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What you are about to witness are three twisted tales connected to the tragic and macabre events that befell the town of Riverdale. Known as the "Black Hood murders," they were all the more tragic because those who bore witness to these terrible things were so young. A seemingly random shooting quickly revealed itself to be the first in a series of gruesome attacks perpetrated by a hooded assailant. These latest chapters began with the discovery if a letter from the Black Hood affixed to the door of Pop Tate's Chock'lit shoppe.
— Opening narration

"Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Darkside" is the seventh episode of the second season of Riverdale[2], and the twentieth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 29, 2017.


A TEST FROM THE BLACK HOODRiverdale remains on edge after a chilling letter from the Black Hood challenges the town’s residents to remain sinless for 48 hours – or he’ll strike again. Meanwhile, Jughead and Archie’s friendship gets tested after Penny Peabody unexpectedly calls in a favor that Jughead owes her. Elsewhere, Betty and Veronica team up to investigate someone who Betty thinks could be the Black Hood killer. Finally, things take an unexpected turn for Josie when a secret admirer takes things one step too far. [3]



A recall of previous events ended with an audio with scratchy quality, and white text slowly crawls across the screen.

"What you are about to witness are three twisted tales connected to the tragic and macabre events that befell the town of Riverdale.

Known as the "Black Hood murders," they were all the more tragic because those who bore witness to these terrible things were so young.

A seemingly random shooting quickly revealed itself to be the first in a series of gruesome attacks perpetrated by a hooded assailant.

These latest chapters began with the discovery of a letter from the Black Hood affixed to the door of Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe."

Sheriff Keller, Pop Tate, and Mayor McCoy read the Black Hood's letter.

At Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Pop Tate, Sheriff Keller and Sierra McCoy stand beside each other as the Sheriff reads Black Hood's letter which he left at the door of the diner. In the letter, the Black Hood claims Mr. Phillips' death as his doing. He then addresses the people of Riverdale as he warns them that the next 48 hours will be a test; if they show him they're "pure-of-heart", his work end. However, if the people continue to sin, he'll continue purging the town of sinners.

Jughead and Betty sleeping together in his trailer.

Jughead and Betty are sleeping in his trailer at Sunnyside Trailer Park. Betty says that she thought that she outsmarted the Black Hood. By having Robert Phillips arrested, she thought he would be safe and his life wouldn't be taken. Jughead, who thinks she's putting herself down, attempts to comfort her. He says that Phillips didn't deserve what was coming to him, but he brought up the fact that he was a high school teacher that deals drugs, under the name of the Sugarman. He attempts to go on, but Betty cuts him off, wondering as to how the Black Hood got into the station in the first place. She was also about to say something, but trailed off, which prompted Jughead to ask her what she was about to say, and called her "Poirot". She shoos it away, saying that it was crazy. His phone rings, and he reaches to answer it. It turns out to be Penny Peabody, who brings up the "favor" that she talked about recently. She says that she's calling it in, and Jughead is confused and remembers what his father, FP Jones, said about her. Penny tells him to meet her at Pop's, as she's hungry, as the line disconnects, in which he scoffs in disbelief.

Penny and Jughead talking about his dad's status in prison.

At Pop's, he tells her that he won't be able to do the favor for her, whatever it is. He even considers having to pay her for helping his dad, when Penny interrupts. She says that he needs more help, which was the purpose of calling him. FP got in a little "accident", she says, with some Ghoulies in the prison showers the other day. Jughead is in disbelief, and eyes filled with concern. Penny attempts comforts his concerns, telling him that he's in the infirmary. Jughead asks if he is okay, in which Penny replies with that they messed up "that pretty face of his", in which he exhales in relief. She said that the purpose of the confrontation was that the Ghoulies wanted "blood payback" for the deal that Jughead and the Northsider made with the sheriff. She continues, saying that the deal got all the Ghoulies' higher-ups locked away. He was about to say that wasn't his doing, but follows up, asking what they can do in order to get him out, prematurely killing his first sentence. Penny livens up, saying that in order to do that, they'd need money, and says that rich people don't sit in jail, and money "greases the wheels of justice". He brings up the fact that he only has $18 to his name. She thinks of this as an idea and snatches it. She says that they should maybe think of the favor as job, as a one time delivery, hinting the task, whilst Jughead is not taking the hint. She reveals the task, which is just picking up a crate on the Southside, and deliver it to an address in Greendale. He asks what the contents of the crate are, and she replies with "pancake mix". He gets what she's saying, and tells her that he won't be her drug-runner. She denies the term of drug-runner, instead replacing it with "transportation adviser". Penny says that if he does the task, she'll use Jughead's cut of the cash for his dad's case. He gives in, and accepts the task. She says that he just has to make the drop-off and get out before midnight, as he does not want to be in Greendale after midnight, according to her. She continues, saying that the crate will not be able to fit on her bike, and asks if he can get a car, which leads to one of the twisted tales that are connected to the tragic and macabre events that befell Riverdale: the tale of Archie and Jughead.

