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Well, I guess that's the difference between you and me, Mom. I don't think Riverdale is a losing proposition. The same as Dad. I'm not moving. And I will make a difference here.
Archie to Mary

"Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon" is the third episode of the fourth season of Riverdale, and the sixtieth episode of the series overall. [2] It premiered on October 23, 2019.


BETTY AND CHARLES CONFRONT EDGAR EVERNEVER — Things take a dangerous turn when Betty and Charles track down Edgar and his Farmies. Archie and Veronica hold a car wash fundraiser at Pop's to raise money for the community center. Elsewhere, Jughead's first day at Stonewall Prep doesn't go as planned. Lastly, Cheryl learns a dark family secret from Nana Rose.[3]



Munroe presses Archie to turn the gym into a community center

Munroe drags his brother Malcolm into El Royale after catching him at the Wipeout arcade, where dealers and fiends are known to frequent. Munroe recalls Archie’s plan to turn the gym into a community center and presses him to go through with it.

Betty, FP, and Jellybean help Jughead move into his room at Stonewall Prep. FP and Jellybean leave Jughead and Betty alone so they can say goodbye, suggesting the two of them go look for the vending machine to buy her some Triple Bubble. Once FP and JB are gone, Betty insists that she’s fine with Jughead attending Stonewall and they kiss.

Veronica has decided against changing her last name to Gomez despite initial desires to. When the moment came, she couldn’t push herself to do it. Archie asks Veronica to accompany him to the gym, where he’s meeting with Ms. Weiss to discuss turning it into a community center. She agrees to join him, but they first have sex.

Jughead and Moose are roommates

Jughead greets Moose with a hug upon discovering that they’re roommates. Moose now goes by Marmaduke. After his dad was arrested for impersonating the Gargoyle King, Moose’s entire life shattered. He had a nervous break down and stayed in a facility for a few months. When he got out, he decided to take a year off before attending Stonewall to play football. He asks Jughead to keep his secret as his life would be ruined if the other students found out who he really was. Moose warns Jughead to be especially cautious around Bret, who unbeknownst to Moose, stands listening in the doorway. He welcomes Jughead to Stonewall Prep and escorts him to the seminar.

Munroe, Archie, and Veronica speak with Ms. Weiss about the gym

Archie and Veronica meets with his mother, Munroe, and Ms. Weiss to discuss the future of the gym. Archie and Munroe will group the kids for boxing and MMA lessons according to their age. They’ll also keep the gym open until 10:00 PM, so the kids have somewhere to go after school to keep them off the streets. Ms. Weiss explains just how much work this will entail. Archie informs them that he has help. Mr. Keller will be there during the day. However, before they can proceed, the gym will require an inspection and updates if it’s truly to become a community center, starting with adding a second bathroom.

Betty and Charles listening in on an undercover agent

Charles has the derelict motel that the Farm is staying in under 24 hour surveillance. According to city records, it’s owned by one of Edgar’s followers, and they have photos of Evelyn answering the front door. The Farm has been getting pizza deliveries everyday at the same time. Charles has an agent in disguise about to make the delivery, which he and Betty listen in on through a wire the agent is wearing. Evelyn answers as the under cover agent knocks on the door. She immediately makes him. A scuffle can be heard before several rounds are fired off. Edgar finds the wire on the undercover agent’s body and taunts Charles.

Nana Rose thought she saw the triplets in the fire

While making out in bed at Thistlehouse, Toni and Cheryl are startled by odd noises, which they presume to be Nana Rose’s doing. It worries Toni to leave the twins with her when they’re at school. She suggests hiring a caretaker, but Cheryl refuses to have a stranger in her home. She and Toni rush out of bed at the sound of Nana Rose’s scream. They find her standing by the fireplace. She mistakes Cheryl for her mother Penelope and tells her how she thought she saw the triplets burning in the fire. Cheryl explains that she’s not her mother and that Juniper and Dagwood, the twins, are sleeping soundly in their nursery.

Veronica organizes a car wash

Archie, Munroe, Reggie, Kevin, Betty, and Veronica share ideas on how they could to come up with the money to pay for the renovations for they gym. Veronica offers to front the money, but Archie doesn’t want anymore handouts. Kevin suggests a charity concert while Betty recommends a bake sale, which gives Veronica a better idea. She comes up with a car wash. Veronica organizes the event outside Pop’s diner. She collects the proceeds of the car wash as Archie, Munroe, Reggie, Kevin, and the Bulldogs, all shirtless with the exception of Kevin, wash the local women’s cars. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, they’ve only made $400 out of the $40,000 needed for renovations. Veronica proposes a couple more ideas, but none worth pursuing.

