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We've all felt it. On the first day of a new school year. Butterflies in the stomach. We've all looked around and wondered... where am I gonna fit in here? Who am I gonna sit with at lunch? Will I even make it to lunch? Multiply that by a thousand, and that's how Archie Andrews felt as he was being "processed" at the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center.

"Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes" is the second episode of the third season of Riverdale, and the thirty-seventh episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on October 17, 2018.


FIRST DAY JITTERS — After a gruesome discovery is made in the forest, Jughead and Betty team up to investigate Riverdale's latest mystery. As Archie navigates his new surroundings, Veronica devises a plan to bring a bit of home to him. Elsewhere, when Moose decides to join the RROTC, Kevin worries he may be pulling away from him.[3]



Archie is processed

Archie is processed as he arrives at the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center. Before even making it to his cell, he is requested by Warden Norton. After reading his file, Warden Norton discovers that Archie has an affinity for music. The detention center has a music room thought it mostly goes unused. Warden Norton simply wanted to make it clear that he keeps an orderly house and that Archie is expected to respect that.

FP, Tom and Fred dicuss freeing Archie

Fred joins FP and Tom at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe after getting off the phone with Warden Norton. Veronica, who is working behind the counter, is relieved to hear that Archie has gone through processing and that he is fine. In other developments, Fred got a line on the three thugs that gave false testimonies against Archie. Tom is friends with the Sheriff over in Shadow county. They found remains of a campfire in the deep woods. Veronica is disgusted with the fact that while Archie's in jail those who gave a false testimony are camping. Not for long, FP replies. Until Archie's release, Veronica intends to keep everything in order at Riverdale High so that everyone knows he'll be back in time for Homecoming.

Betty accuse Polly and Alice of throwing the twins into a bonfire

At the Cooper house, Betty, Alice and Polly are recuperating from the night before, where Betty fainted on the back porch. Dr. Patel kept her overnight for observation but it was just a precaution. They ran test hoping to discover the source for the seizure though he suspects it was the result of Betty begin stressed. Polly was up with the twins all night worried about Betty, though Betty herself is more concerned with the whereabouts of Juniper and Dagwood, who she swears she saw her mother and Polly throw into giant bonfire. Alice claims that the only thing burning last night was the Hibachi, as they were making skewers with a few friends from the Farm. Polly concludes that Betty was merely hallucinating when she saw the twins go into the fire as they are fine, upstairs sleeping in fact.

Jughead and Betty set out on a new investigation

Betty meets up with Jughead in the Blue and Gold offices, where she learns that Dilton Doiley is dead. And Ben from the Twilight Drive-In is barely hanging on. Doctors don't know when or if he's ever going to wake up. Sheriff Minetta asked Jughead to keep what he saw to himself for the family's sake, but what Jughead saw was horrendous. He describes it as being a ritual site. Dilton and Ben's lips were blue. There were these chalices with what was likely poison and even animal bones surrounding the site. Even the tree had markings on it. Not to mention the winged totem with a skull and branches. And there's no way to determine whether it was a murder or suicide pact gone wrong. Jughead first recalls seeing Ben and Dilton at Pop's and then Dilton later coming to his trailer raving about the Gargoyle King. With that in mind, Betty and Jughead decide to investigate the case together. At least until they catch another lead with Archie's case.

Archie is bunking with a fellow inmate named Mad Dog. He attempts to introduce himself, but Mad Dog isn't the slightest bit interested in becoming friendly with his new cellmate. However, he does warn Archie about his shoes and how they will draw unwanted attention to him.

Cheryl attempts to replace Archie

As Archie's girlfriend and former running mate, Veronica approaches Mr. Weatherbee to make him aware that she'll be stepping in as interim student body president. Unfortunately for Veronica, Cheryl has already petitioned to be president. Veronica confronts Cheryl in the girls locker room for trying to steal Archie's presidency. Cheryl replies by asking who would Veronica have lead them through the super dark times of junior year, someone like Ethel Muggs, who Cheryl had bypassed earlier as she was going on about a winged creature that was after her. Veronica answers that she intended to keep Archie's seat warm until his return. Cheryl questions why, comparing their dilemma to that of John F. Kennedy's assassination and Lyndon B. Johnson's rise to presidency. However, as Josie points out, Johnson led them to Vietnam. Josie then suggests that Cheryl give Veronica a break all things considering, but Cheryl is only willing to a point as she reveals that she needs the presidency for her college applications.