First twisted tale.

At Riverdale High School, Jughead talks to Archie Andrews, when Cheryl Blossom pushes them out of the way, calling them "Bert & Ernie", as Josie McCoy is right behind her tail. Jughead attempts to enlist Archie's help in the drug transport. In order to ensure the acceptance from Archie, he says that Archie owes him, after the little stunt he pulled at the drag race. Archie accepts, telling Jughead to tell him the details, in which he replies, saying that it's tonight, and that his father, Fred Andrews, may need to be involved in terms of the mode of transportation. Jughead notices that Archie is attempting to ask a question, in which he says that no questions should be asked, as the lesser he knows, the better.

Crate filled with drugs that Jughead and Archie have to transport.

In the night, the two of them drive out to retrieve Penny's crate of drugs that are to be delivered to Greendale. Upon arriving at the shipping yard, they find the large crate in a shipping container, locked with chains. Jughead and Archie then load it into the truck and drive off. While Archie is willing to see it through, he has to ask where does Jughead being a Serpent end. However, this is a question that not even Jughead can answer, as he is living minute to minute. Archie tells Jughead of the idea he has about them moving to New York after graduation, where he'd be a musician and Jughead a writer, both living somewhere like the east village, which doesn't exist anymore, Jughead comments. Where are Betty and Veronica in this scenario, Jughead asks. Archie replies that they are roommates in park avenue. Unfortunately, as they were driving, the truck catches a flat tire, forcing them to call Kevin, who has a truck of his own.

As they contemplate their next move, a truck drives past Archie and Jughead, which upon seeing them stops. A man named Farmer McGinty steps out of the truck to offer assistance. While the farmer doesn't have a spare tire to offer, he is willing to give them a ride to Greendale, but not without pay, and he only has room for one. What's in the crate, he asks. "Pancake mix", Jughead stats, before agreeing to pay the farmer his last $18 for the ride. As for Archie, Jughead tells him that he has fulfilled the favor, and that they are square. As Archie and Jughead load the crate into Farmer Mcginty's truck, they notice a tarp that is surrounded with flies, in which the man tells them to not look under the tarp. However, Jughead still gets inside the truck with the man. As Jughead drives off with Farmer McGinty, he comments that when he first pulled up, he mistook Archie for Jason Blossom, just for a moment, reasoning that "you never know on the road to Greendale". While in truck with Farmer McGinty, a station on the radio plays a man preaching about the Black Hood, and his attempt to cleanse Riverdale of sinners; "this is truly judgment day, and he is the reaper, for Riverdale is soulless and corrupt. But in the Black of the Hood is the light of God, and when you see it, you will die. Unless you are of heavenly things and pure of heart". There are a lot of people who believe that the Black Hood is doing God's work. The recent attacks reminds Farmer McGinty of the Riverdale Reaper, which is news to Jughead.

The bloodied deer that Archie encountered.

Back at the stop where Archie is with his father's car, the maintenance man from Triple C fixed the tire, and drove away. Archie spots a deer attempt to walk across the road. It was bloodied, and when it made contact with Archie, it's flooded with jet black. The deer walks on, and Archie is complete unsettled.

At the gas station, the man tells Jughead to fill up on gas, and he uses his only $18. Jughead becomes curious as to what's under the tarp, and sees a trail of blood, and flies buzzing around the tarp. He lifts the tarp, to see a dead deer, which unsettles him. The mysterious man calls him, and Jughead becomes on edge, as he knows that he shouldn't have looked under the tarp. The man didn't seem to notice, and tells him that there is a cafe nearby, and says that he's starving.

At the cafe, the man reveals that he did actually happen to see Jughead look under the tarp. He tells Jughead to not worry, as he has his permits, which allow him to hunt. He's not a thrill-seeking sicko, like the Black Hood OR the Riverdale Reaper. Jughead is curious, and asks who the Riverdale Reaper is, to which the man reveals the story.

"There was a family living out near Fox Forest. Good family. Mother, father, two kids. One night, they were all asleep, someone broke in. A boogeyman went room to room with a shotgun. Shot 'em all dead. No survivors. Some people say the lynch mob got him. Hung him from the tree near Pickens Park. Others think he hopped a train and went out to California. Started praying to the Devil. Others say he never left Riverdale."

