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"Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell" is the second episode of the third part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the twenty-second episode of the series overall.[1]


In Greendale, Sabrina explores a new hobby ... and a disturbing duty. Elsewhere, Prudence and Ambrose continue their search for Father Blackwood.



Lucifer taunts Sabrina through Nick

Sabrina visits Nick in the Academy's dungeon. She notices his clubbed foot and realized that her father has taken control of Nick’s body. Sabrina reminds Lucifer that he’s bound in Damascus steel and circled in salt, preventing him from escaping. She demands to talk to Nick. Lucifer pretends to allow Nick to regain control, which Sabrina is aware of and therefore asks to see his tongue. She points out that a forked tongue is a dead giveaway for the devil. She repeats her request, and this time, the Dark Lord allows Nick to surface. Sabrina promises him that she’s going to find a new prison for the Dark Lord. Nick pleads with her to hurry as she can’t hold on much longer. As Sabrina leaves, she unknowingly breaks the salt barrier.

Zelda enlists in Hilda’s help with running the Academy. However, Hilda had plans to see Dr. Cee, not that Zelda is concerned, as they have an assembly.

Sabrina searches for grimoires on the subject of soul transference in the Academy’s library. She asks Cassius for help and tells him to hold the book for her until she returns.

Roz and Sabrina join the Ravenettes

At Baxter High, Sabrina and Roz have joined the cheerleading squad; the Baxter High Ravenettes, led by Lizzie. Billy, Carl, and the Baxter High Ravens watch from the sidelines and cheer the girls on as they rehearse a routine. Afterward, Lizzie compliments Roz and Sabrina on their performances. They’re both generally excited for the upcoming pep rally. Lilith, having watched on from the crowd, intercepts Sabrina as she has royal matters to attend to.

Lilith informs Sabrina of her duty to collect souls

As regent, Lilith has come to begin Sabrina’s job training. Starting with dragging souls to Hell. Sabrina refuses, but Lilith informs her that dragging souls to Hell is her primary duty as queen, and with the Kings of Hell watching, it’s vitally important that she carries this out. If she fails, she’ll lose the throne to Caliban, and he’ll declare war on earth. Sabrina will escort the souls by hand and a path to Hell will present itself. Her first soul to collect is that of a man named Robert Robertson. Should the need arise to use force, Sabrina is being accompanied by the Infernal Bailiff.

Prudence and Ambrose travel to Scotland in search of Blackwood

Prudence and Ambrose have traveled to Scotland in search of Father Blackwood. Ambrose explains that the Loch Ness lies atop a powerful rift along the Earth's ley lines. Aleister Crowley himself once harnessed its energies for his own higher magick, which could warp the fabric of time. Prudence demands blood for the pain her father has caused her, and Ambrose assures her she will have it soon enough.

The Church of Night pray to Lilith

Zelda holds an assembly for with the coven. Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth watch on as Zelda recalls how her brother Edward stood on the same spot she is and told his students that there’s no limit to what they can achieve with hard work and dedication. Zelda stands before them with a message of equal hope. With Hilda at her side, Zelda leads the prayer to Lilith. Unbeknownst to them, Lucifer sits in the dungeon just beneath their feet, angered by their abandonment of him. Lucifer opens his mouth as dozens of beetles crawl out and escape through the break in the salt circle.

Sabrina contemplates claiming Robert's soul

Sabrina finds Robert Robertson playing chess in the park. He asks that she play one final game with him. Sabrina asks what could’ve been worth the price of his soul. He replies that it was his heart’s desire to be the greatest chess master in the world and for a time, he was. Sabrina gets checkmate and escorts Robert Robertson by hand to Hell. At the end of the street awaits two vehicles; a black one designated for Hell and a white one for Heaven. Sabrina doesn’t deem Robert worthy of Hell and instead seats him in the white vehicle headed for Heaven.

Lilith assures the kings that Sabrina will claim the next soul

Lilith arrives and portals Sabrina to Hell, where the Plague Kings, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Purson watched in disbelief as Sabrina failed to claim Robert Robertson’s soul. Lilith insists that Sabrina is still learning and that it was simply a momentary lapse of judgement. Caliban proposes that Sabrina answer why she relieved the mortal. Sabrina explains that he wasn’t worthy of damnation and decided to show him mercy, much to the Kings’ dismay. Lilith explains that Sabrina still has one more soul to claim. A man by the name of Jimmy Platt and insists that Sabrina will get it right.

"Lady Blackwood is a Bitch"

Agatha, Dorcas, Melvin, and Elspeth are among the dozen witches and warlocks seated as Zelda teaches class. Zelda hears laughter behind her back, but every time she turns around, the class is silent. She looks to the chalkboard to see that someone has written "Lady Blackwood is a bitch." She demands to know the witch or warlock responsible. When no one fesses up, she dismisses the class.