Joaquin encourages Archie to shiv a Ghoulie

Archie enters the prison yard. All eyes are on him. Just as Jughead advised, Archie finds the Southside Serpents of the juvenile detention center. He asks to sit. It's only when he flashes his new Serpent tattoo that they allow him to. Slash, one of the Serpents, asks about Archie's tattoo, as it looks fresh. Archie tells him that it was done by FP Jones. Jughead made him a Serpent however and said that he could hang out with them. Little does Archie know, Joaquin is also locked up. He stuck around town after returning to help Fangs escape and got hauled in during riot night. Joaquin outs Archie to Slash and the other Serpents. And because of that, Archie has to earn their trust if he wants their protection. A test of loyalty. Joaquin pulls a shiv out of his shoe and hands it to Archie, telling him to stab the lone Ghoulie across the yard. No need to worry about the guards as the Serpents pay them to turn a blind eye. However, Archie refuses and walks off.

Runic symbols on Dilton's back

Betty and Jughead meet with Dr. Curdle Jr., who took over his father's coroner business after his passing. The toxicology report revealed lethal levels of cyanide in Dilton's blood. Dr. Curdle surmises that Ben only survived because he didn't drink enough to finish the job. Betty looks to Dr. Curdle, hoping he can determine whether this was a murder or suicide. He replies that the body did show signs of stress and there are three symbols carved out on Dilton's back. He guesses they're Runic. Jughead proceeds to take a photo of the symbols. As for what caused their lips to turn blue, the cyanide was mixed into a sugary drink called "Fresh-Aid". Blueberry flavored. There's something dimly familiar about this case to Dr. Curdle. Still, he's not quite sure if it's a murder or suicide. But whatever it is, it's darker than what happened to Jason Blossom. Or the Black Hood killings. What we're looking at here, is the true face of evil. Afterwards, Jughead develops the photos he took of Dilton's body in a darkroom.

Archie finds himself surrounded a gang of Ghoulies as he plays the guitar in the music room. Archie doesn't remember them but they certainly remember him. They were at the drag race the day he called the cops on them. They're in the detention center because of Archie. They then hold Archie down and beat him up before taking his shoes.

Veronica visits Archie

During visitations, Veronica notices that Archie is sitting awkwardly. A result of the beat down he received from the Ghoulies, unbeknownst to Veronica. Archie claims that he's just sore from working out though she doesn't believe him, especially since he's also missing his shoes. However, Archie has an excuse for this as well, claiming that the Warden took them along with all his other clothes. When Veronica continues to push, Archie changes the subject. He asks about school, Veronica's speakeasy and her becoming student body president in his place.

Meet Evelyn Evernever

In the Blue and Gold offices, Betty calls Riverdale General Hospital to check in on Ben's status. He's apparently out of the ICU, and so Betty prepares to visit him. Just behind her stands Evelyn Evernever. She introduces herself to Betty, explaining that they almost met through Alice and Polly. Evelyn is the daughter of Edgar Evernever. The leader of the Farm. Evelyn now attends Riverdale High, so she stopped by to say hi and inform Betty that she won't tell anyone about her seizure from the other night. As it turns out, Evelyn was present during Betty's incident. She and her father were invited over by Alice for a cookout and to burn a few of her things. Evelyn then inquires about Betty, who excuses herself to visit Ben.

Kevin surprises Moose in the hallway with a kiss, hoping to sneak off to the boiler room with him, but Moose pulls away as his father is right across the hall with Mr. Weatherbee. Moose's father is the new RROTC instructor and he's making Moose sign up. So, if he's going to be around school, Moose and Kevin have to take it easy.

