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This article is about an episode of Part 4. You may be looking for the Eldritch Terror known as The Returned.

They come to you. And you must be careful as the dead return. They are not as they seem. They will not remember everything. They may not even know that they have perished. Do not upset them. The dead must be made to feel welcome. Or else... bad things will happen.

"Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned" is the sixth episode of the fourth part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall.[1]


As Sabrina longs for a piece of her past, vengeful visitors return to Greendale. The Fright Club competes in a life-or-death battle of the bands.



Sabrina Spellman sits in front of her mirror and calls out to Sabrina Morningstar, but she doesn’t respond. Nick tells Sabrina that she has to trust that Morningstar is alright.

Sabrina, Nick, Ambrose, and Prudence discuss the Cosmos

Sabrina and Nick stop by the Observatory to see if they’ve stopped the collision. Ambrose reveals that it appears the other cosmos is still coming at them, however, it also wouldn’t just simply vanish overnight. It’s a longer process, he explains, so it will take time to know for certain. Sabrina blames herself for the second cosmos, but Prudence points out that it was her father who released the Eldritch Terrors.

Hilda brings Lilith and Adam something to eat, unaware that Lilith killed baby Adam and that she’s merely holding a doll in her hand.

Prudence brings Agatha breakfast. Unfortunately, she's still insane from her encounter with the Great God Pan.

The Stoned Philosophers

Harvey, Roz, and Theo are confronted by the Stoned Philosophers, a rival band at Baxter High, who have already reserved the room for practice. And though, it was an honest mistake on behalf of the Fright Club, the Stoned Philosophers proceeded to antagonized them. So, Harvey challenges them to a Battle of the Bands.

Harvey Roz, and Theo inform Sabrina and Nick of their encounter with this rival group and the upcoming Battle of the Bands. Mrs. Curtis interrupts after overhearing their conversation. She came across an old Battle of the Bands flyer the other day while in the library’s archives. A decades old battle between the Satanic Panic and the Fred Heads.

Vinegar Tom returns to Zelda

Sabrina returns home, where she tells her aunts, cousin, and Mambo Marie about the upcoming Battle of the Bands. Suddenly, they hear a knock at the door. It’s Vinegar Tom, Zelda’s dead familiar, who has seemingly resurrected. Mambo Marie comes to a realization and reveals that the latest Eldritch Terror is upon them. The lèmò are coming. In other words the resurrected dead. The Returned is the latest Eldritch Terror. Mambo Marie says to be careful, as the dead are not as they seem. They will not remember everything nor will they remember they’ve died. She warns the Spellmans against upsetting the dead or else bad things will happen. The dead have an avatar, one Mambo Marie must face alone.

Mambo Marie goes out into the Spellman cemetery and calls out to Lazarus, an old friend of hers, and suggests playing a game of Senet.

Harvey finds his father's guitar

Harvey stumbles upon his dad’s old guitar, completely unaware that he used to play. Harvey plugs up the guitar and proceeds to play. Simultaneously, Satanic Panic escape from Hell. Mr. Kinkle catches Harvey playing with the guitar and snatches it away.

Satanic Panic arrives at Baxter High and kills the Stone Philosophers for their instruments. Tobey is left bloody and bruised. He attempts to crawl out the room to safety but is pulled back in by his legs.

Mambo Marie and Lazarus play a game of Senet

Mambo Marie and Lazarus play a game of Senet at Dorian's Gray Room. To win, they must move their pawns to the end of the board, to the afterlife. However, should Lazarus win, the dead will never return to the land of the living and suffer endlessly along with the living.

Sabrina enters Aunt Zelda’s office to find her sitting next to Edward, who has risen due to the Returned. Zelda introduces Sabrina to Edward as a promising student. She then escorts Sabrina into the hallway and explains that Edward is but a manifestation of the Eldritch Terror. Zelda reminds Sabrina that it would prove perilous to remind the dead of their passing, similar to waking someone from a night terror.

Lilith asks for forgiveness

Lilith starts to hear the echoing cries of her baby, Adam. She cries hysterically and asks for forgiveness after having butchered her own child.

Dorcas has risen as one of the Returned and joins Agatha for a game at the Academy of Unseen Arts.

Hilda arrives at Cerberus Books to find that Dr. Cerberus has reunited with his dead mother, who passed ten years ago. He introduces Hilda to his mother, Elaine.

Harvey, Roz, and Theo discover that the Stoned Philosophers have dropped out of the Battle of the Bands. But another band has signed up in their place. Harvey recognizes the name Satanic Panic from the flyer Mrs. Curtis gave them. Satanic Panic arrives as if on cue and asks Harvey what his name is, as he seems familiar. When he reveals that his last name is Kinkle, they tell him to say hello to his father for them.