Jughead asks if the man thinks that the Riverdale Reaper is the Black Hood. The man says that he's sayign that there's a cycle to things. What's happened then, what's happening now. "It's killing season in Riverdale. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same man," he said. The waitress slams down the check, and tells them to pay when ready. The man turns the tables on Jughead, saying that Jughead will pay for it. Jughead is confused, and says that he doesn't have any money, as he gave the rest of the $18 to the man, to which he responds, saying that he used that for the gas. The waitress cuts in, saying that somebody has got to pay for the meal. The man wishes "Crown Boy" good luck, and attempts to leave with the crate, to which the waitress denies exit, and that she's calling the sheriff. Both men yell no, when Archie walks in and asks what's going on. The waitress says that they're trying to attempt a dine and ditch. The man tries to turn it on them, saying that they have a crate full of "God-knows-what". He calls both men sinners, and tells them to be careful, or they'll taste the Reaper's blade next. Archie offers to pay for the bill, and asks if they take debit.

Outside the cafe, the man drives away, whilst Archie and Jughead are loading up the crate in Archie's father's newly-repaired truck. Jughead thanks Archie for coming back for him, and Archie says that he said he'd see this through. Jughead notes the time, and says that it's close to midnight, and they get going. Again, they have a moment, a few moments rather, of awkward silence. They arrive at the location, and unload the crate. They enter a huge room, and load the crate in the center of the room. They notice wheels squeaking, and see a pair walking into the room. Rather, one man walking into the room, wheeling someone else into the room. A woman tells them that they are late. The woman has a strong European accent, and the assistant makes a flair with his jacket to reveal a gun in its holster by his side, to which both Jughead and Archie jump back in fear. The woman tells them to not be late next time. Jughead tells her there is no next time, and that this was a one time thing. She replies, saying, "That's not what Snake Charmer tells me," referring to Penny Peabody. She continues, saying that Penny said that the Serpents are taking over for the Ghoulies, that they're set for a regular delivery, with a regular delivery boy. She concludes, asking which one of the boys is Jughead Jones. Jughead asks how she knows his name, and he reveals his identity. She is somewhat satisfied, and Jughead and Archie rush out of the area, obviously unsettled.

Jughead and Archie reconvening at Pop's after the drug deal.

They reconvene at Pop's, and Jughead thanks him again for helping him tonight, and that this event violates every strand of his DNA. Archie says that everyone has done bad things, ever since the Black Hood walked into the diner. "It's like he's making us do them," Archie says. Jughead says that he's thinking about the guy that stopped for them tonight, and called him "Mr. American Gothic". He says that he was also thinking about his story about the Riverdale Reaper. He says it's probably just a tale from the dark side, but what if it's an actual lead? Jughead proposes another thing that him and Archie could do, which is go to the library, to which Archie cuts him off, saying that him and Reggie Mantle are taking Moose Mason to physical therapy, after the shooting at the park that Midge Klump was also a victim of, with the Black Hood being the perpetrator. He says that he also has dinner with his girlfriend Veronica Lodge, and her family, Hermione Lodge and Hiram Lodge. He proposes the day after, and Jughead accepts. Archie asks if there is any way that Jughead could get out of all this bad business. Jughead says that he'll try. Archie asks if he can take Jughead home, as it's practically dawn, but Jughead declines the offer, as visiting hours starting right at sun-up, and he's going to go visit his dad. As Jughead leaves the diner, the phone rings.

The ringing continues until Jughead is at the jail, in the visiting station. The door buzzes, to let FP in. Jughead is slow to pick up the phone, and looks terrified, which catches FP's attention. FP asks what is wrong, saying that Jughead looks like he's seen a ghost. He takes a deep, shaky breath.

At his trailer in Sunnyside Trailer Park, Jughead asks, "What the hell game are you playing, Penny?!", obviously enraged, as she lied to him, which is revealed that FP didn't actually get into a confrontation with the Ghoulies in the showers. Penny attempts to make sense of the situation, saying that she incentivied him. Jughead fires back, saying that she said that this was going to be a one-and-done. Penny finally cuts right to the chase, and says that at least he doesn't have a choice. She pulls out her phone, and shows him a surveillance video of him and Archie pulling the cart of drugs into the facility. Jughead asks what this is, to which she replies with, " you'll do what I say." And if he makes a stink, attempts to back out, or raise his voice to her again, she'll make sure that the video will go STRAIGHT to the Sheriff's office. She continues that FP's heart would be broken if that video leaked to the authorities. He asks, "Why me?", to which Penny replies with that FP made her a promise, that he didn't keep. And as far as she's concerned, his debt is also Jughead's, and that she's still just getting started with him, and walks out of his trailer.

The second twisted tale.

