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Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman" is the second episode of the second part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the thirteenth episode of the series overall.[1]


A sinister guest visits Spellman Mortuary. Theo faces a cast of cruel critics, and Roz and Harvey pursue an extra-steamy school assignment.



Dark Lord makes a wager with Lilith

Lilith summons the Dark Lord to Mary Wardwell's home and tells him that she cannot protect Sabrina if she does not know what his plans are for her. The Three Plague Kings asserted that the "half-breed must not ascend." The Dark Lord answers that Sabrina will be his prophet on earth and his herald. Jealous, Lilith tells the Dark Lord that Sabrina is not worthy as she will balk at doing evil. The Dark Lord suggests that they strike a wager to discover Sabrina's true nature; good or evil. He adds that when he is proven right, Lilith will have to resume her service to him and never question his will again.

Sabrina is instructed to steal a pack of gum

During the night, the Dark Lord appears in Sabrina's room, telling her that it is time for her to make her dark devotions to him. She tells him that she will not do what he wants her to do. He answers that he warned her, when she signed his book, that she can not deny him. After Sabrina asks him what he wants, Satan orders a surprised Sabrina to steal a pack of gum before leaving.

Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose warn Sabrina against resisting the Dark Lord

The next morning, Sabrina tells her aunts and Ambrose that the Dark Lord visited her during the night to call on her to do his bidding. Zelda is upset to discover that she slept through the Dark Lord's visit. She tells Sabrina that the task he asked her to perform is a sacred obligation between her and the Dark Lord and that doing such a task would prove her dedication to the Path of Night. Zelda then tells Sabrina that she must perform the task or suffer the consequences, such as bad things happening to her and those around her. Evil has a way of spreading very quickly, Hilda adds.

Lilith stops Sabrina from stealing a pack of gum

Sabrina enters Cerberus Books intent on stealing a pack of gum, as tasked by the Dark Lord. Lilith, still maintaining her persona as Mary Wardwell, stops her from doing it, telling her that it is not like her. She offers her money to pay for it, which Sabrina refuses, saying she does not want the gum anymore and leaves the store. Lilith casts a coin look over her shoulder at the Dark Lord, seated at a nearby table.

Father Blackwood asks Zelda to be his co-director

At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Zelda arrives Faustus Blackwood's office just as Sister Shirley Jackson exits. The two witches are unhappy to see each other, and Shirley leaves. Father Blackwood tells her that the Academy is presenting a play for the coven's edification and diversion — The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar. He tells her that he wrote a new adaptation that Sister Shirley did not approve and asks Zelda to be the new co-director and elocution coach to the production, which she accepts.

Harvey asks Roz to be his Juliet

At Baxter High, students are told that they will be working on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Mrs. Curtis tells the students to find a partner and pick a scene to present to the rest of the class. Harvey stares at Rosalind who looks up at him and giggles. He asks her to be his partner, her playing Juliet and him Romeo. Roz accepts, but seems recalcitrant to the idea, because there is a kissing scene. She then has a vision of her and Harvey sharing a passionate kiss. Returning to reality, Roz asks Harvey if he has talked to Sabrina. He answers that they have not talked in a while and that they are still figuring things out.

Prudence teases Sabrina

At the Desecrated Church, Zelda rehearses with Nick and Dorcas, while Sabrina watches. Prudence sits by Sabrina, surmising that she must be jealous that Dorcas is playing the romantic lead opposite to Nick. Sabrina answers that she is fine. Prudence thought she broke up with Harvey so she could be with Nick. Sabrina tells her that Nick is just a friend and moves to sit on the side of the stage. Watching the rehearsal, Sabrina whispers that Dorcas is a terrible actress, as the Dark Lord appears, telling her that the role should be hers. He suggests that she pulls a pin holding a rope with a sandbag hanging above Dorcas. Sabrina pulls the pin and the sandbag falls on Dorcas. It turns out that it was just an illusion; the pin is still in place. Sabrina starts repeating "I won't do it" out loud, with the others looking at her, asking who she is talking to. She answers that she was talking to no one and they all leave for lunch.

Theo leaves the boys' locker room

At Baxter High, Theo hesitantly enters the boys' locker room, passing by several boys who stare at him. Billy Marlin and Carl Tapper tease Theo. They sit and wait for Theo to take off his clothes, laughing at him. Frustrated, Theo slams his locker and leaves the room.

Having returned from lunch, Nick approaches Sabrina and asks to run lines with her. She accepts but ask him why he is not doing it with Dorcas, to which he answers that "[he is] not really feelin' it with her," adding that he was hoping Sabrina would be the one playing Lilith, the lead role. They start rehearsing, and there seems to be tension between them.

Zelda is almost killed by a falling gargoyle

In Father Blackwood's office, Zelda gives her opinion about his adaptation of the play. She specifies that in the sacred Satanic texts, Lilith provided for herself and did not wander helplessly in the wilderness as written in Father Blackwood's adaptation. He seems upset, and Zelda leaves his office. In the hall, a gargoyle statue almost falls on her from up above, pushed off by Sister Jackson.

