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"Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend" is the eighth episode of the third part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the twenty-eight episode of the series overall. It is also the season finale.


The lines between past, present and future blur as Sabrina stages an act of heroic restoration. But will her powers prove to be enough?



House of Morningstar The Chronicles

Ambrose reads from a book titled "House of Morningstar The Chronicles." — On the first day, the House of Morningstar fell. On the third day, the newly crowned King of Hell, Caliban, led the Infernal Armies on a crusade to claim the Earth as the Tenth Circle. He failed. On the fourth day, the pagans beat back Caliban and his armies. The Earth was theirs. On the 7th day, Hell was emptied by an army of celestials. But what of Sabrina Morningstar? She was where Caliban had left her, entombed in stone between her father and Lilith. How much time had passed? Decades, in fact. She wondered dimly, who would come save her? Would it be Nicholas or Harvey or Rosalind or her aunties? She didn't know they'd all died long ago. And that in the end, the only person who could save Sabrina was herself.

Sabrina is awakened by her future self

Still entombed in stone, Sabrina is awakened by a future version of herself. Future Sabrina trades places with her younger self, freeing her from the stone. This is Sabrina’s chance to save herself and her loved ones. She has to collect the Unholy Regalia and take back Greendale from the pagans. And when she’s done, it’ll be her turn to be Future Sabrina, and take the place of the next Sabrina. When everything is said and done, she has to come back and do for the next Sabrina what Future Sabrina just did for her in order to complete the time loop. It’s the only way to keep the realms preserved. Chaos will ensue if she doesn't.

Sabrina freezes the guardians of the regalia

Sabrina arrives at Pandemonium to find it completely destroyed. As she reaches for the Unholy Regalia, King Herod, Centurion, and Vlad the Impaler, the guardians of said Regalia attack her. Sabrina freezes them in place, having gained more power since her imprisonment. Vlad reveals that Hell was invaded by the archangel Michael, who defeated Caliban, the Clay King, who was killed in battle. Hell was then sacked. However, through it all, the Regalia remained hidden. As for Caliban's plan to expand Hell into the mortal world, he failed after being beaten back by the pagans of Earth.

Sabrina returns to earth to find her family dead

Sabrina returns to earth and finds that the Spellman house has been abandoned for years judging by its appearance. She finds the remains of Prudence and Agatha in one of the rooms. She rushes down to the embalming room, where she finds Mambo Marie’s remains on the floor and her aunt Zelda on the table, with a knife in her chest. Just outside, she finds her aunt Hilda and Salem’s tombstones. She apologizes for leaving them when they needed her most. Sabrina recovers both effigies and lays in her old bed. Later that night, while searching through the kitchen, Sabrina is attacked by two plant-like creatures. She runs into the parlor and locks them in the kitchen, where they are slaughtered by Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion. They agree to protect Sabrina for as long as she’s in possession of the Regalia.

Ambrose finds Sabrina

Sabrina, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion arrive at Baxter High. Inside one of the classrooms, she finds a message written on the chalkboard: "Dear Lord Deliver Us From Carcosa." And so, the four of them make their way to the carnival, which like the rest of the town, appears barren and abandoned. There, she finds the remains of Nick, Robin, Theo, and Roz. She watches as the plant-like creatures throw buckets of blood at the feet of the Green Man. Ambrose sneaks up from behind and tells her to come with him.

Ambrose informs Sabrina, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion that it’s been decades since she left Greendale. Time operates under different rules in the Ninth Circle. Ambrose reveals that everyone is dead and gone. They’re trapped in flesh factories by the plant-like creatures. Their blood is harvested to water the Green Man. The pagans have won, and the Earth is once more a garden of horrors. And the only safe place left is the Kinkle mines. Ambrose fortified the entrance to keep the pagans away.

Sabrina and Ambrose devise a plan to use the time egg to go back in time

Inside the mines, Ambrose tells Sabrina how he went crazy for a decade or two. But the books were his salvation. He’s read everything. Sabrina asks if he came across anything that could help them fix things. Ambrose explains that Sabrina missed the end of the world and that everyone is dead, including Prudence, who he held in his arms, only to abandon her so that he could grab Blackwood’s time egg. Sabrina surmises that her future self must’ve used the time egg to go back in time and save her, and asks Ambrose if that was possible. He explains that it is, but it would require a large level of energies, such as those imbued into the Unholy Regalia. Sabrina wants to use the egg to go back in time to stop the pagans and save Greendale. Ambrose says that in order to do that, they would have to repurpose the Unholy Regalia, assuming Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion would allow him to, which they do. Sabrina and Ambrose plan to smelt down the Unholy Regalia into a morningstar, a medieval spiked ball and chain that Sabrina will use to gather the egg’s magical energies into a vortex. All they need now is a sacred place to perform this, such as the stone circle at the Academy. Unfortunately, that’s where Blackwood holds court, driven mad and feral by his insane worship of the eldritch terrors.