Mr. Kinkle meets the Devil

Harvey returns home and asks his father about Satanic Panic. Mr. Kinkle reveals that Satanic Panic were a group of kids at school that were looking for a place to practice. He told them they could use the garage so that they would let him into the band. Then one night, he was alone in the garage when Lucifer showed up. He said that he was a talent scout who had heard about Satanic Panic. Lucifer informed Mr. Kinkle, who was a teen at the time, that fame required human sacrifice. He needed to kill a virgin girl and their rise to fame would come immediately. Mr. Kinkle informed his bandmates of the deal proposed, which he turned down. However, a girl went missing the week of the Battle of the Bands — Peggy Lou Simcox, the homecoming queen. She was found stabbed to death in the woods. Mr. Kinkle went to Peggy Lou’s dad and told him that they were involved in her death, so the following day, Mr. Simcox burned Satanic Panic alive in a shed.

Dr. Cerberus and his mom make up for lost times. Mrs. Kosgrove makes note of all of his previous girlfriends, who she claims to have killed because they were not good enough for her son. Hilda and Dr. Cerberus then head off to bed, leaving Mrs. Kosgrove downstairs.

Lazarus seeds pain and suffering

Mambo Marie and Lazarus continue their game of Senet. Marie mentions how she’s never seen him smile. He hasn’t since the Nazarene brought him back from the dead. “Arise, Lazarus” he said. And thus he became the Resurrected Man, haunted by the horrific memory of what he had seen the four days he was dead: the souls of the damned writhing in agony. Mambo Marie questions if this is the case then why would he bring them back to the land of the living. Lazarus simply replies that he seeds pain and suffering.

Edward doesn't recognize Sabrina

Sabrina enters Edward’s office and reveals that she’s his daughter, which he has difficulty comprehending, as he is unaware that he has been dead for the last 16 years and to him, Sabrina should barely be 2 months old. He then calls out for Diana, who Sabrina reveals is dead, as well as Edward himself, who was only resurrected because of the Returned. Edward quickly turns on Sabrina. He becomes cruel and says that he isn’t her father. He refers to her mother as a whore and says that she wanted a baby so bad that she made a deal with Lucifer, who she copulated with. He then proceeds to attack Sabrina until Zelda intervenes.

Dorcas is about to stab Agatha

While braiding Agatha’s hair, Dorcas suddenly remembers her sister killing her. So, she grabs a sharp pair of scissors and raises her hand to Dorcas but lowers the blade as Prudence enters and takes the scissors away.

Hilda comes downstairs to find Mrs. Kosgrove sitting on the couch, completely unresponsive, even as flies crawl all over her face. Mrs. Kosgrove then accuses Hilda of being a witch and attacks Hilda with a knife, forcing Dr. Cerberus to intervene.

Tears run down her face as Sabrina recounts her experience with Edward to Zelda. Sabrina recalls him saying that she wasn’t his father, and technically, he’s right. Sabrina was a baby when he died. He knew her all of two months.

Hilda and Dr. Cerberus lock his mom in a closet

Hilda and Dr. Cerberus lock Mrs. Kosgrove in a closet. They simply have to hold out until Mambo Marie beats Lazarus.

Lilith summons Caliban. She can hear Adam’s crying echoing, but Caliban hears nothing of the sort. Lilith wishes to end her life, but she needs Caliban help to break Lucifer’s malediction. The only weapon that can kill someone cursed with immortality is the Spear of Longinus; the spear that pierced the Nazarene’s side when he was crucified. The Centurion of Golgotha is in Hell, guarding the spear. If Caliban can retrieve it, Lilith will kill herself.

Satanic Panic take Harvey's dad

Harvey and Roz inform Sabrina and Nick that they’ve been challenged to a Battle of the Bands by Satanic Panic. Theo arrives and informs them that the battle has been canceled after the slaughtered bodies of the Stoned Philosophers were found in a dumpster behind the school. Satanic Panic interrupts and informs them that the Battle of the Bands has simply been moved to the Gates of Hell and that they have Harvey’s dad as leverage. Should the Fright Club lose, Satanic Panic will go on to fame and fortune, and Harvey’s dad will take their place in Hell for being a snitch.

Lucifer refuses to help Sabrina

Sabrina goes to Hell and asks Lucifer about Satanic Panic. He admits that he made them a deal and later dragged them to Hell for killing Peggy Lou Simcox. He’s aware of their escape. Thanks to the Eldritch Terror, Hell is like a sieve. The damned has been slipping through with ease. And Lucifer can’t bring them back to Hell until their champion is beaten, i.e. Lazarus, Sabrina remarks. However, Lucifer is fine with them roaming the Earth and the fact that they have Mr. Kinkle held captive is even better, as he’s a snitch, Lucifer claims. Sabrina asks for Lucifer’s help, reminding him that she’s his daughter. However, Lucifer retorts that Sabrina Morningstar was his daughter. He despises Sabrina Spellman so much that if Satanic Panic wins, he’ll give them a bonus: the ability to conjure and inflict Hellfire.

