"Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany" is the first episode of the second part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the twelfth episode of the series overall.[1]


As Sabrina prepares for a spellbinding showcase, Susie embraces a series of new beginnings, and Ms. Wardwell finds greater purpose at Baxter High.



The episode opens with Sabrina Spellman watching her father Edward Spellman presenting her as an infant to the Dark Lord in a dream. She also encounters three demons in the vision. When Sabrina awakes, she magically tries on various clothes against the mirror while Salem watches. Her aunts Zelda and Hilda and cousin Ambrose Spellman comment about her choice of clothes and loud music. Sabrina tells her aunts about her plans to spend more of her time at the Academy of Unseen Arts, having obtained indefinite leave from Baxter High's new Principal Mary Wardwell. Zelda plans to take up a teaching position at the Academy.

At Baxter High, Principal Wardwell punishes Billy Marlin for consuming chewing gum by forcing him to swallow it. Harvey Kinkle, Rosalind Walker, and Susie Putman talk about Sabrina's absence. Roz says that she needs time to sort things out. Susie wants to join the basketball team.

Father Faustus Blackwood introduces Aunt Zelda to the other faculty members. He assigns her to teach ancient tongues and sacred scripture. Father Blackwood has assigned his daughter Prudence to serve as Judas Blackwood's wet nurse and scolds her for letting the baby cry. Zelda chats with Prudence, asking if she has been giving him goat's milk.

Sabrina chats with Nicholas in the hall, who tells her about an academy tradition Sabrina hopes doesn’t involve eating children. Father Blackwood informs the student body of an election for Top Boy. Nick Scratch is nominated for top boy. Sabrina offers to contest the election on the grounds that she had signed the Book of the Beast. She calls for all students regardless of their gender to have a voice. Nick nominates Sabrina and is seconded by Prudence. As part of the top boy selection, Father Blackwood announces that the candidates have to take part in three challenges at the Desecrated Church: the Inquisition, the Boil and Bubble, and the Conjuring. This will be followed by a vote.

Back at the Spellman home, Zelda talks about how Edward Spellman served as top boy. Ambrose tells Sabrina that he and Luke Chalfant have been invited for a party to celebrate Nick’s nomination as Top Boy at Dorian's Gray Room, which is reserved for men. Zelda says Sabrina is too busy for her studies. Sabrina asks Ambrose and Lucas if they will support her. Lucas is unwilling but Ambrose says he will wait to see how she will do in the trial first. Cassius lets her read through books in the Academy's library to prepare for the test.

Meanwhile, Father Blackwood meets with the warlocks at Dorian Gray's Room and brings King Herod's daughter Salome to dance for their entertainment. Back at the library, Sabrina reads but is disturbed by strange sounds. She encounters a demon called Asmodeus who claims he has brought tidings of filth and disease. He calls her a bastard witch and unleashes a plague of rats on her. Sabrina searches for a book of banishment.

At Dorian Gray's Room, Ambrose get upset when Salome serves them an effigy of Sabrina’s head. Father Blackwood reminds him to vote for Nick Scratch. Sabrina manages to banish Asmodeus by reading a spell.

Later, Sabrina tells Ambrose she was attacked by Asmodeus and his rats. She asked if Luke summoned the demon. Sabrina questions Ambrose about whether he will support her. Ambrose in turn questions her loyalty to the coven and her assault on tradition. Sabrina reiterates her goal to be Top Boy, generating a wind that causes the furniture to rumble. Hilda sends Sabrina to bed.

Following morning, Prudence asks Father Blackwood if she can take up the Blackwood name and stand for Top Boy. Sabrina and Zelda visit Father Blackwood to request a postponement due to the demonic attack. Father Blackwood refuses but gives her time to compose herself. In private, Sabrina chats with Prudence, who offers to help her get through the Inquisition.

