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Could this be the Imp of the Perverse, one of my beloved eldritch terrors? It's said that the Imp bestows upon its owner any wish, the power to warp and pervert reality itself.

"Chapter Thirty-Two: The Imp of the Perverse" is the fourth episode of the fourth part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the thirty-second episode of the series overall.[1]


Panic turns political as Sabrina and Roz run for Baxter High co-presidents. Harvey struggles with Roz's reveal. Blackwood takes control of the terror.



The Spellmans warns Sabrina of the Terrors

Sabrina intends to run alongside Roz for Baxter High student council President. She shares her campaign speech with her family. However, Zelda admittedly sensed a lack of authenticity and identity behind Sabrina’s words. More importantly, they’re still under the threat of the Eldritch Terrors, which Ambrose and Zelda agree should take precedence over Sabrina running for President.

Roz confesses to Harvey that she’s a witch and a seer. He’s in shock, as Roz previously told him that she wasn’t. She asks if she should go home, as Harvey is clearly upset. But he tells her to stay, and they kiss.

Harvey reveals to Theo at school that Roz is a witch and sarcastically asks why does his romantic partners always turn out to be a witch. Theo remarks that he has a type and jokingly offers to ask Robin if he knows of any lady hobgoblins.

Despite claiming that he was fine with Roz being a witch, it is clear that Harvey isn’t. He becomes almost antagonistic towards her, asking how she's going to find the time between being school council President and being a sentinel. Roz replies that she’ll figure it out, sarcastically remarking that she has the unconditional support of her boyfriend.

Blackwood makes a wish with the Imp

The Trinket Man arrives at the Pilgrims of the Night Church. He has an array of delightfully dangerous items, many of which are up for sale, such as the Stone of Omphalos, recovered from the ruins of Ancient Greece. However, Blackwood seeks the Imp of the Perverse, the fourth Eldritch Terror, which is capable of granting any wish and warping reality. But when the Trinket Man says it is not for sale, Blackwood steals the item and sends the Trinket Man on his way.

Prudence feels a disturbance from the Observatory. Her father is in possession of the next Eldritch Terror, so through their psychic connection, she makes contact with Roz and Mambo Marie. Roz asks for the location of the terror, but Prudence decides against sharing its location in fear that Roz would try to stop her from killing her father.

Blackwood rubs upon the Imp of the Perverse and wishes to become emperor of Greendale. Prudence suddenly appears and charges at him with her swords, but he vanishes. Blackwood's reality warping wish has come true and Prudence is now a loyal soldier and lieutenant in his army.

Prudence arrives at Dorian's Gray Room and asks Judith why Mad Agatha isn’t dressed yet. Judith explains that Blackwood said that she can stay home for the day so as not to upset the schoolchildren on their visit. Prudence then instructs Judas, another loyal soldier in Blackwood's army, to fetch their father’s Imp.

Roz and Sabrina discover that they're in a warped reality

Sabrina and Roz exit the bathroom after hearing a mind numbing ringing to discover that they’re in some kind of warped reality, in which Blackwood is emperor and Sabrina is public enemy number one. Walking the halls of Blackwood High is Billy, a cadet-in-training, who makes brief eye contact with Sabrina. He stops in his tracks and turns back to look at her again, initially believing her to be wanted. But by the time he turns around, Sabrina has magically altered her appearance. They are joined by Harvey, another one of Blackwood’s loyal soldiers. Sabrina, still in disguise, introduces herself as Samantha.

Mary informs the class of Blackwood's visit

Ms. Wardwell enters her class and begins with the pledge of allegiance to Blackwood, which Harvey leads. They’re lesson is on the two greatest moments in American history — the Salem and Greendale witch trials. When mankind triumphed over witches. Sabrina and Roz are shocked to discover that in this new reality not only is the existence of witches known, but they are hunted and persecuted. Witches are accused of killing babies to drink their blood and eat their flesh. Ms. Wardwell says that witches are trying to ascend and that it’s only because of Emperor Blackwood that they’ve been stopped. Ms. Wardwell then reveals that Emperor Blackwood will be visiting them at the school, as it’s his birthday.

