"Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour" is the tenth episode of the first part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the tenth episode of the series overall.[2] It is also the season finale.


A revolutionary attack divides the witches and mortals of Greendale, and Sabrina braces for a life-changing choice.



Nana Ruth warns about a malicious presence looming

Ms. Wardwell sits by the fire as she tells mysterious someone stories about Sabrina. She goes on to say that all the signs were there: a dead bird brought in by a cat, the spilled bottle of black ink, a broken mirror in an empty room, a loaf of bread split cleanly down the middle, and a blind woman knitting her own death shroud aware of what's coming. Roz tells her grandmother that she was right and that she has started seeing things. She recounts what she saw and tells her that she suspects that Sabrina is a witch. She asks her grandmother if it was a Spellman who cursed them with blindness. Grandmother Ruth tells her no and that Roz knows in her heart if Sabrina is good or bad. Roz says that she isn't sure anymore. Ruth tells her to just look at Sabrina and she'll know. Ruth tells her that Sabrina isn't the witch she needs to fear because the thirteen witches are coming.


Sabrina hugs Roz and Susie

At the Spellman Mortuary, Sabrina refuses to go to school because she's worried that she'll see Harvey. Zelda gives her a balm that Hilda made to ease her pain. Sabrina asks Zelda what she's supposed to do. Zelda tells her to go about her normal routine and that tomorrow she'll do it again and again until it hurts a little less. Sabrina goes to school but spots Harvey so she heads to the ladies' room. There she runs into Roz and Susie. They ask her what's wrong because they tried calling her all weekend. She tells them she wasn't feeling well. Susie comes right out and asks if she's a witch. Sabrina denies it but Roz tells her that the Cunning showed her a vision. Sabrina finally admits to being a witch and breaks down. She tells them everything about the Academy of Unseen Arts and Tommy. They hug her and she apologizes for lying to them.

Ms. Wardwell continues to talk to the hidden figure. She tells them that she came up with a plan for a threat to come to Greendale in order to force Sabrina to make certain choices.


The Dark Lord statue bleeds

At the Academy, Sabrina talks to Nick. He asks her how things are going with Harvey and she tells him that he's devastated. They have broken up. Nick can't believe she really loves Harvey. That's the one thing he envies about mortals, they can give themselves to each other. He says witches are bad at love because Satan wants them to love him alone. Suddenly, the statue of the Dark Lord that they're standing in front of starts to bleed.


Madame Satan summons the Greendale Thirteen

Out in the woods, Madame Satan sacrifices a jock to summon the Greendale Thirteen. She tells them to seek out their revenge and to put an end to Greendale once and for all. Hilda senses them as they walk past Cerebrus Books, Faustus Blackwood senses them as they go past the Church of Night, and they stop at Susie's house.


Greendale Thirteen gather outside the Putnam residence

Dorothea wakes up Susie. Susie goes to her window and sees the thirteen witches. Dorothea tells her that she cut them down from the tree that they were hung from and buried them on their property. Dorothea believes that they are back for revenge. Susie asks how they can stop them but Dorothea has disappeared.

Ambrose and Luke are in the woods when they stumble upon a witches circle. They're performing a summoning spell. Suddenly, they disappear. Ambrose goes to investigate and finds a doll among the ashes of their fire pit. As he turns to leave he gets grabbed by a witch who tells him to take back a warning to the Church of Night.


Harvery and Sabrina talk

Sabrina talks to Harvey in the library. She finds out that Harvey lied and said that Tommy shot himself to put himself out of his misery. Sabrina tells him that she's been thinking about him nonstop. She tells him that he must hate her. Harvey says that he could never hate her but that every time he looks at her he thinks of Tommy. Suddenly, Hilda appears and tells Sabrina that they have to go to the Church of Night straight away. Harvey tells her to go and Sabrina does but she tells him that she hopes they can talk some more before she leaves.


Father Blackwood summons his coven to an important meeting

At the Church of Night, Father Blackwood says that the Dark Lord is angry with them but then Ambrose and Luke storm into the church. He tells them that it's not the Dark Lord but the Greendale Thirteen. That tomorrow night, during the witching hour, they will release their Crimson Avenger and it will go forth and kill every firstborn in Greendale. Father Blackwood tells them not to worry that they'll just hide at the Academy since it's magically protected. Sabrina worries about the mortals but Father Blackwood tells her to let them go to their false god. He reminds everyone that they have to be at the Academy at midnight or else.


The Spellmans prepare to save the town

Sabrina asks Zelda and Hilda why the Greendale Thirteen would be angry at them. Zelda tells her that it's because the coven had decided to sacrifice them in order to appease the humans and their bloodlust. Sabrina says that she isn't going to go to the Academy. Zelda agrees that they should all stay and protect the town. Ambrose asks how they're going to protect everyone. Zelda says that they should gather them all in one place. Hilda tells them that Dr. Cerebrus told her that the town is to gather at Baxter High during severe weather or tornados. Sabrina says that all they need now is a tornado. The four of them gather around a table and summon the different winds to them. It works and the warning sirens can be heard going off. Zelda prays that the mortals will heed the warning.

Most of the mortals of Greendale gather at Baxter High. All the coven goes to seek shelter at the Academy. All except the Spellmans. Sabrina can't find Harvey at the school and Susie can't find Roz. They both go to find their friends. Sabrina goes to Harvey's but Harvey tells her that he isn't leaving his Dad or the house. That he doesn't want to rely on the protection of witches. Susie isn't having much luck with Roz either. Roz won't go because she doesn't want to leave her grandmother behind. Susie decides to stay with her. Sabrina arrives back at the school and the aunts ask her where she's been. She tells them that she had to stop and call in a favour. Nick arrives at Harvey's and tells him that he's Sabrina's friend and that he's going to help protect him tonight. Harvey asks the warlock what kind of friend he is exactly.