The next twisted tale is Josie. She is practicing her song, and the door opens. She's startled, and scared at the same time. It's nothing to fear, as it's the school's janitor, Mr. Svenson. He says that he's about to lock up, and asks if she'll be okay. Josie says that she'll slip out the side door, as usual. He accepts, as long as she doesn't tell Waldo Weatherbee, the principal of the school, as he'd have the janitor's head. She makes a motion across her mouth, as if to signal that their secret is safe with her. She continues practing.

As she exits the school, she hears footsteps approaching, and walks at a quicker pace, and soon breaks out into a run.

An extremely concerned mayor talking to her daughter.

At the Five Seasons, Sierra McCoy sees her daughter as she walks in, as to confront her. She takes a deep sigh of relief. Sierra asks her daughter why she moved them to the Five Seasons, to which she replies with that Sierra didn't feel safe living at their home. She replies, saying that she doesn't want Josie walking the streets alone, not with the Black Hood still at large. She continues, saying that she's really close to assigning Josie a deputy for more assured security. Josie scoffs, saying that she doesn't need a bodyguard, and refers to Whitney Houston, saying that she's not her...yet. Sierra doesn't take the joke and says that she wants Josie in the hotel before dark from now on, and asks for Josie's understanding, and is met with a deep sigh and a yes.

At Riverdale High, Josie is walking with Cheryl, and tells her that the Black Hood has her mother is on edge, which also has her on edge, and when she's stressed, it makes the polyps on her vocal chords swell and lose her voice. On top of that, she's going behind the Pussycats' back, which is the band that she is the current leader of. She's working on songs without them. Cheryl understands, saying that Josie feels like she's sinning, and the Black Hood is going after sinners. She says that she gets it, and that she's allowed to feel guilty. Cheryl said that she took a video of the Pussycats singing a cover of "Milkshake" and send it to a producer at Shabbey Road Studios. She continues, saying that he was adamant about giving Josie and Josie alone, studio time. Josie gives Cheryl a friendly and grateful smile and turns towards her locker to open it. She finds a teddy bear with a sticky note on it, saying "I'll be watching YOU". It is revealed by Cheryl that this is the third gift given to Josie this week, and wonders who the secret admirer is. Josie doesn't care about who is attempting to court her, but is caring about her own privacy, and says she needs a new lock. Cheryl proposes it's possibly the Black Hood, as he loves writing notes, considering the letters dropped off at the Cooper house and at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Josie tells her to stop, as this is not a joke, and they walk their separate ways.

In the classroom, Josie is yet again, practicing her music alone, and not with the Pussycats. She's getting along with her music, when there is a knock at the door, which interrupts her work. She turns around, and it turns out to be Chuck Clayton, a former member of the football team, but was kicked out, due to his misogynistic ways. Josie asks if she could be of any assistance, and Chuck says that he couldn't resist after hearing her "beautiful voice". Upon hearing that, Josie takes a deep sigh of annoyance, as she knows that he's done this before with previously girls, and is about to get back to practicing, when Chuck speaks again. "This may be out of the blue, but I was wondering if maybe--", he says, but is immediately cut off by Josie. "Not even with some cheese fries at Pop's?", Chuck says, which shocks Josie. She asks him if he's the one putting love letters and gifts in her locker, and he says that he could be, to which she responds with disgust. Josie continues, saying that she doesn't date, and not even chauvinistic, misogynistic harassers of women, and applies it to him. He takes a deep sigh, as Josie walks out, and goes to her biology class.

At biology class, Josie reveals to Cheryl about Chuck asking her out. Cheryl told her that was vile, and assumes that Josie said no. To which Josie says that didn't accept the date, as she's not insane. Cheryl takes that as a good thing, as they have a date with the recording studio, maybe after school today. Josie takes a deep sigh, as she's heading straight to the girls' locker room for a eucalyptus steam. Her throat's been acting up, and Cheryl doesn't like her plans, as they have practice. Josie cuts in, annoyed, saying that she doesn't know who's more controlling, her or her mother. Cheryl is taken aback, and says that what Josie did, saving her from Nick St. Clair, it's a debt she'll never be able to repay. But what she can do is to offer her humble skils to Josie in order to make her career blossom. However, she's happy to take a step back if Josie's feeling overwhelmed. Josie calms down and takes Cheryl by the hand, saying that it's all good.

Josie confronted by the rest of the Pussycats.