While rehearsing with Nick, Sabrina experiences a flashback with Harvey and tells Nick she should go. As she stands to leave, the Dark Lord appears, and Sabrina chokes on an apple. She struggles for air before passing out. Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas rush over to help.

Hilda tells Sabrina about the time the Dark Lord called onto her

At home, Sabrina wakes up in her room next to her aunt Hilda. Her aunt tells her that she choked on an apple and that then Nick teleported her home. Sabrina reveals that the Dark Lord made her choke because she has not done what he asked to do. Hilda confides to Sabrina that the Dark Lord tasked her after her own baptism and that nothing happened after she did it. Hilda believes that the Dark Lord was simply testing her faith. She then asks Sabrina why she is resisting him. Sabrina answers that if she says yes to this one thing, it'll be harder to say no the next. Hilda suggests to Sabrina that it would be easier to resist the Dark Lord's influence if she goes back to be with her mortal friends.

Dark Lord haunts Sabrina

Sabrina returns to Baxter High where she finds Harvey and Rosalind by their lockers. Roz tells her that she and Harvey are playing Romeo and Juliet together. Roz suggests that they find a scene with three characters to include Sabrina, which she refuses. In English class, Mrs. Curtis pairs Sabrina with Billy, as she watches Roz and Harvey together across the room. The Dark Lord speaks to Sabrina through Billy, telling her that Harvey belongs to her. She turns her head to find the Dark Lord seated next to her.

Lilith advises Sabrina to stay on the Path of Light

In the girls' locker room, Sabrina runs into Theo. He tells her that he still has to change in the girl's locker room because of Billy and his friends making fun of him. He asks Sabrina if there is "some witchy way [they] could take care of Billy." She gives Theo a small rope with the power to make Billy fall each time he pulls it. As Sabrina takes off her shirt, Theo tells her she has claw marks on her back, which she discovers from looking at the mirror. Ms. Wardwell inspects the marks and tells Sabrina they are called the "Devil's Claw". It's a physical manifestation of his grip on Sabrina's soul. Sabrina confides that she is defying the Dark Lord and Ms. Wardwell tells her she is right to defy him and that she should follow the Path of Light.

Zelda is pranked by Sister Jackson

At the Desecrated Church, Nick and Dorcas continue their rehearsal. Zelda interrupts and tells Dorcas that she is not translating the words correctly, though she is very impressed with Nicholas' performance. Zelda tries to speak but a frog pops out of her mouth, much to Prudence and Agatha's amusement. She holds the frog and asks the students which one of them did this to her. Prudence tells her that the frog is Sister Shirley Jackson's familiar.

Sabrina insists that she's happy for Roz and Harvey

Sabrina and Billy rehearse at Dr. Cerberus', with Rosalind and Harvey sitting nearby. Billy tells Sabrina that it must be hard watching her ex-boyfriend and her best friend getting together. She forces a smile, saying she is happy for them. Sabrina stares at Harvey and Roz and suddenly, a milkshake on their table starts to move toward the edge. The Dark Lord appears behind Sabrina, telling her to push the milkshake with her powers. The milkshake falls. It was just an illusion; the milkshake is still on the table. Sabrina screams that she is not doing it and leaves.

In the Spellman's kitchen, Zelda is preparing to cook Sister Shirley's familiar to send her a message, so she will find her footing at the Academy. Hilda carries the frog away, telling her sister that the familiar is innocent. Sabrina arrives, asking for Ambrose.

Ambrose recalls the Dark Lord calling onto him

In the attic, Sabrina asks for Ambrose's help in warding off the Dark Lord. Ambrose tells her to eat raw onions and nail a horseshoe above her doors and windows. Sabrina asks what task the Dark Lord had Ambrose do after his baptism. With tears, he tells her he had to send a letter to an old classmate who had a crush on him at Oxford. Mysteriously, one day the Dark Lord came to him years after Oxford and his baptism and asked him to write a letter to the boy, now a man with a wife and children. However, Ambrose doesn't specify what was in the letter.

In her room, Sabrina hammers horseshoes and eats a raw onion. The next morning, she wakes up and start screaming looking in the mirror. She finds that the claw marks on her back grew. Sabrina rushes off to school, where she asks Ms. Wardwell for advice. She asks the young witch if she has any outstanding spells, and Sabrina recalls giving the rope to Theo.

Theo makes Billy break his leg

Meanwhile, in the boys' locker room, Theo opens his locker and sanitary napkins and tampons spill out on the floor. Angry, he storms out, demanding to know where to find Billy. Sabrina walks quickly in the hall, looking for Billy. Just then, Billy trips and falls on the stairs, breaking his leg. Sabrina sees Theo holding the magic rope at the top of the staircase. Later, Theo tells Sabrina how angry he was. Angrier than he'd ever been. He wanted to hurt Billy and make him suffer. He could hear a voice telling him to do it, that "it would be so easy." Sabrina realizes the words were whispered in Theo's ears by the Dark Lord.

