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Penny: "The sacrificial lamb arrives."
Jughead: "I'll remind you of the deal that I made with your boss, Hiram Lodge. I hand myself over to you tonight and there's no bloodshed tomorrow."
Penny: "Apparently, getting you out of the picture is more important to him than all-out Serpent annihilation."
Jughead: "30-1. Are you that afraid of me?"
Malachai: "The only scary thing is what we're going to do to your girlfriend when we find her."
Penny: "You're a true hero, Jughead. Let your dying thought be that your sacrifice was for nothing. And that come morning, Riverdale as you know it will cease to exist. Don't finish him off yet, guys. I want my pound of flesh first."
Jughead, Penny and Malachai

"Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Riverdale, and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall.[2] It premiered on May 9, 2018.


RIOT NIGHT — When an incident at the Sheriff's Station triggers an all-out war between the North and the Southside, Archie and Jughead find themselves in the fight of their lives. Meanwhile, Veronica makes a devastating discovery about Hiram, just as someone from his past arrives in Riverdale looking for revenge. Finally, Betty comes face to face with the Black Hood.[3]



Cheryl shoots the Black Hood

Picking up from where the previous episode left off, the Black Hood attacks Cheryl at Thistlehouse. He swings at her with an ax, but he misses. Cheryl screams and runs upstairs to hide in her bedroom. As he chops down her door, Cheryl climbs out the window. The Black Hood follows her outside. There, Cheryl, dressed in an all red hunting cape, shoots an arrow at her attacker to gain his attention. She suggests that she run whilst he still can as she only misses when she means to. As the Black Hood steps towards her, Cheryl fires an arrow into his right shoulder. Wounded and bleeding, the Black Hood retreats into the woods.

FP and Jughead take Fangs to the hospital

Jughead and FP carry a wounded Fangs into Riverdale General Hospital. When the nurse dismisses him, Jughead demands that Fangs receive medical attention, and that he does as Dr. Masters takes over. After putting Fangs on a gurney and seeing him off, Jughead sets his sights on finding Fangs' shooter. However, FP convinces him otherwise. While he too wants justice for Fangs, they first have to talk to his family as that's part of being a leader. Not to mention the rioting occurring within town. However, given Fangs' condition, Jughead begins to question his leadership.

Cheryl tells Betty that she was attacked

Betty awaits her father's arrival at Town Hall as planned. However, Hal never shows up. She does however have 2 missed calls from Jughead. Betty texts him back, though she lies, claiming that she is at the Register with her mother. Betty then gets a call from Cheryl, who reveals that she was attacked by the Black Hood at Thistlehouse. Betty wonders if her dad was the attacker. Based on the killer's waistline alone, Cheryl admits that it could've been Hal though she isn't sure. Luckily for her, she was able to get to her archery set before the Black Hood could hurt her. Cheryl informs Betty that her attacker fled into the woods after she shot him with an arrow and that she plans to track him. Just in case he escapes her, Cheryl warns Betty. Now that the Black Hood is wounded, he's acting on instinct, ready to lash out and kill anyone in his path, including his loved ones.

Betty calls her mom at the Register

Betty calls her mother at the Register. Alice is relieved to hear from her. When Betty asks about her father, Alice informs her that Hal is out calming the riots. Betty is on her way to the Register to join her mother, who is taking great pleasure in the chaos unfolding as it means headlines. "If it bleeds, it leads."

Fred enters Archie's room to find that he is gone, but that Veronica is still in the house. Fred heard over the news about the riot that broke out down at the Sheriff Station and now he's concerned about Archie.

The Bulldogs search fro Reggie

Meanwhile, Archie regroups with Kevin, Moose and the Bulldogs in an alleyway. None of them seem to know of Reggie's whereabouts. He and Archie got separated when the fight broke out. Archie explains that Reggie had a gun, but Archie tackled him before he could shoot Fangs. When Kevin asks why Reggie would have a gun, Archie suspects that Hiram Lodge put him up to it. Nonetheless, they have to find Reggie as some of the Southside Serpents saw him with a gun. Archie, Kevin, and Moose head to Reggie's house while the rest of the Bulldogs fan out to find him before the Serpents do.