At the ladies' locker room, she has just finished her eucalyptus steam, to help heal her vocal cords. As she's walking, she bumps into Valerie Brown, and Melody Valentine, fellow band member of the Pussycats, and they don't look happy. Josie asks what is going on, as she's startled. Valerie speaks, and asks if it's true that Josie is going to ditch the Pussycats. Melody said that someone put a note in her locker, and Josie is conflicted. Valerie walks up to her, and says that women are supposed to treat each other better than this, that they're sisters, and she clawed them both in the back. Josie is on the defensive, and says that it's not as black-and-white as that. She reveals the opportunity that just fell onto her lap. Valerie fires back, asking why she didn't tell the rest of the band, "Why be all shady and hide it?", she says. Melody backs her up, saying that she probably wants to try it as a solo diva. Melody tells her to go ahead, as they both quit the Pussycats. Before she leaves, she says "Pride cometh before the fall, Josie.", and leaves. Josie is close to tears, but doesn't cry.

She walks out of the locker room, fully dressed, and it is dark outside. Again, footsteps approach, and she is on edge once again. Josie asks who is there, with a hint of fear in her voice. She starts to walk fast, anxious to get out of the school. As she turns the corner she is bumped into a person, and she screams. It turns out to be Chuck Clayton. Chuck asks if she's okay, to which she replies with a breath of relief, as it isn't the Black Hood after her. Josie asks him if he can give her a ride home, to which he accepts, but after making one stop first.

Chuck and Josie on a "date".

They are at Pop's, and Josie tells him to stop giving her that look. That "we are on a date" look, as they are NOT on a date. Chuck gets serious, and tells Josie that he doesn't have a great track record, to which Josie fully knows, and adds a condescending and jokingly "Hmm." Chuck says that he's changing, and that he's going to church with his father, and taking art classes. Josie asks if it's to objectify models, but Chuck says no, as he wants to draw comics or kids books. Josie tells him to be realistic, as she believes that Chuck is expecting her to just believe that he's changed. Pop walks up to their table, and tells Chuck that it's truly nice seeing him at church on Sundays, and maybe he can get Josie to come. Josie asks if this was a planned thing to get Josie's heart, but Chuck reveals that he's good, but not that good. They share a laugh, and Chuck says that he's really trying to be better. At the diner, a dance song plays, and Chuck asks Josie for a dance, to which she accepts. They start to get into the song, and then Mayor McCoy bursts into the diner. She calls her a "damned fool", and Josie asks what she's doing here. Out of vehement anger, Sierra tells her daughter to check her phone, as she's been texting her for hours, whilst Josie is in a diner doing the twist. Josie tells her mother to relax, as Chuck cuts in, saying that she was just about to give Josie a ride home. Sierra leaves her death gaze off her daughter and lasers in on Chuck, telling him that she doesn't want a guy like him within ten feet of her daughter.

Mother and daughter comforting each other.

At the Five Seasons, Sierra is joined with the sheriff, and tells her daughter to not act out, not even with everything that's going on. Josie says that she's not acting out, like her mother says, but just living her life. That, to which her mother replies, "There are people in this town with hate in their hearts. You've read the letters I used to get. The words they used...and now, since the Black Hood started, it's gotten so much worse. It's's like they're emboldened by him." She reveals that yet again, she's beginning to receive death threats. Josie replies with shock as her mother continues, saying that the words they said, such as they're going to "slit her throat", or "cut out her heart", and refers to them as monsters. And adding on to that, she says that the last letter she got, was towards her own innocent daughter. The sheriff finally breaks his silence, and asks Josie if she's received any letters, or packages of the sort like her mother's, anything suspicious, or threatening. She breaks her gaze from Sheriff Keller, and faces her mother, on the brim of tears, and says no, nothing of the sort. Sierra tells her daughter that she's worked so hard to get the family here, to shield them from the kind of hatred that they are currently getting. Josie takes her mother by the hand, and her mother comes over so that they can comfort each other. Sierra shares a glance at Sheriff Keller, and gives him a smile.

At Riverdale High School, Cheryl is disgusted towards the things the people of town have written towards Josie's mother, and continues, by saying that this town is seriously ill. Josie finds that to be obvious, and says that her mother's the mayor, and that she's the strongest woman she knows, and for those cowards to be terrorizing her...

Cheryl asks her if she wants to bail on practice, but denies, saying that she needs to sing, in order to keep her mind off last night. "Speaking of," Cheryl said, "I cannot believe you went on a date with Church last night. Taking a few art classes does not a saint make." Josie cuts in, saying that he really is trying to be a better person. Cheryl fires back, asking if that's the reasons you didn't tell Sheriff Keller that he was "low-key" stalking her. The janitors faces them, attentive. Josie says that she's giving Chuck the benefit of the doubt. Cheryl concedes, telling Josie that it's her funeral.

