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New York. They say, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere". The same city that can inspire you one minute, can knock you down and trample over you the next. Like that time the A train broke down, and I was stuck walking home fifty blocks in heels. Luckily, that day, my Long Island prince came to my rescue. Ever since we started dating, KO has always been there for me. Like when it was the hottest, most humid summer on the record, KO installed an AC window unit in my bedroom. Or the way he always shows up with food at the perfect time. When my mom was sick, KO never left my side. And after she passed away, KO's family became my family. In a city that's constantly in motion, with life throwing curve balls at every turn, KO had always been my constant. My rock. If I couldn't imagine my life without him then why, in that moment, couldn't I just say yes?

"Chapter Two: You Can't Hurry Love" is the second episode of the first season of Katy Keene, and the second episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on February 13, 2020.


SIGNS – With Katy's personal life in a holding pattern, which everyone seems to know about thanks to the newspapers picking up Pepper's blog, she can't seem to escape even at work. Josie finds a job to help pay the bills but picks up an extra job at a record store, and quickly learns it might be closing, leaving Josie with an idea to help keep it open. Because of Jorge's outburst at his last audition he finds himself on the outs with the Broadway community. After begging for one last audition and waiting to hear if he got the part, he must decide if he wants to give up performing as Ginger. Meanwhile, Pepper finds herself low on cash, but is somehow able to secure a warehouse in which she dreams to open up "The Pepper Plant."[2]



KO sweeps Katy off her feet

Katy recalls the time that the A train broke down and she was stuck walking home for 50 blocks in heels. Luckily, that day, KO came to her rescue; he picked her up off her feet and walked her home. Ever since they started dating, KO has always been there for Katy, such as when he installed an AC unit in her bedroom on the hottest day of the summer and comforted Katy when her mom was sick. And after Katy’s mom passed away, KO’s family became her family. She can’t imagine her life without him.

Present day, KO proposes to Katy, down on one knee, waiting to hear her answer. However, before she can, a thief snatches the ring out of KO’s hands and runs off, with KO chasing after him.

Katy doesn't know if she wants to marry KO

Katy reveals to Josie, Pepper, and Jorge how KO’s proposal was interrupted by who some are calling the Alphabet City Bandit. Pepper asks to write about it in her weekly column at the Daily Hail. Jorge wonders if Katy was going to say yes to KO’s proposal. Katy isn’t sure what her answer would’ve been. She couldn’t bring herself to say yes. Josie asks if Katy loves KO, which she replies that she and KO have been together since high school, neglecting to answer the question asked. Jorge advises Katy to lock KO down while she has the chance, but Josie sees the ring getting stolen as fate. It buys Katy some time to do some soul searching to determine if KO is the one.

Katy and KO have sex

KO returns after failing to apprehend the Alphabet City Bandit. He chased him for 12 blocks and lost him in Chinatown. Katy worries that he could’ve been hurt, but KO insists that he’s fine. He then assures Katy that he’s going to make this right. She wraps her arms around KO and begs him to spend the night, leading to them having sex.

Katy does some soul searching

The following morning, Katy goes to the Little Red Lighthouse to think. It’s where she and her mom used to go every Sunday. Now, it’s where Katy goes to escape the city and have some time to herself. She calls out to her mom, asking for a sign on whether she should marry KO. Katy then gets a call from Gloria, who requests that Katy return to Lacy's despite firing her.

Jorge tells Josie that she's short on the rent

Josie gives Jorge her share of the rent. However, she’s short. Jorge explains that they each pay $1000, though Josie was under the impression that it was to be split three ways between herself, Jorge, and Katie. Josie has her first shift at Plunkin’ Donuts today and plans to ask for more hours so that she may acquire the rest. Jorge reminds Josie she has to hustle to stay afloat. It’s why he works at the bar and bodega between auditions.

Pepper tells Didi that she's going to Café des Créatifs

Pepper is greeted by Didi. She compliments her hair. Didi informs Pepper that she has a car out front waiting for her. Pepper tells Didi that she’s headed to Café des Créatifs as she gets one step closer to her dreams.

Katy arrives at Lacy’s to learn from the doorman Mick that thanks to Pepper’s column, she’s the talk of the town and now everyone wants to know what she’s going to say to KO's proposal.

Gloria tells Katy that she was personally requested by the prince's team

Gloria welcomes Katy back, much to Amanda’s dismay. She questions why Katy has returned. Gloria explains that Prince Errol Swoon is returning to Lacy’s and has personally requested Katy. However, Katy has a morning meeting with Francois to attend, not that Gloria is concerned. Despite Amanda wishing to send Katy on her way, Gloria demands that she stay to tend to the prince. Gloria informs Katy that Prince Errol is coming back to buy an engagement ring for Patricia. This is Lacy’s chance to take part in a royal engagement.