Back at the Andrews house, Fred's concern for Archie grows as he knows that Archie was at the station when Fangs got shot. Just as Veronica volunteers to join Fred in his search for Archie, Andre knocks at the door to retrieve her per her parents' request.

Hiram asks Hermione to trust him

Hiram gets a call from Andre that he's picked Veronica up from the Andrews house and that he's bringing her directly home. Now that Hiram and Hermione know that Veronica is safe, one of Minetta's deputy's will take Hermione over to the Register so that she can make her announcement. They're taking a huge gamble, which concerns Hermione as there will be no way of controlling what will follow. Hiram counters that chaos works in their favor. They have the pieces in place to restore safety and order when Fred doesn't. Andre will also keep watch over Veronica. When Hiram says that he'll be out with another deputy, Hermione asks if he's keeping anything from her. He tells Hermione that now is not the time to start doubting him, before giving her a kiss.

Jughead and FP confront Sheriff Minetta

Back at Riverdale General, Jughead learns that Fangs is still in surgery. Sheriff Minetta explains that he'd like to talk to Fangs when he wakes up. Jughead questions why the Sheriff isn't searching the streets for Fangs' shooter, to which the Sheriff replies that he has already issued a manhunt. However, the Serpents aren't making things easy with their rioting and terrorizing of the neighborhood. A few of them have already been arrested. FP interjects that the Serpents wouldn't be rioting and Fangs would've have been shot if the Sheriff had done his job in the first place. While Sheriff Minetta doesn't know the details of FP's parole, he remarks that harassing an officer would certainly violate it.

Reggie calls Hiram for help

Reggie calls Hiram, asking for help. Someone shot Fangs. It wasn't him, but he was there and now the Southsiders are after him. Unfortunately for Reggie, Hiram offers no help. Elsewhere, Veronica is in route to being taken to the Pembrooke by Andre, during which time the streets of Riverdale are in chaos. Within all the chaos, Veronica notices Mrs. Klump. So she gets out the car to check on her. Then and there, Mrs. Klump confess to shooting Fangs.

Archie, Moose and Kevin look for Reggie

While with Kevin and Moose, searching for Reggie, Archie calls Jughead to inform him that the Serpents are trashing the town. Jughead is well aware. He surmises this is due to Reggie shooting Fangs. However, as Archie explains, Reggie didn't shoot Fangs. So Jughead needs to call off the Serpents. They just came from Reggie's house, but he wasn't there. Archie, Kevin and Moose are now headed to Riverdale High School as that's where Reggie's mother said he was going. Jughead arranges to meet them.

Betty and Alice learn about the $1,000,000 bounty for the Black Hood

Hermione meets with Alice at the Register to make her announcement, a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can capture the Black Hood, dead or alive. As a mayoral candidate, Hermione feels it's important to take charge in times of crisis. Like the riot, which she believes was brought about by the actions of the Black Hood. She offers a bounty in hopes that it will calm the storm. Betty disagrees with the notion that a bounty will solve their problem. Furthermore, she questions if it's even legal. Hermione reminds Betty that the Black Hood is an active shooter on the streets of Riverdale. He even tried to kill Fangs outside the Sheriff's Station. However, Betty assures Hermione that the Black Hood wasn't responsible for shooting Fangs as no one actually saw him outside the station. As Betty continues, Alice questions her sudden urge to act so protective of the Black Hood. Before she can respond, Cheryl calls with a lead as she continues to track the Black Hood. He's exited the forest and headed for the houses beyond the pines. Maybe even Betty's house. With that being said, Cheryl warns Betty against going in the house alone. However, Betty has to find her father before anyone else does given Hermione's bounty.

