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Like the Red Death showing up in an Edgar Allan Poe story, the Black Hood had come to Riverdale. With that grimmest of reapers looming over us, how did we cope? In the case of Archie and Veronica, it was through carnal defiance. With every kiss and embrace, they seemed to be saying: "You have no power over me, Death." In fact, "Varchie" became the opposite of death. In Archie's bedroom. In his garage. Even in the Pembrooke. After all, if our young lovers dared to defy the Black Hood, why not risk Hiram Lodge's wrath as well?
— Jughead

"Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil" is the eighth episode of the second season of Riverdale[2], and the twenty-first episode of the series overall. It premiered on December 6, 2017.


FP GETS RELEASED FROM PRISON — When Jughead learns that FP is getting released from prison, he and Betty organize a welcome home party with the Serpents to ease him back into his former life. Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica reach a crossroad in their relationship, but are forced to push their issues aside after Jughead and Betty ask them to take over the Black Hood investigation. [3]



Veronica and Archie kissing

"Like the Red Death showing up in an Edgar Allan Poe story, the Black Hood had come to Riverdale. With that grimmest of reapers looming over us, how did we cope? In the case of Archie and Veronica, it was through carnal defiance." Jughead Jones is at the Whyte Wyrm, adding yet another passage to his ongoing story about the town. Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge are in the student's lounge at Riverdale High School, and they are roughly making out in public. Cheryl Blossom spots them, and tells them to get a room. "With every kiss and embrace, they seemed to be saying: "You have no power over me, Death. In fact, "Varchie" became the opposite of death." At the Andrews house, Archie follows Veronica's lead into his room, and they initiate sex. "In Archie's his garage...even in the Pembrooke. After all, if our young lovers dared to defy the Black Hood, why not risk Hiram Lodge's wrath as well?"

Archie and Veronica after they have sex

After they finish having sex, Archie is concerned as to what Veronica's parents' reaction will be when they see them like this. Meanwhile, Veronica's parents are on a date at Pourqoui, and won't be home anytime soon, as the tasting menu at Pourquoi is 13 courses. We have hours yet, she adds. Veronica teases Archie, curious as to him ever wanting to make it in front of a roaring fire. This earns a laugh from Archie before he declares his love for her. Veronica is shocked by the response, and the ambiance is clearly broken, as they get up and clear their throats. "You, uh, wanna watch Netflix?" "I wonder what's on HBO," they say, talking over themselves over the awkwardness that has just happened. Archie proposes that he should go home just in case her parents come home, or, Veronica adds, they should get dressed at minimum. But Archie makes up an excuse to leave. Veronica says that this was amazing before Archie scrambles to his feet and leaves in haste. Veronica remains on the floor, rubbing her neck in search of comfort.

Jughead and Betty at Pop's

At Pop's, Jughead Jones is with Betty Cooper. He apologizes for being late, as there was no service in the bowels of city hall. Betty asks what he found there, if there was any truth to what the creepy truck driver said about that murdered family. "Yes, shockingly, Freddy Krueger didn't lie to me," he says. A family of four was, admittedly, murdered, by someone that the press called "the Riverdale Reaper". The victims were the Conway family, Ellen and Jim Conway, and their two kids. The Reaper was never caught or identified, so Jughead presumes that he could be the Black Hood. However, he's dubious, as the so-called "Riverdale Reaper" would be in his 60's by now. Betty asks for his motive, to which he responds that the reporter of the original article talked to a sheriff at the time, who thought that killer chose the victims at random, or because their house was isolated. Betty eggs him on, asking where the house was. He says that it was on the edge of Fox Forest, "down some service road", as he hands her a picture. It's the front page of the Register, which says: "HOUSE OF HORRORS: GRISLY DISCOVERY AS FAMILY OF FOUR FOUND BRUTALLY SLAIN" and shows their house on Fox Forest, like Jughead said. Betty reveals that this is the house that the Black Hood sent her to it, as part of his ongoing game with the town. Jughead says that there is definitely a link between the Black Hood and the Riverdale Reaper. He says that they should talk to Sheriff Keller, pull the files from the murders. "At least get a list of all the players," he says. Betty says no, saying that SHE can't go to Sheriff Keller, not after accusing him of being the Black Hood. Jughead agrees and proposes something else: that she should go the house. Betty quickly shoots that idea down, saying that she can't go back there. "He made me look in a mirror, you know, what I saw staring back at me...I don't want to do that again," she says that Jughead takes her hand. He says that she doesn't have to do it. His cell phone vibrates and he is reluctant to pick it up. Jughead is tense, and says, "Hello?" Once he knows who it is, he takes a deep breath of sudden relief, and says that he'll accept the charges.

