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"Chapter Twenty-Five: The Devil Within" is the fifth episode of the third part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall.[1]


Ambrose treats Nick's affliction while Harvey and Theo tend to Roz. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Caliban continue in their unholy regalia challenge.



Ambrose and Sabrina lock Nick up

Nick awakens chained up and locked inside a pentagram with Ambrose and Sabrina standing over him. Sabrina explains that he got high, freed the Dark Lord, and passed out. He had enough drugs in his system to level a small army. Sabrina demands that he get clean. Fortunately, Ambrose knows of an ancient, albeit brutal, cleansing ritual he came across during his Oxford days. The ritual normally requires 30 days to complete, but they don’t have 30 days as the pagans are threatening to exterminate the coven in three. Ambrose intends to use the time-warping egg he recovered from Father Blackwood to compress Nick’s 30-day ritual into one long, unrelenting day. Nick looks to Sabrina and says that he hates her.

Ambrose and Sabrina lock him inside as they discuss the ritual and the impending pagan attack. They’ll need Nick, as he’s one of their greatest warlocks. In the meantime, Ambrose will help Prudence deal with Agatha and Dorcas while Sabrina visits Roz. Ambrose warns Sabrina to be careful with the Dark Lord on the loose.

Harvey and Theo tell Sabrina that the Pagans attacked Roz

Sabrina arrives at the Kinkle house to find that Roz has been turned to stone. She informs Harvey and Theo how the same thing happened to Dorcas and that Ambrose is working on a way to reverse it. Harvey regrets leaving Roz’ side at the carnival. Sabrina informs them that the carnies are pagans. She describes them as being like witches, but from a different time. Some have powers, others don’t. But they’re all dangerous, so Sabrina pleads with Harvey and Theo to sit tight.

Caliban and the Plague Kings request the second challenge

Sabrina heads into the woods, where she is informed by Lilith that it’s time for the second challenge of the Unholy Regalia. Sabrina and Lilith arrive at the Academy to find Prudence, Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, Elspeth, Melvin, the Plague Kings, and Caliban awaiting her. By Infernal Law, the Kings declare that the second quest begin. Sabrina and Caliban must seek and retrieve Pontius Pilate’s bowl. Sabrina attempts to postpone the challenge, but Lilith informs her that by not accepting the challenge, she threatens the existence of the Church of Night. Sabrina is at fault for that the balance of the cosmos being tipped, the pagans returning, and her coven’s loss of power. It’s all a direct result of Sabrina’s refusal to claim the throne. However, if she can uncover the Unholy Regalia, she may stand a chance of replenishing her coven’s energy. Sabrina is reluctant, but with an attacking front the pagans nearing, Zelda orders her to accept the challenge and win, for the sake of the coven.

Lilith tells Sabrina where to find Pilate's bowl

Lilith and Sabrina relocate to the Desecrated Church, where Lilith informs Sabrina that Pontius Pilate’s bowl is located on a hill just outside Jerusalem. Otherwise known as the "Place of Skulls." Where the Nazarene was crucified. Sabrina asks Lilith to teleport her there as her energies are insufficient. Lilith informs Sabrina that the bowl is locked in an eternal time loop. Almost impossible to reach unless Sabrina has mastered time magic, to which Sabrina informs Lilith that she had access to time magicks. There’s a painting at Dorian's Gray Room. It’s a portal to Jerusalem. Sabrina will use it to get there with Lilith’s help.

Sabrina bottles water from the time egg

As Sabrina bottles some of the water from the tank containing the egg, she notices Nick in a constant state of pain and promises him that he’ll make it through it. Afterward, she asks her aunt Hilda if she could check on Nick while she’s gone, but Hilda appears more concerned with catching the "big fat juicy fly" that’s flying around the room. A sizable boil has appeared on her left cheek. She catches it with her hand and then proceeds to eat it.

Theo contemplates taking some kind of action as they wait for Sabrina, though Harvey is unresponsive. Robin arrives and sees Roz in statue form. Theo asks him to wait for him outside as he talks to Harvey, who tells Theo to get rid of Robin as they can’t afford anyone else finding out.

Prudence establishes a psychic connection with Agatha

Ambrose watches as Prudence establishes a psychic connection with Agatha to determine what happened to her. Prudence describes Agatha’s mind like a raging storm without any focused thoughts. Ambrose warns Prudence against reordering the thoughts. She only needs to slow them down. Inside Agatha’s mind, Prudence sees the great god Pan, who’s been moonlighting as Professor Carcosa. Agatha was driven insane by his very gaze. Ambrose explains that the great god Pan is amongst the oldest of the pagan monsters. He is madness personified, and his very gaze engenders insanity in witches and mortals alike.

