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This article is about an episode of Part 4. You may be looking for the Eldritch Terror known as The Uninvited.

A toast, to the end of all things. In the beginning, there was darkness. Then there was fire. The first sentient being gathered around that fire. And when I tried to join them, they turned me away. And in that moment, I, the Uninvited, was named. When the fire died down, I returned to the filth that rejected me and killed them in their sleep. Then I wandered the cosmos, alone. Always alone. Until I came upon a great table, and a seat was offered to me. I sat between the first eldritch terrors. Darkness, my sister, and the third terror, my brother, the Weird. I am the herald of the Void. I feast on the hearts of those who reject me.

"Chapter Thirty: The Uninvited" is the second episode of the fourth part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the thirtieth episode of the series overall.[1]


A grim visitor sends Roz and Harvey into a panic. Elsewhere, Sabrina reconnects with an enemy from her past, and Aunt Hilda's wedding day arrives.



The Uninvited kills Mrs. Anderson

The second of the Eldritch Terrors has arrived in Greendalethe Uninvited. He knocks on the door of Lucy Anderson. Mrs. Anderson answers and is disgusted by the Uninvited’s nauseating odor and appearance. She tells him to leave after explaining that she can’t help him. He leaves only to reappear inside her home and tear out her heart. Lucy looks down the hallway and asks him what did he do to her mother. The Uninvited doesn't reply, simply turning his attention to the child.

Sabrina goes on a date with Carl

Sabrina and Carl grab a bite to eat at Cerberus Books after seeing Alien at the Paramount. Sabrina loved the film, as she can relate to the loneliness of the alien, but Carl wasn’t impressed. He then proceeds to walk Sabrina home and give her a kiss on the cheek before parting ways.

Sabrina heads inside, where Salem reminds her of her date with Melvin. The two decide to grab drinks at Dorian's Gray Room, where Melvin reveals that he hasn’t been doing well since Elspeth and Dorcas’ deaths. He knows that Hilda is getting married and offers to escort Sabrina to the wedding. Melvin then walks Sabrina home and sees her off with a kiss on the cheek.

Harvey and Roz welcome the Uninvited

Harvey and Roz are making out in the garage when the Uninvited comes knocking. Roz urges him to come inside and explains to Harvey that her cunning is telling her to help the homely man because something bad would have happen if they had turned him away. They prepare him some soup, and Roz attempts to touch his hand in hopes that her cunning will grant her answers in regards to his origin. She reaches out for him, but he instead grabs her wrist, which activates her cunning all the same. Roz is startled by her discovery but insists that she’s fine. After finishing his soup, the Uninvited leaves without so much as a word. Afterward, Roz reveals to Harvey that when the Uninvited grabbed her arm, her mind was flooded with images, however, she doesn’t wish to look any further and would rather spend time with Harvey.

Sabrina Morningstar reveals that she's getting married to Caliban

Sabrina Spellman and Sabrina Morningstar rendezvous inside the yellow wallpaper room. Morningstar asks who she likes more between Carl and Melvin. Spellman replies that she didn’t feel a spark with either of them. However, when she was dating Harvey and Nick, they both felt like "the one." Morningstar presumes that someday she’ll find someone who combines the best qualities of the two before revealing that she and Caliban are getting married later in the week. Spellman doesn’t trust Caliban, as he tried to kill her, but Morningstar insists that he’s apologetic.

Lucifer and Lilith discuss Caliban

Lilith confesses to Lucifer that she’s surprised that he’s so approving of Sabrina’s marriage to Caliban. Lucifer explains that it’s a useful union, as Caliban has no family who might try to wrest control of the throne. He’s also made of clay, so he won’t pollute the Morningstar bloodlines, but most importantly, he’s attractive, meaning he and Sabrina will provide Lucifer with beautiful grandchildren, however, this would also of course mean competition for the throne in regards to Lilith and Lucifer’s child.