They walk into the place where Josie usually practices her music, and finds a box with a rolled piece of paper, with a ribbon tied round. Cheryl says that Chuck knows how to commit, only assuming it's him. Josie picks up the paper, and gives a glance towards Cheryl, and unties it, revealing a drawing of her, scrawled with "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU NO ONE CAN". Cheryl is taken aback by the act of straight-forwardness from the admirer, and asks what's in the box. They open it to reveal a pig's heart, and both girls are now taken aback, and filled with fear. They rush out of the room, and Cheryl pushes Jughead and Archie out of the way, creating a sense of déjà vu.

Cheryl and Josie confront Chuck about the drawing and the pig's heart.

Both girls enter the student lounge, and tells Chuck that they got his note, and refers to him as "cretin". She continues, saying that the sick game that he is supposedly playing with Josie ends now. "Some people may be buying the snake oil you're peddling, but not me. You're still the same Chuck that thinks women are playthings to possess and torture," she says, vehement. Chuck is confused, asking Cheryl what she is talking about. Josie, the victim, cuts in, and says that stuffed animals are one thing, but a pig's heart is crossing the line a bit too far. Chuck attempts to make conversation, but Cheryl wants to cut deeper, and says that if the Black Hood weren't clearly an old white dude, she'd say that Chuck would be a prime suspect. The janitor, whose name is revealed as "Mr. Svenson", asks what is going on here. Cheryl is glad to see him, as he can clean up the trash, referring to Chuck. Cheryl tells Mr. Svenson the details, and he escorts Chuck out, but not without asking Josie for confirmation that he is, in fact, the person that he is supposed to be taking, to which she says yes, in spite of Chuck telling her that the one that gave her the pig's heart and drawing was not his doing. The janitor escorts an unwilling Chuck Clayton to the office, and to Mr. Weatherbee.

At the Five Seasons, Sheriff Keller ensures Josie's safety, by telling her that they spoke with Chuck, and they confirm that he'll be steering clear of her from here on out, to which Sierra McCoy gives a sign of true relief. She's glad that they found the miscreant that was targeting her innocent daughter, to which Sheriff Keller replies, saying that they might not have caught the perpetrator. He says that they spoke with Chuck, questioned him, and even checked his locker, but never found any evidence. Sierra tells him to keep looking, because if her daughter says that it's him, it's him.

Josie's nightmare.

Back at Riverdale High, Josie is yet again practicing her song. A mysterious man, who is revealed to be the Black Hood, pulls out a knife, and Josie is still unsuspecting. When she does however, and turns around, the Black Hood slits her throat. Josie immediately wakes up, and it is realized that this is a nightmare, which may have constricted her breathin, or lose her voice. Her mother comes to the rescue, and comes to comfort her.

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl is sitting comfortably in her couch, and listening to Josie's new song, Spooky, and hums along. She appears to be drawing something, and it turns out to be a picture of her and Josie. It is assumed that she was the person that snuck a drawing and a pig's heart into Josie's practice room.

Final twisted tale.

It seems to be another flashback, and it's Betty and Jughead sleeping together in his trailer, when Jughead receives the fateful call from Penny Peabody. This commences the third, and last twisted tale, the one of Betty and Veronica.

Kevin is walking with Betty and Veronica, and reveals that he is worried about his dad, as the whole town is turning on him. He says that his father is trying his best under the crazy circumstances, but everything concerning the Black Hood is getting to him, as he's the one to protect the town from danger. Betty and Veronica ask him how he deals with the stress piling down on him. Kevin says that his father's not sleeping, not even eating. He continues, saying that he can hear his father rummaging around the house at odd hours, talking to himself, and even going to lengths as to heading out on random occasions in the middle of the night. Betty and Veronica asks the same question again : "Where is he going?" Kevin doesn't know, but whatever it is, it's like his father is a completely different person.

Betty and Veronica discuss their theories on Sheriff Keller.

Betty and Veronica meet in one of the rooms of the high school, and contemplate on what Kevin just said. Veronica pities Kevin, saying he's like a character in a lost Tennessee Williams play. Betty reveals that she has a theory about Sheriff Keller, and Veronica replies, saying that she also has a theory, and says it's obvious. Betty and Veronica think that they have the same theory, but they're actually two completely different things. Betty says that he's the Black Hood, whilst Veronica says that he's having an affair. Veronica scoffs at Betty's theory, and asks if it's a joke. Betty sounds as if she's serious, and Veronica thinks she's crazy. She says that whatever crazy web that Betty's spinning, she's going to break it down for her to understand. Veronica lists the reasons as to why Sheriff Keller is NOT the Black Hood, but having an affair. She says that Sheriff Keller's wife's away, he's failing at his job, he's looking for comfort, sneaking around, and says that ALL signs point to cheating. Betty is still skeptical, and says that maybe he is having an affair, and he's the Black Hood. She says that the Black Hood killed Robert Phillips, IN a cell, AT the Sheriff's Station, and begs Veronica how she can explain that. Veronica veers away from the question and gets to the point at hand. She says that Kevin needs their friendship right now, and not Betty's groundless suspicions. Veronica continues, and tells her to not worry, as her intuition's telling her that Sheriff Keller IS having an affair, however, Betty needs to stay tuned whilst she proves it, and leaves the room, as the school bell rings.