Pontius Pilate takes Sabrina

Sabrina meets Lilith at Dorian’s, who performs a spell that allows them to teleport to the Place of Skulls using a portal. She advises Sabrina to make her way to the temple of Jerusalem as quick as she can, retrieve Pontius Pilate’s bowl, and get out. The slightest misstep could have her trapped in a time loop forever. Sabrina then douses herself in the egg water and recites a spell that takes her back in time to where the temple of Jerusalem stood. As she approaches the temple, she is apprehended by Pontius Pilate.

At the Desecrated Church, Melvin and Elspeth contemplate turning Sabrina over to the pagans as it is her fault they don't have their powers. The pagans don’t want moon pies, they want blood sacrifices, Elspeth explains. Melvin and Elspeth are confronted by the Dark Lord, who appears to them as Faustus and instructs them to join the pagans’ ranks.

Prudence and Ambrose try to find a way to amplify their power

Ambrose takes a tuning fork to Dorcas to hopefully detect some form of energy beneath the stone. The fork reverberates, meaning that deep within the stone, there is life and that Dorcas could possibly still be alive. Their energies are depleted to almost nothing. They must find a way to amplify what they already have, and there may be a way in their backyard. Stonehenge; a circle of ancient stones that have been used to collect and amplify energy for millennia. There's a circle of stones in their woods around the altar they used to perform their rituals where Sabrina was almost baptized. No one’s ever seen it because the circle of stones is underground. But if they use the last of their energies to bring them up, then they may be able to restore power to the coven.

Zelda plots against the Pagans

Zelda and Hilda discuss their current dilemma regarding the pagans. Should they surrender, it spells certain doom for the coven. But with their powers waning and the Academy's defenses all but eroded, they stand little chance of defending themselves against the pagans' might. They wonder what Edward would do. As Zelda has her back turned, Hilda starts to choke and a web shoots out her and grabs a cookie off the plate. She then recovers and reminds Zelda that in a time like this, Edward would call on other witches for help, such as Dezmelda. He'd send out a distress signal to other wayward witches. A summoning spell to assemble the disenfranchised hedge witches. Zelda doubts they have the power to enact such a ritual. However, Ambrose and Prudence interrupt to inform her that they could use the stones buried beneath their clearing to amplify their energies to enhance a distress signal. With a fortified coven, they might stand a chance against the pagans. Hilda then recalls her encounter with Circe about the spiders and how she performed an incantation when she touched Hilda.

Sabrina and Caliban discuss her plan

Sabrina is placed in a cell by Pontius Pilate. Caliban and Barabbas are her cellmates. Caliban got there via time stone. Barabbas informs them that there is no escaping Pilate's perverse passion play. Every hundred years or so, someone like Sabrina comes along, hoping to steal Pilate's bowl. A few even catch sight of it as they breathe their last. But they all die in the end. Unlike the others, Barabbas never dies. It's his curse. He’s doomed to repeat this day of infamy over and over again. Pilate could break the cycle, but he chooses not to. Sabrina asks Barabbas what does he mean by "catch sight of the bowl as they breathe their last"? Barabbas reveals that after Pontius Pilate pardons him, as he always does, and condemns both Sabrina and Caliban to death, he'll wash his hands in the bowl, and they’ll be crucified. Sabrina devises a plan to make her move when he's washing his hands. Caliban interjects, not that Sabrina’s interested in what he has to say after he cheated during the last challenge. "Even a King of Hell must have some dignity. Some honor.", she retorts.

Theo defends Robin

Theo comes to Robin's defense, as he’s being bullied by Billy and Carl. They take his cap, and he warns them to give it back. When they refuse, he starts to chant, but Theo intervenes, and out of respect for him, they return Robin’s hat. Theo and Robin then grab a booth, during which time Theo explains that Billy and Carl are getting better. However, they were less cool when he was transitioning. As for Theo's dad, he was hesitant at first. But he’s come around, unlike Theo’s friends, who have been supportive from the start. Theo then asks about Robin’s family, but he deflects.

Caliban volunteers to take the lashes

Pontius approaches the cell and tells Sabrina and Caliban that the punishment for trespassing in Golgotha is 100 lashes. Caliban volunteers to take the lashes as he refuses to watch as Sabrina, the Queen of Hell, be debased in such a way, proving that he does in fact have honor. Also, he’s made of clay, so the lashes won’t draw blood. Barabbas informs Sabrina that Caliban’s sacrifice is noble but pointless, as it's always the same. First, the imprisonment, then the lashings. He is pardoned whilst Sabrina and Caliban are condemned. Sabrina gets an idea and asks Barabbas what happens when someone is pardoned.