At the mortuary, Zelda and Hilda make a doll to use against Sister Shirley, cursing her with earworms.

Harvey and Sabrina hook up

In English class, Mrs. Curtis tells Harvey and Sabrina that as a result of Billy's accident and Rosalind having the chickenpox, they will be partners for the rest of the Romeo and Juliet assignment. In the library, Harvey tells Sabrina he would understand if she does not want to be in the scene with him, but she says that she has no problem doing it. They start reading their lines which leads them to kiss. Sabrina and Harvey make their way to his house, where they kiss passionately on the bed. Sabrina unbuttons Harvey's shirt and discovers claw marks on his chest. In shock, she asks him what they are, but Harvey cannot see the marks. Sabrina climbs off of him saying it was a mistake for her to forget what she was. Upset, Harvey tells her he does not care what she is and does want her to pull away from him again. She answers that she has to do it in order to protect him. Angry, Harvey says he does not need her protection and that she cannot keep messing with his head. Sabrina leaves, saying it will never happen again.

Sister Shirley is under Zelda's command

Zelda is confronted by Sister Shirley at the Academy. She accuses Zelda of having an inappropriate relationship with Father Blackwood, to which Zelda tells her to throw herself off the balcony. And because Zelda cursed her with an ear-worm, Shirley does exactly as instructed. She heads up to the balcony and stands on the banister, ready to jump to her death. Zelda shows mercy and issues a warning to Shirley and anyone else who dares cross her.

Dark Lord orders Sabrina to burn down Baxter High

At night, Sabrina spots Salem unconscious in front of the mortuary. She steps closer and notices a pool of vomit next to him. She takes him in her arms and turns around to see the Dark Lord in the cemetery behind the house. She confronts him, asking why he is punishing her loved ones. He says that she denied him. Sabrina tells him she will steal the gum as he asked, but the Dark Lord answers he now needs a greater devotion. He tells Sabrina he wants her to burn Baxter High while it is empty and everything he did to punish her will disappear.

Sabrina prepares to burn down Baxter High

The same night, Sabrina walks the hall of Baxter High carrying a gas can. Lilith, hiding in Ms. Wardwell's office with the Dark Lord, tells him that Sabrina will not do what he asked of her. Sabrina, in tears, pours gas on the school's floor and lights a match. As she is about to start the fire, the Dark Lord stops her, saying she proved her heart.

At the Spellman house, Sabrina finds a healthy Salem in her room. She inspects her back and smiles as she finds no trace of the claw marks.

The next morning in the kitchen, Zelda tells Sabrina that Dorcas is sick with the chickenpox, which means she will play Lilith in front of the coven that evening. Sabrina remembers the Dark Lord whispering in her ears that the role should be hers.

Nick as Lucifer and Sabrina as Lilith

At the Desecrated Church, before the entire coven, Zelda, Hilda, Father Blackwood, and Prudence included, the students play The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar, with Ambrose playing God, Agatha playing Stolas, Nick playing Lucifer, and Sabrina playing Lilith. From the back of the church, Lilith watches a romantic scene between Nick and Sabrina, tears welling in her eyes. Afterward, the coven cheer them on for their performance.

Sabrina celebrates with Nick

The witches and warlocks celebrate at Dorian's Gray Room. Prudence and Ambrose, attracted to each other, get closer. She remarks that he was very convincing as the False God. She asks if she makes him want to convert to which he replies that he's always been a polytheist. Nick and Sabrina sit together, and she confides to Nick that the Dark Lord gave her a task but stopped her from doing it at the last moment. Nick wonders if Sabrina ever actually intended to do what the Dark Lord asked of her of if she was simply playing chicken with him. Sabrina thinks back to how her aunt Hilda told her that the Dark Lord was more interested in her willingness to do something than her actually completing the task. Dorian arrives with drinks. He tells Sabrina that while she may have gotten rid of the claw marks on her skin, the one on her soul remains. They all have one. His is a painting. A true reflection of his soul. The drinks are compliments of the Dark Lord, who enjoyed their performance.

Lilith apologizes to the Dark Lord

In her cottage, Lilith kneels in front of the Dark Lord and cleans his hooves as he reminds her he always wins. Telling her she must be lonely, he gives her back Stolas, her familiar, as a consolation prize before vanishing. With that, Lilith remarks that she'll be damned before Sabrina comes the Dark Lord's herald.

At Dr. Cerberus', Sabrina runs into Harvey who seems unhappy to see her. He tells her he is going to visit Roz before leaving. Sabrina watches him leave. She then spots the display of gum on the counter. She picks up a pack of gum with a wicked smile on her face.



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