Betty and Jughead asking Archie and Veronica to investigate a new lead on the Black Hood

At Riverdale High School, Betty and Jughead are meeting with Archie and Veronica. The reason why they called the couple was to announce that his dad, FP Jones, is getting out of jail. Archie and Veronica are in shock and congratulate him. "Yeah, what heralded this miracle?" Veronica says. "Uh, overcrowding at the jail. I guess the judge reviewed my dad's case and after Cheryl's testimony it was...a perfect storm," Jughead replies. Archie asks what Jughead needs from them, to which Betty replies, saying "both of us", as they have a new lead on the Black Hood case. And they ask if Archie and Veronica would follow up on it for them. They will give them all of the details, and the articles. Archie and Veronica are apparently still recovering from the awkward exchange of affection that other night at the Pembrooke, and Betty is unsuspecting about this event. Jughead reveals that the reason that he can't do it is that he has to be there for his dad to help with his re-entry into society, and Betty's reason is that she's taking a "break" from the Black Hood. Veronica attempts to understand and asks Betty if she wants her and Archie to be the equivalent to Betty and Jughead. "Essentially, yes," Jughead replies, with a grin on his face, as he wraps a loving arm around Betty. Jughead asks if there's a problem with that, to which they reply with a shake of the head.

Cheryl offering to give Josie a back rub

In the ladies' locker room, Cheryl is with Josie McCoy and makes a comment on Josie's extremely tensed back. She apparently has just the right thing at the right time, which is lavender essential oil. She tells her to turn around, as she sprays some on her hand. Cheryl commences the impromptu massage, and Josie moans in pain, as the janitor, Mr. Svenson, opens the door. He immediately apologizes for the sudden intrusion, as he apparently didn't realize that anyone was still in the locker room. Josie says that it's okay, and there's no need to apologize. Cheryl steps up and says that it's "so not okay", and tells him to take his "male gaze and male privilege" and get out of the locker room. He apologizes again, saying that he should've knocked, and leaves with haste. "Can you believe that?" Cheryl says once he leaves. "He should be fired and investigated, the peeping Tom." She attempts to get back to the massage, but Josie is clearly taken aback as to what Cheryl said to and about Mr. Svenson, and retracts.

Hermione and Hiram got a letter from the Black Hood

At the Pembrooke, Veronica finally arrives from school and bumps into Sheriff Keller in their apartment. They exchanged greetings hastily, as Sheriff Keller leaves. Once he leaves, Veronica asks her parents as to what the Sheriff is doing in their apartment. "The shadow of the Black Hood has finally landed on our home," Hermione says, as she reveals that a letter from him was left. Veronica asks what it said, to which Hiram replies, saying that it contained the usual, that they'll be targeted and punished for their sinful ways. "Well, don't let it ruin your day," Veronica says in response. Hermione says that according to Keller, apparently dozens of households received the exact letter. "I don't know about those 'other people', but we're actually sinners," Veronica replies. "The Pembrooke is a fortress, and Andre is trained in the martial arts," Hiram says, attempting to comfort Veronica. Veronica raises up another problem: What about when she travels to school? Or shopping? The solution: Andre will become the chauffeur, and if he's not available, a car service shall be summoned. Hermione brings up another thing. "Also, your father and I have talked, and we wouldn't mind seeing more of Archie. He's brawny and devoted to you."

At the Andrews house, Archie has just finished his shower, and he looks at himself in the mirror. He is cleaning his ears as he receives a text from Veronica, which asks if he can come over.

