I'm a recovering addict. I attend weekly Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Here, in Riverdale, they're held at my gym. [...] That's my big secret, Betty. Hope you're satisfied.
— Charles to Betty[src]

Charles Smith is a recurring character on The CW's Riverdale. He is portrayed by Wyatt Nash.

Charles is the illegitimate son of Alice Smith and FP Jones as well as the older half-brother of Jughead and Jellybean Jones and Betty and Polly Cooper, as well as the half-uncle of Polly and Jason Blossom's twin babies, Juniper and Dagwood. Unfortunately, he was initially believed to be murdered by Chic, who later stole his identity. However, this proved to be untrue, as Charles is not only alive, but an agent for the FBI, tasked with taking down The Farm.

Early Life

On the night that Hal and Alice were crowned King and Queen of their homecoming dance, the couple was witnessed fighting by FP Jones; Alice had just told Hal that she was pregnant, however, it was with another man. This revelation led to an argument as Hal wanted Alice to have an abortion, believing they were not ready to be parents, however, Alice was unwilling to do so.

The following day, Alice checked herself into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, and five months later she gave birth to a baby boy which the sisters arranged to be adopted quietly. Alice then kept the existence of him a complete secret.

After Alice gave birth, he entered and stayed in the foster system and was never adopted as Alice had originally planned. Around 2009, Charles ran away from the institute. Upon leaving, he discovered information about his biological family and he went to the Cooper house to see his mother, though he never got the chance to meet her. Sometime later, he found himself living in Centerville where he ended up becoming romantically involved with Chic and told him about his life. Their friendship increasingly deteriorated and they argued continuously until Chic lost control and allegedly killed him during a fight.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

The first mention of Charles

At dinner of The Cooper and Jones Family, which soon turned into a scandal, FP begins to tell the story to Betty that Fred and him were set to play around at the dance, where he was backstage dropping off their gear, when he heard these voices yelling. Telling Betty that it was her mom and dad, telling her they were fighting...about something he didn't know about, while also adding that it sounded like life-or-death. Before FP could finish his story, Alice furiously tells FP to shut up, in which FP was more than happy to oblige if she was. In which FP informs Alice that he doesn't care what she thinks of him, but warns her to not jerk him around especially in front of his son Jughead. Before things got any more intense, Betty left with Jughead and FP for the school dance.[1]
This story interested Betty and a few days later she gets the truth from Alice. The night of the Homecoming dance, where she and Hal were crowned King and Queen, it was the same night that she had told him that she was pregnant, which led to the huge fight that FP witnessed. They disagreed on how best to handle the situation, so Alice went away to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where she gave birth five months later to a baby boy. The Sisters then arranged for a quiet adoption. As tears roll down Alice's face, she hugs Betty while expressing that it is the biggest mistake of her life. So Betty learns about the existence of her older half-brother and she decides to find him.[2]

Season 2

Charles never physically appeared in the season. At this point, it was believed that his former friend and roommate Chic murdered him prior to Betty learning about him and wanting to genuinely establish a relationship. This led Betty to seek out Charles. Although, they found Chic, who deceived the Coopers into believing that he was indeed Charles.

When the truth came out that Chic was an impostor, he taunted Alice and Betty by telling them that Charles was a junkie who overdosed. However, his former neighbor at the hostel told Betty and Jughead that Charles was most likely murdered by Chic after a violent altercation one night. This neighbor also had no knowledge of Charles' supposed drug use. To avenge the brother who she never got to know and keep the rest of her family safe, Betty turned Chic over to the Black Hood.[3]

Season 3


Agent Smith reveals to Betty and Jughead that he's Charles

Agent Smith with the FBI knocks on the Joneses door. He is looking for Betty, who is inside with Jughead. Betty and Jughead suspect this is about the Lodges, but in actuality, it’s about Alice. Agent Smith’s team has been investigating Edgar Evernever for quite some time. They almost had him two towns ago. When they landed in Riverdale, the FBI sent in an undercover, someone tasked with getting close to Edgar to gain intel. They were waiting on her word to take him down. That someone being Alice. She’s an FBI informant. She’s been helping them build a case against Edgar and his organ harvesting program. It’s vital that they find Alice as soon as possible, which is why they’re setting up in Riverdale. Agent Smith seems vaguely familiar to Betty, and so after talking to him for a bit, Betty finally decides to ask if they know each other. Agent Smith replies that it’s no coincidence that he and Alice found each other as he’s Charles. Betty and Jughead’s half brother, who was supposedly killed by Chic.[4]

Season 4

Charles tells Betty that their mother missed her last check-in. However, this isn’t the first time Alice has been late with her report, Charles claims. Nevertheless, Betty is concerned. Charles advises Betty to worry about her academics and he promises to update her if anything changes in the investigation.


