Charles Smith is the son of Alice Cooper and FP Jones as well as the older half-brother of Jughead and Jellybean Jones and Betty and Polly Cooper, as well as the half-uncle of Polly and Jason Blossom's twin babies, Juniper and Dagwood. Unfortunately, he was initially believed to be murdered by Chic, who later stole his identity. However, this proved to be untrue, as Charles is not only alive, but an agent for the FBI, tasked with taking down The Farm.

Early Life

On the night that Hal and Alice were crowned King and Queen of their homecoming dance, the couple was witnessed fighting by FP Jones; Alice had just told Hal that she was pregnant, however, it was with another man. This revelation led to an argument as Hal wanted Alice to have an abortion, believing they were not ready to be parents, however, Alice was unwilling to do so.

The following day, Alice checked herself into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, and five months later she gave birth to a baby boy which the sisters arranged to be adopted quietly. Alice then kept the existence of him a complete secret.

After Alice gave birth, he entered and stayed in the foster system and was never adopted as Alice had originally planned. Around 2009, Charles ran away from the institute. Upon leaving, he discovered information about his biological family and he went to the Cooper house to see his mother, though he never got the chance to meet her. Sometime later, he found himself living in Centerville where he befriended Chic and told him about his life. Their friendship increasingly deteriorated and they argued continuously until Chic lost control and allegedly killed him during a fight.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 2

Charles never physically appeared in the season. At this point, it was believed that his former friend and roommate Chic murdered him prior to Betty learning about him and wanting to genuinely establish a relationship. This led Betty to seek out Charles. Although, they found Chic, who deceived the Coopers into believing that he was indeed Charles.

When the truth came out that Chic was an impostor, he taunted Alice and Betty by telling them that Charles was a junkie who overdosed. However, his former neighbor at the hostel told Betty and Jughead that Charles was most likely murdered by Chic after a violent altercation one night. This neighbor also had no knowledge of Charles' supposed drug use. In order to avenge the brother who she never got to know and keep the rest of her family safe, Betty turned Chic over to the Black Hood.[1]

Season 3


Agent Smith reveals to Betty and Jughead that he's Charles

Agent Smith with the FBI knocks on the Joneses door. He is looking for Betty, who is inside with Jughead. Betty and Jughead suspects this is about the Lodges, but in actuality, it’s about Alice. Agent Smith’s team has been investigating Edgar Evernever for quite some time. They almost had him two towns ago. When they landed in Riverdale, the FBI sent in an undercover, someone tasked with getting close to Edgar to gain intel. They were waiting on her word to take him down. That someone being Alice. She’s an FBI informant. She’s been helping them build a case against Edgar and his organ harvesting program. It’s vital that they find Alice as soon as possible, which is why they’re setting up in Riverdale. Agent Smith seems vaguely familiar to Betty, and so after talking to him for a bit, Betty finally decides to ask if they know each other. Agent Smith replies that it’s no coincidence that he and Alice found each other as he’s Charles. Betty and Jughead’s half brother, who was supposedly killed by Chic.[2]

Physical Appearance

Charles was thin with a fair complexion, curly red hair and green eyes. It's not possible to make an accurate description of his look as his appearance is only documented by a photograph of when he was a teenager and was wearing the Sisters of Quiet Mercy uniform.


Charles was a boy who grew up in the foster system with the idea of being unfitting and unwanted. This may have led him to make bad life choices, such as becoming an alleged drug addict. According to Chic, he felt resentment towards his biological family. Despite his bad friendships and a poor state of life, he is remembered by his neighbors as a polite boy.



Your brother was a junkie. [...] I didn't mean to hurt him.
— Chic to Betty[src]

The relationship between Charles and Chic was quite turbulent, with ups and downs ultimately leading to Charles' alleged death. Despite an initial friendship based on sharing their sad past and upbringing, they became more and more hostile to each other to the point of arguing furiously every day. According to one of their neighbors at the hostel, Charles was the "good one" while Chic was the "bad one".


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



  • In the Archie Comics, Charles "Chic" Cooper was introduced for the first time in the 1960s Little Archie series, in which he had a plot device role when it was necessary to help the main characters, who are children in this iteration. Became a canon character in the following series, Chic Cooper is Betty's older brother, whose absence from the vast majority of the stories is justified because he is a secret agent for the US government.
    • Contrary to the TV series, Charles "Chic" Cooper is not an out-of-wedlock son in the comics and he and Chic are the same guy.


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