Alice learning of FP's upcoming release

At the Cooper house, Betty asks her mother, Alice Cooper something before she leaves. "I wanted to ask if I could borrow the station wagon tomorrow?", Betty asks, to which Alice is curious, and asks why. Betty reveals to her that FP is getting released from jail. So, Betty and Jughead will receive FP and treat him to something at Pop's. Alice asks if they're going to let FP out, as she hasn't heard what Betty has just said, and Betty says that she's going to hear it eventually, and she reveals to her mother that her current beau, Jughead Jones, is officially a Southside Serpent. Alice gets back to her normal self, and accuses her daughter of fraternizing with a gang member. Betty fires back, saying that Jughead is important to her, and FP is important to Jughead, and she begs her mother, for her, to give FP the benefit of the doubt.

Jughead telling the Serpents about FP's release

At the Whyte Wyrm, Jughead reveals that his father is getting out of jail, to which Serpents such as Toni Topaz, Sweet Pea, and Tall Boy applaud and whistle. Jughead says that he'll bring him up to speed on their plans with Mayor McCoy. Tall Boy puts down his drink and says that's brilliant. Jughead sighs, and asks him if he has a problem with what he just said. "Your old man? No. I got no problem with him. But you want us to sit down with the Mayor," to which he replies in agreement, saying that he does want a sit down with the mayor. Jughead says that he believes they can bring the Southside back. But it's going to take work and it's going to take compromise. Tall Boy laughs at that statement, and says that Jughead has only been here all of five minutes. Jughead is over with Tall Boy's antics, and fires back. He says that he is sick of Tall Boy acting like a little bitch. "Whispering behind my back that I'm half a Serpent or that I don't belong here," he says. Jughead says that they should put it to a vote, and ask the Serpents if they think that he's doing is wrong, he'll step aside. Toni breaks her silence, and asks that all those in favor with Jughead and that Tall Boy should "shut the hell up" stand up. The majority of the audience stands up, especially Sweet Pea, and Tall Boy concedes, walking away.

Veronica and Archie kissing

At the Pembroke, Veronica reveals to Archie once he arrives that her parents are in her room. She starts to walk away, but Archie grabs her by the hand and pulls him to her. And they kiss passionately. Once Veronica pulls away, she says, "That thing Betty and Jughead asked us to do, investigate the murder house, I wanna do it." Archie agrees, saying that he wants to do it as well. Veronica reveals that her parents got a threatening letter, and he asks if it's from the Black Hood, and she replies with "Maybe, or maybe it's somebody pretending to be the Black Hood. They kiss again. Archie pulls away this time and asks to talk about what he said that fateful night. Veronica says that she wants to be with him and that he wants to be with her, and asks if that's enough for them right now, while they're doing the case. And they kiss again.

Veronica talks to her parents about Archie and tells them he said the "l" word. Archie then tells his father that he said he loves her but Veronica did not say it back. Veronica thinks that Archie is going too fast into the relationship, which she doesn't want because they are still friends and going too fast would ruin their relationship. Archie's father tells him to get it out of his head and some people may not feel ready yet.

Alice, Betty, Jughead and FP at Pop's

FP is about to be released from prison as Jughead and Betty come to pick him up. Alice is there as well. They eat at Pop's, where Alice asks FP if he is going back to Serpent life again, but he rejects that comment and says he needs to be a better father figure for Jughead. Alice asks what is he going to do during his "free time" and FP says he is going to get a job at Pop's. Alice then comments that FP will lose it when he starts his drinking problem, but FP says he hasn't had any alcohol since he was arrested, and that he is trying to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Sheriff Keller telling Archie and Veronica about the Conway case

Veronica and Archie, in favor of Jughead, arrive at the sheriff's office to talk about the murder that happened in Fox Forest 40 years before. Sheriff Keller tells them the lead officer takes the case files home after to work on them, then invites them to call the lead officer's daughter, because the lead officer passed away two years ago. The daughter tells them that her father called the "devil's" house and went there day and night for many hours to try and see how the evidence connected, then hung up on Veronica. Archie suggests they go to the devil's house, but Veronica questions Archie about if the devil is home when they show up.