Pan kills Elspeth

Elspeth and Melvin forsake the Church of Night and pledge their allegiance to the pagans. Pan, Nagaina, and Circe welcome them with open arms. As his time approaches, the Green Man, the oldest of the gods, will need even more nourishment. And there’s no better sustenance than witches' blood. Pan proceeds to stab Elspeth in the neck, killing her. Melvin retreats into the woods. Pan allows him to leave so that he may warn the coven. Unbeknownst to them, the Dark Lord watches from the woods. He believes that all the sons and daughters of Night deserve death for abandoning him. As do the mortals.

Barabbas, Sabrina, and Caliban chained together

Barabbas, Sabrina, and Caliban are put on trial, and Pontius Pilate allows the citizens to choose which of the three will be pardoned. The crowd chants Barabbas’ name, and he is pardoned. Pontius then washes his hands in the bowl as the execution nears. Barabbas grabs the bowl and runs. However, as it turns out, Sabrina placed a glamour on both herself as well as Barabbas, to make them appear as each other. So, as Sabrina runs for the time stone to return home with the bowl, Barabbas remains chained up to Caliban.

Sabrina returns to Lilith with the bowl

Sabrina makes it back to Lilith with Pontius Pilate’s bowl. She tells Lilith that Caliban was there, to which Lilith replies that he’ll hopefully be stuck in the time loop forever, which Sabrina didn’t want. Before returning to Hell to claim victory of the second challenge, Sabrina needs to help Nick and her coven.

Dorcas, with her energies, should complete the circle of stones that’ll hopefully allow Zelda and Ambrose to summon the disenfranchised hedge witches. As they prepare, Zelda gathers the coven.

Hilda squeezes the boil on her face

The boil on Hilda’s face has grown immensely. She squeezes it and baby spiders come crawling out. She hides this from Zelda with a rag, claiming a toothache. Zelda tells her it’s time for the summoning ritual.

The Dark Lord manipulates Harvey into taking action against the pagans, referring to him as pathetic and encouraging him to take his frustrations out on the carnival.

Theo and Robin talk about their lives growing up

At the Putnam house, Theo and Robin make out, but Theo takes a pause after realizing that he still doesn’t know much about Robin. He asks about Robin's family and where he grew up. Robin claims that his family moved around a lot. Anytime he made friends in a new town, they’d eventually end up moving again. He tells Theo that he was adopted by a military family and that he’s nothing like them. Theo explains that in his life, he has experienced the opposite, with his family’s roots in Greendale dating back generations. Sometimes Robin wonders what it would be like if he stayed behind for once. Theo then gets a call from Harvey, who informs him that he and a couple Ravens are planning to trash the carnival, forcing Theo and Robin to intervene.

Sabrina arrives just as Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the remaining members of the coven prepare to summon hedge witches for help against the pagans. Ambrose informs Sabrina that Nick is fine. He’s even applied leeches to suck the toxicity out his body.

The Dark Lord frees Agatha from being tied up and gagged and urges her to get her revenge on the coven, arming her with a sledgehammer.

The Church of Night calls upon the wayward witches

Their powers are depleted and their pagan enemies are closing in. Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Hilda, Zelda, and the coven will use the very last of their natural magicks to call upon the wayward witches to join them as they stand within a circle of ancient stones. Together, they have the power to amplify their energy to broadcast their message. But it is up to them and their psychic intention to set them in harmony. As the Church of Night sends out a distress signal to any wayward witches, Agatha interrupts the summoning ceremony and breaks one of the stones in half with a sledgehammer. She then turns her attentions to Dorcas, but Prudence tackles Agatha and puts her in a choke hold as she explains that the Dark Lord freed her. With Agatha having interrupted the summoning ritual, Ambrose is doubtful any witches received their request for help. Melvin then arrives to inform the coven that the pagans killed Elspeth. Surrender was never an option. The pagans want to kill the Church of Night for their blood.

Harvey, Billy, and Carl trash the carnival

Harvey, Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric trash the carnival with baseball bats until being confronted by Circe. Harvey refuses to leave until Circe reveals what they did to Roz. She claims that she’ll go freely, but as the Ravens grab her, she transforms each of them into squealing pigs.