Charles has been monitoring Kevin's phone

Betty returns to the office with takeout for her and Charles. On his desk, she finds a classified file which details the FBI’s surveillance on Kevin, which she was unaware of. Charles reveals that he’s always suspected that Kevin still had ties to the Farm. He’d been monitoring Kevin’s phone activity and it turns out he’s been texting with Fangs Fogarty. Charles wants to use Kevin’s relationship with Fangs to their advantage. In the text messages, Kevin keeps pushing to meet in person, but Fangs keeps pushing him off as he can’t risk it unless Kevin has something useful to offer. Charles wants to "accidentally" let slip some kind of fake intel about their investigation in front of Kevin to lure Fangs out of hiding.


Betty and Charles interrogate Kevin

Betty has taken Kevin back to Charles after they tricked him into meeting with Fangs. The two of them cross-examine him. He apologizes for everything, but he wasn’t thinking clearly and just wanted to see Fangs again. Charles suspects that Kevin wanted to share information to get back in the good graces of the Farm, but he assures Charles that is not the case. Kevin explains that Fangs is all he has left after Betty ignored him all summer. Charles pulls Betty out to speak with her privately. He wants to cut Kevin loose, though Betty thinks he may still be of use as she believes Kevin can still help, Charles doesn’t agree.


Charles learns that Edgar is gearing up for war

Betty asks Charles if he has heard from their mother, which he hasn’t. He begins to question his previous decision of cutting Kevin loose. Betty seizes the moment and tells Charles that she’s already working with Kevin. She gave him the fake name of their witness Penelope Blossom. She also told him about their mother being undercover. Charles questions how she could put their mother’s life in danger so recklessly, but Betty trusts Kevin. Kevin arrives and reveals that Betty’s plan worked. He connected with Fangs and told him about Penelope Blossom. Fangs led him to where the Farm is staying. It’s an abandoned hotel behind the maple barrens. He didn’t see Betty’s mom, but he did see Edgar, who is heavily armed. Charles realizes that Edgar is gearing up for war.[5]


Betty and Charles listen in on an undercover agent

Charles has the derelict motel that the Farm is staying in under 24-hour surveillance. According to city records, it’s owned by one of Edgar’s followers, and they have photos of Evelyn answering the front door. The Farm has been getting pizza deliveries every day at the same time. Charles has an agent in disguise about to make the delivery, which he and Betty listen in on through a wire the agent is wearing. Evelyn answers as the undercover agent knocks on the door. She immediately makes him. A scuffle can be heard before several rounds are fired off. Edgar finds the wire on the undercover agent’s body and taunts Charles.


Betty and Charles talk to Edgar

Charles learns from Betty that Edgar called her with a list of demands. Charles gets off the phone with Governor Dooley, who refuses to negotiate with a cult leader. Edgar calls Betty back and asks if she was able to get what he asked for. Charles coaches Betty through the call. She tells Edgar that he first has to release a hostage as a sign of good faith. In anticipation that Betty and Charles wouldn’t take his demands seriously, Edgar has already released a hostage. He hangs up, and Polly arrives moments later with a bomb strapped to her chest.


Charles and Betty try to disarm Polly's bomb

Polly’s holding a dead man’s switch, meaning if she lets go of the detonator then the bomb will explode. Betty promises Polly they’ll figure it out. There are wires connected to the C4 on the bomb. Three are decoys that will trigger the detonator. They need to find the one that is linked to the firing circuit and battery. Betty cuts the yellow wire, which turns out to be a tripwire that causes the bomb to count down faster. Charles tells Betty that there might be a system override on the dead man’s switch. A pin connected to a chain that slides into the hole that goes underneath the trigger. However, Polly tells Betty that Edgar took the pin. With the bomb quickly counting down, Betty takes the bobby-pin out of her hair and inserts it into the switch to stop the bomb from exploding with two seconds to spare.

