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There is another path for me, just as there was for my father and mother. A third way. And even if there isn't, my name is Sabrina Spellman, and I will not sign it away!

"Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism" is the second episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the second episode of the series overall.[2]


A legendary guest visits Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose explores a grim revelation, and Sabrina stuns the coven with a shocking announcement.



Father Blackwood offers to answer any questions

Father Blackwood asks Sabrina about her doubts surrounding her dark baptism. Sabrina says she is not really sure, and so Blackwood goes on to explain the ceremony. The Dark Baptism is the most sacred, unholy sacrament the witches practiced for centuries. The oldest of their rights. Sabrina is worried that once she signs the Book of the Beast, she will give the Dark Lord dominion over her soul. Blackwood reassures her, saying that this is only one of several possible interpretations. Blackwood explains that all religions have symbolic gestures and demand sacrifices. Signing the Book of the Beast is more like a pledge to abide by the devil's commandments. Sabrina then claims that she is not an evil person, making both the priest and her aunts laugh because none of them is evil. Sabrina is still firm in her disbelief, stating that the Dark Lord is the embodiment of evil. Blackwood corrects her immediately, saying that He is the embodiment of free will and that he goes beyond the mere concepts of good and evil and the infernal punishment of the "False God".

Father Blackwood enclourages Sabrina

Sabrina questions the concept of Hell. Father Blackwood explains that if she accepts the Dark Lord's gifts, then she won't die for a long time and that Hell is for mortals. Blackwood suggests to Hilda and Zelda that Sabrina needs an immediate shift in thinking since she has been tainted by mortal ideology. Sabrina adds that she is worried about her boyfriend, who Blackwood deduces is a mortal. Blackwood tells Sabrina that they are intrinsically incompatible as mortals grow old and die faster than witches. Sabrina replies that her father married a mortal woman and Blackwood specifies that he was High Priest and had obtained a special dispensation from the Dark Lord himself. Despite this, it was still considered a controversial union and Blackwood also denies Sabrina's concerning assumptions about the death of her parents. According to Blackwood, it was an unfortunate accident.

Father Blackwood and the Spellmans analyze Connor

Sabrina has another question about a terrible vision she had after biting the Malum Malus to the horror of Zelda who replies "You did what?!" Blackwood replies that its use is wildly inaccurate. Father Blackwood extends the invitation to be baptized and joins the Academy of Unseen Arts where Sabrina can find answers to her many questions. And if she decides to leave, she will be free to choose. Before leaving, the priest makes sure that Sabrina will be in the forest the night of Samhain for her baptism. On his way out, Ambrose asks him to stay a little longer and shows him the corpse of Connor Kemper in the embalming room. The dead man has a witch's mark on his right arm. Blackwood immediately inquires about his parents and discovers that the boy had been adopted by mortal parents. Blackwood takes the opportunity to point out how a witch without coven ended up on a table at the mortuary. Ambrose is worried that there may be witch-hunters, but for Blackwood this is highly unlikely.

Hilda shares her doubts with Sabrina

Later that night, Hilda tells Sabrina that Father Blackwood was Edward's mentor, before he surpassed him and became High Priest. She also tells Sabrina that her father was very good looking and charismatic. He could have become a movie star but he received his call very early, he was only six years old. Sabrina then asks Hilda if she ever had doubts about her dark baptism. Hilda signed her name in the Book of the Beast when she turned sixteen, because girls didn’t have any options back then. She adds that she sometimes dreams about burning down the Greendale Woods. She then wishes Sabrina a lovely sleep and leaves the room. Unbeknownst to Hilda and Sabrina, Zelda is eavesdropping on their conversation. Zelda calls Hilda a fool and says that she will be her death of her and that she herself will be Hilda’s death.

Thursday, October 30th, Sabrina comes downstairs to find Harvey sitting in the kitchen with Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose. Ambrose admires Harvey's drawings, to which Harvey replies that he's fond of graphic comics and novels. Since Sabrina couldn't celebrate with him on her actual birthday, he came by to ask her aunts if they could celebrate the following day, him, Sabrina, Rosalind and Susie. Harvey then walks Sabrina to school.

Susie gets beat up

At school, Carl Tapper, Billy Marlin, Ed Dursley, and Seth Grinwis continue to harass Susie. When one of them refers to her as a dyke, she attacks, but is quickly punched to the ground. Sabrina arrives to find Rosalind and Susie just outside the school. Susie had been suspended and Roz was supposed to be taking her home. Sabrina wanted to report the four boys to the police and press charges, however, it was Susie who started the fight. With that, Sabrina is forced to take matters into her own hands, but she needs Susie to give her the names of the football players.

Madam Satan advises Sabrina to take on the mortal boys

With their names, Sabrina reports Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth to Madam Satan, who Sabrina still believes to be her teacher Ms. Wardwell. Madam Satan suggests a sit down with Principal Hawthorne next week when he returns. However, Sabrina may not be there next week, so she must get this sorted out as she can't leave her friends in trouble. Madam Satan tells Sabrina is she truly wants to teach these boys a lesson, she'll have to "fight fire with Hellfire." Madam Satan advises Sabrina to seek help as taking them on alone may prove difficult.