Sabrina goes to Harvey, Theo, and Roz for help in dealing with Jimmy Platt

Sabrina enters Harvey’s garage to find him, Roz, and Theo rehearsing. She interrupts to call a Fright Club meeting, during which time she informs them of her duties to drag souls to Hell. She reveals that Jimmy Platt, the ice cream truck guy is up next. They don’t tell her what he did, and so Sabrina is forced to figure it out on her own. However, she called the meeting because dragging Jimmy to Hell, assuming he deserves it, could be the key to saving Nick. When Sabrina finally drags Jimmy’s soul to Hell, it’ll leave behind his freshly dead body, which if they move fast enough, they can use as a new prison for the Dark Lord. Sabrina’s relying on her friends to follow her in the Spellman mortuary hearse to collect Jimmy Platt’s body after Sabrina takes his soul.

Elspeth and Melvin make out in the dungeon

Elspeth leads Melvin to the dungeons, where they proceed to make out, unbeknownst to them, just outside of the Dark Lord’s cell. Elspeth stops suddenly, claiming that something fell on her hair, only to continue making out with Melvin.

Zelda is in disbelief that one of her students called her a bitch. She doubts that they would’ve shown Father Blackwood the same disrespect despite him being a bitch by both Zelda and Hilda’s account. Melvin enters bloodied and bruised. He claims that Elspeth tried to kill him.

Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo tail Jimmy Platt’s ice cream truck in the Spellman mortuary hearse. Harvey is having second thoughts, but Sabrina assures him they must go through with it. When they see Sabrina walk away and Jimmy’s body slump dead, that’ll be their cue to steal the corpse.

Jimmy refuses to return to Hell with Sabrina

Sabrina approaches Jimmy and tells him that she’s come to collect. However, he informs her of his extension fee. Seven more years of life in exchange for an innocent soul. As soon as he finishes his shift, he’ll cut the little girl’s heart out and eat it. Sabrina is in disbelief and has no intention on extending Jimmy's contract. She’s brought the Infernal Bailiff as back up, however, no one knows where the little girl is but Jimmy. So, if Sabrina tries to take him to Hell, the girl will die. He gives Sabrina the ultimatum of either accepting his extension or leaving him alone.

Sabrina returns to the hearse to inform Harvey, Roz, and Theo that Jimmy tried to offer her a child sacrifice in exchange for an extension on his contract. And Sabrina can’t just take him to Hell because he’s keeping a little girl trapped somewhere. Sabrina vows to personally burn Jimmy Platt’s soul herself, but first she must see her father.

Flashback to Jimmy surviving a car crash years ago

Sabrina enters the dungeon and inquires about Jimmy Platt. The Dark Lord informs her that Jimmy was devoutly pious until he got into a horrendous car crash years ago. Mangled and dying, he called out to his false god to save him. Lucifer got there first. He offered Jimmy a simple standard deal: another seven years for his soul. He agreed and since then Lucifer has been giving him extensions. However, he only required an innocent soul. Children was Jimmy’s predilection. Sabrina refuses to offer him any more extensions, but she can’t drag him to Hell because he has a little girl tied up somewhere. Lucifer warns Sabrina that if she doesn’t bring Jimmy Platt to heel, then she’ll lose her throne to Caliban, who plans to expand into Sabrina’s realm.

Prudence attacks Blackwood

Prudence and Ambrose finally catch up to Father Blackwood near a river whilst he’s in the middle of a summoning ritual. Faustus, unaware that Prudence and Ambrose has tracked him down, calls upon the watery guardians of the west to rise. A creature known only as the Deep One rises from the water and gives Faustus some kind of large, transparent egg. As payment, Faustus offers the creature two sacrifices. Prudence charges Faustus with a sword. In the time it takes her to reach him, he’s killed the Deep One and turned his attention to Prudence. He disarms and knocks her to the ground. With Prudence’s life in jeopardy, Ambrose grabs the egg and threatens to destroy it. Faustus begs him not to. He’s spent 15 years inside a temporal church of his own making, purifying himself to wield magicks they couldn’t possibly fathom. While it’s been 15 years for him, it’s only been a month for Ambrose and Prudence. With the Dark Lord dethroned and the pits of the abyss unmanned, the old ones are returning to reclaim the Earth, and then the eldritch terrors, Blackwood claims. He lowers his guard and pleads with Ambrose to return the egg. This provides Prudence with the opportunity to knock him out from behind.