At the Desecrated Church, Ambrose asks Luke about his whereabouts last night at the drinking party. Luke claims he had private business at the Academy. Father Blackwood begins the Inquisition and asks what is the Satanic symbol. Nick names the pentagram, gaining a point. He then asks Sabrina about the five books of the Lesser Key of Solomon. The Weird Sisters telepathically wire the answer to Sabrina.

Father Blackwood asks her the date of birth of the Magus John Dee. The Weird Sisters tell Sabrina that the answer is 13 July 1527. He then asks about the year of death, which Sabrina names as 1608. He then quizzes her on the publication date of the Malleus Maleficarum, the date of the Salem Witch Trial, the Pendle Trials, the birth and death of Anne Boleyn, and the death of Rasputin, which she answers correctly.

At Baxter High, Susie encounters hostility from the boys, who reject her because of her non-binary gender and insist that this is a boy's team. Coach Craven doesn’t want to allow a girl on his team. Hilda meets with Principal Wardwell and asks about the changes in Sabrina. Wardwell attributes the changes to the dark baptism. Hilda thinks that Sabrina’s changes are a prelude to darker changes. Hilda asks Wardwell to suggests that Sabrina come back part-time to spend more time with her mortal friends. Wardwell says there is nothing she can do since Sabrina has chosen to study full time at the Academy.

Susie, Nick, and Roz request a meeting with Principal Wardwell. Wardwell confronts Coach Craven about his refusal to let Susie try out for the basketball team. Craven agrees to allow Suzie to try out despite her lack of skills.

Father Blackwood accuses Sabrina of cheating and warns that cheating is punishable by cheating. Sabrina says she wants to change the traditions at the Church of Night but Father Blackwood insists that the position of High Priest has always been held by a warlock. He vows there will never be a High Priestess. Sabrina refuses to back down. Father Blackwood warns he will seal the Desecrated Church to ensure that no external forces can interfere with the Boil and Bubble challenge. Sabrina vows to study for the test.

Sabrina later walks through the forest where she is stalked by a second demon named Purson, who unleashes a flock of ravens on her. Sabrina hides under a stone table and manages to drive away the demon by blowing her flute. Sabrina tells Aunt Hilda that someone is sending demons. She asks about the Boil and Bubble challenge. After Sabrina has changed, she tells her that the test involves memorizing spell potions. Sabrina is determined not to back down.

Hilda asks Sabrina about her mortal friends but Sabrina thinks they won't welcome her since she signed the Book of the Beast. Hilda reassures Sabrina that signing the Book of the Beast doesn't changes who she is. Sabrina is worried about signing her soul away. Hilda says she also did but Sabrina warns that the Dark Lord summoned her to do his bidding. She says she doesn't want to be near her mortal friends when he does.

One witch confronts Zelda about her relationship with Father Blackman. During the Boil and Bubble, Father Blackman briefs Nick and Sabrina that they have to make potions. Sabrina goes first and places the molted skin of a cobra snake into a cauldron. She passes the first test. Nicholas cools the potion with a newborn's blood, passing his test.

Sabrina places the blind white eye of a cave-born shark into a brew, causing it to bubble. The brew putrefies and Sabrina is obliged to drink it. Nick tries to stop her from drinking it but she drinks it and vomits it out. Several people cheer for here.

Hilda gives Sabrina some Pepto and encourages her to visit her friends. Hilda tells Sabrina that Susie is trying out for the basketball team today along with Harvey. Sabrina sympathizes with Susie wanting to join a traditionally male team. Sabrina visits Susie at Baxter High.

Susie takes part in the trying out match. A boy knocks her. Sabrina uses her magic to help Susie throw her ball through a hoop. Harvey encourages Susie. Principal Wardwell notices Sabrina's incantations. Susie is overjoyed and Harvey and Roz hug her. Suzie decides to identify by her male identity Theo Putnam. Sabrina experiences flashbacks of signing the Book of the Beast.