Veronica discovers the bounty

Archie, Kevin and Moose enter Riverdale High through a classroom window. Just outside the classroom, the Southsiders demolish the school in retaliation for Fangs' shooting. Archie reminds Kevin and Moose that they're out manned and unarmed. However, Kevin and Moose refuse to hide while the Serpents destroy the school. Archie agrees to join them, but only if they're organized in they're attack. While gearing up with Kevin and Moose, Archie gets a call from Veronica. She informs Archie that she delivered Fangs' shooter, Mrs. Klump, to the Sheriff. With this in formation, Archie hopes to stop the Serpents from vandalizing the school. After hanging up with Archie, Veronica finds her mother with Sheriff Minetta. She discovers that Hermione is offering a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can deliver them the Black Hood. Veronica is appalled by the bounty, questioning her mother's motives.

Sweet Pea and the Serpents trash the school

Sweet Pea leads the Serpents in their attack on the school, slashing up the school's poster as he comes down the steps. Archie, Kevin and Moose round the corner, demanding that they stop immediately. Sweet Pea turns his attentions towards the three of them, stating that they've found some Bulldogs to put down. As he approaches, Archie swears to him that Reggie didn't shoot Fangs. He says it was Mrs. Klump, but Sweet Pea isn't buying it considering that he saw Reggie with a gun outside the station. However, as Archie points out, Sweet Pea also saw Archie tackle Reggie before he could pull the trigger. Nonetheless, whether it was Reggie or Midge's mom who shot Fangs, a Northsider put him in the hospital, where he is hanging on for dear life. Northsiders took his friend and his land. And they'll take everything if the Souhtsiders give them the chance. So now, Archie, Moose and Kevin get to watch as the Serpents burn the school to the ground. Sweet Pea then throws a trashcan into the display case, shattering the glass. Armed with nothing more than bats and sticks, Archie, Moose and Kevin prepare to fight off the Serpents. Fortunately for them, Mr. Weatherbee arrives with backup and a baseball bat of his own to see to the end of the confrontation.

Despite being warned by Cheryl not to return to her house alone, Betty does so, calling out to her father as she enters the house. No one is home. Betty does however find blood on the kitchen sink, possibly from the arrow Cheryl shot at the Black Hood during their altercation.

Pop Tate calls Archie to tell him Reggie is at the diner

When Jughead finally arrives to meet with Archie, Kevin and Moose, Archie informs him that he's too late as Weatherbee has already shut them down and kicked everyone out the school. After that, the Serpents took off, possibly to trash Midge's house after learning that Mrs. Klump shot Fangs. Archie looks to Jughead to coax the Serpents off the ledge. He then asks if Jughead has spoken to Betty, which he has, via text. Betty is supposedly with her mom. As Jughead pulls off on his motorcycle to find Sweet Pea and the other Serpents, Archie gets a call from Pop Tate, who informs him that Reggie is at the diner.

After cleaning up the blood, Betty gets a call from FP at Riverdale General. He's wondering if Betty's heard from Jughead, which she hasn't. If she comes across him, FP asks that Betty tell Jughead that he's looking for him. FP then mentions that Hal was brought into the emergency room. He was badly wounded. With this, Betty heads down to the hospital to investigate.

Veronica finds the "October Surprise" file

Veronica and Hermione return to the Pembrooke, where Veronica questions where her father got the $1,000,000 to pay for the bounty. Hermione claims that Hiram has secret funds, but Veronica isn't buying it. She's convinced that her father intends to use her ransom money from the St. Clairs to pay the bounty. Hermione assures Veronica that this isn't the case as Hiram has put the money in a trust fund. Still, Veronica doesn't believe a word from her mother's mouth. So, she goes into her father's study and locks the door behind her. She then goes looking through her father's drawers for evidence of his misleading. After breaking open his locked desk drawer, Veronica discovers a Lodge Industries folder entitled "October Surprise". Inside the folder are photos of Hermione's affair with Fred, along with a typed letter, exposing their affair.