The Fright Club discovers that Lucy Anderson is missing

Harvey and Theo meet back up with Sabrina and Roz after returning from the police station where they found a missing person’s report for a young girl named Lucy Anderson that went missing three days ago from a playground. If Roz had something of Lucy’s, she could use her cunning to possibly find her. Lizzie and the Ravenettes interrupt to invite Sabrina and Roz along to get their nails and hair done at the mall. It’s a cheer tradition. Sabrina and Roz turn them down, claiming that Sabrina is taking Roz to the doctors for an eye check up.

Roz and Sabrina visit Mrs. Anderson

Moving forward, Sabrina and Roz visit Lucy Anderson’s mother. They explain that they wanted to help ever since they found out she was missing. The police have no leads, but Mrs. Anderson is certain that Lucy’s alive. Roz asks for a picture of Lucy so that they can make flyers to get the word out. Sabrina takes notice in the basket of pinwheels sitting on the table. Mrs. Anderson explains that Lucy collects them and that she had one with her when she disappeared. As Mrs. Anderson searches for a picture, Roz touches Lucy’s pinwheel. Using her cunning, Roz sees Lucy approach Jimmy’s ice cream truck just before he kidnaps her and stores her in what appears to be a freezer. Mrs. Anderson returns with a photo. Sabrina assures her that Lucy will return home unharmed and the man that took her will be condemned to Hell and tortured there for all eternity. Along with the photo, Sabrina takes a pinwheel. Before leaving, she compels Mrs. Anderson to get some rest and forget that she and Roz came by.

While running through the halls of Baxter High, Theo runs into new student Robin Goodfellow. He helps Robin gather his belongings and shows him to his locker. Robin claims to have moved from a tiny, boring town. After Theo helps Robin open his locker, he asks Theo if he’ll be attending the pep rally, which he will be.

Judas and Judith beg Prudence not to kill Blackwood

Prudence and Ambrose are at odds on what to do with Blackwood. They’ve circumnavigated the world in search of him, so Prudence wants to get through with killing him, however, Ambrose has questions for Faustus, such as what was he doing in Scotland and what did he mean by the old ones and the eldritch terrors. Ambrose wants to take Blackwood and the egg back to Greendale for interrogation, and then he could answer for his crimes in front of the entire coven. Prudence is hellbent on revenge, ignoring any reason Ambrose could possibly have to spare Blackwood. As she’s about to finish him off, the two teenagers whom he was offering up as sacrifices plead with Prudence not to kill their father. Prudence realizes that the sacrificial teenagers are her siblings, Judas and Judith, formerly known as Leticia. Meaning Father Blackwood was telling the truth about higher magicks of time and space.

As Zelda teaches a class, Agatha starts laughing hysterically. Zelda demands that she stop. When she doesn’t and even goes as far as calling Zelda a bitch, Zelda slaps Agatha in front of the entire class, forcing Hilda to intervene as Elspeth and Melvin comfort Agatha.

Sabrina and Roz perform a whispering gallery spell

Sabrina returns home with Roz, where she performs the whispering gallery spell. Using Lucy’s pinwheel, they may be able to talk to her. Sabrina recites the incantation and is able to speak with Lucy. She’s alone. She asks Sabrina to call her mom to come and get her. Sabrina asks Lucy where she is, which she replies that it’s a freezer. She asks if Sabrina’s close as she’s getting tired. With Lucy’s life on the line, Sabrina uses Lucy’s voice as a beacon to teleport despite Roz warning her of the possible risk.

Sabrina finds Lucy

Sabrina teleports inside the freezer and finds Lucy barely conscious. Unfortunately, now Sabrina’s trapped. Jimmy arrives and informs Sabrina that the sigils on the wall are one way. She can teleport inside the freezer, but she can’t teleport herself out. Jimmy then shuts the door, locking both Lucy and Sabrina inside.

In Hell, Caliban and Lilith await Sabrina’s return. Lilith assures him that Sabrina will return successful, having dragged Jimmy Platt’s soul to Hell. Lilith then orders her demon minion to fetch Caliban and the Plague Kings something to drink. She whispers that he should feel free to add his own piss and bile.

Hilda pulls a beetle from Zelda's hair

Hilda makes Zelda a cup of tranquility tea. Zelda regrets having slapped Agatha, explaining that it just happened. Hilda discovers that the cream for Zelda’s tea has spoiled despite it being fresh earlier that morning. Zelda explains that curdled cream in a witch’s cup can only mean one thing. The Devil’s afoot. Melvin then enters the office and present them with a beetle found in Agatha’s hair. Meaning the Dark Lord is certainly near. Hilda then pulls a beetle from Zelda’s hair, concluding that it was actually the Dark Lord who struck Agatha.