Betty gets a call from Edgar on mom’s phone. He suspected he had a pretender in his midst. When he started cutting people’s fingers off, Alice admitted it was her. As for why he's calling, Edgar has a list of demands. He needs $250,000, passports for each of his followers, food, water, and a bus for transport. He gives Betty five hours. Betty then calls Charles and tells him about Edgar’s demands.

Bret reads his story

Bret reads his story in front of the group. When Mr. Chipping asks for the group’s thoughts, Joan and Jonathan nervously agree that his story was astonishing. Jughead on the other hand was unimpressed, much to Donna’s amusement, which angers Bret, who goes on to take aim at Jughead’s story, ripping it apart before Mr. Chipping steps in. After poking at Jughead’s story, he sets his sights on Jughead himself, referencing his troubled past. Jughead threatens Bret, forcing Mr. Chipping to intervene. He explains that Stonewall Prep has no tolerance for fighting.

Cheryl returns to Thistlehouse to find Darius, a night nurse that Toni found online sitting in her living room. Cheryl reluctantly agrees to have Darius around, but not without laying down the rules. She instructs him to only attend to Nana Rose and to stay out of the Blossom chapel in the basement.

Donna warns Jughead about Bret

Jughead returns to his room to find Moose hooking up with Donna. Jughead assures her that he won’t tell anyone, but she doesn’t care if he does, as she isn’t ashamed of anything she does. However, she does advise Jughead to watch his back around Bret. He’s the son of a diplomat, and because of this, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Bret fights psychologically, and he’s not afraid to play dirty. Jughead heeds Donna's warning and then apologizes to Moose for barging in on him, but he was under the impression that Moose was gay. Moose explains that he likes guys and girls.

Charles gets off the phone with Governor Dooley, who refuses to negotiate with a cult leader. Edgar calls Betty back and asks if she was able to get what he asked for. Charles coaches Betty through the call. She tells Edgar that he first has to release a hostage as a sign of good faith. In anticipation that Betty and Charles wouldn’t take his demands seriously, Edgar has already released a hostage. He hangs up, and Polly arrives moments later with a bomb strapped to her chest.

Polly has a bomb strapped to her chest

Polly’s holding a dead man’s switch, meaning if she lets go of the detonator then the bomb will explode. Betty promises Polly they’ll figure it out. There’s wires connected to the C4 on the bomb. Three are decoys that will trigger the detonator. They need to find the one that is linked to the firing circuit and battery. Betty cuts the yellow wire, which turns out to be a trip wire that causes the bomb to count down faster. Charles tells Betty that there might be a system override on the dead man’s switch. A pin connected to a chain that slides into the hole that goes underneath the trigger. However, Polly tells Betty that Edgar took the pin. With the bomb quickly counting down, Betty takes the bobby-pin out of her hair and inserts into into the switch to stop the bomb from exploding with two seconds to spare.

Mr. Chipping cancels the seminar he initially had planned for Jughead, Bret, Donna, Joan, and Jonathan and instead they will be having an evening session. They’ve each been given a copy of the same mysteries with the final chapter omitted, in which the murderer’s identity would be revealed. Their each to write their own ending. They’ll read all the endings and decide the winner by vote. The exercise proves that there’s no single way to tell a story.

Munroe asks Archie to help him go after Dodger

After Malcolm gets jumped by a couple thugs for not making deliveries for them, Munroe wants Archie to join him in hunting them down. The thugs that jumped him work for a guy named Dodger. He recruits kids from the arcade and gets them to do his bidding, such as burglary and car theft. Munroe wants to teach them a lesson, but Archie advises him against it. If Munroe is caught, he’ll be arrested, and he has his brother and grandma to look after. Archie will instead tell FP about Dodger and let the police handle it. The gym is how they will take care of Riverdale.

Polly tells Betty that Edgar can't be stopped

Betty asks for Polly’s help in stopping Edgar, though Polly states that he can’t be stopped. They just have to do what he says. And if they can’t get it from Governor Dooley, then Polly tells Betty to do it herself or else Edgar will start sacrificing his followers one by one. As for their mother, Polly has no idea if she’s still alive, but if she is, she won’t be for long unless they do what Edgar says.