Cheryl informs Veronica of the Innocence Project

Cheryl enters Pop's with a few of her friends and takes a seat in a booth. Veronica, working from behind the counter, spots Cheryl as she enters and confronts her. Cheryl mistakes Veronica's arrival as her wanting to take orders, but as Veronica explains, she owns Pop's and as of this moment, Cheryl is no longer welcome. Cheryl then excuses her friends to talk with veronica privately in order to figure what Veronica is actually upset about. Veronica is still mad over Cheryl's play for student body president. Veronica made a promise to Archie that when he gets out, she'll have everything in place waiting for him. And that includes his presidency. Instead of attacking her, Cheryl suggests that Veronica channel that rage into something more productive. Like getting Archie sprung. There's an organization called the Innocence Project. Cheryl looked into it when she was accused of Jason's murder.

Betty and Jughead speaks with Ben's mother

Betty and Jughead arrive at Riverdale General, and after slipping past a Sheriff's deputy, they enter Ben's room. Ben is still unconscious, though his mother is at his side. Betty and Jughead introduces themselves, stating that they know him from school. He and Jughead also used to work at the Twilight Drive-In together. Ben's stabilized, but he hasn't woken up yet. While Mrs. Button doesn't know what exactly Ben was doing in the woods, she notes that he's always been odd. Kept to himself. Especially after his piano teacher was murdered. (see:Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying) But this summer, he became friends with Dilton Doiley. When that happened, he became a different person. Secretive, sneaking out at all hours and having horrible nightmares. Hanging on the door of Ben's hospital room, Jughead finds a twig doll. Mrs. Button believes that it was left behind by a girl whose name she has forgotten, but was wearing a bow in her hair. Sheriff Minetta then bust Betty and Jughead. He refuses to allow a couple of teenagers to compromise an active murder investigation. Jughead retorts that if this is an active murder investigation, he might want to start by letting the rest of the town know. Betty and Jughead then overhear Sheriff Minetta's conversation with another deputy, who reveals that an Adventure Scout's parents called. They haven't seen him in two days, and he was a part of Dilton Doiley's troop.

Veronica asks Hermione for a letter of support

Veronica intends to start her own chapter of the Innocence Project in Riverdale. So, she visits her mother at Town Hall to request a letter of support issued by her mother, the town Mayor. Hermione reminds Veronica that she has no desire to get in the middle of the war between Veronica and Hiram. But Veronica is there as a citizen. One of Hermione's constituents sits in juvenile detention, wrongfully convicted. And Veronica intends to get him acquitted. Her mother's endorsement could help sway a lot of dubious minds. With that in mind, Hermione agrees to have a letter drafted.

Betty and Jughead confront Ethel

In the student lounge, Jughead confronts Ethel with the twig doll he found in Ben's hospital room. Ethel questions where he got it from, but when Jughead asks what she was doing in Ben's hospital room, Ethel tries to leave. However, Betty pleads with her to cooperate as they're only trying to figure out what happened to Ben, Dilton and the missing scout. Jughead wonders if the twig doll is the Gargoyle King, but it's not. According to Ethel, it's the opposite. She made that talisman to protect Ben. When Betty asks how Ethel and Ben knew each other, Ethel replies that he's her boyfriend. They just started dating that summer and spend most of their time in Dilton's secret bunker in the woods. Given this, Jughead and Betty present Ethel with an ultimatum; either she shows them where the bunker is located or they go to Sheriff Minetta with this information. Ethel caves, telling them that they'll meet up at Fox Footbridge after dark.

Mad Dog advises Archie to become an animal

Archie returns to his cell shoe-less. Mad Dog reminds him of the warning he had previously given Archie to watch his shoes. Learning that Archie was attacked by Ghoulies and given what he already knows of Archie being a Serpent, Mad Dog questions why his gang didn't look out for him. Archie explains that he refused to shiv a Ghoulie because it's not who he is. Maybe not yet, but he will be soon, Mad Dog replies. Archie a caged animal now. And an animal does whatever he has to do to survive. Which leads Archie to question Mad Dog. He's not a Ghoulie or a Serpent. No one messes with him and he has stuff no other prisoner does. Mad Dog doesn't reveal much, only saying that Archie doesn't want to know and he definitely doesn't want to get "tapped". Lastly, Mad Dog advises Archie to be an animal before they kill him like one.

