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Weekdays, from 8:25am to 3:01pm we adhere to a strict regimen. Everything in our lives is controlled, but then something like the murder of Jason Blossom happens and you realize, there is no such thing as control, there is only chaos. Nevertheless, some of us strive to impose and maintain order, in what is, fundamentally, an orderless world. A fact which would very soon be confirmed, in ways none of us could have foreseen.

"Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend" is the tenth episode of the first season of Riverdale. It premiered on April 13, 2017.


TRUE FEELINGSGUEST STARRING MOLLY RINGWALD – When Fred decides to finalize the divorce with Archie’s mother Mary, Archie hides his true feelings. Archie tries to win Valerie back with a romantic evening, however, Betty hijacks his plans when she decides to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party. Once Cheryl learns of the party, she decides to make it interesting and things quickly get out of control. Meanwhile, Veronica contemplates whether she should participate in the deposition to help get her Dad released.



Over at the Andrews house, Fred walks in the room while Jughead and Archie are currently gaming. He notifies the boys that he's heading out, while also apologizing to Jughead in advance for not being able to make it to attend his birthday this weekend. Jughead assures Fred that he will not be missing out on anything while he is gone, also mentioning to him that he barely acknowledges his own birthday. Before leaving the room, Fred asks Archie if he can give him a hand downstairs.

Archie and his father talk about the divorce.

Fred and Archie sit out on their porch as Fred gives Archie the good news; the divorce papers and legal mumbo-jumbo will be done and that the papers should be done processing and behind them by the end of the week. Archie asks his father if the reason why he's going to see his mom now is because of him and Hermione Lodge. Fred assures Archie that it isn't the real reason why he is doing this, while also informing him that he ended things with Hermione. He also states that the idea of them working together, while being together, wasn't a good idea. Archie asks if it isn't the case, then why finalize things in such a "final" way now. Fred tells Archie that sometimes you just got to rip the band-aid off. As he was getting ready to pick up his bag and leave, Archie mentions to him as an alternative that he can try and fix things. Fred explains to his son that they're past that point now. Archie reveals that he spoke to his mom last week and that she didn't mention any of this to him, to which Fred reminds Archie that it's been two years now since his mother moved out and that she wanted him to be the bearer of bad news instead. Archie offers to come with him, though Fred dismisses the idea, telling Archie that this is between him and his mother.

Veronica and Hermione talk with Hiram's attorney.

At the Pembrooke, Veronica walks in while her mother is sitting with Paul Sowerberry, her father's attorney. Hermione explains to Veronica that he is here to prep them for their statements and help with her dad's hearing. Veronica mentions to her mother that she's not giving one, especially one that she wouldn't want to hear. Paul informs Veronica that she won't be given any questions that would involve her father's business arrangements, telling her that they just need her and her mother to speak about his character, which would make him appear more humanizing, giving him a lesser sentence. He goes on to explain that if she doesn't make a statement, it could be problematic and damaging. Hermione reminds her daughter that she has already spoken to her about this earlier, though Veronica retorts that her father has already made his bed. She abruptly ends the conversation, stating that she is late for school.

At school, Archie and Betty meet up with Veronica in the student lounge to discuss what Archie overheard at the tree tapping ceremony with the Blossom's board of trustees in town. Archie informs Veronica that Clifford Blossom was the one who was responsible for her father being arrested and put in prison. Veronica appears to be surprised by the news and rhetorically asks him why would Clifford Blossom have anything to do with why her father is in prison.

Betty and Archie talk about Jughead's birthday.

Afterward, Archie tells Betty that it's Jughead's birthday. Much to her surprise, she tells Archie that Jughead didn't say anything to her. Archie tells Betty that his birthday is tomorrow, but he doesn't like to make a big deal out of it, adding that every year he and Jughead go to a double feature at the Bijou, informing her that it's tradition. He mentions to Betty that the last few years he's been Jughead's movie buddy, but now that she's his girlfriend, Archie thinks Betty should take him. Betty tells Archie that he should still come with them, but Archie refuses to go because he doesn't want to be a third wheel. Betty tries to convince Archie into going, mentioning to him that it'll be just like old times. Archie adds that it would be just like the "three musketeers," which Betty informs Archie that there were actually four musketeers.

Betty talks with FP on the phone inviting him to Jughead's birthday.