Betty asks Veronica if she can come up with $250,000, but that’s a lot to come by on short notice. While Veronica doesn’t have it in cash, on the end table sits five Glamourge eggs each worth $50,000. Betty then meets with Toni at the Blue and Gold and asks if she can forge fake passports. Toni agrees despite having little information as to why Betty would require so many blank passports. After learning from Ms. Bell that the bus driver was already gone for the day, Betty steals the school bus out of the parking lot.

Betty meets with Edgar

Having met all of Edgar’s demands in gathering the $250,000, food, water, fake passports, and a school bus, Betty meets him at the motel. She asks where her mother is, but Edgar doesn’t answer. He knew Betty wouldn’t fail him. It’s a shame she didn’t accept the simple truths he tried to instill in her because without those truths, all Betty is left with is pain. Evelyn then hits Betty in the back of the head with a gun and knocks her unconscious.

Bret antagonizes Jughead

While writing their stories, Bret tries to get a rise out of Jughead. First throwing a paper ball at him and then asking about his placement in the Southside Serpents. He continues to pick at Jughead while Donna, Joan, and Jonathan watch. He mentions how Jughead's mom abandoned him and how his dad is a drunk. Through all this, Jughead maintians his composure. It isn’t until Bret mentions Jellybean that Jughead responds. He grabs Bret by his shirt and threatens him. While Jughead may not be as privileged as Bret, he has friends and family that care for him, unlike his opposer.

Hiram reveals his past to Veronica

Veronica returns home to find her father sitting in his office. Given that he owns the jail, he can come and go as he pleases. He heard a rumor that Veronica was considering dropping the Lodge name. Hiram informs Veronica how his actual birth name is Jaime Luna, a name he got from his father. Hiram wasn’t born a Lodge. He became one. To be a Luna in a town like Riverdale was unbearable. Everyone looked down upon them because of that name. So, Hiram took a name that people would respect. Lodge. And when his father found out, he was so angry that he beat Hiram. Hiram didn’t understand it then as he simply wanted his own life and a chance to make a name for himself. It wasn’t until this moment, standing in front of Veronica that he understood his father’s rage. Hiram tells Veronica that changing her name won’t wash away her sins. Veronica says that she won’t go down the same path as her father, but he disagrees as she will always be a Lodge. It’s in her blood and that doesn’t wash out. Lastly, he tells Veronica not to bother changing the locks as she can’t keep him out.

Mary asks Archie to come back to Chicago

Mary wants Archie to come back to Chicago with her. He can finish out his senior year there, but Archie would prefer to stay in Riverdale. His best bet at going to college is through a football scholarship. Otherwise, he won’t be able to afford it, or so he thinks. Mary reveals that she and Fred started a fund for Archie when he was born. She was reluctant to tell him because she figured he would want to use it on the community center. As noble of an idea as that may be, Mary doesn’t believe it’ll make much of a difference in Riverdale given all the crime. Riverdale isn’t safe. However, Archie has no intentions on giving up on the town like his mother did. Mary claims she moved to Chicago because she couldn’t find a job in Riverdale. Archie, much like Fred, doesn’t believe Riverdale is a lost cause. Archie refuses to leave and he assures his mother he’ll make a difference. Archie heads upstairs into his room, where he lets his frustrations out on a punching bag before grabbing a bandanna and a baseball bat and sneaking out his window.

Archie confronts Dodger

With his identity hidden by a bandanna and hood, Archie approaches Dodger and his crew at Wipeout arcade. Archie tells him his days of exploiting kids to do his bidding are over and that it’s time for him to leave Riverdale. Outnumbered 5-to-1, Archie refuses to back down and a fight ensues.

Veronica stops by Archie’s house to talk with Mary. She hands Mary a check for $40,000. It’s for the community center. She tried to give it to Archie herself, but he was too proud to take it from her. While she appreciates the gesture, Mary can’t accept the money while knowing it would put her in debt with the Lodges. Not to mention that putting that money in the center keeps Archie in Riverdale and away from college. Veronica explains that she’s investing in Archie as she believe in him, and he makes her want to believe in herself.

Cheryl heads down into the chapel in the basement to talk with Jason. She gets down there and believes Jason may have moved a few feet from where she last saw him while reading to him the night before.

Archie stole money from Dodger

Munroe arrives at the gym to find Archie bruised and sleeping in the office. He realizes that Archie went after Dodger without him. Archie may have taken a beaten, but he didn’t leave empty handed. He stole Dodger’s money and now has enough to pay for a second bathroom. Munroe explains that the money is dirty and needs to be cleaned before they use it. He suspects that maybe Veronica can help with that.