Alice and FP scold Betty and Jughead

Alice and FP confront Betty and Jughead as they arrive at the house after both receiving a call from Sheriff Minetta that Betty and Jughead were snooping around Ben's hospital room. Jughead believes that something strange is in the works. Dilton even came to him for help, which FP was present for. Jughead feels as if he owes Dilton but FP exclaims that Jughead doesn't owe him anything. As for Betty, Alice reminds her that this is exactly what Dr. Patel was referring to. If she keeps up this stressful behavior, she'll likely have another seizure, which neither FP nor Jughead were aware of. Alice blames Jughead for dragging Betty into murder investigations. As Betty takes off upstairs, FP and Jughead exit the Cooper house.

Reggie and Veronica buy Archie new sneakers

Veronica and Reggie visit Archie. They brought him a gift. A brand new pair of blue and gold sneakers. Veronica comments that they'll be perfect for his triumphant strut out of the center when the Innocence Project gets his conviction overturned. Reggie adds that he could've worn the shoes to the Pep-rally. As for the Bulldogs, Coach Clayton is working them harder than ever. Varsity squad is going to be tough to beat this year but they're missing their star running back, that being Archie.

Archie plans to orchestrate a football game

Following visitations, Archie steps out on the yard, drawing a lot of attention as he wears his new shoes. Joaquin questions if Archie has a death wish, to which Archie answers that he wants to live in fact. He's been thinking and most of them are going to be there for a long time, and he doesn't want to do that time living like an animal. Shivving each other in the yard might be what the guards and the warden and the rest of the world out there expects of them, but there's another way. And what way is that, Joaquin asks. If they weren't there, they'd be in high school, joining clubs and trying out for sports. Not everyone, however. One of the Ghoulies supposedly dropped out in the fourth grade to run drugs to support my grandmother. To this, Archie replies that he doesn't know the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football. But he will. At least for one afternoon, when all of them play one game to remind everyone that they're not animals. Not Ghoulies versus Serpents. No gangs, Archie says. They'll mix it up for a clean, fair game. Mad Dog agrees with Archie. If they keep killing each other, the warden and guards are the only ones who win. Something that Mad Dog is very much familiar with. As an added bonus, Archie offers up his sneaker to MVP.

That night, Alice apologizes to Betty for revealing to Jughead that she had a seizure. Alice was terrified and she only wants the best for Betty. Alice then gives her a hug and leaves the room. When she does, Betty hops out of bed, fully dressed. She locks her bedroom door, grabs her coat and leaves throughout the window.

The Gargoyle King has scares off Betty and Jughead

On their way to Fox Footbridge to meet with Ethel, Jughead asks about the seizure. One moment Betty was fine and the next she was hallucinating some insane, horror movie-like stuff. Then she woke up in the emergency room, embarrassed, which is why she didn't say anything. Besides, Dr. Patel said it was just stress. Jughead now blames himself for getting Betty involved in a murder investigation in the midst of her own problems. However, being in the middle of the woods with Jughead, investigation a potential murder/suicide is the least stressful thing she can think of. It reminds her of when they first started dating. As they near Fox Footbridge, Betty and Jughead have their first encounter with the Gargoyle King, a giant imposing creature with a bloody, snout-shaped face and branches for wings. Betty and Jughead run away in terror.

Jughead reads Dilton's map to find the bunker

Once the coast is clear, they grab a booth at Pop's, where Jughead shows Betty what they suspect to be Dilton's drawing of the Gargoyle King. Betty notes that it was too tall to be Ethel, unless she was on stilts, which is a possibility because she's not answering her phone. As for Dilton's map, Jughead points to the marked off location where he found Ben and Dilton. And he then points to the footbridge where Ethel wanted them to meet. There's a symbol written on the map that Jughead and Betty don't recognize, even after researching runic symbols. Jughead suspects that it's not a symbol at all, but a drawing for the hatch that leads to the underground bunker. Assuming the map is halfway accurate, right around the deadfall in Fox Forest.

Archie tells Veronica about his football game

Veronica is in full support of Archie's plan to host a football game but she wonders that it may be dangerous. Archie tells her that it's fully sanctioned. Everyone wants it, including the Ghoulies and Serpents. They all want to feel free. Veronica wishes she could be there, cheering him on to victory. Archie wishes she could be there too. If ever there was a group of guys who could use a Pep-rally, it's them. This seems to give Veronica an idea.