Later in the day, at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, FP receives a phone call from Betty, whom she invites to accompany her and Jughead to watch a movie with them and maybe later go out for dinner. FP asks Betty if Jughead knows about her calling him, which Betty replies by saying that she wanted to surprise him. FP informs Betty that if there is one thing that Jughead likes less than surprises, it would be his birthday, later adding that he never even had a birthday party, since Jughead never wanted one to begin with, adding that the best gift that he could probably give Jughead would be to stay away.

During lunch in the school cafeteria, Archie and the gang discuss Jughead's birthday in his absence. Betty suggests that they should throw Jughead a "low-key" surprise party. Archie immediately disagrees with Betty's idea, while on the other side, Veronica agrees with Betty, telling her that she thinks it is a great idea. Archie explains that Jughead doesn't like his birthday. Kevin retorts that everyone says that, but nobody means it. Archie goes on to explain that Jughead is a lone wolf. Veronica interrupts him. She informs them that she's ignoring the negativity, implying Archie's attitude, while also telling Betty that she's always look for any excuse to wear a cute party dress.

Betty's argument with Chuck.

Kevin interrupts the conversation, directing the group's attention to Chuck's return to school. Betty then has flashbacks of him from their last encounter and her mood changes drastically. Archie asks why he's back, and Veronica points out that Chuck got suspended, not expelled. As Betty spots Chuck heading toward Ethel, Betty is not far behind. She demands that Chuck leave Ethel alone, but Chuck claims that he only came over to apologize to Ethel, telling her there's no reason for her to go all "dark Betty" on him. Betty immediately snaps at Chuck but catches herself from losing her cool any further; she pulls back her temper toward Chuck before anyone else notices their conversation. She asks Ethel if Chuck is bothering her, though Ethel assures her that there is nothing for her to be worried about. Unable to do anything further, Betty returns to her seat with her friends. Betty resumes her conversation about Jughead's birthday party, telling the gang that there's a lot of things she can't do or control, but she can make sure that her boyfriend has the best birthday of his life. Archie eventually agrees to Betty's plan, where he suggests the gang has the party at his place due to his father being out of town.

Betty talks to FP about Jughead's birthday.

Betty drops by Andrews Construction to see FP and convince him to attend Jughead's birthday. She informs him that she and Archie have invited some friends over to Archie's house, while also adding that it would mean a lot to Jughead if he also attended the event for his birthday. She tells FP that she would really like to do something special for Jughead, and him being there would be really special. FP then agrees to Betty's offer.

Betty talks with Alice about Jughead.

Back at Riverdale High, Alice drops by, informing Betty that she comes bearing great news. Principle Weatherbee has agreed with her that the Blue and Gold can benefit greatly from her professional guidance as new adviser. Betty congratulates her mother. Alice then asks her what are they currently working on, which Betty tells her mother that right now, she is working on supplies for Jughead's birthday party. Alice begins to realize that Betty is falling for him. Betty asks her mom questions about when her parents first started dating, if she told her father everything about herself. Alice admits that she did, though she wishes that she didn't. She informs Betty that she shared things with her father such as her secrets, fears, doubts, which he ended up using against her. However, Betty trusts Jughead, which Alice agrees with that she should, but not with everything.

Jughead explaining to Archie why he doesn't like his birthday.

While back at the Andrews house, Jughead brings up some movies with Archie that will be showing at the Bijou as their options to choose from. Archie reveals to Jughead that Betty will be going with him instead this year. Jughead concludes that Archie told her about his birthday, asking why would he do that, while adding that is like a primal betrayal. Archie then brings up the question to Jughead as to why he hates his birthday so much. Jughead isn't quite sure, deducing that it was probably the PTSD from while he was growing up as a kid, adding that things were always messed up at home usually because of his dad while also mentioning that there was this arbitrary day that would come up where his family would come together and pretend things were great, as if everything as normal again, explaining to Archie that it made him feel really lonely.

Veronica and Hermione talk about Hiram's arrest.