Zelda and Hilda inform the coven of the Dark Lord’s presence. They send the young witches and warlocks on a mission to search the academy in groups of twos. Melvin and Elspeth are among them. Zelda warns them against engaging should they find the Dark Lord or sense his presence. And Hilda warns them to rush back to the lobby should the flame on their candle burn blue.

Lilith saves Sabrina and Lucy

Sabrina attempts to keep Lucy awake long enough for her to free them. She then tries a spell, but the sigils on the wall see to it that she’s essentially powerless. Lilith arrives to save Sabrina and Lucy after being filled in by Roz of Sabrina’s antics. Lilith was able to find Sabrina because of the psychic trail she left behind, "like a slug leaves slime." Lilith questions why Sabrina didn’t just drag Jimmy Platt to Hell as she was tasked. Sabrina explains that she was trying to use him to save Nick. Lilith agrees to take Lucy home so long as Sabrina does her job and drag Jimmy to Hell.

As promised, Lilith brings Lucy home to her mother. Mrs. Anderson embraces Lucy and then asks who Lilith is, to which she replies that she’s Mary Wardwell. A teacher at Baxter High.

Theo and Robin at the pep rally

At the pep rally, Theo asks Robin if the ice cream gut said anything off-putting to him. Robin claims he didn’t. Meanwhile, Harvey contemplates taking matters into his own hands and dealing with Jimmy himself. Roz advises him against it as there’s a plan in the works. Harvey and Theo are backup while Roz is the distraction. Roz then joins Lizzie and the Ravenettes for their pep rally performance.

Sabrina glamours herself as a young boy wanting ice cream, allowing her to get close enough to Jimmy Platt to grab him. She removes the glamour and informs Jimmy that Lucy’s safe and back at home. Jimmy tries to scream out for help, but the infernal bailiff covers his mouth and drags him down to Hell.

Sabrina intends to reinvent Hell

Sabrina arrives in Hell with Jimmy and orders Lilith to burn Jimmy and ensure that he truly suffers for his crimes. The Plague Kings are still not convinced that Sabrina is suited to rule. Sabrina explains that she couldn’t care less about their blessings. She accepted her birthright to keep Hell where it belongs, away from the mortal realm. But that’s not enough. Her father's ways are broken, and Sabrina intends to reinvent Hell. Sabrina reminds that Plague Kings that she’s their sovereign and the reformation of Hell starts immediately.

Ambrose and Prudence returns with Blackwood

Sabrina returns home, where she is confronted by Hilda and Zelda after they discovered that the Dark Lord is chained up in the dungeon of the Academy. Zelda also informs Sabrina that Cassius stopped by to deliver books on soul transference, so they know what she’s planning. Sabrina explains that she couldn’t just leave Nick in Hell. She owed it to Nick to at least try and get Lucifer out of his body and into someone else’s. Zelda questions who Sabrina had in mind that could possibly be strong enough to act as a prison for the Dark Lord, to which Sabrina has no answer. Ambrose and Prudence teleport in the room with Father Blackwood as their prisoner, presenting the Spellmans with a new prison for the Dark Lord.

Sabrina and Zelda put Lucifer in Blackwood's body

Sabrina visits her father at the Academy, who upon first glance determines that something is different about Sabrina. She replies that she dragged her first soul to Hell. Lucifer asks how did it make her feel. She replies that it made her feel like she’s capable of anything. The infernal bailiff brings Faustus in. Closely followed behind by Zelda, who intends to assist Sabrina with the soul transference spell.

Judith and Judas under a living-doll spell

Prudence and Ambrose show Judith and Judas to their room. Ambrose assures them that they’ll be safe and entertained. Prudence promises to check in on them from time to time. Ambrose performed a living-doll spell to ensure that they won’t realize the passing of days nor feel hunger or pain. As for the egg, which Ambrose has placed in his fish tank, he intends to wait it out to see what happens. Prudence and Ambrose then start kissing.

Lucifer proposes that they wrestle, but Blackwood sees no reason for it. He’s seen beyond the veil of their world. He knows there are powers more vast and cosmic than a single vainglorious fallen angel such as Lucifer. Lucifer wonders if Faustus is referring to the old gods. Faustus explains that he speaks of the eldritch terrors. Older than the oldest gods.

Sabrina brings Nick home

Sabrina has brought Nick home with her. She kisses him awake and assures him that everything will be okay.

Harvey and Roz sit in the back of his truck in the woods. He compliments her performance at the pep rally, and they start kissing. He breaks at the sound of music. Upon investigation, he discovers that a carnival has arrived in Greendale.



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