Veronica approaches Cheryl in the locker room after reconsidering her bid for student body president. Veronica admits that Cheryl was right; that protecting Archie's presidency doesn't help him in any meaningful way. However, Veronica does have an idea that would boost Archie's spirits, but she'll need the help of Cheryl and the River Vixens.

Kevin greets Moose as he enters the diner with his RROTC buddies. Moose cuts Kevin off as he was about to call him handsome in public, leaving Kevin to suspect that Moose is ashamed of him. Moose claims this is not that case and that he'll see Kevin later.

Mad Dog shares his story with Archie

While working out in their cell, Archie asks if Mad Dog will be joining them in the football game. Mad Dog can't as the warden says he has other business to attend to. This bothers Archie, so he asks what Mad Dog is to Warden Norton. Mad Dog reveals to Archie that before getting locked up, he had a mom, a little brother and a girlfriend. They used to come to visit him every Saturday. One day, the warden tells Mad Dog he can't see them anymore. They've been banned. It's for his own good, he said. That was two years ago. Next month, they'll transfer Mad Dog to a real prison where he'll spend the next 20 years. Mad Dog reminds Archie that he has a life after this and to not let them take that away from him. He then wishes Archie good luck as he is taken away.

Betty and Jughead find Dilton's bunker

Having followed the map, Betty and Jughead locate Dilton's underground bunker. It is filled with odd objects and decoration. Betty and Jughead quickly discover the pieces to the game Ben and Dilton were playing, Gryphons and Gargoyles. Betty finds a large drawing of the Gargoyle King on the wall, who is also featured prominently on a copper coin Jughead just found. They then find a poster with chalices that read "drink from the correct cup and ascend to the kingdom". As well as a blue Fresh-Aid packet and cyanide. Jughead realizes that it was a challenge from the game. As he takes photos of the bunker, Betty looks under the bed, where she is startled by the missing adventure scout.

The Missing Adventure Scout

Jughead tries to explain to the scout just how worried his parents are, but he doesn't seem to care. The adventure scout tells Jughead that he's supposed to stay hidden in the bunker until "Master Doiley" comes back. It is then that Betty and Jughead realize that the scout has no idea that Dilton is dead, forcing the difficult task on them of having to reveal that Dilton isn't coming back. The adventure scout was Dilton's apprentice in Gryphons and Gargoyles. Dilton was teaching him how to play so that he could eventually join the game. When Jughead brings up Ben and Ethel, the scout reveals that "Princess Etheline" isn't dating been in real life. Only in the game. And she warned him that Jughead and Betty might invade the bunker. Having gathered all they could, Betty and Jughead take the scout home.

Archie fights the guards

Archie's football game commences as planned. He's the running back. He doesn't make it far before being tackled on the ground. Just outside the fence, Veronica, Cheryl, Josie and the rest of the River Vixens cheer the boys on. As they perform, the boys storm the fence in excitement. The boys then return to the game as the girls continue to perform. During which time, Hiram arrives, much to Veronica's displeasure. Hiram informs her that the Warden is a friend and business associate. He told Hiram about the game and invited him to see it. Hiram refuses to watch as Hiram throws her life away for Archie. So, he has made arrangements that will prevent Veronica from visiting Archie anymore. Despite all of Hiram's effort, Veronica refuses to allow him to break her and Archie up. As the game is underway, Hiram signals Warden Norton, who then signals the guards to attack the players under the claim that they were rioting. Joaquin is one of the first to be knocked to the ground and beaten. Archie, on the other hand, fares better against the guards, taking out several of them before being overwhelmed and beaten as Veronica, Cheryl, Josie and the Vixens watch in horror.

Archie returns to his cell to see that all of Mad Dog's belongings are gone. The guard claims that he died in the riot, though Archie knows this to be untrue as Mad Dog wasn't even there.

Cheryl advises Veronica to get a fake ID from Reggie

Veronica and Cheryl return to Pop's, where they discuss the lengths at which Hiram is willing to go to break her and Archie up. She can't even visit Archie anymore after her name was put on a do not admit list. Cheryl advises Veronica to get a new name. Before leaving on her iconic road trip to California with Toni, Reggie got them fake IDs, so they could get into the Viper Room. Cheryl's certain that he could hook Veronica up, too.