Moose, Reggie, Archie and Kevin at Pop's

Archie, Kevin and Moose reconvene with Reggie at Pop's. Reggie didn't know where else to go after Hiram hung him out to dry. Just as Archie questions if Hiram put Reggie up to shooting Fangs outside the station, Southsiders supposedly pull up outside of Pop's. Archie calls Jughead to ask where he and the Serpents are at. Jughead informs him that he just brought them back to the Whyte Wyrm and Mrs. Klump's house is secure. Given that the Serpents are at the Wyrm, Archie begins to wonder who has just pulled up outside. At a closer look, Archie discovers that Malachai and the Ghoulies have returned. Kevin and Moose block off the door as Archie calls the sheriff station. Unfortunately, no one answers. When the Ghoulies bust the front window, Archie runs behind the front counter with Pop to ask if he has a gun. Unfortunately, he doesn't. Pop Tate had his fill of gun fights during the war. But Pop Tate does however know a trick that he learned during the riots in 1979. He has Hiram's leftover over liquor from the poker. He suggests that Archie use it to fend off the Ghoulies.

The Ghoulies outside of Pop's

While Malachai leads the Ghoulies in their destruction just outside, Archie heads to the roof and with Hiram's old liquor, makes Molotov cocktails. He launches one bottle at the Ghoulies' feet, forcing them to step back. They only retreat when Tom, Fred and FP arrive with a shotgun. Afterward, the entire diner applauds Fred, FP and Tom for their heroic actions in sending the Ghoulies running. Reggie thought that Tom had resigned, which he did, but he didn't turn in the cruiser yet. Regarding how they knew the Ghoulies were attacking the shoppe, Jughead called FP, who then called Fred. Kevin pulls out his phone and says "hot Riverdale dads to the recuse" as he takes a photo.

Sweet Pea vs Jughead

At the Whyte Wyrm, Sweet Pea and Jughead disagree on how best to handle the Ghoulies. While Sweet Pea wishes to take the fight to them, Jughead would rather they stay back at the bar. He assures Sweet Pea that the Ghoulies will be dealt with, but only when FP returns. Sweet Pea questions if Jughead no longer leads the younger Serpents. He then accuses Jughead of getting Fangs shot, which he may not recover from. To make matters worse, the Ghoulies are back and out for Serpent blood because of a drag race Jughead started. Jughead asks for an hour before they make any further decisions. And so Sweet Pea stands down.

Veronica shows Hermione the "October Surprise" file

Veronica shows Hermione the "October Surprise" file. She's in disbelief that her father is so vile. He has already written a story about Hermione and Fred's affair. Veronica surmises that her father's plan was to publish the article in the Register, dragging both Hermione and Fred. However, as Hermione points out, Fred's running his camping on family values while Hermione's the law and order candidate. She explains that Hiram believes that the October Surprise will hurt her, but destroy Fred's chances of winning far more. Veronica realizes that her mother was in on the plan. Hermione tells her that it's all part of the game plan. What kind of man would do this to his own wife, Veronica questions. She accuses her father of being the kind of man who always has someone else to take the risk, to stand in the line of fire, to run for Mayor, for example. Hermione is nothing more than a means to an end to Hiram, Veronica states. Hermione disagrees, claiming that Hiram would never put them in harm's way.

Small Fry arrives at Pop's

Hiram calls Pop Tate after learning that the Ghoulies attacked the diner. While Hiram is happy to hear to that Pop Tate is fine, he is displeased to learn that Fred was involved in saving the diner, along with Tom Keller and FP Jones. Everyone is even referring to the three of them as heroes. After hanging up with Hiram, Pop Tate receives a surprise visitor at the diner. A fairly tall and intimating man. The man, later to be identified as Small Fry Boucher, is looking for Hiram. He claims that Hiram is an old friend of his father's. He then asks Pop Tate for Hiram's address.

Betty finds Dr. Masters with his throat slit

Betty arrives at Riverdale General to find her father, who had supposedly been checked in. According to the nurse, he was in room 221. Betty enters the room to find that her father is gone and that he has supposedly murdered Dr. Masters. His throat had been slit. The hospital telephone rings. Betty answers. On the other end is the Black Hood. He remarks that they keep missing each other. The Black Hood admits to killing Dr. Masters because he asked too many questions. With this, Betty accuses the Black Hood of being an average run-of-the-mill psychopath as there's no longer any method to his killings. The Black Hood tells Betty to come home so that they can finish what they started. He then reveals that Alice is also at the house. He threatens to slit her throat as well if Betty goes to the police or isn't home within ten minutes.