Katy apologizes to Francois for missing the morning meeting. She offers to make it up in whatever way possible. He needs her to pull some options for him for their bridal window. Francois will let it slide for today, but eventually Katy will have to decide between him and Gloria.

Luisa persuades Jorge to go to the audition

At Lopez Bodega, Luisa Lopez, Jorge’s mother, brings him an open call for Cats, the musical. However, Jorge plans to take a break from Broadway. He’s tired of being told no. However, Luisa explains that being told no is part of the job. She was told no numerous times when she auditioned to be a Rockette. She believes that he’s wasting time at the bar, when instead he should be taking classes at the Broadway Dance Center. Jorge concedes and agrees to go to the audition.

Pepper pitches her idea

Pepper meets with an important client at the cafe. She pitches the idea of a modern day version of Andy Warhol’s Factory. The "Pepper Plant." A place where emerging artists can collaborate and party. Chad admits to loving to party and asks Pepper if she would like to do some coke in the bathroom. Pepper turns him down, focusing back on her idea. His backing could help produce the greatest art of this generation. She’ll need him to provide eight million dollars though. He tells her to lock down a location, and then they can talk.

Josie applies for a job at Chubby's

Josie applies for a job at Chubby's Record Shop. She asks Chubby, the store owner, if he’s still hiring. She tells him how she’s new to NYC, having just moved from Riverdale, a "rough town," by his account. Josie needs to be around music. After thinking it over, Chubby hires Josie in hopes she’ll provide "youthful idealism."

Jorge auditions for Cats. However, his performance is cut short after the casting directors discover his violent outburst during his Mannequin audition with the director, who happens to be a friend of the director for Cats. And so, he dismisses Jorge.

Jorge has been blacklisted

Jorge returns home to discover from his agent that he’s been blacklisted. Blowing off a director has consequences. His agent is considering dropping him, but he gives Jorge one last chance with an audition for the historical rap musical, Jefferson. His agent offers to submit him so long as he promises no more antics and to tone it down.

Prince Errol asks Katy to design his engagement ring

Katy and Gloria show Prince Errol Swoon engagement rings, though he’s having trouble deciding on one. Katy mistakenly asks what if Patricia says no, immediately apologizing for her outburst. The prince is hoping the perfect ring will seal the deal. He then picks a ring out the bunch and asks Katy to try it on. He places the ring on Katy’s hand to see how it looks, however, he’s not convinced it’s the right one. He asks about their custom rings and insists that Katy design it. Gloria agrees to make arrangements with the goldsmith.

Josie and Alex discuss her career

Josie meets with Alexander on a park bench. He explains that there isn’t currently a record label at Cabot Entertainment, but there used to be. His dad said he could reboot it and get back to their roots if he found the right artist, which isn’t Josie, at least according to Alexandra. After listening to Josie’s demo, Alexander claims to know where they went wrong. However, Josie questions why he suddenly believes there to be something wrong with her demo despite previously saying it was perfect. She tells him to stand by his work regardless of what his sister thinks. Alexander knows for a fact they made something good, but he thinks they can make it better and has booked Josie some studio time. However, Josie blows him off.

KO shows up at Lacy's to take Katy to lunch

Katy helps Prince Errol Swoon with his custom ring. He wants something to honor both his family and Patricia's. KO arrives to see if Katy wanted to grab something to eat while she was on break, though he is stopped at the door by the prince's men. He sees the ring on her finger and asks why she’s wearing it. Katy explains that she was simply helping the prince pick a ring out for his girlfriend. Errol approaches and apologizes for his men. Katy introduces KO to Prince Errol, though she fumbles on the introduction, unsure what to refer to KO as.

Katy wants to go to the engagement party that KO's mom has arranged

Katy and KO grab something to eat and discuss the ring that Prince Errol asked her to wear. KO then gets a message from his mom, who wanted to throw them an engagement dinner. KO explains that his mother assumed Katy said yes, though Katy hasn’t, and he didn't correct her when she made the assumption. Still, Katy wants to go to dinner and assures KO it won’t be awkward.

Jorge auditions for the Jefferson musical, having completely changed the look and even lowering the base in his voice.