Betty calls Charles and tells him that she’s inside the motel. Charles instructs her to get out as Governor Dooley is prepared to send in a group of mercenaries. Betty tells Charles to tell the mercenaries to stand down as there’s a busload of civilians headed their way.[6]


Charles, FP, Alice, Betty, and Jughead watch the VHS tape

Charles, FP, Alice, Betty, and Jughead play the VHS tape that they recovered from the doorstep. It’s six hours of the Jones house being filmed. Charles suspects that it was done to unsettle them, but Jughead wonders why a videotape specifically. FP hopes that it’s just a prank. However, over the next few weeks, more and more citizens of Riverdale received copies of similar tapes, footage of their houses being taped.

On Halloween night, Charles stops by the house to bring Betty some pizza. He knocks on the door and she answers with a poker from the fireplace. Charles offers to help Betty trace the calls of the prank caller after learning that someone had been calling the house pretending to be the Black Hood.


Charles traces the call

Charles states that he and Betty haven’t talked much since they took down the Farm, though he understands why she may be wary of him. Betty accuses him of leading their mom to Edgar. However, Charles explains to Betty that it was Alice who approached him with the idea of going undercover to help Polly and get a story. As for Charles, he always wanted to be apart of a real family, but he knows that it takes time. The phone rings and Charles begins tracing the call as Betty answers. It’s the prankster again. Betty keeps him talking as Charles traces the call. She asks him if he remembers how on Halloween the four of them used to go trick-or-treating as a family. They’d walk up and down Elm Street, and when they got home, they’d go through their bags. Her dad wouldn’t let her or Polly eat the apples because he thought there were razor blades in them. Once Charles manages to trace the number, Betty hangs up. He traces the call to Shady Grove Treatment Center, where Polly’s been staying. Betty and Charles then call the center, pretending to be Edgar as they ask for Polly. When Polly answers, Betty confronts her for prank calling the house and pretending to be their dad. Polly hangs up soon thereafter.

Given how well Betty handled herself with the Farm, Charles thinks she’d be an excellent candidate for the Junior FBI training program. They could work together to figure out who’s sending the videotapes as Betty knows the town a lot better than Charles.


Charles listens to Betty's call

Betty and Jughead discuss their equally terrifying Halloween nights. Jughead hates that they kept him from Betty, forcing her to endure the prank callings of Polly all alone. Betty reveals that she wasn’t alone. She was with Charles. She’s starting to warm up to him and is even considering joining the Junior FBI program. She thinks he might be the real deal. Unbeknownst to them, Charles has tapped Betty’s phone and is listening in on the entire conversation. He looks pleased when his half-siblings agree that he can be trusted.[7]


Charles teaches the first session of his Junior FBI program

Charles holds his first session for the FBI Junior program. Betty and Kevin attend. Kevin makes mention of how attractive Charles is. They start with serial killers. He shows them a slide show of a crime scene. He pulls up three mugshots from three different individuals and asks the trainees which is the killer. Betty correctly guesses it’s the third man on screen. She again correctly guesses the next slide of serial killers. She does this one last time, much to Kevin and Charles’ surprise. The murderers all had one thing in common. A specific set of genes, MAOA and CDH13, better known as the serial killer genes, which Betty also has.


Charles teaches another session

Betty and Kevin attend the next session. One thing seen in a lot of serial killers are instances of animal cruelty in their youth. Betty recalls her time spent at the Farm, where Polly accused her of killing their cat Caramel. Betty feels overwhelmed and excuses herself from the session, leaving both Kevin and Charles concerned.

During the latest Junior FBI program session, Betty and Kevin take notes as Charles discusses how serial killers leave clues, take trophies, and keep records via journals, diaries, and letters. They see themselves as heroes of their own stories. They struggle with distinguishing fact from fantasy. By studying childhood diaries of serial killers, they gain insight into how their minds work.


Charles informs Betty that he has the serial killer gene

Charles learns of Betty's plans to quit the program because she’s like every killer from his slideshow, which is how she was able to identify them so easily. She reveals that she has the serial killer gene to Charles. He reasons that’s all the more reason for Betty to stay. To make sense of that side of her. Charles reveals to Betty that he too has the gene. It’s why he joined the FBI. To help control those impulses. Charles believes that like him, Betty can use a career in law enforcement to help harness the darkness.[8]

Betty approaches Charles with the information she gathered from Chic during her visit. While Betty doesn’t trust Charles, she also doesn’t trust Chic enough to go merely off his word. So, she wants to conduct a lie detector test on Charles.