Penny calls Jughead

While watching over Sweet Pea and Serpents at the Whyte Wyrm, Jughead gets a call from Penny. She sarcastically remarks that Riverdale burning to the ground is tragic. She suggests that they meet up to talk about it at his hangout by the docks. Should he refuse to meet up, Penny threatens to carve up Toni's face, who she has captured and restrained. When Toni tells Penny to go to hell, Penny threatens to cut out her tongue.

Hal, Alice, and Betty watching Hal's old home movies

Betty returns home to find her mother in the living room, unharmed. As Betty tries to convince Alice to leave the house with her, Hal enters the living room, pleased to see that she made it home. Alice explains that Hal came up with an idea to watch home movies. She figured she would indulge him given that they're practically on lock-down due to the riot. Hal grabs the projector and plays for Alice and Betty old home videos of himself as a child, being disciplined by his mother. On the video, Hal's mother tells him that his father did something very noble in massacring the Conway family as they were sinners, thus the revelation that Hal's father was the Riverdale Reaper. Hal states that sinners have to die. He was then ordered by his mother to convince Joseph Conway to accuse someone other than his father of being the killer. While his father may have allowed Joseph to get away, Hal will do better, his mother says on the recording.

When the video ends, Hal tells Alice to take out her tape-recorder as he wishes to share his story. First of all, Hal reveals that Great-Grandpappy Cooper wasn't murdered by his brother. Instead, he was the killer. He killed Great-Grandpappy Blossom and then took on the Cooper name to create a new identity for himself. The Conways discovered this secret. Mr. Conway blackmailed Hal's father/Betty's grandfather. So he killed them for being sinners. As for Joseph Conway, the sole survivor, Hal did what was asked of him by convincing Joseph to accuse an innocent man. Joseph was easy to manipulate both as a boy and a man, Hal explains. He goes onto tell Betty and Alice about his darkness. The same darkness that runs in the Cooper family, which now lives in Betty. Hal approaches Betty and demands that she say who he is. "You're the Black Hood", Betty says as her eyes fill with tears. Hal is responsible for shooting Fred Andrews as well as killing Geraldine Grundy the Sugarman, Midge, and Dr. Masters. But the shooting at the Mayoral debate was not Hal's doing.

The Black Hood attacks Archie

As they return home, Fred asks Archie how Veronica's doing. Archie replies that she's on lock-down at the Pembrooke. For all of Hiram's talk about law and order, he was nowhere to be seen during the riots, Archie points out. Fred then heads upstairs to take a shower while Archie locks the house up. He enters the kitchen to find the front door open. He locks the door and then heads into the dining room, where he is attacked by the Black Hood. They wrestle on the ground until the Black Hood gains the upper-hand. He knocks Archie over and then grabs his gun. Archie is helpless as he stares down the barrel of the killer's gun. Fortunately, Fred comes to his rescue, hitting the Black Hood from behind with a baseball bat. The Black Hood gets back onto his feet and shoots Fred in the chest before running out the house. Luckily, Fred is wearing a bullet proof kevlar vest. Apparently, Tom Keller made him put it on before they went to the diner. Seeing that his father is unharmed, Archie runs out the front door to chase down the Black Hood, but he is long gone.

Hal explains why he became the Black Hood

Hal explains to Betty and Alice that he became the Black Hood because Riverdale is a town of sinners and sinners have to die. Hal recalls Betty speech at the 75th Anniversary Jubilee, where she says that the town must do better. It reminded him of a promise he made to his mother, that Riverdale would do better. So Hal picked up his father's sword, so to speak and continued the work that he and Hal's grandfather started. The purging of sin. Betty asks why Hal wanted this discussion recorded. Hal replies that he wanted everyone to understand what happened when they find them. It would seem that Hal plans on killing Betty and Alice, along with himself.