Pepper rents a warehouse

Pepper meets with a realtor to purchase thirty-five hundred square feet warehouse. She sees the condition that it’s in and blood on the wall and further inquiries about the building. The realtor assures her that no one is living in the building nor has anyone been stabbed. They’ll have to do a bit more clean up than Pepper hoped for, but she agrees to rent for eighteen thousand, but it’s a firm 25k a month, the realtor explains. However, Pepper knows the realtor’s clients and that they’re going through a gruesome divorce with infidelities on both sides. Pepper informs the women that she also writes a column for the Daily Hail. She then reproposes her offer of eighteen thousand.

Josie plays on the piano

While searching for Aretha Franklin’s pre-Columbia records, Josie discovers a piano in the shop. She starts playing and singing, much to Chubby’s enjoyment.

Katy and KO arrive at his mom’s as planned. They’re celebrating the engagement despite Katy not saying yes to his proposal. KO’s mom, June, asks when they’re going shopping for wedding dresses. Katy replies soon.

June gives Katy her mother's ring

Inside, June tells Katy that if it was up to her, she would have thrown them a proper engagement party. June informs Katy about a house down the block that’s going on the market. She hopes that Katy and KO will look into it, adding that it’s an excellent neighborhood to raise kids. June then realizes that something is wrong with Katy and presumes that Katy simply misses her mom and wishes she was there to see them get married. June then presents Katy with a gold engagement ring. It originally belonged to June’s mother. She tried to offer it to KO, but he refused, wanting to buy a ring himself. While June could never take the place of Katy’s mom, Katy’s always been like a daughter to June, and she was hoping the day would come when she could offer it to her. However, Katy can’t accept the ring, and so June agrees to hold onto it until Katy is ready.

Katy and KO wait on the bus

That night, while waiting for the bus as KO sleeps next to her, Katy feels the truth of her heart. She loves KO, which only makes her decision harder.

The following morning, Katy reconvenes with Gloria and Prince Errol Swoon to discuss his custom ring. Katy explains her design, pulling from both Errol and Patricia’s family for inspiration. He loves it and asks it to be made, kissing Katy’s hand as he thanks her.

Katy tells Gloria about her dilemma

In watching Katy work with the prince, Gloria admits that Katy has a certain quality that can’t be taught, which is why Gloria welcomes Katy back to her department as one of her girls. While Katy is flattered, she works for Francois now and refuses to just leave him. Gloria offers to talk to Francois and work out an arrangement, so that Katy can split her time between the two departments. Katy sighs. Not in response to Gloria, but more so with KO. While her expertise is fashion, Gloria offers to hear our Katy’s dilemma. Katy reveals that she’s yet to answer his proposal. And she’s been searching her soul for the answer, and last night, she finally found it. While she loves KO, she doesn’t want to marry him or lose him. Gloria advises Katy to tell KO the truth regardless of the outcome. She then hands Katy a napkin and tells her to clean herself up.

Jorge gets called to go on tour

While working at the bodega, Jorge gets a call from the director of the Jefferson musical. He got the part. However, they don’t want him for the Broadway. They want Jorge for the tour, it’s non-equity. Luisa assures him that he’ll make it through. She was on the road with Starlight Express before Jorge was born for over a year. It was in fact the best year of her life. She insists that this is worth celebrating and hugs her son.

Chubby tells Josie that he's closing down the shop

Josie does a complete inventory of the store, organizing all records by artist and genre. Unfortunately, Chubby informs Josie that he just lost a four year battle with his landlord. They have two weeks to clear out. Josie refuses to allow this to happen, hoping they can get it declared as a landmark. However, Chubby isn’t convinced it would do much good. Every day, another historical landmark disappears. He tells Josie that he’ll understand if she starts looking for a new job.

Didi tells Pepper that she's been kicked out

Pepper informs Didi that she secured the warehouse for The Pepper Plant. She requests that Didi order them up a bottle of champagne to her room so that they can celebrate. However, Didi tells Pepper that the manager, Dmitri, tried to charge the card that Pepper has on file, which was declined again. Unfortunately, Pepper doesn’t have any money after paying the rent deposit for the warehouse. Pepper insists that she’ll pay, likely to wire him the money from Hong Kong in two days. However, Pepper’s keycard has been deactivated. She’s locked out of her room until she pays her bill of sixty thousand dollars. Forced out her own home, Pepper gives Didi three hundred dollars to get her laptop and her bags. Pepper will text her an address for where to bring them.