Mary informs Blackwood and Agatha that Dr. Cerberus is marrying Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda. Suddenly, the Uninvited arrives outside of the Pilgrims of the Night Church. Agatha opens the door and welcomes him inside. Blackwood assures the Uninvited that he can trust them. He then goes on to explain to Mary and Agatha that those who do not welcome the Uninvited welcome their heartless death instead.

Roz awakens from her sleep to find Harvey sleeping at his art station. He’s drawn eight pictures in his sleep. Pictures of the same glimpses Roz saw when the Uninvited grabbed her arm. She wonders how Harvey knew to draw them. He suspects that she passed them onto him when they had sex.

The Spellmans plan Hilda's wedding

Hilda tries to explain to Zelda that she simply wants a small wedding with family and close friends in the parlor, but Zelda insists that it’s her job as High Priestess of the Order of Hecate to officiate the weddings and funerals of all her congregations. Hilda then asks Sabrina if she can get the Fright Club to perform at her reception at Dorian’s Gray Room. Also, she asks Sabrina to be her flower girl. Zelda reminds Hilda that they must exorcise Cerberus’ sex demon. Damascus steel won’t do much good on their wedding night, and the last thing any of them want is for Hilda to be torn apart by an incubus. The phone rings. Hilda answers and informs Ambrose that the coroner’s office is bringing over a handful of bodies.

Lilith confronts Sabrina

Sabrina opens the front door to find Lilith on the other side. She came to see if Sabrina’s aunts could talk some sense into her regarding her union to Caliban, but since she just left Hell, where Sabrina was tasting wedding cakes, she now realizes that there are two Sabrinas. Lilith warns Sabrina of the temporal paradox she antagonizes every time she and her other self meet. However, Sabrina is more concerned with Caliban. Much like Lilith, she is opposed to Morningstar marrying him. Lilith seeks to kill him, but Sabrina wants to try breaking them up first and tells Lilith to arrange for Caliban to meet her at the Academy.

Prudence offers to cut off Caliban's manhood

Posing as Sabrina Morningstar, Spellman meets with Caliban at the Academy of Unseen Arts as planned. She explains that once they’re married she wants to split her time in between Hell and Earth. Sabrina proceeds to introduce Caliban to Hecate, who’s even stronger than Lucifer. Sabrina asks if he would consider converting, however, Caliban is reluctant. Sabrina then introduces Caliban to Prudence, who explains that Hecate requires a specific devotion from the men who worship her. The men in the Order of Hecate must be gelded. Caliban refuses to relinquish his manhood, which results in him questioning their reunion entirely.

Melvin and Nick exorcise Cerberus' incubus

Nick and Melvin are tasked by Zelda to exorcise Dr. Cerberus’ incubus. They strap him to a chair and explain how the incubus will jump out of Dr. Cee and into the demon trap that Melvin’s holding. The incubus is a male demon, and they’ll be invoking the power of the Dark Mother, and there’s nothing an incubus fears more than the Divine Feminine. However, before Nick can finish, the incubus jumps from Dr. Cerberus and seeks refuge inside of Theo, who is perusing the shop.

After agreeing to perform at Hilda’s reception, Harvey and Roz inform Sabrina that Roz’ cunning showed her these horrible images after coming in contact with the Uninvited. The following morning, they awakened to discover that Harvey drew the same images that Roz saw with her cunning.

Roz, Harvey, Ambrose, and Sabrina discover the Eldritch Terrors are upon them

Ambrose performs an autopsy on all five of the corpses brought in from the coroner’s office. They all have one thing in common — they’re all missing their hearts. Salem points out that they likely saw their killer, and so with a bit of necromancy, Ambrose extracts an image of what the victims' witnessed before they perished, similar to developing photos. He plucks out one eye from three of the corpses and recites an incantation. All three of the developed photos depict the Uninvited. Ambrose is then joined by Sabrina, Harvey, and Roz, who present to him Harvey’s drawing. Roz then points out that the man in the photos that Ambrose is developing is the same man from last night. Sabrina questions why he didn’t kill Harvey and Roz like his previous victims. Ambrose concludes that it’s because they showed him kindness and hospitality. He then asks Roz to touch one of the corpses. Roz sees Mrs. Anderson’s final moments — how she turned the man away and how he killed her in response. Ambrose concludes that they’re dealing with another Eldritch Terror, specifically the Uninvited. Moving forward, they can use Harvey’s drawings to identify the threats yet to come.