Jughead and FP talking about Jughead's future with the Serpents

Overlooking Sweetwater River, FP and Jughead talk about how Jughead's life got messy when FP was in prison. FP then asks Jughead if Penny Peabody has been bothering Jughead, but Jughead says he did her some favors. He then tells his father the less he knows the better. FP then goes on to say that his father did not support him and kicked him out of the house when he was only sixteen years old. FP joined the Serpents who supported him like family, but wants Jughead to go to college and get a successful job to get out of the low-class Serpent life. Jughead then says he has to stay with the Serpents because they supported him when his dad was in jail. FP agrees, but wants Jughead to keep writing as he hopes his son can build a successful career on it.

FP working at Pop's

FP is shown at Pop's at his new job clearing plates. Cheryl then drops her milkshake on the floor on purpose to embarrass FP, as she still doesn't forgive FP for covering up her father's tracks. Jughead, seeing this, says that people should be honoring FP, not embarrassing him, because he was once a king, a leader of men, as he was the leader of the Serpents. Betty comes up with an idea to throw a welcome back party with the Serpents to get FP back into shape, but Jughead doesn't like the idea.

Toni telling Betty about the Serpent dance

Betty asks Toni if they can use the stage for FP's party. Betty then says that now that FP is home, things will be better for Jughead and the Serpents as he was the one who kept peace between the North and the South. She wants to keep an eye on Jughead because she doesn't want him to get hurt again. Toni comes to the conclusion that Betty wants to be a Serpent. Byrdie let out a noisy guffaw, which is met by Toni replying "Shut it, Byrdie." Byrdie then informs Betty that if she wants to be a Serpent, she will have to do a certain "Serpent dance." This is referred to by Toni as an "outdated sexist tradition." Toni advises Betty against it, but Betty seems too determined.

Jughead gets a call from Penny, who wants more favors from him. She threatens to put FP behind bars for his "debt". Jughead threatens to shut her down because if she releases the video of Jughead delivering drugs, it is a threat to all of the Serpents, who will stop working with Penny.

The Riverdale Reaper murdering the Conway family

Veronica and Archie make it to the devil's house, where Archie tells the story of the Riverdale Reaper who came to the devil's house at night, just when everyone was asleep, barged in and shot the family, except for a third child, who survived.

Alice goes to Pop's to tell FP that she blames FP for making Betty want to be a Serpent. FP reminds Alice that she was once a Serpent and that she should stop by the party. He invites Hal Cooper to come too, but Alice refuses the invitation.

Archie and Veronica telling Betty and Jughead about the Conway murders

Veronica and Archie tell Betty and Jughead that there was a third child who survived, Joseph Conway. After the family was shot, it is revealed that Joseph was adopted and attended Riverdale High School. Betty then concludes that Joseph can tell them about how the murder cases relate to the Black Hood, but not before Jughead says that Joseph is the Black Hood. Because his family died, he may have wanted revenge, and thus became the Black Hood. Veronica suggests that the group go through the yearbook before jumping to conclusions.

Archie catching Mr. Svenson

Veronica and Archie find Mr. Svenson, the janitor and ask him about the murder. He tries to escape but Archie catches him and he is forced to tell the story. The Riverdale Reaper was killed the next day after the shooting and nothing happened to the people who killed him. Mr. Svenson says that the case was never investigated and the town deserves to be punished. When he says that, Veronica concludes that he is sounding like the Black Hood. Archie then sees the eyes are different, and concludes that Mr. Svenson is not the Black Hood.

Hermoine asks Veronica about Archie, which Veronica says she is working on the project with Archie in to avoid talking to her mother about their actual relationship. At Archie's house, Fred tells his son that he should give Veronica some time away from dating.

Betty's Serpent dance

Jughead meets Archie at the White Wyrm, then sees Alice and Betty at the party. Alice is getting some drinks while Veronica shows up. Archie tells her that she doesn't have to feel pressured into saying "I love you" back, taking the advice from his father. Archie signed him and Veronica for a duet to sing at the party, to which she agrees, but doesn't seem to enjoy. Veronica storms out while the song is still playing, so Betty come up to finish. She does the Serpent dance. Alice is shocked while the audience claps. FP then tells the Serpents that he is going to stay with the Serpents because they are his real family, to which Jughead is not delighted.

Veronica tells Archie that they can't date anymore, but they can still be friends before she leaves. Jughead tells Betty that they have to end their relationship to prevent Betty from getting hurt, but they can also still be friends.

At home, Archie then looks at Betty outside his window.



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