Charles hooks himself to a polygraph

Charles hooks himself up to the polygraph machine, and Betty begins her line of questioning. It’s true that Charles and Chic met on the streets when they both were at their lowest. It’s also true that someone was murdered in the room they shared at the hostel. Charles claims he came home one day to find a dead man in their bed. Chic was covered in his blood. Some trick that Chic brought home. Charles’ instincts took over. He dissolved the body with lye in the bathtub, threw out the sheets, and scrubbed the room with bleach as Chic watched. And that was the end of them. Charles left him and started over. Betty then asks if Charles is hiding anything. He reveals that he’s a recovering addict who attends weekly narcotics anonymous meetings at his gym.


Alice and Charles tell Betty that Chic is in contact with the FBI

Alice, Charles, and FP confront Betty over visiting Chic at the prison as her visit inspired him to go to his lawyer to contact the FBI to report a murder that happened in the Black Hood’s house, which he claims was committed by Alice. Chic also claims to know the location of the shady man’s burial site. Charles takes the lead on the investigation with assistance from FP. Together, they check the burial site.

FP and Charles return. They took care of the body and ensure Betty and Alice that everything will be okay. As Charles leaves to file the report, Betty apologizes to him.


Charles visits Chic

Charles visits Chic at the Lodge Detention Center. As it turns out, he has been playing the Jones and the Coopers. He and Chic are still very much involved. They’ve apparently constructed a plan, to what end remains unknown. Although, they predicted Betty would come to Chic, eventually forcing them to lead Charles to the body to prevent the discovery of the shady man. After he and FP took care of the body, everyone was appropriately grateful, even Betty. They press their hands against the glass separating them and express their mutual love for one another.[9]

Jughead asks Charles to use his FBI resources to help him track down their grandfather. Jughead has an important decision to make with whether he will be the next ghostwriter for the Baxter Brothers. However, he has to know the truth before making that decision.


Charles shows Betty the video

Alice wakes Betty up from her sleep and informs her that Polly mutilated a nurse at Shady Grove. Betty, Alice, FP, and Charles meet in the dining room, where Charles has actual footage of the attack. He shows it to Betty, who can’t even get through the entire video. Polly seemingly attacked the nurse for no reason. She says that she’ll only talk to Betty. Also, the nurse that Polly disfigured is named Betty.

Charles calls Jughead to inform him that he found their grandfather. He has a P.O. box in Seaside. He checks it once a month when he comes in from the forest.


Charles and Betty discuss the calls

Charles and Betty discover that the calls came from the same place. Shankshaw Prison. Something must’ve been said on those calls that made Alice and Polly enter a trance-like state that turned them into killers. As if they were hypnotized. Betty suspects this is the Farm’s doing. While Edgar is dead, Evelyn is in Shankshaw, where the calls originated from.

Betty meets with Charles and tells him about her latest encounter with Evelyn. She interrupted her before she could say tangerine three times as Betty feared that she may be activated. There’s only one way to find out. Charles wants to activate it while he’s there’s with Betty. He says tangerine three times and nothing happens. He suspects that it may be because she’s already Betty.


Charles helps Betty kill her darker self

Betty describes the terrifying experience she had to Charles when she saw the red front door. She slipped into a trance. Charles suggests that it may be a combination of Betty hearing the trigger earlier and returning to a familiar setting. What Betty saw, her about to kill Caramel, she thinks that’s when Dark Betty was born. Charles believes that if Betty can go back and stop the birth of Dark Betty, then she’ll essentially be killing her shadow self before she’s even born. Charles says the trigger — tangerine three times. Betty instantly goes into a trance. She walks outside and finds her younger self holding a rock over Caramel. Betty grabs the rock and tells her younger self to go play. She then awakens from the trance.[10]


Charles agrees to hep Jughead

Jughead goes to Charles for serial killer advice, informing him how his publishers want a dark, edgy villain for the book in the vein of Zodiac and Hannibal Lecter. Charles agrees to help Jughead, though he does point out that Jughead already has firsthand experience with the infamous Black Hood. However, Jughead couldn’t dare do that to Betty. In that case, Charles has boxes full of killers and agrees to pick out the ten most gruesome for Jughead.


