to take any more of it. The darker side of Cheryl is revealed immediately as she even went as far as to constrict her mother's air tube. As she suffocated her mother, she told her that the only reason she is breathing and living was because her daughter gave her the air to do so, which meant that Penelope would be allowed to live if things were going to change for the better.

As it appears, Cheryl's dark side grew stronger each day, as she would go to great lengths in order to achieve her goals. To others, they may not see this side of Cheryl, for she hides the darkness inside of her, behind her smile, as if she is innocent. When Cheryl discovered that Chuck Clayton had feelings for her best friend Josie, due to Chucks past history, she did everything in her power to prevent Josie from getting hurt like the rest of Chucks victims. However, that did not seem to be the case this time, as Chuck had changed for the better, though no one believed it. Instead, Cheryl was doing this for herself, as she wanted Josie all to herself, and in order to do that, she needed to set Chuck up for the perfect opportunity, involving her using a pigs heart. With Chucks past history, this made the task easier for Cheryl to paint a picture of him for Josie.


Other Relationships

Clifford Blossom

You did a bad thing, daddy... And now everyone knows.
— Cheryl to Cliff[src]

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Cheryl Cliff

The father-daughter relationship between Clifford and Cheryl was quite strained and distant following Jason's death, especially when Clifford and her mother, Penelope found out that she helped Jason runaway on a boat ride out to Greendale. While their relationship prior to Jason's death is mostly unknown, Cheryl had often referred to her brother as the golden boy, suggesting that their parents at the very least, treated Jason better than they did her. She was looked at by her father as nothing more than a train wreck, which he told Archie Andrews during one of their conversations at the Blossom Banquet. Coming as no surprise, their relationship worsened after she found out that Clifford was Jason's killer.

Tina Patel and Ginger Lopez

You catatonic bimbos didn't even vote. So you stuttering sapheads are too dim to exercise your own rights, and you've got the combined vocabulary of a baked potato. Consider this your last practice as River Vixens, and your last week as my social handmaidens. You're fired on all fronts. That's all. Shoo, bitches.
— Cheryl firing Tina and Ginger[src]

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Cheryl, Tina, and Ginger

The friendship between Cheryl, Tina, and Ginger was very good in the beginning. The trio were "besties" and cheerleading teammates on the River Vixens. Together, they held all the power, especially with Cheryl as their team captain. However, they had a falling out when Betty challenged the current leadership which resulted in Tina and Ginger voting for a new River Vixens captain, the new girl, Veronica Lodge. Dethroned and betrayed, Cheryl immediately "unfriended" the two and hasn't looked back at her former friends since, even after Cheryl and Veronica reconciled their relationship later on.

Jughead Jones

Jughead. I'm sorry. I had no right to pummel you the way I did that day. As recompense, I'd like to give you this. My iconic spider brooch. It'll catch a pretty penny at the local pawn shop, enough to keep you in burgers and "S" t-shirts for years, if not decades.
— Cheryl giving Jughead her spider brooch[src]

The relationship between Cheryl Blossom and Jughead Jones has ranged from distant, at best, to hostile, at worst, with the latter becoming a reality after Cheryl discovered that Jughead's father, FP, supposedly killed her brother, Jason. However, Cheryl immediately apologized to Jughead for her savage attack on him after it was revealed that FP was merely covering for her father, Clifford, who was the actual killer. In order to make up for the harm she caused, she gave Jughead an expensive spider brooch. However, as previously stated, the dynamics of their relationship has been known to shift, though on many instances, they're at the very least cordial with one another. Towards the end of the second season, they become rather close as Jughead, becoming the Serpent King, has his first duty of giving Cheryl her own red Serpent Jacket. Welcoming her into their family.

Toni Topaz

Main article: Cheryl and Toni
Full disclosure, I didn't want to invite all the girls tonight. But I knew my hideous mother would never allow me to invite just you. Which is what I craved.
— Cheryl to Toni[src]


Cheryl and Toni at Pop's

When they first met, Cheryl and Toni couldn't stand each other. But now, Toni and Cheryl are indeed in a relationship. Their first encounter was at the Riverdale Drag Race when Cheryl took Toni's place as a flag girl. They ran into each other again in the bathroom, after Toni confronted Cheryl for telling Jughead that Betty and Archie had kissed. Toni perceived Cheryl's attitude as a defense mechanism to hide her pain and called her on it though Cheryl stormed off. Cheryl later found herself in another encounter with Toni at the Bijou. Both without a date, they saw the film together. Afterward, they went to Pop's, and Cheryl opened up about how everyone hated her and a friend that she had in Junior high named Heather that she had lost touch with. In this moment of vulnerability, Toni comforted Cheryl and told her that she was sensational. Since then, their relationship has blossomed. Cheryl inviting Toni to her father's Will-Reading as well as a sleepover at Thistlehouse after Toni joined the River Vixens. That night, Cheryl confessed that she only wanted to invite Toni, but she knew her mother wouldn't approve. They almost kissed but were interrupted by Nana Rose's fall. Cheryl is later taken to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where her mother forces her to begin conversion therapy due to her relationship with Toni. Toni and Veronica went on a rescue mission to help Cheryl escape Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Toni and Cheryl shared a kiss, before escaping. They are later seen holding hands. In the days that followed, Cheryl stayed at Toni's as she didn't wish to return to Thistlehouse with her mother and uncle. Toni is advised by Kevin to see how Cheryl is, as they are close; they share a deep moment as Toni comforts Cheryl about her losing the role of Carrie White in the musical. Toni proudly watches as her girlfriend receives her custom Serpent jacket, officially joining the gang.

Kevin Keller


The relationship between Cheryl and Kevin is currently under developed due to lack of interaction. However, they have been seen seated next to each other during multiple occasions. There had been a few moments were they have clicked, such as during the Carrie the Musical; however, that is quickly dissolved after Cheryl threatens his father's position as Sheriff. Despite the drastic differences between the two, she is rather understanding of the daily struggles Kevin faces with his need for validation, even at the cost of his own life.



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Katy Keene

Season 1


  • In the Archie Comics, Cheryl was a controversial recurring, later main character.
  • Cheryl first appeared in August 1982 in "Betty and Veronica #320" in a story called "Dare To Be Bare."
  • Contrary to the TV series, Cheryl was introduced as a teen "femme fatale" setting to shake a bit the love triangle between Betty, Archie, and Veronica.
  • In the various iterations of the comics, she has had many flirts and love interests, including Archie Andrews, Reggie Mantle, Dilton Doiley and Moose Mason among the best-known characters.
  • Rumor has it, Cheryl and Jason were written off from earlier iterations of the Archie Comics two years after their introduction because she was considered "too sexual" for child readers. [76]
    • Cheryl returned in Veronica, Vol. 1, No. 39, published twelve years later, in December 1994. [76]
  • In the comics, Cheryl and Jason Blossom attended Pembrooke Academy, which is now the name of the building where Veronica and Hermione live.
  • In "Cheryl Blossom #34," a subsection of the Archie Comics published in 2013, it's revealed that she is usually rescuing stray animals, and is very fond of her Pomeranian dog named Sugar.

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