In Baxter High's corridors, Sabrina is kidnapped by a third demon who takes her into the basement. Before the demon Beelzebub can harm her, he is stopped by Principal Wardwell who binds the demon. Mary suggests that Sabrina transfer back to Baxter High. Sabrina tells Wardwell about her campaign to be Father Blackwood's Top Boy, challenging the patriarchal tradition. Sabrina tells Wardwell that Nick Scratch is a friend. Wardwell tries to sow a wedge between Sabrina and Nick. Sabrina leaves early.

Zelda tells Father Blackwood that some members of the coven oppose their relationship. She asks Blackwood to clarify their relationship. He tells her she is one of his disciples and his son’s godmother. Zelda asks if he wants to make her his Top Lady. Blackwood says there is a mourning period they must respect. Zelda says she will tone down their relationship until he is ready to legitimise their relationship.

Later, Sabrina visits Nick, who is preparing for the conjuring contest. She asks Nick if he sent the demons. Nick denies sending the demons with the rats, bats, and flies. He realizes that the demons are three Plague Kings whom he does not have the power to summon. Sabrina thinks it is Father Blackwood and says let's find out.

During the Conjuring Test, she and Nick strike a deal to draw circles on the ground. Sabrina accuses Father Blackwood or a member of the coven of sending high demons to attack her. Nick backs Sabrina up and tells Blackwood that they want to know the truth and summon the Plague Kings. The Plague Kings identify themselves as Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson. Sabrina demands to know who sent them to kill her.

The Plague Kings claim they operate independently of Satan and the coven but that they wish death on the "half-breed" Sabrina because of the chaos she will bring. Nick questions the demons but Father Blackwood banishes the three demons.

Father Blackwood summons Nick and Sabrina into his office. In private, Blackwood says that the demons acted on their own volition. Father Blackwood decides that neither of them are worthy of the title of Top Boy and instead designates Ambrose Spellman as Top Boy. He makes Ambrose a full-time student. Father Blackwood talks with Ambrose in private.

In private, Nick compliments Sabrina for her fighting spirit. She takes Nick for a date at Cerberus. Meanwhile, Roz and Harvey discuss Theo's decision to identify as a boy. Roz says that he was born as a boy and is ready to embrace his identity. Harvey asks if Sabrina knew about Theo. Harvey admits to missing Sabrina. Roz has a vision of her in a relationship with Harvey.

Sabrina confides with Nick that she had help from the Weird Sisters in the first test. They walk past Harvey and Roz in a café. The two go to Dorian Gray's Room despite it being a warlock's club. The waiter agrees to serve both Sabrina and Nick because they are beautiful. Sabrina asks Nick about what the demon meant when he said that the "half-breed must not ascend." She thinks that the demons don't want her to be High Priestess. Nick is supportive of Sabrina’s dream to become High Priestess.

Meanwhile, Mary Wardwell is visited by the Dark Lord. She confronts him about withholding information about Sabrina's importance to his plans.



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  • Epiphany is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ.
  • Sabrina changing in front of the mirror is a reference to the opening of the first three seasons of the original series, where she changed her dress in front of the mirror too in each episode.
  • The faculty members who Faustus Blackwood introduce Zelda to are named after famous American writers of the turn on 20th century, known for their supernatural and cosmic horror works: Brother Machen (Arthur Machen, author of "The Dictionary of the Devil" and "An Inhabitant of Carcossa), Brother Lovecraft (H.P. Lovecraft, of the Cthulhu Myhtos), Brother Bierce (Ambrose Bierce, famous for "The Dictionary of the Devil" and "An Inhabitant of Carcossa) and Sister Jackson (Shirley Jackson, "The Haunting of Hill House, among others). The last teacher, Sister Carswell, is a reference to Carswell Prison, whose medical facility has a reputation for being haunted. The themes of these authors are constantly referenced through Part 2.
    • Faculty instructors Jackson, Bierce, Lovecraft, all are named after American authors of The Macabre.


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