Charles offers to look into Bret's past

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni face off against Seaside High in the Regional RIVW Quiz Show semi-final. Riverdale is up by 30 points. Betty then proceeds to lead her team to victory. After the Quiz, Charles compliments Betty on a well-earned victory. However, Betty fears that playing great might not be enough to beat Bret. Betty asks for Charles’ help in dealing with Bret, informing Charles that he’s the son of a diplomat who brags about being untouchable. Any intel Charles could find on him would be appreciated. Charles questions if Betty’s anger towards Bret is really about the fact that he got accepted into Yale and she didn’t. Betty explains that she worked diligently for 4 years, put in extra time at the Blue and Gold and maintained a 4.1 GPA, yet she still didn’t get in, and she doesn’t know why. Charles’ former mentor at the FBI now teaches criminal law at Yale, so he offers to see what he can find out.

As promised, Charles dug into Bret’s past and discovered something alarming, which he shares with Betty, who takes this information and confronts Bret.

Charles informs Betty that she wasn't accepted into Yale because they didn’t want the daughter of the Black Hood. They were afraid that if the identity of Betty’s father ever got out, it would generate bad press and problem with the other students.[11]


Charles gives Betty a bug

Betty calls FP and reads from a pre-written script by Charles. She asks if FP has seen Jughead as she hasn't heard from him, and she’s starting to get worried. She tells FP that she’ll check at Stonewall Prep to see if he’s there. Charles commends her, explaining that her phone call with FP felt genuine and natural. He then hands her a bug to plant in Bret’s room. Besides planting the bug, their goal is also to find out what the preppies know, what they think happened, and what they thought was going to happen.


Charles listens to Bret and Donna

Betty returns to the FBI field office, where Charles is listening in on Bret and Donna. They haven’t said anything of mention yet. Betty wants to do something to rattle them and force them into making a mistake.

Charles and Betty listen in as Donna scolds Bret for his encounter with Archie. He explains that Archie attacked him and demanded he confess to Jughead’s murder. However, Bret explains that they all know that Betty is the culprit. He and Donna find the bug and tell Betty to up her game before breaking the bug. Betty grows aggregated. Charles tells her they’ll have to be smarter than the preppies.


Charles learns from Betty that FP is going to recover the murder weapon

Betty calls Charles to inform him of the bloody rock that FP is planning to retrieve from the woods. Charles recalls Betty’s throwing the rock in the swimming-hole. Betty surmises that the preppies knew she would toss the murder weapon, so they had a backup rock with Jughead’s blood and Betty’s prints on it.

FP returns to the station with the rock that supposedly killed Jughead. Charles offers to send it out to Quantico to have the blood tested, as it would take a week at the local lab. Charles then meets with Betty at Pop’s. He gives her the murder weapon and in return, she gives him the decoy rock with fake blood. Charles explains to Betty that this will only buy them a couple days.


Charles helps Betty remember

Archie, Betty, and Veronica convene with Charles at the FBI field office in hopes that he can help Betty regain her memories. Charles tells Betty to relax and think back to the moments leading up to her blackout. Betty recalls Donna telling her about the other magic word before blowing white powder in her face. That was the last thing Betty remembers. And at no point, did Donna actually say a trigger word. They conclude that Donna and Evelyn were bluffing. As for the powder, Charles concludes that it may have been scopolamine, better known as the Devil’s breath. It’s a potent drug that affects one’s short term memory. When inhaled, it leaves the victim disoriented and unaware. After inhaling the Devil’s breath, Charles is doubtful Betty would’ve been able to kill Jughead. It’s far more likely than Donna put the rock in Betty’s hand and spun her around.[12]


Charles helps Betty cover up Jughead's "death"

Flashback to the night of Jughead's death. Charles got a call from Betty, informing him that Jughead was wounded. Archie, Betty, and Veronica carried Jughead through the woods, to the old postal road where Charles was waiting for them with an FBI med-van. Charles told them to go back to the scene of the crime and clean it completely. He also instructed them to get rid of their blood covered clothes and get cleaned up.


Charles prepares to arrest DuPont

Charles and FP arrive at Stonewall Prep with Forsythe. The only remaining member of DuPont’s literary society who he hasn’t killed to maintain his secret. Forsythe reveals that Theodore Weisel came to see him before he died. He told Forsythe that DuPont killed Charles and Jane because he feared they would spill the truth. Two days later, Theodore Weisel, an expert diver, drowned in shallow waters, mysteriously. Forsythe realized that he was next. So, he went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Charles’ team has been combing through DuPont’s house for the last hour. They’ve found trophies of his victims. DuPont denounces claims that he’s a thief and coward, stating he’s a builder. With the Baxter Brothers franchise, he’s built the entire school. As Charles prepares to place DuPont under arrest, he throws himself out the window, plummeting to his death, much like Chipping.