Sabrina summons the Weird Sisters

Sabrina goes into the woods to summon the Weird Sisters and ask if they'll help her get revenge for Susie by helping her mess with four mortal boys. They surmise that Sabrina summoned them to remove the curse they had previously placed on her, but they would only do so if she pledged not to attend the Academy. Sabrina explains that the curse has already been reversed, but she is still willing to strike a deal. If they help her teach the boys a lesson, then she won't attend the Academy. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha agree. However, Sabrina strikes this deal with her fingers crossed behind her back.

Zelda buries Hilda

While Hilda gardens, Zelda approaches her from behind and strikes her with a hammer, killing her almost instantly. She then buries Hilda in the Cain Pit, a grave on the grounds of the Spellman Mortuary which has the ability to bring witches back from the dead. As she covers Hilda's grave, the Kempers arrives, the mortal parents of the dead witch.

Ambrose learns that Connor had a familiar

Ambrose opens the casket and shows the Kempers their son. They're pleased with Ambrose's work. Over tea, he asks them if there is any news on what happened to Connor. Unfortunately, the police had no leads. He then asks if they should be expecting a crowd for Connor's visitation, but they inform him that Connor didn't have many friends. He was quiet and loved reading. That, and talking to his lizard. The Kempers explain that Connor kept an iguana in his room under a heat lamp. He would feed it and talk to it. Ambrose suspects that the iguana was Connor's familiar, but h doesn't inform the Kempers of this.

After their meeting, Ambrose informs Zelda that Connor was a witch and he even suspects he had an iguana. When asked about Hilda, Zelda tells Ambrose that she killed her and buried her in the yard.

Sabrina and the Weird Sisters invite the boys to the mines

Later that night, Sabrina (dressed in a similar fashion to the Weird Sisters), Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha approach Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth outside a convenience store. They are hoping the boys will join them for a party in the mines. While they recognize Sabrina from Baxter High, they asks where her friends attend, presumably Riverdale High School, but Prudence simply states that it's a special school. Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha take the boys to the Greendale Mines, what some call "The Devil's Doorway." The mines run so deep that one shaft takes you down to hell. The girls lead the boys into the mines, though the boys start to regret their decision almost instantly.

Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas scare off the boys

Sabrina, Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha undress, quickly followed by Carl, Billy, Ed, and Seth. The girls have cast an illusion spell on the boys to trick them into hooking up with themselves. The illusion fades once the flash from Sabrina's camera goes off. Sabrina tells them that the pictures will be posted all over the school if they hit Susie or any girl ever again. When Billy becomes aggressive, Prudence takes charge. She cuts off the lights, and she and her sisters transform, taking on a ghoulish appearance, consisting of gray-green skin, glowing eyes, and black-rimmed teeth, causing the boys to run in fear. Salem watches from outside as the boys come rushing out.

Sabrina finds the boys' boyhoods

Back inside the mines, Sabrina finds a steel cage with four birds inside sitting on the ground. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha took the boys' boyhood. Until Sabrina releases the birds, Seth, Ed, Billy, and Carl won't be rising to any occasion. Dorcas believes that a few weeks of impotence might teach them better manners. Prudence then states that Sabrina might be more suited for the Academy than they initially thought. They know Sabrina lied, but they helped her anyways because they enjoy tormenting mortal boys. Sabrina didn't want to leave with her friends still having to deal with the boys. Prudence questions why leave at all if she cares about her friends. Sabrina explains that with the visit from Father Blackwood, she wasn't sure she had a choice in the matter, which came as a surprise to the Weird Sisters. Prudence tells Sabrina that singing her name into the Book of the Beast is an even exchange. She gives up her freedom in exchange for power. However, Sabrina wants both.

Sabrina and Harvey outside his house

Sabrina heads over to Harvey's house, where they discuss Roz' Halloween party. Her parents are out of town on a retreat with the church. Sabrina then proposes a scenario where Harvey's a kid who meets a wizard in a cave that offers to grant him super powers, but in exchange for these powers, he has to give up everything up in his life. Harvey tells Sabrina that he wouldn't take the deal because that would mean giving up her. Pleased with his answer, she kisses him.

Hilda resurrects

Zelda sits on the front porch as Hilda rises from her grave. With each slaying, it takes Hilda longer to resurrect. Hilda is upset that her own sister keeps killing her, however, Zelda believes it was well deserved after Hilda decided to encourage Sabrina to do anything other than join the Church of Night. If Sabrina doesn't sign her name, then they would've failed Edward and the Dark Lord. Zelda advises Hilda to keep her regrets or doubts to herself as Sabrina has no real choice in the matter. Unbeknownst to Hilda and Zelda, Sabrina has been listening in from the other side of the porch.

Hilda prepares Sabrina's dress

Friday, October 31st, Halloween. Sabrina’s birthday has finally arrived. Hilda is preparing Sabrina’s ceremonial dress, which is actually her mother’s wedding dress. Initially, witches were only allowed to wear black to their baptism, but that hasn’t been the rule for years. Hilda assures Sabrina that there’s nothing to fear.