Caliban gives Lilith the spear

Lilith is becoming overwhelmed with Adam’s nonstop crying which only she can seem to hear. Caliban returns as expected with the Spear of Longinus and wishes Lilith a happy death day. Lilith heads into the lobby and prays to Hecate to give her the strength to kill herself. However, Zelda informs Lilith that the hauntings are a result of the latest Eldritch Terror and that Mambo Marie is battling against the terror’s undead ally, Lazarus. And until Marie defeats him, the dead will keep coming back.

Sabrina meets with Nick, Prudence, and Ambrose to plot against Satanic Panic, as she fears the Fright Club is no match. Satanic Panic wants revenge on Greendale for how they burned. Sabrina suspects that Peggy Lou Simcox would also want revenge and intends to use her against the hell-bound band.

Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin arrive at the Gates of Hell, where Harvey’s dad hangs from a cage above the stage. Robin has also come back at Theo’s behest and says that he’ll always be down to help him no matter what.

The Dark Mothers performs

Lucifer appears on stage and introduces Satanic Panic, who plays Partytime by 45 Grave. Mr. Kinkle watches helplessly from his cage as they rock the stage. Afterward, Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin, the Fright Club, perform The Time Warp. Lucifer gets on stage to announce Satanic Panic as winners, but Sabrina, Nick, Prudence, and Ambrose arrive after summoning Peggy Lou Simcox and submit themselves as a last minute entry in the Battle of the Bands. The Dark Mothers perform Sweet Child O’ Mine.

Lilith kills Lazarus

Lilith interrupts Mambo Marie’s game with Lazarus. She seeks a boon from him. She requests that he return her child to life, however, without a body, he cannot help Lilith. Lazarus then proceeds to win the game, meaning that the living and the dead will forevermore be entwined and suffer, feeding the Void as it approaches. However, before he can finalize this act, Lilith kills him with the Spear of Longinus. Lilith figured if the spear could kill the Nazarene then it could kill one of his last remaining miracles. Mambo Marie thanks Lilith and tells her that she will receive a boon, though not the one she sought.

Peggy Lou Simcox arrives at the Gates of Hell and burns Satanic Panic alive while the Dark Mothers perform on stage. The Dark Mothers are the clear victor, and Mr. Kinkle is released from the cage. He embraces Harvey and says that he was incredible.

Mambo Marie says goodbye to Zelda

Mambo Marie returns to the Academy if only to say goodbye to Zelda. When she leads the dead back to their grave, she must stay with them. Mambo Michelle Marie LeFleur is not her true name. Mambo Marie is actually Baron Samedi, a powerful Haitian loa, the almighty father of the Gede loa, the spirits of death and rebirth. Now that the great confusion between life and death have been resolved, Baron must return to the underworld. But when it is Zelda’s turn to leave this life and enter the next, Baron will be there. Or if she should need him before that, Baron gives Zelda a magical object to shake when needed, and he will come to her. Zelda is clearly hurt and leaves.

Dorcas says goodbye to Agatha

Prudence finds Dorcas playing with Agatha and introduces her to Mambo Marie, who will guide her back to her grave. Dorcas says that she doesn’t want to be dead. Prudence assures her that they will be reunited again soon. Before leaving, Dorcas whispers into Agatha’s ear and kisses her goodbye. Prudence begins crying almost instantly after Dorcas leaves. Agatha then appears to regain her sanity and asks Prudence why she is in a straight jacket. She reveals that Dorcas whispered in her ear that she forgave her, but Agatha doesn’t remember what she did.

Nick wipes Mr. Kinkle's memory

Harvey returns home with his dad, where Nick performs a memory wiping spell on Mr. Kinkle. Harvey thanks Nick for all his help and shakes his hand.

Robin tells Theo that he should probably get back to the woods, but Theo confesses that he got scared when he sent Robin away and asks that he stay. Robin happily obliges.

Lilith keeps the Spear

Just as Lilith is about to throw the Spear of Longinus into the fire, she hears baby Adam call out to her: "Mama," he says. She realizes that his spirit is trapped inside the fetish doll gifted to her by Adam Masters.

Mambo Marie leads the dead back into their graves, including Mrs. Kosgrove, Elspeth, Dorcas, and Edward. The Spellmans watch from their front porch as the dead return. Baron looks over to Zelda and reveals his true form. As a goodbye gift, he allows Vinegar Tom to remain with Zelda.



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