Sabrina and Ambrose watch over Nick, who seems to be in even worse condition than before. The leeches Ambrose used are all dead. Killed by whatever they absorbed from Nick. Ambrose cuts one open, revealing some kind of black goo.

Theo and Robin arrive at the carnival to find that Circe has turned Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric into pigs. Harvey has them sitting in the back of his truck. Theo offers to take them to his father’s farm.

Ambrose and Sabrina discover that Nick is infected with Satan’s residue

Upon further examination, Ambrose determines that Nick is infected with "radicum outum diaboli", otherwise known as Satan’s residue. The Dark Lord left behind a piece of himself in Nick. Like tar in a smoker's lungs, except this tar is alive, infernal, and corrupting. Sabrina recalls Nick saying he could still feel the Dark Lord inside him. They need to get what's left of Lucifer out. Sabrina refuses to perform another exorcism. The last one nearly killed her. Ambrose suggests that instead of forcing the residue out of Nick, they lure it out. Entice it with a stronger host. A host with blood identical to it. Meaning Sabrina. Her blood coaxes the Dark Lord's essence out of Nick’s body. She then uses holy water to neutralize the residue. Ambrose informs Sabrina that he has one last trick up his sleeve, involving the Dark Lord’s residue.

Ambrose brings Zelda and Hilda a jar containing traces of the Dark Lord's essence

The Church of Night has nearly run out of time. Zelda and Hilda discuss the pagans’ intentions to kill them as their ancestors did to the pagan’s after the Unholy Wars. Hilda tries to tell Zelda that the pagans did something to her. She can feel herself changing, but Zelda doesn't listen. Zelda contemplates fleeing to the mountains, but she ultimately refuses to run. Ambrose interrupts with what he reveals to his aunts to be a jar containing traces of the Dark Lord's essence that they removed from Nick’s body.

Nick breaks up with Sabrina

Sabrina enters Nick’s room to find him awake and lucid. He’s feeling better than he has in days, but he’s also ashamed. Sabrina tells him that he has no reason to feel that way as he was sick. Sabrina hopes they can go back to how things were. However, Nick can’t do that because he doesn’t know if it was the Dark Lord that made him act the way he did. He fears that maybe the Dark Lord merely exploited something that was already there. The Dark Lord was able to drag him down so low because there's something wrong with him. Whatever the case is, Nick needs time for himself and breaks up with Sabrina, also providing her with the time she needs to protect her coven and a realm. Sabrina asks Nick to kiss her, but he can’t in fear that if he does that he’ll never be able to walk away. Nick then teleports out of the room. Lilith arrives soon thereafter and reminds Sabrina that queens aren't allowed to cry and that it’s time to return Pilate's bowl to Hell.

Robin reveals his secret to Theo and Harvey

Robin, Theo, and Harvey return to his garage, where Roz remains petrified and Billy, Carl, Martin, and Eric are still pigs. As Theo prepare to tell Robin the truth about the happenings in Greendale, Robin reveals some secrets of his own to Theo and Harvey.

Dr. Cerberus is visited at the shop by Hilda, who uses a glamour to hide that she is transforming more and more into a spider as the moment passes. She tells Dr. Cee that she missed him and asks for a hug.

Sabrina and Lilith return to Hell victorious

Lilith and Sabrina return to Hell with the bowl of Pontius Pilate. When the Plague Kings ask about Caliban, Lilith tells them that Sabrina’s victory over Caliban was absolute, as Sabrina isn’t sure he survived. However, Caliban enters having survived the ordeal. He reminds Sabrina that he’s made of clay and that he waited under the dusts of the ages for 2,000 years after Sabrina cheated, stole Pilate’s bowl and left him for dead. With each having won a single challenge, it’s sudden death. The winner shall reign over Hell for all eternity. Lilith promises to reign by Sabrina’s side forever. Sabrina then tells Lilith that Lucifer escaped from the Academy, and no one knows where he is. Lilith is in fear for her life as the Dark Lord will kill her for betraying him.

The arrival of the wayward witches

At the Academy, Ambrose and Zelda mix the Dark Lord’s residue with salt, thieves vinegar and Hoyt’s Cologne to create a warding resin that Ambrose has painted over every door, jam, and crevice. However, this concoction won’t keep the pagans at bay forever. Sabrina arrives and offers an extra pair of hands. Ambrose, Zelda, and Sabrina are then confronted by the summoned hedge witches, including Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, and Mambo Marie. Gryla demands to know why they were summoned against their will. For this act, she declares that everyone in the Academy will die.



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