Sabrina grabs Batibat, whom they have imprisoned in a jar, from the kitchen of the Spellman house, and meets back up with Ambrose outside the Academy doors along with Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion. He has smelted down the Regalia into a morningstar. Sabrina asks why the Academy isn’t overgrown like the rest of town. Ambrose explains that long ago, Pesta poisoned the earth so that nothing could grow there.

Sabrina goes back in time

Sabrina goes inside by herself. She calls out to Faustus. He concludes that she’s come to offer herself to the Void and the other eldritch terrors. Sabrina fails to open the jar in time to release Batibat, and so Ambrose picks the jar up and smashes it at Blackwood’ feet. However, nothing happens, and so he then proceeds to kill Sabrina and Ambrose. Unbeknownst to Blackwood, he is trapped within a dream created by Batibat. In reality, Sabrina and Ambrose remain unharmed. As plant zombies near, they begin the ritual. With the egg in hand, Sabrina starts swinging the morningstar and chanting in Latin as Ambrose, Vlad, King Herod, and Centurion push the stone circle around her. This creates a vortex that sends Sabrina back in time to before the pagans concurred the Earth.

Sabrina hides from Faustus

Sabrina finds herself standing alone in the lobby, questioning what time she landed in. She takes cover behind one of the stones as Faustus and Agatha enter the lobby after failing to recover the time egg. Blackwood concludes that it must be at the Spellman house.

Sabrina teleports into the embalming room to warn Ambrose, Prudence, and Mambo Marie that Blackwood is on the way to kill them. Sabrina insists that they leave or else they’ll all die.

Agatha and Faustus arrive at the Spellman home

Faustus and Agatha kick in the door of the Spellman house. He orders Agatha to kill anyone she comes across while he looks for the egg.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Mambo Marie, and Zelda have relocated to Dorian's Gray Room. Sabrina tells Prudence that the hedge witches are locked in the Desecrated Church. If she brings them to Dorian’s, they might be able to bolster Zelda’s strength. Ambrose questions how Sabrina knows all of this, but she can’t tell him. Sabrina the leaves in search of her friends

Sabrina saves her friends

Sabrina teleports to Harvey’s, where she reunites with Nick, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin. She warns them that the pagans are coming and that they must leave immediately. She admits that Nick was right and that she’ll never abandon her friends again. She then teleports them to Dorian’s, where Ambrose, Prudence, Mambo Marie, Gryla, Pesta, Sycorax, Dezmelda, Mother Hubbard, Melvin, and the coven have gathered. Zelda awakens with the knowledge of her to repower the coven and defeat the pagans. Zelda then asks about Hilda, who hasn’t resurrected from the Cain Pit. Zelda saw the future, and Hilda lives to be an old crone. Zelda will use what she learned in the next life to drag her back into this life.

The witches pledge their loyalty to Hecate and resurrect Hilda

Zelda returns to the Cain Pit, where she buried Hilda, and with the help of Sabrina, Roz, Pesta, Dezmelda, Gryla, Mambo Marie, Sycorax, Mother Hubbard, and several other witches, call on the triple goddess Hecate. Ambrose, Melvin, Salem, Harvey, Robin, Theo, and Nick watch from the sideline. It is said that whenever you call on the Triple Goddess, she comes to you. As much as I ignored her, put my faith in lesser gods, signed my name in other books, she still came to me when I needed her most. When I wandered, lost in the Nether Realm, it was she who led me back to the material world. We call you, Hecate. We call on you now, maiden, in your unbounded potential. We call on you, mother, in all your divine power. We call on you, crone, in your arcane wisdom. We are descended of all maidens, mothers, and crones. And so, when we call on the three-in-one, we call on all witches stretching back from the beginning of time to the end of days. We call on ourselves, the powers that have been denied us. Imbue us with them, Hecate, and we shall pray to you morning, noon, and night. And we shall live to honor thy three faces, thy three forms. Dark mother, keeper of the key to the door between worlds, we summon thee. Return our sister Hilda to the realm of the living, and we will never forget you again! The wind suddenly stops blowing and Hilda’s hand rises from the dirt.

Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence perform an enchanted lullaby

After digging Hilda up, Sabrina, Zelda, Ambrose, Prudence, Theo, Robin, Nick, Melvin, Roz, and Harvey discuss the pagans and just how they intend to stop them from implanting everyone in town with the Green Man’s seed. Hilda suggests using an enchanted lullaby to put everyone to sleep. However, Robin explains that in that case, the pagans will get seeded and offer themselves up. Also, they still need their virgin. Along with Harvey, there’s still Ms. Wardwell, who Zelda recalls shot her. Sabrina will track down Ms. Wardwell while Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, and Prudence perform an enchanted lullaby to put the entire town to sleep.

Pesta kills the Green Man

Pan starts to panic as no one in town has shown up to the carnival. Nagaina attempts to call him, but he suspects something is afoot. Even more worrisome, they don’t have their virgin. Just then, Robin arrives with Mary Wardwell, bound and gagged. Pan welcomes Robin back with open arms as they prepare for the rising of the Green Man. Mary is placed inside the Green Man as the pagans are seeded and offer themselves up as sacrifices. Pan, Nagaina, and Circe lead the chant for the Green Man to rise. The vines and branches tighten around Mary and consume her. However, rather than pollination, the Green Man decays, as it shrivels up and rots. As it turns out, Mary Wardwell is actually Pesta in glamour, and Robin is Sabrina. Before glamouring herself as Mary Wardwell, Sabrina found the real Ms. Wardwell and erased her mind of the Spellmans being witches. Sabrina now warns Pan to take his carnival and leave Greendale. Zelda, Hilda, Mambo Marie, Gryla, Sycorax, Melvin, Nick, Harvey, Theo, Prudence, Roz, Robin, and the remaining members of the Church of Night arrive as back up and chase the pagans out of Greendale.

Roz kills Nagaina

Harvey and Roz both charge Nagaina’s tent. Roz wants to be the one to kill her. However, Harvey worries she’ll be turned into stone again. Roz insists that she can go in with her eyes closed and use her cunning to see, but Harvey takes matters into his own hands. Armed with a pickaxe, he enters Nagaina’s tent. However, without the use of his eyes, he can’t fight back. As Nagaina approaches Harvey, Roz sneaks up from behind and decapitates her with Prudence's sword. Harvey and Roz then bag up Nagaina’s head before sharing a kiss.

Hilda finds Circe as she scrambles to collect her belongings. Hilda recalls the day they first met and how Circe referred to her as a weaver. Hilda has created a doll of Circe and uses it to break all the bones in her body.

Prudence kills Pan

Ambrose and Zelda catch up to Pan, who transforms in front of them as his gaze is madness incarnate. However, before they can be driven insane, Prudence stabs Pan with her sword, killing him.

Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda, and Zelda return home, where they celebrate their victory over the pagans. Ambrose assumes that Sabrina will be going back to Hell to finish the third and final challenge, but Sabrina claims that she’s already won the Unholy Regalia. However, she does have to go back to Hell to finish her business there, and she’s not sure when she’ll be back. Zelda and Hilda start to cry, as Queen of Hell is not the life they had planned for Sabrina. Sabrina says her goodbyes and leaves.

Sabrina warns her past self

As promised, Sabrina returns to Hell, however, instead of honoring her end of the deal and completing the time loop, Sabrina finds her past self and warns her against giving the silver over. She explains how that’s actually Caliban in the wall, not Judas. And the moment Sabrina gives him that silver, he’ll win everything and trap Sabrina forever. Sabrina explains to her past self that all this has already happened to her. She was supposed to keep the time loop going, but instead, Sabrina changed her mind. She realized that she could meet herself before there is even a time loop, to where they’re both free. Sabrina comes up with a plan. She no longer wants to rule Hell. She just wants to go home to her family and friends. However, with the silver in hand, Sabrina from the past just won the Unholy Regalia and is in position to be Queen. And so, present Sabrina will return home to her family while Sabrina of the past claims the throne of Hell. Past Sabrina then confronts Caliban, who is wearing a glamour to appear as Judas. Rather than giving him the silver, she permanently seals him in the stone.