The Spellmans chant protection spells

The witching hour comes upon them and the Greendale Thirteen attack. The witches all begin to chant protection spells. Roz's grandmother's door is blown open by one of the witches. Susie tells the witch that she is Dorothea's descendant and to please not harm her friends. Sabrina asks if the spell is working and Zelda says yes before she disappears. She reappears at the Academy because Blackwood has summoned her there. Zelda is angry for having been taken away from her family but Blackwood tells her that Constance Blackwood is in labor. Sabrina asks if they're going to be okay and Hilda says yes just as no one else disappears. Just then Ambrose is pulled away and reappears in front of Luke at the Academy. Ambrose is visibly upset and asks him what has he done. Luke says that he brought him here because he loves him.


Sabrina signs the Book of the Beast

Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that they aren't going to hold out much longer but that she has a plan. Sabrina rushes off with her leaving Hilda alone with Salem to hold down the fort. Ms. Wardwell takes Sabrina back to where her Dark Baptism almost took place. She tells Sabrina that she must sign because it's the only way she'll be strong enough to save everyone. She tells Sabrina that it's the only way she'll be able to save her family and friends. Sabrina finally relents and says that she'll sign. Ms. Wardwell disappears and the Dark Lord appears behind Sabrina. He slashes her palm and squeezes one drop of blood onto the book below. Sabrina thinks back on everything that's happened as she signs her name in the Book of the Beast. Sabrina has Dark Baptized herself and becomes a full-fledged witch. Ms. Wardwell reappears and Sabrina asks her what she does now. Ms. Wardwell tells her that the Dark Lord already showed her what to do. Sabrina thinks back to the vision she saw of the hanging witches and how the tree they hung from was on fire.


Constance goes into labor

Lady Blackwood continues to go through labor. One of the babes is pushed out but something is wrong because Zelda doesn't show the baby to Lady Blackwood. Lady Blackwood tells Prudence and Zelda that her children must be preserved no matter what.

Dr. Cerebrus finds Hilda and tells her that she should be downstairs. Hilda tells him that she's saying a prayer and Cerebrus clasps her hands hoping to help. Susie stares down the witch at the door and watches as it leaves. Ruth tells them that she left because it's now the Crimson Riders turn. Nick asks Harvey if he's the firstborn and Harvey says no. Nick asks about his Dad and Harvey says yes. Ms. Wardwell and Sabrina go to the tree. Sabrina summons the Greendale Thirteen to her. Hilda tries to keep the Crimson Rider out of the school.


Sabrina burns the Greendale Thirteen

Sabrina burns the Greendale Thirteen with Hellfire from the Pit. As she does, her hair goes from blonde to white. Because the witches who summoned him had gone the Crimson Rider too disappeared.


Father Blackwood welcomes a baby boy, Judas, into the world

Harvey and Nick open the door to the house. Nick says that Sabrina just saved the whole town. Harvey asks Nick why he came tonight. He asks if they're seeing each other but Nick tells him that Sabrina loves him. That she'd die for him and maybe that's enough to forgive her. Blackwood enters the room to find that Lady Blackwood is dead. Zelda tells him that he only has one son because the baby had consumed his brother in the womb. Blackwood holds the child and names him his heir. Later, he introduces his son as Judas to the Judas Society.


Nana Ruth is dead

Roz kisses her grandmother on the forehead before she covers her with a blanket. She'd died during the storm. Hilda gets dropped off at the mortuary by Dr. Cerebrus. Hilda kisses him before she says goodbye. He walks away smiling and his eyes flash gold. Upstairs, Zelda tells Hilda that she took Lady Blackwood's firstborn child because it was a girl and she feared what Blackwood would do to her. Hilda tells Zelda that she's moving out of their bedroom.

Sabrina goes to visit Harvey in his bedroom. She apologizes again. He tells her that what if they start over with no secrets between them but Sabrina says that she doesn't know if its safe for him or Roz or Susie. Harvey asks for one last kiss. Sabrina stands up and kisses him before she disappears.


Ms. Wardwell reveals she is Lilith

Ms. Wardwell finishes her story to Principle Hawthorne, who's tied up in the chair across from her. He asks her who she is. She reveals that she is Lilith or Madam Satan as she likes to be called. But that soon she'll have a new title. Soon she'll be Queen of Hell. She peels off her face and reveals the demonic features beneath. She eats Principal Hawthorne. After, her familiar asks if the Dark Lord isn't grooming Sabrina to stand by his side. Ms. Wardwell says that there's a very simple solution for that as she snaps her familiar's neck.

Back at school, Harvey, Susie, and Roz sit in the library. They wonder if they're still Sabrina's friends. At the Academy, Sabrina struts into the school dressed like the Weird Sisters. Nick sees her and she winks at him.



Guest Starring


  • Anastasia Bandey as Dorothea
  • Mathis Canavor as Young Tommy Kinkle (uncredited)
  • Christina Church as Greendale Thirteen #5
  • Kendall Goddard as Greendale Thirteen #1
  • Elizabeth Iverson as Greendale Thirteen #3
  • Melissa M. Montgomery as Greendale Thirteen #4
  • Rachel Renaud as Meek Teenage Girl
  • Jacqueline Robbins as Head Witch
  • Madison Smith as Steve Loomis
  • Theresa Wong as Greendale Thirteen #2



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