Mr. Chipping tallies up the votes and determines that Story C, belonging to Donna is the winner. Jughead and Bret tied for last place.

Betty and Alice tied up in a motel room

Betty awakens to the sight of her mother. She and Alice are tied up together in one of the motel rooms. Edgar has been keeping Alice there since he found out she was the mole. Alice apologizes for her actions, explaining that she only wanted to keep Betty safe and get Polly out. Alice then reveals that Edgar’s plan is to have Evelyn drive the bus full of Farmies off of a cliff as a distraction while he takes off in the rocket he built. Betty and Alice will be tied to the front of the bus as shields.

Darius requires money and a skeleton key for the house from Cheryl and Toni as Thistlehouse is infested with rats, which accounts for the noises they’ve been hearing. After learning that Darius went into the basement against her orders, Cheryl instead decides to fire him.

Alice and Betty escape

Evelyn returns to the room to retrieve Betty and Alice only to find that they’ve escaped. Betty sneaks up on Evelyn from behind and knocks her unconscious with a blunt object. Betty takes Evelyn’s gun and for some reason for beret, and she and her mother make their escape.

Archie takes the money he stole from Dodger and gives it to Veronica to clean. However, she advises Archie to burn the money instead. She once again offers to pay for the renovations, and Archie reluctantly agrees.

Alice and Betty gather the Farmies on the bus

Betty and Alice gather the Farmies on the bus under the ruse that they’re acting under Edgar’s command. The plan is to drive the Farmies out so that Charles can move in. They are nearly expose by Fangs, but Betty punches him in the face and orders the other Farmies to load him on the bus. Alice then spots Edgar watching from the stairwell. She takes the gun and chases him down while Betty continues to load everyone on the bus. In doing so, she cross paths with Mr. Weatherbee, who had his finger cut off by Edgar in his search for the mole. Weatherbee proceeds to get everyone on the bus while Betty goes after her mother.

Betty calls Charles and tells him that she’s inside the hotel. Charles instructs her to get out as Governor Dooley is prepared to send in a group of mercenaries. Betty tells Charles to tell the mercenaries to stand down as there’s a bus load of civilians headed their way.

Alice holds Edgar at gunpoint

Alice holds Edgar at gunpoint on the roof as he prepares to take off in his rocket. Edgar asks if Alice is familiar with the story of the prophet of Elijah. He was seized by a whirlwind and lifted into the sky in a chariot that of fire. Elijah ascended, and Edgar intends to as well. He reaches for the gun hidden in his back holster, but Alice shoots him before he can shoot her. Betty hears the gunfire from the stairwell and rushes to the rooftop, where Edgar’s body lays on the steps.

Mary plans to stay in Riverdale to help with the community center

Mary watches as Munroe teaches a boxing class at the gym. She then joins Archie in the office and tells him of her plans to stay in Riverdale for the time being. She’ll be focusing more on pro bono work, and her first order of business is to get the community center declared a 501[c][3]. A nonprofit, meaning that Archie can ask for donations and apply for grants. He also won’t have to pay for taxes. When asked about Chicago, she tells Archie that she canceled her flight and doesn’t intend to leave Riverdale anytime soon. Happy with this news, Archie hugs his mother.

Veronica is changing her name to Luna

Veronica visits Hiram in prison to inform him that she’s no longer a Lodge. She’s officially changing her name to Veronica Luna. And she’s changing the locks and installing an alarm, along with sleeping with a taser under her pillow.

In the chapel, Cheryl asks Jason if Darius saw him. She screams in fear as a rat comes crawling out Jason’s stomach, which she crushes with a large book before sewing Jason up. Toni enters the chapel to the sight of Cheryl hovering over Jason’s body.

Jughead returns to the dorms to find the a news article from the Lodge Ledger detailing the events of Moose’s father impersonating the Gargoyle King plastered all throughout the hall. A mortified Moose realizes his time at Stonewall Prep is over.

Jughead finds a VHS tape on his doorstep

Jughead returns to Riverdale, more specifically his home, where he and Betty cuddle up on the couch as he shares with her how Bret exposed Moose. Jughead surmises that Bret’s reason for doing so was because he blames Jughead for him not winning the contest. He couldn’t go after Jughead, so he went after Moose. Betty advises Jughead to be careful. Jughead then asks about Betty’s mom and Polly. Alice is already working on her expose of the Farm. While Polly started a program at the Shady Grove Treatment Center to get the help she needs. As for Charles, Betty believes he can be trusted. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Betty and Jughead open the door to find a VHS tape sitting on the doorstep



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