Penny teams up with Malachai and the Ghoulies

Jughead meets with Penny at his old hangout as planned. Toni, who is tied to the couch with rope, informs Jughead that Penny's not alone. She has apparently joined Malachai and the Ghoulies. She never goes anywhere with out back up now, not after what Jughead did to her. Besides, Penny and Malachai want to talk, but Jughead sees no reason to continue the conversation. He pulls out his knife and tells them that he's taking Toni. However, Malachai won't allow for it. With a taser in hand, he tells Jughead that he's been waiting to see him again for a long time. It seems that much like Penny, Jughead did not come alone. He called Cheryl, who armed with her bow and arrows, tells Malachai to stand down and requests that Toni be untied. Penny and Malachai comply, but Penny tells Jughead to remember that when his friends are dead, she tried to give him a chance to stop it. Jughead asks what Penny wants. She replies that she wants the Southside. There's money to be made in Riverdale. So, she partnered with the Ghoulies to sell drugs on the Southside. She makes Jughead one final offer. The Serpents leave Riverdale tonight or there will be a showdown at Pickens Park at dawn with the Ghoulies.

Hermione kills Small Fry

Small Fry Boucher arrives at the Pembrooke in search of Hiram. He is met at the front desk by Andre, who explains that Hiram isn't available. Andre grows concerned when Small Fry asks for Hermione and Veronica. Meanwhile, just upstairs, Hermione and Veronica continue to argue. Hermione claims that Veronica has lost her nerve. Veronica counters that Hermione (and Hiram) have lost their minds. October Surprise wouldn't just destroy Fred's campaign, it would ruin his life. Small Fry knocks at the door repeatedly before kicking it down completely and proceeding further into the apartment. He introduces himself as the son of Poppa Poutine. His father told him that if he was to ever be murdered, not to take the life of the man who killed him i.e. Hiram, but to take the lives of the people that man loved the most. Realizing that Small Fry has come to kill them, Hermione and Veronica run into the study, where Hermione grabs a gun and shoots Small Fry multiple times and kills him.

The Serpents vote to go to war with the Ghoulies

At the Whyte Wyrm, the Serpents gather to discuss Penny's offer. Sweet Pea wants to end the Ghoulies along with Penny. However, Jughead would rather they avoid going to war with the Ghoulies, especially over territory that they don't even control anymore. Jughead explains that this is Hiram Lodge's problem. Toni speaks out against Jughead's notion to just give up the Southside, Sunnyside Trailer Park included. Jughead explains that they will die in a fight against the Ghoulies. While it may be a suicide run, Sweet Pea would rather that than a coward's death. FP arrives and brings an end to the back and forth. He just got a call from the sheriff's office that Fangs in dead. They will mourn his death, but first they will honor him. So, FP wants to put Penny's offer to a vote. Jughead is the only Serpent against going to war with the Ghoulies. The rest of the Serpents and Cheryl are for going to war, as they raise their hands and bend their fingers to simulate snake fangs.

Hal chokes Alice

Back at the Cooper house, Alice taunts Hal. She always knew he was a mama's boy. She claims that he can't do anything for himself. Betty advises her mother against antagonizes him, but she continues to do so nonetheless, pointing out that Hal can't do anything right. Not even be a serial killer. She calls Hal out for being a sinner and questions what Fred could've possibly done that would call for his death. Hal explains that Fred was an adulterer. However, given that Hal had an affair with Penelope Blossom, Alice tells Hal to kill himself. Or maybe Hal should kill her, Alice states. She informs him that she slept with FP, who in every way that Hal's not, is a real man. With Hal distracted, Betty grabs a shovel from the fireplace. As his anger builds, Hal chokes Alice. Fortunately, Betty hits him over the head with the shovel from behind, knocking him to the ground, Alice then hits him with the shovel.