Veronica takes Kevin by the arm and links it, and says that she's been wracking her brain for something that might cheer him up, and proposes a sleepover. Kevin is astonished, and excited to have a sleepover at the Pembrooke. However, Veronica brings up the delighting fact that she's never seen his house, and Kevin agrees.

Tom Keller and Betty talking about the break-in of the Black Hood.

Betty is at the Sheriff's Station, and is talking to Tom Keller. She says that she's writing a follow-up about Mr. Phillips, the recent victim of the Black Hood's purge of sin, and Mr. Keller says that he's happy to oblige. Betty begins, and asks him how the Black Hood get to the Sugarman, right here in the station. Sheriff says "forced entry", and he was out on patrol, and the overnight deputy was incompetent and fell asleep. She proposes that breaking into his station, seems like a ballsy thing to do. Sheriff Keller agrees, and pulls out a pile of pictures, showing signs of the forced entry, and tells Betty to take a look. He says that the Black Hood pried the door open from the outside. He shows her the rest of the Black Hood's doing, at the holding cells, where Phillips was held. Sheriff Keller reveals that they've done everything in order to find out the Black Hood's identity, but what enrages him is that it happened in his department, under his watch.

Veronica and Kevin have a sleepover.

At the Keller house, Veronica and Kevin are playing a board game, to which Veronica didn't know Kevin played, as she thought that he would be talking about boys and how attractive they are. Veronica receives a call from Betty and excuses herself, and asks if Kevin wants a beverage, as she'll go get them one, and he asks for a glass of milk. Betty asks Veronica why is she having a sleepover with Kevin, and why is she having it without her, and in the middle of an investigation. Veronica denies this being an investigation, but helping a friend deal with father's infidelities. Betty asks if she's attempting to still prove that Sheriff Keller is having an affair, and Veronica says yes, because why would she leave the comforts of the Pembrooke? Betty prods Veronica on, asking if she could add evidence that suggest Keller's the Black Hood to her imaginary "to-do list", and tells her to star in the home office, where the murder board from the death of Jason Blossom resides in. Veronica attempts to open the door, only to find out it's locked, and says that she doesn't have bobby pins, in advance, in case Betty were to ask the question. Betty tells her to check the basement. Veronica kids, saying that she's sure that's where he keeps all his spare hoods. She opens the door to the basement, and it makes a loud creak. You'd think that'd already attract the person in the basement to who, or what, is opening the door, but no one makes a sign of presence. Veronica, barely looking down the basement, tells her that she's not going down there, and Betty begs her to just check to see if something jumps out at her. Veronica closes her eyes, and concedes. She takes one step, which produces an extremely creaky sound. There is a man grunting repeatedly, and Veronica becomes filled with fear. It turns out to be Sheriff Keller just lifting weights, and Betty attempts to ask what's going on, but Veronica is spotted, and is forced to end the call. Sheriff Keller asks what he can do for her, and she stumbles on her words. She says that she was just grabbing a beverage from the fridge, but it's empty upstairs, so she came to check downstairs. Sheriff says that there might be some in the fridge downstairs, and pops it open, he gets out a drink for her, and opens it up. Her "thirst" is finally quenched, and commends Sheriff Keller on his quite fit physique. "I mean, Archie Andrews, watch your back," she says with a giggle. Sheriff Keller says that he doesn't do if for vanity, but for discipline and to push his limits. "And I'm sure it comes in hand on the job," Veronica says, to which he agrees. She reveals that things for have been stressful lately, and attempts to pop the question about affairs on Sheriff, but he doesn't take the hint. Kevin spots her down here, and asks Veronica what she's doing down in the basement. Kevin presumable offered Veronica the bed, so that she could sleep comfortably, and sleeps with a sleeping eye mask. She hears the door close, and she removes the blindfold, and checks the windows, to see Sheriff Keller driving off their driveway.

Betty listening attentively whilst Veronica relays the events that happened at the Keller house.