Veronica informs her mother what Archie overheard Clifford Blossom saying that he was the one personally responsible for putting her father in prison. Veronica has been doing some digging and found some spreadsheets of monthly payments from the Blossom Maple Farms to Lodge Industries until five months ago when they stopped. The same time around when Hiram was arrested. Also, the payments, which are significant, have been happening for 75 years. Veronica then raises the question of what if Clifford implicated her father to get out of paying his monthly fee. Veronica suggests to her mother that they inform her father's lawyer, but Hermione interjects, telling Veronica that if everyone finds out that Clifford really did put her father behind bars, people would think that Hiram would have something to do with Jason Blossom's murder. So, in everyone's best interest, Hermione insists that Veronica let this go. Veronica questions if her mother really thinks that her father would have anything to do with Jason's murder, which Hermione insists that she doesn't think.

Veronica challenges Cheryl to a dance off.

During cheerleading practice, an angry Veronica enters the gymnasium. Cheryl immediately informs Veronica that she is late and that the team has already reviewed their new choreography for Homecoming, meaning Veronica will have to be in the back, so she can do less damage, as Cheryl puts it. Veronica suspects that Cheryl will be leading front and center. Cheryl confirms, telling her of course she will be, stating to Veronica that she has the best skills on the cheer squad. However, Cheryl welcome a challenge. Veronica wants to let the River Vixens decide "who's cherry on top," which Cheryl accepts. The ladies have a dance off competition to see whose moves are better, which Veronica ultimately wins, gaining the support of every single Vixens, including Cheryl's best friends. Afterward, Cheryl confronts Tina and Ginger about not voting for her, which as a result causes her to end their friendship.

Archie talks with his father some more about the divorce.

Archie is decorating his house in preparation for Jughead's birthday. He receives a phone call from his father, checking in on him to see how he is doing, as he felt bad about not talking some more before leaving. Archie agrees that he didn't appreciate his father shutting him down as he did. He then asks Fred if he's seen his mom yet. He hasn't. They were planning on going to dinner later but had a change of plans and decided it would be best if they meet up tomorrow morning with the lawyers. Archie wonders if things are really that bad that they can't talk without a mediator, but Fred doesn't respond.

At Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Cheryl enters the diner and approaches Chuck, pointing out that he's the worst that she could find. She informs him that she has caught wind that both their nemesis, Betty and Veronica will be over by Archie's house, where Jughead's party will be held at. She then asks Chuck if he would like to team up with her for a little destruction.

Hiram's letter to Veronica.

At the Law Office, Veronica speaks with Mr. Sowerberry about what she thinks happened with the Blossom Family paying her family a fee in perpetuity. She believes that Clifford tried ending their agreement, so he could stop paying them. However, Mr. Sowerberry can neither confirm nor deny anything based on the information that Veronica has given him. Veronica asks why this hasn't come out earlier, is it because it might make her father look like a murder suspect, she wonders. Mr. Sowerberry then asks Veronica if she has changed her mind about making a statement at her fathers court trail, but Veronica feels even less inclined. Mr. Sowerberry spoke to her father earlier about her feeling a little conflicted. He then grabs a folder out from his desk, handing it over to Veronica, containing a letter from him. The letter states if she does not testify on his behalf, he fears that her mother will be dragged into his mess. Hiram goes on to say that her mother isn't as innocent as she appears to Veronica.

Jughead and Betty at the Movies.

As planned, Betty and Jughead see a movie together. Jughead heard about her run-in with Chuck from Kevin. Betty assures Jughead that it was nothing serious. With a look of curiosity, he asks Betty what was the argument about, but Betty claims that Veronica has asked her to keep the details under wraps. Betty then changes the subject to Jughead's birthday and asks why she had to hear about it from Archie. Jughead replies that he didn't think she was an "American Werewolf kind of girl." Betty retorts that she's all about the beast within.

Betty's surprise birthday for Jughead.

Back at Archie's house, the gang waits for Jughead's return. Veronica arrives beforehand and Kevin introduces her to his boyfriend, Joaquin. Veronica takes Kevin to the back of the kitchen where she tells him that she thought it was inner circle only. Kevin replies that Joaquin is his boyfriend, which makes him inner circle. Veronica then tells Kevin that she just came from an insane meeting with her fathers lawyer and that she's in a terrible mood at the moment after all she's learned. Meanwhile, Ethel keeps lookout at the front window, where she warns the gang that Betty and Jughead are approaching. Jughead enters with Betty and everyone yells "Surprise!" Jughead looks shocked for a second before looking to Betty, realizing this is the reason why they left the theater so early. A drunk Archie walks over to Jughead and gives him a hug, wishing him a happy birthday. The gang then gathers around Jughead to wish him a happy birthday while Kevin introduces Jughead to his boyfriend, Joaquin. Betty approaches with his birthday cake while singing him a birthday song. She tells Jughead to blow out the candles and make a wish, to which Jughead responds that he wished that it was just the two of them for his birthday.