Blackwood condemns witches

Blackwood enters Ms. Wardwell’s class accompanied by Judith, who has his dog Anubis bound by a leash, Judas, who holds the Imp of the Perverse, and Prudence, his lieutenant. It has come to his attention that there is a witch amongst them. He accuses Robin of being a witch given his pointed ears and green hair. When Blackwood orders Prudence to arrest Robin, he flees at super speed. Blackwood then looks to Theo and accuses him of being a witch after he told Robin to escape. Blackwood then goes onto to say that the threat of witches is real and omnipresent. He claims that they ride overhead with broomsticks dropping spell bombs. Before leaving, he brings in a witch in its true form rather than when it’s masquerading as mortal to scare the kids.

Sabrina and Roz retreat into the bathroom to collect their thoughts. Sabrina believes this is the work of the Perverse, the fourth Eldritch Terror. Roz questions why the two of them weren't affected by the world warping abilities of the Perverse. Sabrina suspects they may be immune because they’ve both had contact with an Eldritch Terror. Sabrina had the Weird inside her and Roz was touched by the Uninvited.

Sabrina and Roz find Ambrose

Sabrina and Roz decide to go to her house in hopes of finding Ambrose, who is more knowledgeable on the terrors and their workings. However, Ambrose has no memory of Sabrina and is in the process of fleeing Greendale. He’s been marked and accused of witchcraft, which he insists is false, as he has no recollection of ever being a witch. Sabrina informs him that they’re trapped in the Perverse’s perverted reality. Having failed to get through to Ambrose, Sabrina heads to the Academy of Unseen Arts to see her Aunt Zelda while Roz goes looking for Harvey in hopes of breaking the trance the Perverse has on him.

Sabrina bumps into Nick while on her way to her aunt’s office. He also has no recollection of her and asks for her name. Sabrina introduces herself as Samantha Stillwell. Before parting ways, he tells Sabrina that she should consider attending the Academy.

Zelda doesn't remember Sabrina

Sabrina enters Aunt Zelda’s office, though Zelda doesn’t remember her and insists that she doesn’t have a niece. Sabrina removes her glamour as Samantha in hopes that Zelda will recognize her. However, Zelda only recognizes her as an enemy of the state. When Sabrina accuses Zelda of being a witch and High Priestess, she is so insulted that she slaps Sabrina and demands that she leave at once. In a final attempt to restore her aunt’s memories, Sabrina performs a memory restoration spell, which only appears to work for a few moments before wearing off. Mambo Marie then interrupts to inform Zelda of Emperor Blackwood’s arrival. In fear that Sabrina’s presence will cause more trouble for her school, Zelda orders Sabrina to hide in her office.

Blackwood investigates the Academy

Blackwood reports to Zelda that his spies have heard troublesome rumors about her school. He asks if she is in possession of any art or literature that would be in violation of state decency laws. There have also been reports of cries in the night. Zelda insists that none of this is true. However, they have been practicing at a song. One of Blackwood’s favorites. Mambo Marie leads the choir in performing Tomorrow Belongs to Me. However, Blackwood notices that Nick isn’t singing along and orders for Nick to sing to him. When Nick refuses, Sabrina performs a spell to force him to sing. Blackwood is impressed and then instructs Prudence to search the Academy for babies and degenerate art.

Harvey warns Roz

Roz questions why Harvey is serving the Emperor, especially after he arrested Theo without cause and took him away, but Harvey's only concerned with being a loyal soldier. Roz then reveals that she’s a witch and asks if Harvey is going to arrest her too. When she accuses Blackwood of being a witch as well and Harvey of even dating two witches, he becomes enraged. He covers her mouth with his hand and tells her to keep her mouth shut and to never repeat these things again. Before leaving, she tells Harvey that he was once a good man and that they even hunted monsters together. However, she can barely recognize the person in front of her.