Zelda has taken the liberty to call Sabrina’s school and excuse her. The day before her baptism should be spent in contemplation, reading her satanic verses. However, Sabrina hasn’t even had the time to say goodbye, not that Zelda is concerned.

Madam Satan learns from Mrs. Meeks that Sabrina will not be coming into school.

Ambrose warns Sabrina of what comes with signing her name

Ambrose has been tasked with watching over Sabrina for the day. She wonders if she’ll still be able to see her friends. Ambrose explains that it is discouraged for witches to have meaningful connections to mortals. It is forbidden by the coven. They’ll see to it. It’s as though the veil drops between Sabrina and the mortal world. Eventually, she’ll be weaned from it. She won’t forget them, but she’ll want to. Or else the pain would be too much to bare. Time slows down. They’ll grow old and Sabrina won’t. And everything that’s so important to them will seem trivial and pale to Sabrina. The longer she’s a witch, the more she’ll understand that it’s better to forget the mortal world and be ready for what’s ahead. Sabrina wipes her tears and decides to spend her final night with her friends.

Black Narcissuss

Hilda and Zelda visit Farmer Putnam, from whom they purchase a black goat named Black narcissus that they then take into the woods.

Harvey arrives to pick Sabrina up as she has decided to attend Roz’ Halloween party. Harvey, dressed as a miner, and Sabrina dressed in her mother’s white wedding dress. Harvey appears almost mesmerized. Ambrose urges them to leave before Hilda and Zelda return. He assures Sabrina that he’ll tell them that she’ll meet them at the appointed hour and place.

Sabrina celebrates her birthday

Sabrina and Harvey arrive at Roz’s party, where she is immediately greeted by Rosalind. They move into the kitchen, where Sabrina checks in on Susie, who is doing much better. Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Susie then hit the dance floor. Afterward, the party sings Happy Birthday to Sabrina. She makes a wish and blows out the candles on her cake. As she and Harvey slow dances, she tells him that she wished for more amazing times together. She then asks him to never hate her, no matter what, but he can't understand why he ever would. The party moves outside, where the moon is at its fullest and begins to turn red. With midnight approaching, Sabrina rushes off into the woods, but not before kissing Harvey goodbye.

Sabrina's Dark Baptism

Sabrina sprints through the woods in her mother’s white wedding dress. As she passes under the threshold, her once white dress magically turns black. Sabrina passes through the blue flames and arrives at her baptism, where Hilda, Zelda, Father Blackwood, Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha, and many others are in attendance. Hilda and Zelda present Sabrina for her unholy baptism. They disrobe her as part of the ceremony. Madam Satan watches from the shadows as Sabrina kneels. Father Blackwood smears blood over Sabrina's forehead and read Sabrina her rights and demands her loyalty. However, when it comes time to sign the Dark Lord’s Book of the Beast with her blood, Sabrina backs out after realizing that she would have to give up her free will. She takes off running after seeing her parents, Edward and Diana, in the shadows, telling her to run. Father Blackwood orders the coven to get her.

Sabrina refuses to sign her name

Sabrina attempts to escape but she becomes entangled in magical possessed vines, though she manages to narrowly escape. Ambrose and Salem are sitting on the porch as Sabrina comes screaming for help, with the coven not far behind her. Father Blackwood demands Sabrina’s signature, but she refuses. She believes that there’s another path for her, similar to that of her mother and father’s. When Father Blackwood orders Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha to take Sabrina, Ambrose informs them that a circle of protection rings the house, and no witch save for a Spellman may cross it. Any unwelcome witch that tries shall burn. With that, the coven retreats. Little did they know, Ambrose was bluffing. Zelda and Hilda brush right pass Sabrina and head inside.

The Dark Lord grants Madam Satan another chance

Madam Satan prays to the Dark Lord for forgiveness after failing to deliver him Sabrina. He approaches her and gives her another chance. She is gracious, so much so that she kisses his feet. Madam Satan promises that she won't fail again.

Monday, November 3rd. Sabrina enters the kitchen. She is greeted by everyone except her aunt Zelda, who is disappointed in Sabrina as she humiliated them in front of the entire coven and dishonored the Spellman name. However, Sabrina reasons that all bets were off after Blackwood lied to her face. Sabrina also informs Hilda, Zelda, and Ambrose how she possibly saw the ghost of her parents during the ceremony, who told her to run.

The Dark Lord demands Sabrina's servitude

Sabrina returns to school and she, Rosalind, and Susie hold the first WICCA meeting. Madam Satan also attends. Before the meeting can commence, Sabrina is called into the principal's office. While on her way, she runs into Harvey, who she informs of her super-intense weekend. Sabrina enters Principal Hawthorne’s office, where time seems to stop. Blood runs from his eyes and foam from his mouth. He is under the Dark Lord’s possession. While he admires Sabrina's defiance, he demands that she sign his book, but she refuses. Dark Lord insists that he’ll win in the end because Sabrina’s flesh is mortal and in the end, all mortal flesh must burn.



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