Archie hugging Veronica

Archie finds Veronica crying in the kitchen. Veronica vaguely explains that it's just the tip of the iceberg for her, while also informing Archie that she doesn't want to talk about it. Archie sees that Veronica is upset, leaving the conversation as it is. He changes the subject to change her mood by offering her a drink and revealing that his parents are finalizing their divorce. His mother wanted to leave Riverdale, but his father wanted to stay. He had to choose who he would stay with, which of course, he chose to live with his father. Veronica then tells Archie that her father threatened her and said that he would destroy her mom if she didn't make a statement on his behalf. Archie isn't sure if her father is lying or not, but he leans over to give her a hug, as he could see Veronica was vulnerable and needed some comfort. Jughead and Betty later walks in on the moment that Archie and Veronica were having, asking if everything was okay. Veronica assures them that everything is fine and that she just wasn't in a party mood like she usually is.

Jughead adds to Veronica's comment that he wasn't either. Betty asks Jughead if he is upset with her that she threw him a surprise party. While Jughead appreciates the party and the effort that she put into his birthday, he would much rather prefer just the four of them hanging out at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe instead. Betty replies that they always do that. She wanted to do something special for him. Jughead retorts that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Betty questions why everything is so doom and gloom with him, asking why can't it just be normal for once. Jughead replies he isn't normal and that he's not wired to be normal. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Cheryl and Chuck lead a group of their classmates with kegs. Moose asks Archie where he would like him to put the kegs, to which Archie replies "One in the Kitchen, one in the backyard."

Jughead chilling in the garage with Vegas.

Jughead sits in the garage alone with Vegas. Archie walks in and informs Jughead Valerie just arrived, asking Jughead if he thinks she would take him back. However, Jughead is more concerned with the party. As his "blood brother," it was Archie's sole responsibility to ensure that nothing like this would ever happen on his birthday. Archie replies that the party was Betty's idea and that he just went along with it. Archie adds that it doesn't matter what Jughead thinks now that h's Betty's boyfriend, implying that he should be prepared for surprises from his girlfriend moving forward.

FP brings Jughead a gift for his birthday.

FP interrupts with a gift for Jughead, who appears to be surprised to see his father at his birthday party. FP wishes Jughead a happy birthday. FP states that he didn't know Jughead had so many friends, to which Jughead replies that he doesn't, while also informing him that he is the only adult at the party. Archie then informs him that there's a table in the den where he can leave Jughead's present. Jughead asks his father if Betty called him, which FP reveals that she did, as well as dropping by his workplace too.

Kevin and Joaquin spending time together.

Kevin and Joaquin are making out with each other in the kitchen. Kevin brings up the question if he's ever been to Sweetwater River. Rather than answering, Joaquin flips the question on Kevin, who replies "once or twice." FP interrupts and says that they can cut the sexual attention with a knife. Kevin remembers FP from the time he kicked him out of Whyte Wyrm. FP replies "Good times," before asking Joaquin if he could show him where the bathroom is. Veronica then spots FP at the party, remembering the exchange between him and her mother the night of the drive-in. She asks Kevin about him, and Kevin reveals that he's Jughead's father.

Betty and Chuck crosses paths once more.

While Betty is cleaning up in the kitchen, she crosses paths once more with Chuck. He asks her if she is there to roofie him again. Betty assures him that she isn't, though she would like for him to leave. Chuck questions if Betty was back to being the "nice girl" again. She and Veronica got him kicked off the footfall team and ruined any chances of him playing for Notre Dame or any good schools. Chuck replies that he saw the dark side of her that night at Ethel's and that he thinks about her every single night when he's laying in bed. Betty takes offense to what Chuck has to say about her and slaps him across the face.

Joaquin and FP have a little chat.