Jughead makes Hiram an offer

At the trailer, Jughead tells FP that going to war with the Ghoulies is a mistake. For all they know, the Ghoulies outnumber them one hundred to one. FP exclaims that he is well aware of their chances. He's been a Serpent a lot longer than Jughead has. They voted and Jughead lost. That's the end of that. So if the Serpents are going down, they'll do so fighting. As far as being outnumbered, FP plans to rally the reserves. Jughead looks up to his wall clippings, tracking Hiram Lodge's take over of Riverdale and comes to a realization. He calls Hiram. Fangs getting arrested, the riot, the Ghoulies showing up the night of the riot, with Penny in tow. None of this is happenstance, Jughead realizes. It was all orchestrated by Hiram, who claims to have no idea what Jughead is talking about. Hiram's been buying up everything he could, but he couldn't buy the Serpents. So instead, he paid Penny and the Ghoulies to go to war with the Serpents to get rid of them. Jughead wonders how much this is costing Hiram as he has a counter offer. Hiram agrees to hear him out as he meets up with Penny.

Hiram returns to the Pembrooke only to find that Andre has been murdered by the front desk. He runs upstairs, calling out to Veronica and Hermione. He finds them unharmed and calmly sitting at the dining room table. Hermione tells him that there's another dead body in the study. With all this being his mess, Veronica tells him that he has to clean it up.

Tom Keller arrests Hal

Back at the Cooper's house, Alice and Betty have called Tom Keller over. He puts Hal in handcuffs and places him in the squad car before pulling off. Archie and Fred join Alice and Betty on the front steps. Betty reveals to Archie that her father was the Black Hood. Archie asks Betty if she saw the Black Hood leave his house after he tried to shoot his father again about an hour ago. Betty explains that this is impossible as Hal was with them during that time. Betty then gets a call from Jughead. He only called to tell her that he loves her and that he'll never stop loving her. Betty asks him where he is at, but he doesn't answer, only saying that he'll see her later, before hanging up. With that, Archie and Betty grow concerned for Jughead.

Penny, Malachai and the Ghoulies surround Jughead

Jughead meets with Penny, Malachai and the Ghoulies. He reminds them of his deal with their boss, Hiram Lodge. If he hands himself over to them, then there will be no bloodshed tomorrow. Penny doesn't quite understand why getting Jughead out of the way is so important to Hiram than an all-out Serpent annihilation. Jughead is vastly outnumbered. He questions if Malachai needed that much backup because he's afraid of him. Malachai replies that the only thing scary is what they're going to do to Betty when they find her. Jughead punches Malachai in the face. The Ghoules then jump him. Penny watches as the Ghoulies brutally attack Jughead. She remarks that while he is a true hero, his sacrifice was for nothing because come morning, Riverdale as Jughead knows it will cease to exist. The Ghoulies then hold Jughead down as Penny gets her pound of flesh by cutting off his Serpent tattoo.

As the Serpents prepare for war, FP gets a call from Betty. He asks if she and Alice are alright, but Betty's only concern is Jughead, who FP claims is at the trailer. Betty's starting to worry about him after the call she got. It was almost as if he was saying goodbye. FP realizes that Jughead has sacrificed himself and asks Toni where Penny was hiding out. FP races over to Jughead's hangout and runs into the darkness to find him.

Hiram informs Hermione and Veronica that Sheriff Minetta delivered the bodies to the coroner's office

Hiram informs Hermione and Veronica that Sheriff Minetta delivered Andre and Small Fry's bodies to the coroner's office and tagged them as riot victims, so no one's going to be asking any questions. Hiram is sorry for the ordeal they had to withstand. Veronica takes this opportunity to reveal that she found Hiram's "October Surprise" file. Hiram tries to cover for himself, claiming that Hermione understands the cost of winning better than anyone. Veronica explains that she realized something. There will always be an October Surprise with her father. While her mother may volunteer to be his collateral damage, she won't. Hiram reminds Veronica to never lose sight of the bigger picture, but Veronica insists that she isn't the one who lost sight.

Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Sweet Pea, Toni and the Serpents arrive at the hangout not far behind FP. FP comes out of the woods holding a lifeless Jughead in his arms. He has been beaten bloody and senseless, and his Serpent tattoo removed. Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Sweet Pea, Toni and FP are speechless.



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