Donna has diplomatic immunity

At the FBI field office, Charles has recovered text messages between Joan and Donna. She tricked Joan into doing her dirty work so that her hands would remain clean. Charles asks Joan to tell him all she knows, but Joan refuses to confess. She reminds Charles that her father is an ambassador, and therefore she has diplomatic immunity. Charles informs Joan that if she leaves now, she’ll never be able to return to the country and her friends will take the wrap for Jughead’s attempted murder. Joan replies that they’re not her friends.


Charles asks Donna why she lied

Charles asks Donna why she lied to Jughead about Bret having diplomatic immunity when in actuality it’s Joan. Donna claims that she was simply trying to keep him from antagonizing Bret. Donna claims that it was Bret’s idea to kill Jughead. Charles asks how Donna got Chipping’s tie pin. Donna reveals that it was given to her by DuPont, who said she had to lie to the headmaster so that Chipping’s death would be ruled a suicide. Donna states that she’s simply happy that DuPont, the real monster behind all of this, has paid for his crimes.


Charles offers Bret a deal

Charles moves his investigation onto Bret, who has a known history of antagonizing Jughead. In fact, the two of them were even seen going into the woods together. Bret’s facing time for attempted murder as well as the creation and possession of illegally recorded sex tapes featuring fellow classmates. Charles is willing to reduce Bret’s charge to attempted murder but only if he turns over his tapes. Bret proposes a counter offer to reduce his charge to conspiracy after the fact. Charles exits the room, claiming to take Bret’s offer under consideration. Moments later, Jughead and FP enter the interrogation room and beat Bret senseless while wearing brass knuckles. Charles returns and a beaten and bruised Bret agrees to accept his offer and give up the location of the tapes.


Charles recovers the sex tapes

Jughead and FP accompany Charles as he recovers the tapes from within a secret compartment hidden behind a Stonewall crest. Jughead recovers his tape with Betty and destroys it.

At the Jones-Cooper house, Betty, Jughead, Charles, Jellybean, FP, and Alice watch her news report. Betty congratulates her on a job well done. Alice thanks FP with a kiss for providing her with the inside scoop. Betty then leaves, explaining that she has one last T to cross.[13]


Charles allows Jughead to review the tapes

Jughead stops by the FBI field office where he asks for Charles’ help. He’s hoping that he can help Charles review the latest rounds of tapes so not too feel so overwhelmed by his school work. Charles informs Jughead that the mysterious voyeur is stepping up their game and recording more and more houses. He fears what will happen should this person find their way inside someone's house. Before leaving, Jughead asks Charles not to tell Betty about this.[14]


Charles, Alice, Betty, and Jughead watch the snuff film

Jughead, Betty, Alice, and Charles watch the re-enactment video in which someone wearing a Jughead mask is bludgeoned to death by someone wearing a Betty mask. Jellybean interrupts and asks what they are watching but Jughead turns her away. Jughead explains that the video was dropped off at the sheriff station in a bin with all the other voyeur tapes, however, this is the only tape not of someone’s house. While Betty refuses to get pulled into the another mystery, Charles welcomes Jughead’s assistance.

Jughead meets with Charles at the FBI field office. Charles informs him that drop off boxes are under 24-hour surveillance meaning they’ll have to review hours of footage to hopefully catch a glimpse of whoever made the faux snuff film. While reviewing the surveillance footage, Jughead recognizes someone and decides to investigate the lead solo.


Charles and Jughead question David

Charles and Jughead arrive at the Blue Velvet Video store. They ask the clerk, David, to take a look at his records and if he’s heard anything in relation to the videotapes circulating around town. While looking through their records, Charles comes across Ethel’s name. She rented Friday the 13th 16 times. David explains that Ethel is one of his regulars.

Charles and Jughead return to the field office. Charles' suspicion of Ethel is growing. She has a predilection for horror films, she dropped a videotape at the station, and even Jughead himself admitted that she was obsessed with him. As far as Charles is concerned, Ethel is a prime suspect. However, with over 100 tapes recovered, Jughead doubts she has the equipment for that type of operation.