Sabrina prepares for her coronation

Lucifer, Lilith, and the Plague Kings await the return of Sabrina and/or Caliban. Past Sabrina returns to Pandemonium with the silver to claim her throne as Queen of Hell. Lucifer congratulates Sabrina for bringing honor to the House of Morningstar and tells her it is time for her coronation. Sabrina says that she’s ready to be married to Hell. In her last act as regent, Lucifer orders Lilith to prepare Sabrina for her coronation. As Sabrina prepares for the throne, all cross the realms, things returned to their natural balance.

Theo and Robin lay in bed together

At the Putnam house, Theo and Robin cuddle up in bed. Theo asks Robin if he’s staying in Greendale, and he replies that he has every reason to stay.

Meanwhile, at the Kinkle house, Harvey and Roz express their love for each other and start kissing.

Hilda mourns the loss of Dr. Cerberus. Ambrose brought his cocoon from the store and put it in the embalming room for Hilda to say goodbye. Hilda goes downstairs to find that Dr. Cee is alive and well. She is shocked, as all this time she thought that she had killed him.

Prudence breaks up with Ambrose

Prudence teleports to the Spellman house to inform Ambrose that they found Dorcas butchered in a cupboard at the Academy by Agatha’s hand. She can’t help but think that if she had killed Blackwood in Scotland when she had the chance then all this calamity could’ve been avoided. But Ambrose wouldn’t allow her to. Prudence blames him for the death of her sister and leaves.

Zelda and Mambo Marie kiss

Zelda informs Mambo Marie that they are now the Order of Hecate, worshiping the three-in-one. Mambo Marie tells Zelda that there’s an even darker presence on the horizon. She must harness her coven’s maternal power for protection and prepare them for war. Zelda asks if Mambo Marie will be sticking around. She replies only if she’s welcome, and in a surprising turn of events, Zelda and Mambo Marie kiss.

Prudence and Nick sit on the Academy's steps

Prudence finds Nick on the Academy's doorstep. Without her sisters, Prudence has never felt so alone. Nick can relate to her feeling of loneliness. Prudence joins him on the step and rests her head on his shoulder.

Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose sit quietly around the dinner table, all feeling Sabrina’s absence. Sabrina then teleports home and reveals that she changed her mind. She no longer wants to be Queen.

Ambrose confronts Sabrina

As Sabrina goes to wash up for dinner, Ambrose confronts her. He knows that she’s been lying about something, but he hasn’t figured out what it is. She’s been saying things and knowing things that she couldn’t possibly know. He doesn’t believe that Sabrina actually gave up the throne. Sabrina reveals that She didn’t lie, but she didn’t tell the entire truth either. She’s both the Queen of Hell and not, all at the same time. She informs Ambrose how she went back in time, met her past self and allowed her to claim the throne. Ambrose remarks that this should be impossible. If she never fulfilled her role and freed herself in the first place, meaning there are currently two Sabrina, then she’s created a time paradox. The ramifications for such paradoxes are terrifying at best. However, Sabrina sees it as the best of both worlds, getting the chance to be both a Spellman and a Morningstar. While Sabrina may be able to fool her aunts and father, Ambrose asks what of the Lilith, who notices everything. Sabrina admits this could be a problem.

Lucifer and Lilith watch as Sabrina Morningstar claims her rightful seat at the throne of Hell. Her disciples, including the Plague Kings, kneel as she approaches her throne. They then applaud as she reaches the top of the staircase, looking down on them.

The Spellmans are startled by the clock falling off the wall

The Spellmans eat dinner as a family. Zelda complements Hilda on a well-prepared meal and comments that it’s nice to have things back to normal. Ambrose retorts that it won’t stay like that for long in Greendale, as everything has consequences, and there are always loose ends, looking to Sabrina, who unbeknownst to Hilda and Zelda, created a time paradox. As the clock strikes 12:00 AM, the cuckoo clock on the wall begins chirping and suddenly falls off the wall.

"The beginning of the end"

In the Greendale woods, under the starry abyss of night, Faustus performs a ritual in the woods with Judas, Judith, and Agatha after retrieving his egg. He calls upon the eldritch terrors in the name of the Void. He is their vessel and their priest. He stabs into the egg with a knife, and they are deafened by an ear-piercing shriek, falling to the ground in pain. By the time they get back to their feet, the creature inside the egg is long gone. Agatha questions what have they birthed. Faustus replies "The beginning of the end, Agatha. The end of the Spellmans. The end of all things."



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  • The song that Zelda, Hilda, Prudence, and Ambrose sings is Tender Shepherd from the musical Peter Pan.


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