Sabrina confronts Zelda

Prudence returns with several crates of what she has deemed to be degenerate items. Blackwood orders them to be burned. Before leaving, he tells Prudence to arrest Nick, much to Zelda and Mambo Marie’s displeasure. Nick tells Blackwood that he’s not afraid and that he won’t beg, to which Blackwood replies no mercy will be given. After Blackwood leaves, Sabrina comes from around back to assure Zelda that she’ll save Nick. She looks to Zelda, Mambo Marie, Melvin, and the others hoping to remind them that they’re a powerful coven of witches, but Zelda insists that she leave. Sabrina reminds Zelda that she had a familiar named Vinegar Tom, a wise beagle, who she loved greatly and referred to as her soul mate. She loved him so much that she had him stuffed after he died. And sometimes, the fact that he’s gone makes her cry. This appears to resonate with Zelda to some degree. Zelda secretly hands Sabrina a small piece of paper and tells her to go to the bookstore of Main Street and request the book that she had written down. The people there might be able to help her.

The Trinket Man informs Ambrose about the Imp

Ambrose drives out to the Greendale borders. His memories begin to resurface almost instantly. There, he comes into contact with the Trinket Man. He reveals that Blackwood stole the Imp of the Perverse. Ambrose realizes that Blackwood wished upon the Imp to reshape the universe in his image and now no one can remember the truth. Ambrose asks why does the wish only extend as far as Greendale rather than the world. The Trinket Man explains that the Imp still has its impish ways. While there’s only one Imp of the Perverse, the man does have another item Ambrose might be interested in, that being the Stone of Omphalos. The same stone that Cronus swallowed, creating the center of the universe, making it the stone of reality, which can therefore be used to restore reality. The Trinket Man gives Ambrose the stone free of charge, however, the moment Ambrose crosses the border, his mind will pervert again. He’ll have 30 seconds of lucidity before the warping wish takes effect again. Ambrose needs a way to find Sabrina as quickly as possible and relay the message before his memory is warped again. Robin arrives and offers to help.

The witches plot against Blackwood

Sabrina and Roz meet at Cerberus Books, where they find Hilda and tell her that they’re looking for a book titled "Häxan." Hilda proceeds to guide them into the back, where a resistance has formulated, among them is Lilith and Agatha, who is no longer insane. Agatha believes that her mind was somehow unwarped when Blackwood made his wish to warp reality. Blackwood doesn’t know she’s sane, essentially making her a double agent. Agatha reveals that the only way to destroy this warped reality is to destroy the Imp. Robin then arrives at super speed with Ambrose, who explains that they have to use the Stone of Omphalos, however, his mind is perverted by Blackwood’s wish before he can explain to Sabrina how to use the stone. Hilda suggests that they follow Cronus’ footsteps and eat the stone by turning it into stone soup. Ambrose is first to drink the stone soup and almost instantly his memories are restored. After everyone has a cup of stone soup, the resistance plot their next move to destroy the Imp and save everyone. Agatha explains that Blackwood travels with the Imp. Their best bet is to destroy it tomorrow at the executions. Sabrina will create a distraction while Ambrose blasts the Imp with his wand.

Sabrina arrives at the Academy intent on feeding the coven Hilda’s stone soup in hopes of restoring their memories.

Harvey arrests Roz

Harvey and Billy arrive at Cerberus Books after receiving a call alerting them of subversive meetings taking place at the bookstore. Hilda and Dr. Cerberus insists that they have no knowledge of any meetings. Still, they decide to search the establishment. Billy searches the front while Harvey heads into the back to find Roz, Lilith, and several other witches. Roz begs him to spare them. Harvey explains that they got reports that Cerberus was housing dissidents. They can’t return empty-handed, so Roz sacrifices herself to spare the other from being taken in. Billy is surprised to learn that Roz is a witch.