Joaquin reveals that Hiram Lodge is somehow connected to Jason's murder, or at least Veronica believes that he might be. FP is concerned, as he and Hiram had some dealings in the past. He then asks Joaquin what his boyfriend thinks of the situation, more specifically his father, Sheriff Keller. Joaquin isn't sure, but insists that he will find out.

Jughead and Betty arguing.

Betty and Jughead retreat into the garage, as the party is too overwhelming for Jughead to bear. He questions why Betty would invite his father to a party with alcohol when he has a drinking problem. Betty explains she didn't plan on Chuck and Cheryl crashing their party. She just wanted to have a get-together with friends. Jughead replies that her and Archie are the only people who he considers as his friends, adding that everyone else, including Kevin and Veronica, were just people who he would've actively shunned two months ago. Betty questions why. Jughead replies that he's weird. "I'm a weirdo. I don't fit in, and I don't want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That's weird," he adds. For Betty's its just a party, but for Jughead, it's the fact that she doesn't know or even care that it was the last thing that he would want from her. He claims that she did this for herself to prove that she is a great girlfriend. He points out how different they are from each other, like on a cellular level. She's a straight-A student, a cheerleader, and the "perfect girl next door," whereas he's the "damaged loner outsider from the wrong side of the tracks." Jughead believes they're on borrowed time and says that he isn't one of her projects. Betty tells him that she doesn't look at him as one of her projects and that she wants to be with him. Jughead questions for how long -- until she's sick of him or until Archie changes his mind and says he wants to be with her. Betty then walks away rather than reply.

Valerie and Archie argue.

Archie approaches Valerie outside the house. Valerie tells Archie she's looking for Melody. Archie tries to stop her from leaving, asking her if they made a mistake by breaking up with each other. Valerie reminds Archie that they didn't do anything. She broke up with him because she thought that he was a "hot mess," and she was clearly right judging by his current drunken state. When she tries to walk away again from him, Archie tries to stop her, and she throws a cup of beer in his face. She reminds Archie that he shut her out and tells him that it is too late. Archie then goes upstairs to his room and drunk dials his father.

Cheryl and Chuck's plan at work.

Meanwhile, downstairs at the party, Ethel reminds Jughead that it's bad luck not to have a piece of your own birthday cake and offers him a slice. Jughead isn't interested, also stating that the whole night is bad luck. FP is shocked when he hears Jughead's response to Ethel, as Jughead tells Ethel he's leaving, telling her he'll see her in school. However, Cheryl and Chuck block the door and explain that they haven't played their game yet. Cheryl says that everyone has their fair share of secrets and have done their fair share of sinning, adding that it was one thing her brother's death revealed.

Cheryl denies the twincest allegations

Cheryl wishes to play "Secrets and Sins," a variation on "Truth or Dare." She first starts the game off by directing the question to Veronica. Veronica and her mother came to Riverdale for a fresh start, but Cheryl asks "what's so fresh about defiling Archie Andrews in a closet?" Veronica replies that was Cheryl's doing. Cheryl then asks about her father, pointing out that he's in prison and illegally purchased the drive-in land. While Veronica can't speak on her father's behalf, she does fire back at Cheryl, accusing her of killing her brother and "twincest." Veronica suspects that when Jason chose Polly over her, it drove her over the edge into killing him, as he didn't love her back the same way as she loved him.

Doiley joins the game.

Dilton Doiley offers to go next, revealing that he saw Ms. Grundy's car by Sweetwater River the day Jason went missing and that Ms. Grundy quit her job and left Riverdale two day after he told Betty and Jughead. He also points out that Archie was there that same morning, which leads Cheryl and Chuck to suspect that Archie and Grundy were having an affair. Chuck remarks that had he known, he could've added him and Ms. Grundy into the book of conquests. Veronica replies "classy Chuck, as always". Cheryl suspects this is why Archie can't seem to keep a girlfriend, as he's got "serious mommy issues."

Jughead and Chuck fight.

Chuck reveals that Betty dressed up like a hooker, drugged him, and almost drowned him in a jacuzzi. Then she really lost it and began talking as if she was her sister, Polly. In a fit of rage, Jughead punches Chuck, and they exchange blows until FP intervenes and kicks Chuck out of the party. As everyone leaves, he spots Jughead within the crowd and pulls him aside, asking him where he's going. Visibly angry, Jughead simply wants to leave, but FP tells him that he needs to work things out with Betty. Jughead then tells his father he doesn't think it's going to work out, FP then tells him to not run away from he has with Betty. He's got something good going for himself with Betty and his friends, something that FP could never give him. Aldo, judging by what FP just saw, Betty needs Jughead as much as he needs her. While heading to his truck, FP is confronted by Alice, who asks what he is doing on this side of town. FP replies that while she may not live on the Southside anymore and may not dress like she's from the Southside, they both know the truth. "Snakes don't shed their skin so easily."