Veronica reveals what she saw to Betty, at Pop's, she replies with a satisfied look, as if she's proved her own theory. She takes out a newspaper, and tells Veronica to look at the front-page article of The Register, Riverdale's local newspaper. It reads, "DRUG ADDICT FOUND DEAD ON SOUTHSIDE RAILROAD TRACKS". It is revealed that the drug was Jingle Jangle, and that's what the Black Hood was after. Veronica brings up the fact that he was killed by being hit by a train, and Betty replies, saying that he was pushed in front of the train, and proposes that it was Sheriff Keller. Veronica fires back, saying that he probably stumbled into its path, considering that could possibly have been on drugs. Betty tells Veronica to think about all the locked doors in his house. "Why?", she says. Veronica tries to make sense of the situation, saying that he's possibly a private person. "Look, Betty, let's not confuse wanting a solution to this mystery, with actually having one, okay?", Veronica says. "This is Kevin's father we're talking about."

Back the Keller house, Sheriff Keller gets into his patrol car, and goes off the driveway. Betty is hiding in one of the bushes, attempting to break in, into his study room. She successfully does, but only to be caught by Sheriff Keller, last minute.

At the Sheriff's Station, Betty is joined by Hal Cooper, and Sheriff, as he reveals the seriousness of the situation: breaking into a sheriff's study room in his own home. Hal apologizes on behalf of Betty, that she accused him of being the Black Hood. "I can't imagine where she got that idea," he says. He reveals that she found out the things that could be considered evidence of the Black Hood's true identity, such as the black hood that he pulled out of Archie's locker. "With an overactive imagination, I can seen how it could look in a certain way." Sheriff Keller hands her his log book, which gives him the strongest alibi given. It shows that he has never missed a day, and has always followed the law, which denounces the theory that Sheriff Keller is the Black Hood. He says that he's not going to say anything to his son, Kevin, as to what went on, as that would break his heart, because they've been good friends for a long time.

Betty and Veronica hatching a plan.

Betty, back from the Sheriff Station, is in the Cooper house, and calls Veronica, and says that Sheriff Keller is hiding something. Veronica, who is done with Betty's persistent attitude, concedes, and is in on the investigation. "I'm in, for Kevin's sake," she says. "And also to keep you in check," she adds. They are both at the Keller house, and they are staking it out. They wait for Sheriff Keller to hop into his vehicle and they will follow the vehicle, discreetly of course, to wherever he is going. They do reach the destination, and it is the Shady Palm Motel. Sheriff Keller gets out of his truck, and gets out a duffel bag. He walks up to a door, and knocks, and it's opened to him. It is revealed to be Mayor McCoy, and they share a passionate kiss, to both Betty and Veronica's shock.

Pop Tate telling the diners that they have failed the test of the Black Hood.

They are back at Pop's, and they say that they are both in shock as to what they have seen. She says again that her woman's intuition was telling her that Sheriff Keller was having an affair, but with Mayor McCoy. "Riverdale's list of sinners keep expanding," she says. Veronica spots the boys, Archie and Jughead walk into Pop's and wants to ask them to join. "On second thought, it looks like they're having an intense broment," Veronica says, as she concedes. Betty asks Veronica as to how they tell Kevin about the infidelity, and Veronica says that they don't. "I think this is one of those secrets we keep," she says. Cheryl and Josie are sitting at a separate booth, as Cheryl is comforting her. It comes back to Archie and Jughead, who Archie asks Jughead for a ride home, as it's practically dawn. Jughead declines the offer and leaves. This scene has been repeated before, and it is revealed that these three twisted tales are all connected to Pop's where the phone rings. Pop Tate picks up the phone, answers it, and puts it down. He says that was him on the phone, referring to the Black Hood. He says that they failed the test, that they are all sinners, and that the reckoning is upon them.






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  • The episode title comes from George A. Romero's 1983 anthology horror TV series of the same name.
  • The opening text crawl is a parody of Tobe Hooper's 1974 horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
  • The episode was previously titled "Riverdale Confidential". Possibly, a reference to James Ellroy's 1990 noir novel L.A. Confidential and the 1997 film of the same name by Curtis Hanson.
  • Barclay Stiff voiced the opening scene.[4]
  • Josie makes a reference to The Bodyguard, a thriller/drama that Whitney Houston was a part of, who was also part of a reference made by Josie McCoy.
  • The crate of "pancake mix" that was transported by Archie and Jughead read the words "Miskatonic University via H.P. Lovecraft, Polar expedition Jan 13, 1923. A reference to H.P. Lovecraft's Chtulhu mythos and "At the Mountains of Madness".
  • When Veronica refers to Kevin as a character in a "lost" play, she references Tennessee Williams, a famous American playwright, known for being among the three of the most foremost playwrights of 20th-century American drama.
  • This is the first episode to imply that Greendale may have supernatural ties due to the fact that Penny tells Jughead that he doesn't want to be there after Midnight.



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