Agatha returns to Dorian’s Gray Room, where Blackwood awaits. He asks where she’s been. Agatha claims she was at the church, but Prudence accuses her of being a liar, as she just returned from the church. Blackwood questions how long Agatha has been conspiring against him. Prudence then adds that they’ve had eyes on her for weeks. For her crimes, she will be executed tomorrow.

The Order of Hecate and the resistance gather at Cerberus Books to discuss their next course of action. Zelda insists that they unite to take down Blackwood for his crimes against witch-kind.

The witches join forces against Blackwood

The following day, Blackwood holds the executions at the Desecrated Church, where Nick is restrained to one table while Roz is restrained to another. Theo and Agatha are bound by their hands and under heavy guard. Before the executions, Blackwood wants to hear an actual witch confession and orders Prudence to begin the stoning. She places a wooden board on top of Nick and piles large stones on top of him. Sabrina then confesses to being a witch. While Blackwood is distracted, Ambrose destroys the Imp, but it is merely a replica. Sabrina then takes the reality stone and throws it at Blackwood’s head, accusing him of being a witch. The Order of Hecate join Sabrina and trap Blackwood in place. When Judas and Judith attempt to intervene, Melvin and Lilith hold them at bay. Blackwood looks to Harvey for help. Instead, Harvey knocks out the executioner.

Sabrina restores reality

Agatha and Sabrina explain to Prudence that they’re trapped in a warped reality and that no one hates Blackwood more than her. Ambrose added that he’s sorry for stopping her from killing Blackwood back when they were in Scotland. Roz and Mambo Marie then look to Prudence for answers as to how they can end this reality. Prudence reveals that they have to wish on the Imp not destroy it. The real Imp is kept in a safe at Dorian’s. So, Robin races to Dorian’s to retrieve the Imp. He eventually manages to unlock the safe after many combination attempts to the point of his fingertips being bruised and bloody. Sabrina wishes on the Imp for the world to be restored but nothing happens. Roz, Prudence, and Mambo Marie, the Weird Sisters, reveal that this Imp is also a false idol before Sabrina realizes that Anubis is the Imp. She places her hand over the dog and wishes the world back to normal.

Blackwood finds himself back at the Pilgrims of the Night Church, where Prudence stabs him in the chest with her sword.

Roz and Sabrina return to their reality

Sabrina and Roz are back in the bathroom of Baxter High. They exit to find that everything has returned to normal. Harvey pulls Roz to the side and apologizes for being so unkind to her earlier. He says that he loves her no matter what and accepts her for who she is.

Sabrina hands Billy and Carl one of their campaign flyers, which says "Witches United." Sabrina explains that she and Roz are powerful, disruptive women, champions of the oppressed, supporters of the othered, unapologetic feminists, allies to all those who live in the shadow of the patriarchy, reminders that the shadow had its own power. Sabrina and Roz promise the student body that they will seek the truth and fight injustice.

Blackwood's head

Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, Ambrose, Nick, and Mambo Marie gather in the cellar, where Prudence has placed Blackwood’s decapitated head on a plate because she can’t kill him due to him having the Mark of Cain. Prudence also reveals that she brought back the Imp and Agatha.

Nick pulls Sabrina aside and reveals that he still has feelings for her. Sabrina asks about Prudence, who Nick says was merely just a fun time, whereas he and Sabrina are "end-game."



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  • The episode title is a reference to The Perverse; one of the eight Eldritch Terrors.
  • The book Sabrina is supposed to find is a reference to Häxan, a 1922 Swedish-Danish horror film.
  • The Trinket Man refers to two elements of the Greek myth:
    • Cronus — the ledader of the Titans who ate his children and was dethroned by his son Zeus, leader of the Olympians.
    • Omphalos — a mystical stone believed to be the center of the universe and swallowed by Cronus with deception.


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