Jughead and Betty make up.

Betty and Jughead reconcile at Pop's. He admits that she was doing something nice for him but also tells her that whenever someone does something nice for him, he ends up short-circuiting. He's admittedly scared of being hurt or rejected. Betty apologizes for lying to him about Chuck and throwing him a party he didn't want. Jughead questions why. Betty explains that there's a darkness inside her, that overwhelms her sometimes. She doesn't know where it comes from but believes it's the reason why she does crazy things. She then shows him the scars inside of her palms. Jughead holds her hands together with his, assuring her that everything will be okay.

Archie and Veronica kiss.

Back at the Andrews house, Archie and Veronica discuss the party and how Archie drunk dialed his dad and told him not to sign the divorce papers. Archie's not even sure why, as he doesn't want them to get back together. He then questions why he keeps doing things like this. Veronica can relate. Every day, she feels there's a new secret or new lie about her parents and what they've done. She hopes that her mom is a good person, but she is no longer sure. Archie then asks her if she's ever wondered about things, if she had done them differently, made different choices. Perhaps he would've been better off if he had. While Veronica can't answer that, had things gone differently, they would've never met, and that would've been a "tragedy of epic proportions." The two then proceed to kiss.

Jughead drinking coffee.

The next morning, after the after party, Jughead finds Veronica coming downstairs from Archie's room, which he assures Veronica to not worry about, as he won't tell anyone. Veronica returns to the Pembrooke, where she asks Smithers, who has known her parents for a really long time, if they're good people. He would rather not speak on Hiram, but says that Hermione is unequivocally good. Veronica then heads over to Mr. Sowerberry's law office, where she meets with her mom. Veronica then says that she's ready to go on record about how much her parents love her.

Archie joins Jughead for breakfast, where they talk about Archie and Veronica's hookup. He assures Archie that he won't tell anybody about what happened. Just next door at the Cooper house, Alice brings Betty aspirin for her headache and asks her about FP, who she saw talking to Joaquin, who Betty reveals is dating Kevin. Alice suspects that Joaquin may have ulterior motives for dating Kevin.

Betty and Veronica at The Blue and Gold office.

Veronica beings Betty baked good to the Blue and Gold office. Betty recalls the last time Veronica brought her baked goods was because she kissed Archie. Veronica reveals that she just testified on her fathers behalf and helped his chances of becoming a free man once more. Betty suspects this is good news, but Veronica isn't sure. Veronica tells Betty that her father had business with Jughead's father and hired him to trash the drive-in. Veronica suspects that her father might have hired Jughead's father to do other jobs, like go after Jason as pay back for what the Blossoms did to him. With that said, Veronica asks to join Betty's investigation.

Veronica returns to the Pembrooke, where she is handed a package by Smithers. She is gifted a brand new pearl necklace from her father. Meanwhile, back at the Andrews house, Fred returns home with Mary.



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  • The episode title comes from Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett's 1945 American noir film of the same name, which is an adaptation of Charles R. Jackson's novel.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mary Andrews.
  • Veronica mentions that the payments between Blossom Maple Farms and Lodge Industries had been happening for seventy-five years. This is a reference to the seventy-fifth anniversary of Archie Comics that was marked on December 2016.
  • Archie questioning why he always "screws things up" is a possible nod to how his comic counterpart is widely known for constantly causing accidents.
  • The shirt Betty wears with the crown in this episode is a nod to Jughead and his iconic crown. As this is about his birthday and she wants to make it special for him, this makes sense.
  • Veronica calls Jughead "Torombolo" when saying "Happy Birthday" to him. This is a nod to him being called "Torombolo" on the (Latin American) Spanish version of the comics and previous animated shows of Archie Comics.
  • Cheryl references Mary Kay Letourneau, an American teacher who pleaded guilty in 1997 to two counts of felony second-degree rape of a child.


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