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Jorge celebrate her buying a space

Pepper celebrates with Katy, Josie, and Jorge after finally finding a space for The Pepper Plant. A place where creatives like themselves can congregate to make magic. Josie then tells them how Chubby’s Record Shop is closing next week. What it need is someone who can save it, Pepper comments. Josie does know Alexander but that would mean getting entangled with the Cabots. She remarks those siblings are more drama that Cheryl and Jason Blossom. If it all goes to hell, at least Josie has them to comfort her. Jorge then reveals that he’s leaving New York. He booked the role for Jefferson. Perhaps after a year or two, it could lead to a role in the Broadway production. And the bus leaves tomorrow. Pepper takes this opportunity to ask if she can sublet his room while he’s gone, claiming that a pipe burst in her room at The Palace. Jorge gives her the room and invites them to attend Ginger’s farewell performance at Molly’s Crisis.

Jorge prepares for his final show

While getting prepared for his final show as Ginger Lopez at Molly’s Crisis, Damsel Washington questions why he’s leaving. Jorge reveals that he booked a gig with Jefferson. And he leaves tomorrow. Hedda Lettuce asks if she can have his Beyoncé "Crazy in Love" wig, but Jorge/Ginger tells them that he’s taking all the wigs with him. Damsel warns Jorge that Ginger won’t be welcome in the Midwest, meaning Ginger is going back into the closet, as Hedda puts it.

Alexander meets with Josie at Molly’s Crisis. She had given some thought to their previous conversation about his family’s root and loving music. She tells him how Chubby’s Record Shop in Alphabet City is closing. Another New York original bites the dust, unless someone steps in to save it. And so, Alex agrees to look into it.

Ginger performs

Pepper, Katy, Josie, and Alexander watch as Jorge/Ginger performs on the stage. Jorge/Ginger becomes overwhelmed with emotion and runs backstage. Katy, Josie, and Pepper follow him into the dressing room. He explains that while performing, he looked out into the crowd at Katy and became undone. Josie surmises this is about Broadway. Jorge/Ginger explains that he’s wanted to be on Broadway since he was a kid. If he’s going to give up his life in New York, it has to be worth it. He feels as if he’s running away and taking the easy way out, which isn’t him nor Ginger. So, Jorge decides to stay. He recalls giving Pepper his room, but she tells him not to worry about it. She’ll simply check into her room at the Waldorf. KO arrives and tells Katy that they caught the Alphabet City Bandit. He plans to go to the station to see if they found the ring. However, KO will have to go alone as Katy promised Francois she would work the overnight shift and help him finish the window.

Francois tells Katy to find a middle ground

At Lacy’s, Francois wonders what Katy is going to say to KO if he gets the ring back. Katy intends to follow Gloria’s advice and be honest with KO about not wanting to marry him. Maybe one day she will, but not right now. Francisco advises Katy that if she’s uncertain about something in life, she should run towards it. Yes and no aren’t the only answers. He suggests exploring a middle ground.

Outside the bodega, Jorge tells his mother that he’s not leaving, causing Luisa to question what’s holding him in New York. Jorge explains everything he wants to accomplish is in New York. His heart is telling him that he has to stay. He asks his mother to trust him. "Of course I trust you," Luisa replies.

Alexandra owns Chubby

Chubby thanks Josie and Alexander for saving his shop. Alexander expresses his pleasure in being apart of it all and promises to keep the integrity of the store intact. And maybe on Josie’s days off, she’ll agree to come record with Alex, he hopes. They are interrupted by Alexandra, who’s come to survey their latest acquisition. Alexandra admits it’s a good block, but they’ll have to sell something with better margins. Josie warn Alexandra against selling the shop. Alexandra then introduces herself to Chubby as Senior VP of Cabot Entertainment and the owner of Chubby’s.

Didi and Pepper kiss

With no money and no place to stay, Pepper has been forced to live in her rented space. She makes several calls in hopes of getting in contact with Chad Gekko, but he was arrested for drug possession and no longer works at the bank. Didi then arrives with Pepper’s belongings. She barely got her stuff through the service exit without being seen. Dmitri called the cops, and he’s faxing Pepper’s picture to every hotel in town. Pepper insists that she’ll pay the bill given the time. She promises that in a couple of months her warehouse will be legendary. She then kisses Didi.

KO agrees to move in with Katy

Katy meets with KO to discuss his proposal. While she loves him, she’s not ready to get married, however, she doesn't want to lose him either. She also feels like they missed a step in their relationship. An important step they should take together before they go all in and get married. So, Katy asks KO to move in with her. KO joyfully agrees, secretly tucking the engagement ring back in his pocket as he and Katy kiss under the George Washington Bridge.



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  • The rapping during Jorge's audition is based on an improvised rap that Jonny Beauchamp did at his first audition for the role.[3]


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