Zelda scolds Nick and Melvin for allowing the incubus to get away. She instructs them to hunt it down before it infects anyone else. Ambrose then informs Zelda that the Uninvited has arrived in Greendale, with six other Eldritch Terrors waiting in the wings. Zelda refuses to cancel the wedding, however, they will safeguard against the terror as well as the rogue incubus.

Theo and Robin kiss

Having been infected by the incubus, Theo aggressively kisses Robin in Harvey’s garage as they prepare to play for Hilda’s reception.

Blackwood asks the Uninvited to share with him the coming destruction, however, he can't. Mary points out that he’s missing his tongue. So, Blackwood orders Agatha to retrieve one.

Caliban approaches Sabrina at her throne and reveals that he has removed his manhood as requested by Hecate.

While Blackwood attaches a tongue to the Uninvited, Mary asks Agatha where she got the tongue from. Agatha replies from a chatty congregant.

Morningstar confronts Spellman about her tricking Caliban

Sabrina Morningstar confronts Spellman about lying to Caliban and attempting to drive a wedge between them. However, Morningstar isn’t upset, as she realizes that Sabrina did this out of loneliness. Additionally, Caliban sacrificed his manhood as asked. The fact that he was willing to do that for Morningstar proves that he cares for her. Spellman then reveals that she’s not happy with her life. She does indeed feel alone, whereas Morningstar says that she couldn't be happier. She then invites Sabrina to attend her wedding tomorrow. As a wedding gift, something borrowed, Spellman gives Morningstar the yellow wallpaper house.

The Uninvited is said to be a herald for the Void, the last of the terrors. He requires a sizable audience, which Blackwood can provide for him. All he asks for in return is to be blessed. The Uninvited agrees to his terms and rips off a piece of his flesh for Blackwood to consume.

Hilda finds Sabrina crying in her room. Sabrina says that she’s been feeling lonely as of late. Hilda assures Sabrina that she’s going to find someone and fall in and out of love many times. It took Hilda herself many years before she found someone she truly loved.

Mary bathes The Uninvited

While Mary bathes the Uninvited, Blackwood informs him that he will find a desecrated church at the edge of the Greendale woods filled with witches. Should he be denied at the church, they’ll host the reception at Dorian’s Gray Room. Agatha returns with a suit for the Uninvited. Blackwood advises the terror to take no pity or mercy on the witches.

At the Desecrated Church, Ambrose passes out photos of the Uninvited to Sabrina, Nick, Melvin, Prudence, Dorian, and Zelda. Should he show up at the wedding, they’re to offer him a seat. However, all other strangers are not to enter.

Nick turns away the Uninvited

Sabrina and Nick are on door duty, during which time they talk about Sabrina’s date with Melvin. The Uninvited arrives, but given his clean, shaven appearance, they do not recognize him as an Eldritch Terror and turn him away.

After the wedding, the Order of Hecate gathers at Dorian’s Gray Room for the reception. Sabrina sits with the former wayward witches, that being Gryla, Dezmelda, Pesta, and Sycorax. Gryla in particular offers Sabrina several drinks.

Sabrina gets drunk and gets on stage

Sabrina gets on stage and gives a drunken toast about love. She sees it within her Aunt Hilda and Dr. Cerberus, as well as with Harvey and Roz and Theo and Robin. However, she then turns her attention to Prudence and Nick and points out how Nick would hookup with sex demons. She then goes on to speak about her one personal dating life, including her recent date with Melvin and how "jacked" he is under his sweaters. It gets to the point where Zelda has to forcibly remove her from the stage. Zelda escorts Sabrina back to her seat and scolds Sabrina for her actions.