Ethel has a seizure

Betty and Jughead confront Ethel after she not only blew them off but withheld the location of the missing adventure scout. Also, she and Ben aren't really dating, but Ethel insists that they are in love. Betty attempts to explain that they were simply role-playing, but to Ethel, it was real. Betty and Jughead are trying to help her but she first has to stop lying to them. When Ethel maintains that she's not lying, Jughead threatens to take her to the Sheriff Station, where she can repeat her truth on record to Sheriff Minetta. Ethel explains that if any of them talk to the adults, the Gargoyle King will get angry. Dilton tried to talk to Jughead and look what happened. Before Ethel can continue, she begins to have a seizure mid-sentence. Jughead yells out to Weatherbee before calling an ambulance. All the while, Evelyn watches from the doorway as this unfolds.

"Monica Posh" visits Archie as part of Riverdale's chapter of the Innocence Project

Despite her being put on the do not admit list for visitation, Veronica, with a fake ID from Reggie and a blonde wig, manages to fool the guards, claiming that her name is Monica Posh and that she is with Riverdale's chapter of the Innocence Project and that she will be working to get Archie released.

Much to Moose's surprise, Kevin joins the RROTC at the last minute. Major Mason recognizes Kevin as Tom's son, who he ran the RROTC with years ago. Major Mason welcomes Kevin and he takes a seat next to Moose.

Archie is tapped

That night, Archie receives a visit in his cell from the Warden. Warden Norton notes that Archie caused quite the commotion in his yard. He's told that Archie single-handedly sent three of his men to the infirmary. But Archie only wants to know where Mad Dog is. Captain Golightly said he died in the riot when he wasn't even there. So what did you do to him, Archie asks the Warden. Save that righteous anger, You're going to need it, Warden Norton says. Archie impressed him during the riot. So, now, Archie's been tapped. He's the Warden's new Mad Dog.

Hermione, Sierra, Tom, Hiram, Penelope, Fred, FP and Alice discuss their pact and the deaths of Dilton Doiley and Ben Button

Hermione orchestrates a meeting with Sierra, Tom, Hiram, Penelope, Fred, FP and Alice in her office at Town Hall. They made a vow in high school. Now that the Scout is back, safe and sound, they can only assume that he'll start talking. And that whatever he says might lead back to them. To the secret that they buried all those years ago. Fred questions why she is bringing this up now. This hasn't been made public yet, but Hermione reveals that but Dilton Doiley and Ben Button were found in the woods with blue lips. Dilton is dead. Ben is in a coma. Sierra asks why she hasn't simply called in Sheriff Minetta to make this go away. Hermione would like to but Jughead found the body and that's the concern. While FP and Alice talked with Jughead and Betty and told them to stop chasing this, they both know the kids will likely continue. Tom reminds everyone that they made a pact to never revisit that night. Not to mention it, not to even think about it. His vote is they stick to that. Unfortunately, they might not have that luxury. Not if it's happening again. Not if it's their children. All their children are in danger.

Ben kills himself

At Riverdale General, Betty and Jughead learn that Ethel is fine and that she is resting. Given that seizures aren't contagious, Betty is certain that her seizure and Ethel's isn't a coincidence. Sounds like another mystery for them to solve, which both Betty and Jughead are up for. Betty suspects that maybe there's even a connection between the seizures and whatever happened to Dilton. They then decide to check on Ben. When they enter his room, they find him sitting in the window. Ben says that he's going to be with Dilton now. They both flipped the coin but Dilton was scared to ascend. Ben isn't however. What about Princess Etheline, Betty asks. Ben replies that they'll all be reunited in the kingdom and that it's all part of his plan. Ben then jumps out the window onto the street below, killing himself.



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  • The episode title comes from John Herbert's 1971 film of the same name.
  • Tiera Skovbye and Liam Hall both appeared on Arrow and Once Upon a Time.
  • Britta Lundin, a Riverdale writer, is also a newly accomplished author with her debut young adult novel, Ship It.[4] Her novel makes an appearance into the episode, read by Ethel Muggs. Despite being a writer, she never personally pitched the idea of including her book, instead it was done by fellow Riverdale writers.[5]


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