Jughead confronts Charles about his investigation into Ethel. Still uncertain that Ethel is their suspect, Charles hands Jughead a tape he recovered from Ethel’s house. Later, Charles and Jughead arrive with the FBI with a warrant to search the Blue Velvet’s Scarlet Suite. Jughead discovers a snuff film of Clifford Blossom killing Jason.[15]


Charles, Jughead, and Betty watch Jason's snuff film

Charles, Betty, and Jughead simultaneously review the snuff film of Jason Blossom’s murder as well as the re-enactment. Jughead believes that the Voyeur is trying to recreate himself into an auteur. He’s trying to recreate their deaths and blur the line between fact and fiction. Betty worries it could be a rehearsal for an actual murder. Until they get another tape, all that’s left now is for them to review the tapes from the Scarlet Suite, which Betty lets Jughead and Charles take over, as she has to finish proofing the yearbook.

Betty arrives at the field office to find Charles watching a new tape. Mrs. Klump was sent a video re-enactment of Midge’s death. Betty and Charles watch it side by side with the actual footage of Midge’s death, which was confiscated from Blue Velvet Video.

Betty and Jughead enter Mr. Honey’s office to find him standing with Charles. Supposedly, a videotape was delivered to the school. Honey called Charles, who revealed that Betty and Jughead are helping him on the case. The tape goes on for hours. It covers every inch of the school. Mr. Honey worries that it could be a threat. He feels that he has no other choice but to put the school on high alert and cancel prom. He asks Betty and Jughead to let their friends know while he alerts their parents.


Betty and Jughead suspect that the video is a hoax

Charles, Betty, and Jughead convene in the Blue and Gold office. They agree that something is off. The auteur has moved on from simple recordings and onto recreations. Jughead and Betty suspect that it could be a hoax since the general public isn’t aware that the voyeur/auteur has moved onto recreation videos. With Honey wanting to cancel prom, Betty believes that the tape was forged by Honey in order to give him a reason to cancel prom. However, they don’t have any proof. And so, Betty agrees to go through every second of the tape.

While reviewing the tape supposedly sent to Riverdale High by the voyeur/auteur, Betty and Charles catch a glimpse of Mr. Honey in the reflection of a window.

Charles, Betty, and Jughead confront Mr. Honey with a screenshot of him making the aforementioned video that he claims was sent by the Voyeur, but in actuality, was sent by himself in order to have a reason to cancel prom. Mr. Honey denies having any type of feud or vendetta against them, claiming that he was only trying to prepare them for a life outside of Riverdale. However, Betty and Jughead are unconvinced and they have already reported Honey to the school board.[16]

Physical Appearance

When he was a teenager, Charles was thin with a fair complexion, curly brown hair and light eyes, as seen from the photo of his permanent record in Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Now Charles' adult appearance is a tall, handsome white man who seems approaching 30. He has golden tawny brown hair, which he smears with gel, and grey eyes. He prefers the business style of clothes.


Charles was a boy who grew up in the foster system with the idea of being unfitting and unwanted. This may have led him to make bad life choices, such as becoming an alleged drug addict. According to Chic, he felt resentment towards his biological family. Despite his bad friendships and a poor state of life, he is remembered by his neighbors as a polite boy.


Betty Cooper

You see, I'm Charles... Your brother.
— Charles to Betty[src]


Charles and Betty are together

Betty is the younger maternal half-sister of Charles. Their relationship is progressing. They spent a lot of time working together over the summer while investigating The Farm with their mother Alice working undercover. As it stands, Betty believes Charles can be trusted.


Your brother was a junkie. [...] I didn't mean to hurt him.
— Chic to Betty[src]

The relationship between Charles and Chic was quite turbulent, with ups and downs ultimately leading to Charles' alleged death. Despite an initial friendship based on sharing their sad past and upbringing, they became more and more hostile to each other to the point of arguing furiously every day. According to one of their neighbors at the hostel, Charles was the "good one" while Chic was the "bad one". However, it is revealed the two during there time together formed a romantic relationship that still continues despite Chic's incarceration.


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Season 4


  • In "Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again", FP Jones indirectly reveals that he knew of the existence of Alice's illegitimate son in their senior year, but he also believed that she was pregnant with Hal Cooper's child.
  • In the Archie Comics, Charles "Chic" Cooper was introduced for the first time in the 1960s Little Archie series. He was a teenager helping the main characters, who are children in this iteration.
  • In the following series, Chic Cooper is Betty's older brother, whose absence from the vast majority of the stories is justified because he is a secret agent for the US government.
  • Contrary to Riverdale, Charles and Chic are the same person, and he's not an illegitimate child.


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