The Uninvited kills Dorian

Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin, the Fright Club, perform on stage during the reception. Halfway through their performance, the incubus takes over Theo, who charges towards Robin before Nick intervenes. He expels the demon from Theo, forcing it to go into Harvey, then into Melvin, and lastly into the Uninvited, who absorbs the incubus. After Ambrose and Roz realize that he’s the Uninvited, Dorian approaches and asks him to leave. Instead, he rips Dorian’s heart from his chest. Prudence notes that Dorian was immortal, meaning he shouldn’t be able to die. Ambrose explains that immortal doesn’t mean indestructible. He then points towards Dorian’s portrait, which now mimics his death as blood runs down the painting. The Uninvited then proceeds to eat Dorian’s heart before explaining that there was only darkness in the beginning. Then there was fire, and the first sentient beings gathered around that fire. And when the Uninvited tried to join them, they turned him away. And in that moment he was named. When the fire died down, he returned and killed them in their sleep. He wandered the cosmos alone afterwards until he came upon a great table and a seat was offered to him. He sat between the first Eldritch Terror — the Darkness, his sister, and the third terror, his brother, the Weird. The Uninvited is the herald of the Void and feasts on the hearts of those that reject him. So, he intends to kill everyone present after Sabrina and Nick turned him away. Hilda apologizes for him having been turned away and offers him an invite to her reception. However, he says that she’s too late. Nick confesses to turning the terror away and offers himself up as a sacrifice. Hoping to spare any more bloodshed, Sabrina reveals that she has a better invite to a wedding in Hell, where no one will turn him away.

Sabrina Spellman arrives at Sabrina Morningstar’s wedding with the Uninvited, where she is greeted by Lilith. She asks Lilith to keep him company while she goes to find Morningstar.

Lucifer discovers there are two Sabrinas

Sabrina Spellman explains to Morningstar that she brought the Uninvited to her wedding in hopes that he’ll spare the coven. Lucifer enters and discovers that there are two Sabrinas, who explain to him that there’s an Eldritch Terror in attendance. Lucifer reveals that they’re unkillable and horror incarnate. So, the two Sabrinas suggest trapping it with the yellow wallpaper house, which exists outside of space and time and can act as a prison.

Lucifer walks Sabrina Morningstar down the aisle to her groom. Meanwhile, Spellman grabs the Uninvited’s hand and preys on his loneliness. She asks him to marry her. He’d always have a home and forever more, he’d be "the Invited." When he agrees, she and the Uninvited join Morningstar and Caliban on stage, where Lucifer officiates the marriage.

Sabrina locks the Uninvited in the yellow room

After sealing their union with a kiss, Sabrina leads the Uninvited into the yellow wallpaper house, which she describes as warm and inviting. After getting him inside the room, she hastily exits and locks the door behind her. By the time the Uninvited realizes that he’s been tricked, it’s too late. Sabrina exits the yellow wallpaper house to find Morningstar, Lilith, Lucifer, Caliban, and the Demonic Minion performing a spell to seal the terror inside. Now, Spellman must leave with the house, never to return for the sake of the cosmos. Lucifer banishes her from Hell and warns Spellman to return at her own peril. However, before she returns to Earth, Morningstar tells Spellman to make her own happiness and says that they’re secret best friends forever.

Hilda and Dr. Cerberus get married (again)

Hilda, Zelda, Ambrose, Mambo Marie, and Dr. Cerberus return to the mortuary to find that Sabrina is well. She explains that the Uninvited is trapped in the yellow room, which has been sealed with a binding spell. Ambrose wants to interrogate him to find out more about the terror to come. Hilda says that this can wait until tomorrow. For now, she wants to have the small wedding in their parlor that she had imagined — only close family and friends with everyone dressed as classic horror movie monsters.

Agatha asks Blackwood about the Uninvited. He says that it doesn’t matter as the next Eldritch Terror is fast approaching. Soon they shall bear witness to the perverse face of the Weird.

Sabrina sits in her room looking through old photos of her with Harvey and Nick. She recalls what Sabrina Morningstar said about making her own happiness and how she desired the best parts of Nick and Harvey.



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